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DEB ALCADINHO Her Passion for Helping Women Succeed in Business BUILDING BOOM! A Snapshot of West Shore Developments WANT 3 MONTHS WORTH OF FREE DOG FOOD? Check out January’s look-alike contest!

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New Year, New Album and more…

Celebrating the Spirit of the West Shore

W E ’R HIRIN E Live & G! Work on West S




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A MESSAGE FROM MAYOR STEWART YOUNG On behalf of myself, Council and the City of Langford, congratulations to Anne Marie Moro, Gwen Richardson and Patricia Wade on the start-up of their new magazine, GoWestShore Magazine, which launches with this inaugural issue.

As Premier of the Province of British Columbia and as the Member of the Legislative Assembly representing LangfordJuan de Fuca, it gives me great pleasure to commend GoWestShore Magazine on the launch of its inaugural edition. The West Shore has been experiencing unprecedented growth and it is wonderful that there is now a monthly magazine to serve our community that will highlight our neighbours, businesses and local events. The spirit of the West Shore is special and I’m excited that GoWestShore can act as an ambassador for our region. Congratulations to GoWestShore on this momentous occasion. I have no doubt that your readers will enjoy reading your informative and inspirational articles.

Honourable John Horgan Premier of British Columbia

The magazine builds on the exciting momentum and energy in Langford and the West Shore, and demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit that has been the foundation of our community for so many years. I am excited about the format of this magazine, including the educational, inspirational, and entertaining stories that will be produced every month about the West Shore community, its residents, new neighbourhoods, sports, and arts and culture, just to name a few. I have no doubt that the magazine will attract a diversity of readers from all walks of life. Congratulations again on the start of GoWestShore Magazine, and I wish all West Shore residents a very Happy New Year for 2018! Sincerely,

Mayor Stewart Young City of Langford


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CONTENTS 6 | Editor’s Note By Anne Marie Moro Why a fresh start is often valuable. 7 | What’s Your 2018 Spending Plan? By Kam Brar

12 | What Type of Dog Suits You Best? By Emma Forster Matching a dog’s energy level to your family is more important than seeking out a specific breed. 13 | Trends for 2018 By Maria G. Uriegas-Leupelt,

8 | Ready to Be Your Own Boss? Interview with Deb Alcadinho Ordinary situations can trigger tremendous ideas for a business.

Interior design reference points when deciding which choices will meet your goals and suit your budget best.

11 | It’s a New Year— Keep It Fresh! By Desiree White-Raagner You’ll be shocked to discover what’s past its due date in your cosmetic drawer!

14 | Building Boom! A Snapshot of West Shore Developments Developers detail the legacies and communities they are building for future generations.


26 | Blue Light & the Health of Your Eyes By Nicholas Catgchuk, O.D. Why fluorescent lights can be a problematic for some people. 27 | Don’t Suffer Your Hair Loss in Silence By Catherine Hanson 27 | Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid By Kristen Yorker 28 | Jesse Roper Interview with ‘The Music Man from Metchosin’ What can I say? He’s charming, talented, and an unstoppable presence in the music industry today.

31 | Lacrosse: Canada’s Oldest Sport By Beth Atkinson 32 | Preparing Culinary Talent for the Future By Steven Walker-Duncan M.Ed., CCC With Red Seal certification, Camosun College graduates will be recognized around the world! 35 | Horoscope Capricorn - A Year to Stand in Your Truth 36| West Shore Community Events What’s happening in January and February 38 | Fun Stuff!

Editor’s Note


Anne Marie Moro, Editor

Celebrating the Spirit of the West Shore PUBLISHER, EDITOR Anne Marie Moro

“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.” —Rainer Maria Rilke


appy New Year! Another year, and for some, it’s a time to make a fresh start. For others, discarding something old and tired might also be an option, making room for something other to enter their lives: new prospects, novel ideas or expanding their circle of friends. Best of all, the beginning of a New Year is a chance for all of us to reflect upon and rediscover the joy and blessings in our lives already. Clearly, the ‘New Beginnings’ theme of our inaugural January 2018 GoWestShore Magazine is all about that, offering you, our brand-new readers, a monthly publication that we hope will keep you informed, inspired and engaged with your community. We’ll be shining a light on West Shore neighbourhoods, its people, active lifestyles and creative enterprises; all the things that our west coast culture celebrates. Our ‘New Beginnings’ issue offers some new perspectives to get you started in 2018, too. Seeing things through another’s eyes can help. Check out the feature article, ‘Ready to be Your Own Boss?’ with Deb Alcadinho, a local business woman and mentor for women in business. Many of her best business ideas came from ordinary circumstances in which many women find themselves every day. You won’t want to miss my interview with Jesse Roper, Metchosin’s own versatile blues artist. He took time out of his busy schedule to talk about his life and new avenues he explored lyrically for his new album, ‘Access to Infinity’, for 2018. Our January issue highlights some of the new neighbourhoods being built on the West Shore and profiles the efforts being made to create liveable, healthy, sociallyconnected communities—places where people will love to live, work and play. Here are some other features you can anticipate in 2018—all with a West Shore focus. • Culinary Adventures

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT, ART DIRECTION Patricia Wade ACCOUNT DEVELOPMENT, MARKETING Gwen Richardson CONTRIBUTORS Beth Atkinson | Kam Brar Nicholas Catgchuk, O.D. Emma Forster | Catherine Hansen Maria G. Uriegas-Leupelt, RID, IDIBC, IDC Steven Walker-Duncan M.Ed., CCC Desiree White-Raagner Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD

GoWestShore Magazine is printed 12 times a year. Reproducing whole or part of this magazine without permission is prohibited without the expressed written consent of the publisher. The publisher cannot be held responsible for unsolicited manuscripts and photographs. The opinions and views of contributors do not necessarily reflect those of GAP Publishing Group Inc. The publisher does not assume any responsibility for the content of any advertisement. All representations and warranties made in the advertising are those of the advertiser not the publisher. Printed in Canada by Mitchell Press.

ON THE COVER Deb Alcadinho, Founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN). Photo by Frances Litman, www.franceslitman.com. Jesse Roper, versatile blues musician and songwriter from Metchosin. Photo by Billie Woods Photography. PUBLISHED BY GAP Publishing Group Inc., Langford, BC 778.400.3955 | info@gowestshore.com www.gowestshore.com

• Arts and Culture • Authoritative, stimulating articles on a variety of themes • Local Shopping Finds • Monthly contests, horoscopes and puzzles • Little-known, unique and popular Community Events The West Shore is such a dynamic hub of activity and anticipation. It is this that gives us our confidence to launch a fresh, glossy West Shore magazine this year. Enjoy! To you and yours, our very best wishes for a bright and bountiful start to 2018.



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| JANUARY 2018

GAP Publishing Group Inc. has three (3) annual GoWestShore publications projected for its publishing portfolio in 2018, available in both print and digital formats. Each publication is purpose-built for a specific target market: locals, seniors, visitors and tourists. All publications support collaborative growth and sustainability for a vibrant business and community life on the West Shore. For further information, please call 778.400.3955 or email sales@gowestshore.com. www.gowestshore.com.


Interested in worry-free income for life?

What’s Your 2018 Spending Plan?

What about passing on a legacy to family, avoiding unnecessary taxes and admin delays? It takes good planning.

By Kam Brar, Auxilium Mortgage Corporation


he top New Year’s financial resolution is paying off debt, followed by saving more. Here are 3 tips to help make 2018 the year you finally achieve your financial goals.

Dale Collins CFP EPC Certified Financial Planner, Elder Planning Counselor

1. Set a Budget The most basic tool to meet your financial targets is a budget. Think of it as a spending plan, making sure you spend less money than you earn. After trying out a realistic budget, most people agree that the alternative – being in debt – is much worse. 2. Know Your Credit Score Your credit matters more than ever! You can receive one free credit report each year, either from TransUnion or Equifax. If you haven’t set a date when you run your own credit check, order yours today and get your full financial picture.

To book an appointment call 250-818-2616 www.prosperity-planning.com

3. Start Your Savings Whatever you’re saving for, your spending plan will tell you how much you can set aside for that goal. To keep yourself motivated along the way – and to make sure you stick to the plan – set up little rewards as you reach milestones. I’ve helped many clients achieve goals that they thought were impossible. If owning a home is your resolution this year, my team at Auxilium can help by pre-qualifying you for a mortgage. Call or visit us today for more information.

Your WestShore Mortgage Team

Find Our Client Reviews on Google and Facebook! 250.590.6520 www.auxiliummortgage.com GOWESTSHORE.COM |


| JANUARY 2018

January Feature



In 2010, Deb Alcadinho founded Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN), a successful networking organization for business and professional women. In fact, WWBN was voted West Shore’s best networking organization by the Westshore Chamber of Commerce in 2017. We caught up with Deb for a candid interview.

Interview By Anne Marie Moro

Q: Deb, your businesses have served as a great support for women over the years. What has been your driving force to specialize in this area?

I was also passionate about connecting women to other women for mutual benefit. That’s really how the Westshore Women’s Business Network [WWBN] started in December, 2010. It’s so important for entrepreneurs to know who they can turn to when they’re stuck, to build a support network of trusted professionals, friends and collaborative partners, and get the training and education they need for success.

A: Being an entrepreneur over the years—a serial entrepreneur, in fact—I know first hand the struggles that women often have in business. Everything from a lack of self-confidence to nagging self-doubt. Can I do this? Do I really have what it takes? All of those things. I suppose we all have those feelings even if we aren’t entrepreneurs. When I worked in media sales about a decade ago, I visited businesses that so often were led by women. I would leave a business and think, “I don’t know whether she’s going to be around a year from now.” It was a concern for me.

Q: Starting up a business can be intimidating. How did you cope with that? A: Every entrepreneur has a great idea or concept, a new and improved product or service; but turning that vision into reality can feel intimidating for sure. Many great inventions, concepts or ideas never make it to market. The main reasons: time, money, motivation, confidence in the product or service and self confidence to actually pull it off. Guaranteed, everyone has thought at some point, “Can I really do this?”

After a while, these women would get to know me and they would ask me a lot of questions about their business: what do you think of this and what do you think of that? My role in media became much more consultative. I wasn’t just selling them an ad any more. I really got to share some of the knowledge and wisdom that I had acquired over the years, being a business owner myself. JANUARY 2018 |

I get a lot of great business experience through trial and error. I just keep trying different things. I think that probably a lot of entrepreneurs are like this. Yet, surprisingly my journey and the trajectory of how I got to where I am today really has been situational.



“Surprisingly, my journey and the trajectory of how I got to where I am today really has been situational.”

WWBN typically meets in the Kinsmen Fieldhouse at the Juan de Fuca Rec Centre. Check wwbnvictoria.com for exact dates and times.

) BN WW rk ( o w t s Ne ines ’s Bus Courtesy of Westshore Women

Q: How so? gained popularity with other parents at school that I realized A: Would you believe that every business that I’ve owned has I was onto something. I added these product lines to the food been born out of my life’s circumstances at the time? I would service business. recognize a need based on where I was at a particular point in time. For example, one of my businesses was a small-scale Q: A lot of women don’t think they’re suited to an food services business. I loved to cook and I particularly entrepreneurial lifestyle. What do you make of that? loved to bake. Alice, a good friend of mine, loved to do both. Our kids were quite small, so we formed a business around A: It’s true. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. The what our passions were at that time. We sold frozen, baked ability to turn your dream into reality takes gumption, selfproducts to schools and it was very successful. I would make determination and tenacity. Not everyone has that. However, Uriegas-Leupelt , RID, IDIBC, IDC tons of pies in berry season and other frozen products like stats show more than ever before that women are starting butter tarts, short bread and Christmas treats. Alice’s specialty and buying businesses. I believe women are well-positioned was Tourtière pies. for entrepreneurship; we are wired differently than men. As women, we use our strengths in collaboration, inclusiveness, As a mom with three little boys, I was quick to figure out multi-tasking, big-picture and visionary thinking. ways to simplify my life, too. I’ve always been one to analyze

On the down side, women tend to evaluate risk more than men which cause ceilings for growth in their business. They desire more work-life balance—often because they are the ones managing the household, finances, kid’s schedules and their

Courtesy of Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN)

systems and processes and figure out ways to streamline. So, I created dry-food mixes for my pantry for muffins, cookies, spice combos and seasoning mixes. At the time, these products were not available in stores. It wasn’t until they



| JANUARY 2018

Courtesy of Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN)

business! So, when I work with female clients, we look hard at the role of entrepreneurship and we ask the tough question: “Are you ready to be your own boss?” It’s important to be realistic about yourself, your abilities, your personality and your financial situation to determine if you can weather the storm. It’s too easy to lose confidence at any given moment and say “Well that didn’t work, so obviously that’s not a good idea. I’m not doing that again.” Q: How has networking changed? Is the networking scene more supportive for women today? A: Networking has definitely changed and evolved. In the past, a handful of organizations offered structured networking for men and women in mixed events. Today, there’s more choice for women wanting to connect and grow their business. I believe women tend to be more collaborative. Most understand the value of connecting on a personal level in order to better refer and do business. It all gets down to the age-old saying that “People do business with those they know, like and trust.”

Business Networking Just for Women

For info and registration visit wwbnvictoria.com GOWESTSHORE.COM |

I think that’s probably the biggest nugget. It’s not going to work for everyone, but yes, I do believe that collaboration is the way of the future and can definitely lead to more success for women in particular—not just in business but in other areas of their lives, too. Q: What’s next for you, Deb? A: I have a strong vision of what I want to create going forward. My vision for Westshore Women’s Business Network, for example, is to continue to deliver exceptional networking experiences on the West Shore, providing the all-important platform for connections and business growth during lunch and evening events. The sisterhood that WWBN has become is truly a supportive environment for women to thrive. I also want to have a training space for my Brand Power program for entrepreneurs and business owners to create their kick-ass businesses! On-line education is great, but I believe there is much to be gained working in small pods, face-to-face, where learning opportunities are gained from each business owner as well. Q: Final thoughts? A: Your futures are yours to design and implement. Choose your path and who you want along for the ride.. Be curious and explore new possibilities and opportunities at every turn. You never know where they will lead.

To learn more about Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN), please visit: wwbnvictoria.com or email Deb Alcadinho at: deb@wwbnvictoria.com.


| JANUARY 2018

De-clutter Time

It’s A New Year— Keep It Fresh! By Desiree White-Raagner, Outright Organizer


s a professional organizer, I quite often come across clients that have stock piles of beauty products. These products may be doing more than hogging all that coveted real estate in their vanity.

Expiration Dates for Beauty Products

When we dive in and check out the dates of these products, most clients are quite surprised to learn some of them are well past their expiry date. Expired makeup can harbor bacteria and using it may cause more than an irritating breakout. In fact, it can be very risky especially where your eyes are concerned. Consider conjunctivitis, aka pink eye, which is highly contagious. Decluttering your makeup and personal care products can be a quick task. Start by collecting everything together and sorting like with like. Then, toss out the broken ones, those past their prime, the half empty bottles,unflattering shades and all those ‘free gifts with purchase’ items you know you will never use.

2 Years

• Mascara • Face Peels & Masks • Acne Pads • Nail File • Loofah

• Lip and Eye Pencils • Lipstick • Nail Polish • Powder Eyeshadow & Blush • Powder Foundation • Body Lotion (Jar) • Scrubs (Jar)

6 Months to 1 Year • Liquid Eyeliner • Liquid Foundation • Concealer • Acne Creams & Washes • Eye Cream • Face Wash • Serim

Check the back of the remaining products to find an expiry date or open jar symbol which contains a number followed by the letter M. For example; 12M would indicate that this product expires 12 months after it has been opened. As not all products carry a date, simply follow the guide provided with this article. Place all of the remaining items back in place considering the frequency in which you use them. Add a bit of harmony to your morning routine by using clear acrylic dividers so items can be stored upright. That way, the products will be visible and easily accessible at a glance.

1 to 1.5 years • Lip Gloss • Cream Eyeshadow • Face Cream (Jar) • Sunscreen • Bar Soap • Shower Gel • Eyebrow Gel

Make a New Year resolution this year to decline the nonessential freebies, purge on schedule, and when in doubt, toss it out and keep it fresh. Desiree White-Raagner is a professional home and office organizer. For more information about her services please visit www.outrightorganized.ca. GOWESTSHORE.COM |

2 to 3 Months


| JANUARY 2018

3 Years • Shampoo & Conditioner • Body Lotion (Pump) • Perfume • Hairspray

Furry Friends


By Emma Forster Manager, Island Pet Source

People always ask me: what’s the best dog breed? That’s a hard question to answer. All dog owners have a favourite! Maybe the better question is: what type of dog would fit in best with your lifestyle?


electing a new dog, whether it’s your first puppy or a rescued adult, is an exciting, rewarding, and sometimes overwhelming process. People too often have a predetermined idea about the type of dog they want. Yet, when it comes to deciding which dogs make the best pets for you, it’s essential, as a first step, to consider your lifestyle and the environment you live in. The health and happiness of your pet depends on it!

organization to ensure as ideal a match as possible. Ultimately, the best dog for you depends on how well you and your pet’s needs compliment each other. The first few weeks together will form the basis for your relationship with the new addition. Arrange time to speak with a trainer about basic obedience, sign up for agility classes or check out doggie daycare options. All of these activities will strengthen your bond with the dog and give you confidence as a pet parent. It’s very satisfying for us at Island Pet Source to see happy people and healthy pets. Let us know how we can help.

• Matching your new dog’s energy level to your family is more important than seeking out a particular breed. For example, be realistic about the lifestyle you can provide to a dog with more than average exercise requirements. If you can’t see yourself out jogging every morning, choose a breed that requires less activity. High energy breeds left unexercised can lead to behavior problems down the road.

Current Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

• Consider an agreeable temperament with an ability to form strong bonds if you are looking for a great companion for kids, or a working breed if you live in or near wide open spaces and enjoy frequent outdoor adventures. • Size—some larger dogs tend to be docile, while some smaller dogs can be excitable. Once you understand what you have to offer as a pet parent, ask the advice of the breeder or rescue JANUARY 2018 |


1 Labrador Retriever

6 French Bulldog

2 German Shepherd

7 Standard Poodle

3 Golden Retriever

8 Rottweiler

4 Bulldog

9 Yorkshire Terrier

5 Beagle

10 Boxer


Beautiful Interiors

2018 Trends By Maria G. Uriegas-Leupelt, rid, idibc, idc Owner of Sunlight Interiors


he interior trends for 2018 reflect our desire to make choices that are more in harmony with our environment, and which promote health.

Another important part of the trend is to be fiscally responsible. We believe that ‘beautiful’ does not have to be outrageously expensive, and further believe that ostentation is not in the best of tastes. Therefore the design ideas of years past, which included overdone interior finishes, furniture, and draperies, have fallen out of favour in recent years. Today’s design has clean architectural lines, gives special attention to comfort and function, intelligent and creative interior partitioning, and multi-layered illumination. Non-toxic finishes and good ventilation are a requirement. Ergonomic considerations and comfort level in furniture are decisive factors. The use of reclaimed, as well as new, ecofriendly materials are an important part of the new trend.

While I will always discuss the trends with my clients, I also advise them to use trends as reference points for awareness only. My recommendations are based on who you are, what your preferences are, what satisfies your needs, what supports your activities, provides comfort, and represents your viewpoints. Consider what your highest priority is when deciding which choices will meet your goals and suit your budget best. I would like to invite you to call me to discuss your plans for a new home or renovation. I would be delighted to provide a preliminary meeting with my compliments. — Maria

Open space plans that incorporate the kitchen into the living spaces are here to stay, and becoming even more sophisticated and well integrated. The cabinetry looks well in tune with the furniture choices. In fact, they do look like furniture! Clear coated natural woods, or stains that run toward the charcoal tones, are the fashionable too. In colour choices, the white of 2016 and the gray and purple of 2017 are giving way to a palette that may still contain some elements of gray, but offers options in tones of natural stone beige and light taupe. Accent colours will run from with Poinsettia Red to Cranberry Cocktail, and Warm Clay. Purchases of original art by B.C. artists and quality limited editions are considered smart investments that will provide enjoyment, and hold or increase their value. Less pieces of higher quality will always get my vote. JANUARY 2018 |



More New Beginnings



Did You Know… What makes a city liveable is how well its growth contributes to the community’s quality of life—such as, links to public transport, walking and cycling trails, mixed residential and commercial uses, walkable distances to local shops, public open spaces and parks, health and community services, recreation, entertainment and cultural activities, social stability and equity, education opportunities and quality jobs.


t’s hard to miss how the construction industry is booming in the Langford, Colwood and View Royal municipalities. With the severely unaffordable real estate market in Victoria1, more affordable family and multi-family housing units are enticing many retirees, first-time home buyers and newcomers to the West Shore. The life span of this West Shore boom is projected to continue for another 15 years. So, for this issue, we approached a few local developers and asked them to fill us in on the type of community amenities they are building into their projects and the legacy they hope to put in place for future generations. JANUARY 2018 |



What will the West Shore communities look like in the years to come? Let’s see how well their projects reflect some of the ingredients essential for a liveable, healthy, sociallyconnected community—a place where people love to live, work and play. 1

2017 Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey.


Bear Mountain Resort Community

Cypress Mews resort homes include 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms with over 1,880 sq. ft. of interior finished space plus 800 sq. ft. of outdoor living space. Cypress Gates Cypress Gates has been thoughtfully-sited to take full advantage of the natural terrain and rugged beauty that makes Bear Mountain such an incredible place to live. Expansive floor plans and sight lines to the outdoors create living spaces that are perfect for entertaining and everyday. Phase I – Sold out Phase 2 – Now selling Phase 3 – Coming in 2018 These luxury villas range in size from 2,400 -2,500 sq. ft. and offer ample outdoor space to enjoy the stunning views. Cypress Executive Homes and Building Lots

The Bear Mountain Resort Community is made up of 770 acres. Currently, there are approximately 1,200 dwellings within the CD6 Master Planned Community with the potential development of an additional 3,300 dwellings. At full buildout, Bear Mountain anticipates having a population of approximately 10,000 residents. Cypress, Bear Mountain’s newest neighbourhood, is nestled amidst the pristine beauty of the 4th Fairway, 5th Tee and 3rd Green of the prestigious Nicklaus Design Mountain Course. Comprised of single-family building lots and two townhome developments, the natural setting of Cypress with its stunning views of Goldstream Provincial Park, Mount Finlayson and the spectacular Mountain Course, takes your breath away. The homes offered for sale in the Cypress neighbourhood allow you to make the most of the resort lifestyle with the Golf Membership Eligible Address (GMEA) program. Purchases include a golf initiation fee valued at $60,000.

The single-family neighbourhood of Cypress consists of 27 executive building lots ranging in size from 7,103 - 12,271 sq. ft., with homes selling between $1,300,000 through $2,400,000. Single-family homes are being constructed by seven ‘Designated Builders’ to enhance and protect values of the neighbouring homes and to ensure highest quality. AMENITIES: Bear Mountain captures Victoria’s outstanding recreational lifestyle in a single community, providing residents and guests access to an abundance of world-class facilities and some of the top professionals in Canada. Amenities at Bear Mountain include: The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa, the North Langford Recreation Centre, Canada’s only 36 holes of Nicklaus Design Golf, western Canada’s only indoor/ outdoor 8 red-clay court tennis facility, mountain biking and hiking trails.

DEVELOPER: ECOASIS DEVELOPMENTS LLP Ecoasis works with a talented team, selected for their shared philosophy and business integrity with a common goal to create vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods and communities where families and businesses put down roots and thrive. Decisions are made to reflect and consider the attitudes and desires of the community while maintaining deliberate and prudent management of the land. PHASES: Cypress Mews Bordered on the west by the 5th hole of the Mountain Course, you’ll find the resort homes of Cypress Mews. Phase 1 - 8 homes. Occupancy - December, 2017 Phase 2 - 7 homes. Occupancy - Spring, 2018 GOWESTSHORE.COM |


| JANUARY 2018

More New Beginnings

Pacific Landing

Key Players: Randy Royer, Dale Fish, and Ray Parks. http://pacificlanding.ca/who-we-are/ LEGACY STATEMENT: • To bring people together through an engaged and dynamic community in a beautiful setting; • To build high-quality luxury condominiums that are functional and comfortable; and • To help people craft healthy and happy lives through purpose-built real estate and exceptional services. PHASE 1: Started in April, 2016. Occupancy: November, 2017 • 33 residential units complete within The Breton, Hatley, and Dunsmuir Buildings • Amenities: Yoga Studio, Kitchen Studio, Maker’s Workshop, Roof Top Terrace, Garden Terrace, Community Garden

DEVELOPER: PACIFIC LANDING LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Pacific Landing is located on the Esquimalt Lagoon Migratory Bird Sanctuary, 3221 Heatherbell Road, Colwood. There are 6 phases being developed for up to 165 residential condominiums and business units on 12 acres: Land Use: 40% residential, 20% commercial, 40% park. Expected duration of the entire vision: 5 years.


WHAT IS ON THE BURNER FOR 2018?: • Phase 2: The Douglas – Construction to start early 2018. 20 residential units and 2 commercial units to be completed for early Spring, 2019. • Phase 3: The Pendray House – Renovation currently in planning stages for commercial/retail/community space.


| JANUARY 2018


• Phase 4: Currently in planning and development with construction start expected for Fall, 2018. Completion in Spring, 2020.

Personal Real Estate Corporation

• Phase 5: Development and planning for commercial/retail and arts centre. • Phase 6: Development and planning for boutique hotel, spa/wellness center, and conference facility. KEY PARTNERSHIPS: Pacific Landing has worked with as many local suppliers and trades as possible and continues to support local organizations and events. We have also worked with the City of Colwood and local area residents and stakeholders to develop our community plan and become a supportive, contributing member of the West Shore community. The ‘Havenwood 5’ artists maintain studios in the Pendray House on the Havenwood property.

Call for a complimentary market evaluation.




Pacific Landing will offer opportunities in Phases 2-6 for the following types of local, independent businesses: Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Pub, Spa Wellness Center, Market-style Grocer, Arts Center offering work and gallery space to local artists, Medical, Health and Wellness Services, Professional Services, Retail businesses.

LOCAL EXPERTISE, GLOBAL CONNECTIONS Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Independently Owned and Operated. E.&O.E.

Our New Winter Menu’s Have Arrived! Bella

Fresh, local, inviting – discover well-being through inspired West Coast fare and breathtaking views at Bella. Choose from a selection of house-made pastas, fresh seafood, aged beef and modern takes on traditional classics.

Masters Lounge

The Masters Lounge offers the relaxed ambience you need to wind down after an extended meeting or a day outdoors. Sip a handcrafted signature cocktail or a pint of local craft beer with a light snack while you enjoy the view or the game.

W W W. B E A R M O U N T A I N . C A 250.391.7160



| JANUARY 2018

BMR_GoWestShore_3.5x4.75_Winter2017.indd 1

2017-12-15 12:49 PM

More New Beginnings

Royal Bay

face both an opportunity and a responsibility to do it right. Once complete, Royal Bay will be a vibrant series of complementary neighbourhoods woven together to create an authentic community. The modern seaside village that emerges will be rich in history, architectural intrigue, culture and community. A place to enjoy life, raise a family and savour the later years in life. Housing Type: Currently single family with front attached garages, single family with rear detached garages, and townhomes. In the future, Royal Bay will also see paired ranchers, mixed-use buildings with condos and rental apartments in The Commons. Once completed, there will be approximately 2,300 units in the seaside community. Amenities: Over the coming years, Royal Bay will be populated with schools, parks, shops, services and homes of all shapes and sizes. Royal Bay will be a safe and walkable neighbourhood with clean air, public transit, a wide range of amenities and the latest in technology. A beautiful place to grow up, raise a family and spend your retirement. Local residents will be able to enjoy kiteboarding, kayaking and other marine activities just steps from their doors. In nearby public areas like The Landing and The Commons, they will find seaside restaurants, shops and services.

Located on the southern part of Vancouver Island in Colwood lies the hidden gem that is Royal Bay. Once a prolific quarry and gravel extraction site, this remarkable 419-acre plot, with 1.3 kilometres of spectacular shoreline, is re-emerging as a modern seaside community. DEVELOPERS: GABLECRAFT HOMES, LIMONA GROUP

Current amenities include Royal Bay Secondary School with its two playing fields and track, Meadow Park, and Royal Bay

Legacy: The chance to build a new waterfront community comes along perhaps just once in a generation, so we



| JANUARY 2018

We Have Expanded to 30,000 sq ft! Beachpark which hosts a children’s playground, two Olympic-sized beach volleyball courts and stand up paddle board rentals in the summer. PHASES: The Royal Bay project launched June 8, 2016. Royal Bay Beachpark opened to the public September 10th, 2016. Meadow Park opened to the public mid-April 2017.

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Interior Design & Project Management Residential & Commercial Projects

In total, Royal Bay has 8 planned phases: The Meadow, The Quarry, The Commons, The Terrace, The Bluffs, The Landing and The Headlands. We are currently focused on The Meadow phase. The land development, home construction and sales combined employ up to 130 men and women working at the site on a busy day. WHAT IS ON THE BURNER FOR 2018?: Phase 1: The Meadow with both front garage and lane single family homes will wrap up in 2018.


Phase 2: Set to release in midDecember 2017, The Commons will continue to be our focus for 2018 along with a new townhome site West/Commons just off Latoria Boulevard. We are currently working on a development strategy for Royal Bay’s mixed-use village in The Commons, which will support the daily needs of residents, fostering businesses and providing local employment. This will be the first area that hosts both commercial and residential buildings at Royal Bay.

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Designing Dream Homes

Maria Uriegas-Leupelt , RID, IDIBC, IDC 250.385.5586 www.sunlightinteriors.com


BRAND NEW 60 UNIT RENTAL BUILDING Opening Spring 2018 1 bed, 1 bath units from: $1250

733 Goldstream Ave 2 bed, 2 bath units from: $1550

Pet Friendly (with restrictions) 100% Smoke Free Hot Water on Demand

Heat Pump + Air Con.

9-foot Ceilings In Suite Laundry


Contact us at: yournewhome@thepropertymanagers.ca www.thepropertymanagers.ca GOWESTSHORE.COM |


| JANUARY 2018

More New Beginnings


condominiums and townhomes), and commercial in Victoria and Vancouver Island.

Location: South of Bear Mountain, at the corner of McCallum and Leigh Road

Greg Burke – over 20 years of experience in real property development including single family homes and multi-family residential in Victoria. Greg is also a licensed Realtor with Pemberton Holmes since 2005.

Housing Type: Serviced bare land lots Residential Units: 92 residential lots


Business Units: TBD for Phases 2-6 DEVELOPER: KEYCORP DEVELOPMENTS The slopes of South Skirt Mountain in Langford are home to SOUTHPOINT, a rising new community with sunny outlooks over Southern Vancouver Island, the Juan de Fuca Strait and towards the snow-capped Olympic Mountains in Washington State. Type of Development: 92 serviced, bare-land residential lots: hillside incline lots, daylight basement lots and level lots. Many lots are suitable for homes with legal suites. Development permit and design guidelines, including rear yard, side yard and height restrictions, ensure a consistent, comfortable feel to the neighbourhood while allowing home owners to show off their individuality. Key Partners: Jim Hartshorne – 40 years of experience in real property development, including residential (homes and condominiums), commercial (office and retail) and industrial (warehouses, works yards) in Victoria and all over B.C.

Easy access to major roads, shopping, recreation, entertainment and sporting facilities. Perfectly situated close to provincial parks and trails, natural lakes and world-class golfing, mountain biking and tennis facilities, as well as the new Langford Aquatic Centre / YMCA-YWCA and the City Centre Park recreational facility. Easy access to Ruth King Elementary School, Spencer Middle School, the brand-new Belmont Secondary School and Royal Roads University.

Spirit Bay DEVELOPER: TRUST FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT For 25 years, The Trust for Sustainable Development has been developing sustainable communities, places that work with nature. Spirit Bay is located at 4901 East Sooke Road, Metchosin. The Visitor Centre is open noon-4pm, Thursday to Monday. Spirit Bay is woven into the seaside landscape on the south coast of Vancouver Island. It is a vibrant, 100-acre

Ron Coutre – over 25 years of experience in real property development, including residential (single family homes, GOWESTSHORE.COM |


| JANUARY 2018

Your Pet’s Source for Health & Happiness! sustainable community, designed to work in harmony with the natural environment, where every building, road and pathway promotes human interaction, and where the site provides unprecedented access to the ocean. Spirit Bay is blessed with magnificent views of the Olympic Mountains and Salish Sea and is adjacent to a 3,500-acre wilderness park. Housing Types: Detached single-family homes. Spirit Bay offers both custom village homes and extraordinary waterfront lots where you can build your dream home. Key Partnerships: Beecher Bay First Nation LEGACY STATEMENT: Happiness by design. Spirit bay is a new West Shore seaside community where every planning and design decision has been made to promote human happiness. Places where people live together and grow together. Communities where energy use is low, and the energy of people is high. We know sustainability means building strong links between people and places. Connections that touch people’s hearts and change lives. Our vision of sustainability anchors every decision at Spirit Bay. We see sustainability with three components: • Economic development - the base from which communities grow, the homes in which we live and the shops and businesses that support our families.



| JANUARY 2018

Grooming • Food • Supplies


Grooming: 250-590-5803 #106-751 Goldstream Ave www.islandpetsource.com

More New Beginnings

• Environmental protection of native plants and adding diversity to the land and biosystem to enhance natural ecosystems. • Social responsibility - giving back to local communities in ways that make a true difference. AMENITIES: Homeowner’s club, sports field, tennis courts and marina. PHASE 1: Phase 1 is scheduled for completion Spring, 2018. WHAT IS ON THE BURNER FOR 2018 AND BEYOND?: There are 5 phases planned for 400 residential units and 20 commercial units.


LEGACY STATEMENT: • The expansive 500-acre Westhills community is the first Canadian community to be based on the LEED environmental standard. It will, over time, become Vancouver Island’s largest master-planned residential community.

DEVELOPER: WESTHILLS LAND CORP. Westhills is a master-planned community encompassing over 500 acres situated within the City of Langford. Comfortably nestled on the south shore of Langford Lake, accessible by Westshore Parkway, and surrounded by mountainous terrain. Show Homes are open daily from Noon to 4pm. Visit westhillsbc.com for directions.

• There is a strong sense of community at Westhills. The vision is to continue to bring a variety of beautiful, well-built and affordable, energy-efficient homes to this thriving community. • There are an abundance of creative spaces, activities and amenities to be enjoyed year-round. CURRENT AMENITIES: Westhills YMCA-YWCA, Child Care Facilities, Langford Aquatic Centre, Victoria Conservatory of Music, Greater Victoria Public Library - Langford Heritage Branch, Belmont Secondary School, Langford Lake, Westhills Stadium, Westhills Arena, Langford Lanes, Splash Park, and Westhills Playground. FUTURE LAKEPOINT DISTRICT AMENITIES: From outdoor plazas to the coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, offices, medical and banking facilities, and the Lakepoint Pub and Kayak Club, there’s so much more to come to this thriving community. DEVELOPMENT PHASES: • Phase 1 started in 2008. To date, more than 600 families have become a part of the Westhills community and more than 150 homes being built and sold annually. • Currently, NOVA Lands Phases 5, 6 and 7 are under construction in addition to the Lakepoint One Condominium Building within the Lakepoint District.



| JANUARY 2018

More New Beginnings


WHAT IS ON THE BURNER FOR 2018?: • Lakepoint One Condominium occupancy scheduled for March, 2018.

• 2012 Care Award for Outdoor Environmental Achievement • 2012 Care Award for Best Project Website

• Lakepoint Two Condominium - concrete & steel construction. Sales day for the West Shore’s first high-rise tower is estimated for Fall, 2018

• 2012 Care Award for Best Sales Centre • 2013 Care Award for Indoor Environmental Achievement and Energy Efficiency • 2013 National Excellence and Leadership Award – Canadian Geo-Exchange Coalition • 2014 “If You Build It” Award – Best of the West Shore Community Awards

• Westhills Discovery Centre estimated to open in the Lakepoint District of Westhills. A GIFT FROM THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT: The Government of British Columbia has provided the Sooke School District with $23.3 million toward the purchase of 6.5 hectares (16 acres) of land in Langford. The district’s goal is to build an elementary school and a middle school on the site. The site is at the corner of Westshore Parkway and Constellation Avenue in the Westhills development.

• 2015 “Best New Home Builder/Developer” Award – Best of the West Shore Community Awards • 2017 “Best New Home Builder/Developer” Award – Best of the West Shore Community Awards.



| JANUARY 2018

West Shore Development Locations Future Road — Bear Mountain Pkwy Expansion to be complete 2018

“Statistics Canada recently released its first data from the 2016 census, reporting on population and dwelling counts. While we always have an anecdotal sense of how things are developing, having the hard numbers is key to planning over the next five years.







1A 14

COLWOOD Pacific Landing


Royal Bay 14


It comes as no great surprise that the West Shore is leading the increase in population growth. The highest growth across the Greater Victoria region has been taking place in Langford, whose 35,342 residents represent a 20.9 per cent increase on 2011. The second largest growth in the region took place in Sooke, which increased by 13.7 per cent and third is View Royal with a 10.9 per cent increase. Colwood and the Highlands showed a modest increase while Metchosin’s population decreased slightly. Given housing development in the West Shore, we can anticipate that this trend of increased growth will continue for the foreseeable future.”


Extract from ‘West Shore Leads Region in Population Growth’, WestShore Chamber of Commerce, March 14, 2017.



New Beginnings Issu

DEB ALCA DINH O ing Her Passion for Help Business Women Succeed in BUILDING BOO M! Shore A Snapshot of West Developments WOR TH WANT 3 MONTHS D? OF FREE DOG FOO Check out January’s look-alike contest!

Proud Supporter


New Year, New Albu and more…



it of the West Sho

Celebrating the Spir

We want to hear from YOU! Do you have stories to share about living in this area? Do you have photos from long ago? Is there someone special we should get to know? What tips would you offer newcomers? Send us an email at info@gowestshore.com Find out about West Shore neighbourhoods & development. Stay current between issues. Visit GoWestShore.com



| JANUARY 2018



By Nicholas Catgchuk, O.D.


ou may have heard that fluorescent lighting can be bad for your eyes, but did you know why? In recent years, studies have shown that Blue-Violet light can be damaging to the retina, and therefore has the potential to cause Macular Degeneration (AMD). AMD is a disease of the eye that causes central vision loss. So, what does this have to do with fluorescent lighting? Higher amounts of blue light are emitted with the use of fluorescent lights, but that’s not the only source. High amounts of blue light are also emitted through the use of LEDs which are found in electronic

devices including computer monitors, TVs, and personal devices like tablets and smart phones. Blue light also affects our circadian rhythm. Melatonin is present at low levels during the day, and increases in the evening to allow us to fall asleep. Blue light suppresses our melatonin output and that, in turn, resets or delays our circadian rhythm, keeping us from falling asleep.

large amounts of time in fluorescent lighting or using computer, tablets, ask your optometrist about these protective coatings.

So, what can we do? Lens coatings such as SeeCoat Blue or TrueBlue antifatigue glasses block out a large portion of the harmful blue light. If you spend

Need an eye exam? Contact us now to book your complete eye health and vision examination. New patients welcome!

Nicholas Catchuk, Optometrist; Ewa Drozdzel, Manager, Optician; Una Marsh , Optician

JANUARY 2018 |



Keep your sunglasses on this winter! Sunglasses filter overly bright light, reduce glare and reflection, giving you comfortable vision year round.

Don’t Suffer Your Hair Loss in Silence

Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

By Catherine Hanson, Owner, Stylist

By Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD, Dietitian, CBI Health Centre



s losing weight your New Years resolution? Are you sticking to your diet? Or, have you already fallen off the wagon? Here are two common weight loss mistakes to avoid.

rom the moment you step through our doorway, you are treated with respect and dignity and will feel welcomed by our team’s compassionate care. Our goal is to give women a beautiful, safe and private environment where all of your specific hair replacement needs can be cared for.

Mistake #1: Wrong Focus

Catherine, Leanna and Sheila are the resident experts in providing our guests full and partial hair prosthetics or wigs as a part of our hair loss replacement program.

A mistake that I see people frequently make is focusing on the most minor of factors when there are big issues in their eating. They’ll ask me things like, “What kind of fruit should I eat?” or “Aren’t carrots bad because they have too much sugar?” Sure, there are differences in the carb content of various fruits and carrots do contain some natural sugars. But it’s not the choice of fruit or too many carrots that is contributing to these folks’ weight. It’s the can of pop that they’re drinking each day, and sitting on the couch every night, mindlessly munching on junk food.

Whether you are looking for a wig for medical reasons or to make a fashion statement, Capilia Victoria has a wig or hairpiece that is right for you. We have the largest selection of synthetic and natural hair wigs on Vancouver Island! For your utmost comfort, we have private fitting and consulting rooms where we will help you select just the right solution to fit your needs and lifestyle. Most wigs are manufactured as one size fits all products. Unfortunately, we are not all one size. We carry all sizes: petite, average and large. We also carry a large selection of head coverings and hats.

Mistake #2: All or Nothing Approach

A partial prosthetic or hairpiece needs to be blended into your natural hair. Full or partial, it also needs to be styled to fit you best. Our highly-trained staff at Capilia Victoria will help you select a wig, custom fit it to you, and then cut and style it to ensure that you look and feel your very best. When you see the difference a little extra hair can make, you will be blown away. We guarantee it!

Research shows that more of us are successful when we make small changes rather than an all-or-nothing approach. One small successful change inspires us to make another small change, and that inspires us to make another change, so on. Small changes, when they’re made with the right focus in mind, can have a significant impact on our weight. For example, if your habits changed from having a can of pop every day, to a can of pop only on the weekends, that would remove 50 teaspoons of sugar every week. Wow! Talk about a small change that makes a big impact. Dietitian Kristen Yarker brings the JOY to healthy eating. You can find her at CBI Health Centre on Goldstream Avenue.

You and us, partners in improving your health.

Langford: 204-940 Goldstream Avenue | 250.478.8590 View Royal: 120-29 Helmcken Road | 250.478-8280

Call us today at 250-590-5772 and receive a complimentary consultation with one of our instant hair replacement advisors. JANUARY 2018 |



Billie Woods Photography

West Shore Culture

Jesse Roper THE MUSIC MAN FROM METCHOSIN I met up with Jesse between tours on a rainy morning at the Broken Paddle Coffee Shop in Metchosin, BC. He’s unassuming, soft-spoken and just as approachable and as charming as his music.

Billie Woods Photography

Interview By Anne Marie Moro


esse Roper is the West Shore’s own versatile blues artist rooted in soul, rock and country. He’s a hardworking performer with a non-stop touring itinerary across North America. In the past few years, he’s quickly become a staple on modern rock radio and a major headliner at festivals such as Sunfest, Rifflandia and Rock the Shores. He’s shared the stage with many great artists and played direct support to Keith Urban, Lee Brice, Colin James, Spirit of the West, Tower of Power, Booker T Jones, Chilliwack, and others as well as older rock bands like ZZ Top, Steve Earle and Big Wreck. Incapable of holding back, Jesse always delivers with knock-out live performances, making him an unstoppable presence in the music industry today. His new album, ‘Access to Infinity’ due out in early 2018, shows him evolving in his craft. In this interview, Jesse shares insights about the lyrical and emotional shifts he took in his song writing for this new album. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: I heard you say in an interview once that when you’re travelling back from Victoria and you get to the Metchosin sign, you start breathing a little easier. A: Yeh, my heart rate goes down, my breathing gets a little easier, and I can feel my eyes close just a little bit. Q: Did you know you had a voice before you starting performing? A: No, my voice was horrible back then. I’d just sing a bunch of covers for my friends with no intention of ever playing for a crowd. I got into [singing] later and then the whole stage fright thing. I’m still a little nervous before I get up on stage.

Q: Jesse, how has the West Shore shaped who you are today? A: I grew up in Metchosin, just down on Tavane Road. I JANUARY 2018 |

started playing guitar when I was six but before that I was riding my bike around the neighborhood. It was definitely the kind of childhood that was like, “Peel’em before the sun goes down!” We didn’t have a ton of money, but I didn’t realize that as a kid. I didn’t even think about it. We had to use our imaginations and I did that all the time. I’m so happy I got that kind of upbringing. Can’t imagine growing up in a big city. Don’t have much of a city sense. I go driving in the city and there’s lights and horns and oh my God!



Q: What’s the song you wish you had created?

Q: In the ‘Cherry’ video, you really capture the reality of what life is like for a lot of young adults today, caught in a monotone life.

A: ‘Departure’ by Moody Blues. I love that tune! It’s so cool. I’m gonna cover that song one day.

A: Yeah, it’s a little bit scary! I was living that life for a time. It’s so easy to gloss by [in life] with Netflix and other distractions. But as an artist, I need to be looking for [real] feelings and then I try to put them into words.

Q: Did you ever write any poetry when you were younger? A: Not so much. In my free time, I was more into painting, drawing, riding my bike. At school, if we had a one-page short story to write, mine would go on and on with this huge introduction to the character and then his time’s up and he dies! Which is funny because I don’t have a whole lot to say in general. I’m not really the chattiest person you’ll ever meet.

Q: What other influences affect your song writing now? A: I think you’ll hear a little bit of politics for the first time. And a mood shift. With ‘Red Bird’ [2015], I was single and everything I wrote back then was a little bit brooding. But recently I’ve been seeing a girl; things are good. I’m a happy guy. I’ve been touring. Life is just a little bit more optimistic these days. The songs I’m writing are little happier and lighter for sure. I was writing a song last night. I might call it ‘Little Bee’. It’s a conversation between a bee and a flower, paralleling, you know, love, guys and girls, that sort of thing. It’s cool. I love that song. I hope to get it out in my next album.

Q: I’ve listened to ‘Cherry’ and ‘Cupid’ [Access to Infinity, 2018] and I’m sensing a little bit of a shift from your earlier works. A: Yeah alright, I’m glad you’re picking that up because I definitely have been taking a whole lot more pride in the lyrics. I’m trying to just get a little bit deeper into the lyrics and the story. There is a song that I wrote called ‘The One You Know’. It’s not on the radio. But I think the lyrics in that are some of the best I’ve done!

Q: Got a “B” tune to it!? A: [laughing] Well, it’s not in the key of B actually. I never thought about that! It’s in G. But I guess I can still change it. Writing heartbreak songs are easier for me because the stuff weighs so heavy on my mind that I just start spewing it out. But I’m not really feeling like that right now. Q: Not sure if it’s true that you have to be miserable to be creative anyway. Lot more abundance in being happy. Are you getting to a point in your life now where you’re able to pursue music and song writing full time? A: Yeah for sure. I don’t have a job anymore. It gives me time to do what I need to do. I try not to live an extravagant lifestyle. But yeah, had a dream and I’m living it. I’ll just keep it going! Q: Any final words to all your fans and friends right here on the West Shore?

Billie Woods Photography

A: Oh, thank you for your support. I hope I can prove a lot of you folks right out there who’ve been telling me I’m going to make it. I’m still trying. Got a long way to go, but I’m doing my best. I hope all your kids pick up guitars and pianos and banjos and make excellent music as well. Keep serenadin’!


The Secret’s Out! Big Wreck is taking ‘In Loving Memory Of ’ on a 20th Anniversary Tour with Jesse Roper! The massive tour will hit a pile of Canadian cities starting February 15 to March 5, 2018, including Victoria’s Capital Ballroom, March 3, 2018. www.jesseroper.ca/tour.


| JANUARY 2018




acrosse was Canada’s most popular sport before ice hockey came along. In the 1630s, French Jesuit missionaries working in the St. Lawrence Valley saw lacrosse being played by the Native American Indians. Jean de Brébeuf wrote about the game being played by the Huron Indians in 1636 and it was he who named the game ‘lacrosse’. The first recorded match was between the Anglophones and Mohawk First Nations on August 29, 1844.

fierce loyalty of Shamrocks players and alumni is matched by the equally fierce loyalty to the club and to the game itself shown by Victoria lacrosse fans.”

The deep roots lacrosse has in Canadian history were showcased in 1994 when it became Canada’s official summer sport.

• 21 ‘Western Lacrosse Association’ Championships

It wasn’t until 1950 that the Victoria Shamrocks played their first season and ever since have become well established in the Greater Victoria community. For a time, from 1982 to 1995, the Shamrocks were known as the Victoria Pay Less; but everyone was pleased with the change back to the green and white after that. Chris Welch, general manager of the Victoria Shamrocks, credits the longevity of the Shamrocks success to the fans: “The

In 2018, the Shamrocks will be entering into their 69th season and they definitely have a lot to show for it: • Awards for ‘The Best Local Sports Team on the West Shore’ for the second consecutive year • 2 former Shamrocks lacrosse players are listed in Sports Illustrated among the 50 greatest Canadian Athletes of the 20th century! • 9 ‘Mann Cups’—Canada’s signature lacrosse event With the 2018 Western Lacrosse season just around the corner, Shamrocks will be fighting to bring home the Mann Cup for the 10th time.


GET YOURS TODAY! Call 250-478-ROCK or visit www.victoriashamrocks.com JANUARY 2018 |



Photo by Jay Wallace

4 9 Regular Season Games 4 Saves You 10% Over Single Ticket Prices 4 Merchandise Discount 4 Guaranteed Seat for Playoffs

Bon Appétit!

Preparing Culinary Talent for the Future By Steve Walker-Duncan, M.Ed., CCC Department Chair, Culinary Arts Camosun College


amosun College Professional Cook Training relishes new ideas along with new beginnings. We are very excited to become a regular culinary contributor to the ‘GoWestShore Magazine.’ In this first article, I would like to introduce you to one of the most successful Red Seal designated Professional Cook programs in Canada.

In addition to the rigorous daily technical training at the Interurban campus cafeteria and the well-known ClassRoom Restaurant (www.camosun.ca/dining), the Professional Cook Training program has a range of active community-engaging initiatives for apprentices that offer them an optimum range of applied learning opportunities. Because of these initiatives, apprentices are able to build a solid foundation of practical experience along with the technical culinary skills of the program that will ultimately increase their worth to future employers. The training exposes apprentices to a variety of real-life situations found in existing food systems today. This is done to expand the horizons of cooks within, and sometimes away from, their chosen culinary path. Some current explorations include: HORTICULTURAL PARTNERSHIPS One current collaboration with the participants from the Employment Training and Preparation program (ETP) involves growing micro-greens and salads in the Camosun greenhouse. This provides cooks and the ETP folks an opportunity to gain horticulture experience alongside the preparation of the freshest and tastiest ingredients. EXCURSION TOURS Tours to local farms, producers, and food service partners is on-going. Each excursion enlightens both GOWESTSHORE.COM |

students and hosts alike to the triumphs, challenges, and requirements of the other. From large corporate distributors to small scale growers and producers, multi-generation family farms, and independent craft brewers, the goal is to expose apprentice cooks to the broad food system landscape we all participate in. STREET FOOD Most recently, a street food cart has been travelling the halls of the institution to bring both culinary students and delicious ramen soup to the Camosun population at large. The response has been tremendous! This tasty gastronomic treat arrives fresh and hot for staff and students alike. The experience allows culinary apprentices a way to engage with the public outside of the regular kitchen environment. We envision that with Red Seal Certifications, our future Camosun graduates will be recognized around the world. They will have had the valuable experiences they will need to function with strong moral and ethical values in the everevolving, exciting world of food services.


| JANUARY 2018

“The goal is to expose apprentice cooks to the broad food system landscape we all participate in.�

Bon Appétit!

ZESTY GREEK SALMON CANAPÉS Canapés make ideal hors d’œuvres. This savoury morsel Is served on a slice of potato instead of bread, puff pastry or cracker and topped with savoury salmon. Make it a highlight at your next cocktail party.

Recipe by Steve Walker-Duncan, M.Ed. CCC


METHOD Salmon fillet, skin on, bones removed

500ml/2cups Yogurt, natural plain (no gelatine or stabilizer) 30ml/2tbsp

Fennel tops (fronds), finely chopped

12 small

Yukon Gold potatoes, each cut into 4 slices

60ml/4tbsp Lemon, orange and lime zest, blended 30ml/2tbsp

Pink peppercorns, cracked

Olive oil, salt and pepper

2. Mix all MARINADE ingredients together. 3. Spread ALL of the marinade mixture on the flesh side of one piece of salmon 4. Place second fillet flesh side down so skin ‘sandwiches’ both fillets together. 5.

Wrap both pieces tightly together in plastic wrap; poke few holes in the wrap to allow any excess liquid to drain and place on rack in a baking pan. Weight it down with another pan and a couple of large cans.

6. Allow to cure in the fridge for 48 hours then unwrap and pat dry until ready for use. (Will freeze well wrapped in plastic for up to 4 weeks.)

MARINADE 60ml/4tbsp

1. Cut salmon into two equal sized pieces.

Coarse salt


Lemon, zest

7. Place yogurt & fennel tops into paper towel lined sieve/ colander over a bowl, cover and store in the refrigerator over-night to drain.


Lime, zest and juice

8. Heat a grill or grill pan to medium high heat.


Orange, zest

3ml / ½ tsp

Dill, dried

9. Toss potato slices lightly with olive oil and salt and pepper before grilling.

Small pinch

Chilli, dried flakes

30ml/2tbsp Sugar

10. Slice salmon thinly, place on the potato slices with a spoon of yogurt; sprinkle with mixed citrus zest and cracked pink peppercorns. GOWESTSHORE.COM |


| JANUARY 2018


Capricorn 2018 A YEAR TO STAND IN YOUR TRUTH December 22 - January 20


apricorn, this is your year. Your ruling planet Saturn went into your sign in the last few days of 2017 and now will be influencing your life over the next two years. This is the year for all Capricorns to live and enjoy life. Your planet is now full in control in your sign. You will epitomize the true attributes of the goat. This positive movement signals the start of two-and-a-half years of strong self-awareness and personal ability. It’s time for you to be the Master of yourself and stand tall! If you are younger than thirty, it can be a coming-of-age time. If you are older than thirty, you will stand up and brush off the burdens that others have laid on you over the years and push back to reveal your true self. There is something very commanding about a person standing in their truth and this year, it’s Capricorn’s time. For most of the year, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, will reside in your friendship sector bringing you good vibrations when you get together with others for corporate or social events. You could meet someone in a social setting who will change your life for the better.

After February 19th the spotlight shifts to your local community. If you are interested in politics, you can lobby your constituents about what matters to you. Get out and about and take a mini-course at the nearby college on topics of interest. Hearth and home will make demands from late March. You may be considered an elder in your family even if you are still young. Take the mantle readily and know that the others can’t do it; that is why they chose you. Rally your family and build tighter bonds with them. You may buy real estate this month to add to your property portfolio. JANUARY 2018 |


After May 15, Uranus enters your creativity sector. New romances may flourish. Dalliances may even become the norm over the rest of the year. Moving towards the middle of the year and late May is the time to get the work done. If you employ people, let them speak. If you work for someone else, now is the time to speak out and be heard. If you’re thinking of starting a small business, now is a great time to get your strategies sorted out. At the solstice on June 21 and in the weeks following, focus on your partnerships. If you are single, you could get serious about someone now. If you are married, you will be comforted in knowing each other so well. This is the moment to form a business partnership and to sign relevant papers. Any mergers or company acquisitions promise solid returns. All legal agreements will likely go well for you now. Strike while the iron is hot. When Jupiter goes into your private sector on November 28, you will find the end of the year not quite as exciting as the beginning. The third week in November signals the start of your quiet month. This is a time for spiritual reflection and to listen to your inner voices. This is the time to find a thoughtful leader and to hear his/her message. Prayer is an option as well.

ALL SIGNS… please visit www.gowestshore.com to access your complete, personal horoscope.


What’s Happening Eagles Tribute Band ‘Eagle Eyes’ perform Feb 24 at the Langford Legion

West Shore Community Events COLWOOD Jan 2, 5, 9, 12, 26 | 7pm Victoria Grizzlies Junior A Hockey Club Home Games - For afternoon games visit www.victoriagrizzlies.com, Q Centre

Jan 17 - 21 Jack Anderson Open Mixed Bonspiel For info call Clay Snelling: 250-475-2356 - Juan de Fuca Curling Centre Jan 18 Sharpen Your Chisels and Plane Blades - Lee Valley, 314 Wale Road

Feb 8 Beginner Woodturning: Extra-Large Twist Pen - Lee Valley, 314 Wale Road HIGHLANDS Jan 13 | 7 - 9pm Highlands Music Coffee House - Pike House, Caleb Pike Heritage Park, 1980 Millstream Road

Jan 5 - 7 Bricklok Midget Rec and Midget Female Tournament - Q Centre

Jan 20 Beginner Router - Lee Valley, 314 Wale Road

Jan 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 14 | 7pm Get in the wolf den! Cheer on the Westshore Wolves - Q Centre

Jan 31 Beginner Woodturning: Bud Vase - Lee Valley, 314 Wale Road

Feb 10 | 7 - 9pm Highlands Music Coffee House - Pike House, Caleb Pike Heritage Park, 1980 Millstream Road

Jan 13 Beginner Joinery: Hand-Cut Dovetails Lee Valley, 314 Wale Road

Feb 2 Beginner Woodturning: Bowl - Lee Valley, 314 Wale Road


Jan 16 Intermediate Carving: Mystical Houses - Lee Valley, 314 Wale Road

Feb 7 Beginner Woodturning: Tops, Trees and Toadstools - Lee Valley, 314 Wale Road

Every 1st & 3rd Tue | 1:30-2:15pm Musical Storytime, Drop- class for infants to 5 years. $7.25 for families



| JANUARY 2018

with up to 2 children - Victoria Conservatory of Music Westhills, 1319 Westhills Drive Every Thu, Fri & Sat | 7 - 9pm Music on the Mountain, featuring local, renowned or up-and-coming musicians. Offering tapas and Happy Hour drink specials. No cover. - Masters Lounge, Westin Bear Mountain, 1999 Country Club Way Every Fri | 6 - 7pm Friday Night Flights - Sample wines from around the world. The Sommelier hand picks a wine region and features a well or not-­so­-well known vintage. Price starting from $40 per person. - The Cellar, Westin Bear Mountain, 1999 Country Club Way Every Sat | 3pm Meat Draws - Langford Legion, 761 Station Avenue Jan 26 | 7pm Paint Nite, Visit www.PaintNite.com for coupon code and details. - Langford Legion, 761 Station Avenue Jan 30 - Apr 10 | 10:15 - 11:00am Families Making Music – Siblings receive a 20% discount on tuition; siblings under 9 months of age as of the first day of class attend free. - Victoria Conservatory of Music Westhills, 1319 Westhills Drive

METCHOSIN Every Tue | 9:30am - Noon Drop-In Art Group: MCA membership: $10/year. For information please visit www.metchosincommunityhouse. - Metchosin Community House, 4430 Happy Valley Road SOOKE Feb 4 | 2:30pm Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus, Tea and Symphony. An afternoon of relaxation, music and refreshments. For more info visit , www.sookephil.ca, call 250-419-3569 or email sookephilharmonic@gmail.com - Sooke Community Hall, 2037 Shield Road ONGOING City Centre Park Host to a number of tournaments. Amenities include Langford Bowling Lanes, PlayZone, mini golf and outdoor skating rink. Call 250-391-1738 or visit www.eagleridgecentre.com - 1089 Langford Pkwy Westshore Parks & Recreation Swimming pool, exercise facilities, ice rinks, golf course, playing fields,

Feb 15 Registration opens for CPP Co-ed Slo-Pitch, Spring Season. Starts April 6. Visit www.eagleridgecentre.com or call 250-391-1738 - City Centre Park, 1089 Langford Pkwy Feb 24 | 8pm Tribute to the Eagles performed by Eagle Eyes. For info and tickets call 250-478-8365 or visit www.RCL91.ca - Langford Legion, 761 Station Avenue

playgrounds, outdoor tennis, volleyball, lawn bowling, lacrosse, bmx track, velodrome and more. 250-478-8384, www.westshorerecreation.ca - 1767 Old Island Highway Metchosin Community House Host to many events including Art on the Walls, Guest Speaker Series, and concerts by local musicians and groups. For info call 250-478-5155 or visit www.metchosincommunityhouse - 4430 Happy Valley Road Victoria Conservatory of Music - Westhills Sign-up online for free sample lessons. Offering individual and shared studio instruction. Visit www.vcm.bc.ca. - 1319 Westhills Drive YWCA-YMCA Westhills The Y hosts many events throughout the year. Health, fitness and aquatic events, licenced day care, camping and outdoor education. For info and details call 250-386-7511 or visit www.vancouverislandy.com - 1319 Westhills Drive

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Fun Stuff!


• Originally, lacrosse was known by First Nations people as baggataway. They believe the game was given to them by the Creator to play for his amusement. The sport also was used as a way to train young warriors for battle or to settle disputes between feuding tribes. • Star athletes from other sports who played lacrosse include NHL legends Wayne Gretzky, Cyclone Taylor, Newsy Lalonde, Lionel Conacher and Conn Smythe, NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, and Jim Thorpe — considered one of the greatest all-around athletes of the 20th century.

Photo by Jay Wallace

• St. Leonard’s School in St Andrews, Scotland claims to be the first girls’ school to have played lacrosse in 1890. The first Headmistress, Miss Lumsden, introduced the game at the school. • Team Canada has ranked among the top women’s lacrosse teams in the world. The women’s under-19 team won the world championship in 2015.

SUDOKU Difficulty:

Place a number in the empty boxes so that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.

8 3 9 8 7 1 4

Find the solution on page 19.


9 4 2 2

6 9




Celebrate chocolate & romance with


The Romance Issue



5 4 6 5 3 9

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8 FEBRUA RY 201 Proud Sponsor

COL ATE FLAVOU R OF CHO Com petition 4th Ann ual Culinary & Spirits es Dish nt ade Dec RET S CHOCOL ATE SEC ng With Award-winni Chef Toivo Heyduck FOR THE LOV E OF



7 3 9 4 6 1 9




rit of the West Sho

Celebrating the Spi

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