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Sustainability is an important competitive factor in the real estate market. Green buildings are economically efficient, environmentally friendly and conserve resources. They blend into their socio-cultural surroundings and provide a comfortable and healthy environment for their users. Green buildings possess increased value for investors, owners and users alike. Sustainable construction requires complex ecological and economical thinking and action by all those involved. GPAC is a specialist in all phases of a sustainable building’s life cycle. In each stage of a project – whether it is planning, construction, use, modernization, renovation or controlled building demolition – GPAC strives to optimise energy efficiency, comfort and material choice to help conserve resources. Each design decision is made in accordance with the complete building’s life cycle assessment. GPAC develops and creates with its clients integral planning services and strategies for green building projects and accompanies the planning and construction phases ensuring high quality standards. Our team advises its clients during and manages the certification process for the green building labels LEED and BREEAM and beginning in 2009 the German DGNB label. Services: I Consultation on the sustainability of buildings I Development and design of sustainable strategies and concepts I Sustainability control, quality control and process control I Green building certification (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB)

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Consultation regarding the sustainability of buildings requires comprehensive know-how and interdisciplinary thinking from all involved during the planning process and the realization of buildings or building complexes. GPAC provides its clients with interdisciplinary know-how starting with the initial project idea. Our team analyses the project or the existing property and identifies potential areas for the optimisation of sustainable building aspects. We define, in close cooperation with our clients, their goals for a sustainable property or real estate portfolio. Within the framework of a comprehensive cost vs. value analysis, ecological, economical and socio-cultural aspects are documented and lay the foundation for a solid investment decision. Sustainability can be assessed using various international certification systems such as LEED and BREEAM or the seal of approval offered by the German Organization for sustainable building, the DGNB. GPAC advises its clients and aids in deciding on the appropriate certification system to meet their needs. GPAC manages and controls the certification process. GPAC has an extensive network of interdisciplinary partnerships. These allow GPAC to offer the full range of services for the planning and optimisation of the project, which provide for its clients one contact point minimizing risk and adding to the efficacy of the project. Services: I Initial consultation – independent of a certification process I Drawing up of sustainable strategies for buildings (existing and new construction) I Benchmarking for efficient building portfolios I Energy efficiency consultation I Consultation on the quality of space I Energy and CO2 management I Ecological balance of materials and construction I Life cycle cost analysis I Waste management I Development of a systems guide I Energy simulations I Daylight simulations

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GPAC ARCHITECTS & CONSULTANTS Bautzner Strasse 19 c · D-01099 Dresden FON +49 (0)351 8294811 8294818 ·· FAX FAX +49 +49 (0)351 (0)351 8294820 8294820 WWW.GPAC.DE

Sustainable planning includes all steps of action necessary for attaining the pre-defined goals for a sustainable build. Taken into consideration in the planning stage are such factors as which instruments are necessary to reach the goals set, how they can be implemented and how these instruments can be controlled once the goals are attained. GPAC integrates sustainable aspects directly into its design. GPAC realizes a sustainable build adapted to the climate by designing intelligent, compact architecture, combined with efficient building technologies and well-planned waste removal systems. Using renewable energy and ecological materials is a matter of course. Throughout the design process, energy efficiency, the building’s life cycle and the life cycle costs are continually analysed and re-evaluated. The goal is to design the building as CO2 neutral as possible. Carefully planned space programs and architectural elements can raise employee comfort and efficiency. In addition to measurable parameters such as daylight, air quality, temperature, acoustics, sun protection, ergonomics and material emissions, also soft factors are taken into consideration including traffic patterns, communication and individual furnishings. Services: I Complete Design I Energy Simulations I Life Cycle Analysis I CO2 Management I Life Cycle vs. Cost Analysis I Daylight Simulations I Waste Removal Systems I System-User Guide

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GPAC ARCHITECTS & CONSULTANTS Bautzner Strasse 19 c · D-01099 Dresden FON +49 (0)351 8294811 8294818 ·· FAX FAX +49 +49 (0)351 (0)351 8294820 8294820 WWW.GPAC.DE

Controlling sustainable projects to ensure the fulfilment of the predefined goals for sustainability presents special project management challenges. In addition to the classical control measures of planning performance, additional services such as building simulations, daylight simulations, waste management or life cycle analyses are necessary throughout the various stages of the project. Project sustainability must be fully documented in all phases of the project. In addition to the classical control measures of planning performance, additional services such as building simulations, daylight simulationGPAC controls and coordinates for its clients all aspects of sustainability during the complete planning and construction process, from design to plan, specifications, tendering and letting, realization to operation and monitoring the operational processes. The first step of the consulting process carried out by GPAC together with the client, involves the pre-check, or the initial evaluation of a building or project where sustainable building goals are defined and provide the basis for quality assurance. These goals are then evaluated in a cost vs. value analysis. GPAC’s project team are familiarized with the set goals for sustainability and the methods and requirements to attain them. Special goals require special services. Teamwork is essential. The coordinator for sustainability lends support to all project members in creating the necessary documents, specifications and proof in documenting the project. The coordinator continually reviews the quality of the planning and construction and ensures that the set goals for sustainability will be met. When requested, the coordinator can also manage the certification process for the desired green building label (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB). Services: I Pre-check independent of certification I Development of a sustainable building concept I Planning optimisation I Monitoring and managing the planning process I Monitoring and managing the realization process I Certification management I Coordination of additional services

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GPAC ARCHITECTS & CONSULTANTS Bautzner Strasse 19 c · D-01099 Dresden FON +49 (0)351 8294811 8294818 ·· FAX FAX +49 +49 (0)351 (0)351 8294820 8294820 WWW.GPAC.DE

Certification of the sustainability of a building is possible through various international evaluation systems. Just one of the international voluntary certificates is the British BREEAM- Certificate, which has been established on the market for twenty years. It has been challenged in recent years by the US Green Building Councils LEED-Certificate. Germany has answered the call with its DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen) certification system due on the market in 2009. The various certification systems evaluate, based on broad criteria catalogues, the essential aspects of a property’s sustainability. The easy-to-use rating systems provide buyers with an excellent basis for analysis and comparison, resulting in better leasing and selling marketability. These systems also reduce buyer risk. GPAC offers its clients comprehensive consultation services to aid in the decision-making process and in defining project goals. The various certification systems utilize different information sources, classifications and evaluation criteria. This presents evaluation results that are highly dependent on the chosen certification system. To offer our clients the best results for their project, we recommend an individual consultation to analyse the projected effects and weaknesses of the project, the potential for optimisation, the chances for project success and the costs involved to reach the desired goal. When the certification criteria are followed, our clients profit from numerous advantages such as low life cycle costs, reduced insurance premiums and a general increase in the value of their property. Certification improves the property’s image and documents a commitment to sustainable building practices. The quality of the building is clearly documented in the certification process and easily comprehended by investor, owner and user alike. Services: I Pre-check I LEED Certification I BREEAM Certification I DGNB Certification

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GPAC ARCHITECTS & CONSULTANTS Bautzner Strasse 19 c · D-01099 Dresden FON +49 (0)351 8294811 8294818 ·· FAX FAX +49 +49 (0)351 (0)351 8294820 8294820 WWW.GPAC.DE


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