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Enjoy smooth drives with a good set of Car Tyres Everyone knows what a tyre is and used in varied size according to the vehicle specification, technically a tyre is the grip between road and car’s wheel that is round shaped which covers the rim of the wheel so that it remains protected and able to hit the roads. It allows the smooth and fast speed of vehicle that reflects in its performance. While the planning process of buying a car, one of the major concerns would be its tyres, if the overall model hits right and tires are not up to the mark, then the performance of cars cannot reach optimal level. Tyres are one of the most important factors of driving because their condition, durability, texture and comfort allows the comfortable, smooth and safe ride on roads. Car Tyres are mainly composed of natural rubber, carbon black, fabric, synthetic rubber, wires and natural rubber. There are various varieties of tyres. Choosing the right tyre mainly depend on the specifications of the car and also the car driving style. All these factors infer the actual tyre suited for the vehicle. There are mainly two types of tyres, first is a tubeless tyre and second is tube type of tyre. Tubeless tyres are good and they b are recommended in majority of countries. The general categorization of car tyres includes 5 major categories of tyres. They are Standard Tyres, which come under the category of all season tyre or an average tyre that works best all around the year, as such no weather conditions affects it as the rubber used in these type of tires are harder compounds that adds life to the tyres life. Then there are Run Flat Tyres. Run flat tyres are one of the newest concepts in market and most opted option for the new cars coming, they are designed in such a way that they help in minimizing the loss of handling that occurs after puncture, but the vehicle can be driven after it gets ruined but only on a slower speed and short distance. Third type of tyres is Summer Tyres. They are also known as performance tyres that are basically designed to provide great grip on the dry surface and will be giving the best performance at the place where the climate is almost warm. They are most recommended for that kind of regions and made up of soft rubber that gradually shortens the life of tyre with the enhanced performance. Next are Winter Tyres, which are also known as snow tires, and basically designed to handle the false and poor weather conditions that helps in making driving conditions difficult. They are good enough to handle the ice, snow and extreme weather conditions. Lastly, there are All Terrain Tyres that are designed for bigger vehicles that go off road provide great strength and grip. They are well equipped to handle the grip on loose road conditions like muddy and sand road, but in normal conditions it’s a kind of noisy tyre, which creates a lot of sound between the gaps on the tyres. Thus, overall the car tyres come with great durability and comfort that balance the ride and life of vehicle in long run.

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Everyone knows what a tyre is and used in varied size according to the vehicle specification, technically a tyre is the grip between road an...

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