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Department of Defense Buyers Guide A Directory of Products, Services and Vendors for DOD Purchasing Agents

Summer 2015


Sponsorship for Westerners & Foreign Nationals and Comprehensive Service Solution Provision of Unskilled labor, Skilled Labor and Administrative Personnel Level I, Level II , Level III, Level IV, Level V Manpower Supply and Recruitment Services Security Guarding Services Janitorial Services Cleaning and Waste management services Housing, life Support Services Logistics & Transportation Services Facility Management Services Mechanical & Electrical Services, HR Support Services Travel & Tourism Services –Air ticketing

Full Package Services for Accommodation Camps: Logistical support and services for Westerns and Foreign Nationals to include but not limited to:Sponsorship Laundry Insurance Furnished Apartments Transportation Clothing Catering Payroll SKILLED, SEMI-SKILLED & UNSKILLED LABOR SERVICES Engineers Technicians Laborers Rig Operators Mechanical & Electrical Services Engineer Electrician,Technician Power Generator Technicians Safety Officer Fitters, Welders AC Technicians, Electricians Foreman Diesel /Petrol Mechanics Fuel Operators Warehousing Fork lift operators Store Keepers Construction Welders Carpenters Office Support Senior Technical Assistant Administrative Assistants Logistics Drivers: Heavy & Light license drivers Transport Managers

Data Logistic Personnel Expeditors

Packaging Personnel

Pipe Fitters Crane Operators IT Specialists Clerks/Secretary

Office Assistants Pantry Assistants & Kitchen

Leasing of Vehicles and Equipment: Sedan Pick-up Trucks Generators Vans&MiniVans Trucks Light Sets Buses FlatBed Trailers SUVs Forklifts Sponsorship Services: Normalization and Legalization services for employees in the State of Kuwait that includes:• Work permit Visa • Medical Insurance (Article 18) • Residency • Commercial Visit Visa • Civil I.D (Article 14) • Driver’s License

Prevent this from happening to your facility! 9.3 Million jury verdict against Hospital 2007 hospital visit was prompted by a urinary tract infection. While in the hospital, patient contracted MRSA, a bacterial infection that is usually resistant to antibiotics. Patient remained in the hospital for 75 days

Disinfectant Provides Quick Kill Times DisCide ULTRA by Palmero Health Care

Available in towelettes, spray and gallon refill. Palmero’s DisCide ULTRA is the only hospital-quality, one-step, ready to use quaternary ammonium, high-level alcohol-based disinfectant that is laboratory-proven to kill deadly pathogens* in1 MINUTE OR LESS! *Kills Tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis or TB), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), HIV-1, AIDS virus, H1N1-Pandemic 2003 Influenza A virus, Hepatitis B virus (HBV), Hepatitis C virus (HCV), Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), Respiratory Syncytial (RSV), H3N2 Avian influenza A virus, Influenza A virus (Hong Kong), Adenovirus, Herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), Coronavirus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (E. coli), Athlete’s foot fungus and more.

It’s registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency, and it meets the disinfection requirements of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

Quart 4 OZ. W/ Sprayer

Gallon Towelettes

120 Count 6 X 6.75 60 Count: 10.5 x 10


Palmero Health Care (800) 344-6424 www.palmerohealth.com



540 S Main St., North Pekin, IL 61554 Ph. 800-553-3503 Fax 800-473-6088 www.getzmfg.com The Original Getz Manufacturing, servicing the fire equipment industry for over 40 years




Compatible with FM200, HFC227, Halon 1301, Novec 1230, FE 125, FE 25, HCFC125




World's Leading Manufacturer of Mobile Service Vehicles and Fire Extinguisher Servicing Equipment DBA





Introducing the Hybriad Cloud Service that Needs No Introduction.

VMware vCloud® Government Service provided by Carpathia™ •

Enterprise-class security, reliability and performance

FedRAMP Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO)

Designed specifically for government agencies

Learn more at www.carpathia.com/learn/vmware-vcloud

Eliminate the hassle of throwing away paper towels, time and money. Clean + Rinse + Dry = A Sink That Makes Sense We kept it pretty simple. A sink with the soap dispenser, faucet and hand dryer side-by-side. With a more efficient, completely touchless sink, the Advocate gives users more personal space, while keeping water off the floor. This is the cleaner, simpler way to wash.

Exclusively Bradley

rethink the way you wash   |  1.800.BRADLEY  |  www.BRADLEYCORP.com/Advocate


General Dynamics’ New High-Speed, CyberDefense Capable TACLANE-10G Encryptor Now NSA Certified April 6, 2015 FAIRFAX, VA -- General Dynamics Mission Systems' new TACLANEŽ-10G (KG-175X) inline network encryptor is now certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) to secure information at the Top Secret level and below. The NSA certification authorizes U.S. government organizations to order the new 10G encryptor. "The NSA certification of TACLANE-10G is another step forward for General Dynamics Mission Systems' cyber defense capabilities. General Dynamics keeps our customers connected while ensuring their security and advancing their operations. Securing sensitive and critical information is yet another example of how we support our customers," said Chris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics Mission Systems. The TACLANE-10G is the newest member of General Dynamics' cyber defense product family and can encrypt the equivalent of a high-definition feature film in moments, speeding it securely though a network with unprecedented fidelity at the Top Secret level and below. The encryptor also provides the ability to send and receive multiple U.S. and coalition data files simultaneously without operator intervention, reducing the number of encryptors needed to perform similar functions. "For more than 50 years, the U.S. government has trusted General Dynamics to secure government networks ensuring that sensitive and classified information remains out of the reach of unauthorized individuals," said Nadia Short, vice president and general manager of the Cyber Systems line of business for General Dynamics Mission Systems. "The NSA certification recognizes and validates the TACLANE-10G's ability to secure data through government networks worldwide." General Dynamics' Customer Investment Protection Program encourages organizations protecting critical networks and infrastructure to maximize their investment and maintain their security posture by using General Dynamics' trade-in programs. A TACLANE-10G trade-in program is available through December 31, 2015, allowing users of the current HAIPE in-line encryptor to take advantage of the new bandwidth efficiency and cyber security features provided by the 10G. Call 888-897-3148 or email our team for additional information.




Stearns® Inflata-Belt™ Max - Manual An abandon ship inflatable belt pack specifically designed for the U.S. Navy. It is a durable, reliable, manually-inflated, pouch-type life preserver. Model I375 is U.S. Coast Guard-approved and certified to Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL1180. Complete with survival gear pocket.


Stearns® U.S. Navy MK-1 Inflatable vest The I446 is complete with added gear designed to help others during rescue missions: I441 Life Preserver Vest, I001 Whistle, I921 ACR® Strobe Light, and I702 Dye Marker.


Stearns® Powerboat™ Jacket  omber-style float coats incorporate a better, B more comfortable fit and improved wrist and waistband that won’t expand when they get wet, giving you enhanced comfort.


Stearns® Coreguard™ B Anti-Exposure Coverall ®

Contact: Riika Jorgensen National Account Manager-Government riika.jorgensen@coleman.com I 757.675.9367 www.stearnsflotation.com

Our coverall has an insulated hood to help keep out wind and rain, an inflatable head support and double layers of durable nylon fabric in the seat and knees. The suit’s waist belt and leg zippers allow for easy on and off over work boots.

Product Profile

SPOTLIGHT ON infection prevention

Infection Control Lineup Offers Fast-Acting Asepsis Solutions Infection prevention products from Palmero Health Care FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Palmero’s DisCide series offers your clients a full lineup of highly effective, fast-acting, hospital-level disinfectants • DisCide ULTRA is a one-step, quaternary ammonium, high-level, alcohol-based disinfectant that’s laboratory-proven to kill deadly pathogens in one minute1 • Offered in a spray, foam, aerosol or towelette — as well as in economical bulk-refill packaging — DisCide ULTRA is noncorrosive and nonstaining, and leaves behind a pleasant herbal scent with no unsightly residue • This product is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency and meets the disinfection requirements of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogens Standard • Palmero also offers professional-grade hand soap and hand wipes with broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties and skin-soothing aloe vera and vitamin E • DisCide Effect Professional Hand Asepsis Soap removes stubborn dirt, grease and bacteria without irritating sensitive skin, while its fresh almond scent encourages staff compliance with hand-asepsis guidelines • Formulated to kill 99.9% of disease-causing microbes, DisCide XRA hand-sanitizing wipes are nonirritating and safe, yet meet OSHA and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention handwashing standards

BOTTOM LINE Designed to expedite operatory turnover, Palmero’s DisCide line offers a choice of hospital-level disinfectants and hand-hygiene products that are ideal for operatories, central sterilization rooms and general office use. From fast-acting DisCide ULTRA to bactericidal soaps and hand wipes, clinicians will find these products to be economical and effective additions to their asepsis protocols. FOOTNOTE

HOW DO YOUR CLIENTS’ DISINFECTANTS RATE? Palmero’s DisCide ULTRA disinfecting towelettes and DisCide ULTRA disinfecting spray meet stringent federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for efficacy against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Mycobacterium bovis, and are also effective against the Ebola virus and Enterovirus D68.

1. Kills tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis or TB), methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), HIV-1, AIDS virus, H1N1-Pandemic 2003 influenza A virus, hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), respiratory syncytial (RSV), H3N2 avian influenza A virus, influenza A virus (Hong Kong), adenovirus, herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), coronavirus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (E. coli), athlete’s foot fungus and more.


Visit the EPA’s website for more information: epa.gov/oppad001/atp-product-list.pdf epa.gov/oppad001/list-l-ebola-virus.html Sales professionals can request samples at palmerohealth.com/requestsamples — and be sure to mention Mentor. 800/344-6424 palmerohealth.com

APRIL 2015






EXPERIENCE OUR RED CAPE® COMMITMENT. Taylor® frozen dessert equipment treats you to big profit opportunities. From rich ice cream indulgences to fast growing, wholesome frozen yogurt, Taylor frozen dessert equipment adds versatility to your menu. Partner with Taylor to help maximize your profits and success.

Our Red Cape® Commitment: WE GO BEYOND. SO YOU RISE ABOVE.

www.taylor-company.com 800.678.7084


U.S. Army Taps IBM Hybrid Cloud for One of Federal Government’s Biggest Logistics Systems April 8, 2015 ARMONK, NY -- IBM today announced that the U.S. Army is using IBM Hybrid Cloud to power one of the biggest logistics systems in the U.S. federal government. The new hybrid cloud system is designed to connect the IBM Cloud to the Army's onpremise environment to enable broad use of data analytics for sharper insights and result in improved performance, enterprise scale, better security, and greater reliability – all IBM hallmarks. The Logistics Support Activity – known as LOGSA – provides on-time integrated logistics support of Army operations worldwide that impacts every soldier, every day. Since migrating to an on premise hybrid cloud model with IBM in 2014, LOGSA processes 40 million unique data transactions every day – more than the New York Stock Exchange. Achieving cost savings of 50 percent with this new model, the Army can now focus on bringing in new analytics services such as condition-based maintenance and data mining that can benefit all Army organizations. LOGSA will harness data and analytics via cloud computing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of logistical coordination. Doing so requires the ability to easily connect the cloud to existing IT systems. LOGSA is home of the Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW), the Army’s official storehouse for collecting, storing, organizing and delivering logistics data. It provides critical logistics information capabilities through analytics tools and business intelligence solutions to acquire, manage, equip and sustain the materiel needs of the U.S. Army. LIW provides services to more than 65,000 users and 150 direct trading partners around the world. As the Army's authoritative source for logistics data, LOGSA provides logistics intelligence, life cycle support, technical advice, and assistance to the current and future force; integrates logistics information (force structure, readiness, and other logistics data) for worldwide equipment readiness and distribution analysis; and offers asset visibility for timely and proactive decision making. As the logistics units in the Army equip, sustain, and maintain the force, IBM provides reliability, timeliness, and cost savings. With the new cloud delivery model, Army logistics personnel have the ability to manage the movement of equipment with up to date, accurate information.

DEMAND! DEMAND! DEMAND! Protection! Protection! Protection! That is what DisCide Ultra offers YOU!

See what EPA had to say As shown on the EPA’s list, Palmero Health Care’s DisCide Ultra Disinfecting Towelettes and DisCide Ultra Disinfecting Spray ACHIEVED the Agency’s stringent efficacy performance standards against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Mycobacterium BCG (tuberculosis bacteria) and are confirmed as an efficacious hospital disinfectants. HOW DID YOUR DISINFECTANT RATE? Visit EPA website for more info http://www.epa.gov/oppad001/atp-product-list.pdf Kills over 21 Microorganisms! Kills in1 minute or less! No mixing easy to use!

Request a free sample http://www.palmerohealth.com/requestSamples





THE NEXT GENERATION IN CHEMICAL RESISTANCE. IPG® introduces ALF301, approved by the military for use on multi-million dollar weapon systems and specifically designed to meet the most demanding masking application in the Aerospace industry, chemical de-paint. The aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive provides a chemical resistant seal to clean, dry surfaces. Used for protective masking during chemical de-paint (stripping) on commercial and military aircrafts, as well as temporary field repairs until the aircraft can be returned to an MRO base and as an underlayment for PMB tapes when needed.

SAE-AMS-T23397 Type I and II

TO Manual 1-1-8

NSNs listed

GSA Listed

Other IPG® Products for the Aerospace Industry: Meeting The Following Certifications: BAC D6-1816 BAC D6-34501, rev. H SAE-AMS-T-23397B SAE-AMS-T-21595 (1) UL-723 ASTM E84 CID AA-180C UU-T-91E

Scan to learn more about IPG’s products for the Aerospace Industry!


i tape with

ALF301-Aerospace_ad.indd 1

8/22/14 2:11 PM


FOR HOT WATER SOLUTIONS The inventive minds at A. O. Smith are bringing you more options for your hot water demands than ever before! From standard water heaters to innovative gas, electric, solar and hybrid technologies, A. O. Smith has the right water heater to fit the needs of any lifestyle.

voltex® 50-galLON heat pump WATER HEATER



• Highest energy efficiency on the market at 2.75 EF

• Up to 98% thermal efficiency dramatically lowers operating costs

• Designed with higher quality materials for fewer call-backs

• 11% more efficient than other ENERGY STAR Heat Pumps

• Modulating models adjust firing rate to the specific demand, further increasing efficiency and money savings

• Highly efficient (up to .95 EF)

• $393 annual savings compared to standard models

• Industry-leading 15-year warranty

• Our exclusive advanced electronic control with built-in diagnostics is network ready for remote monitoring

More options. Including the right one for your next job. For more information on all the water heaters A. O. Smith has to offer, visit www.hotwater.com.

14-AOS-0025 M3jmd Johnson Sales Flyer Ad - 7.44x10.25.indd 1

7/22/14 11:12 AM


Sponsorship for Westerners & Foreign Nationals and Comprehensive Service Solution Provision of Unskilled labor, Skilled Labor and Administrative Personnel Level I, Level II , Level III, Level IV, Level V Manpower Supply and Recruitment Services Security Guarding Services Janitorial Services Cleaning and Waste management services Housing, life Support Services Logistics & Transportation Services Facility Management Services Mechanical & Electrical Services, HR Support Services Travel & Tourism Services –Air ticketing

Full Package Services for Accommodation Camps: Logistical support and services for Westerns and Foreign Nationals to include but not limited to:Sponsorship Laundry Insurance Furnished Apartments Transportation Clothing Catering Payroll SKILLED, SEMI-SKILLED & UNSKILLED LABOR SERVICES Engineers Technicians Laborers Rig Operators Mechanical & Electrical Services Engineer Electrician,Technician Power Generator Technicians Safety Officer Fitters, Welders AC Technicians, Electricians Foreman Diesel /Petrol Mechanics Fuel Operators Warehousing Fork lift operators Store Keepers Construction Welders Carpenters Office Support Senior Technical Assistant Administrative Assistants Logistics Drivers: Heavy & Light license drivers Transport Managers

Data Logistic Personnel Expeditors

Packaging Personnel

Pipe Fitters Crane Operators IT Specialists Clerks/Secretary

Office Assistants Pantry Assistants & Kitchen

Leasing of Vehicles and Equipment: Sedan Pick-up Trucks Generators Vans&MiniVans Trucks Light Sets Buses FlatBed Trailers SUVs Forklifts Sponsorship Services: Normalization and Legalization services for employees in the State of Kuwait that includes:• Work permit Visa • Medical Insurance (Article 18) • Residency • Commercial Visit Visa • Civil I.D (Article 14) • Driver’s License


BAE Systems Receives $53 Million U.S. Navy Contract for Vertical Launching System Canisters April 13, 2015 BAE Systems has received a $52.9 million contract modification from the U.S. Navy to provide additional canisters for the Mk 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS). The VLS canisters are used to ship, store, and launch various types of missiles from Navy ships. “We have a long history with the VLS canister program,” said Chris Hughes, vice president and general manager of Weapon Systems at BAE Systems. “This contract reflects the trust the Navy has in us for this highly effective system.” BAE Systems has more than 30 years of experience in the development, production, and support of the VLS system for naval forces throughout the world. The canister contract — originally awarded during a June 2013 competition — is a five-year, base plus options contract covering fiscal years 2013 through 2017 to meet canister requirements for the Navy. Additional option awards are expected in fiscal years 2016 and 2017. The canisters are positioned within the Mk 41 VLS, which is located below a ship’s armored deck for maximum protection. The system easily accommodates the latest weapon types to meet new mission requirements. VLS canisters serve as missile shipping and storage containers, and, once employed on the ship, have many additional functions. The canisters contain rocket motor exhaust, serve as a launch rail to support flyout during missile firings, and provide identification and firing support to multiple missile types, including Tomahawks, Standard Missile-3, Standard Missile-6, and SeaSparrow. Work on this contract modification will continue through June 2017, with the full contract continuing through June 2019. Work will be performed at BAE Systems’ facilities in Aberdeen, South Dakota (87 percent), and Minneapolis, Minnesota (13 percent).

When Power Quality Matters PowerClamp™ solves PQ problems!


SERIES 4 for branch

circuits. 60,000 surge-amp capacity.

SERIES 6 for subSERIES 10 for main entry panel

protection. 200,000 surge-amp capacity.

panel protection. 100,000 surge-amp capacity.

PowerClamp™ transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS) provide the best protection against AC power line spikes, surges, and transients. Since 1979, thousands of PowerClamp™ units have been protecting hospitals, military installations, airports, data centers, broadcasting stations, manufacturing plants and other mission‐critical installations. PowerClamp™ is the proverbial “ounce of prevention” that will eliminate or minimize downtime and equipment damage caused by power line surges! For info, please contact Sine Control Technology Inc: 562-493-3589.


Get the bench you need and get it fast. Your work can’t wait. With Pro-Line’s “In Stock” Program, you can get the exact modular workbench your application demands in 5 days or less with your choice of work surface, color, and many accessories and options. • For decades, Pro-Line workbenches

Dimension Next Modular Workstations

have been synonymous with quality, functionality and unmatched ergonomic design. Ergo-Line

• Choose from the the manual height adjust Ergo-Line, Millennium II electric height adjusting workbench, the popular Model HD, Dimension Next Modular Workstations, and more. • Configure your workstation with the exact accessories you need. • GSA contract GS27F-5066C


1proline.com (800) 739-9067 Pro-Line is a division of the R.W. Hatfield Co., Inc.

www.NewRetroDining.com has mid‐century modern retro  Artista Gallery, Inc. 1950’s style restaurant furniture and furnishings that  1004 Briarcliff Road are nostalgic and Proudly Made in USA.  Visit our  Warner Robins, GA 31088 31088--4058 NewRetroDesign.com where you will find a full service  CAGE Code: 4QNL0 design team, and restaurant supply company. We possess  PH: (478) 320 320--2502 a unique ability to execute custom designs at package  FX: (404) 420 420--2890 design prices because we are also the factory repre‐ sentatives for the seating and millwork manufacturers.  Email: Jack@NewRetroDining.com This allows you to achieve factory direct pricing at  www.NewRetroDining.com an affordable price! We provide you with cost effec‐ www.NewRetroDesign.com tive personalized service with a high attention to  www.NewRetroCars.com every detail. We provide highly qualified designers  and project managers who have practical, real world  restaurant management experience and therefore will  best understand you and the Government’s needs. 

Chevie Chair

Chevie Booth Set


Exelis Delivers Encryptors for GPS OX April 15, 2015 ROCHESTER, NY – Exelis delivered six enhanced ground encryptors, which will improve information security for the Global Positioning System’s NextGeneration Operational Control System (GPS OCX), to Raytheon Company. GPS OCX is part of the U.S. Air Force’s GPS modernization program. The Air Force will use the encryptors, which are about the size of a stereo amplifier, to protect information sent between OCX and navigation payloads on board legacy and next-generation GPS satellites. The encryptors play a central role in the management of cryptographic keys used throughout the ground system. Exelis shipped eight baseline encryptors in 2013 to Raytheon. Exelis support to GPS modernization is part of the company’s overall focus on strategic growth in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and analytics. “The enhanced encryptors support M-code, the modernized military signal, which is an integral part of the GPS modernization program and important for the Department of Defense because it provides a separate signal with high jam-and spoof-resistance strictly for military use versus civilian,” said Joe Rambala, Exelis vice president and general manager of positioning, navigation and timing. “Some of today’s GPS satellites can broadcast M-code signals, but unlike GPS OCX, the current control segment cannot bring M-code online. The encryptors will be enablers for Mcode processing to improve the overall GPS program and its security.” Once integrated into the OCX system, the encryptors will help ensure that the next generation of GPS satellites will be ready for launch, and will provide advanced capabilities and security to both military and civilian users. In addition to encryptors, Exelis is building high-precision receivers for use in OCX ground monitoring stations and satellite signal simulators for testing purposes. Exelis also provides critical elements of software in the OCX navigation processing subsystem that will enable controllers to better understand the exact position of GPS satellites. The navigation subsystem also helps ensure accurate navigation information is securely broadcast to users. As part of the overall GPS modernization effort, Exelis is also on contract with Lockheed Martin to provide payloads for GPS III satellites. Exelis is a major space technology provider, supporting both the satellite and ground portions of the GPS modernization program. For nearly 40 years, Exelis payloads or payload components have been on board every GPS satellite and have accumulated more than 700 years of on-orbit life without a single mission-related failure due to Exelis equipment.

ShopBot CNC tools are built for your success. From the small-footprint, power-packed Desktop to ShopBot’s full-size gantry tools, 96 X 48 and larger, ShopBot has the right CNC tool ready for you. Designed, built, and fully supported here in the USA, ShopBot Tools has been making wood shops more productive for 19 years.

ShopBot Desktop

5-Axis Tool

ShopBot Buddy ®

Full Size Tools

We’re more than just tool makers, we’re problem solvers. Above and beyond the high quality of our CNC tools, we have created, and are constantly building upon, a suite of resources and services that support your success. Learn more at www.shopbottools.com/solutions CNC Tools • Production Support • Training • Tech Support • Community

Give ShopBot Tools a call and let's talk it through. We’ll find the best CNC tool for you and customize your production set up.

888-680-4466 • ShopBotTools.com


Monticello, Minnesota 800.922.4138 www.electromn.com

Over 30 Years Providing Variable Temperature Materials Characterization & Custom Cryogenic Solutions Web: Web www.mmr-tech.com

Email: Email sales@mmr-tech.com

Seebeck Effect Measurement Op cal Studies

Hall Effect Measurement

Phone: Phone (855) 962-9620

Microprobe Sta ons

Create Your Own Liquid Nitrogen ….From Thin Air

Web: Web www.elan2.com Email: Email sales@mmr-tech.com Phone: Phone (855) 962-9620


Northrop Grumman Enables Assured Warfighter Communications by Demonstrating Affordable PTW Space Processor April 15, 2015 REDONDO BEACH, CA -- Northrop Grumman has successfully demonstrated a space-design protected tactical waveform (PTW) processor that enhances user data rates up to a factor of 20, improves spectral efficiency up to a factor of 4 and provides bandwidth-ondemand to significantly improve warfighter communications in contested tactical environments. The testing was completed as part of the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center's MILSATCOM Design for Affordability Risk Reduction effort with MIT/Lincoln Labs. The processor successfully communicated using the Air Force-developed protected tactical waveform, which builds upon the proven protection features of the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) program's extended data rate waveform known as XDR. Northrop Grumman confirmed the demonstration platform consists of flight-representative technology readiness level six (TRL-6) hardware, firmware and software that can be incorporated into a near-term flight program and provide assured communication and performance to the warfighter. "While PTW provides substantial new capabilities for the warfighter, a waveform alone does not provide protection," said Tim Frei, vice president, communication systems, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. "The real value of PTW is when it is integrated into an architecture with comprehensive protection including space-based processing, non-commercial frequency bands, crosslinks and other key protection features in the antenna and radio frequency processing chains. "Northrop Grumman has maximized the value of this contract to the government by treating it not simply as a concept demonstration, but rather as true risk reduction and prototype development consistent with our standard development process for flight units," added Frei. "Each dollar spent developing the demonstration platform for this effort has directly reduced the future cost of an eventual flight unit."

Eliminate the hassle of throwing away paper towels, time and money. Clean + Rinse + Dry = A Sink That Makes Sense We kept it pretty simple. A sink with the soap dispenser, faucet and hand dryer side-by-side. With a more efficient, completely touchless sink, the Advocate gives users more personal space, while keeping water off the floor. This is the cleaner, simpler way to wash.

Exclusively Bradley

rethink the way you wash   |  1.800.BRADLEY  |  www.BRADLEYCORP.com/Advocate


Product capabilities include: • Identify gases and vapors at the parts per million to parts per billion levels • Innovative library searching software that provides answers instantly while in the field • Ruggedized for use in the hot zone and extreme environments • Superior performance enables the detection of emerging threats

For further information on the product, service or sales, please access smithsdetection.com or contact usa@smithsdetection.com GUARDION is a trademark of Smiths Detection Group Ltd.


Smallest, Lightest, and Fastest Portable GC/MS Chemical Identifier

Easy-to-Use Disinfectants Palmero’s infection control line helps streamline operating room turnover We carry several types of disinfectants As a medical sales professional, what are the key talking points I should know about Palmero’s DisCide line? Available as a spray, foam, aerosol or towelette, and our DisCide Ultra liquid comes in Gallon refills. Palmero’s DisCide disinfectants offer your clients ready-to-use, fast-acting, hospital-quality products that are designed to expedite operating room turnover. Each of these products is ideal for use in the central sterilization room and office areas, as well.

FAQ how DisCide can help streamline their infection control processing?

4 oz. bottle

Quart with sprayer

Gallon refill

160 count, 6" x 6¾" towelettes

DisCide ULTRA is a one-step, quaternary ammonium, high-level, alcohol-based disinfectant that’s laboratory-proven to kill deadly pathogens in one minute.* Offered in a towelette and spray, DisCide ULTRA is noncorrosive and nonstaining, and leaves behind a pleasant herbal scent with no unsightly residue. It’s registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency, and it meets the disinfection requirements of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. ,

So what’s the final takeaway? Palmero’s DisCide line offers a choice of ready-to-use, hospital-quality disinfectants that are easy to use. Products that are ideal for hospitals and medical offices. From fast-acting DisCide ULTRA to clinicians will find these products to be economical and effective choices to meet all of their infection-control needs. REFERENCE * Kills tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis or TB), methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), HIV-1, AIDS

virus, H1N1-Pandemic 2003 influenza A virus, hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), respiratory syncytial (RSV), H3N2 avian influenza A virus, influenza A virus (Hong Kong), adenovirus, herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), coronavirus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (E. coli), athlete’s foot fungus and more.

FREE SAMPLE DisCide Ultra Fax request to 203-377-8988, email request to customerservice@palmerohealth.com or Mail to PHC 120 Goodwin Pl Stfd. CT. 06615 Name:__________________________________________________ Street:__________________________________________________ City:______________________State:______Zip Code:___________

• 1 Minute hospital level, one-step, disinfectant • Kills over 21 deadly pathogens* in 1 minute or less • Kills 99.99% Germs! • Ready-to-use quaternary ammonium, high-level disinfectant • One of the fastest kill time on the market • Laboratory-proven to kill deadly pathogens* • EPA-registered 10492 • FDA-registered 1219113


RDM Industrial PRODUCTS, Inc. Manufacturer-Direct & Distributor for Industrial Furnishings…


•Industrial-Duty •Custom & Standard Designs •Lean Manufacturing Solutions •Laboratory Tables •Packaging Workstations •Production Tables •Cleanroom Furniture •Static Control Furniture •Cleanroom Units •Mobile Carts •Material Handling


Stainless Steel… Manufacturer- Direct Prices !!!!

Manufacturer-Direct !!!!

Laboratory Furniture since 1977 www.rdm-ind.info 877-777-9130

Many Cart Styles…




We also offer many furniture options, such as Seating, Carts, Shelving, Ergonomic Accessories and Much More…


Raytheon Awarded More Than $2 Billion for an International Patriot Air and Missile Defense System April 17, 2015 TEWKSBURY, MA -- Raytheon Company announced today it has been awarded a contract worth over $2.0 billion to deliver the combatproven Patriot Air and Missile Defense System to an undisclosed international customer. The contract, awarded on April 2, 2015 and booked in the second quarter as a direct commercial sale, includes fully digitized newproduction Patriot fire units with the latest technology for improved threat detection, identification and engagement. The contract also includes a full training package and support equipment. “In the past five months Qatar, Korea and now this international partner have all chosen Raytheon's Global Patriot solution because they have confidence in the world's most advanced air and missile defense system,” said Daniel J. Crowley, president of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. “Including this most recent contract, Raytheon has booked more than $5 billion in international Patriot orders since late December 2014.”

INSTAKEY Security Systems Locks and keys are simple in theory, but complicated in practice. At InstaKey® we’ve spent over a quarter of a century helping Government and Institutional organizations manage their keyed access as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We don’t think of keyed access as just ‘locks and keys’. We think of it – and help our Clients run it – as a program built on the 4 Cornerstones of KeyControl®.

Key Management Cornerstones Web Accessible Key System Records

Individually Serialized, Restricted Keys

Administered Program Support & Partnership

Simple, Cost-Effective Rekey Avenue

Individually Serialized, Restricted Keys – ensure our InstaKey® key blanks cannot be distributed. Simple, Cost Effective Rekey Avenue – with ‘single key turn’ rekeyable lock technology, Instakey® locks empower you to rekey in seconds.

Web Accessible Key System Records – everything you need to know about your key system in a scalable, web-accessed format. Administered Program Support & Partnership – we partner with you to help you keep your keyed access program stable and secure.

Call us to find out how we can help you with your keyed access.






Proudly supports all of your dental, medical, and supply needs.

Supporting your supply needs through the following contracts: NEW! DLA ECAT Dental Program SPM2DE-14-D-7469 DLA ECAT Lab Contract SPM2DE-10-D-7342 DLA Medical/Surgical DAPA Holder SP0200-96-H-5014

FEDERAL SUPPLY SCHEDULES: Pharmaceuticals and Drugs (Anesthetics) V797P-2280D Dental Equipment and Supplies V797P-3160M

HENRY SCHEIN, INC. IS A PROUD FEDERAL SUPPLY SCHEDULE DISTRIBUTOR FOR: Welch Allyn—Medical Equipment and Supplies V797P-4333B Brewer Design Medical Equipment and Supplies V797P-3206M KaVo Dental Equipment V797P-3218M GYN Disposables V797P-4377B Kerr V797D-30021 Imaging Sciences Dental Equipment V797P-3235M Pelton & Crane Contract V797P-3241M Busse Hospital Disposables—Medical Equipment and Supplies V797P-4488B

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SERIOUS PROJECTS DEMAND HIGH-CALIBER TOOLS Terex Government Programs 150 Riverside Parkway, Suite 203 Fredericksburg, VA 22406




Office: 540 361 7755 Fax: 703 997 1092 govsales@terex.com DUNS: 618467547 / CAGE CODE: 4J2G1







Aerial Work Platforms · Construction · Cranes · Material Handling Materials Processing · Port Solutions · Utilities

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Security Griffin-Security.com Clients select Griffin Security as implementing partner in their most challenging and complex projects. • Asset protection, guarding, close protection • Rapid response teams in remote areas Comprehensive solutions and services for: • Oil and gas, Energy, Transportation, Shipping, Mining, Government, International Organizations and Embassies

Energy Griffin-Energy.com • Power, Oil and Gas infrastructures • A highly qualified multinational workforce • Construction, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

International GriffinGroup.com • Griffin International provides specialist assistance to professionals working in security and border control consistency - a key focus of many countries in Western Asia and East Africa. Our multinational team carries out projects in environments as challenging and diverse as Iraq, Afghanistan and Kenya.



Raytheon and Vista Equity Partners Enter Agreement to Form New Cybersecurity Company April 20, 2015 WALTHAM, MA -- Raytheon Company has entered into a definitive agreement with Vista Equity Partners to form a new company combining Websense, a Vista portfolio company, with Raytheon Cyber Products, a business unit of Raytheon's Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS) segment. The new company will leverage Raytheon's advanced cybersecurity technologies and Websense's industry leading TRITON® platform to provide a new level of defense-grade cybersecurity to combat the evolving cyber threat environment. “The market for advanced cyber solutions that protect and defend global industry and infrastructure is rapidly growing due to the sophisticated threats posed by well-funded, nationstate adversaries and criminal networks. As the business enterprise evolves to meet the networked demands of today's mobile and cloud economy, these threats will grow in size and scale,” said Thomas A. Kennedy, Raytheon Company Chairman and CEO. “The new joint venture will combine Raytheon Cyber Products and Websense capabilities to deliver the advanced, defense-grade technology solutions needed to meet this evolving threat.” Following successful completion of the transaction, the new company will be a separately reported Raytheon business segment. The CEO of the new company will be John R. McCormack, CEO of Websense. A Board of Directors will be established for the new company and will include representatives of both Raytheon and Vista Equity Partners. “We believe the combination of Raytheon Cyber Products and Websense creates a strong foundation for growth in the cybersecurity market, especially in light of the combined technical, product and multi-channel strengths each brings to the table,” said Brian Sheth, Co-founder and President of Vista Equity Partners. “We are excited to invest in this new venture as we clearly see its ability to accelerate growth and create value for all parties.”

Unleash your brilliance™

Advancing cell and protein analysis At Molecular Devices, we enable our customers to see more, do more, and know more with our innovative instruments, scientific expertise, assays, and analysis tools. • Microplate Readers • Washers • High Content Imaging Systems • Microarray Scanners

• High Throughput Cellular Screening • Cell Screening & Bioproduction • Conventional and Automated Electrophysiology • Assays and Reagents

www.moleculardevices.com | 800.635.5577 © 2015 Molecular Devices. All rights reserved. The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of Molecular Devices, LLC or their respective owners. FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE IN DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES.

We’ve Got You Covered. On Time. On Target. No Exceptions.

Panther provides Premium Logistics® solutions for the domestic and international movement of arms, ammunition and explosives. With premium logistics services on six continents, Panther offers bulletproof SOPs, world-class tracking and tracing, and security-cleared personnel.


Transportation Protective Services: • • • • • •

Constant Surveillance Service (CIS) Dual Driver Protective Service (DDP) Protective Security Service (PSS) Security Escort Vehicle Service (SEV) Motor Surveillance Service (MVS) Satellite Motor Surveillance (SNS)

Call us today to find out how to best ship your high-risk, time sensitive freight.


Call (866) 455-8205. ©2012 Panther Expedited Services, Inc. • Panther® is a registered trademark of Panther Expedited Services, Inc. • www.pantherexpedite.com

Turbocharge into cGMP production Take the direct route from development to production with scalable, flexible Finesse upstream SmartSystems. SmartParts – modular plug-and-play hardware – grow with the process. Pre-calibrated single-use sensors are ready to use. TruBio® software requires no programming and is easily configured by lab or factory personnel. Skilled validation assistance ensures cGMP compliance. Need more speed? Our expert Finesse Team will help tune your loops and accelerate your process.

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G3Pro Universal SmartSystem

5/5/15 12:23 PM


General Dynamics NASSCO Awarded $24 Million for Littoral Combat Ships Sustainment April 22, 2015 SAN DIEGO, CA -- General Dynamics NASSCO has been awarded a $24.1 million contract by the U.S. Navy for Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) sustainment execution in support of LCS' home-ported in or visiting San Diego. General Dynamics NASSCO is a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD). Under the contract, General Dynamics NASSCO will plan, furnish material and provide support and facilities to maintain and modernize twelve LCS-class ships. This contract covers both variants, Freedom and Independence. These ships are fast, agile, focused-mission platforms designed for operation in near-shore environments and capable of open-ocean operation. “General Dynamics NASSCO has proven repair experience with a track record of delivering high-quality maintenance and modernization services to the U.S. Navy,” said David Carver, vice president and general manager of repair at General Dynamics NASSCO. “We look forward to working with the Navy to support the sustainment of the Littoral Combat Ship program.” The contract has a total potential value of $96 million if all options are exercised. General Dynamics NASSCO will serve as the prime contractor and will partner with General Dynamics Mission Systems and General Dynamics Information Technology.

TÜV SÜD America Chemical, Oil and Gas TÜV SÜD America, Chemical, Oil and Gas helps people and organizations drive business performance to levels of excellence. We provide effective training paths to support the growth of individuals and organizations, whether in one of our public training programs or in customized in-house solutions. To learn more, visit www.tuv-sud-america.com/COG-Training

TÜV SÜD America 1475 East Sam Houston Parkway South, Suite 100, Pasadena, Texas 77503 United States (800) 747-4099 info@tuvam.com www.tuv-sud-america.com/c.o.g

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Shown: MCH418U100 with M140015 runway system attached 60,000 lbs. capacity

Rotary’s heavy-duty lift lineup is built to take on any challenge.

Shown: MOD35 MOD235xyz 2-post inground lift 60,000 lbs. capacity

For 90 years, Rotary has set the standard in design, testing and manufacturing. Our Indiana-based employees take pride in producing world-class lifts the right way, every day.


You can count on it.

Christine Bilz Government Sales Leader 1.800.445.5438 x5655 GS07F8953D

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Rotary World Headquarters 2700 Lanier Drive Madison, IN 47250, USA

For more information and a complete guide to our product offering, visit us on the web at rotarylift.com.

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A Trusted Source to All Major U.S. Defense, Intelligence, and Civilian Agencies IT Infrastructure • Cabinets & Racks • Cabling & Panels • Power & Cooling • Testers & Tools • Remote Monitoring

High-Performance KVM • Desktop KVM Switches • KVM Extenders • KVM Matrix Switches • KVM-over-IP • Secure KVM

Specialty Networking • WAN Encryption • Ethernet Switches & Extenders • Media Converters • Power-over-Ethernet • Hardened Devices

AV & Digital Signage • AV-over-IP • Switches & Extenders • Scalers & Converters • Splitters & Cables • Digital Signage Systems

Request a catalog: blackbox.com/FBG11 GSA Schedule 70, Contract #GS-35F-0158J. Cage Code 59951, DUNS# 082254871, Federal ID# 25-1272662. Black Box accepts all government purchasing cards.

724-746-5500 | blackbox.com


X-47B Unmanned Aircraft Demonstrates the First Autonomous Aerial Refueling April 22, 2015 PATUXENT RIVER, MD -- Northrop Grumman Corporation and the U.S. Navy successfully demonstrated fully autonomous aerial refueling (AAR) with the X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstration (UCAS-D) aircraft today, marking the first time in history that an unmanned aircraft has refueled in-flight. This is another historic aviation milestone for the X47B, which in 2013 became the first unmanned aircraft to autonomously launch from and recover aboard an aircraft carrier. In combination, these landmark demonstrations constitute a major step forward in autonomy that has application in both manned and unmanned aircraft. Autonomous launch, recovery and refueling have the potential for reducing operational costs in the future. "AAR testing with the X-47B helps solidify the concept that future unmanned aircraft can perform standard missions like aerial refueling and operate seamlessly with manned aircraft as part of the Carrier Air Wing," said Capt. Beau Duarte, the Navy's Unmanned Carrier Aviation program manager. During the probe and drogue (or "Navy-style") AAR demonstration, the X-47B performed a close formation flight rendezvous with an Omega K-707 tanker. Upon clearance from the tanker crew, the X-47B maneuvered into position behind the K-707 and successfully engaged the drogue. On completion of the refueling, the X-47B autonomously disengaged the drogue and maneuvered away from the tanker before returning to base. "We are very pleased with the outcome of this first round of probe and drogue flights with the X47B," said Pablo Gonzalez, UCAS-D program manager, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. "The AAR system and X-47B both performed as expected. While we would certainly benefit from additional probe and drogue flight testing, we have reached a tipping point at which AAR is now feasible."

Security & Border Control Power, Energy & Oil Field Services

Engineering & Construction Shipping & Logistics

Travel & Visas Telecom Services



Your reliable partner in the Middle East and Africa GROUP

Griffin Ltd. is an International group of companies with operations since 1997 throughout the Middle East and Africa.


When Duty Calls, Dickies Tactical performs Stretch Ripstop Tactical Pant With uniquely designed handcuff, cell phone, and knife pockets combined with advanced performance fabrics, the Dickies® Stretch Ripstop Tactical Pant provides lasting comfort for our nation’s finest. • DuPont Teflon® finish repels water and stains • L-shaped knife, cell phone, and rear handcuff pockets • Ripstop flex fabric for comfort and ease of movement

Share Your Dickies Story. LP704

Send skohout@dickies.com a picture of the Dickies Stretch Ripstop Tactical Pant working for you and you could win a $50 gift certificate for Dickies products.

“From the back room to the operatory, A/T has me covered.”

&Me #1

in a Series Gerald Grossman, DDS Westbury, New York


A/T Air Compressor or Vacuum System! For more information, go to www.airtechniques.com or scan QR code. Expires 9.30.14

Trust over 50 years of dental innovation. “I’ve trusted A/T for over 18 years, and I trust them more now than ever. Over 18 years ago, I purchased a VacStar® evacuation system, a ScanX® Classic flexible phosphor sensor digital radiography system, and then an AirStar® compressor. They’re all still going strong. I added a Spectra® Caries Detection Aid, a Polaris® Intraoral Camera, and a new ScanX Classic. My patients love Spectra and how it lets us practice less invasive dentistry by finding decay at early, easy-to-treat stages. Polaris gives me exceptional image quality, and ScanX takes radiographs of patients with large tori, small mouths and gag reflexes―unlike rigid sensors. For me, it’s the perfect digital solution. I’ve been a big A/T fan since 1995, and I’ve never been a bigger fan than I am today.”

Ask your local dental dealer for a product demo. To learn more about our wide variety of award winning dental products, visit www.airtechniques.com.





US Army Saves Millions of Dollars on Helicopter Fuel Costs by Using GE Liquid Fuel Additive April 23, 2015 TREVOSE, PA -- GE has a liquid fuel additive that is saving the U.S. Army millions of dollars in helicopter fuel and maintenance costs. The Army is projecting even greater cost savings if it expands deployment of GE’s +100 fuel additive to all Army aircraft. As part of long-term feasibility studies of the additive on the U.S. Army’s helicopters based at Fort Rucker, Alabama, all models using +100 have shown significant cost savings. For example, the additive has helped the Army achieve savings of nearly $150 per flight hour for the base’s Chinook helicopters, while its Black Hawk helicopters reported savings of about $40 per flight hour. Fort Rucker is home to the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence. GE’s +100 fuel additive paid for itself in the first year of operation. Since the Army began its long-term evaluation of the fuel additive in 2003, Fort Rucker has saved an estimated $5.4 million per year on maintenance cost alone with a combined net savings of $69 million over 10 years. “We are excited by the potential of our +100 fuel additive and the significant operational and maintenance cost savings that have been achieved by the U.S. Army for their global fleet of helicopters at Fort Rucker,” said Kevin Cassidy, chemical and monitoring solutions general manager—water and process technologies for GE Power & Water. “It is our belief, and the belief of the Fort Rucker team, that equal or greater benefits can be realized if +100 is utilized across the Army’s entire fleet of helicopters, other aircraft and any turbine-powered equipment to reduce the department’s costs.” GE’s liquid fuel additive is called +100 for its ability to offer operators an additional 100 degrees Fahrenheit of thermal stability to their fuel. It is this enhanced thermal stability that prevents engine coking in aircraft and results in a cleaner, more efficient burn as well as lower operating costs and dramatic life cycle cost savings. In addition, the use of +100 has been proven to reduce carbon soot on the skin or sides of the helicopter due to cleaner engine exhaust. The +100 can technically be used in all turbine-powered equipment, including tanks, since they run hot and also have coking issues. In addition, the +100 also can be used in the commercial sector, specifically in helicopters and airlines.


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Perform • • • • • • •

Customizable Menus Angle Measurement Mode Field Upgradeable Encoded B-Scan 16hr Battery Life Dryscan Option UT-lity Reporting Software

Applications • • • • • • •

Choose your hardware:

Composite Inspection Corrosion Detection Bond Testing Weld Fabrication General UT Inspection Thickness Measurement Delaminations

Digital & Phased Array Flaw Detectors , Thickness & Coating Gauges WheelProbe Technologies, Ultrasonic Transducers, Ultrasonic Scanning Systems, Ultrasonic Couplant, & NDT Accessories

REDEFINING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FOR PUBLIC HEALTH MOSQUITO CONTROL AND WATER BODIES We focus every day on developing and providing novel, softer public health products to control nuisance and disease carrying mosquitoes. We are about providing unique and more precise application methods to control aquatic weeds and algae to optimize lake and pond ecosystems with minimal disruption. We are also about a corporate culture and workplace that balances work and personal lives…and which sees our business as part of community.

Making communities around the world more livable, safe and comfortable. Family-owned since 1946 • 17 locations worldwide. www.clarke.com • customercare@clarke.com • 800.323.5727


NO fillers

NO allergens

NO binders

NO gluten

NO preservatives NO BHA

NO additives

NO artificial ingredients NO BHT

NO sodium phosphate NO propyl gallate LOWER fat LOWER sodium

Say yes to a better sausage. At Jones Dairy Farm, we’re dedicated to helping foodservice operations offer better-tasting, better-made products. All-natural, quality products like our lower-sodium pork sausage. Made with 50% less sodium and certified gluten-free, our sausages are versatile enough to serve all day long and are completely free of, well, all that other stuff. The same goes for our turkey, chicken and beef products, too. U.S. family owned and operated, Jones is also proud to offer a guaranteed piece count with every order, as well as peace-of-mind, safety-sealed packaging.

For a FREE sample, contact Bryon Coleman at bryonc@jonesdairyfarm.com or 920-691-0230 today— or visit JonesDairyFarmFoodservice.com to learn more. © 2014 Jones Dairy Farm

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U.S. Army Awards Harris Corporation $3.9 Billion Rifleman Radio IDIQ Contract April 30, 2015 ROCHESTER, NY -- Harris Corporation has been awarded a 10-year (5-year base, 5 option years) $3.9 billion ceiling, multi-award IDIQ contract from the U.S. Army for rifleman radios and associated services under the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Handheld, Manpack and Small-form Fit (HMS) program. Harris will deliver 50 radios for qualification testing with Full Rate Production fielding scheduled in U.S. government fiscal year 2017. “The Army's selection of Harris as a provider of Rifleman Radios furthers our leadership position in tactical communications and networking,” said Dana Mehnert, group president of Harris RF Communications. “With this contract, the Army is one step closer to putting the radios in the hands of warfighters. We have developed a fully compliant radio, the RF-330E, which meets or exceeds the Army's requirements. We are ready for full rate production orders today and look forward to the competition for delivery orders.” The Rifleman Radio — a lightweight, hand-held radio transmits voice and data using the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW). Soldiers at all levels can use the RF-330E to send information up and down the chain of command as well as across the network backbone provided by the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T). Harris RF Communications is the leading global supplier of secure radio communications and embedded high-grade encryption solutions for military, government and commercial organizations. The company's Falcon® family of software-defined tactical radio systems encompasses manpack, handheld and vehicular applications. Falcon III® is the next generation of radios supporting the U.S. military's Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) requirements, as well as network-centric operations worldwide. Harris RF Communications is also a leading supplier of assured communications® systems and equipment for public safety, utility and transportation markets — with products ranging from the most advanced IP voice and data networks to portable and mobile single- and multiband radios.

...we have the perfect mailbox solution.

Don’t get trapped in a box...

Whether your housing project needs mailboxes for two or two-thousand residents, Florence has the most extensive selection in the industry. Don’t get trapped with limited options, let our dedicated team partner with you to develop a custom solution built on your needs. . .not what is in stock.

centralized mailboxes since 1934. Let us help take your centralized mail delivery concept from the drawing board to reality, providing you with the perfect mailbox solution.

Design and construction professionals have relied upon the secure, first-class design of Florence’s Call Florence Today Toll-free


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Made in America




Our line of filament winders begins with a “use it right out of the box” 2 axes model, to a workhorse production unit that can be configured with 3-6 axes of computer controlled motion. All winders can be customized. We also offer precision tensioning creel systems, fiber delivery systems, extraction systems and mandrels.


Keeping pace with the needs o f t h e co m p o s i te s i n d u st r y.

Store, manage and control keys, cards and small assets more securely and efficiently with KeyWatcher® Touch. Access is limited to authorized users, and all transactions are recorded with detailed reports available. The system will even automatically email transactional information to any user – at any time. And KeyWatcher’s convenient touchscreen makes removing and returning keys easier than ever. With our modular design and full scalability, it’s easy to see how we keep making key management better. That’s Morse Watchmans’ outside the box thinking – right inside the box.

morsewatchmans.com • 800.423.8256

5494MP-4 Federal Buyers Guide KW Touch 2013 ad RA 8.5” x 11”


Most Advanced GPS Satellite Comes Together: First Lockheed Martin-Built GPS III Ready for System-Level Testing May 4, 2015 DENVER -- Using a 10-ton crane, Lockheed Martin engineers and technicians gently lowered the system module of the U.S. Air Force’s first next generation GPS III satellite into place over its propulsion core, successfully integrating the two into one space vehicle. GPS III space vehicle one (SV 01) is the first of a new, advanced GPS satellite design block for the Air Force. GPS III will deliver three times better accuracy, provide up to eight times improved anti-jamming capabilities and extend spacecraft life to 15 years, 25 percent longer than the satellites launching today. GPS III’s new L1C civil signal also will make it the first GPS satellite interoperable with other international global navigation satellite systems. The systems integration event brought together several major fully functional satellite components. The system module includes the navigation payload, which performs the primary positioning, navigation and timing mission. The functional bus contains sophisticated electronics that manage all satellite operations. The propulsion core allows the satellite to maneuver for operations on orbit. “The final integration of the first GPS III satellite is a major milestone for the GPS III program,” said Mark Stewart, vice president of Lockheed Martin’s Navigation Systems mission area. “This summer, SV 01 will begin Thermal Vacuum testing, where it will be subjected to simulated harsh space environments. Successful completion of this testing is critical as it will help validate our design and manufacturing processes for all follow-on GPS III satellites.” Lockheed Martin is currently under contract to build eight GPS III satellites at its GPS III Processing Facility near Denver, a factory specifically designed to streamline satellite production. The GPS III team is led by the Global Positioning Systems Directorate at the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center. Air Force Space Command’s 2nd Space Operations Squadron (2SOPS), based at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, manages and operates the GPS constellation for both civil and military users.

Your one stop shop for Materials Testing Struers is the world leader in materials testing. Since 1875 we’ve provided our customers with the absolute finest equipment, consumables, and application knowledge for quality control, research, and failure analysis. Contact us today, and experience:

• Industry-leading, high quality products • Best-in-class customer service • Unparalleled application and technical support • Streamlined purchasing

USA & CANADA Struers Inc. Tel: 440-871-0071 info@struers.com www.struers.com


New Integrated Night Vision and Thermal Targeting Solution Bolsters Mission Effectiveness of U.S. Army Soldiers May 4, 2015 The U.S. Army selects BAE Systems to provide integrated enhanced night vision and targeting solution. The U.S. Army has awarded BAE Systems a five-year contract worth up to $434 million for the company’s integrated night vision and thermal targeting solution, which improves the speed and accuracy of targeting by dismounted soldiers. The new offering helps troops to rapidly and covertly acquire targets in all weather and lighting conditions. “Supplying the U.S. Army with this new rapid target acquisition technology builds on our heritage as a long-time provider of thermal weapon sights and precision targeting solutions,” said Terry Crimmins, vice president and general manager of Survivability and Targeting Solutions at BAE Systems. “The ability to conduct surveillance in any light or weather condition increases mission safety and effectiveness.” Currently, U.S. troops use two different devices — night vision goggles for situational awareness and a weapon-mounted thermal sight for targeting. These existing tools require a soldier to identify and acquire the target through the goggle system and then raise the weapon sight into his field of view to engage. On today’s battlefield, this slower approach, which is often further hampered by heavy smoke or bad weather, compromises soldiers’ safety and can reduce mission effectiveness. By integrating night vision and thermal targeting capabilities into one sight displayed on the soldiers’ goggles, BAE Systems’ new solution allows troops to more easily acquire targets and engage faster. With an initial award of $35 million, the U.S. Army selected the BAE Systems team to meet its Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III and Family of Weapon Sight-Individual (ENVG III/FWS-I) program goals of providing a smaller, lighter, tightly integrated, and cost-effective night vision and targeting solution. The fully integrated ENVG III/FWS-I solution is being developed and manufactured at the company’s recently completed 47,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Hudson, New Hampshire.

Specialized Steel Solutions for Ballistic Protection

For nearly 50 years, Astralloy Steel Products has been providing innovative products for our customers. Armor V2速 Commercial grade ballistic steel plate PREFERRED BY THE


BP6:33速 Our proprietary grade of ballistic armor plate MIL-DTL-46100E A military-specified, high hardness armor steel MIL-DTL-12560K A military-specified armor steel plate


Toll-free: 1.866.587.6970 AUSA Member

Astralloy Steel Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nucor Corporation, the largest producer of steel in the United States.

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1/27/15 10:59 AM

The fastest weigh to zero waste. ™

If your organization has a goal to achieve zero waste, then you need to know how you’re measuring up along the way. LoadMan can help by accurately weighing each and every load with 99% accuracy. But the measurement doesn’t stop there–you need data. LoadMan’s weigh-in-motion, on-board truck scale

system gives you an end-to-end solution. LoadMan’s fully automated system will let your drivers drive™ while collecting and sharing data in real time. And using LoadMan Load Management software, custom reports are just a few key strokes away. Start tracking your progress to zero waste today.

It’s all about the data.™

www.LoadMan.com 888.LoadMan (888.562.3626) contact@LoadMan.com

Do You Know How Productive Your Employees Are? With!increased!oversight!and!the!need!for!more!flexible!reportingP!companies!are!requiring!solutions that!can!effectively!track!employee!time!3!attendance!and!labor!costsF!Kaba!Workforce!Solutions!is!a! global!solutions!provider!that!does!just!thatO!Our!AutoTime速!solution!is!scalable!and!delivers!effective tools!for!measuring!workforce!productivity!and!labor!costsF

Kaba!Workforce!Solutions 629@!NF!Commerce!Parkway!!!!MiramarP!FL!6624@ 9@7F79-F9z42!!!!infoFus@kabaFcom wwwFkabaMbenzingMusaFcom


Global Hawk Earns Unprecedented Third Consecutive Sustainment Award May 4, 2015 SAN DIEGO, CA -- For an unprecedented third year in a row, the U.S. Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft program was officially awarded the Dr. James G. Roche Sustainment Excellence Award for most improved performance in aircraft maintenance and logistics readiness during a ceremony April 28 at the Pentagon. Northrop Grumman Corporation is the prime contractor for the high-flying fleet of Global Hawks. Air Force officials annually determine the award winner by calculating improvements from a predetermined set of metrics that impact performance. The Global Hawk demonstrated the most significant improvement in performance and sustainment based on factors like high total aircraft availability, mission capability and low non-mission capability rates for maintenance and supply. "Winning the Roche award for the third year in a row is an incredible achievement for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. Northrop Grumman is proud to partner with the Air Force in providing unmatched logistical and maintenance support," said Mick Jaggers, Global Hawk Unmanned Aircraft System program director, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. "The Roche award is significant because it focuses solely on the numbers. When it comes to sustainment, the Global Hawk has consistently ranked the best in the Air Force inventory." The Sustainment Excellence Award is granted by Headquarters U.S. Air Force Logistics, Installations and Mission Support. It is named for Dr. James G. Roche, the 20th Secretary of the Air Force. He served in the Air Force's top position from 2001 to 2005. Global Hawk has flown 150,000 total flight hours supporting diverse global missions. Carrying a variety of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensor payloads, Global Hawk supports antiterrorism, antipiracy, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, airborne communications and information-sharing missions. Northrop Grumman has been a trusted leader in global sustainment, training and modernization for over 80 years. Our dynamic blend of capabilities brings affordable, industry-leading solutions to meet our customers' toughest global security challenges.

Transportation Management Services EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION


Planning and operational support for motor coach evacuation operations during declared federal disaster scenarios. Transportation Management Services Past Contracts:

99 GSA Schedule 48

• Hurricane Katrina (2005)

99 State evacuation vehicle contracts

• Rita (2005)

99 Efficient, reliable procurement of motorcoaches, minibuses, and paratransits

• Gustav (2008) • Ike (2008) • Irene (2011) • Isaac (2012) • Sandy (2012)

17810 Meeting House Road, Suite 200 Sandy Spring, Maryland 20860 800-437-7629 | info@tms.com www.tms.com

99 FEMA MCEP & OS contract for emergency evacuations

99 Activation and deployment of all staff and resources to meet operational needs 99 Central Dispatch Operations (CDO) Center activation 99 Integrated fleet scheduling and dispatch, tracking and reporting 99 On-going planning activities to increase readiness 99 State of the art transportation response team vehicle

SAGE Premier provides online access to the most comprehensive collection of interdisciplinary journal content SAGE offers for your library. It includes more than 670 international, peer-reviewed journals. Our interdisciplinary coverage is unparalleled, spanning subject areas including business, science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and many more. SAGE discipline specific packages and subject collections: The SAGE Subject Collections are 17 discipline specific packages of the most popular, peer-reviewed journals in leading fields such as politics and international relations and materials science and engineering. Deep Backfile and Backfile collections: To compliment your frontlist collections, SAGE offers online access to backfile content in several different packages. The backfiles offer journal content from Volume 1, Issue 1, through the last issue of 1998. ity of SAGE’s The Deep Backfile package provides access to the majority journals. If you are looking for something more specific, we offer pecific smaller backfile packages to accompany the discipline specifi hase and subject collections. Backfile is available for lease or purchase can be access on the SAGE Journals platform. m For more information, contact librarysales@sagepub.com


Exelis and FAA-Designated Test Sites to Research the Safe Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Into the National Airspace System May 5, 2015 HERNDON, VA -- Exelis has signed agreements with four Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-designated unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) Test Sites for airspace situational awareness and research. The research will focus on using the Exelis Symphony® RangeVue™ sense-and-avoid tool towards safe integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace system. Under the terms of the agreements, the Test Sites will gain valuable real-time and historical situational awareness of the range airspace via Symphony RangeVue, while Exelis gains critical product feedback through operational usage. The participating Test Sites are the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range at University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska; the Northern Plains UAS Test Site at University of North Dakota, N.D.; the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance at Griffiss International Airport, N.Y; and the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Va. “The partnerships with these Test Sites are win-win arrangements,” said Ed Sayadian, vice president of Civil & Aerospace Systems for Exelis. “The Test Sites receive air traffic controlquality surveillance data, increasing safety and enabling beyond-line-of-site operations, while Exelis gains critical product feedback which will be used to shape and validate our service offerings.” Symphony RangeVue enables UAS operators and test range personnel to have access to both real-time and historical aircraft surveillance information via a web-hosted platform, helping to manage mission operations across multiple locations. Symphony RangeVue can be used as command center decision support and post-event analysis tool, or in the field as a sense-andavoid addition to UAS ground control stations. Flexible geo-fencing tools alert operators when a UAS approaches airspace boundaries or other aircraft are in the vicinity. Additionally, Exelis is pursuing research and development opportunities with the Test Sites exploring detect-and-avoid algorithms; non-cooperative target tracking; command and control systems; infrastructure inspection and monitoring; big data analysis for air traffic; and integration of non-FAA surveillance sources. Exelis will leverage capabilities across multiple test sites for a wide range of operational testing and collection of safety data.

Sebright Products, Inc. and Bright Technologies, Specialty Equipment division of Sebright Products, Inc. Over 30 years of Innovation and Quality


www.sebrightproducts.com www.brightbeltpress.com 269-793-7183 窶「 800-253-0532 US Hopkins, MI 49328

Oil and Filter Recycler Process up to 13 barrels of ilters per hour

Stationary compactors and Hydraulic Cart Dumpers to handle waste streams safely and con identially.

Sludge Dewatering patented Belt Filter Presses. Rentals, contract dewatering available.

USA Designed USA Manufactured USA Backed Waste Compaction Equipment Engineered Recycling Solutions Aluminum, PET, aseptic, more Foam Densi ication Oil Filter Recycling System Belt Filter Presses Manufactured to your speci ications

Portable, gas, diesel, or propane powered, heavy duty compactor. Skid mounted for use in disaster clean up or remote sites.


Densify up to 1,100 lbs. of 1# density EPS foam per hour for cost effective recycling.

X3C 3 ycle X3Cycler Mill size bales (800 lbs aluminum and 900 lbs PET) with no moisture deductions

Custom 3-D engineering drawings available for your speci ic site.


Remove liquid from packaging; P.E.T., aluminum, aseptic, steel, more. Process up to 14 cubic yards of aluminum cans per hour.

www.sebrightproducts.com www.brightbeltpress.com 269-793-7183 窶「 800-253-0532 Hopkins, MI 49328

Partner with the company that works as hard as you do. 1 – Superior Training

Free 1-day training at Bird•B•Gone’s manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, CA.

2 – Superior Products

Full line of products available: bird spikes, bird netting, electric track and more!

3 – Superior Service

Our bird control engineers lead the industry with more than 90 years of hands on experience.

Professional Bird Control Products Call today for detailed advice from the leading industry experts in bird control

877.998.1945 www.birdbgone.com

MITI Portable Ancillary Equipment MITI Portable DeCon “U” Showe

MITI Portable DeCon “U” Shower The Portable DeCon “U” Shower is specifically designed to deploy quickly and to minimize the amount of waste water created during the decontamination process. The system is uniform in design to be used independently or with the MITI DeCon Hoop™, Pools and Secondary Ground Pad/Berm Systems.

DeCon “U” Shower MADE IN USA

WYE Fittings

High Pressure Manifolds

FR In-Line Pressure Reducers

ROAD ROAD 545 318331 HALL AVENUE JUNCTION GRAND JUNCTION GRAND JUNCTION 04 CO COLORADO 81504 81504 REE TOLL FREE TOLL FREE 5-6484866-545-6484 866-545-6484 (970) 243-9500 PHONE (970) 243-9500 0) 243-9200 PHONE (970) 243-9200 243-9500 FAX (970) @mitico.com FAX (970) 243-9200 services@mitico.com mitico.com sales@mitico.com sales@mitico.com tico.com www.mitico.com www.mitico.com

FSI Soap Injectors

All products GSA Approved GS 07F 5622R


Development Completed on Advanced Ground Station for Lockheed Martin-Built Air Force National Security Space Program May 11, 2015 AURORA, CO – Lockheed Martin has crossed the threshold from development to testing on the nextgeneration ground system, called Increment 2, for the Air Force’s Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) after successfully integrating significant software and hardware to the station. Once operational, Increment 2 will increase SBIRS’ overall ability to manage complex, emerging threats while reducing Air Force operations and maintenance costs. The milestone was completed in March at the Mission Control Station (MCS) on Buckley Air Force Base, demonstrating Increment 2’s maturity as it enters certification testing. “Increment 2 is on target to replace the legacy system by 2016 with significant performance improvements,” said David Sheridan, Lockheed Martin vice president and SBIRS program director. “Consolidating operations into a centralized SBIRS ground system will enable warfighters to more efficiently monitor worldwide threats and alert responders for immediate action.” The legacy ground system operates from three different locations to manage the Defense Support Program (DSP), SBIRS Geosynchronous Orbit satellites and Highly Elliptical Orbit hosted sensor payloads. The Increment 2 ground station will consolidate those separate operations into one control station to command the global, persistent infrared surveillance provided by SBIRS. Completing the development of SBIRS Increment 2 follows the successful live commanding of DSP and SBIRS satellites and payloads earlier this year. During a three-day test, the U.S. Air Force’s 460th Operations Group used Increment 2 to individually transmit and receive commands to and from each of the DSP and SBIRS assets on orbit from the MCS. “An effective ground station has to reliably process and quickly deliver data,” said Vinny Sica, Lockheed Martin vice president of Space Ground Solutions. “After the Air Force’s commanding test we know that Increment 2 can effectively communicate with DSP and SBIRS satellites and payloads. The transition to testing brings the new, efficient ground station nearer to certified operation supporting national security.”

The FiberMark Laser Economical solution for metal and plastic marking.

Visit epiloglaser.com/dod to see a video of the FiberMark Fusion in action!


oday, many industries require permanent identification marks on a variety of products. Epilog FiberMark Lasers

are rapidly becoming a popular choice to meet this demand because of their exceptionally long operational life, lack of required maintenance and alignment, and relatively low cost.

• • • •

Precise metal and plastic marking capabilities Generous 24″ x 12″ or 32″ x 20″ work area Power configurations up to 50 watts Compatible with AutoCAD, Bartender, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, SolidWorks and more • High-quality, USA-made equipment

Mark a Wide Variety of Materials • • • • • • • • •

To request a brochure, DVD, and samples, contact us at: epiloglaser.com/dod • sales@epiloglaser.com • 888-437- 4564

Stainless Steel Titanium Brass Anodized Aluminum Steel Carbide Alloys Many Types of Plastic And much more

REACHING OUT | G  10-55A Telehandler




THE PERFORMANCE YOU NEED TO WORK AT YOUR PEAK. The JLG速 G10-55A telehandler provides outstanding reach, control and maneuverability to keep your team members safe and hard at work. We bring this approach to safety and efficiency to all of our military and government equipment to keep missions moving and productivity booming. Visit www.jlg.com/en/government1 to learn more. JLG offers GSA and DLA programs to assist in the purchase of equipment.

JLG_BuyGuideMat_2014.indd 1

7/15/14 8:45 AM

Solutions For Lighting LED Light Source

LED Light Source

LED Light Source

For nearly 40 years, Musco has specialized in the design and manufacture of sports and large area lighting. We’re committed to providing lighting solutions and services you can rely on. Musco’s solutions – using LED or metal halide – provide superior energy efficiency, environmental light control and cost effectiveness, all supported by our leading product assurance and warranty program.

For Your Budget . . . For The Environment

www.musco.com ©2015 Musco Sports Lighting, LLC · ADFBG15-1

8.5x11 ADFBG15-1.indd 1

5/6/15 3:51 PM


Successful Demonstration of Precision Guidance Kit for Artillery Shells to Support Ground Troops May 11, 2015 Rokar Silver Bullet precision guidance kit can transform an artillery shell into a highly accurate munition. BAE Systems’ live fire test demonstrated that its Rokar Silver Bullet precision guidance kit can transform a standard 155mm artillery shell into a highly accurate munition. The system’s advanced ability to self-correct in flight greatly increases effectiveness while reducing collateral damage, allowing for more precise engagement in urban environments and against protected targets. “The Silver Bullet precision guidance kit provides military commanders with additional operational flexibility, through a higher hit capability and increased mission effectiveness for artillery forces,” said Nir Lavi, general manager of BAE Systems Rokar. “Silver Bullet can significantly enhance the warfighter’s ability to operate on the modern battlefield.” The most recent live fire event, held in February in Israel, was the latest in a series of demonstrations with several customers including a successful firing performed with South Korean defence contractor, Poongsan Corporation. In these tests, more than 150 Silver Bullet precision guidance kits have been tested over several years of development. Conducted in severe conditions over challenging terrains including land and sea, the firing tests highlight the system’s mature design and resulting high reliability. The majority of kits in these demonstrations hit within 10 meters of the target. The Silver Bullet’s in-flight high correction capability reduces the need for an aiming process as its enhanced accuracy greatly increases the ability to hit a target with the first shot fired. Compatible with existing inventories of conventional artillery shells, the GPS-based Silver Bullet can be assembled in the field by the soldiers as a standard artillery fuze to provide highly accurate, self-correcting capability. The system has proven its versatility through successful firings from a number of artillery guns including the M109 and the K9 barrel and has been proven effective on several types of shells including the M795 and the K307. Additional information regarding this non-ITAR system can be found at www.baesystems.com/silverbullet.

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NEW The Canyon Collection


With The Canyon Collection™, rocks are no longer isolated events set apart from the rest of the playground. This integrated rock-climbing experience kindles the spirit of adventure with realistic rock panels that attach directly to a PlayBoosterŽ playstructure, creating new heights in continuous play. This configurable collection of rocks, decks and nets can be combined in a variety of ways. Choose from four unique formations! Watch The Canyon Collection in action at playlsi.com/canyon-collection.

763.972.5200 888.438.6574 playlsi.com Insta

Do You?

Over 800 installations worldwide use SSR.

• Will connect currently installed equipment and/or new equipment • Display all sensor data on one screen • Connect and share data between Ships, land, mobile and off-shore platforms • Provide a composite track/s from all sensors

Our Solutions

Naval Vessels | Commercial Vessels | Coastal Surveillance | Oil Platforms | System Integrators


Cubic Selected to Enhance Combat Search and Rescue Capabilities for U.S. Air Force Sustainment Center May 14, 2015 SAN DIEGO, CA -- Cubic Global Defense, a business of Cubic Corporation today announced it was awarded a $1.7 million contract from Support Systems Associates, Inc. (SSAI) to support the U.S. Air Force Sustainment Center to improve secure communications between rescue forces and isolated persons during civil and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) missions. The new contract represents the first sale of Cubic’s control display unit for the AN/ARS-6 Lightweight Airborne Recovery System (LARS). Cubic will provide the second generation of LARS specifically for the HC130J aircraft. SSAI will integrate and install the new system into the HC-130J weapon system platform. The upgraded system is completely redesigned to be smaller, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. It also communicates vital information that reduces location and authentication time when searching for individuals, thereby increasing the safety of the crew and survivor. “LARS technology is critical to ensuring the U.S. Air Force can support our nation’s search and rescue strategy. The U.S. Air Force relies on the accuracy and timeliness of the secure communications Cubic’s LARS solution provides to complete successful combat rescue missions,” said Bill Toti, president of Cubic Global Defense. The flexible and modular design of LARS ensures additional capabilities such as the Combat Survivor Evader Locator radio and Cursor On-Target can be easily added to support U.S. CSAR operations for years to come. The airborne locator system has been the number one CSAR system for U.S. and NATO forces for nearly two decades.

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optomap® ultra-widefield color image

optomap® af ultra-widefield autofluorescence image

optomap is ultra-widefield retinal imaging. ∙ optomap presents at least 50% more visible retina than any other ultra-widefield product1 ∙ DICOM workflow manages unique patient identifying information associated with patient imaging sessions ∙ Optos California and Daytona are VistA imaging approved modalities ∙ Clinically supported by more than 300 studies

Contact us to find out more at 800-854-3039 or BDS@optos.com Building The Retina Company GSA Contract #V797D-30201



Kiss et al. Comparison of ultra-widefield fluorescein angiography with the Heidelberg Spectralis® noncontact ultra-widefield module versus the Optos® optomap. Clin Ophthalmol. 2013, 389-94.

BLEED 8.75" TRIM 8.5"

TRIM 11"

BLEED 11.25"


When you need to ship dangerous goods, Labelmaster is there to answer the call. With fully-customizable products, software and services, we’re here to ensure the DG supplies you ship—from weapons and ammunition to explosives and more—get where you need them. Our experts stay up-to-date on regulations and offer the tools and solutions you need to keep even your toughest shipments moving. Whatever the mission.

DUNS # 117395095 Cage Code # 67634

Labelmaster.com/gsa-contract • governmentsales@labelmaster.com • 773.279.2343

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12/23/14 7:05 PM

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LM-19053 Labyrinth Ad .psd background image, vector logos

Labyrinth Ad

CC Indesign Archive, News Gothic, Avenir (slug)




8.75"x11.25" (bleed) 8"x10.5" (live) publication 4C

12.22.14 2:34 PM





OUTSIDE The SYNRGY BlueSky™ Training System takes group training into the invigorating great outdoors. Choose from 5 workout stations and 6 connectors to create a customized system and expand your training area.

Go outside: LifeFitness.com/outside

or call the Military 800.494.6344 and reference the LF GSA# GS07F9380G

© 2014 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness is a registered trademark of Brunswick Corporation. SYNRGY BlueSky is a trademark of Brunswick Corporation. USC-024-14 (05.14)


Raytheon Delivers First GPS OCX Hardware Shipment to Air Force May 14, 2015 AURORA, CO – Raytheon has delivered the first operational hardware for the Global Positioning System's Next Generation Operational Control System, known as GPS OCX, completing a key milestone in the program. GPS OCX is the ground command and control system that will manage GPS satellites with significantly improved accuracy and precision, while providing unprecedented levels of cyber protection. The May delivery is the first hardware shipment in support of the next-generation GPS ground control stations. The hardware was delivered to Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado, which will ultimately serve as the home for the new GPS OCX Master Control Station. "Delivery and testing of the hardware represents a key milestone for the OCX program, as it supports next year's acceptance of the OCX Launch and Checkout System for the GPS III satellites," said Matt Gilligan, GPS OCX program manager. The hardware delivery supports the new GPS ground system, which will deliver a host of new capabilities. The Launch and Checkout System (LSC) is a subset of the fuller OCX ground system, and establishes the cyber-hardened infrastructure to which additional mission applications will be added. The next step is for the team is to install and audit the equipment, as well as perform information assurance testing. This delivery will also enable certification and testing of hardware ahead of the next milestone in the program -- formal customer acceptance of LCS -- in early 2016. In addition to the first hardware delivery, the team has developed and integrated all of the software for LCS, which provides launch and checkout capability for the initial GPS III launches. "With hardware in place, Raytheon is positioned to complete validation and testing of critical capabilities and cybersecurity protections ahead of the LCS Acceptance milestone," added Gilligan. "LCS was established in part as a significant risk reduction effort for the program. Raytheon is committed to a seamless transition of OCX and the capabilities it will deliver to the U.S. Warfighter and civil and commercial users worldwide." The U.S. warfighter leverages GPS services to support air, land, sea and space missions. Additionally, GPS is used by millions of people around the world to enhance daily life activities such as personal navigation tools. It's also required for industry and businesses and is essential to support safety-of-life assurance for air traffic control systems and emergency responders.

A Higher Level of Reliability

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Rockwood Companies


Maritime Security 2015 NSSE July 7-8, 2015: Cleveland, OH Building upon the successes of the last ten conferences on the east and west coasts, Maritime Security 2015 NSSE is the first edition of the Maritime Security program series to focus solely on security planning and execution for National Special Security Events. Maritime Security 2015 NSSE’s topics of discussion and speakers are carefully chosen to assist law enforcement, government personnel, port representatives, and community leaders prepare for waterside National Special Security Events (NSSE) based on lessons learned from the 2012 Republican National Convention, Super Bowl XXXIX, and other recent NSSEs. Interactive workshop sessions are designed to give all conference participants the actionable knowledge on how to better secure their maritime areas of responsibility, mainly by stressing the importance of collaboration, efficiency, and best practices. Maritime Security 2015 NSSE will host an exhibition of 20 companies with highly relevant solutions and past performances in NSSE security operations. With an emphasis on building relationships and public/private partnerships, all participants - exhibitors, sponsors, attendees and presenters will have full access to the entire program with no restrictions on meals, special events or sessions. This program is an outstanding opportunity to showcase your technologies and solutions in front of federal and local officials charged with ensuring smooth, safe, and secure operation of the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Combined for the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the Tampa and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Departments budgeted over $98 million for supplies, equipment, contracts, and more - much of which were allocated to securing the nearby ports, bridges, and waterways. With the 2016 events looming on the horizon, there is a huge opportunity for solutions providers to help execute security plans in Cleveland and Philadelphia. If you have past performance or experience in this space, you are strongly encouraged to exhibit to showcase your proven capabilities. Cleveland Downtown Marriott at Key Center 127 Public Square Cleveland, OH 44114 For more information, visit: http://msnsse.hsoutlook.com/

Cotronics_FederalBG_2015_Federal BG PG 1/15/15 9:38 AM Page 1

HIGH TEMPERATURE MATERIALS FOR ELECTRICAL l STRUCTURAL l INDUSTRIAL l MEDICAL APPLICATIONS TO 4000ºF Flexible Conductive Silver Based Epoxy Duralco™ 125 thermally conductive electrical epoxy bonds to most metals, ceramics and plastics to form a stress-free adhesive bond. Continuous service up to 450ºF.

High Temperature Low Expansion Adhesive Resbond™ 905 Quartz is formulated for bondng low expansion and thermal shock resistant ceramics. Ideal for electronic and metallurgical applications to 2500ºF.

Thermally Conductive Adhesives Duralco™ 132 thermally conductive adhesives combine Cotronics’ unique, high temperature resins with highly conductive fillers to form thermally conductive, adhesive bonds with continuous service up to 500ºF.

High Expansion Adhesive Thermeez™ 7030 bonds and protects to 1800ºF. Apply to ceramics, ceramic cloths, door and tadpole gaskets and metals. Excellent adhesion to steel, stainless, aluminum, lead and ceramics.

High Purity, Alumina Adhesive Protects Critical Electronic Components Resbond™ 989 offers continuous protection to 3000ºF. Apply directly to metals, glass, ceramics, graphite and silicon carbide. Provides high bond strength and excellent electrical, moisture, chemical and solvent resistance for bonding and sealing.

You have challenging applications… we have solutions! High Temperature Products Since 1971

131 47th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11232-4225 Call: 718.788.5533 Fax: 718.788.5538 Email: sales@cotronics.com Web: www.cotronics.com



Maritime Security 2015 West August 17-19, 2015: San Diego, CA Maritime Security 2015 West is the third installment of the Maritime Security West program series, building upon the successes of last year’s conference in Tacoma, WA. As the twelfth maritime security conference hosted by Homeland Security Outlook since 2011, Maritime Security 2015 West furthers a commitment to address the needs of governments, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure to counter the challenges of securing coastlines, inland waterways, and their critical infrastructure. Maritime Security 2015 West provides discussion and collaboration on strategies and technologies to counter maritime security threats encountered by governments, law enforcement, and port/terminal owners and operators. Interactive workshop sessions are designed to give all conference participants the actionable knowledge on how to better secure their maritime areas of responsibility, mainly by stressing the importance of collaboration, efficiency, and best practices. Each topic will be addressed by relevant perspectives of those who have implemented successful strategies and technologies in their maritime security operations. Paradise Point Resort & Spa 1404 Vacation Road San Diego, CA 92109 For more information, visit: http://www.maritimesecuritywest.com/


Cyber Security Training & Technology Forum August 19-20, 2015: Colorado Springs, CO The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) – Colorado Springs Chapter and FBC, Inc. will once again co-host the 5th Annual Cyber Security Training & Technology Forum (CSTTF). CSTTF is set to convene from Wednesday August 19th to Thursday, August 20th, 2015 at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Colorado Springs, Colorado. CSTTF 2015 will bring together cyber experts from the DoD, federal government, business, research, and academia to address a variety of current cyber topics. Over 500 attendees participated in 2014! Attendees came from Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, MDA, Fort Carson, Cheyenne Mountain, Air Force Academy, Buckley AFB, Colorado National Guard, State of Colorado, Denver Federal Center, DISA, DHS, DoC, Los Alamos Lab, Kirtland AFB, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, MITRE, TASC, UCCS, Colorado Technical University and many more. CSTTF is designed to further educate Cyber, Information Assurance, Information Management Officers’, Information Technology, and Communications professionals. This will be accomplished through a number of in-depth cyber and technology sessions, as well as hands on government/industry exhibits and demos. Don’t miss this local, educational, and cost effective, cyber and technology event. CSTTF will feature:    

The latest DoD and government cyber policies, remediation strategies, and best practices. The growing impact and evolution, of cyber threats How to continue to protect and defend the Global Information Grid (GIG) 2.0, and remain resilient in cyberspace. Mobile Security, Data Protection, Insider Threats, Critical Infrastructure, Big Data, Cloud, Virtualization, Incident Response, Security Intelligence, and much more.

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel 1775 East Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80906 For more information, visit: http://www.fbcinc.com/e/csttf/

Sol veyourt oxi cgasmoni t or i ngwi t h t heGasmetr angeofr ugged,accur at e andr el i abl eFTI R mul t i gasanal yzer s New Model World’s1sttruly por t abl eFTI R DX4040 Measur e25gases si mul t aneousl y subppm t o% l evel s Ref er encel i br ar yof over250gases UseNI ST/ EPA I R l i br ar yofover5, 000 gasest oi dent i f y “ Unknowns”

:( 866)685. 0050 Tel sal es@gasmet . com www. gasmet . com


TechNet August 2015 August 25-27, 2015: Augusta, GA TechNet Augusta provides a forum for key military professionals from the U.S. Defense Department, armed services and U.S. Coast Guard to discuss issues and share ideas. Government, industry and academic speakers address a broad range of topics and focus on the importance of the network, security issues and training to enable operational forces to modernize and be ready to meet emerging challenges in 2025 and beyond. In addition to high-level military speakers and panelists, this three-day interactive forum offers industry the opportunity to meet with potential partners and clients on the convention center exhibit floor. Information about becoming one of the more than 140 exhibitors expected at TechNet Augusta is available online. Military and government leaders are interested in seeing products, services and solutions in the following areas:              

NetOps Capabilities Secure Solutions Portfolio Management Wireless Technology Collaboration/Web Portals VOIP Security Solutions Global Positioning Systems Network Integration Radar Systems Rugged Computers Satellite Systems Intelligence Gathering Systems Electronic Warfare Equipment Enterprise Data Center Solution

Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center 2 10th Street Augusta, GA 3090101 For more information, visit: http://events.jspargo.com/Augusta15/


Intelligence and National Security Summit September 9-10, 2015: Washington, DC The success of US Intelligence’s mission to provide the decision advantage to all who act in defense of the nation requires a trusted partnership between the public and private sectors and the public it serves, as well as with foreign partners. This trusted partnership can best be achieved through regular and open dialogue to create a shared understanding of the current state of U.S. Intelligence, its priorities for the future, the effect of its policies on both its partners in the private sector and the public, its foreign partners, and its simultaneous need for secrecy and the trust of the public in the prosecution of its mission. AFCEA International (AFCEA) and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) are pleased to host the second Intelligence and National Security Summit. The two-day, unclassified Summit features five plenary sessions during which top federal intelligence and national security leaders will share their assessments and priorities for U.S. national, defense and homeland security intelligence. In addition, thought leaders from the federal and public sectors will explore emerging issues in the domains of cyber operations, technology/innovation, and intelligence policy during nine break-out sessions. Businesses are invited to join as an exhibitor and present their products, services and solutions to key players in the intelligence community. The Intelligence & National Security Summit is expected to attract hundreds of intelligence professionals from both the public and private sector. Walter E. Washington Convention Center 801 Mt Vernon Place NW Washington, DC 20001 For more information, visit: http://www.intelsummit.org/

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Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition September 14-16, 2015: National Harbor, MD The Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition is truly a one-of-a-kind event where AFA brings together Air Force leadership, industry experts, academia, and current aerospace specialists from around the world to discuss the issues and challenges facing America and the aerospace community today. Past speakers at previous conferences include the Secretary of the Air Force, the USAF Chief of Staff, the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, and other top Air Force, government, and aerospace industry leaders. This event attracts the top echelon of USAF senior leadership, including the commanders of every USAF command. Also invited are military dignitaries from air forces worldwide. The Air & Space Conference offers attendees major conference addresses, forums, and professional development workshops that focus on challenges and accomplishments unique to the Air Force and the aerospace community. The Technology Exposition features aerospace exhibitors from around the world that display and demonstrate the latest breakthroughs in air and space technology. The exhibits at AFA’s Technology Exposition highlight the most current developments in aerospace technology and education. This event is your opportunity to network with colleagues, Air Force leadership, guest speakers, and professionals, and pioneers from the private sector. Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center 201 Waterfront Street National Harbor, MD 20745 For more information, visit: http://www.afa.org/airspaceconf/conference

CorpAdFlat-FV.indd 1

5/15/15 10:25 AM

Washington D.C.

Event Visitor

General Information: Getting to D.C. by Airplane: Most people heading into D.C. for business arrive at one of Washington's two major airports: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and Dulles International Airport (IAD). Located less than five miles from the White House, the DCA is only a short ride away from downtown D.C. The Dulles International Airport is located about 30 minutes from the city. However, if your business is taking you to the Dulles Corridor in Northern Virginia, flying into Dulles International Airport would be the better option. Ground Transportation: From the Reagan airport to downtown Washington, taxi fares will run between $8 and $17 since the airport is located close to the city. But the taxi ride from the Dulles airport to downtown DC will likely cost more than $50 plus tax, with lesser charges along the Northern Virginia route into the city. Renting a car is another available option at both Dulles and Reagan airports. Public Transportation: If you're heading to downtown D.C. from the Reagan airport, the Metro can get you there in about 15 minutes and will cost about $2 one-way, depending on your stop. Stations are located in terminals B and C. Weather: Although the weather in D.C. is relatively mild compared to the rest of the nation, you should still be mindful of the season when packing your suitcase because the capital region has four distinct seasons. In the fall, the temperatures are cool, so take a medium or light jacket and long pants. Wintertime temperatures in Washington D.C. fluctuate above freezing, so pack warm clothes and an umbrella — there may be rain or a snowstorm. In the spring, temperatures begin to get comfortable, climbing into the mid 60s and 70s. During the summer, the city is usually hot and humid. Temperatures can rise to the upper 80s, so bring some shorts and light blouses or short-sleeved shirts.

TOTAL Solutions, TOTAL commitment,


Wholesale air cargo, packaging and warehouse supplies ADHESIVE TAPE FOR PACKAGING


PRINTED TAPES AND LABELS PALLET JACKS STRETCH FILM 24/7 Air Cargo Emergency Support: 305-796-0129 1867 NW 72 Ave. Miami, FL 33126 Toll free: 866-760-7866 - Phone: 305-597-9955 Fax: 305-477-9588 E-mail: totalpack@totalpack.com Monday – Friday 8.30AM – 6PM EST

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Washington D.C.

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Off the Clock: International Spy Museum: For the business traveler who's off the clock, there is a plethora of museums, art exhibits, and historic monuments to check out. For those who are intrigued by the secretive world of spies, head over to the International Spy Museum. There you can live out your espionage fantasy by enrolling in spy school, where you can learn how to morph your identity, hone your intuition and observation skills, and take a pathology workshop. The museum invites visitors to explore a realistic forensics lab, create ID cards with fingerprinting, and try out a lie detector test. The International Spy Museum is also equipped with a simulated FBI shooting range and high-speed police chase simulators. McCormick & Schmick's at 16th and K: Once the clock hits 5, head over to McCormick & Schmick's on 16th and K Street to relax after a long business day. The McCormick franchise has locations all across the country, and is best known for serving exquisite seafood. The K Street branch, however, is particularly popular because it is frequented by lawyers, lobbyists, business types, and politicos who work in the surrounding metropolitan area. The Washingtonian Magazine named McCormick & Schmick's the “Best Happy Hour” in town, with specials on draft beers, well spirits, wines, cocktails, and martinis. It’s the perfect place to grab a drink after work and mingle. POV Roof Terrace and Lounge: Those seeking a lively night out on the town can head up to the Point of View Rooftop Lounge and Terrace. Located in the heart of Washington D.C., this hotspot is renowned for its magnificent views of the city's historic monuments. The modern terrace is decorated with striking decor to complement the skyline and provides patrons with indoor and outdoor seating for breathtaking views during any season. This unique venue is a great place for after-work cocktails, intimate gatherings, and late-night bottle service. The lounge is equipped with a full bar that offers a seasonal cocktail menu as well as an eclectic tapas menu. On weekends, POV sets the standard for the ultimate nightlife experience by transforming into a high-energy dance club featuring the hottest DJs on the East Coast. POV also offers guests an alternative W Living Room Lounge bar, which hosts live entertainment on Friday nights and a DJ on Saturday nights.

Washington D.C.

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Dining in D.C. Recommendations for a Business Meeting Brasserie Beck: Established in 2007, Brasserie Beck has a reputation for serving quality Belgian cuisine for lunch and dinner. Located in the heart of D.C.'s burgeoning McPherson square, the contemporary European-style brasserie has become a popular place for Washingtonites to meet up both during and after business hours. The beautifully decorated dining room doesn't carry conversations across the room, so it's a great spot for business lunches and private meetings. Restaurant owner and critically acclaimed chef Robert Wiedmaier brings inspiration from his Belgian roots to his dishes. Guest favorites include the moules and frites with a trio of homemade dipping sauces, the Charcuterie Plate, the classic Belgian mainstay of beef carbonnade, and the crispy skate wing. Brasserie Beck also features a raw oyster bar and a fullservice bar that boasts the city's most extensive Belgian beer list outside of Belgium, offering nine draught beers and over 100 bottled beers. 1101 K St. NW, (202) 408-1717 Old Ebbitt Grill: Just steps away from the White House, the Old Ebbitt Grill is a popular dining destination for working professionals to discuss business over traditional American cuisine. The 1856 establishment features a BeauxArts facade and Victorian interior that is reminiscent of Washington saloons at the turn of the century. Its mahogany and velvet booths provide privacy for political insiders, lawyers, business executives, and journalists to meet, negotiate deals, or swap stories. In fact, this historic eatery was a favorite amongst Presidents Grant, Cleveland, Harding, and Roosevelt, and it’s easy to see why. The restaurant offers a wide array of dishes—all of which are made with fresh and seasonal ingredients—and four full-service bars. If you’re a fan of oysters, be sure to check out the restaurant’s famous Oyster Bar in the back of the room. 675 15th St. NW, (202) 347-4800

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Quick Eats on a Budget Taylor Gourmet: If you're tight on time or money, head over to Taylor Gourmet for a delicious sandwich. Located less than a mile from the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, this deli shop has become a favorite amongst working Washingtonians and visiting tourists alike. Taylor Gourmet uses only the freshest and finest ingredients to create Philly-style hoagies stuffed with salamis, prosciuttos, cheeses, breaded and fried cutlets, handmade meatballs, and roasted turkey, beef, and pork. Standouts include the 9th Street Italian, Vine Street Expressway, and Cherry Street sandwiches. The restaurant also offers several vegetarian options as well as an array of salads and sides—such as risotto balls and stuffed peppers—and even cannoli for dessert. 485 K St NW, (202) 289-2001

Per Diem Rates as of January 2015: The following rates apply for Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C.


* NOTE: Traveler reimbursement is based on the location of the work activities and not the accommodations, unless lodging is not available at the work activity, then the agency may authorize the rate where lodging is obtained. ** Meals and Incidental Expenses, see Breakdown of M&IE Expenses for important information on first and last days of travel.

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The DOD Buyers Guide provides military procurement officers and DOD contracting agents with relevant news as well as information about relia...

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