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Who we are GovData are specialists in Public Sector procurement consultancy, championing small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). We deliver expert advice and guidance both to Public Sector procurement teams, and to SMEs that are capable of providing high-quality solutions to meet the UK’s needs. Enabling SMEs to access the marketplace we are promoting sustainable growth for the UK economy. GovData’s rigorous approach to vetting standards enables public sector buyers to connect with responsible, trusted, ethical suppliers. We support the procurement strategies of public bodies to reach their SME targets with highly qualified suppliers.

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Mission Statement Access Government business Achieve growth in business scale and revenue Diversify into global Government markets Create lasting legacies in social, economic and educational investment Acknowledge our responsibilities and commitments as a community champion to our local communities

What We Do

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We are Government procurement and risk management specialists. With over 20 years working at the centre of Government procurement, we are the UK’s only trusted consultant in this field. Our experts work closely with our Public Sector clients to provide comprehensive reviews, analysis and advice. We enable Public Sector procurement teams to meet their organisation’s and UK Government targets.

We solve problems and deliver quality solutions to the Public Sector through our strategic relationships and services in the SME sector. Our expert-led compliance and commercial teams provide the right consultancy and advice services that enable high-quality SMEs to achieve growth with Public Sector clients.

How we work with the Public Sector Public sector procurement teams engage the services of GovData to help them resolve their procurement issues, namely Contract Management and Procurement Planning. GovData’s award-winning consultants understand how to deliver ground-breaking improvements to your procurements by helping you gather high-quality intelligence and data to write better business cases, to plan high-quality, smart procurements which are all wellaligned with your policy goals and targets.

How we work with the Private Sector and SMEs One of the biggest challenges that small and medium-sized businesses tell us that they face, is understanding the Public Sector market. We separate the facts from the myths for you. Organisations may undertake work with public bodies directly or as a subcontractor, but many often struggle to diversify into other sectors or even global markets. GovData are experts in understanding Public Sector buying needs and opportunities. This enables us to work with you to develop your growth plans and get ahead of your competitors in more markets. We help you engage with the Public Sector, showing you how business works in Government; we make it transparent. GovData are the procurement experts that advise and help manage your route to market both in the UK and internationally. If you have the drive, means and ambition to grow, we’ll show you how.

How has the landscape changed for SMEs The SME Agenda - The Government has been mandated to allocate 33.3% of contracts (by revenue) to the SME Marketplace. This has levelled out the playing field and gives SMEs opportunities they would not have had access to previously. SMEs can draw on the Government and Public Sector procurement expertise of GovData and utilise our fully managed service to maximise framework and contract success. Importantly SMEs are now paid promptly (within 30 days) for Government and Public Sector contracts, helping to ease cash flow.

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The GovData Covenant The GovData covenant is a pledge to make a positive difference to: • Our company • Our staff and families • Customers • The community • Suppliers The values we uphold as a team, business and brand are fundamental to building a collaborative and connected culture which creates positive customer experience for all.

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Take a look at what some of our recent customer

The opportunity to supply recruitment services to Government and the wider Public Sector has always been an attractive proposition given our specialism in senior level Digital, Data and Technology (DDAT) roles. Following consultation with GovData, it became apparent that the compliant and most effective route to market was via the Permanent Recruitment framework. Their dedicated and supportive team managed the framework submission process on our behalf in a highly professional manner, to the point of successful award. Trinity IT Consulting Laura Spencer, Managing Director

It was a totally painless process. I think it probably took around two days of my time collectively to help GovData put the submissions together. Without them I’d make a conservative estimate that I would have easily spent five or six times that amount of time doing it myself. I also believe I’d have needed additional internal resource. EXA Networks Mark Cowgill, CEO

Utilising the end to end submission services of GovData enabled us to benefit from their extensive procurement expertise and this played a large part in our success in getting on to the Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2) framework. Kingdom Services Group Mark Wallace, COO

Step Teachers welcome the introduction of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework for Supply Teachers as it positively influences procurement practice, quality and value. Step Teachers Marios Georgiou

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rs have had to say about their experience with us.

GovData were very efficient and surpassed expectations while being sensible with some deadlines. The GovData consultants and advisors were very friendly and always willing to help, always available to call and always readily available. I have already hired them again for healthcare framework and will use again in future. HW Healthcare Group Ltd Vaughan Ralph

To be successful in our bid and to be dealing with professionals who are tactile to our needs, both criteria’s were achieved. Our experience of GovData was that they are professional, knowledgeable, flexible and patiently courteous and provided valuable assistance where we required input and a polishing effect where we were reasonably decent. Would we use GovData again? Yes without any doubts. If you are looking for a company with a proven track record, a network of staff each with their own area of expertise who combine together to formulate a winning team and a diligent approach then working with Govdata will increase your business profile. Axisrec Michael C

The G-Cloud process is very onerous for a small organisation, we a wanted somebody to remove the administrative overhead and guide us through the mandatory requirements. This was met and included a good, strict and rigid process to follow keeping us on track for submission. If you are small and want a helping hand to achieve G-Cloud registration then do not hesitate to reach out. GovData have good experience in this space and will assist. Trust Hub Ian Bryant

For all your procurement needs, please get in touch with our experts today: 01925 269 600

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