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Gozour Algorithmic Design Essentials

Crumpled, folded, rounded show-off “wow” buildings will become increasingly commonplace — but they’ll no longer be designed by the stars. The only true stars will be the guys who design the parametric software. Karrie Jacobs


Overview Description This is a course on design methodology – with a Grasshopper component. No prior knowledge is expected. Most classes will have a project component that has to be accomplished after the class – without tutorial support (hopefully with peer support). Day 01.

Theoretical Background & Software Interface

Day 02.

Parametrization & Parametric Space

Day 03.

Lists & Data Matching

Day 04.

Math 01 : Arithmetic & Functions

Day 05.

Trees 01 : Collections of Lists

Day 06.

Workshop & Evaluation 01

Day 07.

Math 02 : Trigonometry & Conditional Operations

Day 08.

Trees 02 : Advanced Data Manipulation

Day 09.

Math 03 : Vectors

Day 10.

Voronoi 2D & Curve-to-Surface Mapping

Day 11.

Voronoi 3D & Mesh Editing

Day 12.

Workshop & Evaluation 02

What You Will Learn By the end of the course, the students are expected to be able to design not only a building, but also to design the “design process” it self. The Participants are supposed to get a sufficient amount of knowledge concerning algorithmic design, specially using grasshopper as a design tool. 02

Theoretical Background & Software Interface Lecture: Algorithms; Geometry Types; Mesh Vs. NURBS; Used Software Interface Training: Create Primitive Rhino Geometries, and Grasshopper Components Workshop: Escalating Floor Panels 03

Parametrization & Parametric Space Lecture: Cartesian and Parametric Spaces, and Coordinates; Parametric Spaces for Curves and Surfaces Training: Map Points to Surface via UV Coordinates Workshop: Structural Building Skin Based on Various Grid Points 04

Lists & Data Matching Lecture: Lists, and data matching Training: making a diagram to explain a geometrical composition Workshop: Design a twisted tower; Ex. Turning Turso by Santiago Calatrava 05

Math 01 Lecture: Arithmetic Operations, Functions, Intervals, and Remapping. Training: Represent a function graphically. Workshop: blending behavior of a pattern; Point Attractors. 06

Trees 01 Lecture: Data Trees (Ordered Collections of Lists) Basic Concepts Training: Understand and Navigate Data Trees; Flatten, Graft, Simplify Data Trees Workshop: 3D Color Map 07

Math 02 Lecture: Conditional Operations, Trigonometry. Training: Manipulation of Periodic functions(Trigonometry). Workshop: Extension of blending behavior - Master plan (Curve Attractors) 08

Trees 02 Lecture: Advanced Data Trees Manipulation Training: Merge, Explode, and Entwine Date Trees Workshop: Striped Structure through Parametric Profiling of Sections 09

Math 03 Lecture: vector mathematics & Vector Fields. Training: Grid Deformation; 2D & 3D grid deformation. Workshop: An animation of a Jelly Fish Behavior. 10

Voronoi 2D & Curve-to-Surface Mapping Lecture: Voronoi Geometric Principles; Voronoi in Nature; Voronoi in Design and Architecture Training: Manipulate and Map 2D Voronoi Cells to a 3D Surface Workshop: Double Layered Building Skin Based on Voronoi Geometry 11

Voronoi 3D & Mesh Editing Lecture: Voronoi Space Tessellation; Mesh Geometry Training: Construct Meshes from 3D Voronoi Cells; Manipulate and Subdivide Mesh Faces Workshop: Tower Structure Based on Voronoi Geometry 12

18, Masjed Belal St, Hay Al-Gama’a, Al-Mansoura, Dakahlya, Egypt +20 1010 6600 40

Algorithmic Design Essential - Course Curriculum  

Software Used: Rhino Grasshopper Tutors: Ahmed Enab & Yasser Mehanna

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