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About GSA Buyers Guide Monthly The GSA Buyers Guide is a monthly publication that provides government purchasing agents, procurement officers, and prime federal contractors with relevant contracting news, as well as reliable product and service suppliers. The GSA Buyers Guide's vendor listings are organized by NAICS codes first, followed by the products or services offered and all the pertinent company information to help contracting specialists establish bid lists for both shortterm and long-term contracts. You can find a complete list of suppliers in the product and company index in the back of this purchasing guide.

If you need further assistance using this guide, please call our corporate office at (805) 963-7470.

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North American Industry Classification System, providing codes to group and arrange products, equipment and services. Alphabetical index of products and services available for purchase in this guide. You can search here for specific type of product or service. Vendor Listings

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Company Index

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Here you will find complete vendor information, products and services including phone numbers, address, sales contact, and complete company description and more. Alphabetical index of the companies appearing in this issue. If you know the company name you are searching for, check here for quick access.

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Table of Contents NEWS Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges Insiders with Proof Of Fraud To Call Them About A Recent Reward Announced By The DOJ.............................................................................................................................6 GSA Tech Initiative Delivers Public Service for the 21st Century.......................................................................8 GSA’s Got Furniture and Industry Has Solutions...............................................................................................10

CONTRACT AWARDS Comcast Business Awarded General Services Administration Schedule 70 Contract...................................12 Smiths Detection Wins $63M X-Ray Scanner Order From U.S.........................................................................14

Events & TRADE SHoWS HThe U.S. Cyber Crime Conference 2014............................................................................................................18 CPM 2014 Conference & Expo...............................................................................................................................20 FOSE 2014..................................................................................................................................................................22

Travel Guide for Business Professionals City Guide: Washington D.C..................................................................................................................................26


Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges Insiders with Proof Of Fraud To Call Them About A Recent Reward Announced By The DOJ The Corporate Whistleblower Center is urging insiders, managers, or accountants employed by private companies providing almost any imaginable service to the federal government to call them at 866-714-6466, if the potential whistleblower has well documented proof the company is involved in overbilling, or defrauding of the government in any way. These types of whistleblower cases can result in substantial rewards for potential the whistleblower. March 31, 2014

The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, "On October 28, 2013 a software company agreed to pay the United States $6.2 million to settle allegations under the False Claims Act. The government alleged that the software company and its predecessors provided the General Services Administration (GSA) with defective pricing information in order to obtain and maintain a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract that permitted them to sell software licenses and related services to federal agencies at inflated prices." In this situation the whistleblower will receive a $1,178,000 settlement. If an employee has detailed documentation that a company they work for is doing something similar, please call Corporate Whistleblower Center at 866-714-6466, for a full explanation of federal whistleblower programs. According to a October 2013 Justice Department press release, "Under the MAS Program, prospective vendors agree to disclose their commercial pricing policies and practices to GSA. They do so in exchange for the opportunity to gain access to the broad federal marketplace, and the ease of administration that comes from selling to hundreds of government purchasers under one central MAS contract. GSA regulations clearly state that during the initial contract negotiations with them, prospective vendors seeking a MAS contract must make “current, accurate and complete� disclosures of the standard and non-standard discounts they offer to commercial customers. GSA relies on the accuracy of these disclosures in order to negotiate fair pricing for government purchasers. Additionally, after the MAS contract is awarded, regulations require that MAS Program vendors disclose to GSA any changes in their commercial pricing practices, including new discounts that are offered to commercial customers after the MAS contract is in place."


is Reg

Fax request to 203-377-8988, email request to or Mail to PHC 120 Goodwin Pl Stfd. CT. 06615 Name:__________________________________________________ Street:__________________________________________________ City:______________________State:______Zip Code:___________


The Disinfectant you can trust! GSA #V797P-2262D



NAICS 339110

PROMO CODE: _______________ (EPA #) hint find on EPA website As shown on the EPA’s list, Palmero Health Care’s DisCide Ultra Disinfecting Towelettes and DisCide Ultra Disinfecting Spray ACHIEVED the Agency’s stringent efficacy performance standards against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Mycobacterium BCG (tuberculosis bacteria) and are confirmed as an efficacious hospital disinfectants.

Quart with sprayer

HOW DID YOUR DISINFECTANT RATE? Visit EPA website for more info http;//

Gallon refill

160 count, 6" x 6¾" towelettes 60 count 10.5 X 10.5

Vacuum Shock and Vacuum Clean Vacuum Line Cleaning System

Palmero’s 2-step Vacuum Shock and Vacuum Clean system can keep vacuum lines functioning at peak efficiency.

Ease of Use: Manufacturer Description: Vacuum Shock, the first stage in the Palmero 2-step system, keeps vacuum lines clean with a single time-released tablet every 3 months. Maintenance with Vacuum Clean, the second stage in the system, requires only one selfactivating tablet per week, each of which releases powerful cleaning chemicals throughout the week. Odor Elimination: Manufacturer Description: Vacuum Shock keeps vacuum lines free of odor causing bacteria. The neutral pH of the Vacuum Clean tablets helps to reduce dispersal of amalgam into sewer systems. Effectiveness: Manufacturer Description: Vacuum Shock and Vacuum Clean provide consistent suction and asepsis while extending pump life. Vacuum Shock keeps vacuum lines clean while Vacuum Clean restores pressure and maintains cleanliness.

(6 Tablets)

(45 Tablets)

Available in Kits: E-Vac System Kit: Jar of shock, Jar of Clean Shock, Clean Kit: Jar of shock, Jar of Clean and 1 Pour & Clean bottle Operatory Kit: 16 Clean Tablets and 1 Shock Tablet Shock & Clean Trial Kit: 16 Clean & 1 Shock

NAICS 339110

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GSA #V797P-2262D


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GSA Tech Initiative Delivers Public Service for the 21st Century March 19, 2014

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. General Services Administrator Dan Tangherlini announced that the agency will be home to a digital government program called 18F, a comprehensive initiative that will accelerate innovation across the federal government. This new digital hub within the General Services Administration (GSA) will house services like the Presidential Innovation Fellows program and GSA’s newly launched digital delivery team. This group of cutting-edge technology innovators and entrepreneurs were recruited from the most innovative corners of industry and the public sector to help drive efficiency, transparency, and savings for government agencies and the American people. By connecting the people, principles, and methodologies of the technology startup world with the government’s leaders in innovation, 18F seeks to improve the way agencies tackle their missions. With the launch of 18F, GSA continues to answer the call for modernized public services. The program is designed to provide the American people the digital services they expect from a 21st century government.

What Does 18F Do?    

Partners with agencies to deliver high quality in-house digital services using the agile methodologies of the top technology startups. Rapidly deploys working prototypes for real users on the web. Services are built with users’ needs as a priority. Offers digital tools and services that result in governmentwide reuse. Transparently builds and integrates digital services.

GSA Administrator Dan Tangherlini: “The mission of 18F is to make the government’s digital services simple, effective, and easier to use for the American people. This service delivery program will make GSA the home of the government’s digital incubator. By using lessons from our Nation’s top technology startups, these public service innovators will be able to provide cutting-edge support for our federal partners that reduces cost and improves service.” For more information on 18F, visit


schedule products

Fulfill Government, Military, G SA & Disaster Recovery Projects!

• Labels • Placards

• Regulatory Publications

• Forms • UN Packaging

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CAGE CODE #67634 DUNS#117395095

Call: 80 0•621•5808 W e b : l a b e l m a s t e r. c o m / g s a - c o n t a c t E m a i l : g o ve r n m e n t s a l e s @ l a b e l m a s t e r. c o m



GSA's Got Furniture and Industry Has Solutions Agency Seeks Industry Feedback in Shaping New Furniture Strategic Sourcing March 19, 2014

Washington, DC - The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has started discussions with the furniture industry on another possible strategic sourcing solution focused on federal furniture purchasing. As one of ten new strategic sourcing efforts put in place over the last two years, the proposed furniture solution will center around office furniture including, but not limited to, seating, shelving, tables, workstations, and displays. The purpose of The Furniture community page on Interact is to ensure transparency and collaboration among GSA’s industry partners. The agency is looking for feedback from federal agency customers and industry partners on its approach to building an effective strategic sourcing solution for furniture products and services.  Currently, GSA offers furniture in various categories such as office, worksystems, seating, filing/storage, residential, hospital and specialty furniture.  The FSSI Furniture Interact page will serve as the one-stop-shop for all updates and information regarding this initiative. This online forum for industry and government to gather feedback on proposed strategies, discuss ideas, and work together to create the most effective and efficient strategic sourcing solution for furniture products and services that will; leverage the federal government’s high volume of furniture purchases to drive savings and collect granular spending data to drive operational efficiencies and allow for smarter, data-driven purchasing decisions around furniture. The Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) was established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the May 20, 2005, Implementing Strategic Sourcing memo. OMB reinforced the Government’s commitment to strategic sourcing in their December 5, 2012 Improving Acquisition through Strategic Sourcing memo. To date, FSSI counts more than 20 federal agencies, both military and civilian, as active participants.

866.DTE.INFO Follow us! M A K E S



P E R F E C T速


Comcast Business Awarded General Services Administration Schedule 70 Contract Contract Enables Delivery of Comcast Business Ethernet to Federal, State and Local Government Customers April 2, 2014

PHILADELPHIA – Comcast Business today announced that it was awarded a Sched ule 70 contract with the General Services Administration (GSA), which enables the Company to sell directly to federal, state and local government customers. The initial Schedule 70 applies to Comcast Business Ethernet services. In the future, Comcast plans to expand the Schedule to also include its full voice product suite, as well as its Business Internet and Business TV offerings. “Our work with federal, state and local government customers has shown us that bandwidth usage in government agencies is rapidly increasing as technology and constituent programs demand it,” said Kevin Carney, executive director of Government, Comcast Business. “Now, federal government agencies can more easily turn to Comcast Business and our Ethernet services for secure, reliable, high-performance connectivity in many regions, including the Washington, D.C. area and other key federal markets.” Built on an advanced network that is owned, operated and serviced directly by the Company, Comcast Business Ethernet delivers bandwidth levels ranging from 1 Megabit per second (Mbps) up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) over a 100Gbps backbone network. Comcast Business Ethernet enables organizations to upgrade from legacy technologies such as T1 lines, Frame Relay and ATM to improve their wide area network (WAN) performance to address increasing bandwidth requirements for cloud computing, business continuity, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other applications. Recently, Comcast Business was named the fastest growing Ethernet provider in the Vertical Systems Group 2013 U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD.


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© 2013 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness is a registered trademark of Brunswick © 2013 Life Fitness, a(09.13) division of Brunswick Corporation. LFcodes and LFconnect are trademarks of Brunswick Corporation. Corporation. USC-053-13

iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. All rights reserved. USC-053-13 (10.13)



Smiths Detection Wins $63M X-Ray Scanner Order From U.S. Awarded under TSA’s Advanced Technology 2 (AT-2) Contract April 2, 2014

EDGEWOOD, Md. – Smiths Detection has won a $62.9 million order to supply automatic explosives scanners for carry-on baggage under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Advanced Technology 2 (AT-2) contract. The aTiX (automatic threat identification X-ray) systems, which use multi-view, high resolution imaging to detect explosives and other threats, will be installed this year at several airports across the United States. Brian Jones, Interim President of Smiths Detection, said: “I am proud and privileged that TSA has put its confidence in us as a partner in its mission to keep the traveling public safe. Our aTiX platform provides enhanced and progressive levels of detection capability, to help protect against evolving threats to aviation security.” Already installed in over 70 U.S. airports, aTiX is capable of detecting a wide range of threats and illegal substances and can be readily upgraded as new threats emerge. Terry Gibson, Vice-President of Smiths Detection, Americas, said: “Our investments in technology and infrastructure are geared to meet the needs of major customers like TSA. Our checkpoint systems, which will be manufactured at our main U.S. facility in Maryland, provide the highest levels of both security and overall value.” To learn more about Smiths Detection’s aTiX X-ray systems, please visit:


COUNT ON US. )$  "&# $"$  #   "  #"& !" &"  " $  $"# "#  $"#  "  $"# " ## $  %$"( $ " %"% "# # "$"#!$$"# '&!" &"  $"#! "$# " "$!$$#

    #DJBP0700BPA13009 DUNS #115210408 

 #IMDA # !#EMS0000009985

$ #FOVA979D (Carrier: Panther Aviation)

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in% medical services international, inc

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The U.S. Cyber Crime Conference 2014 April 29-May 2, 2014: Leesburg, VA “This event provides both hands-on, digital-forensics training and an interactive forum for cyber professionals to network. The conference covers the full spectrum of topics facing defenders as well as law enforcement responders. All aspects of computer crime will be covered, including intrusion investigations, cybercrime law, digital forensics, and information assurance, along with recent research and development discoveries and the testing of digital-forensic tools.â€? The U.S. Cyber Crime Conference is continuing the 12 year tradition of success established by the former DoD Cyber Crime Conference. To keep up with the global cyber threat, the conference is expanding its objective and direction to empower the civilian, defense, and government digital forensics communities (legal, IT, and Criminal Investigative) to team together in the battle against cyber crime. This is the only event of its kind that provides both hands-on digital forensics training and an interactive forum for cyber professionals to network. The conference covers the full spectrum of topics facing defenders as well as law enforcement responders. All aspects of computer crime will be covered, including intrusion investigations, cyber crime law, digital forensics, information assurance, along with research and development, and testing of digital forensic tools. The National Convention Center 18980 Upper Belmont Place Leesburg, VA 20176 Contact ďƒ˜ Amy Sites, Registration Services, at (703)740-1953 or For more information, visit:

Blast mitigation glazing should be part of the solution ...not part of the problem Hygard速 EX offers four levels of protection to provide the highest level of blast resistance when compared to other security glazing materials r8JUITUBOETCMBTUQSFTTVSFJOXJOEPXTZTUFNBOEXJMMOPUTQMJOUFS GSBHNFOUPSTFQBSBUFGSPNUIFGSBNF r8IFOJOTUBMMFEBTBTQBMMTIJFMECFIJOEHMBTT )ZHBSE&9XJMMTUPQDBQUVSFHMBTTGSBHNFOUTGSPNQFOFUSBUJOH the building envelope


Bayer MaterialScience LLC 119 Salisbury Road, Sheffield, MA 01257 800-254-1707 FAX: 800-457-3553 Website: E-mail:


CPM 2014 Conference & Expo May 12-14, 2014: Washington, DC “CPM East is the premier event for COOP/DR/BC and emergency response professionals looking for proven strategies and cost effective technology to achieve your mission of preparing and planning for emergencies and disruptions of operations including response and recovery.” Professionals from across the world attend CPM East to enhance their knowledge, stay abreast of current and future trends and important issues, and network with their peers:  Federal, State & Local Emergency Response and Continuity of Operations Officials  K-12, colleges & university risk management and emergency preparedness personnel  Private sector continuity/emergency management professionals  Government and private sector information technology professionals (CIOs, VPs-IT, Directors/Managers of IT and other IT professionals). CPM East conference attendees also have an opportunity for cross-training as they can attend sessions in our co-hosted event, GovSec, which is focused on prevention, mitigation, and response for incidents relative to Counter and Anti-Terrorism; Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Terrorism and Cybercrime, Access Control & Video Surveillance, and School Security and Safety issues. The CPM East Advisory Council provides guidance for the program development, and is comprised of representatives from government, military, academia, associations and other groups. The diversity of our council members’ expertise ensures that CPM East meets the educational needs of all our attendees. Walter E. Washington Convention Center 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW Washington, DC 20001 Contact  Deborah Lovell at (972) 682-5453 or

For more information, visit:


FOSE 2014 May 13-15, 2014: Washington, DC “FOSE is the nation's premier event for government technology professionals seeking tools and best practices to equip their agency for the 21st century. From policy updates - straight from the hill - to exclusive insights from today's leading authorities, as well as the most comprehensive showcase of technology in action.” FOSE's 3-day conference is free-of-charge for government personnel and provides attendees with proven tools and strategies presented by leading technology implementers. Attend 1 day or all 3 and expect to take home best practices, policy updates and detailed guidance in the following thematic areas:  Cloud & Virtualization  Cyber security  Mobile Government  Big Data and Business Intelligence  Records and Information Management  Project Management  Acquisition and Procurement The Walter E. Washington Convention Center 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW Washington, DC 20001 Contact  Andree Diggs, Registrar, at (800) 746-0099 or For more information, visit:

Washington D.C.

Event Visitor

Getting to D.C. via Airplane: Most people heading into D.C. to for business arrive at one of Washington's two major airports: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and Dulles International Airport. Located less than 5 miles south of The White Hou se, the DCA is only a short ride away from downtown D.C. The Dulles International Airport is located about a half hour from the city. further But if your business is taking you to the Dulles Corrider in Northern Virginia, flying into Dulles International Airport makes more sense. Ground Transpiration: From the Reagan airport into downtown Washington, taxi fares will run between $8 and $17 because it is so close to the city. If you're coming from Dulles airport to downtown DC will cost more than $50 plus tax, with lesser charges along the Northern Virginia route into the city. Renting a car is another available option at both Dulles and Reagan airports. Public Transportation: If you're heading into Downtown D.C. from the Washington Reagan airport, the Metro can get you the in about 15 minutes and will cost about $2 oneway, depending on your stop. Stations are located in terminals B and C. Weather: Although weather in D.C. is relatively mild compared to the rest of the nation, you should still be mindful of the season when packing your suitcase because the capital region has four distinct seasons. In the Fall, the foliage changes colors and the temperatures are cool, so take a medium or light jacket and long pants. Wintertime temperatures in Washington D.C. fluctuate above freezing, so bring your rain boots and umbrella — there will be lots of rain and the occasional snowstorm. In the Spring, temperatures begin to climb to a comfortable range in the mid 60s and 70s. During the Summer, the weather can get hot, humid, and uncomfortable. Temperature highs rise to the upper 80s, so bring along some shorts and light blouses.

For over 50 years Al-jon is still listening to its customers as we introduce our new 580CL-HD Car Logger! Al-jon introduces its new 580CL-HD car baler to commemorate 50 years of building industry leading scrap processing equipment. The innovative new box design creates a tighter more uniform bale and is capable of baling 110 to 120 cars a day. The new lid and wall design can easily bale any passenger car, 他 ton truck, or full size van. The new car logger comes standard with a 185 hp engine with power upgrade options of 200 hp and 215 hp.

Al-jon Manufacturing LLC | 15075 Al-jon Ave. | Ottumwa, IA 52501 | U.S.A (+1) 641-682-4506 | 800-255-6620 |


Washington D.C.

Event Visitor

Off the Clock: International Spy Museum: For the business traveler who's off the clock, there is a plethora of museums, art exhibits, and historic monuments to check out. For those who are intrigued by the secretive world of spies, head over to the International Spy Museum. There you can live out your espionage fantasy by enrolling in spy school to learn how to morph your identity, hone your intuition and observation skills, and take a pathology workshop. The museum invites visitors to explore a realistic forensics lab, create ID cards with fingerprinting, and try out a lie detector test. The International Spy Museum is also equipped with a simulated FBI shooting range and high-speed police chase simulators. McCormick & Schmick's at 16th and K: Once the clock hits 5, head over to McCormick & Schmick's on 16th and K Street to relax after a long business day. The McCormick franchise has locations all across the country, and is best known for serving great seafood. The K Street branch, however, is especially popular because it is frequented by lawyers, lobbyists, business types, and politicos who work in the surrounding metropolitan area. Its clientele makes it the perfect place to grab a drink after work and mingle. The Washingtonian Magazine named McCormick & Schmick's the “Best Happy Hour� in town, with specials on draft beers, well spirits, wines, cocktails, and martinis. POV Roof Terrace and Lounge: For those itching for a lively night in town, head up to the Point of View Rooftop Lounge and Terrace. Located in the heart of Washington D.C., this popular hotspot is renowned for its magnificent views of the city's historic monuments. The modern terrace is decorated with striking decor to complement the skyline; it provides patrons with indoor and outdoor seating for breathtaking views during any season. This unique venue is a great place for after-work cocktails, intimate gatherings, and late-night bottle service. P.O.V. is equipped with a full bar that offers a seasonal cocktail menu perfect as well as an eclectic tapas menu. On weekends, P.O.V. sets the standard for the ultimate nightlife experience by transforming into a high-energy dance club featuring the hottest Djs on the East Coast. P.O.V. is also offers guests an alternative W Living Room Lounge bar, which books live entertainment on Friday nights and a DJ on Saturday nights.

Washington D.C. Recommendations for a Business Meeting

Event Visitor

Dining in D.C.

Brasserie Beck: Established Spring 2007, Brasserie Beck is quickly gaining a reputation for serving quality Belgian cuisine all day from lunch to late night. Located at the heart of D.C.'s burgeoning McPherson square, the contemporary European style brasserie has become a popular place for Washingtonites to meet up both during and after business hours. The beautifully decorated dining room doesn't carry conversations across the room, so it's a great spot for business lunches and private meetings. Restaurant owner and critically acclaimed chef Robert Wiedmaier brings inspiration from his Belgian roots into his dishes. Guest favorites include the moules and frites with a trio of homemade dipping sauces, the Charcuterie Plate, the classic Belgian mainstay of Beef Carconnade, and the Crispy Skate Wing. Beck also features a raw oyster bar and a full-service bar that boasts the city's most comprehensive Belgian beer list outside Belgium with nine draught beers and over 100 offered by the bottle. Old Ebbitt Grill: Just steps away from The White House, Old Ebbitt Grill is a popular dining destination for suits to discuss business over traditional American food. Its Beaux-Arts facade and Victorian interior is reminiscent of Washington saloons at the turn of the century. The 1856 establishment was a favorite amongst U.S. presidents like Grant, Cleveland, Harding, and Theodore Roosevelt. Its mahogany and velvet booths provide the perfect privacy for political insiders, lawyers, business executives, journalists, and celebrities to meet up, negotiate deals, or swap stories. This historic eatery serves upscale American saloon food with an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients. Their menu offers a wide variety of traditional cuisine, from pasta to steak to seafood. If you are a fan of oysters, be sure to stop by D.C.'s most famous Oyster Bar in the back of the room.

Washington D.C.

Event Visitor

Quick Eats on a Budget Taylor Gourmet:If you're tight on time or money, head over to Taylor Gourmet for a delicious sandwich. Located less than a mile from the convention center, this deli shop has become a favorite amongst working Washingtonians and visiting tourists alike. Taylor Gourmet uses only the freshest and finest ingredients to create Philly-style hoagies stuffed with salamis, prociuttos, cheeses, breaded and fried cutlets, handmade meatballs, roasted turkey, beef and pork. They also offer several vegetarian sandwiches, as well as an array of salads, sides such as risotto balls and stuffed peppers, and even cannolis for dessert. Locals frequent this sandwich joint because of its excellent quality hoagies, great food prices, and reasonable portions. Taylor's is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., 7 days a week. 485 K St NW. Washington, DC 20001

Per Diem Rates as of 2013: The following rates apply for Washington D.C. Primary Destination* District of Columbia

Max Lodging by Month (Excludes Taxes)

County Washington D.C.









Meals & Inc. Exp. ** 71

* NOTE: Traveler reimbursement is based on the location of the work activities and not the accommodations, unless lodging is not available at the work activity, then the agency may authorize the rate where lodging is obtained. ** Meals and Incidental Expenses, see Breakdown of M&IE Expenses for important information on first and last days of travel.


Complete Civil Infrastructure Solutions | (800) 338-1122


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Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Design Circle Inc PRODUCT/SERVICES Industrial Design, Human Factors / Ergonomics, Prototyping, Product Engineering, Product Manufacturing,Quality Control

Address: 1465 Stony Road Warminster, PA 18974 US Phone: 215-692-7827 Fax: 215-692-7829 Email: Website:

COMPANY PROFILE Design Circle is a small highly creative product development firm known for providing outstanding design and engineering solutions to complex problems that have gone unsolved or poorly solved by other professionals attempting the same task. We are the talent that is brought in when you are trying to accomplish something ground breaking and superior to what is the current standard. We do not merely meet specifications but add to the product's value by understanding and meeting user needs.

Administrative and Support Services

561 The Flag Company

PRODUCT/SERVICES American Flags, Military Flags, State Flags, United States Flags, Flagpoles, Custom Flags

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COMPANY PROFILE American flags, state flags, military and foreign flags. All made in the USA.


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For Yukon and Alaska hotels, look no further than the Westmark collection. Westmark offers an assortment of full service Alaska and Yukon hotels that are perfect places to kick your feet up during a business trip or vacation up north.

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Address: PO Box 342 Walnut Creek, CA 94597 US Toll Free: 800-523-3437 Phone: 925-934-4488 Fax: 925-934-4492 Email: Website:

Kaddies, Inc. was started in 1987 when the inventor saw a need for portable storage and dolly-style transport and storage efficiencies in his construction business. Both products are double wall polyethylene. Tool Kaddies are lockable and water resistant. Because of their double wall design they can be modified both inside and out by a simply drilling and pop-riveting. Boar Blades from Kaddies, Inc. are double edged, bi-metal reciprocating sawblades. They come in three tpi’s and three lengths 6”-8”-10”. Best blades.

Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing

3364 Bergen Cable Technology, LLC

PRODUCT/SERVICES Mechanical Assembly, Cable Assembly, Lockclad Cable Assembly, Wire Rope Cable, Threaded Fastener Retention System, Aircraft Assembly

Address: 343 Kaplan Drive Fairfield, NJ 7004 US Toll Free: 800-237-4369 Phone: 973-276-9596 Fax: 973-276-9566 Email: Website:

COMPANY PROFILE Manufacturer of Mechanical Wire Rope Cable Assemblies for the Aerospace, Marine, Medical, Military, Transportation, and General OEM markets. Also featuring Safety Cable, a threaded fastener retention system, which is an easy to install, low cost alternative to lockwire. Bergen Cable is a QPL supplier of Lockclad Cable Assemblies manufactured in accordance with MIL-DTL-87218.

Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing

3391 BIOLASE Technology, Inc

PRODUCT/SERVICES Dental, Medical, Laser, Cone Beam, Diode, Imaging

Address: 4 Cromwell Irvine, CA 92618 US Toll Free: 888-424-6527 Phone: 949-361-1200 Fax: 949-273-6687 Email: Website:

COMPANY PROFILE BIOLASE Technology develops and markets advanced medical and dental laser products, 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), including specialized biomaterials for medical and other dentistry specialties. BIOLASE products incorporate new patented and patent-pending technologies that achieve results not available through other products.

Software Publishers

5112 IMAGINiT Technologies PRODUCT/SERVICES AutoCAD, CAD Training, Computer Aided Design, BIM, CAD, Engineering Software

Address: Toll Free: Phone: Email: Website:

800-356-9050 505-884-0284 x104

COMPANY PROFILE IMAGINiT is the largest provider of Autodesk software solutions and the largest North American Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC) partner. IMAGINiT works with DLT Solutions to provide state, local and federal government clients with the technology solutions and expertise needed to meet the challenges of the public sector. Focusing solely to help you reach your goals, we provide the expertise, training and support organizations need through our comprehensive suite of professional services.

5413 Contech Engineered Solutions PRODUCT/SERVICES Bridges, Drainage, Stormwater, Erosion Control Wastewater Sanitary


Address: 9025 Centre Pointe Dr Ste 400 West Chester, OH 45069-9700 US Toll Free: 800-338-1122 Phone: 513-645-7000 Fax: 513-645-7993 Email: Website:

Contech Engineered Solutions is a leading civil engineering site solutions products and services company. Contechs product portfolio includes bridges, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary, soil stabilization, wastewater treatment and stormwater solutions on a national scale. Our product portfolio is based on more than a century of research and practical field experience serving the highway, drainage, sewage and site-improvement markets. To contact one of Contechs 50 offices or 300 sales and product professionals nationwide.

Laminated Plastics Plate, Sheet (Except Packaging)

32613 Rowmark LLC

PRODUCT/SERVICES Rotary Engraving, Personal Identification, Sublimation, Signs, Laser Engraving, ADA Compliant


Address: Toll Free: Phone: Email: Website:

877-769-6275 419-425-8974

Rowmark is the world's largest manufacturer of engravable sheet plastic for the awards, engraving and signage markets and also carries a complete line of sublimation products. With nearly 30 product families, Rowmark offers a broad range of materials for rotary and laser engraving. Rowmark has built a solid reputation for quality and innovation. In business for 25 years, Rowmark is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Rowmark's products are made in the USA, and sold through a worldwide network of Authorized Distributors.

Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing

33992 Life Fitness


Cardio Equipment, Strength Training, Exercise Equipment, Plate Loaded Machines, Treadmills, Lifecycle Bikes


Address: 5100 River Road Schiller Park, IL 60176 US Toll Free: 800-494-6344 Phone: 847-288-3440 Fax: 847-789-8506 Email: Website:

Life Fitness is the global leader in designing and manufacturing a full-line of reliable, high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. It is the largest commercial fitness equipment provider in the world and the only fitness equipment manufacturer that has been providing premium equipment for more than 30 years. It's cardiovascular and strength training products, including the renowned Lifecycle exercise bike and Hammer Strength plate-loaded strength equipment, are used in military fitness facilities worldwide. GSA Contract #GS-07F-9380G.


Bird Proofing Services

Bird B Gone, Inc. PRODUCT/SERVICES Bird Control, Bird Net, Pigeon Control, Bird Spikes, Bird Deterrent, Pest Bird


Address: 15375 Barranca Pkwy Building D, Irvine CA 92618 US Toll Free: 800-392-6915 Phone: 949-472-3122 Fax: 949-472-3116 Email: Website:

Bird-B-Gone, Inc. is the worlds largest manufacturer of professional grade bird deterrents. We offer effective and humane solutions to prevent birds from landing or roosting in unwanted areas.Founded in 1992, our products have helped solve pest bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings across the globe.Our products are manufactured in the USA ensuring they meet the highest standard of quality in the industry and allowing us to offer the longest guarantees.

Blankets and Bedspreads Made in Broadwoven Fabric Mills

313210 Ace-Tex Enterprises

PRODUCT/SERVICES Absorbents, Tack Cloth/Cheese cloth, Wiping Cloths, Apparel/ Polycarb/Disposable, Paper Products, Static Reducing Wiper(SRW)


Address: 7601 Central Street Detroit, MI 48210 US Toll Free: 800-444-3800 Phone: 305-888-0200 Fax: 305-888-0280 Email: Website:

Founded in 1946, Ace-Tex Enterprises sold only wiping cloths; today we are one of the top 3 manufacturers of tackcloth in the U.S. Our company has numerous products including SRW - this is the best known surface preparation product anywhere. We also have tube wipers, low linting wiping cloths, absorbents and disposable paper products. We supply every type of industry with our quality products-from automotive to furniture manufacturers, body shops, flooring stores... Ace-Tex has the wiper you need.

313221 Elastic Cord & Webbing, Inc. PRODUCT/SERVICES

Elastic, Webbing, Cord, Military Specification Cords, Military Specification Webbing, Military Specification Elastic


Address: 155 Prairie Lake Rd, Unit G Dundee, IL 60118-9116 US Phone: 847-844-4122 Fax: 847-844-4144 Email: Website:

Producer of Military specification items in the textile field specializing in narrow woven fabrics. Mil-C, Mil-T, Mil-W items from webbings, elastics, and elastic and non-elastic cords.

Address Lists Gravure Printing without Publishing

323111 Labelmaster

PRODUCT/SERVICES Placards, Labels, Regulatory, Transportation, Publications, Compliance

Address: 5724 N Pulaski Rd Chicago, IL 60646 US Phone: 800-723-4327 Fax: 800-621-5808 Email: Website:


Labelmaster, established in 1967, is a developer, manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of hazardous materials compliance products, including placards, labels, forms, packaging, software, and publications. The company's 40-plus years of experience in providing regulatory information and products for all transportation modes make it especially qualified as a total compliance resource. Labelmaster's compliance division is located at 5724 N. Pulaski Road in Chicago.

Airfresheners Manufacturing

325612 Palmero Health Care

PRODUCT/SERVICES Address: 120 Goodwin Place Disinfectants, ISO Certified, Kills Stratford, CT 6615 US STAPH, Kills MRSA, Infection Control, Toll Free: 800-344-6424 Palmero Health Care Phone: 203-377-6424 x2111 Fax: 203-377-8988 Email: Website:

COMPANY PROFILE Palmero Health Care is a second generation privately held small business. Targeted toward infection control based products. Emphasize has been placed on products with the best chemistry. Palmero Health Care is a 40,000 square foot facility. Certified to ISO 9001:2008. Palmero's commitment is to constantly provide quality products and services to our business partners.

Acrylic Film and Unlaminated Sheet (Except Packaging) Manufacturing


Bayer Materialscience LLC PRODUCT/SERVICES

Plastic Sheet_unsupported, Blast Resistance, Bullet Resistant, Containment Resistant, Abrasion Resistant

Address: Phone: Email: Website:

US 800-254-1707

COMPANY PROFILE Bayer MaterialScience is a world-leading materials provider: innovative, sustainable and diverse. Being present around the globe and close to the markets, we are the partner of choice for a variety of industries.

Air Cargo Containers, Light Gauge Metal, Manufacturing


Florence Manufacturing Company PRODUCT/SERVICES Metal Containers , Postal Specialties, Wall Mounted Mailboxes, Mailbox Cluster Box Units, Centralized Mail Delivery, Mailbox Accessories

Address: 5935 Corporate Drive Manhattan, KS 66503-9675 US Phone: 800-275-1747 Fax: 800-275-5081 Email: Website:

COMPANY PROFILE Florence Manufacturing Company is recognized as the nation's leading manufacturer of superior quality, secure mailboxes and accessories for centralized distribution and collection of mail and packages. Florence is the single-source supplier for outdoor delivery equipment (cluster box units, outdoor parcel lockers and replacement parts) to the U.S. Postal Service and provides a full line of both private delivery and USPS Approved wall-mounted and free-standing centralized mailbox products through it extensive national commercial dealer network.

Bindery Machinery Manufacturing

333293 Gravograph

PRODUCT/SERVICES Gravograph, Engraving, Materials, Engravable, Laser, Engraver


Address: 2200 Northmont Parkway Duluth, Georgia 30096 US Toll Free: 800-843-7637 Phone: 770-623-0331 x1223 Fax: 800-533-7637 Email: Website:

Gravograph is a global provider of state-of-the-art engraving and marking solutions. Engraving technologies include rotary CNC milling/engraving machines, CO2, YAG and Fiber laser engravers capable of inscribing, milling, burnishing, 3D modeling, marking, cutting, annealing and ablating. GravoStyle & LaserStyle professional engraving software provide design, layout and toolpath strategies. CAD/CAM software includes functions for serialization, variable lists, bar codes, UID, dials, scales, drilling, cylindrical engraving and more. Using the scripting feature, solutions can be integrated with external data or processes.

Alignment Equipment, Motor Vehicle, Manufacturing

333319 McClean Anderson

PRODUCT/SERVICES Filament Winding Machines, Extractors, Multi Axis Winding, Electronic Tensioners, Test Winding Services, Resin Systems

Address: 300 Ross Avenue PO Box 20 Schofield, WI 54476 US Toll Free: 888-356-3006 Phone: 715-355-3006 Fax: 715-359-0600 Email: Website: COMPANY PROFILE A world leading manufacturer of advanced filament winding equipment since 1961. McClean Anderson is a complete provider of filament winders, extractors, electronic tensioners, resin baths, and programming software. We also provide installation, on-site training and test winding services. We continue to contribute to the advancement of composites by providing innovative and cost-effective filament winding solutions to our customers worldwide.

Diesel and Semidiesel Engines Manufacturing


CK Manufacturing/Industrial Concepts Inc. PRODUCT/SERVICES Manifolds, Modules, Fuel Assemblies, Lug Nuts, Harness’, Hose Assemblies

Address: 1735 Sylvestre Drive Tecumseh, ON N8N 2L9 Canada Phone: 519-739-1614 x4 Fax: 519-979-8599 Email: Website:

COMPANY PROFILE CK Manufacturing/Industrial Concepts Inc. build and test various Military vehicle assemblies.

334156 Molecular Devices, LLC PRODUCT/SERVICES Manufacture, Development, Service, Tech Support, Sales, Quality


Address: 1311 Orleans Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94089 US Phone: 800-635-5577 Fax: 548-6439 Email: Website:

Manufacturer of Bio-Analytical research & development equipment.

Absorption Analyzers, Industrial Process Type Manufacturing


AEGIS Bearing Protection Rings PRODUCT/SERVICES

Address: 31 Winterbrook Road Mechanic Falls, ME 04256-5724 US Toll Free: 866-738-1857 Phone: 207-998-5140 Fax: 207-998-5143 Email: COMPANY PROFILE Website: AEGIS Bearing Protection Rings, a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), supplies motor-shaft grounding rings that extend motor life by safely channeling VFD-induced shaft current to ground before it can damage bearings. Maintenance-free, an AEGIS ring lasts for the life of the motor, regardless of rpm. Other products include FLX-P flexible peel-and-stick passive static eliminators for manufacturers of printers, copiers, and other imaging devices. Bearing Protection, Static Elimination, VFD, Motor, Shaft, Damaging Currents

Alternator and Generator Testers Manufacturing

334515 Fluke Corporation


Electronic Test Tools, Calibration, Industrial, Service Installation/ Maintenance, Testing, Troubleshooting

Address: 6920 Seaway Boulevard Everett, WA 98203 US Toll Free: 800-443-5853 Phone: 425-347-6100 Fax: 425-446-5116 Email: Website:


Since its founding in 1948, Fluke has helped define and grow a unique technology market, providing testing and troubleshooting capabilities that have grown to mission critical status in manufacturing and service industries. A wholly owned subsidiary of Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), Fluke is a multi-national corporation that has achieved the number one or number two position in every market in which it competes. The Fluke brand has a reputation for portability, ruggedness, safety, ease of use and rigid standards of quality.

334515 Scantek, Inc PRODUCT/SERVICES Sound, Vibration, Instrumentation, Meter, Analyzer, Engineering


Address: 6430 Dobbin Road Suite C, Columbia, MD 21045 US Toll Free: 800-224-3813 Phone: 410-290-7726 Fax: 410-290-9167 Email: Website:

Scantek, Inc. is a worldwide leader in sound and vibration instrumentation sales, service, rental and calibration. Scantek sells, services and rents the finest products and provides expert support on their use. The Scantek Calibration Laboratory is accredited for microphones, calibrators, sound level meters, dosimeters, sound and vibration FFT and real-time analyzers, preamplifiers and signal conditioners, accelerometers, velocity sensors, vibration meters and vibration exciters. Scantek, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Norsonic AS.

336211 Valley Engineering, Inc. PRODUCT/SERVICES

Address: Hastings East Industrial Park 357 Road 3168 Hastings, NE 68901 US Toll Free: 800-400-0124 Phone: 402-463-4494 Fax: 402-463-4584 Email: Website: COMPANY PROFILE Valley Engineering has been providing custom built solutions since 1978. We design and build custom lubrication systems, trailers, lube packs, custom cabinetry, drawer systems, agricultural equipment, and specialize in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Our product line is very diverse, and we enjoy the challenges of ‘unique’ projects. No project is too large nor too small. Our lubemate line has standard units available and in stock, while the trailer and body products are typically made to order. Service is very important to Valley Engineering, and having support after the sale Is Vital To Our Customers Appreciation And Continued Support. Lubrication, Cabinets, Service, Design Reels, Pump

Anesthesia Apparatus Manufacturing

339112 Optos, Inc.

PRODUCT/SERVICES Retinal Imaging, Scanning Technology, Widefield Imaging, Diabetes Screening, Retinal Camera, Nonmydriatic Camera


Address: 67 Forest Street Marlborough, MA 1752 US Toll Free: 800-854-3039 Phone: 904-608-8981 Fax: 508-597-8361 Email: Website:

Optos ultra-widefield technology acquires digital retinal images that support the detection, diagnosis, analysis, documentation and management of ocular pathology and systemic disease that may first present in the periphery and that may go undetected using traditional examination techniques. Views of up to 200 degrees of the retina are displayed in one single capture, compared to 45 degrees achieved with conventional methods. The OptosOCT SLO combines spectral OCT imaging with a confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope in one highly advanced instrument.

Adhesive Tape, Medical, Manufacturing

339113 Vernacare Inc.


Biodegradable, Waste Management, Human Waste Disposal, Infection Control, Patient Bedside Products, Macerator


Address: 150 Norfinch Drive, Unit 4 Toronto, ON M3N 1X6 US Phone: 800-268-2422 Fax: 877-311-2811 Email: Website:

Vernacare is an established world leader providing environmentally responsible solutions for Human Waste Disposal that improves infection control and workplace practices. Vernacare's unique approach combines biodegradable, bedside products such as bedpans, urinals and emesis basins made of bleach-free, post consumer newsprint with a specially-designed, disposal unit. The resulting "closed" system provides a safe, efficient, cost effective method of waste disposal that saves nursing time, reduces cross-contamination and removes plastic bedpans, urinals, and basins from the waste stream.

Abrasive Points, Wheels, and Disks, Dental, Manufacturing

339114 DentalEZ Group


PRODUCT/SERVICES Address: 2 West Liberty Blvd., Ste 160 Dental, Chairs, Handpieces, Malvern, PA 19355 US Cabinets, Air Compressor, Vacuum Toll Free: 866-383-4636 Phone: 903-466-1748 Fax: 903-575-0473 Email: Website:

DentalEZ® Group is committed to advancing the practice of dentistry through innovative products and services. Encompassing six distinct product brands?StarDental®, DentalEZ®, CustomAir®, RAMVAC®, NevinLabs? and Columbia Dentoform®-DentalEZ Group is your one-stop for all your major product needs in the dental clinic. DentalEZ Group works directly with all government facilities, federal, state and local provideing dental products and factory installation.

Antique Homefurnishing Merchant Wholesalers

423220 A-1 Hospitality Products Inc

PRODUCT/SERVICES Towels, Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, Bedspreads, Mattress Pads

Address: Phone: 800-351-1819 Email: Website:

COMPANY PROFILE We sell towels, sheets, pillowcases, pillows, blankets, down altenative comforters, bedspreads, duvet ensembles, mattress pads, shower curtains, pool towels, utility wipes and table linens and robes. Please ask for anything not listed.

423450 LogiQuip, LLC PRODUCT/SERVICES Towels, Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, Bedspreads, Mattress Pads


Address: 1456 35th St S Galesburg, MI 49053-9679 US Phone: 800-6653760 Fax: 888-965-3984 Email: Website:

LogiQuip solves storage problems in all departments of the hospital with a full range of wire shelves, carts, specialty systems, unique closed storage and custom laminate or stainless steel casework.LogiQuip uses CAD layouts for best outcomes in ergonomic use and work flow. ParStor-V and ParWallÆ high density supply systems increase capacity 30-50% in less space than wire shelves or “vending machine” style systems. LogiCellÆ closed modular cabinetry or carts create 100% usable storage in OR, CathLab or IR.

Computer Boards, Loaded, Merchant Wholesalers

423430 Cherwell Software, Inc

PRODUCT/SERVICES Help Desk Software, Service Desk Software, Service Management Software, ITSM Software, ITSSM,ITIL


Address: 12295 Oracle Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 809213901 US Phone: 719-386-7000 Fax: 719-386-7001 Email: Website:

Showing well in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSSM, Cherwell Service Management is an integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) software solution for your Service Desk, Help Desk or customer Call Center. Cherwell is an enterprise-level ITIL-based solution that can be deployed either on-premise or as a hosted (Saas) solution. Cherwell's Codeless Business Application Technology (CBAT) provides 100% customizability without programmers and can be implemented in days. Cherwell can integrate right out-the-box with your organization's other mission-critical IT infrastructure tools.

Blades (E.g., Knife, Saw) Merchant Wholesalers

423710 VingCard Elsafe

PRODUCT/SERVICES Security, Locks,Safes, Energy Management Solutions, Front Desk Systems, Wireless Solutions


Address: 631 International Pkwy Suite 100 , Richardson, TX 75081-6623 US Toll Free: 800-225-8464 Phone: 972-907-2273 Fax: 972-907-2771 Email: Website:

VingCard Elsafe has products installed in more than 39,000 properties worldwide (6.5 million hotel rooms), and offers advanced technology solutions for hospitality providers and their guests. VingCard Elsafe's international network covers more than 165 countries worldwide. VingCard Elsafe is part of ASSA ABLOY, the world's leading provider of locking solutions. ASSA ABLOY is a publicly listed Swedish company traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. ASSA ABLOY Group has around 30,000 employees and annual sales of approximately EUR 3 billion.

Bus Charter Services (Except Scenic, Sightseeing)


Transportation Management Services, Inc. PRODUCT/SERVICES Charter, Transportation, Management, Bus, Transport, Transfer


Address: 17810 Meeting House Rd Ste 200, Sandy Spring, MD 20860 US Phone: 301-260-2070 x25 Fax: 301-260-1124 Email: Website:

TMS is the world-wide leader for delivery of transportation solutions for complex events. TMS specializes in design, planning and operation of transportation programs for conventions and tradeshows, major sporting events, and the cruise line industry. TMS also provides emergency evacuation support for FEMA and state governments. With experience in North America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, TMS is responsible for the successful planning and management of transportation efforts at over 100 major events annually.


Agents, Shipping

D. C. Dyna, Inc., dba Cavalier Logistics PRODUCT/SERVICES 3PL Logistics, Crating and Packing, Transportation-Domestic and International, Customs Brokerage, Special Projects, Bio-pharma Services


Address: 45085 Old Ox Road Dulles, VA 20166-9512 US Toll Free: 800-445-1020 Phone: 703-733-4010 Fax: 571-203-0184 Email: Website:

Cavalier Logistics provides a full service transportation, storage, distribution and supply chain management solution. We have the products, services, expertise and validated processes to meet your government logistics needs. With offices and agents located on six continents and staffed by over 300 experienced local agents and brokers, we are ready to assist at a momemt's notice. From first available flights to charters for classified materials, from origin to destination, we make it happen!


Architects' Offices, Landscape

Paragon Water Systems Inc PRODUCT/SERVICES Water Filtration, OEM/ODM for Water Filtration Industry, Contaminate Removal from Water, Point of Entry Water Filtrateion, Cabon Block Water Filtration Filters, Point of Use Water Filtaion Systems

Address: 13805 Monroes Business Park Tampa, Florida 33635 US Phone: 727-538-4704 x247 Email: Website:

COMPANY PROFILE Paragon Water Systems, Inc., is an Original Equipment Manufacturer/Original Design Manufacturer (OEM/ODM). Established in 1988 in Clearwater, Florida, we maintain a long history of exceptional quality, service and integrity. Our mission is to discover and develop new technologies to help improve the quality of our water through different water purification systems. We manufacture a complete line of NSF certified water filtration products

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Systems Integration Design Services


Black Box Corporation PRODUCT/SERVICES Cable Networking Hardware, KVM Communication Infras, Secure Switching


Address: 1100 Park Drive Lawrence, PA 15055 US Toll Free: 877-877-2269 Phone: 724-746-5500 Fax: 724-873-6678 Email: Website:

For over 30 years, Black Box has been helping federalgovernment agencies and the people that support those agencies simplify IT‚Äîfrom networking and infrastructure needs to the latest in voice communications. Products‚ More than 118,000 networking and infrastructure products including cabling, cabinets and racks, converters, digital signage, KVM switching, multimedia, networking, peripherals, power and surge protection, and wireless all backed by FREE, live technical support in less than 20 seconds.


Bird Proofing Services

Bird B Gone, Inc. PRODUCT/SERVICES Bird Control Spikes, Bird Proof Netting, Bird Deterrent, Bird Repellent, Bird Control, Pigeon Control

Address: 23918 Skyline Mission Viejo, CA 92692-1872 US Toll Free: 800-392-6915 Phone: 949-472-3122 Fax: 949-472-3116 Email: Website: COMPANY PROFILE We offer architectural bird control products. Bird-B-Gone is a leading manufacturer of bird deterrents and is dedicated to solving pest bird problems. Bird-B-Gone products are the lowest cost, highest quality bird control products on the market. We offer the longest guarantees! Made In The U.S.A.!


Arborist Services

Turf etc LLC PRODUCT/SERVICES Golf Greens, Playgrounds, Synthetic Grass, Landscaping, Putting Greens, Pet Areas


Address: 1314 SW Market Street Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64081 US Phone: 816-886-2747 Fax: 816-272-5938 Email: Website:

We are a synthetic/artificial grass distributor/installer. We specialize in playgrounds, golf putting greens, landscaping, pet areas, roofdecks, and indoor athletic fields



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