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Soup Cleanse Detoxify and recharge with the Standard Market soup cleanse. This nutrient rich concept was developed in collaboration with two market chefs and the marketing team. A simple logo was developed to work over multiple platforms. Packaging containers were chosen to best represent the product and showcase the informative labels. All original artwork was developed to highlight the individual flavors. This project also included promotional posters, flyers, digital marketing, email blasts, and web banners.



Hit the reset button with the Standard Market soup cleanse SIX SOUPS PACKED WITH NUTRIENT-DENSE VEGETABLES & FRUITS


Clean & Pressed Standard Market's line of raw, fresh-pressed juices, specially formulated for those interested in cleansing, detoxifying, or simply supplementing their normal diet with great tasting, healthy juice!. A name and logo was developed to represent this line of healthy drinks. Labels were developed to compliment the colors of the individual juices, as well as provide content information. This project also included promotional posters, flyers, digital marketing, email blasts, and web banners.

Raw juice pressed fresh for you at Standard Market

Introducing… STANDARD MARKET® CLEAN&pressed™ Our newest line of raw, fresh-pressed juices, specially formulated for those interested in cleansing, detoxifying, or simply supplementing your normal diet with great tasting, healthy juice!

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HOW TO CLEANSE For those of you performing a juice cleanse, here are a few recommended steps: Give your body a break by not consuming heavy foods, reducing your animal protein intake, and cutting back on alcohol, sugar, and caffeine during the days leading into your cleanse. Instead, eat more salads, fruits, vegetables, nuts, or beans. Start your cleanse day with juice 1 for breakfast. Continue with juices 2 through 6 approximately every two hours. Stay hydrated with glasses of water between your juices. Some choose to start with a single day cleanse, while more experienced cleansers may take on 3 or 5 days. After your cleanse is complete, do not plunge back into an indulgent diet. Stick to small portions of vegetables and whole grains at first to gradually reintroduce your body and digestive system to solid food. Have questions? We’re happy to answer. Email us at:

Raw juice pressed fresh for you at Standard Market

Introducing… STANDARD MARKET® CLEAN&pressed™ Our newest line of raw, fresh-pressed juices, specially formulated for those interested in cleansing, detoxifying, or simply supplementing your normal diet with great tasting, healthy juice!

See for additional information and nutritional facts. Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. No specific results are guaranteed; benefits may vary. The juices are raw and un-pasteurized, so pregnant women, young children, and the elderly should exercise caution. Please consult your doctor before starting any diet. Our juices are simply natural and fresh-pressed, made from real vegetables and fruits! No additives, raw, 100% vegan.

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Juice Cleanse Menu SMW 150526.indd 2-3

5/26/15 3:48 PM

1. MEGA GREEN Ingredients: Apple, cucumber, pear, celery, kale, spinach, collard greens, lemon, parsley Get your day started right with a dose of powerful green veggies and fruits. Dark leafy greens are packed with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants for kidney and liver health. Alkaline leafy greens and fruits like cucumber and apple also help restore your body’s pH balance.

Raw juice pressed fresh for you at Standard Market

WHY JUICE? CLEAN&pressed™ juices are a delicious way for you to enjoy all the health benefits of eating large quantities of vegetables and fruits in an easy-to-digest, nutrient-dense package, without having to buy, wash, clean, chop, and chew all of them yourself. CLEAN&pressed™ juices are raw (un-pasteurized) and have no additives—which means you get all the goodness you get from fresh vegetables and fruits, without the mess of juicing at home. Buy the individual juices à la carte, or buy a complete set of six juices at once to provide all the juice you need for a day’s worth of cleansing. We press and bottle CLEAN&pressed™ juices twice a week: Mondays & Fridays. And through our simple online ordering system, you can even order ahead to ensure a 1-day, 3-day, or even 5-day set of juices is awaiting you for convenient pickup at Standard Market—without having to pay exorbitant shipping charges like with other juice cleanse programs. Additionally, buying a cleanse kit saves you 99¢ per juice versus buying the juices à la carte.

2. GOLD MEDAL Ingredients: Coconut water, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, aloe Take the top prize with our golden blend of pineapple, citrus, coconut, and aloe. Aloha! The pineapple and citrus fruits give your body a delicious boost of Vitamin C and energy. Meanwhile, the coconut provides your body with well deserved hydration and electrolytes, while aloe soothes your system and is a source of amino acids. 3. CLEAN GREEN Ingredients: Cucumber, romaine lettuce, apple, lemon, ginger, mint Relax and hydrate with cool cucumber and lettuce—with a ginger kick! Cucumber and lettuce refresh your body and also provide Vitamins A, C, and K. Not only do they add a kick of flavor, but the ginger and mint also aid in digestion and reduce inflammation.

4. CAYENNE LEMONADE Ingredients: Filtered water, lemon, agave nectar, cayenne pepper Detox with our spicy, fresh-squeezed lemonade. Cayenne pepper increases circulation and stimulates your metabolism, while lemons are naturally alkalizing. We add a little bit of natural agave for sweetness.

5. ABC PLUS Ingredients: Apple, beet, carrot, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger Power up with this potent combination of apple, beets, and the triple-C combo of carrot, celery & cucumber. The powerful red combination is packed with Vitamins A, B1, B6, C, and K, along with necessary antioxidants and dietary nitrates. The healthy combination is not only tasty, but strengthens your immune system and improves blood flow. 6. CHOCO BANANA BOOST Ingredients: Apple, coconut water, banana, maple syrup, 100% cocoa powder Recharge with a chocolate banana treat. In addition to tasting delicious, cocoa powder contains iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc, while bananas are full of Vitamin C and potassium. Choco Banana Boost is a great way to end a day of cleansing—or a tasty treat any time of day.

Juice Cleanse Menu SMW 150526.indd 4-5

5/26/15 3:48 PM

identity, packaging, woodblock carving

Endangered Species Chocolate The Endangered Species Chocolate Company is focused on honoring the earth by continually increasing their commitment to conservation. 10% of their net–profits are donated to organizations working to help save endangered species. To more clearly communicate this mission, a new identity was created for the company consisting of a new signature, a standards manual and packaging. Imagery was created using woodblock carvings to reinforce the company’s mission towards an organic, eco–friendly planet.

identity, packaging, illustration

Nero The label and packaging for this flavored mineral water was given a clean design to emphasize the fresh, cool and natural flavor of the product. The labels and packaging have a subtle die cut to help the product stand out from similar competitive products. Since these beverages are clear in color, the label’s color scheme is used to differentiate between the flavors of the mineral water.

packaging, pattern illustration

Gaiam Gaiam is a company that lives by the philosophy that positive change comes from within. Their focus is on providing products for personal development, health and global consciousness. A packaging concept was created for a skin care product line that stayed true to their primary mission. Their logo was the focal point in the organic pattern that was created for the boxes as well as the bottles. A deep rich brown was chosen as a secondary color in order to apply an earth tone to indicate the minerals the product is made from.

identity, web design, poster, typography, illustration, promotional mailer, packaging

Obug OBUG is a non–profit organization dedicated to helping Bay Area youth with hands–on gardening and cooking activities. A new logo was designed with a more organic typeface with bright colors and images. Their website was redesigned to be more kid–friendly, having large buttons and an easy to navigate menu. Event posters, as well as promotional mailers, were designed to promote an educational bike ride event through Oakland. A gardening product line was also developed in order to help the company and it’s members further their cause in their fund raising efforts.

In order to keep OBUG’s mission strong, the packaging is designed to have a second life. The label for the gloves is made from seed paper and will grow wild flowers once planted. The gardening tools come with their own hanger for easy storage. The salad garden contains individual peat planter boxes with seeds ready for the garden and the wrapper has a fun and educational word search once opened.

Get Grill on Class SMW Iron Man 1507.pdf



FREE Coffee! Introducing

10:06 AM

Lobsterrific Iron Man 1506R1.pdf

Get your GRILL on!




Learn the best techniques to perfect your grilling skills! $

Purchase yours and receive one FREE 12 oz Market brew drip coffee every day through August 31.*

LOBSTER! JUNE 19–21 while supplies last

Knuckle Sandwich Kits

45 per person

A special lobster

this is a hands on grilling class space is limited

The purchase of each MiiR tumbler also provides one person in need with clean drinking water for an entire year.

Must present reusable Standard Market tumbler upon each visit. See barista for details.


Coffee & Tea Tumbler Iron Man.indd 1

12:23 PM






A CELEBRATION of all things

a grilling class with Chef Patrick Cassata




Plus much more!

7/14/15 12:38 PM

Kids Culinary Camp SMW Iron Man 1508.pdf



5:11 PM

National Ice Cream Day Iron Man 1507-R2.pdf



9:29 AM

Mothers Day Iron Man-A 1505.pdf


1:13 PM



Kids’ Culinary Camp







MAY 10

of Marketmade Gelato!


an exciting 5 day culinary experience designed specifically for kids 8–13

Sunday, July 19


space is limited

Easter Orders Iron Man 1.pdf



6:04 PM

One scoop per person, while supplies last

Easter Orders Iron Man 3.pdf



6:09 PM

Bunny WST Iron Man.pdf

now taking

preview Saturday March 28 1–4PM

Sample meat, sides, baked goods, and more from our Easter catering menu!



9:52 AM

Meet the


through Friday, April 3 Visit the Catering Desk or


bunny Saturday, April 4 8–11AM

Meet the Easter Bunny and enjoy breakfast at Standard Market Grill, located inside the Market. Bring the camera!


Posters Every event or promotion would not be complete without a bright and colorful poster to catch your attention.


April 25 1–4PM


FOOD & FUN for the whole family!

April 25 1–4PM

Petting Zoo Balloon Artistry Special Sales Samples Plus More!


April 25 1–4PM

FOOD & FUN for the whole family!

Petting Zoo Balloon Artistry Special Sales Samples Plus More!


FOOD & FUN for the whole family!

April 25 1–4PM

Petting Zoo Balloon Artistry Special Sales Samples Plus More!


April 25 1–4PM

Petting Zoo Balloon Artistry Special Sales Samples Plus More!


FOOD & FUN for the whole family!

Petting Zoo Balloon Artistry Special Sales Samples Plus More!

FOOD & FUN for the whole family!

Petting Zoo Balloon Artistry Special Sales Samples Plus More!

4/25 1–4PM

FOOD & FUN for the whole family!

layout, photography

Inserts A few examples of postcard coupons and magazine inserts using all original photography.

A Celebration of Food Bakersfield Restaurant showcases great food made from scratch. Choose from salads, sandwiches, hearty entrées, or one of the dishes prepared on our wood-fired grill: steak, ribs, pork chops, fish, and more. Located in west suburban Westmont, Ill. The Smith Burger

Bakersfield 330 E. Ogden Ave Westmont, IL Visit us online at

Grilled Ahi Tuna

Standard Market Grill features an eclectic mix of chef-inspired cuisine. Enjoy a freshly ground burger, hand tossed pizza, entrée salad, or sandwich made on just-baked bread. Enjoy your meal inside our dining room, al fresco on our patio, or to go! Locations in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, suburban Westmont, and suburban Naperville. Chicago (Lincoln Park): 444 W. Fullerton Pkwy (corner of Clark & Fullerton) Westmont: 333 E. Ogden Ave (inside STANDARD MARKET) Naperville: 1508 Aurora Ave (inside STANDARD MARKET) Dine in or order online at

layout, photography

Let's Make a Meal A chef-tested, pre-packaged meal making it easy for any cook to prepare. This required branding, packaging, and promotional material...all original photography of the process as well as completed plate. A new affordable meal is created every week to expand everyones' culinary experience.

typography, layout

Interior Installations

solid black wing 3D can open face letters neon light interior

web design, layout

SF Camerawork SF Camerawork’s exhibitions are nationally recognized as a focal point for innovation, a pacesetter for new trends and a launching pad for artists’ careers. Their exhibitions present contemporary work in the photographic arts, as well as digital, video, and related visual media. A new identity proposal was created in this collaborative project. The layout for the website was designed to represent a gallery feel. Simple effects like rollover buttons and animations were utilized to capture the user’s attention, drawing focus to a more organized structure with added features and crisp detail.

typography, web design, layout

Barbara Kruger Exhibit This collaborative project contains a consistent design system through different mediums. A website, catalog and other promotional media were designed to promote an exhibition of conceptual artist and graphic designer, Barbara Kruger. Her treatment of individual characters of Helvetica Typeface inspired the de–constructed grid system and decorative typography used to communicate the content throughout the different mediums. The integration of type and image were used to compliment Kruger’s style. To further highlight the use of typography, simple animations and rollover effects were created for the website while strategic placement of secondary colors brought back the focus to Barbara Kruger’s work.

typography, publication layout, identity

Upside Down This monthly publication is a collection of writings from blogs sent in by the readers. The abstract covers depict traditional means of communication. Whether it’s a bathroom wall, an old typewriter or a telephone, blogging has become a widespread form of communication and storytelling. The layout is clean, yet out of the ordinary, sometimes breaking from the grid of traditional layout. This allows for an interesting read and plenty of room for the readers’ eyes to rest.

typography, publication layout, photography

Architext The layout for this publication is designed to attract architecture enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates creative design. The clean layout leads the reader from one article to the next while highlighting original photography of the architectural structure. A vertical masthead was designed with bold type to draw the reader in and set the pace for the publication.

packaging, identity

Color Theory Kim Lawrence, the creator of Color TheoryTM jewelry, designed this line so the consumer could explore an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of color and emotion. Different colors can subtly influence our moods and shape our behavior. The packaging for this collection contains that same philosophy. The colors are as vibrant as the jewelry itself, enticing anyone who passes by to take a look and read the seemingly glowing messages behind the jewelry. The rich espresso border emphasizes the vibrant colors adding to the deep messages within.

Graphic Design Portfolio  

Gina Padgitt's graphic design portfolio. A collection of designs throughout my career.