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Every citizen of America or a legal resident who is over 18 years are eligible to get billions of free grants dollars available. As a citizen it is our duty to pay tax to the government every year and in turn the government will provide many Free Government Grants to upgrade the life quality of their people. You can use the Federal and State Government Grants funded by your tax dollars for various purposes such as education, small business, and medical expenses and for many other reasons. The available Government Grants are Government Grants, Federal government grants, housing grants, small business grants, business grants, college grants, foundation grants, minority grants, women grants, state grants, personal grants and government loans. By providing Free Government Grants to average people, the government is investing in the economy and its people. To start a new business or to expand an existing business, you can use Free Government Grants for small business. If you want to buy a house or want to renovate your old house you can use Free Government housing Grants. The U.S Government has released over $140 million in Housing Grants this year alone. Many other sources of grant funding with the right information are also available to people along with government grants. For example small businesses and individuals can get Foundation Grants from wealthy corporation. Nearly 30,000 private foundations exist and by law the private non-profit foundations must give away 5% of their income or they will lose their non-profit status. As every citizen is important, the government is offering free government money to improve the education and life quality of the people and thereby improving the country as a whole. Free grants are non-taxable and interest-free and there is no need for a credit check, collateral, security deposits or co-signers. However if you are awarded Free Government money, you may be required to provide periodic progress, program evaluation and financial reports to the government. This article gives information about Government Grants and who are eligible to get Free Government Grants and Free Government money.

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