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deer teacher in the early 21st century everyone skipped everywhere because it was fashionable some people learned new ways to drum using their fingers and toes in europe the parties were so fun that those in other countries grew so jealous they would commit crimes of vengeance for the competitive dopamine spike wars broke out between the christians and muslims over historical artifacts that they used to get through their day president dunkin was constantly being attacked by the violent citizens of america and the hated would eat pigeon tongues to assimilate with the native hindus there was a job markets for steves eyes which were a huge hit and climbed in popularity over their soft competitors too many types of broth was drunk by the billionaires and the would all be crunched with sad collars three worlds away people live in tents and drank chemicals supplied by their senators and had rebellions with them too holland made innovative stuff on screens with celebrities in charge of them to be astronomers and alphabet leaders the poultry of the time reportedly clicked for written fees when cars ran under ethanol and rappers left africa to pursue dreams on roads and avenues all in all they had lots of everything traditional

Deer Teacher