GovLoop Technology Year in Review: 2012

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Cloud Technology Finding New Efficiencies, Cost Savings and Improved Services

echnology can certainly help facilitate innovation, and cloud technology has become essential to facilitate innovation and to build a 21st century government. With the “cloud first� mentality being endorsed by the highest levels of government, agencies have looked to embrace innovative technologies such as cloud technology to optimize internal processes, which in turn will re-define how services are delivered by government.


Cloud technology has certainly made waves this year in the government IT space. Whether it is for improved collaboration, cost savings,

facilitating open data initiatives, or mobility, the cloud has certainly made an enormous impact for government employees, and continues to transform how government operates. Ajay Budhraja, CTO at a US Government Agency, described on GovLoop the impact cloud computing is having in government: “Cloud has dramatically changed how we think about and utilize services. Cloud facilitates rapid deployments due to quick availability of scalable services. It provides the high service velocity to manage changes incrementally and less time for provisioning storage and applications. Cloud can enhance productivity by providing the infrastructure or application platforms and related tools to respond to customer needs