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Southwest District Club’s Monthly Lieutenant Governor Report Form: Name of Club: Month: Name of the assigned Lieutenant Governor: 1. In what ways did your LtG seek to communicate with you during this month? How frequent was that communication? 2. If applicable, describe how your LtG reached out to keep in touch with your advisor and board members (ex. newsletters, attending committee meetings, phone calls, email updates, etc.).

3. Has your LtG made an effort to learn and discuss upcoming meetings, Club happenings, and problems you may be having? 4. Has your LtG offered friendly advice and tips for the issues that you and your board members might be having? If so, give an example.

5. If applicable, describe how your LtG is informing you of District happenings. 6. Do you feel your Club is receiving

adequate information from District regarding Projects and events?

7. How can your LtG serve your club better? 8. Additional comments or concerns. 9. Is there anything we, executive district board, can do to better serve you?

*If needed please use a separate piece of paper. As governor, I thank you for your cooperation in trying to better our District’s service, and clubs who have worked in bettering service through this form will be recognized at 2015 Albuquerque District Education and Leadership Conference. Please fill out this form and send it to Governor Riley Jandrew and Administrator Bob Portillo, via email, on 15th of each month. Please note by sending this form you are verifying it has been reviewed by the club president, vice president, and advisor. Thank you for the time and dedication you give to Key Club International! Feel free to contact us at anytime! Riley Jandrew: Bob Portillo:

LtG Monthly Evaulation  

Club Presidents must fill these out and email them to me, Riley Jandrew, and Administrator Bob Portillo by the 15th of each month.