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SAMPLE Performance Improvement Plan This plan outlines performance improvement required when an employee’s overall performance does not meet minimum expectations.

Employee Name: Kelly Carpenter

Reports to: Janet Peters

Job Title: Administrative Officer



Period covered:

Job Responsibilities /Priorities Describe the specific improvement that is needed to meet minimum expectations in job responsibilities.

Job Responsibility: To provide administrative support to the team in a timely manner. Specific Improvements Required: • Agendas and minutes are to be distributed in advance of meetings. • Kelly will complete assignments on time or will renegotiate with team leader.

Competencies Identify the specific competencies needing improvement and describe the performance improvement required.

Competency: Specific Improvements Required: (Attach additional sheets of paper if necessary)

Performance Improvement Plan Established Plan to address required improvements: • • • •

Kelly will distribute agendas and minutes at least 3 days before a meeting. Kelly will develop a three-month work plan outlining tasks and completion dates. Kelly will renegotiate any changes to the workplan with team members well in advance of the completion dates. Kelly will participate in training in time management and negotiation skills.

Support to be provided by Supervisor (eg. training, equipment) • • •

Janet will set bi-weekly meetings to discuss workplan and issues. Discussion at bi-weekly meetings will focus on progress on work plans. Janet will access training information for Kelly on time management and negotiation skills.

Signatures: Employee:__________________________ Date: ________________________ Supervisor: _________________________ Date: ________________________ Follow-up Review Dates (3) of follow-up discussions: February 26, 2004

March 31, 2004

April 30, 2004

Supervisor Comments: During these three months, Kelly has improved significantly in providing admin support to the team. Agendas and minutes have been distributed as required. She has been completing more assignments on time. Kelly’s confidence in renegotiating time frames has greatly improved, however she continues to need to improve in this area. She is using a lot of time management skill from her training to assist her. Kelly has really worked at improving performance, and I have seen a marked change in her work. Employee Comments: I am pleased with the training I received over the past 3 months. I think I am using those skills better, and am better organized. I would like to continue to work with Janet on my negotiation skills. Employee meets or exceeds current expectations: Yes _ No _ Follow-up Review Signature: Employee:______________________________ Date: ________________________ Supervisor: ____________________________________ Date:________________________ After the follow-up review is completed, provide a copy to employee, a copy to the supervisor, and send original to Human Resources for personnel file.


Learning Through Feedback - Performance Improvement Plan Sample  
Learning Through Feedback - Performance Improvement Plan Sample  

A sample Performance Improvement Plan. A Performance Improvement Plan is required when there is a performance issue related to job requireme...