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December 2013


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$300 Million in Contract Awards Boeing Plans Expansion Doing Business with Lockheed Martin Contracting Fundamentals Workshop Norfolk, VA City Guide

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Game changing technology. For 140 years, Atlas Copco has served customers in industry, government and defense markets with game-changing, energysaving solutions. To keep our products at the leading edge of innovation, the Atlas Copco Group invested more than $330 million into research and development last year. This relentless focus on innovation gives rise to new Atlas Copco products, and 2013 is a game changer. All this exciting technology is here now. In the United States, Atlas Copco has 14 production facilities, 111 locations and employs over 4,500 people. Every product and service we offer – in every market we serve – emphasizes our commitment to our customer. Check it all out at or call 866-688-9611.

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About the Supplier Resource Guide About the Prime Publication The monthly Prime publication is designed Supplier is a one-stop resource guide designed toto provide critical the nation’s largest contractors in the provide information to vendors interested in federal intomarket with market. useful, Thisup-to-date tapping the government monthly digital magazine suppliers to significant information. The alerts monthly magazine provides government awards, subcontracting prime federal contract contractors with relevant news, opportunities, information on doing business with such as significant contract awards, policy federal contractors, policy updates, and networking changes, government and information opportunities at industrialupdates, and government trade shows.on industrial and government trade shows.

If you need assistance using this guide, please call our corporate office at (805) 963-6524. If you need assistance using this guide, please call

our corporate office at (805) 963-6524.

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Table of Contents News US Federal Contractor Registration Introduces SAM Assistance Program………..6

Contract Awards Siemens Energy Announces World’s Largest Onshore Wind Turbine Order………..8 Doing Business with Siemens………..………..………..………..………..………..…..9 Boeing Plans South Carolina Expansion………..………..………..……………..10 Boeing & Saab Sign Agreement on T-X Family of Systems Training Competition…..12 Doing Business with Boeing………..………..………..………..…………..13 Raytheon Awarded $75 Million for DDG 1000 Program………..….…………..14 Raytheon & GrammaTech Help Govt. Prevent Malware in IT Devices…….…..16 Dell & Microsoft Help Customers Take Full Advantage of Public Cloud………..18 Mars One Selects Lockheed to Study First Private Unmanned Mission…..20 Doing Business with Lockheed Martin………..………....………..…………..21 Army Awards General Dynamics $229M for Stryker Modernization...22 Doing Business with General Dynamics………..............………..………..24 Harris Awarded $46M to Support Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure…26 Doing Business with Harris………..………..………..………..………..………...27

Training Events & Trade Shows Doing Business with the Federal Government Workshop………..………..………..29 Fundamentals: A 3-Day Complete Basics………..…....………………..30 2nd Annual Utility Cyber Security Conference……….......………………..32 GSA Schedule Contract Training………..………..…........……..…………..…..34 Boots to Business: Starting a Business After Military Service………..………35

Travel City Guide: Portland, OR………..………..………...………...…..……………37 City Guide: Norfolk, VA………..………..….....……..………..……………42


COUNT ON US. Inflight Medical Services International is a leading aeromedical service provider for the U.S. Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, major medical centers across the country, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and leading organ transplant centers. Since 1978, we have provided aeromedical transports for more than 20,000 patients.

Bureau of Prisons contract: #DJBP0700BPA13009 DUNS #115210408 Department of Transportation NMFTA / SCAC #IMDA Emergency Medical Services: #EMS0000009985 FAA Certificate #FOVA979D (Carrier: Panther Aviation)

Contact us 24/7: Tel. Fax

inflight medical services international, inc

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US Federal Contractor Registration Introduces SAM Assistance Program Businesses that wish to learn how to reach out to contracting officers and federal agencies will find ‘The SAM Assistance Program’ very helpful. December 12, 2013

Orlando, FL – US Federal Contractor Registration recently rolled out another edition of their production of The SAM Assistance Program. Businesses that wish to learn about federal set-asides will find US Federal Contractor Registration’s online video campaign ‘The SAM Assistance Program’ extremely helpful. They have released a new video entitled ‘How to Market Your Business in Government Contracting.’ All of the SAM Assistance Program videos can be found at on the First Steps to Government Contracting webpage, Youtube or US Federal Contractor Registration’s social media pages (Facebook/Google+/Twitter). The SAM Assistance Program is produced by the third party registration firm US Federal Contractor Registration. US Federal Contractor Registration is the leader and world’s largest third party registration firm. They have helped over 60,000 businesses register for government contracts and help market their business to the federal government. The prime vendors leading their fields continue to receive the majority of the contracts as a whole. Attracting the attention of the world’s largest customer takes specialized skills and strategies to become one of their contractors. Using the proper resources and knowing how to market to prime vendors as well as the federal government will set a part a business from their competition. US Federal Contractor Registration provides innovative marketing strategies to help large and small businesses connect with procurement officers and win government contracts. US Federal Contractor Registration will be currently offering a free evaluation and review of vendors' government registration. To request an evaluation and assessment by a Placement Specialist for your business, call the Contractor Helpline at (877) 252-2700 ext 1 or visit our website at


Siemens Energy Announces World’s Largest Onshore Wind Turbine Order December 16, 2013

FORT MADISON, Iowa – Siemens Energy confirmed that the 1,050-megawatt (MW) wind turbine order it recently received from MidAmerican Energy Company is the largest onshore wind turbine order in the world. The news was announced at a commemoration event at Siemens’ blade manufacturing facility in Fort Madison, Iowa. In attendance at the event were federal, state, and local officials, including Iowa Governor Terry Branstad; Mark Albenze, the CEO of Siemens Energy Wind Power Americas; Tim Holt, CEO of Siemens Energy Service Renewables; Bill Fehrman, president and CEO, MidAmerican Energy; representatives from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Iowa Wind Energy Association (IWEA); along with employees, community members, landowners and local suppliers. “We congratulate MidAmerican Energy on its leadership in renewable energy development in Iowa and the U.S. We are very excited that MidAmerican Energy has again selected us to partner with them on its latest wind expansion projects in Iowa, allowing us to continue to supply U.S.made blades and nacelles,” stated Mark Albenze, CEO of Siemens Energy’s Wind Power Americas business. “The size and magnitude of this order confirms wind power’s growing importance as part of a balanced energy mix in Iowa and the U.S.” “When the new projects are completed in 2015, MidAmerican Energy and Siemens will have provided more than 2.2 gigawatts of clean, wind-generated electricity in Iowa since 2008,” said Bill Fehrman, president and CEO, MidAmerican Energy. “We look forward to working with Siemens over the next two years to construct five additional wind farms, which will have a major impact on Iowa’s economy and energy future.” In 2012, wind energy was, for the first time ever, the No. 1 source of new electricity generation capacity. More wind power capacity was installed in the U.S. than any other form of power generation. Additionally, a record-setting $25 billion in private investment was added to the U.S. economy in new wind farm construction, making wind the top source of newly installed electric generating capacity, representing 42 percent of all new capacity.


Siemens Company Overview Today, Siemens is active in around 190 regions, occupying leading market and technology positions worldwide with its business activities in the Energy, Healthcare, Industry, and Infrastructure & Cities Sectors. In our ten largest country organizations alone, employees from around 140 nations are at work on innovative concepts and visionary ideas. Overall, with 370,000 employees (continuing operations) around the world, Siemens is well positioned to offer its customers local, targeted, and tailored solutions. In addition to the more than 290 major production and manufacturing plants worldwide, we also have office buildings, warehouses, research and development facilities, or sales offices in nearly every country around the globe. Siemens has a leading presence in the energy, healthcare, industry, as well as the infrastructure & cities sectors. Becoming a Siemens Supplier In the long term we cooperate only with suppliers who place as much value on Sustainability as we do. In order to continuously monitor and improve the performance of our suppliers we utilize a consistent Supplier Management System with focus on Supplier Qualification within our Supplier Selection Process. The Supplier Qualification process is the initial stage of Supplier Management @ Siemens for all new suppliers. Existing suppliers will gradually be qualified retroactively with regard to our Supplier Qualification requirements. This company-wide mandatory and standardized supplier-related qualification process is integrated within our supplier platform click4suppliers easy and releases the supplier for business with Siemens, independent of later product and process related qualifications. Having fulfilled a number of basic business criteria, companies wishing to become a Siemens supplier must meet certain minimum economic, environmental and social performance standards by completing up to six qualification modules. To execute the Supplier Qualification Process, suppliers need to register in our supplier portal: click4suppliers.


Boeing Plans South Carolina Expansion December 13, 2013

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – Boeing announced that it will begin construction in the second half of 2014 on a new paint facility on its main campus in North Charleston, S.C. The company expects to begin painting fully assembled 787 Dreamliners in South Carolina in mid-2016. The approximately 230,000 squarefoot (21,368 m2) facility will be used to apply customer liveries to Boeing South Carolina (BSC)-built 787s. Today all BSC-built 787s are flown to Fort Worth, Texas, for final paint and then flown back to South Carolina for customer delivery. The company also announced that it acquired access to a total of 468 acres (189 hectares) in North Charleston, S.C., to protect for potential future growth in South Carolina through a long-term lease with Palmetto Railways, a division of the S.C. Department of Commerce. In addition to the 267 acres (108 hectares) sold by the Charleston County Aviation Authority, another 201 acres (81 hectares) of land in North Charleston were purchased with state bond funds allocated to Boeing. Owned by Palmetto Railways, the land will be leased to Boeing under a long- term lease. The company has an option to purchase all of the 468 acres (189 hectares) at the end of the initial lease term at the end of 2027. "This expansion makes future growth in North Charleston possible. While we expect to begin the permitting process immediately for this property, we have no specific plans for the land other than where we will locate the new paint facility," said Jones. As part of the site expansion, beginning in January 2014, Boeing will construct a new 10,000 square-foot (929.03 m2) fully equipped fire station at its main campus, which is expected to be operational by late 2014. The company will add a second autoclave in 2016 to support aftbody composite fabrication for previously announced 787 program rate increases.


Boeing and Saab Sign Joint Development Agreement on T-X Family of Systems Training Competition Team to Provide a New, Purpose-built Aircraft for Offer to the US Air Force December 6, 2013

LINKÖPING, Sweden – Boeing and Saab AB have signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to jointly develop and build a new advanced, costefficient T-X Family of Systems training solution for the upcoming competition to replace the U.S. Air Force’s aging T-38 aircrew training system. The JDA, with Boeing as the prime contractor and Saab AB as primary partner, covers areas including design, development, production, support, sales and marketing. “Teaming with Saab will bring together our companies' formidable technical expertise, global presence, and willingness to present an adaptable and affordable advanced pilot training solution,” said Boeing Military Aircraft President Chris Chadwick. “Boeing and Saab form the foundation for what will be the strongest, most cost-effective industry team. Our comprehensive Family of Systems approach provides a new, purpose-built T-X aircraft supported by innovative training and logistics support to offer total-life-cycle cost benefits to the US Air Force and taxpayers.” “Saab is proud to join with Boeing for the T-X competition, thus creating a highly capable team to deliver unprecedented value to the customer. We are sure this is the best way to supply affordable first-class trainers to the U.S. Air Force,” said Saab President and CEO Håkan Buskhe. “We will invest in development of this completely new aircraft design over the coming years. This cooperation with Boeing is part of our strategic development and we confirm our long-term financial targets.” The U.S. Air Force T-X program will include aircraft and training that will prepare warfighters for the next 40 years. The Air Force plans to replace the T-38 with a new Advanced Pilot Training Family of Systems and about 350 aircraft, plus associated ground-based training systems and logistics and sustainment support.

Doing Business with Boeing Boeing Overview Boeing is the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. Before becoming a supplier to Boeing, your company needs to become familiar with Boeing’s position in the aerospace industry. As the world's leading aerospace company, The Boeing Company buys many products and services each year which fall into ten general categories. · · · ·

Aerospace support Avionics and avionics components Common aerospace commodities Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems

· · · · · ·

Interiors Major structures Non-production goods and services Propulsion systems Purchased outside production Technology

Boeing procurement policies govern the purchase of materials of the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right price and from the right sources. Each Boeing business unit determines its own requirements for procurement and selects its own sources of supply. In some cases corporate agreements are developed to cover the requirements of two or more divisions. Boeing emphasizes the importance of competitive bidding as a good business practice. We consider ability, capacity, integrity, financial status, geographical locations, performance, reliability, quality of product, delivery and overall customer-supplier relations in evaluating a potential supplier before and during a purchase contract. Becoming a Boeing Supplier Boeing uses a third-party tool called SupplierGATEWAY to assist in the collection of acurate information about suppliers and their capabilities. This database allows authorized Boeing personnel to search for suppliers whose qualifications match potential bid opportunities. Complete the online SupplierGATEWAY profile with details of your company and what it has to offer. If a bid opportunity arises and your products and services match the requirements, you may be contacted by a Boeing representative. Click here to register


Raytheon Awarded $75 Million for DDG 1000 Program December 12, 2013

Delivering critical capabilities, bringing the next-generation destroyers to life TEWKSBURY, Mass. – Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has been awarded $75 million to complete remaining hardware and electronics for DDG 1000 and 1001, the first two ships of the Zumwalt-class of multimission destroyers. The award reflects exercised options under a previously awarded U.S. Navy contract. Raytheon's progress on the program continues, remaining on-cost and schedule, meeting all program milestones and shipyard need dates. Under this contract, Raytheon will complete outstanding hardware and electronics production and assembly for the first two ships of the class, including electronics for the multi-function towed array for the sonar suite; canister electronics and uptake kits for the MK 57 Vertical Launching System; and the advanced procurement of Electronic Modular Enclosure shelters for the third ship, DDG 1002. "The collaboration of this government-industry team has been outstanding, a high-performing team of experts working together to bring the Navy's vision to reality," said Raytheon's Kevin Peppe, vice president of Integrated Defense Systems' Seapower Capability Systems business area. "As systems and deliveries complete, and integration and testing continue, we are advancing closer to demonstrating the capabilities of the most technologically advanced surface combatant in naval history." As the prime mission systems integrator for DDG 1000, Raytheon provides all electronic and combat systems for the program.



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Raytheon BBN Technologies and GrammaTech Collaborate to Help U.S. Government Prevent Malware in IT Devices December 9, 2013

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Raytheon BBN Technologies and GrammaTech, Inc. are collaborating on a $4.8 million contract award under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's VET program. Raytheon BBN Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN). The VET (Vetting Commodity IT Software and Firmware) program seeks to help U.S. government agencies address the threat of malicious code and hidden "backdoor" access in commodity IT devices. Mobile phones, network routers, computer workstations and other networked devices can be secretly modified to function in unintended ways or spy on users. The funding was awarded Sept. 26, 2013. Under the program, GrammaTech and Raytheon BBN intend to develop tools and techniques to enable organizations to inspect the software and firmware that exist inside such network-enabled devices and protect them from attack. Raytheon BBN Technologies plans to develop techniques that enable analysts to prioritize elements of software and firmware to examine for hidden malicious functionality. GrammaTech plans to develop the tools that actually examine the software and firmware to allow analysts to demonstrate that they do not have exploitable security vulnerabilities. "Our scientists are developing new technology that aims to advance the state-of-the-art for analyzing machine code," said Tim Teitelbaum, Ph.D., GrammaTech chief executive officer. "We are leveraging these advances to create a tool that could confirm the absence of broad classes of vulnerabilities."


Dell and Microsoft Strengthen Alliance to Help Customers Take Full Advantage of Public Cloud December 12, 2013

 Dell expands Cloud Partner Program to include Microsoft and Windows Azure, building on Dell’s current Windows Application Services capabilities  The Dell-Microsoft relationship brings added choice and flexibility to customers, giving businesses a competitive advantage when implementing public cloud  With Windows Azure and Dell Cloud offerings, customers can easily deploy ondemand cloud infrastructure that scales and adapts to evolving business needs

Austin, Texas – Dell announced it is building on its strategic alliance with Microsoft to deliver Windows Azure to Dell customers worldwide through the Dell Cloud Partner Program. This expands upon the previously announced alliance providing Application Development Services on Windows Azure. With the evolving Dell-Microsoft relationship, current and future customers will have even more choice and flexibility when pursuing and planning public cloud infrastructures. Acting as a single-source supplier through the Dell Cloud Partner Program, Dell will offer customers a central point of solution integration, control and direct support, lessening the complexity and challenges of deploying cloud environments.

Lockheed Martin

Mars One Selects Lockheed Martin to Study First Private Unmanned Mission to Mars December 10, 2013

DENVER – Mars One has selected Lockheed Martin to develop a mission concept study for its Mars lander spacecraft. The lander will be based on the successful 2007 NASA Phoenix spacecraft and will be a technology demonstrator. Slated for a 2018 launch, the mission will provide proof of concept for some of the technologies that are important for a permanent human settlement on Mars; the ultimate goal of the non-profit Mars One Foundation. “When we decided to move forward with the development of this private mission to Mars, we looked across the industry and determined Lockheed Martin was the obvious choice to build the lander,” said Bas Lansdorp, M.Sc., Mars One Co-founder and CEO. “They have a distinct legacy of participating in nearly every NASA mission to Mars. This will be the first private mission to Mars and the lander’s successful arrival and operation will be a historic accomplishment.” For the Phoenix mission, the company designed, built, tested and operated the lander for NASA. The Mars One lander study will evaluate the applicability of this design for the Mars One mission and identify any modifications that are necessary to meet their requirements. In addition, program cost and schedule estimates will be formulated to guide the execution of the Mars One unmanned mission to Mars. “We are excited to have been selected by Mars One for this ambitious project and we’re already working on the mission concept study, starting with the proven design of Phoenix,” said Ed Sedivy, Civil Space chief engineer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems. “

Lockheed Martin

Doing Business with Lockheed Martin How to Become a Lockheed Martin Supplier The new reality is that our business environment is more competitive than ever before. Lockheed Martin needs suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement, and who can help us deliver a product better, faster and smarter. Working with our category management teams in a long-term business environment will strengthen our supply chain and the integrity of the components of our products. To be successful, first, become familiar with Lockheed Martin products and services by reviewing the What We Buy listing. Knowing what we produce, purchase and areas of immediate need will help you evaluate your opportunities and prepare information on your capabilities targeted to our requirements. If what your firm provides complements Lockheed Martin's products and services, the next step is to register online in our supplier database. Then tell us about your goods and services via email to, along with your company information structured for our database - download Excel file. (Do not send proprietary, export controlled, confidential or classified information.)

How can I identify opportunities within Lockheed Martin Corporation?  Opportunities do not exist in all areas at all times. Lockheed Martin relies heavily on long-term corporate agreements or site agreements to meet ongoing needs. Windows of opportunity might be on an annual basis or as far out as ten years.  Most opportunities will be by invitation to participate in a competitive bid. Register online at under the Suppliers tab. Then provide information on your company’s capabilities via e-mail to  Unique opportunities will be posted on the Opportunity Bulletin Board on the Lockheed Martin web site under the Suppliers tab. Respond to those unique opportunities by e-mail to

General Dynamics

Army Awards General Dynamics $229M for Stryker Modernization Development December 10, 2013

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – The U.S. Army TACOM Contracting Command recently awarded General Dynamics Land Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), a $228.7 million contract for research, development and testing in preparation for the Stryker Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) upgrade program. The Stryker ECP upgrade program is an engineering-development effort focused on integrating a group of system improvements into a single upgrade program for the Stryker eight-wheeled vehicle. The objective of this research-and-development effort is to prepare Stryker vehicles to accept additional Army-directed requirements in the future without impacting current vehicle performance. There is no production work associated with this award. Technical upgrades to the Stryker will include improved automotive and electrical power generation, chassis upgrades and improved vehicle network capabilities. “This award shows the Army’s long-term commitment to improving Stryker capabilities for the warfighter, while ensuring that platforms are able to integrate planned and future upgrades,” said Gordon Stein, vice president for Stryker Brigade Combat Teams at General Dynamics Land Systems. “This effort will maintain the Stryker’s position as the Army’s primary medium combat vehicle.” Work will be performed by existing employees in Sterling Heights, Mich. The contract will be completed by November 2018.

INSTAKEY SeCurIty SySteMS Locks and keys are simple in theory, but complicated in practice. At InstaKey® we’ve spent over a quarter of a century helping Government and Institutional organizations manage their keyed access as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We don’t think of keyed access as just ‘locks and keys’. We think of it – and help our Clients run it – as a program built on the 4 Cornerstones of KeyControl®.

Key Management Cornerstones Web Accessible Key System Records

Individually Serialized, Restricted Keys

Administered Program Support & Partnership

Simple, Cost-Effective Rekey Avenue

Individually Serialized, Restricted Keys – ensure our InstaKey® key blanks cannot be distributed. Simple, Cost Effective Rekey Avenue – with ‘single key turn’ rekeyable lock technology, Instakey® locks empower you to rekey in seconds.

Web Accessible Key System Records – everything you need to know about your key system in a scalable, web-accessed format. Administered Program Support & Partnership – we partner with you to help you keep your keyed access program stable and secure.

Call us to find out how we can help you with your keyed access.




General Dynamics

Doing Business with General Dynamics Company Overview

General Dynamics purchases a wide variety of goods and services across our four business groups. These goods and services include raw materials, components, subsystems and assemblies, COTS products, IT services, training and engineering services. Please check each business unit website to better understand their supply chain needs.

How to Become a Supplier

General Dynamics’ online registration process is your starting point for becoming a supply-chain partner. Register your company’s profile of products and services through the General Dynamics Enterprise Supplier Management portal. You will set-up an ID and password and have the ability to update your information as needed.

How to Register

 If you would like to be considered as a supplier/ subcontractor/ potential teammate, complete the on-line Supplier Capability and Registration Profile. At a minimum the mandatory fields must be completed.  If you have not previously registered, click on "Not registered yet?" and accept the terms of use prior to starting the registration  If you have registered in this database before, please enter your user name and password on the left side  We strongly recommend you upload capabilities briefings or line cards, and include unique and descriptive keywords  After entering preliminary company contact information, you will be asked to create a user name and password, which you should save to come back and make changes anytime to your company profile. User name is case-sensitive.  You may complete one tab at a time and come back later to complete the registration.  Please note that uploaded documents cannot contain more than 25 characters in their name, and no special characters. You may need to rename documents you want to upload.  This information will be kept in a database that will be used to identify possible candidates for opportunities that arise and is without obligation of any kind on the part of either you or General Dynamics.  You will be requested to update your corporate data annually, via an automated email generated from General Dynamics.


Harris CapRock Awarded $46 Million FAA Contract to Support the Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure December 3, 2013

MELBOURNE, FL/FAIRFAX, VA — Harris CapRock Communications, a global provider of fully managed communications for remote and harsh environments, has been awarded a 10-year, $46 million contract from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to continue providing satellite services for the Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure (ASTI). The contract includes a two-year base period, with eight one-year options. Because of the critical nature of the FAA's communications requirements, Harris CapRock will provide a fully redundant satellite solution utilizing a two-satellite system to ensure dependable connectivity for voice and data. The ASTI program provides highly reliable interfacility communications to support the FAA's air traffic control mission between remote and hub facilities in Alaska and other remote locations. Harris CapRock provided similar services to the FAA in Alaska under ASTI's predecessor program. "Harris has a long history of developing and integrating system solutions for the FAA in support of the National Airspace System (NAS)," said David Cavossa, president, government solutions, Harris CapRock. "We bring the stability, resources, expertise and technologies required to support the Alaskan aviation community and the FAA." The FAA launched ASTI as a next-generation upgrade to the Alaskan National Airspace System Interfacility Communication System (ANICS). Harris also was selected under a different contract to replace and upgrade ANICS system components that have become obsolete or have been affected by the harsh Alaskan weather, as well as provide a new network management system, system security enhancements, logistics support and training.

Doing Business with Harris Harris Vision and Values Harris is committed to being a company of the highest quality in every aspect of its business activity. This encompasses serving our customers' needs by developing higher quality products, at lower costs, while shortening the product-to-market cycle. Inherent in that commitment is our goal for satisfying the expectations of stakeholders who have a vested interest in the success of the company. Suppliers are a vital part of our resources. Our vision as it applies to suppliers is to develop and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with companies who share our commitment to achieve ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continuing improvements in quality, service, timeliness, and cost.

Harris Expectations for Suppliers The expectations that we have identified for ourselves are the same set of expectations that we have for our suppliers. These are based on the following performance characteristics:   

Quality — Compliance at all times with customer requirements Delivery — Meeting or exceeding exact product and schedule requirements Cost — Pricing that contains reasonable profit margins with minimum total cost

Unrelenting performance in these three key areas today, coupled with a strategy for continuous improvement tomorrow, will enable Harris and its suppliers to continue to solve its customers' most demanding challenge.

Becoming a Supplier It is required that you complete either the Prospective Supplier Qualification or the Small Business Supplier Qualification form in its entirety and submit it to Harris for review. This form has been designed to answer your preliminary inquiries and determine whether or not there is a possibility of a good business fit between our enterprises. We appreciate your cooperation in following our process, and a Harris representative will contact you after your qualification has been reviewed.


Doing Business with the Federal Government Workshop January 8, 2014: Portland, OR Ever wondered if your business could sell to the federal government? Which federal agencies would be interested in what you sell? What does it take to become a federal contractor? Contracting experts will address these questions, highlight small business specific certifications and provide useful strategies on how to market in the federal contracting arena. All SBA programs and cosponsored programs are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis. Reasonable arrangements for persons will disabilities will be made, if requested, at least 2 weeks in advance. Address: 601 SW Second Avenue Suite 950, Portland, OR Visit:


Fundamentals: A 3-Day Complete Basics January 13 - 15, 2014: Washington, D.C. Fundamentals of Government Contracting course is a comprehensive, three-day overview and discussion of the federal government contracting process, including the procurement laws, regulations, and practical requirements applicable to it. For those who are new, relatively inexperienced, or require a supervisory understanding of government contracting, this course will provide an overview that will thoroughly familiarize the attendee with the federal contracting process, provide a strong foundation on which to build greater subject-matter expertise, and dispel common myths and misunderstandings. For those with some experience, the course will heighten knowledge, provide context, sharpen issue awareness, and improve the ability to operate successfully in this highly complex and competitive field. This “fundamentals” course is designed to be of benefit and interest to both government and contractor personnel, including contracting officers, contract and subcontract administrators, program and item managers, finance and accounting personnel, engineers, and attorneys (in-house, outside, government), among others. Learning Objectives: Participants will gain a strong understanding of the fundamental aspects of key topical aspects of the government contracting arena. Areas include: ·

· ·

The Setting: Branches of Government, Regulations, Purchasing Offices, and the Procurement Process Sealed Bidding Contract Negotiations

· · · · · · ·

Costs Specifications: Purpose & Types Inspections Changes Subcontracts Terms & Conditions Claims


· · ·

Terminations for Default & Terminations of Convenience Delays and Suspensions Disputes Appeals

For more information, please visit:


2nd Annual Utility Cyber Security Conference January 14-16, 2014: Atlanta, GA The 2nd Annual Utility Cyber Security Conference addresses crucial elements to secure the power grid including physical security, employee awareness training, information sharing platforms, protection against phishing attacks, defense and depth strategies and more! This conference will include a robust roster of seniorlevel speakers from electric utilities in the Information Technology, Cyber Security and Grid Security realm. Case studies from leading utility cyber security experts will be featured at the conference over a two-and-a-half day period of peer-to-peer presentations, workshops and interactive discussions. A Q&A portion will follow each session, allowing attendees to ask relevant questions on the subject matter. Join your peers in stabilizing network security by maximizing physical security and overcoming aging infrastructure while adhering to industry standards! · · · · ·

Address the need for increased information sharing of critical infrastructure threats between utilities and the government agencies Spearhead smart business practices to ensure security efforts are not overshadowed by compliance needs Overcome workforce obstacles through revolutionary training methods and strategic workforce planning Offer multiple methods and strategies to merge cyber security and physical security efforts Strategize defense and depth tactics and recognize appropriate solutions to enhance network protection

For more information visit:

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Newport Computer Solutions, Inc. is a full service VAR (Value Added Reseller) that started in 2003 and is located in Irvine, CA. We sell everything IT related, but specialize in network infrastructure and equipment for the Data Center. One thing that makes us unique, is we are a stocking vendor. We maintain our own warehouse of $20M+ in inventory. We also have developed an extensive global network of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Our focus is on Corporate SMB, Fortune 500, Education, Federal, State and Local Government. We have an extremely responsive and knowledgeable sales team. Below are the product lines that can be found in our own warehouse, along with other services we offer:


















GSA Schedule Contract Training January 15, 2014: Nashville, TN Key Session Topics: · Enhance your understanding of how GSA Schedules are used in the Federal Acquisition process. · Regardless of your GSA Schedule interest, bring your questions to the seminar regarding filling out a GSA contract. IMPORTANT: Bring a copy of the GSA Schedule (see below) that you are in the process of completing to obtain individual counseling. There is no charge for the seminar, but seating is limited to 35 attendees. Deadline for registration is January 7th, 2014. This seminar is a collaboration between the U.S. General Service Administration and the SBA. To register send an email to · · ·

Must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) and Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) Database. Projected government sales to reach at least $50,000 In most cases, business must be in operation for 2-years


Boots to Business: Starting a Business After Military Service January 15 – 16, 2014: Norfolk, VA Returning veterans are natural entrepreneurs, possessing the skills, experience and leadership to start businesses and create jobs. The Two-day Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Self- Employment Intensive Training Workshop is offered in collaboration among the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are recruiting interested transitioning service members and veterans to participate in the workshop, you will learn if starting a business is right for you, if your business idea is feasible and much more! Goals:   

To assist participants in understanding the steps, stages, and activities related to launching and growing a business as a post-military career. To help participants understand how business ownership might align (or not) with their own personal strength and life goals To provide introductory training and orientation to the fundamental tools and strategies associated with executing on plans to launch a new business.

Participant Benefits After the two-day workshop you will have created a Feasibility Analysis Deliverable that will serve as the basis for future business planning efforts. It is designed to assist you in developing an ‘actionable’ plan for subsequent efforts focused on launching a new venture.

Portland, Oregon

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Getting to Portland via Airplane: Portland International Airport (PDX) has direct connections to major airport hubs throughout the U.S., plus international flights. Handling over 14 Million people annually, it’s also one of the few airports to offer live music in several of the terminals. The Airport is just 12 miles from downtown. Ground Transportation: A taxi to downtown runs about $40 though traffic does play a significant role in the total cost. Airport shuttles, off-airport rental car companies are available and most transportation providers serve downtown Portland, which is approximately 30 to 40 minutes from the airport. Extraordinarily inexpensive, the Trimet MAX light rail runs from the airport directly to downtown’s Pioneer Square (close to many hotels) for just $2.50, though it will take about 40 minutes. Getting around the City: Downtown Portland is very walkable and what you can’t walk can easily be negotiated by taxi. Rates are $2.50 for pick up and $2.60 per mile thereafter and costs are minimal since the downtown core is so compact. There are also a number of pedicabs to get you through town, usually based at the major hotels; but ask about fees upfront as they are all different. The Trimet MAX light rail runs throughout the city if you’re going further afield for $2.50 per trip one-way.

Weather: Summers in Portland are warm, dry and relatively sunny with moderately low humidity. The four months of June, July, August and September account for less than five inches of rain – a small fraction of the 35 inches the city gets each year. The warmest month is August. Because Portland is 70 miles from the coast experiences heat waves particularly in July and August typically reach sporadic triple digit temperatures from May through September. Spring and fall are unpredictable including warm spells and cold snaps, however mild temperatures in the 50s and 60s and overcast skies are normal. Winter is chilly and overcast with the coolest month being December, with a daily average of 40.

Portland, Oregon

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Off the Clock: Lan Su Chinese Garden is located in what used to be Portland’s old Chinatown and this small city block is an oasis of tranquility smack dab inside a big city. There are free docent lead tours or you can wander the square-block grounds on your own. Laid out with a water feature in the center, you walk the entire circumference through pagodas, over small bridges, past the teahouse where you can sit and enjoy a traditional tea, to rock gardens and plenty of places to stop, sit and ground yourself. It’s a truly a beautiful and serene spot. You can stay as long as you wish and admire the hundreds of plant species native to China. Admission: $9.50 Deschutes Brewery is one of many breweries in Portland, but after 25 years Deschutes is still one of the best. Known for such brands as Black Butte Po rter (its flagship brew and the nation’s number one selling craft porter), and the popular Mirror Pond Pale Ale, this family and employee-owned brewery located in the Pearl District produces over 250,000 barrels of beer annually. You’ll find Fresh Hop Saison, Double D Imperial Spelt Ale, Six Bullets Belgian IPA, Fresh Squeezed IPA, and Gluten Free Beer. They offer brewpub food, which is frankly better than average, but the beers are the draw as there are so many better dining choices in the city. The space is warehouse chic with an open seating plan but small embellishments like carves wood beams over the booths. Distillery Row: Over the past few years Portland has experienced a craft distillation revolution. Six original, small-scale distilleries have sprung up on what is now referred to as Distillery Row. Some of their creations represent spirits that are now available for the first time since Prohibition. You can tour these establishments by pedicab, or just wander over as you sample their unique spirits and learn the secrets behind the distilling process. Producing over twenty unique liquors, they make everything from vodkas and gins, rums and whiskeys, to more specialized spirits such as absinthe, aquavit, and flavored liqueurs. The Row is open on the weekend and a few distilleries are open beginning mid-week.

Portland, Oregon

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Dining in Portland: Recommendations for a Business Meeting Bluehour: Portland’s undisputed grande dame of fine dining, this stunning high-ceilinged temple of Mediterranean gastronomy crafts creative cocktails and elegant, seasonally inspired dishes like octopus terrine and braised lamb ravioli, plus a renowned happy hour that lets you eat like a king on a pauper’s budget. Bluehour’s atmosphere is understated but elegant wi th hanging fabric at intervals from the coffered ceiling, breaking up the hardwood floors and white linen-clothed tables. The menu rotates often but can include dishes like lamb ravioli, sheep’s milk ricotta and black truffle; roasted chicken with herb jus; and grilled rib-eye accompanied by celery root purée. Cheese lovers can create their own plate from a cart of artisan selections. Desserts such as the pumpkin pavé or buttered rum crème brûlée are perennial favorites. The notable wine list features primarily Northwest (Oregon and Washington) wines with a smattering of Californian and European selections. Best described as a “see-and-be-seen, expense-account crowd” this is classic food with just the right amount of innovation. Le Pigeon: Impeccable French cuisine that blends whimsy, precision and creativity, Le Pigeon attracts an eclectic crowd snag seats at communal tables or at the counter to watch their foods begin prepared at the open kitchen. The menu, which features local, organic and free-range ingredients, changes often, but the rich, tender beef cheek bourguignon is a standard. Other entrées can include skirt steak with crab and potato gratin, goat cheese and shrimp butter vinaigrette, or a pan-roasted chicken and artichoke stew with anchovy and dill. There’s also a notable burger, and a vegetarian dish which is always available, such as rice pilaf-stuffed pepper with goat cheese, chanterelles and walnuts. Desserts range from foie gras profiteroles to honey-bacon-apricot cornbread. The wine list is appropriately varied to match the innovative fare. The tight space with open windows, exposed brick walls and open kitchen can get a little loud and the digs aren’t very creative however the undeniable draw of the food will assuage anything else.

Portland, Oregon

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Cheap (but Good) Eats: Sugar Mama’s Café: Though it sounds sweet, Sugar Mama’s dishes up terrific breakfasts and lunches in their off-beat green colored interior near the Willamette River. Best known for killer cinnamon buns, their simple but very good foods will make you rethink how terrific from-scratch foods can be. It’s a little slow on service, but nonetheless tasty and homey. Their popular breakfast menu costs under $10 and you can find egg dishes, pancakes, French toast, biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, and hash browns covered by Tillamook cheese. They offer a diverse lunch menu as well, mainly salads and sandwiches, and all-around good prices. It’s nothing fancy, but then good food doesn’t need to be.

Per Diem Rates as of 2013: The following rates apply for Portland, OR

Primary Destination Portland

County Multnomah

Max Lodging by Month (Excludes Taxes) Jan 126

Mar 126

Jun 126

Sep 126

Meals & Exp. **



* NOTE: Traveler reimbursement is based on the location of the work activities and not the accommodations, unless lodging is not available at the work activity, then the agency may authorize the rate where lodging is obtained. ** Meals and Incidental Expenses, see Breakdown of M&IE Expenses for important information on first and last days of travel.

Norfolk, Virginia

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Getting to Norfolk via Airplane: Norfolk International Airport (ORF) is the major airport serving coastal Virginia and northeast North Carolina. American, Delta, Southwest, United and US Airways offer convenient daily access to hundreds of cities worldwide. This small airport serves about three and a half million people annually but is neverthel ess easy to navigate. Ground Transportation: It’s a mere 10 miles from the airport to downtown Norfolk but the taxi companies are fairly aggressive to get your business. Be aware of flat rates as technically, there are not allowed. Eight major car rental companies, 11 taxi companies, and shuttle services operate between Norfolk International Airport and downtown, including Coastal Virginia. Getting around the City: You’re never more than a 15-minute car, cab or NET bus ride from any of Norfolk’s amenities. The Norfolk Electric Transit (NET) is a shuttle bus service running a 2.2-mile circuit through downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. Interstates 64 and 264 easily link Norfolk from all points North, South and West. Should you rent a car there are 20 parking garages in the downtown core making parking very easy. Taxi rates are about $3 for a pick up, then .30 per mile. But since everything is fairly compact and near the waterfront, getting around the downtown area is pretty easy. Weather: Norfolk has a temperate climate which means there are distinct seasons. The hottest months of the year are July and August and summer temperatures can be unpleasantly hot, often topping 90 with high humidity. The summer months are also the wettest months of the year, July and August receiving the most rain. On average, November and December are the driest months of the year and the coldest months of the year are January and February, reaching the upper 40’s. The fall is the best time here with the changing of the seasons and cooler temperatures in the mid-60s.

Norfolk, Virginia

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Off the Clock: Press 626 Café & Wine Bar is better known for their wine bar and limited beer menu than their food. There are some local wines, but also a solid representation of wines from across the globe for such a small bistro. On Tuesday’s they offer select bottles of wine for only $15, a great deal to try different things. Wednesday is Winesday here whereby you can sample all their wines that they pour by the glass for only $15. Local arts hugs the walls and though the service can be hit and miss, you’re here to sample Virginia wines or for bottles from across the globe. The gray townhouse with its curved, double-front staircase and evocative picture windows, could pass for a Dickens set piece, but was formerly a bank. Inside the tables seat about 30 people throughout two small rooms, but the bar consumes much of the casual, attractive space which exudes a neighborly conviviality.

The Hermitage Museum & Gardens is an early 20th century Arts-and-Crafts estate located on the shore of the Lafayette River. Featuring a nationally recognized art collection spanning 5,000 years, the Hermitage is home to contemporary exhibition galleries, a Visual Arts Studio working artist studios, and 12 acres of gardens and grounds. This is a real craftsman style home created by artists. The woodcarving is exquisite and covers just about every surface. Tours last approximately 45 minutes and include fifteen galleries on the first floor filled with the Sloane family art collection, furniture, and history. Or you can take a self-guided tour to browse the collection and home on your own. The second floor of the museum contains four self-guided galleries including an impressive collection of paintings by contemporary American masters. The other two galleries on the second floor, the Changing Galleries, are host to rotating exhibits throughout the year including works by local arts groups, and pieces in the Sloane Collections that are not on permanent display. Admission: $5

Store, manage and control keys, cards and small assets more securely and efficiently with KeyWatcher® Touch. Access is limited to authorized users, and all transactions are recorded with detailed reports available. The system will even automatically email transactional information to any user – at any time. And KeyWatcher’s convenient touchscreen makes removing and returning keys easier than ever. With our modular design and full scalability, it’s easy to see how we keep making key management better. That’s Morse Watchmans’ outside the box thinking – right inside the box. • 800.423.8256

Norfolk, Virginia

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Dining in Norfolk: Recommendations for a Business Meeting Byrd & Baldwin Brothers is a traditional steak and chophouse housed in a circa 1906 building of the same name, the home to a real estate investment firm, with a commanding Beau Arts Italianate façade making it seems sterile and stiff from the exterior. Inside an elongated lowceilinged space with white linens on hardwood floors and a burnt orange and brown walls feels proper, but playful. Jumbo Gulf shrimp, lump crab, salmon and lobster belie the meat-centric nature of this establishment. Steaks and chops are on the plus portion size but are perfectly executed and are aged at the restaurant for 21 days. Sides and sauces are extra. Their award winning wine list is surprisingly heavy on high-end California labels, but also includes local Virginia wines and a small but nice selection of half bottles. Todd Jurich's Bistro: This urbane bistro utilizes small farmers and producers who practice natural and ecologically sound agriculture, and offers alternative simple dishes to diet or food allergies. Jurich uses only fresh produce, drawn whenever possible from local farms. Lunches include salads, sandwiches, or smaller portions of the dinner mains. Vintages from the award-winning wine list go on sale during cocktail hour (4:306:30pm) at the wine bar with its impressive glassed wine wall. The classy dÊcor, all glossy hardwood and sleek clean lines, is not particularly intimate, but the food is consistently outstanding, even artful at times. Signatures dishes like the pumpkin and crab soup, crispy duck, and buttermilk fried soft crab are what keep people coming back to this pricy but very popular waterfront spot. The service is responsive, pleasant and sincere.

Norfolk, Virginia

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Cheap (but good) Eats: The Handsome Biscuit: Sweet potato biscuit sandwiches are the quintessentially Virginian food offered here. This small space with bare-bones dĂŠcor - which looks like a yellow roofed hut - has a limited menu but unlimited fans. The options you have on the short menu do not lack for imagination and prices are under $7. The granddaddy of them all is the Hella Fitzgerald - a juicy, boneless fried chicken breast between a sweet potato biscuit topped it with bacon and cheddar cheese, then smothered in luscious red-eye sausage gravy then top it with an oozy fried egg. That gives you an idea of why people flock here. There are a handful of tables in the small spot so if you see an empty one, grab it.

Per Diem Rates for 2014: The following rates apply for Norfolk, VA Primary Destination* Norfolk/ Portsmouth

Max Lodging by Month (Excludes Taxes) for 2014











Meals & Inc. Exp. ** 61

* NOTE: Traveler reimbursement is based on the location of the work activities and not the accommodations, unless lodging is not available at the work activity, then the agency may authorize the rate where lodging is obtained. ** Meals and Incidental Expenses, see Breakdown of M&IE Expenses for important information on first and last days

TransporTaTion ManageMenT services eMergencY TransporTaTion


planning and operational support for motor coach evacuation operations during declared federal disaster scenarios. Transportation Management Services Past Contracts:

9 GSA Schedule 48

• Hurricane Katrina (2005)

9 State evacuation vehicle contracts

• Rita (2005)

9 Efficient, reliable procurement of motorcoaches, minibuses, and paratransits

• Gustav (2008) • Ike (2008) • Irene (2011) • Isaac (2012) • Sandy (2012)

17810 Meeting House Road, Suite 200 Sandy Spring, Maryland 20860 800-437-7629 |

9 FEMA MCEP & OS contract for emergency evacuations

9 Activation and deployment of all staff and resources to meet operational needs 9 Central Dispatch Operations (CDO) Center activation 9 Integrated fleet scheduling and dispatch, tracking and reporting 9 On-going planning activities to increase readiness 9 State of the art transportation response team vehicle

805.963.6524 805.963.6524


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