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The whole damn neighborhood was one fire. Smoke was normally pretty cool to Nerd but it smelled awful when it was coming from the bones of his neighbors. The fire drops kept falling, but Nerd was too cool for metal umbrellas or running for safety so he just strolled through it. His brand new prison striped shirt had burn marks throughout and nobody seemed to care all too much, they didn’t see him either, they were inside their basements, drowning in urine. It was too cold for fire, he thought to himself, but who am I to question the sky? The Nerd’s skin started to blister from the fire, a porch would make for a nice break. A raccoon started to gallop towards Nerd, hunger in his eyes quaintly masked eyes, bubbles on his cute little chin. Nerd found a porch and stood under it, but the coon tackled him anyways and started to bite his forehead with his tiny raccoon teeth. Others came, probably family of the assaulter and tried to get a piece of that savory skull. They fought for it, clawed each other for it, biting each other’s tails off and getting claws stuck in each other’s tongues. Nerd lay, muddying his beautiful blood with tears of guilt for wrecking priceless consanguinity. An orangutan came out and shot the kinsbeasts to death with his beanbag gun, and began to screech and jump on Nerd’s arm. Nerd asked for a blanket, he was still cold.


when a bad kid dies