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November 2013


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I446 U.S. Navy MK-1 Inflatable Vest

600GRN 3000001231 Inherently Buoyant Vest

I600 Deluxe Merchant Mate™ Vest

Designed with added gear to help others during rescue missions, the vest includes a I441 Life Preserver Vest, I001 Whistle, I921 ACR® Strobe Light, and I702 Dye Marker.

A non-reversible, vest-style Type 1 PFD designed for comfort and performance. Aquafoam™ flotation foam provides a minimum 22 lbs. (98 Newtons) of buoyancy.

Constructed with Aquafoam™ flotation foam and a heavy-duty nylon shell. a foam-filled collar offers additional head support.

Contact: Jeff Gayer Stearns Strategic Account Manager | 316-832-2981

About the Supplier Resource Guide About the Prime Publication The monthly Prime publication is designed Supplier is a one-stop resource guide designed toto provide critical the nation’s largest contractors in the provide information to vendors interested in federal intomarket with market. useful, Thisup-to-date tapping the government monthly digital magazine suppliers to significant information. The alerts monthly magazine provides government awards, subcontracting prime federal contract contractors with relevant news, opportunities, information on doing business with such as significant contract awards, policy federal contractors, policy updates, and networking changes, government and information opportunities at industrialupdates, and government trade shows.on industrial and government trade shows.

If you need assistance using this guide, please call our corporate office at (805) 963-6524. If you need assistance using this guide, please call

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How Small Businesses Can Gain Competitive Advantage through HUBZone Certification November 26, 2013

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Small Business Administration will present How Small Businesses Can Gain Competitive Advantage through HUBZone Certification, the first of its two-part webinar series on Dec. 3 at 2 p.m. EST. The second part will be presented on Dec.17 at 2 p.m. EST. The mission of the SBA’s Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone program is to promote job growth, capital investment, and economic development by providing contracting opportunities to small businesses located in economically distressed communities. The federal government has a mandated contracting goal to award three percent of federal contracts to HUBZone firms. In fiscal year 2012, HUBZone firms received $8.01 billion in federal contracts. The two 45-minute webinars will help small business owners learn:       

How to obtain and maintain the HUBZone certification; How to form joint ventures; How to survive HUBZone status protests to contracts; How to compete for HUBZone contracts; How to maintain good record keeping to ensure compliance in the program; How affiliated businesses are evaluated, and How to obtain HUBZone contracting requirements.

The Dec. 3rd webinar will explain how HUBZone areas are designated, how to maintain HUBZone certification after an area loses designation and regulatory requirements. The Dec. 17 webinar will focus on how HUBZone affiliated businesses are treated, joint ventures and HUBZone contracting requirements. Registration is free, but required: *Editor’s Note: Both webinars will be archived on SBA’s YouTube page.

Your Source for computer Hardware and Software

Newport Computer Solutions, Inc. is a full service VAR (Value Added Reseller) that started in 2003 and is located in Irvine, CA. We sell everything IT related, but specialize in network infrastructure and equipment for the Data Center. One thing that makes us unique, is we are a stocking vendor. We maintain our own warehouse of $20M+ in inventory. We also have developed an extensive global network of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Our focus is on Corporate SMB, Fortune 500, Education, Federal, State and Local Government. We have an extremely responsive and knowledgeable sales team. Below are the product lines that can be found in our own warehouse, along with other services we offer:


















Wise Now Helping Businesses Benefit from Recent Upswing in Funding November 26, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada – Lending for small businesses in the United States is on the rise, due in no small part to the efforts and support of the Small Business Administration. Wise Business Plans, the industry leader in creating plans for new and expanding companies, is stepping in to help clients benefit from that increase. "If there are sources of funding available, we want to position our clients front and center to receive it," said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise. "We've not only shown that commitment through our on-going support of small businesses around the country, but we've also created a product specifically designed to meet the requirements of the SBA." The U.S. Small Business Administration partnered with more than a dozen major banking companies two years ago in an effort to show their commitment to increased lending for American small businesses. According to Jeanne Hulit, Acting Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, those banks have increased their total lending by roughly $17 billion in the past two years, and they are on track to reach $20 billion or more in the three years they pledged to the SBA. "That's billions of dollars just waiting for your business to put it to use in a quest for success," said Ferriolo. "But to get a chance at that funding, you have to show that your company can utilize it responsibly. You do that with a plan that not only meets but exceeds SBA standards." According to Hulit, the SBA has supported more than $105 billion in lending to more than 185,000 small businesses under the Obama Administration. "Writing an SBA-compliant business plan can seem daunting, and that sometimes stops new business owners from pursuing it as a source of funding," said Ferriolo. "But what those business owners aren't realizing is that they don't have to go thru it alone. We're here to help." At stake, he said, is literally billions of dollars in small business funding. "When you think about the rewards, the quest for SBA funding is clearly worth the effort. And when you realize you're actually minimizing risks by working with a professional planner, it becomes the ultimate win-win situation."


WITH CobalT DIgITal’s blUE boX comPact conversion. Peak Performance. delivering excellent performance and a small footprint, blue box low-cost modular boxes provide 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi, hdmi, and analog conversions with audio embed / de-embed, as well as models offering coax/fiber conversions. blue box is backed by a five-year warranty.

blue box group™ low cost modular boxes; excellent performance 3g (1080p59.94/50) support for Hdmi models analog audio embed/de-embed Power from mini Usb, or external power source (not all models) backed by 5 year warranty small footprint

blue box models include: • Sdi > hdmi - 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi to hdmi with de-embedder • hdmi > Sdi - hdmi to 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi with embedder • Sdi > analog - hd/Sd-Sdi to hd/Sd analog component/composite with audio de-embedder • analog > Sdi - analog component/composite with audio embedder • fiber-to-coax - 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi / dVb / aSi fiber optic transport receiver • dual fiber-to-coax - 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi / dVb / aSi fiber optic dual transport receiver • coax-to-fiber - 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi / dVb / aSi fiber optic transport transmitter • dual coax-to-fiber - 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi / dVb / aSi fiber optic dual transport transmitter • coax/fiber transceiver - 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi / dVb / aSi fiber optic transport transceiver • fiber regenerator - 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi / dVb / aSi fiber optic transport regenerator

For details on our Gsa CertiFied dealers please visit CobaltdiGital.Com

engineering for tomorrow’s broadcast™ 1 (800) 669-1691 / /

Signal proceSSing SolutionS from cobalt digital loudneSS proceSSing (uSing linear acouStic ® aeromax ™ technology) + audio upmixing + 3g/hd/Sd-Sdi Signal proceSSing for Video & audio + afd + audio embedding / de-embedding + audio channel mapping + cloSed caption tranScoding + fiber + color correction + dolby ® decoding/encoding + frame Synchronizing + a to d / d to a + remote control and configuration + up / down / croSS conVerSion + arc


GSA Incorporates Cost-Reimbursement Contract The General Services Administration (GSA) is going to create a new solicitation that will act as a cost-reimbursement contract on multiple award schedules. November 23, 2013

Orlando, FL – The General Services Administration (GSA) is going to create a new solicitation that will act as a costreimbursement contract on multiple award schedules. The Commissioner of the FAS, Tom Sharpe spoke out about the new contract to Federal Times stating the contract, “will include thinking through and working on a wide array of issues, and will not be a short-term action.” In order for businesses to bid on this new contract they must first be registered in System for Award Management (SAM). has been assisting registered small business contractors with all of their questions regarding the Government-Wide Acquisition contracts (GWACs). Before a business can start bidding on available contracts they must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM). Most businesses find the SAM registration very difficult and tedious. It can take days or even weeks to fill out the registration if a business is not familiar with the registration process. That is why businesses all over the country have been hiring third party registration firms to conduct the SAM registration for their business. US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) is the world’s largest third party registration firm that registers businesses in System for Award Management. USFCR’s staff of government contracting professionals will register a business in SAM, evaluate a business’s federal market, and connect that business to federal buyers across the nation. Their innovative marketing strategies have been proven to work by tens of thousands of contractors who use their service.

If safety testing, inspection or compliance issues fall on your shoulders, we can help As challenges accumulate, you need a partner who listens to your needs and knows how to turn projects around efficiently without sacrificing quality. TÜV SÜD America is a global leader in safety testing, inspection and certification services. Our free webinars are just one example of how we partner with our customers to help them save time, reduce costs, ensure safety and improve quality. Visit to learn more about our comprehensive services.

Go to to view the entire series of on demand online seminars. new training dates are constantly being added, so visit often for the latest critical compliance updates.

TÜV SÜD America Inc. 10 Centennial Drive Peabody, MA 01960 800-888-0123


US Federal Contractor Registration Creates G-SAP (GSA-Simplified Acquisition Program) November 22, 2013

Orlando, FL – US Federal Contractor Registration just announced the roll out of their GSAP Program. G-SAP stands for GSA-Simplified Acquisition Program. G-SAP was forged and designed by US Federal Contractor Registration, the world’s largest third party registration firm in an effort to help small businesses win government contracts and become a part of a GSA Schedule. The program provides valuable procurement outreach, small business simplified acquisition processing and the completion of a GSA schedule in one of the major 41 categories. According to the GSA, in fiscal 2013 40% of all sales on GSA schedules were to small business contractors. The G-SAP program was primarily created to continue small business aid in federal government contracting and help procurement with their 23% small business set-aside goals. The United States Federal Government is the largest buyer of products and services in the world, spending approximately $540 billion each year, according to the USASpending website. Federal agencies buy everything from office furniture and cleaning services to construction and security services. Nearly every conceivable product and service there is a demand for in the private sector, a customer may also be found in the public sector. In order for a business to start bidding on contracts, they must first complete registration. At a minimum, this includes obtaining a DUNS number and registering in the System for Award Management, or SAM. Even these minimum registrations can be difficult or time consuming. For most firms, it can take weeks to learn all the information they need to know in order to properly register in SAM. Any mistakes in this registration can cost the firm their eligibility for contract awards, or even more serious consequences. Most businesses new to government contracting may also overlook the many “optional” registrations that could make the difference between failure and success in contract bids.

INSTAKEY SeCurIty SySteMS Locks and keys are simple in theory, but complicated in practice. At InstaKey® we’ve spent over a quarter of a century helping Government and Institutional organizations manage their keyed access as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We don’t think of keyed access as just ‘locks and keys’. We think of it – and help our Clients run it – as a program built on the 4 Cornerstones of KeyControl®.

Key Management Cornerstones Web Accessible Key System Records

Individually Serialized, Restricted Keys

Administered Program Support & Partnership

Simple, Cost-Effective Rekey Avenue

Individually Serialized, Restricted Keys – ensure our InstaKey® key blanks cannot be distributed. Simple, Cost Effective Rekey Avenue – with ‘single key turn’ rekeyable lock technology, Instakey® locks empower you to rekey in seconds.

Web Accessible Key System Records – everything you need to know about your key system in a scalable, web-accessed format. Administered Program Support & Partnership – we partner with you to help you keep your keyed access program stable and secure.

Call us to find out how we can help you with your keyed access.





GSA Creates Redevelopment Contract for Southwest Washington November 21, 2013

Orlando, FL – The General Services Administration (GSA) is expecting to create a contract which will be responsible to design the changes to the GSA Headquarters in Washington as well as the Cotton Annex for the Energy Department. GSA Head Administrator Dan Tangherlini stated that it is only the first two projects in a full effort to redesign older buildings in that area of southwest Washington. Once the contract is released it will hit the bidding floor onFedBizOpps. Once on FedBizOpps, only contractors that are properly registered in System for Award Management (SAM) will be allowed to bid on the solicitation. has been assisting registered small business contractors with all of their questions regarding the Government-Wide Acquisition contracts (GWACs). Before a business can start bidding on available contracts they must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM). Most businesses find the SAM registration very difficult and tedious. It can take days or even weeks to fill out the registration if a business is not familiar with the registration process. That is why businesses all over the country have been hiring third party registration firms to conduct the SAM registration for their business. US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) is the world’s largest third party registration firm that registers businesses in System for Award Management. USFCR’s staff of government contracting professionals will register a business in SAM, evaluate a business’s federal market, and connect that business to federal buyers across the nation. Their innovative marketing strategies have been proven to work by tens of thousands of contractors who use their service. US Federal Contractor Registration is a third party registration firm with corporate offices in Orlando, FL that has helped thousands of businesses complete their SAM registration and bid on contracts. US Federal Contractor Registration pairs businesses with a dedicated case manager who helps them every step of the way, from initial registration to bidding on contracts. US Federal Contractor Registration's BBB rating is A- thanks to the quality of their service and responsiveness to customers.

Breakthrough Measurements. Radical Monitor.

Introducing the



Once again raising the technology bar, the Radical-7 leverages Masimo’s breakthrough noninvasive measurements with a radical departure from traditional monitoring for breakthrough functionality designed to automate the process of care and enable clinicians to instantly adapt to changing monitoring needs in individual patients and care areas. > Breakthrough noninvasive measurements: · Total Hemoglobin (SpHb®) · Pleth Variability Index (PVI®) · Oxygen Content (SpOC™) · Acoustic Respiration Rate (RRa™) ® · Methemoglobin (SpMet ) · Carboxyhemglobin (SpCO®) > Instantly adaptable functionality > Intuitive touchscreen operation > Integrated wireless connectivity > Easy customization

Important Information for Federal Practitioners National Stock Numbers

Federal Supply Schedule Contract (V797P-4527A)

Airworthiness Release (AWR) Certification

Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA) (SP00200-03-H-0008)

For more information, visit 800-257-3810 © 2013 Masimo Corporation. All rights reserved.


The SBA Plan from Wise Now Helping Immigrant-Owned Businesses November 20, 2013

"Wise and the SBA both exist to help small business owners from all backgrounds succeed. One of our newest products, The SBA Plan, can make securing an SBA loan easier and less overwhelming for any business owner," said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise. "We can guide business owners or entrepreneurs through the planning process with an eye toward meeting SBA requirements." The SBA Plan is a concise and to-the-point plan program from Wise that is guaranteed to be SBAcompliant while still presenting the unique, individual vision of the business owner. Each plan is created with an easy-to-follow but thorough three-step-process developed by the experts at Wise. It utilizes the latest market research and localized demographic data and is written and prepared by expert on-staff MBAs. "This three-step process helps business owners quickly and easily navigate the sometimes complex requirements of obtaining SBA funding quickly and efficiently," said Ferriolo. "This helps business owners get up and running faster, regardless of their background or familiarity with a particular area." Wise Business Plans (, staffed with professional MBA writers, researchers and financial experts, is a trusted partner for businesses across a broad spectrum of products and services. Our mission is to empower our clients to make the best possible business decisions, boost company performance and facilitate their funding success by laying the groundwork for strong businesses that excite, inspire and retain talented and exceptional employees.


DISA Deliberates Over Canceling ESSII Cloud Storage Service Contract November 18, 2013

Orlando, FL – Almost a month later after its release, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announces they are considering canceling their ESSII Cloud Storage Contract. The ESSII had a contract ceiling worth between $427 to $450 billion with a base project length of four years. The DISA states in their RFP for the ESSII that they are looking for ‘state-of-the-art’ storage capacity to help meet new and existing customer requirements. However, the DISA has not seen the response that they have been looking for in this massive contract on FedBizOpps, the federal government’s online bid board. According to Federal Times on November 12th, 2013, the DISA released a notice that stated, “Initial indications are the demand will not require a contract with the ceiling estimated in this draft solicitation. We are currently revising our acquisition strategy for satisfying requirements for hosting public nonsensitive data in commercial cloud environments.” The DISA will start to revise the cloud storage contract and continue roaming bids on the available RFP on FedBizOpps. Every business interested in bid on this contract must first be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) in order to win any government contracts. In 2012, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) demanded that the Department of Defense (DoD) create a functional way to transfer its computing information from data storage centers to cloud storage units. The NDAA is a federal law that specifies the budget and expenditures of the DoD. It manages the spending breakdowns and the amount that is delivered to registered businesses, as well as setasides that are awarded to small business government contractors. The DISA hosts DoD services in their data centers, which prompted the need to expand their computing solutions. In order to bid on and work government contracts, businesses must obtain a DUNS number and must complete their System for Award Management (SAM) registration. Successful contractors also develop aggressive government marketing plans, which include the creation of a profile on government websites such as the SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Search and automated bid notifications to their email from

US Federal Contractor Registration

Contracting Opportunities Start to Rise Almost a Month After Government Shutdown November 11, 2013

Orlando, FL – Almost every government contractor felt some sort of effect from the recent government shutdown that ran its course from October 1st to the 16th. However, despite the shutdown and the furlough of non-essential federal employees, government contractors were still hard at work during that time. Even the government’s primary contracting bid board FedBizOpps was still pumping out solicitation after solicitation. Now almost a full month after the government shutdown, FedBizOpps is starting to take on new heights adding even more contracts to its database. Currently there is over 27,000 available government contracts on FedBizOpps for properly registered government contractors. United States Veterans who are registered in System for Award Management (SAM) can also qualify for specialized set-aside contracts to further help their business as a government contractor. Other resources such as marketing and procurement outreach are also available from companies like US Federal Contractor Registration. US Federal Contractor Registration is currently helping businesses gain an edge in the federal market despite the government shutdown. Marketing is another valuable tool for contractors, especially small businesses that may be new to federal contracting. Both the Small Business Administration and the VETBIZ Resource Center advise small businesses to “aggressively market” their company’s products and services to the federal agencies who buy from their industries.’s “First Steps to Government Contracting” guide recommends that small businesses draft and distribute a capabilities statement, register their business in the Dynamic Small Business Search, launch a branded government-formatted website, and network with both contracting officers and other vendors to find prime and subcontracting opportunities.

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The FBG Web Directory and Buyers Guide is a free resource that provides contracting agents, procurement ofďŹ cers, and industry buyers with relevant contracting news, as well as reliable production and service suppliers. Search ur database at:


SBA Announces New Measures to Help Get Small Business Loans Into the Hands of Veterans November 8, 2013

WASHINGTON – The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) today announced new measures to help get small business loans into the hands of veterans by setting the borrower upfront fee to zero for all veteran loans authorized under the SBA Express program up to $350,000. This initiative will start on January 1 and continue through the end of the fiscal year. “Our nation’s veterans are highly-skilled and highly-trained leaders in their communities,” said Acting SBA Administrator Jeanne Hulit. “This initiative will set fees to zero for SBA Express loans to veterans up to $350,000, and is part of SBA’s broader efforts to make sure that veterans have the tools they need to start and grow a business. As we honor our veterans and thank them for their service and sacrifice, let’s continue to identify ways to support them when they come home.” Of all SBA loans that go to veterans, 73 percent are $350,000 and below. The SBA Express Loan Program, which supports loans under $350,000, is SBA’s most popular loan delivery method, with nearly 60 percent of all 7(a) loans over the past decade being authorized through the program. Since the program’s inception, it has also been one of the most popular delivery methods for getting capital into the hands of veteran borrowers. Building on SBA’s recent announcement that for the current fiscal year, fees on loans for $150,000 and under are set to zero, this policy announcement means that veteran borrowers will no longer have to pay an upfront fee for any loan up to $350,000 under the SBA Express program. This new initiative will go into effect January 1 and extend for the duration of the fiscal year. This will make the loans cheaper for the borrower, another way SBA is looking to serve small business owners as they look for ways to access capital. SBA provides veterans access to business counseling and training, capital and business development opportunities through government contracts. In FY 2013, SBA supported $1.86 billion in loans for 3,094 veteran-owned small businesses. And since 2009, the dollar amount of SBA lending support to veteranowned firms has nearly doubled.



First 50 MHz handheld Scope and 3000 count DMM






First 100 MHz handheld Scope and 3000 count DMM


500 MHz

First 200 MHz Color handheld oscilloscope

First 200 MHz isolated CAT III safety rated handheld oscilloscope

First 500 MHz, handheld oscilloscope

First 200 MHz, 2 or 4 Channel CAT IV safety rated handheld oscilloscope

After 20 years, Fluke ScopeMeter® industrial scopes still lead, now with 500 MHz bandwidth and 5 GS/s sampling speed. The Fluke 190 Series II extends your troubleshooting arsenal, showing you waveform shape, timing, distortion and disturbance in greater detail than ever before. Two- and four-channel models fit any application, measuring signals from 60 MHz to 500 MHz. ScopeMeter® test tools are number one in ruggedness: the only completely sealed, drip-proof, dust-proof IP-51 rated scopes.

Check out the ScopeMeter 190-II ©2012 Fluke Corporation AD 4252291B_EN

AFG Group

AFG Group Earns NYC Proclamation and Notable Construction Industry Ranking November 21, 2013

NEW YORK – AFG Group, Inc. received a Mayoral Proclamation by the City of New York as a "Top Building & Construction" industry leader. Awarded last month at the Javits Center, the proclamation recognizes the program and construction management firm for its significant recent involvement in the NYC construction market. A women's business enterprise (WBE), AFG has grown significantly within the region over the past year. In July the firm was named as a top ranked contractor in the tri-state area by ENR New York. AFG played a substantial role in the Sandy recovery efforts under the NYC Rapid Repairs program. Within a few days of the worst storm to hit the region, AFG assembled 22 professionals to provide construction oversight on Staten Island and within three months had closed out over 3,000 residential projects—about 15 percent of the city's Rapid Repairs—providing homeowners with emergency heat, power and water. "We were given the task of documenting and verifying a workforce consisting of two large prime contractors and 50 sub-contractors with a total workforce of more than 1,000 workers daily," said Lew Ayers, AFG's Rapid Repairs Project Director. Project Manager Martin Garcia said, "It was challenging on many levels. We had to mobilize quickly and work fast, but we had to be patient, too. People wanted to talk about the two-foot waves that came crashing through their windows."

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman's BACN Completes Provides Critical Communication to Warfighters November 21, 2013

SAN DIEGO – The Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN), developed by Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) for the U.S. Air Force, has completed 5,000 combat missions connecting warfighters in the air and on the ground. BACN is a high-altitude, airborne gateway that translates and distributes voice communications, video, imagery and other battlespace information from numerous sources. Using a suite of computers and radio systems, BACN bridges and extends communications among disparate users and different datalink networks to provide situational awareness and enable better command and control coordination between warfighters and commanders. The BACN fleet comprises four E-11A manned systems and three Northrop Grumman EQ-4B Block 20 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft systems. BACN supports missions executed by the 430th Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan, and by the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing in Southwest Asia. Together, the 430th and the 380th reached the 5,000 combat mission milestone Nov. 9, 2013. The persistent connectivity BACN provides is used to successfully execute a number of missions, including airdrops and overall air operations. The system's beyond-line-of-sight capability has been particularly useful overcoming the communications limitations posed by Afghanistan's rugged terrain. BACN achieved another major milestone on Aug. 11, 2013, completing 50,000 combat flight hours of service. Northrop Grumman is the prime contractor for developing, deploying, operating and sustaining BACN in support of U.S. Central Command. Northrop Grumman maintains the BACN E-11A aircraft platforms; the U.S. Air Force maintains the EQ-4B Global Hawk platforms.

Northrop Grumman

Doing Business with Northrop Grumman How to Become a Northrop Grumman Supplier Northrop Grumman is committed to providing the maximum practical opportunity for small businesses to participate in Northrop Grumman’s procurement processes. To begin the process, please follow the steps outlined below. Potential suppliers (Small or Large) should utilize the Socio-Economic Business Office as their initial point of contact at Northrop Grumman. 1. Review the Northrop Grumman website,, to become familiar with Northrop Grumman's product lines and to determine which business units or programs to market 2. Complete the online Supplier Information Form. This form begins the supplier review process and allows us to route this information to the correct business unit. Once this form is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of your information. 3. You will be contacted directly by the using organization should there be an interest in pursuing a business relationship with your company. Please be advised that you may be asked to complete additional forms to satisfy the unique requirements of the using organization. Contact SocioEconomic Business Office. 4. Please utilize the “Contact Us” tab on the web page to obtain the names and contact information for each business sector representative to follow up with any inquiries after registering in our database.

Northrop Grumman Socio-Economic Business Office Northrop Grumman’s Small Business Liaison Officers can provide the following assistance:  

Advise Supplier on Potential Subcontract Opportunities Forward Materials to Purchasing / Engineering/Other Using Organizations

Direct any questions to and keep in contact with: Northrop Grumman Socio-Economic Business Office or Specific Procurement or Technical Department.

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The only industrial parts cleaning system that is effective, safe and eco-friendly! When used with Bio-Circle L; zero health risk, non-flammable, non-reactive ISO 14000, ISO 18000, ACCP compliant The Bio-Circle solution dissolves oils, light greases and similar contaminants from industrial parts. The natural microorganisms biodegrade the greases and oils into CO2 and H2O.

For more information, visit: or contact your Bio-Circle Representative.

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Accenture and ServiceSource Join Forces to Improve Recurring Revenues Generated By Technology Companies November 19, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO – Addressing a long-standing industry challenge, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and ServiceSource® (NASDAQ: SREV) have formed a global alliance to make it easier and faster for companies, such as manufacturers of computer software and equipment and medical technology devices, to generate and retain more recurring revenues from their customers. These revenue streams flow from various types of agreements such as hardware and software maintenance and support contracts, subscriptions offered by software-as-aservice providers, and warranties for health and life science equipment. These types of agreements are sold initially by the original sales teams, but then must be renewed periodically to ensure that companies continue to deliver the service and collect the revenue. For the past two decades, however, renewal processes and related data have become overly complex, disaggregated, and time-consuming to navigate. As a result, companies often have not invested the time needed to pursue these ongoing revenue opportunities with existing customers, and when they have, the results have generally been poor. “Accenture and ServiceSource recognize the challenges associated with the recurring revenue sales process and see a big opportunity for technology companies to drive more recurring revenue – potentially $30 billion per year according to ServiceSource analysis – if they can transform this increasingly strategic piece of their business,” said Mike Smerklo, chairman and CEO of ServiceSource. “Most companies incorporate a significant recurring revenue component for much of what they sell including renewals for hardware, software, Software as a Service and other subscription services. In fact, these renewals often account for 30-40 percent of a technology company’s revenues and as much as 50 percent of its profits.” Working together, the two companies will combine leading technology, services and best practices to drive clients’ top-line results around existing and emerging recurring revenue streams. Accenture will deliver capabilities in systems integration, consulting, business transformation, and predictive analytics.

Doing Business with Accenture Accenture Overview Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with approximately 259,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become highperformance businesses and governments.

Doing Business with Accenture If you are a supplier interested in doing business with Accenture in the United States, please visit, and register your capabilities on the Supplier Portal. Once completed, your information will be submitted to our database for review by our sourcing and commodity managers and other buying groups for future procurement needs. Our goal is to align your capabilities with our business needs, where appropriate.

Accenture Supplier Diversity Program Accenture established its US Supplier Diversity Program to develop and expand relationships with minority-owned, women-owned, small and other growing companies. We are committed to ensuring all suppliers have equal opportunity to participate in the procurement sourcing process. In doing this, we will meet our objectives to: Expand the presence of diverse suppliers in our supplier base, as well as encourage our large suppliers to leverage diverse suppliers on Accenture's behalf through our Tier 2 program;  Increase the number of diverse suppliers in our contracting relationships on behalf of our clients;  Create an infrastructure for shared relationships to jointly market; and  Promote economic growth for a multitude of businesses. 


Department of Energy Selects PARC to Develop Harsh Environment Adaptable Thermionic Sensor Novel Sensor to Monitor High Temperature Systems such as Power Plants, Propulsion Engines, and Aerospace Structures November 19, 2013

PALO ALTO, Calif. — PARC, A Xerox Company, today announced it has signed a $1.8 million contract with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop and demonstrate PARC’s Harsh Environment Adaptable Thermionic (HEAT) sensor monitoring platform for long-term operation in environments with 750°C – 1600°C temperatures, pressures up to 1000 psi, and gaseous environments consisting of hydrocarbons, oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, SOx, and NOx. The DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory set out to find innovative research and development of novel sensor and control systems for use in advanced power generation environments. New sensor and control technology will facilitate the attainment of the goals of high efficiency, near zero emissions, and effective carbon capture for next-generation power generation technologies. “When looking to gain insight into high temperature, high pressure, and potentially combustible environments, such as gasifiers, it’s very difficult to find the right combination of materials and wiring that won’t perish or compromise the safety and integrity of the system,” said Robie Lewis, Federal Project Manager at the Crosscutting Research Division of National Energy Technology Laboratory, a DOE laboratory funding and managing this project. “Given its long history and experience in developing gridless field sensors, along with its fabrication facilities, design expertise, and test capabilities, we believe PARC is well suited to carry out this important project.” PARC is developing the HEAT sensor platform that works in harsh environments with the capability to harvest its own energy, leverage embedded high temperature electronics, and emit wireless signals, so the actual conditions of these environments can be regularly monitored in real time.


Doing Business with Xerox Xerox Corp. Overview For more than a half a century, Xerox has been a leader in document technology and services. We continue to build on this heritage of innovation. The new Xerox is dedicated to innovation, service and giving our customers the freedom to focus on what matters most: your real business.

Supplier Relations Our Global Purchasing organization manages the sourcing, contracting, purchasing and supplier oversight activities for technology, indirect and services suppliers across Xerox and its affiliates. The Global Purchasing staff is located across the world to facilitate a more direct interaction between the Xerox buyers and the suppliers within each region. Our purchasing professionals assess the quality, cost, delivery and sustainability of the supplier's products and ensure the business is run with the highest ethical standards. Through the website, vendors and potential vendors can learn about the latest procurement initiatives and find information on supplier diversity, procurement policies, supplier quality assurance and ethics.

Becoming a Xerox Supplier Interested suppliers should click here to Register with the DIR Online Supplier Diversity Database. The DIR offers enterprise wide visibility of your company’s products and services by all Xerox purchasing decision makers. Registering also provides your company with free exposure to major corporations who are seeking opportunities with certified diverse suppliers. Step 1. Register online Step 2. If you have already registered in the system and have a Registration Key, enter your registration key. If not begin with Step 3. Step 3. Enter your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number and your DUNS number (Note: these are required fields).



Wisconsin Awards HP $221 Million Medicaid Contract Extension HP will build on 36-year relationship to help Badger State continue its healthcare transformation November 18, 2013

PALO ALTO, Calif. — HP Enterprise Services today announced the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has signed a $221 million agreement for HP to continue its 36-year relationship as the state’s Medicaid fiscal agent. Under the terms of the five-year agreement, HP will help Wisconsin continue to meet federal Medicaid requirements and prepare for future healthcare transformation developments while helping to reduce costs, improve service and maintain program stability for healthcare providers and beneficiaries. As Wisconsin’s fiscal agent, HP will continue providing all systems work and management of a decision support system and data warehouse, which handles the analysis of more than 4 terabytes of Medicaid data used to drive program decisions. HP also manages the Wisconsin immunization registry program, which has been shared with 19 other states. Under the contract, HP also will manage a local call center, financial and federal reporting, and support for the state’s drug rebate and estate recovery programs. As part of this contract, HP will complete a system-wide technology refresh with HP Superdome 2 servers, helping the agency address its most demanding workload cost effectively. Designed to scale from eight to 256 cores, the servers deliver a highly resilient, mission-critical consolidation platform that will help the department accommodate growth with maximum uptime, ensuring consistent services. Wisconsin’s interChange Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), developed and implemented by HP, has become the model for solutions sought by a number of other states. The HP interChange MMIS is a multipayer system and has been successfully implemented and federally certified in 13 states over the past decade. The system offers the state flexibility and speed to make changes to provider payment policies or eligibility rules in minutes rather than months as required for mainframe systems.

Fast. Forward. Now.

Game changing technology. For 140 years, Atlas Copco has served customers in industry, government and defense markets with game-changing, energysaving solutions. To keep our products at the leading edge of innovation, the Atlas Copco Group invested more than $330 million into research and development last year. This relentless focus on innovation gives rise to new Atlas Copco products, and 2013 is a game changer. All this exciting technology is here now. In the United States, Atlas Copco has 14 production facilities, 111 locations and employs over 4,500 people. Every product and service we offer – in every market we serve – emphasizes our commitment to our customer. Check it all out at or call 866-688-9611.

© Copyright 2013 Atlas Copco Compressors LLC. All rights reserved.


Florida Awards HP $109 Million Medicaid Contract Extension HP to help state prepare for upcoming healthcare transformation November 11, 2013

PALO ALTO, Calif. — HP Enterprise Services today announced the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has signed a $109 million agreement for HP to continue as the state’s Medicaid program fiscal agent and to help support Florida through its transition to the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care program. Under the two-year agreement, which extends the contract through June 2018, HP will continue managing Florida’s Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). The system helps manage Medicaid benefits for more than 3.4 million Floridians with a sustainable infrastructure used for provider enrollment, claims and encounter processing, reporting, and audits. “We’re in the midst of one of the largest transformations in history—one that requires states to have a flexible and stable technology backbone and processes in place to respond without interrupting service,” said Justin Senior, deputy secretary for Medicaid, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. “We appreciate having HP as a partner because of its industry knowledge and experience working with Medicaid programs nationwide.” HP processes more than 150 million claims worth more than $24 billion per year for approximately 114,000 Florida healthcare providers. HP also is helping the state lower costs and improve service by enabling providers to enroll online and eliminate paper remittance statements. During the last contract term, HP implemented inpatient hospital claims using diagnosis-related groups rather than the traditional per diem method, a significant enhancement that improves service to participants as well as providers. HP also provides Florida’s decision support system that Medicaid staff uses for data analysis and to identify potential fraud and abuse.


Hewlett-Packard Co. HP Overview HP is one of the world’s largest information technology (IT) companies and has one of the industry’s most extensive supply chains. Comprising more than 1,000 production suppliers and tens of thousands of nonproduction sup pliers, it spans six continents, more than 45 countries and territories, and many cultures.

Becoming an HP Supplier

Please refer to HPs vendor/supplier approval page, located at: to submit your information. Your information will be directed to the proper contact and stored for review. The HP Supplier Portal is HP's single point of entry for HP suppliers, business partners and vendors to access HP content, services, applications and tools. It will replace all other external-facing HP portals and web sites for Business partner collaboration. Anyone who has access to the public internet can access the HP Supplier portal public pages. Users can learn more about the portal and read HP unrestricted information. However, the real value of the portal is contained within the secured pages. To access services with information classified as HP Confidential, a Business Partner company must complete a Business Partner Internet Authentication (BPIA) agreement with HP. Individuals with the company may then obtain an HP owned digital certificate from their internal approvers, per the HP Delegated Administration model of user management, to access the Supplier Portal. Alternately and for the less security stringent services, HP Restricted or lower, the portal offers the ability to register and sign-in to such secure pages using User ID and password. The HP Supplier Portal provides access to secure content/services protected by two independent authentication models. The first is the digital certificate model (Class B Authentication), which handles HP Confidential data and requires your company to sign a BPIA legal agreement with HP. The second is the User id and Password model (Class C Authentication), which handles HP Restricted data and requires users to sign a separate CDA/NDA. Users must contact the HP service/content owner to find out which of the authentication models they need to use


MacB Awarded $18.5M USAF C4ISR Contract MacAulay-Brown, Inc. Awarded $18.5 Million Contract by the United States Air Force to Support Critical C4ISR Programs November 18, 2013

DAYTON, Ohio – MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB), a leading National Security company providing innovative engineering and technical solutions to Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security and Federal agencies, announced today that the United States Air Force Life Cycle Mana gement Center (AFLCMC) has awarded the company a three-year, $18.5 million contract to increase the USAF’s Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) technology capabilities. Under the terms of the contract, MacB will provide scientific research, analysis, development, prototyping and experimentation for the transition and sustainment support of future systems for the USAF and Joint C4ISR communities. In addition, the company will work with AFLCMC personnel to increase Command and Control (C2) requirements in areas critical to national security. These areas include: Cybersecurity, Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD), Agile Combat Support (ACS), Air-Sea Battle, Dynamic Aerial Networks, Non-traditional Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (NTISR), Airspace Management and Next Generation Fighter Interoperability. “The Emerging Joint C4ISR Technology program supports the AFLCMC’s mission to acquire and support war-winning capabilities,” said Fred Norman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of MacB’s Mission Systems Group. “MacB has been instrumental in providing C4ISR development and sustainment support to the Special Operations Forces (SOF), Intelligence, Homeland Security and Defense communities. We look forward to extending that support to AFLCMC to increase the Nation’s C2 and ISR capabilities.”

Lantana Consulting Group

CMS Awards Lantana Consulting Group Contract: $800 Million Program to Promote Healthcare November 12, 2013

Lantana Consulting Group was awarded an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract to support the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) “Measure and Instrument Development and Support” (MIDS) program. With the announcement, CMS indicated an expanded contract award from $500 million to $800 million. The contract will fund a variety of initiatives to promote quality of healthcare in the United States over the next five years. Lantana is one of two small businesses out of the 18 contractors that received a prime MIDS IDIQ award. “This is a great moment for Lantana,” said Liora Alschuler, Lantana CEO. “It reflects CMS’s confidence in our maturity as a consulting firm and recognizes our role and mission—to transform healthcare through health information.”

Contract will fund a variety of initiatives to promote quality of healthcare in the United States over the next five years. The CMS MIDS program evaluates care by developing, testing, implementing, and reporting healthcare quality measures, providing the basis for on-going improvement. “We’ve been working with CMS to define electronic quality measurement since the inception of the field,” said Bob Dolin, MD, Lantana president and chief medical officer. “Through our collaboration with CMS we have developed national standards for quality reporting; developed and maintained dozens of electronic clinical quality measures; and created tools to test, validate, and disseminate the measures. As Lord Kelvin said over 100 years ago, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Today we add that if you can’t standardize it, you can’t measure it.” The Lantana MIDS IDIQ contract recognizes 10 subcontractors: Abt Associates, Clinovations, Edaptive, Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG), Mathematica Policy Research, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), NORC at the University of Chicago, Qualidigm, Telligen, and The Joint Commission. In addition to its role as a prime contractor on the MIDS IDIQ, Lantana is subcontractor to four prime contractors: Abt Associates, Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc. (FMQAI), Mathematica Policy Research, and RTI International.


Siemens Rail Automation to Upgrade Train Control Systems on Two Largest Commuter Lines in U.S. Positive Train Control (PTC) technologies to be installed on MTA Metro-North Railroad and MTA Long Island Rail Road in New York November 13, 2013

NEW YORK – Siemens Rail Automation, in a consortium with Bombardier Transportation, has been awarded a contract, not to exceed $428 million including all phases and options, by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to upgrade train control systems on the two largest commuter lines in the U.S. Siemens and Bombardier will develop, test and commission a new Positive Train Control (PTC) system, a technology solution that helps monitors and control train movement, for the MTA Metro-North Railroad and MTA Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) commuter lines. These improvements will increase efficiency on lines that carry around 80 million passengers per year. The project will be delivered in phases on approximately 1100 km (700 miles) of track and 1500 vehicles across the two railroads. Siemens work scope for this project includes development, modification, design, delivery, provisioning, and supervision of testing and commissioning of the new Positive Train Control (PTC) carborne system. The scope also includes modifications and revision to existing railroads’ wayside signal in order to upgrade and add ACSES II-related hardware for the two complete PTC systems, one configured for Metro-North Railroad and one configured for Long Island Rail Road. “Siemens is a leading provider of rail automation technologies worldwide, and we are excited to bring this global expertise to advance rail efficiency on these highly traveled commuter lines,” said John Paljug, President of Siemens Rail Automation. “We look forward to continuing Siemens strong relationship with the MTA and delivering technology that will make rail travel increasingly efficient for the over 80 million passengers that travel these lines each year.”

Telos ID

Denver Airport Chooses Telos ID for Employee and Contractor Background Checks Nation's Fifth Busiest Airport Joins Growing list of Airports Benefitting from Increased Efficiency and Flexibility of TSA-Authorized Service November 12, 2013

ASHBURN, Va. – Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC (Telos® ID) has been selected by the Denver International Airport to provide Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services for processing employee and contractor background checks. Aviation channeling services are used to submit employee information to TSA to conduct the employee background checks that are required for individuals working in an aviation environment. TSA requires assessments to be conducted for all airport and airline employees with access to the secure areas of an airport, including baggage workers, ground maintenance workers and restaurant and retail employees. "DIA was recently rewarded for their commitment to providing a world-class travel experience when they were recognized in numerous categories by the prestigious Skytrax World Airport Awards," said Telos ID President Mark Griffin. “The airport's selection of Telos ID's channeling service illustrates that their commitment to quality extends to airport security and passenger safety as well." Telos ID's DAC offering lets aviation-related employers more efficiently run their background check and badging operations. It meets TSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations for handling personally identifiable information, and as a Web-based solution, it allows users to securely access the system wherever they have an Internet connection. Telos ID also provides additional customer service options and more visibility and flexibility for its customers.

TransporTaTion ManageMenT services eMergencY TransporTaTion


planning and operational support for motor coach evacuation operations during declared federal disaster scenarios. Transportation Management Services Past Contracts:

9 GSA Schedule 48

• Hurricane Katrina (2005)

9 State evacuation vehicle contracts

• Rita (2005)

9 Efficient, reliable procurement of motorcoaches, minibuses, and paratransits

• Gustav (2008) • Ike (2008) • Irene (2011) • Isaac (2012) • Sandy (2012)

17810 Meeting House Road, Suite 200 Sandy Spring, Maryland 20860 800-437-7629 |

9 FEMA MCEP & OS contract for emergency evacuations

9 Activation and deployment of all staff and resources to meet operational needs 9 Central Dispatch Operations (CDO) Center activation 9 Integrated fleet scheduling and dispatch, tracking and reporting 9 On-going planning activities to increase readiness 9 State of the art transportation response team vehicle


Fluor Completes Construction of State-of-the-Art Solar Energy Facility in Arizona 125-Megawatt Photovoltaic Facility is One of Largest in the World November 12, 2013

IRVING, Texas – Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) announced today that after two years of engineering, procurement and construction work, it achieved substantial completion of the Arlington Valley Solar Energy II facility for Arlington Valley Solar Energy II, LLC (AVSE II), a member of LS Power Group. The 125megawatt facility in Maricopa County, Arizona – among the world’s largest photovoltaic farms – has already begun supplying clean, renewable energy to the region. On May 1, 2013, the project announced the initial delivery of electric energy from the AVSE II facility. Fluor joined LS Power and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer at the site to celebrate the initial power milestone. “This utility-scale solar project could not have been completed without the close cooperation between LS Power, the project stakeholders and Fluor’s project execution team,” said Matt McSorley, senior vice president of Fluor’s Power business. “We’re proud of the hard work of our engineering and construction teams, and we look forward to providing operations and maintenance services at the AVSE II facility.” “We are pleased that Fluor has completed the construction of AVSE II in a safe manner, and ahead of schedule,” said John King, executive vice president of LS Power. “The project has benefitted from the efforts of countless contributors, and we’d like to thank them all.” The AVSE II facility sits on approximately 1,160 acres of land – the size of more than 500 football fields. The project helps make Arizona one of the leading states in solar panel installation.

Doing Business with Flour Flour Overview

Fluor Corporation is one of the world's largest publicly traded engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance (EPCM), and project management companies. Over the past century, Fluor has become a trusted global business leader by providing exceptional services and technical knowledge across every phase of a project. Fluor works with governments and multinational companies to design, build, and maintain many of the world's most complex and challenging capital projects. Fluor serves clients in a wide variety of traditional and evolving industries worldwide, including chemicals and petrochemicals; commercial and institutional; government services; health-care; life sciences; manufacturing; microelectronics; mining; oil and gas; power; renewable energy; telecommunications; and transportation infrastructure.

How to Register  

   

Fill out the short form to confirm your company isn’t already on file. There is also a Registration Code field. This is a feature to help establish where your interest came from. If you don’t have a code, leave this field blank. You can proceed without a Registration Code. You will receive an email from within minutes of your submission. It contains a username, temporary password, and a login link. After updating the temporary password, you move from input area to input area via the “Save & Next” button. Hover-over help buttons supply additional instructions on each page. When requested to list the materials or skills provided, you can improve your search results, with a “%” sign at the start of your search string. 1,000 characters are available to describe your offerings and how you can bring value. Key words included here will aid search results performed by Fluor professionals. Be descriptive and improve your opportunity to be found. Confirm the results on the last page of the registration wizard and you are finished. You will receive one more email confirming your registration is complete.

General Dynamics

General Dynamics Awarded $25 M to Modernize U.S. Air Force Network Security Globally General Dynamics Information Technology to deliver cyber security and network defense to all U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard bases. November 12, 2013

FAIRFAX, Va. – General Dynamics Information Technology has been awarded a task order to provide modernized base-level network security boundary support to the U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at all active Air Force and Air National Guard bases worldwide. The task order was awarded under the Network-Centric Solutions (NETCENTS) contract and has a potential value of $25.3 million over two years if all options are exercised. Under this award, General Dynamics will support the Enclave Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network Firewall and Automated Security Incident Management Sustainment (ENFAAS) program. This includes network management upgrades at the Air Force Integrated Network Operations and Security Centers and Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team locations. The company also will support Air Force Network (AFNet) security requirements and increase visibility into network traffic across the Air Force Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet). Work will be performed at General Dynamics facilities in Needham, Mass., and Oklahoma City, Okla., as well as various Air Force locations worldwide. "General Dynamics will leverage more than 20 years of experience designing and integrating cyber systems and networks for all components of the Department of Defense to offer the Air Force a costeffective, reliable approach to meet the needs of this top priority cyber program," said Charlie Plummer, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Information Technology's IT Solutions sector. "We look forward to continuing our trusted partnership with the Air Force and supporting Air Force cyber mission objectives worldwide." General Dynamics is the systems integrator for the Air Force NIPRNet Gateway Program, as well as prime contractor for seven Base Information Transport Infrastructure contracts and the Host Based Security System Modernization and Sustainment contract.

General Dynamics

Doing Business with General Dynamics Company Overview

General Dynamics purchases a wide variety of goods and services across our four business groups. These goods and services include raw materials, components, subsystems and assemblies, COTS products, IT services, training and engineering services. Please check each business unit website to better understand their supply chain needs.

How to Become a Supplier

General Dynamics’ online registration process is your starting point for becoming a supply-chain partner. Register your company’s profile of products and services through the General Dynamics Enterprise Supplier Management portal. You will set-up an ID and password and have the ability to update your information as needed.

How to Register

 If you would like to be considered as a supplier/ subcontractor/ potential teammate, complete the on-line Supplier Capability and Registration Profile. At a minimum the mandatory fields must be completed.  If you have not previously registered, click on "Not registered yet?" and accept the terms of use prior to starting the registration  If you have registered in this database before, please enter your user name and password on the left side  We strongly recommend you upload capabilities briefings or line cards, and include unique and descriptive keywords  After entering preliminary company contact information, you will be asked to create a user name and password, which you should save to come back and make changes anytime to your company profile. User name is case-sensitive.  You may complete one tab at a time and come back later to complete the registration.  Please note that uploaded documents cannot contain more than 25 characters in their name, and no special characters. You may need to rename documents you want to upload.  This information will be kept in a database that will be used to identify possible candidates for opportunities that arise and is without obligation of any kind on the part of either you or General Dynamics.  You will be requested to update your corporate data annually, via an automated email generated from General Dynamics.

Louis Berger Group

Louis Berger Awarded Consecutive FERC Contract November 7, 2013

MORRISTOWN, N.J.— The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) recently awarded The Louis Berger Group, Inc. (Louis Berger) a fourth consecutive indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract valued up to nearly $15 million to provide hydroelectric and environmental engineering support services. Louis Berger will provide National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis and documentation for licensing nonfederal hydropower projects and ensuring environmental concerns are addressed before licenses are issued by the commission. For 15 years, Louis Berger has prepared more than 125 environmental assessments and environmental impact statements and completed more than 200 tasks for the commission’s Office of Energy Projects. “In recent years, the commission has experienced exponential growth in the number of filings for permits and license applications, placing increasing demands on staff and resources,” said Jess Commerford, senior vice president of Louis Berger’s planning, facilities and resource management business unit. “For more than a decade, we have helped the commission successfully manage these challenges, and we are pleased to continue in this role.” Louis Berger will evaluate proposed projects for engineering issues and potential environmental impacts on fish and wildlife, cultural resources and recreational activities as well as recommend measures for resource protection, mitigation and enhancement. The contract carries one base year and four option years.



Le Groupe Castech-Plessitech est une jeune équipe dynamique et expérimentée offrant des produits clé en main ou en sous-traitance dans les domaines de la conception, de la fonderie, de l'usinage et de la fabrication mécano-soudé. Castech-Plessitech est présent dans le secteur des mines, des alumineries, des pâtes et papiers, de l'énergie (éolien et hydro-électrique) et de l’industrie en général. The Castech-Plessitech Group is a dynamic young, but experienced, team, offering turnkey products related to design and drawing, foundry, machining and welding assembly. Castech-Plessitech is present in many industrial sectors such as: mining, aluminum, pulp and paper, hydro energy, wind energy and industrial.


500, Frontenac Blvd East Thetford Mines (Québec) Canada G6G 7M8 (418) 338-3171  (418) 338-5930


2250, Valle Avenue, C.P. 37, Plessisville (Québec) Canada G6L 2Y6  (819) 362-6315  (819) 362-6970

Lockheed Martin

Boeing, Lockheed Martin Team for U.S. Air Force Bomber Program October 25, 2013

ST. LOUIS – The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] and Lockheed Martin Corporation [NYSE: LMT] are teaming to compete for the United States Air Force’s Long-Range Strike Bomber program, with Boeing acting as the prime contractor and Lockheed Martin as the primary teammate. To this critical mission, the team brings together nearly two centuries of combined experience designing, developing and testing aircraft for defense customers around the world. The companies also bring expertise in integrating proven technologies, and their skilled workforces and critical infrastructure and scale, to meet the U.S. Air Force’s cost and schedule requirements. “Boeing and Lockheed Martin are bringing together the best of the two enterprises, and the rest of industry, in support of the Long-Range Strike Bomber program, and we are honored to support our U.S. Air Force customer and this important national priority,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing Defense, Space & Security. “Stable planning, along with efficient and affordable development and production approaches, enables our team to reduce development risk by leveraging mature technologies and integrating existing systems.” Separately the companies are developing two of the Air Force’s top priorities, the KC-46 tanker and F-35 Lightning II, respectively, and they partnered on the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter. Each has delivered key Air Force capabilities including the B-1B bomber, F-15E strike fighter, and F-117 and F-16 fighters. The team will be able to produce unique and affordable solutions that could not be achieved without partnering. “Building on decades of manned and unmanned weapon systems experience, we’re proud to bring our collection of technologies, capabilities and resources to affordably design, develop, produce and sustain the bomber program,” said Orlando Carvalho, Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Lockheed Martin

Doing Business with Lockheed Martin How to Become a Lockheed Martin Supplier The new reality is that our business environment is more competitive than ever before. Lockheed Martin needs suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement, and who can help us deliver a product better, faster and smarter. Working with our category management teams in a long-term business environment will strengthen our supply chain and the integrity of the components of our products. To be successful, first, become familiar with Lockheed Martin products and services by reviewing the What We Buy listing. Knowing what we produce, purchase and areas of immediate need will help you evaluate your opportunities and prepare information on your capabilities targeted to our requirements. If what your firm provides complements Lockheed Martin's products and services, the next step is to register online in our supplier database. Then tell us about your goods and services via e-mail to, along with your company information structured for our database - download Excel file. (Do not send proprietary, export controlled, confidential or classified information.)

How can I identify opportunities within Lockheed Martin Corporation?  Opportunities do not exist in all areas at all times. Lockheed Martin relies heavily on long-term corporate agreements or site agreements to meet ongoing needs. Windows of opportunity might be on an annual basis or as far out as ten years.  Most opportunities will be by invitation to participate in a competitive bid. Register online at under the Suppliers tab. Then provide information on your company’s capabilities via e-mail to  Unique opportunities will be posted on the Opportunity Bulletin Board on the Lockheed Martin web site under the Suppliers tab. Respond to those unique opportunities by e-mail to

Doing Business with Boeing Boeing Overview

Boeing is the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. Before becoming a supplier to Boeing, your company needs to become familiar with Boeing’s position in the aerospace industry. As the world's leading aerospace company, The Boeing Company buys many products and services each year which fall into ten general categories. Aerospace support Avionics and avionics components Common aerospace commodities Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems Interiors Major structures Non-production goods and services Propulsion systems Purchased outside production Technology Boeing procurement policies govern the purchase of materials of the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right price and from the right sources. Each Boeing business unit determines its own requirements for procurement and selects its own sources of supply. In some cases corporate agreements are developed to cover the requirements of two or more divisions. Boeing emphasizes the importance of competitive bidding as a good business practice. We consider ability, capacity, integrity, financial status, geographical locations, performance, reliability, quality of product, delivery and overall customer-supplier relations in evaluating a potential supplier before and during a purchase contract.

Becoming a Boeing Supplier

Boeing uses a third-party tool called SupplierGATEWAY to assist in the collection of acurate information about suppliers and their capabilities. This database allows authorized Boeing personnel to search for suppliers whose qualifications match potential bid opportunities. Complete the online SupplierGATEWAY profile with details of your company and what it has to offer. If a bid opportunity arises and your products and services match the requirements, you may be contacted by a Boeing representative. Click here to register

Event Hewlett-Packard

Scoial Media Marketing Made Simple + TopHewlett-Packard Five Video Marketing Co. Tips December 2, 2013: Orange, California HP Overview HPCost: is oneFREE, of thePre-registration world’s largest Recommendinformation technology (IT) ed, Social Made most Simple companies and Media has oneMarketing of the industry’s extensive supply + TopComprising Five Videomore Marketing Tips:production This in- suppliers and chains. than 1,000 tens of thousands of nonproduction sup Media pliers, it spans six troductory workshop covers Social continents, countriesthat andwill territories, strategiesmore and than best 45 practices help and many cultures. you get the most out of your time, develop relationships, and grow your business.

Becoming an HP Supplier

We will cover: Please refer to HPs vendor/supplier approval page, located What social media marketing really is, at:• to submit your information. Your why you should use it and how it works information will be directed to the proper contact and stored for review. • Time management The HP Supplier is your HP's activities single point of entry for HP suppliers, business partners and vendors to • Measuring the Portal return of access HPtocontent, services, • How grow your Social applications Networks and tools. It will replace all other external-facing HP portals and web sites for Business partner collaboration. • Real examples of business of businesses doingwho it well Anyone has access to the public internet can access the HP Supplier portal public pages. Users can • Dealing with positive & negative learn more about the portal and readfeedback HP unrestricted information. • Using Email Marketing and Social Media However, the together real value of the portal is contained within the secured pages. To access services with Marketing information classified HP Confidential, • We’ll cover how theasmost popular sociala Business Partner company must complete a Business Partner Internet Authentication (BPIA) agreement networking tools (Facebook, Twitter, & with HP. Individuals with the company may then obtain an HP owned digital certificate from their internal approvers, per the HP Delegated Administration model of user LinkedIn) interact, ways to leverage their management, to access the Supplier Portal. Alternately and for the less security stringent services, HP strengths, and how to evaluate the best Restricted or lower, the portal offers the ability to register and sign-in to such secure pages using User ID use for your business. There will also be and password. a quick networking opportunity within The the HPpresentation Supplier Portal provides access to secure content/services protected by two independent authentication models. The first is the digital certificate model (Class B Authentication), which handles HPWe’ll Confidential data how and requires also cover to use your company video to:to sign a BPIA legal agreement with HP. The second is the• User andbest Password model (Class C Authentication), which handles HP Restricted data and requires Makeidthe first impression users sign a separate Users must contact the HP service/content owner to find out which of • Betoan effective salesCDA/NDA. tool the• authentication models theyto need to use How to promote it online optimize your visibility and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), presented by Constant Contact


Government IT Forum December 2-3: Washington D.C Get insight on current policy and technology trends to help navigate the risks of unstable budgets, a rapidly aging technology base, and growing cyber threats--to name a few challenges-in one location at one time through the co-location of these 5 focused events! Plus, see the products, solutions and services you need to address your current challenges and prepare for 2014 in the exhibit hall, showcased by industry leading suppliers and integrators. Events: Adopt & Access Discover how opportunities are being addressed by the new portfolio management review process.

Extract Efficiently Learn from agencies that are finding ways to acquire the modern work tools spawned by big data analytics.

Reduce Risk. Optimize Resources. Navigate the risks of reduced budgets and archaic technology during times of growing cyber threats.

Mobile Meets Government Obtain the latest on programs and valuable ideas for achieving the objectives of the Digital Government Strategy.

Meet Market Demands Comply with NARA policies, get lessons learned and avoid unexpected mines and traps. For more information and registration, visit:

A Division of Paragon Water Systems, Inc.

• • • •

Choose the block that best suits your needs:

• VOC1 - VOC's • CLR - Chloramine • SD+ - Lead, Cyst, MTBE, VOC, Asbestos, Particulate 1

• Classic - Chlorine Taste & Odor • CY1 - Cyst • CYL1 - Cyst & Lead



Made in the USA Standard sizes available Specialize in Custom sizes Experienced in WQA and NSF certification processes • Private Labeling available



For more information, please visit 800-288-9708 I 727-538-4704




December 9 - 12, 2013: Tampa, Florida

3rd Annual Special Operations Summit: Supporting the Mission of the Global SOF Warrior Join more than 150 fellow Special Operations professionals from over 80 different organizations to discuss and identify opportunities to strengthen local, regional, and global trust through interagency and partner cooperation. This year’s main focus will be building and enabling a globalized Special Operations community in order to win the current fight. To view the 2013 Special Operations Program click here.

Benefit from the best opportunity of the year to:    

Discuss current and future requirements and top priorities of USSOCOM Identify new technologies and applications for SOF operators Unwrap joint efforts with the shared goal of winning the current fight Learn about the newest advancements and acquisition priorities in special operations technology given the constantly-evolving environment and priorities For more information regarding IDGA's 3rd Annual Special Operations Summit contact us by email at

Why attend?    

Discuss hot topics and understand the SOCOM 2020 roadmap Network and exchange knowledge with Special Operations professionals Meet distinguished military and government leaders, gain knowledge on how to address regional contingencies and threats to stability Build new partnerships by attending our exclusive cocktail reception and networking breaks For more information, visit:

Event Hewlett-Packard

FederalHewlett-Packard Contracting Certifications Co. HP Overview December 10, 2013: Denver, Colorado HP is one of the world’s largest information technology (IT) companies and haswould one of benefit the industry’s This class any- most extensive supply chains. thantheir 1,000serproduction suppliers and one Comprising considering more selling tensvices of thousands nonproduction sup pliers, it spans six to our of federal government. continents, more government than 45 countries and territories, and many The federal has spent cultures. over $500 billion over each of the last several years. This class covers the 8(a), HubZone, and Women Becoming an HP Supplier Owned Business (WOSB) approval page, located Please referSmall to HPs vendor/supplier federal contracting certifications. at: to submit your information. Your information will be directed to the proper contact and stored for review. Topics include the eligibilTheity, HP Supplier Portal is HP's single point of entry for HP suppliers, business partners and vendors to requirements and benefits access content, services, applications of HP each certification program. and tools. It will replace all other external-facing HP portals and web sites for Business partner collaboration. For who more information, Anyone has access to the publicvisit internet can access the HP Supplier portal public pages. Users can h tmore tp://w w w.the s b aportal . g o v /and e v e read n t s / fHP e d -unrestricted information. learn about eral-contracting-certifications-12 However, the real value of the portal is contained within the secured pages. To access services with information classified as HP Confidential, a Business Partner company must complete a Business Partner Fee:Authentication Free Internet (BPIA) agreement with HP. Individuals with the company may then obtain an HP Location: owned digital certificate from their internal approvers, per the HP Delegated Administration model of user 721 19th to Street, 426, Portal. Alternately and for the less security stringent services, HP management, accessSuite the Supplier Denver, CO 80012 Restricted or lower, the portal offers the ability to register and sign-in to such secure pages using User ID and password.

The HP Supplier Portal provides access to secure content/services protected by two independent authentication models. The first is the digital certificate model (Class B Authentication), which handles HP Confidential data and requires your company to sign a BPIA legal agreement with HP. The second is the User id and Password model (Class C Authentication), which handles HP Restricted data and requires users to sign a separate CDA/NDA. Users must contact the HP service/content owner to find out which of the authentication models they need to use

Event Hewlett-Packard

Export Expo Hewlett-Packard Co. December 10, 2013: Boston, Massachusetts HP Overview HP is one of the world’s largest information technology (IT) companies and has one of the industry’s most extensive supply chains. Comprising more than 1,000 production suppliers and tens of thousands of nonproduction sup pliers, it spans six continents, more than 45 countries and territories, and many cultures.

Becoming an HP Supplier

Please refer to HPs vendor/supplier approval page, located at: to submit your information. Your information will be directed to the proper contact and stored for review. The HP Supplier Portal is HP's single point of entry for HP suppliers, business partners and vendors to access HP content, services, applications and tools. It will replace all other external-facing HP portals and web sites for Business partner collaboration. for the most comprehensive export event of the that brings AnyoneJoin who us has access to the public internet can access the HP Supplier portalyear public pages. Users can learn more aboutexport the portal and read HP unrestricted information. together resources, training and information – all under one roof! However, the real value of the portal is contained within the secured pages. To access services with The Massachusetts Export Center’s Export Expo provides a forum for exporters information classified as HP Confidential, a Business Partner company must complete a Business Partner to connect with the wide variety of export resources available in Massachusetts Internet Authentication (BPIA) agreement with HP. Individuals with the company may then obtain an HP about impact their day-to-day operations. owned while digitallearning certificate fromissues their that internal approvers, per the HPexport Delegated Administration model of user management, to access the Supplier Portal. Alternately and for the less security stringent services, HP Exhibitors include firms, tobanks, forwarders, consulting firms,User ID Restricted or lower,will the portal offerslaw the ability registerfreight and sign-in to such secure pages using translation firms, customs and compliance automated solutions providers, and and password. various government and non-profit organizations serving the export community. The HP Supplier Portal provides access to secure content/services protected by two independent authentication models. The first is the digital certificate model (Class B Authentication), which handles Coinciding with the exhibition, the Export Center will convene workshops and panHP Confidential data and requires your company to sign a BPIA legal agreement with HP. The second is el iddiscussions throughout the C day on a wide variety of export-related topics, suchrequires the User and Password model (Class Authentication), which handles HP Restricted data and global supply chain management, export compliance, trade users toassign a separate CDA/NDA. Users must contact the regulatory HP service/content owner global to find out which of risk mitigation, international marketing and business development, legal issues in the authentication models they need to use international trade, and more! Last year’s Export Expo attracted over 200 attendees. Exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities are available. For further formation, please contact Paula Murphy at 617-973-8664, visit their website at



Biometrics Big Data Symposium December 12-13, 2013: Washington D.C.

The proliferation of new collection devices, a range of new developments in recognition technologies, innovative approaches to sensor and data fusion, and the emergence of powerful analytic tools give defense, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement officials important new capabilities to carry out their missions. Now, experts are working on the ability to marry biometric information with intelligence artifacts and products from the non-biometric environment. Add to this the emergence of new “big data” tools, technologies and capabilities for analyzing large scale data inputs from multiple sources, and biometric-enabled intelligence promises to provide a powerful new means of analyzing and predicting risks from potential enemy actions in near-real time. This outstanding symposium brings together the government and industry experts who are at the forefront of developing the next generation of analytics-based biometrics. They will provide you with a comprehensive picture of DoD, Homeland Security, FBI and Intelligence Community biometric and biometric data analytics plans, needs, technical challenges and emerging capabilities and opportunities. Over 25 Leading Experts from DFBA, OASD/R&E, DIA, DHS, TRADOC, DARPA, IARPA/DNI, OUSD-I, NSWC, NIST, FBI, NRL, NIJ/DOJ, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE, Unisys, Booz Allen Hamilton, SRI, Applied Identity Solutions, NetBio, InCadence, IntegenX, and AOptix examine Emerging “Big Data” Biometrics Opportunities, the Latest Tools and Techniques for Collecting, Processing, Exploiting and Disseminating Biometric Data/Big Data Analytics, and more! For more information:

Denver Colorado

Event Visitor

Getting to Denver via Plane: Denver International Airport is the fifth busiest airport in the United States. With amenities like free wi-fi, the major airline hub has consistently won readers' choice awards from publications like Business Traveler Magazine since it opened in 1995. Located northeast of downtown Denver, a cab or shuttle ride puts you in the heart of the city in about 25 minutes. Ground Transportation: Taxis are available at DIA and provide passenger transport service within the eight counties that make u p the Denver metro area, and hotel shuttles are provided as a courtesy by most of the hotels within the immediate vicinity of the airport. The DIA even works with various rental car companies to provide transportation to its customers. Each company provides a courtesy shuttle to and from Jeppesen Terminal from its location. The easiest and cheapest way to get around the city is by getting on Denver's main bus system, the Regional Transportation District, for only $2.25 for a fare. You can also ride the RTD light rail system, which is divided into four fare zones: A, B, C and D. For more information on routes, fares, and schedules, check out Denver Weather: Denver weather is generally mild and dry. But when you are determining what to pack for your trip to Denver, you should still consider the weather. During the fall and spring, Denver will typically have sunny days with cool evenings, so medium weight clothing such as a comfortable pantsuit for women or a lightweight jacket for men will be most appropriate. In the summer, cool, casual clothing is ideal for the warm, sunny days in Denver. Evenings can be cool and summer storms can arise suddenly so an umbrella or light jacket might be needed. During the winter, days are generally a combination of warm sun and crisp air. Daytime temperatures can vary from below freezing to above 60 degrees, so it is a good idea to pack layers of medium weight clothing together with a warm jacket or overcoat. Snow falls infrequently in Denver and usually disappears quickly; however, a pair of boots would come in handy.

Denver Colorado

Event Visitor

Off the Clock: For business travelers off the clock, Denver offers a wide range of

fun activities including scenic hikes, live music, and nightclubs.

Outdoor Activities: For a complete Denver experience, make a trek to the otherworldly rock formations at Morrison's Red Rocks Park. Located about 25 minutes away, Red Rocks is a geological wonder 70 million years in the making, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is also one of the world’s most famous concert sites and a must see for any music enthusiast. Bands such as The Beatles, U2, and Dave Matthews have graced the stage surrounded by dramatic 500-foot high red sandstone cliffs. Trails surrounding the concert venue and a spectacular view of the plains make it a perfect place for moderately challenging hikes. A Night in Town: If you’re ready to blow off some steam after 5 o'clock, Denver’s just the place to be. The Mile High City’s nightlife scene is filled with martini lounges, brewpubs, live music venues, comedy clubs, and dance floors. You can celebrate happy hour at one of Denver's many bars. Marlowe's is a popular spot for business professionals to mingle. Located on Denver's 16th Street mall, where street people frequently cross paths with the titans of commerce, Marlowe's is a great place for people-watching. The establishment specializes in classic mixed drinks and wine, but it also offers outstanding appetizers and dinner specials. For a night in town, you can also head to the South of Colfax Nightlife District (, where you pay one admission price for entrance into four hot nightclubs, each complete with drinks, dancing and DJs. If you are looking for a classier evening, head over to Cruise Room, Lower Downtown Denver's classiest cocktail lounge for drinks that are shaken, stirred, or over the rocks. The bar's neon lighting project vivid hues of pink and purple onto the walls, making it look like dusk at all the time. Little has changed about the popular venue since it re-opened the day after prohibition was repealed in 1933. Music Lovers Rejoice: No trip to Denver is complete without experiencing some live music. Denver’s is home to dozens of venues devoted to all genres and styles, from classic jazz to techno to rock and roll and beyond. Colfax Avenue is home to such beloved concert locales as the Fillmore, the Ogden and the Bluebird. The cream of the local and national jazz world can be found swinging at Jazz at Jack’s, Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge in the Golden Triangle and El Chapultepec in LoDo. The Paramount Theatre also hosts amazing performances from national touring acts. Visit to see who's playing.

Denver Colorado

Event Visitor

Dining in Denver: The Denver Metro Area is home to restaurants and cafes

featuring a wide range of cuisines - from American to French to Japanese to Mexican. Recommendation for a Business Meeting Elway's: If you're looking for a high-end steakhouse to impress clients or business associates, look no further than Elway's. Owned by Bronco’s Hall-of-Famer John Elway and restaurateur Tim Schmidt, Elway's menu changes to match market availability, ensuring that patrons are always served with the freshest and finest ingredients. Not only does the upscale eatery boast USDA hand cut prime steaks, fin fish, and crustaceans, but it also offers esoteric appetizers such as duck tacos and lamb fondue for the more adventurous eater. The average price of dinner for two is $150. In addition to daily lunch, lounge, dinner, and dessert menus, Elway's also offers a unique weekend brunch selection. For a Quick Bite on a Budget Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs: If you've only got a little time or a little money – or both, head over to Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs. At Biker Jim's, the majority of brats are locally raised and produced by artisan sausage makers. They are raised without hormones, or antibiotics. They also do not contain nitrates or nitrites. Biker Jim's also offers vegetarian-friendly options. This hot dog joint is a favorite amongst locals, and eve n has a food truck that travels the city providing delicious hot dogs all over Denver.

Per Diem Rates as of 2013: The following rates apply for Denver, CO Primary Destination




Max Lodging by Month (Excludes Taxes) Jan 149

Mar 149

Jun 149

Sep 149

Meals & Inc. Exp. ** 66

* NOTE: Traveler reimbursement is based on the location of the work activities and not the accommodations, unless lodging is not available at the work activity, then the agency may authorize the rate where lodging is obtained. ** Meals and Incidental Expenses, see Breakdown of M&IE Expenses for important information on first and last days of travel.

Boston, Massachusetts

Event Visitor

Getting to Boston via Airplane: Business travelers flying in to Boston arrive at the Boston Logan International Airport, New England’s largest transportation center. The airport has 94 gates with contact jet bridges and nine regional jet gates at the airport and more than 40 airlines fly nonstop to more than 100 domestic and international destinations. It generates $7 billion in economic activity each year. Ground Transpiration: Taxis are typically in plentiful supply at Logan Airport and are available at the airport taxi stand. But cab fare is not cheap; Boston is now among the five most expensive large cities for taxi service. Note that cab fare to and from Logan Airport includes additional surcharges and tolls for the tunnels. Using one to get to and from your hotel in Boston is a good option if you prefer not to lug their suitcases up and down the stairs of subway stations. To save some money, you can always take a taxi to a subway station and travel more economically around town. Van and Wagon taxi cabs may charge an extra $5 for excessive luggage. Boston can be subject to poor winter weather conditions, which may cause taxis to be in short supply and in these cases taxis may accept double fares. When a taxi is occupied by more than one party, each will be charged the regular fare, less two dollars ($2.00). Under these conditions there shall be no charge for any tolls or fees. Under these conditions there is a minimum charge of $2.50 for each party. If you just don’t want to be constrained by the commuter rail and public transportation schedules, then renting a car may be the right choice. Before you decide to rent, check out the prices at different rental agencies (there are many), and do try to book early, which may give you a chance at a better rate. Most agents offer a convenient pick-up service at Logan Airport, so if you are flying into town, see whether your agency has one. Public Transportation: The public transportation system in Boston is excellent; many locals take advantage of the “T” – short for MBTA, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. At Logan Airport, free buses stop at all terminals and take you right to the Blue Line Airport T station ($2 from there). Or, there is the new T "Silver Line". For $2, its buses pick you up right at your terminal, and take you on their own track into downtown and the Red Line T's South Station. That $2 - per trip - gets you virtually everywhere in Boston. The T has now converted to the "Charlie System" and no longer uses tokens. Electronic Fare Vending Machines can be found at nearly all subway stations. There vending machines allow you to get around using either a paper CharlieTicket, which the machine will give you, or a plastic CharlieCard, which you can obtain at various local stores, through the MBTA's website, or at a select few T stations. If you are able to get your hands on a CharlieCard, you are given discounts individual fares which you do not get using the CharlieTicket. Subway trips cost $2 with a CharlieTicket (or cash on board) and $1.70 with a CharlieCard. Similarily, buses cost $1.50 with the CharlieTicket (or cash on board) and $1.25 with the CharlieCard. Both CharlieTickets and CharlieCards can be used multiple times and can be recharged at the Fare Vending Machines.

Boston, Massachusetts

Event Visitor

Weather: Packing for a trip to Boston can be tricky because the weather is hard to predict. Generally speaking, winter months are bitterly cold and snowy, so pack your boots and overcoats. But it is important to remember that Boston weather can change on a dime; sometimes, the area will see a random 65 degree day in the dead of winter. Spring months can bring unexpected rain and temperatures ranging from freezing to sweltering, but there's just something about Boston in the Spring that you can't beat. The snow is gone (usually) and the flowers in the Garden are starting to bloom. Summers are typically hot and humid. As the season changes from summer to fall, the leaves turn to glorious colors. Fall brings cooler, crisper air (although there is still the chance for an Indian summer). With Boston, its best to pack layers.

Off the Clock: Market (MKT): For business professionals ready for a night of revelry, head to the Market in downtown Boston. The lounge, wrapped in refurbished wood from an old Maine barn, features an impressive circular bar, red décor, and comfortable seating for dinner and cocktails. The main bar is a classic setting surrounded with flatscreen tvs, sure to cover every game being aired on any given evening. The upper floors feature wrap around seating, VIP areas and private bars on each floor. The Market is one of Boston's newest upscale lounges and is popular amongst locals. In addition to offering 10 cent wings on Football Night every Monday, the lounge also hosts live local bands on Thursdays and multiple Djs for Market Saturdays. The swanky nightspot is opened every day until 2 a.m. 120 Water St. Boston, MA 02109 Arts & Culture: If you've got some spare time, explore Boston's flourishing arts and culture scene by taking advantage of one of the city's many museums, theaters, galleries, or musical performances. You can visit The Strand Theatre, a 1,400 seat house in Dorchester that hosts a wide variety of entertainment from Gospel to Shakespeare. Or visit the Boston Opera House, the region’s most active program of top touring Broadway shows, Boston Ballet performances and other high-quality cultural presentations and concerts in New England’s most magnificent theater. If you're in the mood for a stroll, head over the the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The MFA is one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world; its collection encompasses nearly 450,000 works of art, from ancient Egyptian to contemporary, special exhibitions, and innovative educational programs.

Boston, Massachusetts

Event Visitor

Freedom Trail: No trip to Boston is complete without a tour of the city's rich history. Set aside 1 to 3 hours to follow the 2.5-mile redbrick trail from Boston Common to Bunker Hill. Be sure to make a pit stop for a beer at America’s oldest bar, Bell in Hand Tavern. If you need to cut the tour a little short, a natural break is to follow the trail until the bridge and save the Bunker Hill Monument for another day. It’s definitely worth making it up to the North End to see Paul Revere’s House and the Old North Church, where the famous “One if by land, and two if by sea” signal was sent.

Recommendations for a Business Meeting

Dining in Boston:

Sorellina: Located in the heart of Boston’s historic Copley Square, Sorellina provides the perfect, intimate setting for talking business over contemporary Italian cuisine. Sweeping drapes, floor to ceiling windows, dark woods, and a back lit wall mural create a sophisticated backdrop for award-winning Jamie Mammano’s creative twists on traditional Italian dishes. The extensive wine list follows the same inspiration by offering a mix of classic and contemporary selections with a focus on Italy’s most reputable producers. Its proximity to Back Bay hotels make it popular place for business travelers seeking an executive-style dining experience. Guest favorites include the Steak Tartare with bone marrow pate, quail egg, and parsley salad (22); the Gnocchi with Maine lobster and Vermont butter (26), and the Maccheroncelli American Wagyu beef meatballs with Montepulciano sauce and Parmigiano (34). Sorellina is opened for dinner, daily. 1 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02116 Radius Restaurant: For a fine dining experience suitable for top executives and prominent leaders, make a reservation at the Radius Restaurant. Sleek and sophisticated, Radius is named for the circular room decorated in silver walls with accents of red and brown. The bar, an arc overlooking High Street, is a popular spot for business types to grab a drink after work. Radius is located in the financial district, within walking distance to the Convention Center. Owned by award-winning chef Michael Schlow, Radius is one of the few 4 star establishments in Boston, and it is constantly named one of the best restaurants in America. Known for it's exceptional service, stunning room, and consistency, Radius serves a very personal style of Modern American food that has continued to evolve since it first opened. Guest favorites include the Foie Gras, the Pekin Duck, and the Pained Hills Rib Eye. Radius is opened for lunch and dinner. 8 High St. Boston, MA 02110

Boston, Massachusetts

Event Visitor

Quick Eats on a Budget Metro CafĂŠ: Located within walking distance from the Convention Center, Metro Cafe is the perfect spot to stop in for a quick lunch. The Metro Food Service Corp. has been proudly serving the Boston area for over 15 years, and has gained a reputation for affordable, quick-serve dining. The Metro Cafe on Congress Street is a popular place amongst business professionals because of its convenient location, and the numerous food stations offering fare from different parts of the world. There is also an omelette bar during breakfast hours, and a salad bar during lunch and dinner. Metro Cafe gets extremely busy during the lunch rush, but there is an army of cashiers waiting to ring you up so you can get your food quickly. 332 Congress St Boston, MA 02210

Per Diem Rates as of 2013: The following rates apply for Boston, Massachusetts Primary Destination*


Boston/ Cambridge

Suffolk, City of Cambridge

Max Lodging by Month (Excludes Taxes) Jan Mar Jun Sep

Meals & Inc. Exp. ** 71





* NOTE: Traveler reimbursement is based on the location of the work activities and not the accommodations, unless lodging is not available at the work activity, then the agency may authorize the rate where lodging is obtained. ** Meals and Incidental Expenses, see Breakdown of M&IE Expenses for important information on first and last days of travel.

ONE SOURCE. MANY CAPABILITIES. DIGITALLY FOCUSED. At TMP Government, we develop technologies, strategies and creative solutions that are revolutionizing the way government and its contractors engage target audiences. Our innovative, cost-effective solutions–from digital to traditional–are ready to meet your unique communications needs. We don’t just know government, public relations, recruitment, creative, digital and marketing–we’re the industry’s thought leaders. Let us put our decades of defense, aerospace and government experience to work for you. We’re ready to meet your challenges and exceed your expectations today. Contact Mark Havard at 703.269.0144 or

805.963.6524 805.963.6524


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Supplier - November 2013  

Supplier is a one-stop resource guide that provides critical contracting and sub-contracting information to vendors interested in tapping in...

Supplier - November 2013  

Supplier is a one-stop resource guide that provides critical contracting and sub-contracting information to vendors interested in tapping in...