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HOLIDAY DÉCOR ORGANIZATION Organizing Holiday Décor has gone long past just Christmas decorations. I remember when I first got married and had one small tub of Christmas and one small tub of Easter and Halloween décor combined. After over seventeen years of marriage and three children, I have branched out to Valentines, St. Patrick’s, Fall, Spring, Easter, New Years’ Eve, Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course the Christmas section has exploded. Fortunately, I did not accumulate all of these decorations overnight but I have had to be diligent to maintain and manage these decorations so they did not get completely out of hand. Once I started growing out of the tubs, I made sure to purchase additional tubs to hold my new items. I wish I could say I bought all orange for Halloween, red for Christmas and so on, but I didn’t. I bought what was on sale and have mixed and matched over the years. I have used the clip art feature on the computer and made labels printed on copy paper. I then tape the label on each box. This way I know what is in each tub. Each tub contains a fun seasonal picture with a general list of what is in the tub (i.e. Christmas lights). Before I put out my seasonal décor, I always donate whatever I don’t put out. If I don’t like it, why put it back in the tub. Holiday décor can be given to a friend, school, church, retirement village or donated to a charity. Before I put my seasonal décor away, I usually go through the same process. If I have purchased something new and don’t want the old item, I donate it. If something is broken, I either throw it away or recycle it. I am embarrassed to admit that we have more Halloween décor than Christmas. We have an entire section of Halloween in our attic. I even had to segregate my fall décor from the Halloween décor. When the kids want to start “bringing down the Halloween décor” I know exactly what we can start bringing down (i.e. the pumpkin carving kits & Halloween candy buckets don’t come down until a few nights before Halloween) I am a big fan of plain storage tubs. I do like the ornament organizers for holding ornaments. Wreaths are hard to store in tubs. I usually hang mine on a hook. They can be covered with old pillow cases or the clear bags that comforters come in. I love the special boxes for Christmas lights where the lights are wrapped around a plastic or cardboard frame. Coiling each strand and putting in its own plastic bag helps too. One tip I picked up from my mother is the use of handled garbage cans. These are easier for her to tote up and down stairs because they are not so bulky. She can put in wreaths, parts of artificial trees etc. in the garbage cans and then wheel then easily up and down stairs. After toting my tubs down my attic steps “blindly”, I thought my mom’s idea was brilliant! Target, Wal-mart and The Container Store all have great organizing containers. However, I think you can get a lot accomplished by wrapping items carefully in newspaper, tissue paper, plain storage tubs and labels!

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