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IBM to  Modernize  Department  of  Veteran   Affairs  Human  Resources  Technology   Agency’s  Over  300,000  employees  to  Benefit  from   new  Self-­‐service  Capabilities    WASHINGTON  D.C.  -­‐  07  May  2013:  IBM  (NYSE:  IBM)   announced  it  has  been  awarded  a  10  year  $123   million  contract  by  the  Department  of  Veterans   Affairs  (VA)  to  replace  the  agency’s  50  year  old   legacy  Human  Resources  (HR)  application  with  a   new  system  delivered  in  a  software-­‐as-­‐a-­‐service   model.       In  a  first-­‐of-­‐its-­‐kind  private  sector  HR  technology   solution  for  the  U.S.  Federal  Government,  IBM  has   been  selected  as  the  HR  Line  of  Business  (LOB)  Shared   Services  Center  (SSC)  provider  for  the  VA.  IBM  will  build,   operate  and  maintain  a  new  Human  Resources  system  to  be   deployed  across  the  enterprise  delivering  a  standardized  and  interoperable  human   resources  experience.  The  new  HR  system  will  allow  the  VA  to  better  manage  its   workforce  and  will  provide  enhancements  such  as  new  self-­‐service  options  for  VA   managers  and  employees.  The  VA  expects  to  reduce  costs  by  integrating  all  HR  systems   and  related  processes  from  its  geographically  dispersed  operational  locations.      “IBM  is  proud  to  partner  with  the  Department  of  Veterans  Affairs  to  support  its  critical   mission  of  helping  veterans.”  said  Anne  Altman,  General  Manager,  IBM  US  Federal.  “The   VA’s  Human  Resources  system  will  provide  a  more  flexible,  stable,  and  capable  system   to  meet  the  evolving  needs  of  the  agency  and  its  thousands  of  employees.  The  VA’s   greatest  asset  is  its  people,  and  this  new  HR  system  will  bolster  the  agency’s  mission  to   provide  care  and  benefits  for  our  nation’s  veterans  and  their  families.  ”     IBM  expects  the  new  HR  system  for  the  more  than  300,000  VA  employees  to  be   implemented  by  the  end  of  2015.    A  phased  deployment  strategy  will  be  initiated  in   January  2014  after  successful  completion  of  design,  development,  and  testing  of  the   new  HR  application  in  2013.  IBM  will  provide  implementation  services,  as  well  as   management  and  maintenance  services  for  the  new  system  over  the  course  of  the   contract.    

DynCorp International

DynCorp International  Supports  the  Last   Leg  Home  from  Space   May  2,  2013  at  3:48  pm   “Among  other  missions,”  writes  DI  NASA  program  manager  Jim  Snowden,  “our  team   flies  to  Russia  to  pick  up  U.S.  astronauts  returning  via  the  Russian  Soyuz  capsule  from   the  International  Space  Station.”    DI  team  members  participated  in   NASA  astronaut  Kevin  Ford’s  return   to  the  United  States  after  142  days   aboard  the  International  Space   Station.  Ford  returned  to  Earth  via   a  Russian  Soyuz  space  capsule  and   landed  in  Kazakhstan  March  16.   The  next  day  he  was  flown  back  to   the  United  States  in  a  specially   equipped  NASA  Gulfstream  III,   maintained  and  crewed  by  NASA   and  DynCorp  International  team   members.  The  mission  was   commanded  by  NASA  Aircraft  Operations  branch  chief  pilot  Bill  Ehrenstrom  and  piloted   by  DI’s  Tom  Ryan.   Prior  to  the  mission,  DI  mechanics  James  Molina,  Scott  Leonard,  Johnny  Scott,  Mike   Brown  and  Keith  Halkard  worked  diligently  to  de-­‐configure  the  aircraft  from  a  recent   research  mission  and  then  configure  the  aircraft  for  this  “Direct  Return”  mission.  The   work  entailed  removing  racks  of  research  equipment,  interior  furnishings  and  other   support  equipment.  Then  the  team  installed  beds,  chairs  and  medical  equipment  to   support  the  astronaut’s  trip  back  to  the  U.S.   In  addition  to  preparing  the  interior,  the  mechanics  completed  scheduled  maintenance   to  ensure  top  performance  for  this  important  mission.  Mechanic  Johnny  Scott   accompanied  the  aircraft  to  provide  servicing  and  maintenance  as  needed.  Support   provided  by  all  of  the  DI  mechanics  ensured  the  mission  was  successful  and  the  aircraft   was  able  to  provide  safe,  reliable  and  comfortable  transportation  for  the  aircrew  and   passengers.      


KBR Awarded  Turnaround  Services   Contract  on  Gulf  Coast     Houston,  Texas  —  May  7,  2013  —  KBR   (NYSE:  KBR)  today  announced  it  has   been  awarded  a  contract  by  a  leading   chemical  company  on  the  Gulf  Coast  to   provide  turnaround  services  for  its   pyrolysis  gasoline  (pygas)  unit.   KBR  will  conduct  services  as  the  general   contractor  to  perform  regulatory   maintenance,  mechanical  fixed   equipment,  piping  systems,  electrical   and  instrumentation  services  for  the   pygas  unit,  as  well  as  all  aspects  of   event  management,  project  controls  and  subcontractor  management.  Turnaround   execution  is  expected  to  increase  the  operating  unit  efficiency.    “KBR  has  the  know-­‐how  and  resources  necessary  to  deliver  our  services  safely,  on  time   and  within  budget,”  said  Ivor  Harrington,  Group  President,  KBR  Services.  “We  are  proud   to  be  selected  to  execute  this  important  turnaround  and  build  upon  our  consistent  track   record  of  success  in  the  Gulf  Coast  petrochemical  market.”   KBR  is  a  global  engineering,  construction  and  services  company  supporting  the  energy,   hydrocarbon,  power,  industrial,  civil  infrastructure,  minerals,  government  services  and   commercial  markets.  For  more  information,  visit  

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin  Announces  New  System   Available  for  Underwater  Inspection       HOUSTON,  May  7,  2013  –  Lockheed   Martin  [NYSE:  LMT]  is  leveraging  its   proven  capabilities  and  technology  with   autonomous  underwater  vehicles  (AUV)   to  enable  the  oil  and  gas  industry  to   perform  subsea  inspections  faster,  safer   and  more  effectively  with  its  Marlin®   AUV  System.   Following  Marlin’s  successful  inspection   of  14  offshore  sites  and  surrounding  seabed  last  summer  in  the  Gulf  of  Mexico  for  a   major  operating  company,  Lockheed  Martin  is  making  the  Marlin  system  available  for   sale  or  lease  to    oil  and  gas  service  providers  for  underwater  inspections.   Marlin  is  a  10-­‐foot  long  AUV  equipped  with  advanced  autonomy  and  high  resolution   optical  and  acoustic  sensors  that  generates  3-­‐D  geo-­‐referenced  models  of  underwater   platforms  and  surrounding  seabed,  creating  an  accurate  view  of  the  area.   "We  developed  the  Marlin  from  our  extensive  AUV  systems  experience  to  fill  a  need  in   the  commercial  sector,"  said  Dan  McLeod,  program  manager  of  Lockheed  Martin’s   Offshore  Systems  and  Sensors  business.  "The  Marlin  essentially  creates  a  window  below   the  surface  of  the  water  that  allows  operators  to  manage  what  they  typically  cannot   see,  which  is  a  game  changer  for  our  customers.”     Headquartered  in  Bethesda,  Md.,  Lockheed  Martin  is  a  global  security  and  aerospace   company  that  employs  about  118,000  people  worldwide  and  is  principally  engaged  in   the  research,  design,  development,  manufacture,  integration,  and  sustainment  of   advanced  technology  systems,  products,  and  services.  The  Corporation’s  net  sales  for   2012  were  $47.2  billion.  

MEI Technologies

NASA Extends  Electrical  Systems   Engineering  Services  Contract     WASHINGTON  -­‐-­‐  NASA  has  extended  its   interim  contract  with  MEI  Technologies   Inc.  of  Houston  for  electrical  systems   engineering  services.     The  ordering  period  has  been  extended   for  five  months  from  May  9  to  Oct.  8.   The  maximum  ordering  value  of  this   indefinite-­‐delivery,  indefinite-­‐quantity   contract  has  been  increased  by  about   $50  million  to  a  total  of  about  $287   million.  This  extension  has  been   implemented  to  sustain  performance  until  the  Engineering  Systems  Engineering  Services   II  follow-­‐on  contract  is  awarded.     Under  this  contract,  MEI  Inc.  performs  tasks  that  are  necessary  for  the  study,  design,   development,  fabrication,  integration,  testing,  verification,  and  operations  of   spaceflight,  airborne,  and  ground  system  hardware  and  software.  Contract   responsibilities  also  include  development  and  validation  of  new  technologies  to  enable   future  space  and  science  missions  in  support  of  the  Applied  Engineering  and  Technology   Directorate  at  NASA's  Goddard  Space  Flight  Center  in  Greenbelt,  Md.     Task  orders  issued  under  the  contract  provide  critical  support  to  a  wide  range  of  NASA's   missions  and  projects  including  Global  Precipitation  Measurement,  Magnetospheric   MultiScale,  Landsat  Data  Continuity  Mission,  James  Webb  Space  Telescope,  Soil   Moisture  Active-­‐Passive,  Soft  X-­‐Ray  Spectrometer  for  the  Astro-­‐H  mission,  and  the   Advanced  Topographic  Laser  Altimeter  System.      


Fluor Awarded  Contract  for  Dow  U.S.  Gulf   Coast  Investments   Engineering,  procurement  and  self-­‐perform  construction  services  in   Freeport,  Texas    IRVING,  Texas-­‐-­‐(BUSINESS  WIRE)-­‐-­‐Fluor   Corporation  (NYSE:  FLR)  announced  today   that  it  was  awarded  a  contract  by  The   Dow  Chemical  Company  (NYSE:  DOW)  to   execute  a  significant  portion  of  its  U.S.   Gulf  Coast  investments.  Fluor’s  scope   includes  the  engineering,  procurement   and  construction  (EPC)  of  a  propane   dehydrogenation  unit,  an  ethane  cracker,   and  associated  power,  utilities  and   infrastructure  facility  upgrades  to  support  each  unit.  The  facilities  will  be  constructed  in   Dow's  Oyster  Creek  facility  in  Freeport,  Texas.  Fluor  booked  the  undisclosed  contract   value  into  backlog  in  the  first  quarter  of  2013.    “Fluor  has  had  a  strong  and  long-­‐standing  relationship  with  Dow,  supporting  some  of   the  industry’s  most  challenging  and  innovative  projects,”  said  Peter  Oosterveer,   president  of  Fluor’s  Energy  &  Chemicals  Group.  “This  is  a  significant  endeavor  by  Dow  to   process  hydrocarbons  from  the  domestic  shale  formations,  and  we  are  pleased  to   continue  our  support  of  their  efforts.”   Fluor’s  Sugar  Land,  Texas,  office  will  lead  the  EPC  and  self-­‐perform  construction  phases   of  the  project  with  additional  support  provided  from  the  company’s  Asia  Pacific   operations.  


Battelle Wins  $76  Million  Chemical   Demilitarization  Contract  at  Kentucky  Plant     COLUMBUS,  OH.,  8  May,  2013—Battelle   recently  was  awarded  a  key  contract  in   its  ongoing  efforts  to  help  rid  the  country   of  chemical  weapons.   In  April,  Bechtel  National,  Inc.,  awarded   Battelle’s  Demilitarization  Business  Unit  a   $76  million  contract  to  support   systemization  activities  at  the  Blue  Grass   Chemical  Agent-­‐  Destruction  Pilot  Plant  in   Richmond,  Kentucky.     Under  the  five-­‐year  contract    Battelle  will  provide  science  and  technology  services,   agent  air  monitoring,  and  laboratory  services  to  support  the  chemical  weapons   demilitarization  plant  during  the  final  phases  of  its  construction  and  readiness   preparation.    Battelle  will  employ  more  than  150  staff  supporting  a  24/7  schedule.   Battelle  has  been  an  integral  part  of  demilitarization  operations  throughout  the  country,   supporting  similar  Army  programs  located  in  Alabama,  Colorado,  Maryland  and  Utah.     The  only  remaining  stockpiles  of  chemical  weapons  in  the  U.S.  inventory  are  located  at   the  Pueblo  Chemical  Army  Depot  and  Blue  Grass  Army  Depot  and  Battelle  provides   services  to  both  of  those  demilitarization  facilities.    “We’re  pleased  to  begin  this  latest  chapter  in  our  country’s  important  effort  to  rid  the   world  of  chemical  weapons  stockpiles,”  said  Dan  Taylor,  vice  president  and  general   manager  of  Battelle’s  Demilitarization  business.  “We  look  forward  to  using  our  proven   sound  science  and  safe  operating  practices  as  we  tackle  this  effort.”  

Complete Mobile Classified Computing

TACLANE -MultiBook — Incredibly Secure, Decidedly Mobile ®

The TACLANE-MultiBook secure laptop provides users with a complete Suite B, mobile solution to remotely access, process, and protect information classified Secret and Below. For the first time an NSA certified COTS computer now integrates multiple security features such as secure Data-in-Transit (DIT), Data-at-Rest (DAR) and Multilevel Computing without the handling requirements of COMSEC equipment. /multibook

For more information call 781-455-2800 or 888-Type-1-4-U (888-897-3148 ) , email secure . communications @ gdc4s . com © 2012 General Dynamics. All rights reserved. TACLANE is a registered trademark of General Dynamics.

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ConnectedLiving and  CDW  Healthcare   Partner  to  Get  Seniors  Online   and  Connected   Partnership  speeds  the   implementation  of  new  technology   tools  designed  to  positively  affect   overall  wellness  in  long-­‐term  care   communities    QUINCY,  Mass.  –  April  29,  2013  –   ConnectedLiving,  a  mission-­‐based  organization   helping  senior  citizens  live  richer,  more   connected  lives  through  the  use  of  technology,   today  announced  a  partnership  with  CDW   Healthcare,  a  leading  provider  of  technology   solutions  for  healthcare.  Together  both  organizations  will  deliver  the  technology,   services  and  training  necessary  to  get  entire  senior  living  communities  online.   More  than  half  of  adults  over  65  actively  use  the  Internet  today,  and  in  the  next  decade,   85  million  baby  boomers  will  retire  and  enter  care  facilities  or  require  home  health   assistance.  As  they  make  choices  about  where  they  will  reside,  they  will  consider  access   to  technology.  Internet  connectivity  and  other  technology  amenities  are  now  standard   and  expected  in  senior  care/long-­‐term  care  facilities,  especially  by  seniors  who  wish  to   stay  connected  with  children  and  grandchildren  who  often  communicate  electronically   via  text,  social  media  and  the  Internet.   The  ConnectedLiving  program  creates  an  environment  for  seniors  to  enjoy  greater  social   interaction  by  connecting  them  with  loved  ones  and  providing  open  access  to   community,  educational  resources  and  healthcare  resources  through  any  Internet-­‐ enabled  device.  Together,  ConnectedLiving  and  CDW  Healthcare  will  provide  Web-­‐based   applications,  IT  infrastructure,  networking  technology,  computing  devices,  hands-­‐on   staff  facilitated  training  and  remote  support  available  seven  days  a  week.  


Centurylink Extends  Fiber  Network  To  Data   Centers  And  Businesses  In  Jacksonville,  Fla.     JACKSONVILLE,  Fla.,  April  30,  2013  /PRNewswire/  -­‐-­‐   CenturyLink,  Inc.  (NYSE:  CTL)  today  announced  that  it   has  extended  its  fiber  network  into  metro   Jacksonville,  Fla.,  connecting  to  two  independent,   third-­‐party  data  centers  and  enabling  many  business   customer  locations  in  the  Jacksonville  metro  area  with   data  and  cloud-­‐based  services.   CenturyLink's  global  network  helps  address  the   growing  demand  from  businesses  for  increased   bandwidth  and  greater  network  security.  Customers   located  in  the  Jacksonville  data  centers  can  now   connect  to  primary  or  backup  Internet  service  or  long-­‐ haul  data  products  using  CenturyLink's  fiber  optic   network.  They  also  gain  access  to  CenturyLink's  data   solutions  portfolio  which  includes:   CenturyLink  IQ™  Internet  Port  -­‐  Scalable  Internet  connectivity  at  access  speeds   customized  to  meet  any  business  need.   CenturyLink  IQ™  Networking  Private  Port  -­‐  Flexible  and  reliable  private  IP-­‐based  VPN   service  that  combines  voice  and  data  applications  onto  a  single  network.   Optical  Wavelength  Service  -­‐  Fully  managed,  private,  point-­‐to-­‐point  service  using  dense   wave  division  multiplexing  (DWDM)  technology.   "CenturyLink's  data  networking  products,  combined  with  reliable  connectivity  to  our   nationwide  and  international  network  and  secure  access  into  data  centers,  will  help   businesses  in  Jacksonville  develop  and  launch  cloud-­‐based  offerings  needed  in  today's   fast-­‐paced  business  environment,"  said  Richard  Twilley,  CenturyLink  vice  president  of   sales.  "By  helping  businesses  tap  into  the  power  of  managed  hosting  and  cloud   computing,  CenturyLink  frees  them  to  focus  on  what  matters  most."    

Cubic Transportation Systems

Cubic Customer  Metro  Transit  Reaches   Near  Record  High  Smart  Card  Usage     SAN  DIEGO,  Calif.  –  May  7,  2013  –  Cubic   Transportation  Systems,  a  leading  integrator  of   payment  and  information  technology  and  services   for  intelligent  travel  solutions,  today  recognized  the   achievement  of  its  Minneapolis/St.  Paul-­‐based   customer,  Metro  Transit  that  achieved  near  record   high  usage  of  its  Go-­‐To  Card  contactless  smart  cards   in  February  2013.  The  Go-­‐To  Card  represented  54.7   percent  of  all  fares  collected  during  the  month.     The  3.43  million  rides  were  paid  for  using  Metro  Transit’s  Go-­‐To  Cards,  which  include   the  Metropass  and  cards  used  by  high  school  and  college  students.  Metro  Transit  is  the   15th  largest  U.S.  transit  agency  based  on  its  ridership,  which  exceeded  81  million  in   2012.   The  achievement  drew  the  attention  of  the  Star  Tribune,  where  reporter  Tim  Harlow   noted  that  Tom  Randall,  senior  manager  of  revenue  operations  for  Metro  Transit,  said   the  use  of  the  older  SuperSaver  cards  will  drop  even  more  as  Metro  Transit  steers  riders   to  the  Go-­‐To  cards.    “We  are  very  excited  about  the  growing  use  of  the  Go-­‐To  Card  in  the  Minneapolis/St.   Paul  area,”  said  Steve  Shewmaker,  president  of  Cubic  Transportation  Systems.  “The   rising  use  of  the  Go-­‐To  Card  is  good  for  both  Metro  Transit  and  its  customers,  offering   the  convenience  of  cashless  travel  and  one  card  to  pay  for  all  your  public  transportation   whether  bus,  light  rail  or  commuter  train.”   With  the  Go-­‐To  Card,  riders  tap  their  card  to  a  reader,  which  automatically  calculates   and  deducts  the  amount  from  their  cards,  speeding  up  the  time  it  takes  for  riders  to   board  buses  and  trains.  

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Dell Inc.

Dell’s Flexible  IT  Solutions  Help  Accelerate   Growth  of  Firms  in  Law  Industry   Dell  continues  to  accelerate  the  growth  of  midsize  businesses,  providing   scalable  technology  solutions  that  help  firms  focus  on  business  needs   without  worrying  about  the  reliability  of  their  IT  environment.    Growing  firms  that  are  more  progressive  to   invest  in  technology  are  poised  to  see  better   business  performance.  SMB  Group's  2012  SMB   Routes  to  Market  Study  found  a  strong   correlation  between  increased  technology   investments  and  business  performance.  The   survey  revealed  that  60%  of  the  small  and   medium  businesses  (SMB)  plan  to  invest  more   in  technology  in  2013,  85  percent  of  these   SMBs  expected  revenue  growth.   Dell  Compellent  Helps  Law  Services  Firm  Become  National  Leader   D4  provides  corporations  and  law  firms  with  litigation  support  through  eDiscovery  and   computer  forensic  services,  helping  to  reduce  the  number  of  documents  attorneys   review,  saving  their  clients  money.  The  firm,  which  is  headquartered  in  Rochester,  NY,   experienced  significant  growth,  its  data  was  doubling  every  18  months  and  the  company   needed  an  enterprise  storage  solution  that  could  scale.       “We’re  dealing  with  an  explosion  in  the  amount  of  data  that  needs  to  be  assessed  in   litigation,”  says  John  Holland,  CEO  and  founder  of  D4,  LLC.  “Of  every  dollar  spent  in   litigation,  70  to  80  percent  is  spent  on  document  review.  The  D4  value  proposition  is  to   reduce  documents  early.    We  get  everything  stored  in  a  manner  where  we  can  search  it,   analyze  it,  and  use  automated  tools  and  technology  to  winnow  it  down  to  the  most   responsive  data  set,  so  the  cost  of  attorney  review  is  minimized.”   To  address  customer  needs  D4  chose  Dell  Compellent™  Storage  Center  array  for  its   automated  tiering,  replays  and  cost-­‐efficient  scalability  that  would  enable  the   company’s  growth.  D4  was  able  to  boost  speed  while  enabling  zero  storage  downtime.   The  firm’s  new  ability  to  sift  through  data  effectively  has  helped  save  the  company   $250,000  and  increase  revenue  by  30  to  40  percent  a  year  to  become  a  national  player   in  eDiscovery  services.  

Aerospace Corp.

Labs Develop  New  Bonding  Experience   by  Laura  Johnson   posted  April  04,  2013    Aerospace  scientists  have  developed  a  new   method  for  treating  the  surface  of  composite   materials,  allowing  for  more  effective  adhesive   bonding.   Composites,  which  are  combinations  of  at  least   two  different  materials,  are  strong,  stiff,  and   have  a  low  density.  This  makes  them  ideal  for   use  in  spacecraft  and  launch  vehicles.   Composites  are  often  joined  together  to  create  large  structures.  They  can  be  joined   using  a  fastener  of  some  kind,  but  this  adds  undesirable  weight.  The  preferred  method   is  adhesive  bonding,  which,  in  layman’s  terms,  is  basically  gluing  the  two  pieces   together.   Anyone  who  has  ever  glued  something  knows  that  it  is  important  for  the  surface  to  be   clean  prior  to  applying  the  glue.  The  surface  of  composites  must  also  be  prepared  prior   to  bonding,  but  there  are  problems  with  current  methods.   “Over  the  last  30  years  the  reinforcements  used  for  composites  continue  to  improve,   which  result  in  stiffer  and  stronger  parts,”  said  Dr.  Rafael  Zaldivar,  a  senior  scientist  in   the  Materials  Science  Department.  “Many  of  the  surface  preparation  techniques  that   were  developed  30  years  ago  (such  as  abrasion)  have  not  evolved  with  the  changes  in   these  material  systems.  These  new  composite  materials  utilize  fibers  that  are  much   stiffer,  however,  they  tend  to  have  weaker  fiber-­‐matrix  interfaces  which  makes  their   composites  less  damage  tolerant.”   Abrasion,  or  scraping  the  surface,  is  a  common  manual  process  to  remove   contamination  and  prepare  the  surface  for  bonding,  but  it  has  the  potential  to  damage   the  material.   “Over  the  last  several  years,  we  have  observed  a  large  number  of  premature  failures  or   lower  than  expected  strengths  in  bonded  composite  joints  used  in  our  space   structures,”  Zaldivar  said.  “Our  failure  investigations  showed  that  many  were  a  result  of   the  current  surface  preparation  process  that  was  employed.  The  process  was  actually   damaging  the  composite  resulting  in  low  strengths  and  higher  variability.”  

Abt Associates

Are H-­‐1B  Technical  Skills  Training  Grants   Improving  Employment  and  Earnings  of   American  Workers?     BETHESDA,  MD—Abt  Associates  has  been  awarded   a  $6.97  million  contract  by  the  U.S.  Department  of   Labor  to  evaluate  the  impact  of  the  H-­‐1B  Technical   Skills  Training  Grants—grants  which  are  designed  to   bolster  the  skills  and  employability  of  American   workers  for    jobs  often  filled  by  highly  educated,   highly  skilled  foreign  workers.    “Our  evaluation  will  determine  if  the  U.S.  Department  of  Labor’s  (DOL’s)  H-­‐1B  training   grants  result  in  higher  levels  of  employment  and  earnings  among  U.S.  workers,   indicating  that  they  can  meet  the  skill  requirements  of  U.S.  employers  and  potentially   decrease  U.S.  businesses’  dependence  on  foreign  workers  here  on  H-­‐1B  visas,”  said   Cindy  Taylor,  vice  president  and  leader  of  the  Income  Security  and  Workforce  Practice  at   Abt  Associates.         Taylor  said  that  foreign  workers  have  been  important  to  U.S.-­‐based  businesses,   especially  high  tech  companies,  since  1990  when  Congress  authorized  the  H-­‐1B  visa,   allowing  these  workers  employment  with  American  companies  in  response  to  business   claims  that  they  couldn’t  find  qualified  Americans  to  fill  certain  jobs.   By  boosting  the  skills  of  American  workers,  the  H-­‐1B  Technical  Skills  Trainings  Grants,   funded  with  fees  collected  from  H-­‐1B  visa  applications,  hope  to  better  qualify  Americans   for  positions  currently  held  by  foreigners.   The  first  training  grants  were  first  awarded  to  36  public-­‐private  partnerships  across  the   U.S.  in  2011.    Additional  grants  were  awarded  in  2012.   In  addition  to  assessing  the  impact  of  the  H-­‐1B  training  grants,  the  five-­‐year  evaluation   by  Abt  will  add  to  DOL’s  understanding  of  the  factors  that  facilitate  or  impede  effective   implementation  of  these  grants,  Taylor  added.        



I446 U.S. Navy MK-1 Inflatable Vest Designed with added gear to help others during rescue missions, the vest includes a I441 Life Preserver Vest, I001 Whistle, I921 ACR® Strobe Light, and I702 Dye Marker.

600GRN 3000001231 Inherently Buoyant Vest

I600 Deluxe Merchant Mate™ Vest

A non-reversible, vest-style Type 1 PFD designed for comfort and performance. Aquafoam™ flotation foam provides a minimum 22 lbs. (98 Newtons) of buoyancy.

Constructed with Aquafoam™ flotation foam and a heavy-duty nylon shell. a foam-filled collar offers additional head support.

Contact: Jeff Gayer Stearns Strategic Account Manager | 316-832-2981


Centurylink to  Make  Omaha  One  of  the   Fastest  Broadband  Cities  in  America   Thousands  are  eligible  for  company's  new  high-­‐speed  fiber  network   pilot    OMAHA,  Neb.,  May  1,  2013  /PRNewswire/  -­‐-­‐   CenturyLink,  Inc.  (NYSE:  CTL)  today  announced  it  is   connecting  48,000  Omaha  homes  and  businesses  with   its  new  high-­‐speed  fiber  network  pilot  that  will  deliver  Internet  speeds  of  up  to  one   Gigabit  per  second  (Gbps)  –  100  times  faster  than  average  broadband  speeds.   CenturyLink  is  upgrading  its  existing  fiber  architecture  in  west  Omaha  to  create  a  more   robust  network  that  delivers  fiber  optic  connections  directly  to  homes  and  businesses.   This  upgraded  fiber-­‐to-­‐the-­‐premises  (FTTP)  technology  will  provide  eligible  customers   with  access  to  some  of  the  fastest  upload  and  download  Internet  speeds  currently   available  in  the  U.S.   "CenturyLink  is  pleased  to  offer  its  Omaha  customers  ultra-­‐fast  broadband  speeds  up  to   1  Gbps  to  help  keep  pace  with  growing  broadband  demands,"  said  Karen  Puckett,   CenturyLink  chief  operating  officer.  "This  demonstrates  our  commitment  to  deliver   communications  solutions  that  provide  our  customers  with  the  technology  they  need  to   enhance  their  quality  of  life,  now  and  into  the  future."   Using  1  Gbps,  customers  can  download  a  high-­‐definition  movie  in  seconds  and  stream  it   from  multiple  devices,  gain  instant  access  to  cloud  services  and  applications  on  demand,   and  subscribe  to  the  latest  information  and  entertainment  services  available.  Speeds  are   also  symmetrical,  allowing  customers  to  upload  videos  and  large  files  of  information  just   as  fast  as  they  download.  Customers  utilizing  CenturyLink's  1  Gbps  service  in  Omaha  will   have  a  direct  connection  to  the  company's  recently  upgraded  100  Gbps  global  network,   designed  to  accommodate  the  bandwidth  demand  driven  by  cloud  computing,  mobile   traffic,  big  data  and  video  streaming.   "After  working  on  telecommunications  issues  for  more  than  a  decade  now,  I'm  well   aware  of  the  many  economic  benefits  that  come  from  access  to  high-­‐speed  broadband,"   said  U.S.  Rep.  Lee  Terry  (R-­‐Neb.).  "I'm  proud  that  CenturyLink  has  chosen  Omaha  for  its   1  Gig  pilot  and  really  believe  that  the  sky  is  the  limit  for  our  local  tech  community  now   that  they'll  have  access  to  the  fastest  Internet  speeds  in  the  country."      


CH2M HILL  Wins  LCRA  Lower  Basin   Reservoir  Project   April  25,  2013    CH2M  HILL  (  ),  a  global  full-­‐ service  consulting,  design,  construction  and   operations  firm,  was  recently  selected  by  the   Lower  Colorado  River  Authority  (LCRA)  for  Phase   1  Engineering  services  for  the  Lower  Basin   Reservoir  Project  near  Lane  City,  Texas.    CH2M   HILL  has  performed  water  resources  planning   and  study  work  for  LCRA  for  many  years,   including  the  recent  Water  Supply  Resource  Plan  that  identified  potential  strategies  to   meet  water  demands  through  2100.   The  project  will  involve  the  following:   -­‐

Design of  an  approximate  40,000  acre-­‐foot,  off-­‐channel  reservoir  covering  over   1,000  acres  and  with  an  earthen  berm  roughly  40  feet  in  height  


Design for  pump  station  and  intakes  rehab/upgrade  with  maximum  capacity  of   561  cubic  feet/second,  along  with  associated  conveyance  to  and  from  the   reservoir  


Assessment and  rehabilitation  of  a  low-­‐head  dam  on  the  river  just  downstream  

The project  will  be  delivered  under  a  construction  management  at-­‐risk  (CMAR)  delivery   model,  with  CH2M  HILL  serving  as  the  designer.    The  estimated  total  project  cost  is  $206   million,  with  scheduled  completion  for  July  2017.   The  CH2M  HILL  team  will  be  led  by  project  manager  and  global  water  services  leader  for   CH2M  HILL,  Ken  Hall.    Says  Hall,  “This  win  solidifies  our  leadership  position  in  the  dam   and  large  conveyance  market.  The  ongoing  drought  is  really  driving  water  providers  to   supplement  water  supplies  to  meet  customer  needs,  and  we  expect  more  reservoir  and   conveyance  projects  like  this  in  the  coming  years.  I  am  confident  that  our  team  will   deliver  a  great  project  for  LCRA,  and  we  are  excited  about  this  opportunity  to  help   LCRA.”  


CB&I Announces  Award  of  Execution  Phase   of  Air  Quality  Control  Program      THE  WOODLANDS,  Texas,  May  2,  2013   /PRNewswire/  -­‐-­‐  CB&I  (NYSE:  CBI)  today   announced  it  has  been  awarded  a   contract  for  the  execution  phase  of  an   air  quality  control  program  for  13   existing  coal-­‐fired  units  at  five  sites.  The   units  represent  more  than  9,000   megawatts  (MW)  of  electric  generating   capacity.   This  award  is  valued  at  approximately   $300  million.  CB&I  was  awarded  the  development  phase  of  the  project  in  September   2012.  During  the  execution  phase,  CB&I  will  provide  engineering,  procurement  and   construction  management  for  modern  air  quality  control  technologies  that  will  reduce   emissions  including  sulfur  dioxide,  mercury,  particulate  and  hydrogen  chloride.  This  is  a   second  quarter  2013  award.   "CB&I  has  a  rich  history  in  air  quality  control  retrofits.  This  project  will  allow  us  to   continue  our  legacy  in  providing  clean  coal  operations  to  meet  or  exceed  current   regulations,"  said  Lasse  Petterson,  Chief  Operating  Officer  and  Executive  Vice  President,   Engineering,  Construction  and  Maintenance  operating  group.   CB&I  is  a  leading  provider  of  air  quality  control  systems,  including  wet  and  dry  flue  gas   desulfurization,  dry  sorbent  injection,  nitrogen  oxides  and  mercury  removal,  and   particulate  emissions  control  systems.  CB&I  has  performed  emissions  retrofits  on  more   than  40,000  MW  of  power  generation  within  the  past  10  years.  

ITT Exelis

ITT Exelis  to  Supply  NASA/JPL  with   Advanced  Antennas  to  Support   Multinational  Climate  Research     BOHEMIA,  N.Y.-­‐-­‐(BUSINESS  WIRE)-­‐-­‐May.  2,   2013-­‐-­‐  ITT  Exelis  (NYSE:  XLS)  has  been   awarded  a  contract  by  NASA’s  Jet   Propulsion  Laboratory  (JPL),  Pasadena,   Calif.,  to  provide  specialized  antennas  for   the  Constellation  Observing  System  for   Meteorology,  Ionosphere  &  Climate-­‐2   (COSMIC-­‐2)  program.   By  analyzing  GPS  signals  altered  by   atmospheric  conditions,  COSMIC-­‐2  satellites   will  provide  insights  that  advance  the  study  of  meteorology,  ionospheric  research,   climatology  and  space  weather.  Under  the  agreement,  Exelis  will  provide  JPL  with  25   high-­‐accuracy  multiband  Global  Navigation  Satellite  System  (GNSS)  antennas.    “Our  antennas  will  ensure  the  satellites  in  the  COSMIC-­‐2  constellation  receive  signals   clearly  and  effectively  across  multiple  signal  bands  from  GPS  satellites,”  said  Paul  Eyring,   senior  director  of  programs  for  antennas,  sensors  and  microelectronics  for  Exelis   Electronic  Systems.  “These  antennas  offer  the  next-­‐generation  sensor  system   performance  that  will  help  advance  this  important  field  of  scientific  research.”   COSMIC-­‐2/FORMOSAT-­‐7  is  a  joint  program  sponsored  by  the  U.S.  National  Oceanic  and   Atmospheric  Administration  (NOAA)  and  Taiwan’s  National  Space  Organization.  The   program’s  planned  constellation  of  12  satellites  will  support  a  variety  of  atmospheric   and  ionospheric  observation  missions,  providing  a  range  of  real-­‐time  atmospheric  and   space  weather  data.  Each  satellite  will  include  two  Exelis  GNSS  antennas.  


USIS |  LABAT  Awarded  Records   Management  Contract  by  the  U.S.   Government  Printing  Office      FALLS  CHURCH,  VA,  April  30,  2013  —  USIS  |  LABAT  a   leading  provider  of  secure  information  management   services,  has  been  awarded  a  Multiple  Award  Task   Order  Contract  (MATOC)  by  the  U.S.  Government   Printing  Office  (GPO).  With  this  contract,   government  agencies  nationwide  gain  access  to   records  management  solutions  from  USIS  |   LABAT,  including  digitization  services,   document  storage,  distribution,   document  conversion,  electronic   document  storage  and  digital  asset   management.  USIS  |  LABAT  will   maintain  the  contract  for  two  base   years  with  three  additional  one-­‐year   options.  Individual  task  order  values   can  reach  upwards  of  $7  million.   USIS  |  LABAT  is  an  operating  unit   within  USIS,  an  industry  leader  in   security  consulting  solutions  and  the   largest  commercial  provider  of  background   investigations  to  the  federal  government.  As   a  leader  in  the  evolving  field  of  secure   document  and  records  management  for  20   years,  USIS  |  LABAT  has  established  cost-­‐effective   information  management  programs  using  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  technologies  and  techniques   for  numerous  federal  agencies.   “This  indefinite  delivery/indefinite  quantity  contract  will  easily  enable  any  and  all   government  agencies  to  procure  USIS  |  LABAT  content  management  solutions  for  on-­‐ site  services,”  said  Stacy  Pervall,  Vice  President  of  USIS  |  LABAT.  “We’re  pleased  to  be   an  approved  vendor  on  this  contract  and  look  forward  to  supporting  clients  through  it.”  

IntelliDyne, LLC

IntelliDyne, LLC  Wins  a  $21M  IT  Support   Contract  with  Department  of  Justice’s   Antitrust  Division     Falls  Church,  VA  –  May  1,  2013  –  IntelliDyne,  LLC  ,  a   leading  IT  consulting  firm  for  public  sector  agencies,   announced  today  it  was  awarded  a  Department  of   Justice,  Antitrust  Division  IT  support  contract.  The   contract  with  IntelliDyne  is  valued  at  $21  million   over  a  five-­‐year  period,  Base  and  Options.  This  new   federal  agency  partnership  will  further  enhance   IntelliDyne’s  growing  Enterprise  Infrastructure   Management  and  Enterprise  Collaboration  practice.   Under  the  newly  awarded  contract,  IntelliDyne  will  support   the  United  States  Department  of  Justice  Antitrust  Information  Systems  Support  Group,   which  delivers  a  full  range  of  IT  management  functions  and  support  tasks,  including   Project  Management,  Administrative  Services,  End-­‐user  Support  Services,  System   Operations  Administration,  Systems  Engineering  and  Development,  Security,  and   Remote  Trial  Support  to  its  end  user  clients.   The  Antitrust  Division  of  the  U.S.  Department  of  Justice  operates  with  a  primary  mission   of  promoting  competition  within  the  U.S.  economy  through  enforcement  of,   improvements  to,  and  education  about  antitrust  laws  and  principles.  Through  protecting   competition  across  industries  and  geographic  borders,  the  DOJ’s  Antitrust  Division   works  to  serve  as  a  catalyst  for  economic  efficiency  and  growth  with  benefits  accrued  to   both  American  consumers  and  American  businesses.   Tony  Crescenzo,  COO  and  Chief  Strategy  Officer,  commented  "As  a  trusted  advisor,   IntelliDyne  has  a  proven  track  record  of  serving  the  strategic  and  tactical  needs  of   United  States  Department  of  Justice  and  other  law  enforcement  agencies.  Our  unique   ability  to  connect  the  dots  between  business  impact  and  IT  requirements  empowers  our   clients  to  benefit  from  higher  operational  efficiency  across  the  enterprise.  We  look   forward  to  supporting  DOJ  with  innovation  and  dedication."    

CGI Group

State Of  California  Selects  CGI  to   Implement  New  Centralized  Statewide   Voter  Registration  System,  Votecal   Provides  Californians  with  a  consistent  and  uniform  basis  for  exercising   their  right  to  vote   Fairfax,  Virginia,  May  7,  2013  -­‐        CGI  Group  Inc.  (NYSE:  GIB)  (TSX:  GIB.A)   today  announced  it  will  implement   California’s  new  centralized  statewide   voter  registration  database  system,   VoteCal,  providing  a  single  official  source   of  voter  registration  information.  The   contract  is  valued  at  US$38.75  million  over   four  years.   VoteCal  will  connect  to  multiple  state   agencies  and  all  58  county  election  official  offices  to  improve  the  efficiency  of  the  voter   registration  process.  Currently,  information  about  new  and  existing  registered  voters  is   separately  maintained  in  county  election  management  systems  with  the  current   statewide  voter  registration  database  (CalVoter)  storing  a  copy  of  each  county’s  voter   registration  data  and  refreshing  that  data  based  on  daily  updates.   VoteCal  will  include  a  new  public  website  for  people  to  register  online,  verify  their   registration,  and  look  up  provisional  ballot  and  vote-­‐by-­‐mail  ballot  status—improving   the  public’s  ability  to  register  to  vote  and  making  it  easier  for  voters  to  access  or  update   their  voter  registration  information.   The  federal  government’s  Help  America  Vote  Act  (HAVA)  mandates  states  implement   centralized  voter  registration  systems.  California  is  HAVA-­‐compliant  based  on  its  existing   legacy  system,  associated  regulations,  and  supporting  internal  procedures.  CGI  will   replace  CalVoter  with  a  modern  and  robust  technical  foundation  and  deliver  added   functionality.  VoteCal  will  automate  functions  currently  performed  manually,  support   uniform  application  of  voter  laws,  and  establish  uniform  voter  registration  processes   across  the  state,  enabling  California  to  more  easily  address  the  full  intent  of  HAVA.    


ATK Solid  Rocket  Boosters  Complete  Major   Space  Launch  System  Program  Milestone      ARLINGTON,  Va.,  April  29,  2013  /PRNewswire/  -­‐-­‐  ATK  (NYSE:   ATK)  has  successfully  completed  its  solid  rocket  booster   Preliminary  Design  Review  (PDR)  with  NASA  for  the  new  Space   Launch  System  (SLS).  The  PDR  milestone  indicates  the  booster   design  is  on  track  to  support  first  flight  of  the  SLS  in  2017.  The   SLS  vehicle  will  support  NASA's  human  spaceflight  exploration   to  all  destinations  beyond  low-­‐earth  orbit.   "This  is  a  tremendous  milestone  for  ATK  as  we  work  toward  building  the  boosters  for   our  country's  Space  Launch  System,"  said  Charlie  Precourt,  vice  president  and  general   manager  of  ATK's  Space  Launch  division.  "NASA's  SLS  will  enable  human  exploration  for   decades  to  come."   With  the  successful  completion  of  PDR,  the  SLS  booster  design  can  now  proceed  with   the  associated  activities  required  to  advance  the  design  toward  Critical  Design  Review   (CDR).  Additionally,  a  ground  static  firing  of  qualification  motor-­‐1  is  planned  for  later   this  year  at  ATK.   "The  booster  PDR  was  successful  and  speaks  to  the  importance  of  a  collaborative  design   process  with  our  NASA  customer"  said  Fred  Brasfield,  ATK  vice  president,  Next-­‐ generation  Booster.   The  SLS  booster  PDR  is  a  significant  step  toward  providing  the  necessary  technical  and   programmatic  information  needed  for  NASA  to  obtain  approval  to  proceed  with   development  of  the  Space  Launch  System—which  will  support  a  variety  of  missions  of   national  and  international  importance.   ATK  has  29  key  suppliers  across  16  states:  Alabama,  Arizona,  California,  Connecticut,   Indiana,  Kentucky,  Massachusetts,  Minnesota,  New  Jersey,  New  York,  North  Carolina,   Ohio,  Pennsylvania,  Texas,  Utah  and  Wisconsin.   ATK  is  an  aerospace,  defense,  and  commercial  products  company  with  operations  in  22   states,  Puerto  Rico,  and  internationally.  News  and  information  can  be  found  on  the   Internet  at  

Ball Aerospace

Ball Aerospace  Receives  Supplier  of  the   Year  Award  from  Boeing     BOULDER,  Colo.,  April  19,  2013  –  Ball   Aerospace  &  Technologies  Corp.  has  been   honored  by  The  Boeing  Company  as  a   2012  “Supplier  of  the  Year”  for   outstanding  avionics  work,  specifically  on   the  F/A-­‐18  and  Harpoon  antenna   programs.  The  award  was  presented   during  a  ceremony  in  San  Diego,  CA  on   April  18.   Boeing  annually  acknowledges   companies  in  16  categories  selected  from  suppliers  from  50  countries  worldwide.  Each   company  is  chosen  based  on  statistical  measurements  of  quality,  on-­‐time  delivery,  post-­‐ delivery  support,  cost,  and  the  ability  to  anticipate  and  respond  to  changing  customer   requirements.    “We  are  very  pleased  to  be  honored  by  Boeing  for  the  outstanding  day-­‐to-­‐day   performance  delivered  by  Ball  employees  on  programs  critical  to  our  nation,”  said  Rob   Freedman,  vice  president  and  general  manager  of  Ball’s  Tactical  Solutions  business  unit.   “Harpoon  is  one  of  our  longest-­‐running  programs  and  demonstrates  our  outstanding   relationship  with  Boeing  and  the  confidence  they  have  in  the  quality  of  our  work.”   The  award  is  presented  to  companies  that  consistently  demonstrate  excellence  and   exceed  expectations  in  the  delivery  of  high-­‐quality  products  and  services  to  Boeing.    “These  partners  are  critical  to  helping  Boeing  provide  our  customers  the  most   affordable,  highest-­‐quality  products  and  services  possible,”  said  Jack  House,  leader  of   Boeing’s  Supplier  Management  function.   Ball  Aerospace  has  been  continually  improving  conformal  high  performance  array   antennas  and  has  provided  Boeing  thousands  of  antennas  over  33  years  for  the  Harpoon   anti-­‐ship  and  land-­‐strike  missile.  Additionally,  the  Ball  Aerospace  Tactical  Solutions   antenna  unit  has  delivered  over  500  F/A-­‐18  units  in  the  past  decade,  with  100  percent   on-­‐time  delivery  and  quality.  


Boeing Subsidiary  Spectrolab  Sets  World   Record  for  Solar  Cell  Efficiency   Highest  ever  energy  conversion  efficiency  without  solar  concentration   Increased  efficiency  for  ground-­‐based  applications    SYLMAR,  Calif.,  April  9,  2013  -­‐-­‐  A  Spectrolab  solar   cell  recently  set  a  world  record  by  converting  more   energy  from  the  sun  into  electricity  than  any  other   ground-­‐based  solar  cell  without  solar  concentration.     The  Boeing  [NYSE:  BA]  subsidiary's  achievement  in   ground-­‐based  solar  cell  efficiency  was  verified  by   the  U.S.  Department  of  Energy's  National   Renewable  Energy  Laboratory  in  Golden,  Colo.   The  cell  converted  37.8  percent  of  solar  energy  using  a  new  class  of  high-­‐efficiency   multi-­‐junction  solar  cell,  created  from  two  or  more  materials  and  leveraging  Boeing   technology  that  makes  semiconductor  materials  more  reliable.  The  record  was  set   without  concentration,  the  common  practice  of  having  lenses  or  mirrors  focus  solar  rays   on  the  cells.   "We  expect  this  solar  cell  technology  will  have  significant  benefits  for  space,  ground-­‐ based,  and  sensor  applications,"  said  Troy  Dawson,  president  of  Spectrolab.   Spectrolab  believes  this  solar  cell  technology  can  attain  higher  levels  of  efficiency,   "possibly  more  than  45  percent  even  under  low  concentrations,"  according  to  Nasser   Karam,  the  company’s  vice  president  for  advanced  technology.   Spectrolab,  which  is  part  of  the  Boeing  Defense,  Space  &  Security  unit,  is  the  world's   leading  merchant  supplier  of  high-­‐efficiency  multi-­‐junction  solar  cells  and  panels  for   concentrated  photovoltaic  and  spacecraft  power  systems.  Spectrolab  offers  sensors  and   solar  simulators,  in  addition  to  being  the  world’s  leading  provider  of  airborne   searchlights.   A  unit  of  The  Boeing  Company,  Boeing  Defense,  Space  &  Security  is  one  of  the  world's   largest  defense,  space  and  security  businesses  specializing  in  innovative  and  capabilities-­‐ driven  customer  solutions,  and  the  world's  largest  and  most  versatile  manufacturer  of   military  aircraft.    


CDW Recognized  as  an  Emerson  Network   Power  2012  U.S.  Partner  Award  Winner     VERNON  HILLS,  Ill.  –  April  22,  2013  –  CDW,  a   leading  provider  of  technology  solutions  for   business,  government,  education  and   healthcare,  today  announced  it  has  been   named  the  Emerson  Network  Power  2012   U.S.  Direct  Market  Reseller  of  the  Year  for   demonstrating  strength  in  actively  selling  the  entire  Emerson  Network  Power  portfolio   to  the  broadest  range  of  customers.   The  Emerson  Network  Power  2012  U.S.  Partner  Awards  recognize  the  performance  of   six  award-­‐winning  companies  that  are  Emerson’s  top  IT  and  facilities  reseller  partners.   Award  winners  are  chosen  based  on  their  commitment  to  business  management  and   leadership,  personal  and  professional  integrity  and  responsiveness  to  customer  needs.   As  an  Emerson  Network  Power  Innovation  Partnership  Program  partner,  CDW  uses  its   expertise  to  help  customers  solve  their  power,  cooling  and  infrastructure  management   challenges.    “Our  goal  is  straightforward,”  said  Matt  Soroka,  director  of  product  and  partner   management,  CDW.  “Provide  added  value  to  our  customers  every  day.  This  means   participating  in  programs  like  the  Emerson  Network  Power  Innovation  Partnership   Program,  not  just  to  check  a  box  and  say  ‘we  did  it,’  but  to  really  empower  our  solution   architects  and  engineers  with  the  breadth  and  depth  of  knowledge  to  design  and   implement  technology  that  meets  each  customer’s  specific  needs.”    “As  the  Emerson  Network  Power  2012  U.S.  Direct  Market  Reseller  of  the  Year  winner,   CDW  has  shown  demonstrable  growth  and  understanding  of  the  products,  solutions  and   services  required  to  meet  our  customers’  IT  and  facilities  needs,”  said  Tracy  Collins,   director  of  global  channel  sales  and  marketing  for  Emerson  Network  Power.  “We  are   pleased  to  recognize  our  valued  partners  who  invest  their  time  and  resources  in  training   and  have  committed  to  becoming  experts  in  Emerson  Network  Power  solutions.”   For  more  information  on  Emerson  Network  Power  technologies  and  services  from  CDW,   visit  


Centurylink Recycling  Program  Tops  70   Million  Pounds   Recycling  program  reduces  carbon  dioxide  emissions    MONROE,  La.,  April  22,  2013  /PRNewswire/  -­‐-­‐  CenturyLink,  Inc.   (NYSE:  CTL)  today  announced  that  its  recycling  program  has   exceeded  70  million  pounds,  or  more  than  35,000  short  tons   over  a  six  year  period  (2007-­‐2012).   "CenturyLink  is  actively  making  choices  to  lessen  our   impact  on  the  environment,  and  our  recycling  program   is  one  way  we're  doing  that,"  said,  Brent  Vander  Ark,   CenturyLink's  vice  president  of  supply  chain  management   and  decision  support.  "Our  goal  is  to  help  ensure  the  long-­‐ term  health  of  the  environment,  joining  with  consumers  and   businesses  who  are  focusing  on  ways  to  promote  and  practice  the  intelligent  use  of   resources."   CenturyLink's  program  recycles  a  wide  range  of  materials,  including  metal  reels,  copper-­‐ based  materials,  precious  metals  and  electronics.  In  addition,  the  program  recycles   steel,  aluminum,  monitors,  keyboards,  computer  mice,  and  other  related  items.   In  2012,  CenturyLink  avoided  more  than  20,000  metric  tons  of  carbon  dioxide  emissions   by  recycling  approximately  5,900  short  tons  through  cutting-­‐edge  methods.  The   emissions  savings  were  calculated  using  the  EPA  Waste  Reduction  Model.  CenturyLink   works  with  Fortune  Plastic  &  Metal,  LLC  in  36  of  the  company's  37-­‐state  local  service   area  and  uses  Nevada  Recycling  in  Nevada  for  metal  and  cardboard  recycling.     Additional  information  on  CenturyLink's  Sustainability  program  can  be  found  at   About  CenturyLink   CenturyLink  is  the  third  largest  telecommunications  company  in  the  United  States  and  is   recognized  as  a  leader  in  the  network  services  market  by  technology  industry  analyst   firms.  The  company  is  a  global  leader  in  cloud  infrastructure  and  hosted  IT  solutions  for   enterprise  customers.  CenturyLink  provides  data,  voice  and  managed  services  in  local,   national  and  select  international  markets  through  its  high-­‐quality  advanced  fiber  optic   network  and  multiple  data  centers  for  businesses  and  consumers.    

CGI Group

Arizona to  Modernize  Financial   Management  Systems  with  CGI   Advantage®  ERP   Award  sets  stage  for  more  efficient,  cost-­‐effective  operations  statewide  

Fairfax, Virginia,  April  12,  2013  -­‐        CGI  Group  Inc.  (NYSE:  GIB)  (TSX:  GIB.A),  a  leading   provider  of  information  technology  and  business  process   services,  today  announced  that  the  State  of  Arizona  has   selected  the  company’s  built-­‐for-­‐government  CGI   Advantage  enterprise  resource  planning  (ERP)  solution   for  statewide  financial  management.  The  contract  is   valued  at  US$53  million  over  eight  years.   In  selecting  CGI  Advantage,  Arizona  will  retire  its  20-­‐ year-­‐old  legacy  statewide  financial  system,  AFIS,  as  well   as  other  agency  financial  systems,  and  begin  its  move  to  an  enterprise-­‐wide  financial   management  solution.  The  CGI-­‐hosted  solution  will  help  Arizona  government  eliminate   the  redundancy  and  inefficiency  of  using  multiple,  disparate  state  agency  financial   systems,  thereby  lowering  the  costs  of  maintenance  and  operation.  CGI  Advantage   improves  performance  overall  by  enabling  agencies  to  standardize  business  processes   and  to  operate  with  timely  access  to  a  single  source  of  data.    “Our  vision  is  to  re-­‐engineer  our  business  processes  and  leverage  the  best  practices  and   innovative  technology  provided  by  CGI  Advantage.  This  will  allow  us  to  implement   efficient,  cost-­‐effective  solutions  to  improve  the  performance  of  government  through   value-­‐driven  operations.  We  look  forward  to  partnering  with  CGI  in  meeting  these   objectives  and  modernizing  the  way  we  do  business,”  said  State  Comptroller  D.  Clark   Partridge.    “We  are  thrilled  that  Arizona  is  partnering  with  CGI  to  transform  their  financial   management  operations,”  said  CGI  Senior  Vice-­‐President  Dave  Delgado.  “Our  CGI   Advantage  solution  has  a  long  history  supporting  both  state  and  local  government   organizations  in  Arizona  and  we  are  honored  to  be  selected  to  meet  Arizona’s  statewide   financial  management  needs.”  

Cubic Transportation Systems

Cubic Joins  Royal  Celebration  of  150th   Anniversary  of  the  London  Underground     LONDON,  March  28,  2013  –  Cubic   Transportation  Systems’  president   Steve  Shewmaker  was  among  the   small  group  of  Transport  for  London   (TfL)  partners  invited  to  meet  Her   Majesty  The  Queen  during  the  latest   event  in  a  year-­‐long  calendar  of   activities  to  mark  the  150th   Anniversary  of  the  London  Underground.      Her  Majesty  visited  Baker  Street   Underground  Station  accompanied  by  His  Royal  Highness  The  Duke  of  Edinburgh  and   Her  Royal  Highness  The  Duchess  of  Cambridge.   Cubic  Transportation  Systems,  a  subsidiary  of  San  Diego-­‐based  Cubic  Corporation   (NYSE:CUB),  is  TfL’s  partner  for  ticketing,  gating  and  revenue  management,  and  is  a   leading  integrator  of  transportation  technology  and  services  provider  for  intelligent   travel  solutions.   During  the  March  20  visit,  the  Royal  party  was  introduced  to  key  London  Underground   staff,  apprentices  and  suppliers  involved  in  the  restoration  of  an  1892  underground   coach  that  was  a  highlight  of  January’s  commemorative  steam  run.  The  run  included  a   restored  steam  locomotive  and  carriages  that  recreated  the  world’s  first  underground   rail  journey  run  on  London’s  Metropolitan  Railway  on  Jan.  13,  1863.   Cubic  is  the  lead  industry  sponsor  of  the  150th  Anniversary  and  also  played  a  significant   supporting  role  to  TfL  during  last  year’s  Diamond  Jubilee,  Olympics  and  Paralympics,   when  the  performance  of  London’s  transport  network  was  universally  praised.   The  Royal  Party  was  also  shown  examples  of  the  London  Underground’s  past  and  future,   including  the  Metropolitan  Railway  Jubilee  Carriage  No  353,  the  oldest  operational   Underground  carriage  in  existence  and  used  recently  on  a  steam  run  to  commemorate   the  150th  anniversary.  


Dell Accelerates  Customers’  BYOD   Initiatives  with  New  Portfolio  of   Mobility  Solutions     Dell  today  unveiled  new  solutions  that  help   organizations  better  plan,  deploy  and  manage   mobile  and  BYOD  environments  to  help  drive   greater  business  value  from  their  IT   investments.  The  latest  offerings  also  reinforce   Dell’s  role  in  delivering  innovative,  end-­‐to-­‐end   solutions  that  simplify  complex  data   environments,  accelerate  cloud   transformations,  reduce  mobility  obstacles  and   mitigate  security  risks.   At  Dell’s  “The  Power  to  Do  More—Accelerating  Results”  event  held  in  San  Francisco   today,  company  executives,  industry  leaders,  global  customers  and  channel  partners   shared  insights  and  perspectives  on  Dell’s  end-­‐to-­‐end  strategy  for  meeting  customers’   requirements.  Additionally,  interactive,  customer-­‐led  discussions  showcased  Dell’s   integrated  technologies  and  scalable  design  point,  which  are  proving  instrumental  in   addressing  emerging  business  demands  and  technology  megatrends,  including   consumerization  of  IT,  cloud  computing,  data  insights,  security  and  business  intelligence.   According  to  Gartner[i],  “new  technologies,  implemented  in  innovative  ways,  hold  great   promise,  but  they  also  threaten  traditional  management  models  and  formal  policies.   [Companies  should]  support  this  new  reality  by  breaking  down  unproductive  silos  and   freeing  employees—through  new  technologies  and  processes—to  collaborate  and   communicate  more  productively  with  one  another.”    “Dell  is  uniquely  positioned  to  deliver  highly  differentiated,  complete  solutions—from   clients  to  cloud  and  everything  in  between—that  remove  the  barriers  created  by  legacy   technologies  while  empowering  customers  and  partners  to  unlock  new  business   opportunities,”  said  John  Swainson,  president,  Dell  Software.  “Software  is  the  catalyst  to   modernizing  today’s  IT  environments,  enabling  organizations  to  do  more  and  achieve   greater  business  results.”    


Accenture Receives  Two  2013  SAP®   Pinnacle  Awards   Forty-­‐two  SAP  partner  awards  presented  to   Accenture  globally  since  2012   NEW  YORK;  May  7,  2013  –  Accenture  (NYSE:  ACN)  received   two  2013  SAP®  Pinnacle    awards  in  the  categories  of  “Cloud   Co-­‐innovation  Partner  of  the  Year”  and  the  “System   Integrator  Market  Impact  Award.”  The  company  was  also   named  a  finalist  in  two  other  service  categories:  “Database   and  Technology/HANA  Co-­‐innovation  Partner  of  the  Year”   and  “Service  Expansion  Award.”   SAP  Pinnacle  awards  are  presented  annually  to  the  top  SAP   (NYSE:  SAP)  partners  that  have  excelled  in  developing  and   growing  their  partnership  with  SAP  and  driving  customer   success.  Finalists  and  winners  in  19  categories  were  based  on   field  recommendations,  customer  feedback  and  performance   indicators  in  the  following  four  categories:  co-­‐innovation,   market  expansion,  service  delivery  and  sustainability.    “We’re  pleased  to  be  honored  with  two  2013  SAP  Pinnacle  awards,  especially  in  a  key   strategic  growth  area  like  cloud,”  said  Christophe  Mouille,  global  managing  director  of   SAP  business,  Accenture.  “This  recognition  is  further  validation  of  the  deep  skills  and   capabilities  Accenture  possesses  in  support  of  SAP  solutions  that  enable  us  to  deliver   strong  business  value  and  innovation  to  our  clients.”    “We  congratulate  Accenture  on  its  well-­‐deserved  recognition  of  two  2013  SAP  Pinnacle   awards  and  on  its  outstanding  partnership  with  SAP,”  said  Eric  Duffaut,  corporate  officer   and  president,  Global  Ecosystem  and  Channels,  SAP.  “SAP  is  an  innovative  and  fast-­‐ growth  company.  We  put  customer  success  at  the  center  of  everything  we  do.  Our   vibrant  and  expanding  ecosystem  of  partners  is  critical  to  the  company  we  are  now  and   the  company  we  want  to  become  in  the  future.  Together  with  our  partners  –  who  are   co-­‐innovating  with  us,  reselling  and  implementing  our  solutions  –  we  offer  choice  and   deliver  transformational  value  to  our  joint  customers  of  all  sizes.  Partners  like  Accenture   are  our  force  multipliers,  and  today,  more  than  ever,  they  are  essential  to  our   customers’  success.”  


DAI to  Host  London  Workshop:  “From   Critique  to  Construction:  Next  Steps  in   Making  Participation  Work   for  Development”     DAI,  in  association  with  the  Carnegie  Endowment   for  International  Peace,  is  hosting  a  workshop   convening  policymakers,  practitioners,  and   academics  to  explore  the  topic,  “From  Critique  to   Construction:  Next  Steps  in  Making  Participation   Work  for  Development,”  in  London  on  May  30  at   Central  Westminster  Hall.   This  event  will  be  moderated  by  Tom  Carothers,   Vice  President  for  Studies  at  the  Carnegie   Endowment  and  co-­‐author  of  “Development  Aid   Confronts  Politics:  The  Almost  Revolution.”   Featured  speakers  will  include  Ghazala  Mansuri,  a  lead  economist  in  the  World  Bank’s   Poverty  Reduction  and  Equity  Group  and  co-­‐author  of  “Localizing  Development:  Does   Participation  Work?”  with  colleague  Vijayendra  Rao,  lead  economist  in  the  World  Bank’s   Development  Research  Group.  Other  panellists  include  Harris  Khalique,  Team  Leader  of   the  U.K.  Department  for  International  Development  (DFID)-­‐funded  AAWAZ  Voice  and   Accountability  program  in  Pakistan,  and  Ann  Hudock,  DAI’s  Global  Lead,  Effective   Governance,  Voice  &  Accountability.     The  workshop  offers  a  unique  opportunity  to  explore  with  leading  thinkers  the   challenge  of  increasing  participation  in  the  development  process:  what  works,  what   doesn’t,  and  why.  


Dell Helps  Amerijet  Modernize  its  Data   Center  to  Get  Shipments  Delivered  Faster     Amerijet  International,  Inc.,  a  Florida-­‐based  cargo   shipping  company,  now  can  better  support   organic  business  growth  with  an  end-­‐to-­‐end  Dell   data  center  solution  comprised  of  infrastructure,   software  and  services.  The  company’s  new   modern  data  center  has  helped  cut  facility  costs   by  60  percent  through  energy  efficiency  and   reduced  the  time  to  print  a  manifest  and  close   flights  by  96  percent,  expediting  freight   transportation,  meeting  more  customs  cut-­‐off   times  and  improving  customer  satisfaction.   Taking  the  company  to  the  next  level  and  expediting  shipment  services  required  a   fundamental  shift  that  turned  IT  into  a  business  enabler.  A  three-­‐year  plan  for  change   included  moving  to  a  new  data  center  facility  and  replacing  the  company’s  mixed-­‐ vendor  environment  with  an  end-­‐to-­‐end  Dell  infrastructure  that  includes  hardware,   software  and  services.  The  new  data  center  provides  maximum  availability  and   performance  for  Amerijet’s  critical  business  applications  and  cargo  systems.   Working  closely  with  Dell  as  a  strategic  end-­‐to-­‐end  IT  provider  enabled  Amerijet  to  build   a  reliable,  scalable  and  flexible  enterprise  datacenter.  The  company  built  its  new   virtualized  data  center  based  on  Dell  blade  servers,  storage,  switches,  desktops,   printers,  firewalls  and  back-­‐up  software,  as  well  as  services.   With  assistance  from  Dell  Services,  Amerijet’s  IT  team  migrated  its  entire  data  center  in   10  hours.  The  modern  virtualized  IT  infrastructure  enables  the  company  to  run  cargo   inventory  reports  in  seconds  instead  of  the  previous  40  minutes  and  avoid  unplanned   downtime.  The  IT  team  is  able  to  shift  their  focus  from  tactical  execution  to  strategic   thinking.   Amerijet  carries  more  than  200  million  pounds  of  freight  annually  to  more  than  550   destinations  worldwide.  With  a  leading  presence  in  its  primary  service  regions  of  Latin   America  and  the  Caribbean,  Amerijet  is  experiencing  continued  global  growth—but  the   company’s  existing  systems  were  not  able  to  support  that  growth.  


Accenture Selects  Mount  Airey  Group  as   “Small  Business  of  the  Year”   Award  Recognizes  Excellence  in  Program  Management  Among  Small   Business  Community    ARLINGTON,  Va.;  May  1,  2013  –  Accenture  Federal   Services  announced  Mount  Airey  Group  Inc.  as  the   recipient  of  Accenture’s  inaugural  “Small  Business  of   the  Year”  award.  Mount  Airey  Group,  a  Small   Business  Administration  (SBA)  8a  company   specializing  in  identity  management  and   authorization  solutions,  was  selected  for  its   outstanding  work  on  the  U.S.  Department  of   Homeland  Security’s  United  States  Visitor  and   Immigrant  Status  Indicator  Technology  (US-­‐VISIT)   program.   The  Office  of  Biometric  Identity  Management  (OBIM)  oversees  the  US-­‐VISIT,  a  biometric   and  biographic  identity  management  system  that  helps  federal,  state  and  local  officials   determine  if  travelers  can  legally  enter  or  remain  in  the  United  States.  Biometrics  are   unique  physical  characteristics,  such  as  fingerprints,  that  can  be  used  for  automated   identity  recognition.   As  Accenture’s  subcontractor  on  US-­‐VISIT,  Mount  Airey  Group  plays  an  integral  role  in   the  successful  delivery  of  a  number  of  high-­‐level  projects.  Over  the  past  seven  years,  the   company  has  brought  strategic  biometric  and  expertise  to  support  Accenture  and  help   drive  the  program.    “Mount  Airey  Group  brings  the  highest  caliber  resources  and  overall  professionalism  to   this  critical  identity  management  program,”  said  David  Moskovitz,  CEO  of  Accenture   Federal  Services.  “Their  tremendous  sense  of  collaboration  contributes  directly  to  the   ongoing  success  of  this  program.”   Accenture  Federal  Services  established  the  “Small  Business  of  the  Year”  award  to  show   its  dedication  and  appreciation  to  the  small  business  community  across  the  country.   Mount  Airey  Group  was  selected  from  a  pool  of  349  subcontractors.  Other  finalists   included  IT  Partners,  BridgePhase  and  Enterprise  Consulting  Group.  Businesses  were   rated  on  three  core  areas:  technical  quality,  financial  management  and  overall  program   management.  

Global Intelligence Forum USA July 30-31 – Washington, D.C. For over 30 years, the government and industry members of the AFCEA Intelligence Committee have sponsored highly regarded classified symposia and conferences for intelligence professionals. Now – in partnership with AFCEA’s Cyber Committee – the Intelligence Committee is bringing that same expertise to an unclassified forum as part of its commitment to supporting the public-private partnership the nation needs to ensure secure operations in cyberspace. On July 30-31, 2013, in the National Press Club in the heart of Washington, D.C. right near the White House, the AFCEA Global Intelligence Forum will focus specifically on the role of intelligence in the cyber domain. During this day and a half, unclassified conference, leaders from across the government, military, and industry will explore the role that the Intelligence Community can play in helping to ensure free and secure cyberspace operations – from setting requirements, to collecting and analyzing data, to delivering insights and recommendations. In the end, the discourse will look at where industry can partner with the government to provide cyber situational awareness and indications and warning. To receive the member rate for conference registration you must be an active AFCEA individual member or designated associate member of an AFCEA corporate member company. If you sign up for the member rate and do not meet the criteria, you will be charged the correct rate.

To join AFCEA or verify current membership status: Call (800) 336-4583, ext. 6158 or (703) 631-6158.

ISM Risk Management Conference July 25-26 – Chicago For many industries, the supply chain is the number-one arena for risk susceptibility. In the past few years, we have seen natural disasters dramatically impact international supply chains. Think of your own supply chain and where gaps can be found — anywhere from supplier weakness to economic uncertainty and fluctuating markets. This conference is designed to provide an overview and practical information to help you connect the dots from risk management to your supply chain planning and execution. The conference theme focuses on the many facets of risk management. Discover how organizations successfully confront risk using innovative tools and processes, and make those solutions part of your risk management survival kit. This program includes takeaways and success stories to apply to your enterprise. Practitioners share their tried-and-true stories to help companies avoid pitfalls. If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that we must be prepared if we want to succeed. This is an opportunity to gain insight from supply chain professionals who have been in the trenches. Featured speakers include upper-level executives from world class organizations such as GE, Eli Lilly & Co. and Kraft Foods Group. Each session includes practical tools, assessments and takeaways so you can develop your risk strategy — or fine-tune your existing plan. Don't wait until disaster strikes; be prepared for what may be around the corner. For more information, visit:            

NCMA’s Cost and Pricing Virtual Conference June 20 - Online

The importance of cost and pricing cannot be understated, and NCMA’s “Cost & Pricing Virtual Conference” is a must-attend educational event you simply can’t afford to miss. For both government and industry contract management professionals, seasoned or early in your career, key topics and practical solutions to cost and pricing challenges are within reach by attending this online event. Given the current environment of economic challenges and austere conditions, use this virtual conference to learn and apply focused principles and practices to meet organizational and mission-driven requirements. In these times of austerity, the need to understand practical measures to meet government needs through fair and reasonable prices is still an imperative component in procurement. Cost and pricing decisions on present and future scenarios highlight the need for in-depth understanding of practical strategies to help you stay get ahead of the game. This training event is the one you need to best prepare you to meet the challenges ahead. Out of these sessions, you can expect to hear from some of the most knowledgeable and recognized experts in our profession. So join this dynamic training discussion. It is sure to exceed your expectations and provide the knowledge and leverage you’ll need to impact the procurement decisions to meet the needs of your organization. For more information,, or contact Education Program Specialist Katie Minan at

FedScoops presents FedTalks 2013 June 12 – Washington, D.C. On June, 12, 2013, America’s brightest innovators and influencers will come together for the biggest federal government event of the year. FedTalks is the largest annual gathering of the top 1000 leaders from the tech and government IT communities coming together from around the country to D.C. for one day to discuss how technology and people can change government and our communities. This widely-attended conference is comprised of C–level executives from the tech industry, The White House, federal agencies, distinguished members of Congress and more and is comprised of keynotes on the topics of: Innovation, Philanthropy, Leadership, Lowering the Cost of Government with Technology and Citizen Engagement in Government For more information, visit or contact FedScoop by phone at 202.344.5180.

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Prime Contracting June 2013

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