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GovernmentAuction.Com Offers Auction And Deals At Competitive Prices, the US based online resource makes great government land auction and land sale deals available to its interested real estate investors and property buyers at competitive prices. is a remarkable land investment resource that offers great government land auction and land sale deals at reasonable prices. Not to be confused with its name, is not a governmental agency, but a private company that works closely with various government agencies to purchase parcels of land in bulk and further sells it to real estate investors. Ever since its establishment ten years ago, it has emerged as reputable online government surplus land auction company in the USA. Answering to a query on their functioning, one senior land broker working with told, “We are one of the biggest and also one of the most reliable sources of government land here in the USA. We buy raw land for investment and real estate development from state, county and city governments. In addition to buying from government, we purchase land from estates and trusts. In doing our business, we have adopted ethical codes of business and thus far, offered the most honest deals to our clients. Owing to our commitment to serve our clients well, we today stand as a reliable resource for property buyers who cannot afford to shell out their hard-earned money on buying overpriced properties.� has a solid track record and credibility in the online land auction marketplace as one of the top land auction sites. Because is able to buy land very cheap, owing to bulk purchase of government surplus and foreclosure property, it is able to pass on the benefits to the clients. All the properties offered for auction/sale are title free, meaning thereby that the clients do not have to worry at all about legal complications that might crop up otherwise after s/he takes possession of the land after buying it. The senior land broker further added, “The whole process of listing for auction and bidding is easy and transparent. We do not even charge hefty closing costs. All the clients need to do is pay a $199 transfer fees. Following fair and honest business policies, we have till date sold more than 24,000 properties all over the America. Owing to our commitment to dole out the best and the most

honest prices to our clients, we have even passed on benefit of as much as 60% saving to them. All this speaks volumes about the zeal with which we seek to serve our clients well and trust we have been able to instill in our clients.” is an easy and customer-oriented resource for those who are looking to buy cheap government-seized and foreclosed land and real estate through auctions. To this end, it assists the willing buyers to make informed choices through ‘how to buy’ page. Furthermore, in addition to buying government land and putting it up for sale/auction, also assists in undeveloped land for sale by owner , be it an individual, trust or business organization. About is the USA’s largest and most reputable online government surplus land auction company. With its long drawn experience in the industry and unmatched skills to get the government surplus/foreclosed land at the cheapest rates possible, it has become preferred resource for those who wish to find land for sale through auction at the lowest possible prices. Contact Details: 3914 NW 53rd Street, Boca Raton, FL 33496 Phone: (661) 823-1543 Contact Page: Website:

Governmentauction com offers auction and deals at competitive prices, the US based online resource makes great government land auction and land sale deals available to its interested real...