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Values Tool Self-Directed Exercise

Your values are to you like a foundation is to a house. It’s the solid stuff that you are made of: what you stand for what is important to you what you believe in Good news! There are no right or wrong values. It is just about knowing your own values and what is important to you. This values tool will help you identify your values. Begin by reviewing the lists attached and highlight what is important to you. You can also add additional personal values in the space provided. Next steps: You probably have identified a significant number of values important to you (that’s because you have a lot of work/life experience). Now go over your list and highlight in a different colour what is most important to you. Your goal is to get your list to about 4-5 values. Take your time; this is soul-searching work. Think about what you cannot live without and what you would be willing to give up. Tip: If some values include other values (i.e., they are similar, bundle and cluster them to identify one value that captures it all. End result: These are the things that are really important to you when looking for work or an assignment (networking); these are the things you have to offer an employer. Try and match your values to those of the organization, department, branch, manager, team etc. It has been said that if your personal values and your work values aren’t matched you’re probably not going to be content or like the work. Therefore, it’s a good thing to present your values when networking and/or interviewing in a manner that speaks to the value that you bring. Important To Keep In Mind Values are only one of a number of attributes that you have to offer an employer; in addition, include your hard and soft skills, and emphasize your skills and abilities in a positive and effective manner. And yes Virginia, values can and will change over time; adjust accordingly. Here You Go ... Have Fun!

CAREER BUNDLES • Module Three: A Look in the Mirror – Career Skills/Values Assessments • Page 10

Instructions Using a marker, highlight what is important to you Broad-minded (open to new and broad ideas) Creativity (to think and do creative activities) Adventurous (doing things differently) Risk (intelligent risk) Equity (among all people) Tolerant (accept others as they are) Considerate (sensitive to others concerns) Co-operative spirit (pitch-in, working together) Compensation (financially valued for skills and otherwise) Achievement (setting and achieving goals) Competency utilization (using skills, abilities) Growth and development (continuous learning) Social status (title, lifestyle) Advancement (opportunity for promotion) Competitive (compete with others) Logic (rational, orderly, objective) Academic standing (professional designations, degrees) Intellectual stimulation (intelligent, scholarly) Health (well-being) Peace (promote world health and peace) Cheerful (positive, upbeat, fun) Harmony (peaceful work environment) Autonomy (work without supervision) Independence (trusted to work independently) Accountable (for own behaviour) Reliable (dependable) Power (control over own future) Recognition (for accomplishments) Wealth (money for luxuries)

CAREER BUNDLES • Module Three: A Look in the Mirror – Career Skills/Values Assessments • Page 11

Social service (helping others) Social (social interaction, companionship) Variety (different tasks) Activity (fast-paced, busy) Trust (supportive) Integrity (honest, stand up for beliefs) Polite (well-mannered) Aesthetics (appreciate arts) Routine (clear plan every day) Financial security (financial planning) Spirituality (sense of balance, acceptance) Morals (personal morals honoured) Maturity (many experiences, common sense) Additional values that are important to you list below: __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

Your final cut (4 - 5 values): ___________________





CAREER BUNDLES • Module Three: A Look in the Mirror – Career Skills/Values Assessments • Page 12

Values Tool Self Directed Exercise 1  

This values tool will help you identify your values.

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