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TABLE OF CONTENTS UFV — the place to be . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 What’s in it for you? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Top 5 reasons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 University — it’s worth it! . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Experience residence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Things to do on campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Athletics at UFV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Great instructors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Covering the costs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 10 things you will love . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Program information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Entrance requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Career services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Admissions information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58

POP QUIZ 1. I s UFV larger or smaller than most of the universities in Canada? 2. Are there more girls than guys or vice versa? 3. W  ill tuition cost more than buying yourself a sweet ride? 4. How many UFV alumni are out there? 5. W  hat’s with those dents in the floor in the clock tower stairwell?

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university 4

THE PLACE TO BE Nestled in the beautiful Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a fully accredited, public university that enrolls 15,000 students per year. We have campuses in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Mission, a regional centre in Hope, and an international campus in Chandigarh, India. UFV is large enough to offer variety and small enough to offer personal attention. Our small class sizes and focus on excellent teaching quality mean that you’ll get to know your instructors and learn in a handson environment. Our emphasis on applied research offers many opportunities for you as a student researcher. Whether you’re looking forward to life with a university degree, have your sights set on a certificate or diploma that will lead to a rewarding career, or want to upgrade your current credentials, UFV can get you there.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME… We think that anyone who wants to go to university should be given a fair chance. Our admission policies are flexible, and we provide a number of university prep courses and high school completion options. We offer two master’s degrees, 15 bachelor’s degrees, more than 100 certificate and diploma programs, several graduate certificates, and more than a dozen Trades and Technology programs as well as Continuing Studies, English as a Second Language, Adult Basic Education, and Adult Special education courses and programs. Chances are good that we’ll have the program you are looking for. UFV strives to be a place of learning that recognizes, respects, and includes indigenous ways of knowing. Our Fraser Valley locations are in the traditional territory of the Stó:lō peoples. 5


rewards 6

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Here’s why you should consider post-secondary education now rather than later: INCREASE YOUR EARNING POWER: University grads in Canada earn up to 50% more than high school grads.


STUDY AND TRAVEL OR WORK AT THE SAME TIME: Co-operative education and study-abroad programs mean you can get your diploma or degree while earning valuable work experience or travelling the world. UFV has over 40 partner universities internationally, and our very own business school in Chandigarh, India. CHALLENGE YOUR THINKING: Learn about the world around you, and find out who you really are and what you really want in life. BUILD A NETWORK: Great careers are based on great personal contacts. The friends you make at university may turn out to be your best allies in life. EXPAND YOUR MIND: Explore and choose from hundreds of courses in disciplines you may not even recognize. Think geomorphology or biomechanics, animation drawing or forensic biology. It’s ok if you’re not sure exactly what you want to study. You don’t have to decide on a major on your first day or even your first semester!


*Experiences may vary

Specific group of friends

So many new friends, and lots of people share your interests

30 hours/week in class

12–16 hours/week in class, more time studying and preparing

You’re in bed by 11 (ish)

Go to bed when you want, but you need to be able to function the next day

Projects you don’t want to do

Projects are interesting because you’re the one choosing the subject

Parents drag you out of bed

It’s time to figure out how to use your cell phone alarm

Same teachers all the time

Different instructors from around the world, all are professionals or specialists in their fields

Classmates who don’t want to be there

Everyone has chosen to be there

Attendance matters

It’s up to you to show up and make the most of your classes

Limited choice of what to study

Incredible choice, hundreds of classes

Tests cover reading

Tests can cover any material delivered in class or on a reading list

Minimal effort gets decent return

Be prepared to put in the time

Everything’s free

Your tuition and textbooks are an investment in your future


TOP 5 REASONS TO CHOOSE UFV Choosing which university to attend can be tough. You’ve got to find a place that fits your lifestyle, your values, your career goals, and your budget! On the next few pages we count down the top five reasons to choose UFV.




LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION The Fraser Valley is growing quickly and is one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse regions. We’re surrounded by spectacular mountains, incredible scenery, and great recreational activities for everyone in every season. Yep, we are in a temperate rainforest, but the rain keeps things green year-round… and you don’t have to shovel it! Our communities are connected, our housing affordable and our cities are close to Metro Vancouver, the United States border, and the Abbotsford International Airport.



diversity 10


DIVERSITY At UFV, we welcome students and instructors from all over the world, so you will be exposed to different cultures, global thinking, and a variety of ways to approach any challenge. With such a comprehensive collection of programs to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to sample courses from many different disciplines, figuring out what you really enjoy along the way. We like to think that going to university should involve more than just books, notes, homework, and tests. Join one of the many student-run clubs or organizations here on campus. Don’t see something that interests you? We’ll help you start your own!

21 REALLY COOL UFV COURSES you probably didn’t know about: • • • • • • • • • • •

Television and Social Values: The Simpsons Equine Production and Management Human Origins Urban Life French Art & Architecture Medical Genetics Peace Officer Use of Force Music in Early Childhood Education Virtual 3D Prototyping (Fashion) History of Fashion Issues in Metaphysics and Epistemology

• • • • • • • • • •

Environmental Ethics Acting for the Camera Dynamics of Racism in Canada The Politics of Art in Latin America Personal Wealth Creation Stress and Chronic Disease Introduction to Archaeology Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Deviant Behaviour Documentary Video Storytelling



flexibility 12



Mond ay, Se pt 8:30–

9:30 a


9:50 a

Perhaps you work best at night or on weekends. At UFV, you can study part- or full-time; and take classes in the morning, afternoon, evening, on Saturdays, or online. We also offer a summer semester in addition to our regular fall and winter semesters if you want to accelerate your studies. Make a schedule that fits your life!



m  Sleeeeep. Hit sn ooze a Run t lot. o clas 9:50– s 11 am ( S h ower! Timm 11 am ys?) –12:3 F ilm 11 0 pm 0—F 12:30 ilm St –12:50 udies Eat. W pm ork ou 12:50 t. –3 pm  Run to cla ss Anthr opolo 3–6:5 gy 10 0 pm (Hum 1 an Or igins) 7–8:2 0 pm  BBQ at dor ms (n ap?) Bus 12 0 8:30– 9:30 p (Essen m tials o f Mar 9:30– keting 10 pm R e a ) d cha p t e r 10:30 pm–M S tuden idnigh ts for t Susta inabil Movie 13 ity


excellence 14

TIP: Everyone needs help sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask for it!


WE ARE REALLY, REALLY GOOD In survey after survey, our students keep telling us that they love it here. And what’s more, they get great educational value without spending all of their hardearned money.

98% of former UFV

students who completed a degree indicate that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the education they received at UFV


of UFV degree graduates stated the quality of their instruction in their program was “good” to “very good”

93% of degree grads

assessed that knowledge gained at UFV “useful” or “very useful” in performing their current jobs — Baccalaureate Graduates Survey, Province of British Columbia

ds a r g UFV nd l l a of me % m 4 o 9 rec rs d l u wo to othe 2012 rtium o s V n ey Co UF Surv rsity nive ian U d a n — Ca



you UFV is large enough to offer a great selection of programs, but small enough to care about you as an individual. Average # of students in first-year class


— Globe and Mail Canadian University Report, 2012










YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT At UFV, our focus is on the success of our students while in university and beyond. Our small class sizes allow individual attention, creative learning, and one-on-one time with your instructors. Whether you need academic advice, counselling, career services, or even help with an assignment, there is somebody here to offer you personalized advice and support. ORIENTATION PROGRAMS

At student orientation, you will get to know the UFV community, our campuses, and our services. There are also program specific orientations held before registration begins, and orientation sessions for parents so they can ask all of their questions.


UFV provides hundreds of computers for on-campus student use. Free wireless Internet service is available on campus for students with laptops, tablets, and other devices.


In addition to free tours, orientations, and study research skills classes, the UFV Library offers one-on-one reference clinics on the Abbotsford campus. Book a half-hour appointment time with one of our reference librarians and they will assist you with your research.


Cameras, video cameras, projectors, microphones, audio recorders, a graphics computer lab, scanners, and video editing equipment are just some of the free media resources available for you to borrow as a UFV student.


Get help with researching, developing ideas, organizing materials, drafting, and revising. The Writing Centre can also assist with a range of writing tasks including essays and oral presentations.


Are the equations just not adding up? The Math Centre can help.


These are peer learning groups that are associated with some of our more challenging courses. When you need to get calculus under your belt, Supported Learning Group leaders are there to help coach you along.


Sometimes you need help to wrap your brain around all of the decisions you need to make in life. These services are available free to students for study skills advice, career and life planning decisions, educational planning, personal or relationship problems, and crisis situations.


UFV provides services and equipment to help smooth the path for students with disabilities as they pursue their goals at UFV.


UFV and the UFV Student Union Society even provide a free shuttle bus that runs between our Abbotsford and Chilliwack Trades and CEP campuses up to 15 times a day.



careers 18

IT’S WORTH IT! If you are coming to university, you’re on the right track. It’s projected that 70% of the job openings in BC between now and 2019 will require university or other post-secondary or industry training.

TOP 20 JOBS OVER 60K As ranked in Canada’s Best Jobs 2013, Canadian Business, which reviews over 600 jobs in Canada and ranks them according to job growth, median compensation (salary), and change (growth) in median compensation over the last five years.


Overall rank

Median annual salary (2012)


Oil & gas drilling supervisor



Head nurse & heath-care manager



Petroleum engineer



Electrical & telecommunications contractor



School principal & administrator






Real estate & financial manager



Senior government manager



Chemical engineer




Aerospace engineer


UFV is a great place to get an education that works:


Audiologist & speech-language pathologist



Natural & applied science researcher



Construction manager


— Baccalaureate Graduates Survey, Province of British Columbia


Police officer


More UFV grads have jobs and are satisfied with their jobs than on average for Canadian university graduates.


Financial administrator



Registered nurse



Sales & marketing manager


— 2012 Survey of Graduating Students, Canadian University Survey Consortium


Dental hygienist



Civil engineer



Industrial technician


WANT TO WORK ACROSS CANADA? There are more jobs across Canada for university graduates — even in a tough economy. From July 2008 to July 2013, the net increase in new jobs for university graduates was 810,000. The available jobs for those with no post-secondary education decreased by 540,000 during the same period. — Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey

93% of degree graduates said that the knowledge they gained at UFV was ‘useful’ or ‘very useful’ in performing their current jobs.

Retrieved from


CHOOSE UFV What could be more convenient than rolling out of bed in the morning at 8:15, strolling across campus, stopping at Timmy’s, and starting class at 8:30? Say goodbye to commutes and landlords and replace them with convenience and community right on campus.


EXPERIENCE RESIDENCE UFV’s Abbotsford campus is home to students from Canada and abroad in the Baker House residence. Two students share each 550 square-foot unit, featuring campus or mountain views. Each private bedroom is furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, and chair. Roommates share a living area, with microwave, mini-fridge, kitchen table, chairs, and bathroom with shower. There is a shared common room, study room, and laundry facility on each floor for all residents to use. Wi-Fi is available throughout the building and Internet connections are available in bedrooms, common areas, and study rooms.


There are bicycle storage areas on the Chilliwack and Abbotsford campuses, as well as numerous free bike racks. For a small deposit and monthly fee, you can rent space to store your transportation.


You can purchase hourly parking and weekly, monthly, and semester-based e-permits. Ask about special carpool parking. We also have electric car charging stations.


Students attending classes at UFV campuses can find information at


A free shuttle bus runs between our Abbotsford and Chilliwack Canada Education Park and Trades campuses up to 15 times a day. Now you have more options than ever to get to class on time!


TIP: Pick up your U-pass from the Student Union Society for local transit and free recreational fitness opportunities

Abbotsford: 604-557-4063 Toll-free in Canada: 1-888-504-7441, local 4063

Visit these websites to make your own personal off-campus housing arrangements:

• • • •


CHOOSE UFV Going to university is about more than just listening to lectures, taking notes, and writing papers. Avoid the dreaded ‘brain freeze’ by enjoying university life outside the classroom as well.


FUN THINGS TO DO ON CAMPUS Here are some ways to kick back, play, relax, and have fun at UFV: • U  FV Student Activity Centre offers a fully

equipped fitness room, as well as drop-in sports, including basketball, badminton, volleyball, and indoor soccer.

• S  pecial events for students include new student orientation, live music, movie nights, theatre events, pancake breakfasts and more! • Join one of the other 50+ student-run clubs and associations, or start your own!

UNIVERSITY HOUSE University House on the Abbotsford campus and the Student Life/Student Union Society area on the lower floor of the Chilliwack campus have been designed to create a sense of place and belonging where you can feel safe, comfortable, and connected. Go there to relax, have a snack, participate in planned activities, meet classmates, brainstorm ideas, or get information about campus resources. For more information on student life, visit

• R  ecreational programs are based on student interests. These have included running and walking clubs, swing dancing, yoga, tai chi, karate, and a variety of fitness classes including Zumba and bootcamp. • I ntramural sports programs provide excellent opportunities to learn new sports (pickleball, anyone?) and meet people. • C  heer on the Cascades! Become a fan of one (or all) of UFV’s varsity athletics teams. Home games are a great way to have fun and meet other students. • S  ’olh Shxwlèlí is UFV’s Aboriginal Resource Centre and gathering place. Its cultural activities are open to all students and have included circle meetings, Elder visits/gatherings, workshops, and more.



The Cascade mountain range visually dominates the landscape of the Fraser Valley and runs along the west coast of North America. Its tall volcanoes form part of the Pacific “ring of fire.” Regional Aboriginal legends speak of the mountains as chiefs who waged war by heaving fire and stone at one another.

In 30 years of varsity athletics, UFV is proud to be one of the most decorated post-secondary athletic programs in the nation. 24


UFV CASCADES (Department of Athletics) The Cascades teams have earned four national championships, 17 provincial championships, and have seen 130 student athletes named conference all-stars at both the PACWEST and Canada West level. The Envision Athletic Centre on UFV’s Abbotsford campus houses a 21,500-sq-ft double court gymnasium featuring retractable seating for up to 1,500 spectators. UFV Cascades Teams: • Basketball (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) • Soccer (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) • Volleyball (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association) • Golf (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association) • Rowing (Canadian University Rowing Championships) • Wrestling (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) Academic excellence is a priority for all UFV student athletes. Those needing one-on-one academic assistance and guidance attend a weekly study hall for support.

TIP: Keep an eye out for Sasq ’ets, the Cascades’ mascot, roaming the campus. He is an elusive and mystical mountain creature. 25


Dr. Linda Pardy makes her communication courses so informative, interesting, and relevant that students keep coming back for more. They value these courses as they prepare for a workplace where almost every professional is expected to be able to write concise reports, make compelling presentations, organize events, and summarize material. She was the 2013 winner of UFV’s Teaching Excellence award. She earned her PhD at the University of Calgary.


Dr. Chris Bertram teaches in the kinesiology department. He earned his Master of Science degree at the University of Nevada, and completed his PhD in kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. He and his students have conducted research into the motor skills of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Dr. Bertram has been recognized for his instructional and mentorship skills with the UFV Teaching Excellence award in 2011.

Dr. Noham Weinberg runs the Molecular Modeling Lab at UFV, where he and his protégés practise a ‘what if’ type of chemistry research. Instead of using actual chemicals, equipment, and test tubes, they use computers to carry out simulated cyberchemistry experiments using sophisticated software, providing outputs that match results of real experiments. Dr.Weinberg was the 2013 winner of the UFV Research Excellence award. He is originally from Russia, where he earned his PhD at the USSR (Russian) Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Andrea Hughes earned her PhD and MA in psychology at Simon Fraser University. She specializes in studying memory and contributes to the UFV Centre for Education and Research in Aging. Dr. Hughes received the UFV Teaching Excellence award in 2014.

HERE FOR YOU TIP: Profs really do want to speak with you. They welcome conversation and offer their free time to help students, so don’t be shy!

An amazing instructor can make all the difference! UFV professors are not only some of the best minds in their fields, but have chosen to teach at UFV because they value sharing their knowledge with future generations. That is just one of the many reasons they are among the top-ranked in Canada for student-faculty interaction.

Dr. Olav Lian teaches geography at UFV and is the director of our luminescence dating laboratory, currently the only one of its kind in Western Canada. Dr. Lian joined us from a faculty position at the University of London (UK) and — together with his students — is studying the impact of environmental change in British Columbia over the last 2.5 million years. He was the first winner of our Research Excellence award. 27




Consider your education an investment in your future. A typical undergraduate Arts or Sciences student taking a full course load at UFV can expect to pay about $4,700 in tuition fees over two semesters. International student fees are available online at Be sure to check in with Financial Aid & Awards at to explore scholarships, bursaries, and student loans.


Some programs allow you to “ladder” into another program, giving you the opportunity to build on previously earned credentials. For example, the two years of credits earned in a diploma or associate degree could be used as credit toward a four-year degree in the same area. Please refer to the current calendar for additional details:


Visit UFV’s “Surfing for dollars!” site at for information on scholarships and awards to help pay for your education. For a wealth of information including financial planning, grants and bursaries, personalized scholarship search, student loans, and tips for budgeting and saving money, visit

TIP: Study close to home and save! Living at home while studying at UFV can cut the cost of your post-secondary education by almost 50%.


Investigate our work-study programs and co-operative education placements, where you gain paid work experience as you earn your credential. Check out


In a recent local survey, high school students overestimated the cost of tuition for one year by over $3,000, guessing, on average, that tuition would be around $8,500. In fact, average yearly tuition at UFV is only $4,700 (for two semesters of five courses each).



The Green Join a sport, cultural, or fun activity underway, or just relax.

The Great Outdoors Take a break from your studies to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Electric Car Charging Stations Eco-friendly and economical!

Visual Arts Displays Enjoy creative awesomeness.

The Ginko Tree 30

Boost your concentration under this traditional tree of knowledge.

U-house Challenge an unsuspecting fellow student to game of foosball.

The Libraries Shhh... study or chill in peace.

The Fitness Centre

Smart Classrooms

Work out your body as well as your mind.

Learn in eco-friendly, technologically advanced rooms. Some even have great views!

The sweet smell of success UFV turned 40 years old on April 4, 2014. Time for birthday cake!





Graduates of UFV’s Agriculture programs are among the most employable graduates in Canada. The career options are diverse, and many students find employment prior to graduation.

CREDENTIALS OFFERED:  Certificates • Horticulture Crop Production & Protection, Livestock Production, Berry Production, Current Agriculture Practices, Field Vegetable Production, Integrated Pest Management, Milker Technician  Diplomas • Agriculture Technology  Bachelor’s degree • Business Administration (Agriculture Management)


SAMPLE CAREERS: • Small business owner • Crop production technician • Livestock production technician • Farm manager • Poultry producer • Industry representative • General manager • Integrated pest management specialist


EXCELLENT TIMING It’s never been a better time to study Agriculture at UFV. Take your classes at our brand new state-of-theart Agriculture Centre of Excellence at the Chilliwack campus, Canada Education Park.

See more: 33

ARTS A UFV Bachelor of Arts degree will prepare you for employment, entrepreneurship, further education, and the social and ethical obligations of citizenship — both locally and globally.



CREDENTIALS OFFERED:  Certificates • Diaspora Studies, Early Modern Studies, Geographic Information Systems, India-Canada Studies, Indigenous Maps, Films, Rights, and Land Claims, Media Literacy, Mennonite Studies, Portfolio Essentials, Professional Communication Essentials, and Language Proficiency certificates (French, Halq’eméylem, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish)  Diplomas • Liberal Arts, Theatre Arts, General Studies, Criminal Justice (including a BCIT Forensics transfer option)  Associates degrees • General, International and Development Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Theatre  Bachelor’s degrees • Arts (BA), Global Development Studies, Criminal Justice, General Studies o Arts Majors: Economics, English, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Sociology/Anthropology  Master’s degrees • Criminal Justice (MA) For a list of arts minors, extended minors, and honours options please visit the academic calendar at


• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Teacher Writer Police Officer Archaeologist Conservationist Journalist Counsellor Actor Customs Officer Psychologist International aid worker Economist Lawyer


YOUR PASSION CAN TAKE YOU FAR Where will your Arts studies take you? UFV master’s student Richele Doughty had two passions she wanted to pursue: criminal justice, and Africa. She travelled to Kenya to study their prison system, and to look for possible improvements.

Read Richele’s story: 35




If you’ve ever dreamed of flying for a living, UFV has exactly what you are looking for. UFV partners with Coastal Pacific Aviation to provide students with one of Canada’s premier aviation programs.



 Diplomas • One-year or two-year Aviation diploma  Bachelor’s degree • Business Administration (BBA Aviation)

• • • •

Pilot Airport manager Flight instructor Airline manager


CLASSROOM IN THE SKY Get a behind-the-scenes look at our Aviation program with UFV recruiter, Holly. She shows you the flight simulators, and then somehow manages to fly an actual plane. Yes, in the sky. Seriously! And you can, too. Put on your aviator sunglasses, and buckle up.

Watch the video:





Business is more than just numbers and charts. UFV’s business programs prepare students for the real world through enriching learning experiences and courses taught by instructors with industry experience.

CREDENTIALS OFFERED:  Certificates • Marketing and Sales, Accounting, Administration  Diplomas • Business Administration, Aviation  Bachelor’s degrees • Business Administration (BBA), Business Administration (Agriculture Management), Business Administration (Aviation), Business Administration (Trades Management) o BBA options or concentrations available in Accounting, Finance, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations Management/ Management Information Systems, Organizational Studies


• • • • • • • •

Corporate lawyer Financial manager Accountant Marketing manager Human resources manager Operations manager Bookkeeper Legal administrative assistant • Guest services manager • Pilot (BBA Aviation)


SUCCESS UNDERCOVER Get the business acumen you need to survive a dragon’s den, launch your empire, and plan your acceptance speech for award after award! Start by watching the video of a guy who has done all that and more. UFV recruiter Daniel interviews business alumni Alex McAulay, owner of Naked Underwear, who says it all began at UFV.

Watch the video: 39




At UFV, our CIS programs give students the knowledge and practical skills to apply and manage the information technology that is essential for success today and in the future.

CREDENTIALS OFFERED:  Certificates • Animation Arts, Computer Information Systems, Professional Computer Proficiency  Diplomas • Computer Information Systems  Bachelor’s degree • Computer Information Systems (BCIS) o Areas of Study: Software Development, Systems & Networking, Security  Post Degree Certificate • Data Analysis


• • • • • • • • •

Software developer Computer programmer Web and database designer System installer Network manager Project manager Network designer Systems analyst Computer security analyst


FRUITFUL WORK EXPERIENCE You don’t just learn in the classroom at UFV. You can learn on-the-job too, and graduate with a resume more bountiful than a berry parfait. Just ask Computer Information Systems student Richard Nair, who was picked to work for four semesters at BlackBerry in Ontario.

Read more:





A fine arts education will prepare you to create in many artistic forms, and to understand the complex relationship between art and contemporary culture, setting you on course for a successful career in many disciplines.

CREDENTIALS OFFERED:  Certificates • Animation Arts  Diplomas • Fashion Design, Graphic and Digital Design, Visual Arts  Bachelor’s degrees • Fine Arts (BFA) o Majors: Visual Arts o Extended minors and minors in: Art History , Creative Writing, Fashion, Graphic and Digital Design, Media and Communication Studies, Theatre, Visual Arts o Other areas of study: Drawing, Painting, Print Media, Photography, Sculpture, Video


• • • • • • • • • •

Commercial artist Studio artist Teacher Museum operations worker Photojournalist Videographer Animator Curator Art director Graphic designer


FASHION FORWARD Bring your inner fashionista to UFV, and develop your own collection for the runway of UFV’s annual Absolute Style fashion show. Watch UFV recruiter, Daniel, put his most fashionable foot forward in this very stylish video.

Watch the video: 43




Every day we hear about our aging population, or a breakthrough in health science research, or about someone battling illness. UFV can start you on a career in the health care sector where you can make a significant difference in people’s lives.

CREDENTIALS OFFERED:  Certificates • Certified Dental Assistant, Health Care Assistant  Diplomas • Practical Nursing  Bachelor’s degrees • Kinesiology (BKIN), Nursing (BSN)


• • • • • • • •

Registered nurse Practical nurse Dental assistant PE teacher Exercise therapist Coach Occupational therapist Long-term-care health worker • Health care assistant • Kinesiologist


SHOW US YOUR PEARLY WHITES Become a dental assistant, and develop freakishly good skills at understanding patients who talk with a mouth full of suction and fluoride. Say what? UFV recruiter, Holly demonstrates in this video that’s sure to give you a toothy grin.

Watch the video:





UFV’s Faculty of Professional studies features a diverse offering of practical, career oriented programs. From Child and Youth Care, to Education, to Social Work/Human Services, our graduates leave equipped to become successful professionals in the career of their choosing.

CREDENTIALS OFFERED:  Certificates • Adult Education and Workplace Training, Community Support Worker, Early Childhood Education  Diplomas • Aboriginal Culture & Language Support, Early Childhood Education (optional special needs or infancy specializations), Library and Information Technology, Social Services, Social Services (First Nations option)  Bachelor’s degrees • Adult Education, Child and Youth Care (BA CYC) (optional Child Welfare or Child Life professional specializations), Social Work (BSW) (optional child welfare specialization)  Master’s degree • Social Work (MSW)  Post Graduate programs • Library Technician (post-diploma certificate), Teacher Education (elementary, middle, and secondary), Teacher Leadership & Mentorship (graduate certificate)


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Elementary teacher Secondary teacher Preschool teacher Youth worker Child protection specialist International youth advocate Behaviour interventionist Child psychologist Library technologist Social worker Substance abuse counsellor Community support worker Child welfare specialist Child advocate Crisis intervention worker Corrections worker Foster care caseworker


SUN, FUN, AND THE POWER OF PLAY-BASED LEARNING How can you help even the youngest minds learn? UFV Early Childhood Education students took their class outside on a sunny day to set the stage for wee ones to learn music through fun play. There was drumming, strumming, humming‌ and yes, the university students learned a lot too! Check out the story and photo gallery: 47




The impact of science is expanding globally. At UFV, you will discover science hands-on in lab and field courses, giving you knowledge and experience that can take you anywhere.

CREDENTIALS OFFERED:  Associates degrees • Science  Diplomas • Engineering Physics (Mechatronics)  Transfer programs • Engineering (transfer to UBC/UVic)  Bachelor’s degrees • Science (BSc) o Areas of Study: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Physical Geography, Physics o Optional Pre-Medical and Pre-Veterinary concentrations

SAMPLE CAREERS: • Doctor • Veterinarian • Dentist • Environmentalist • Chemist • Marine biologist • Statistician • Astrophysicist • Seismologist • Teacher • Geneticist • Scientific research manager *some careers may require education beyond a Bachelor of Science degree


ANSWER CORE QUESTIONS Solve the mystery of how the Fraser Valley environment has changed through time. As a UFV Geography student, you may find yourself in the field, on a flood plain, and in the lab, working with c-c-cold core samples. Just be sure to dress appropriately! Watch this video of UFV recruiter Holly with Dr. Johnathan Hughes for a glimpse of the Paleoecology Lab. Rubber boots optional.

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The Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies at UFV will equip you to work in your chosen field after completing a 10-month entry-level trades training program, or continuing on in one of our many apprenticeship opportunities.

CREDENTIALS OFFERED:  Trades Certificates • Aircraft Structures, Architectural Drafting, Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing, Automotive Service, Carpentry, Culinary Arts, Electrical Work, Electronics Technician, Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport, Hospitality and Event Planning, Joinery, Plumbing & Piping, Welding  Apprenticeship Training • Automotive Service Technician, Carpentry, Cook, Electrical Work  Post-Degree Certificates • Hospitality and Event Management


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Electrician Automotive service technician Architectural draftsperson Plumber Carpenter Chef Welder Electronics technician Event planner


COOK UP A MOUTHWATERING CAREER Whisk, chop, puree, sear, grill, bake, fillet, broil, dice, mash, mix and learn with the best at UFV’s Culinary Arts program. Watch the video where UFV recruiter Daniel oh-soselflessly eats his way through the amazing appetizers, entrees, and desserts skillfully prepared by UFV cooks-in-training.

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The Upgrading and University Preparation (UUP) department has helped thousands of students reach their educational and career goals. The UUP department provides programming for adults of all backgrounds and ages, including those with special needs. UFV also offers ESL programming for students looking to improve their professional or academic English skills.

PROGRAMS OFFERED: UUP: • Adult Basic Education, Workplace TASK

Learn more: ESL: • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced programs offered

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PROGRAM PATHS: Program Paths are an open admission category allowing students to take courses toward an educational goal. It is an option when entrance to a specific program is not available, or a student has not yet met the program entrance requirements. Program Paths: Arts Studies; Adult Education Studies; Business Studies; Computer Information System Studies; Criminal Justice Studies; Child and Youth Care Studies; General Studies; Kinesiology Studies; Library and Information Technology Studies; Nursing Studies; Science Studies; Social Services Studies

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 Certificates • Applied Business Technology, Bookkeeping for Small Business, Computer Assisted Drafting, Dental Office Reception, Family Child Care, Floral Design, Legal Administrative Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, Nursing Unit Clerk, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), Veterinary Administrative Assistant  Diplomas • Paralegal

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Bookkeeper Paralegal Receptionist Legal administrative assistant Nursing unit clerk Florist Veterinary administrative assistant ESL teacher Medical office assistant




If you are looking to begin a career path, refine your current one, or take some courses for fun, UFV’s continuing studies department offers a wide range of options. Continuing studies offers affordable, relevant, hands-on training, including an assortment of certificate programs designed to get you working quickly.


ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS English 11; any Math 11 course; one of Biology 11, Chemistry 11, Earth Sciences 11, Physics 11, or C in Agriculture 11 and 12

Bachelor of Business 2 years of work experience; completion of the UFV Agriculture Administration degree (Agriculture Technology diploma with a B- average or a comparable two-year Management) diploma in agriculture from a recognized institution


Marketing and Sales certificate

C+ in English 12 ; C+ in Foundations of Math 11 or Pre-calculus 11, or Foundations of Math 12 or Pre-Calculus 12

Accounting certificate

C+ in Foundations of Math 12 or Pre-Calculus 11, or a C in Pre-Calculus 12; C+ in BUS 144 or BUS 145; BUS 149; BUS 160

Administration certificate

C+ in English 12 , C+ in Foundations of Math 11 or Pre-calculus 11, or Foundations of Math 12 or Pre-Calculus 12; one year work experience

Business Administration diploma

C+ in English 12 ; C+ in Foundations of Math 11 or Pre-Calculus 11

Bachelor of Business Administration

C+ in English 12; C+ in Foundations of Math 12 or Pre-Calculus 12; B in one other approved Grade 12 course

Bachelor of Business Administration degree (Trades Management)

Provincial or interprovincial certificate of qualification in a trade, one year full-time work experience after gaining provincial certificate of qualification; prerequisites for ENGL 105 and BUS 149

Data Analysis post-degree certificate

No entry from high school; see academic calendar for requirements

Computer Information Systems Certificate

C+ in English 12 ; C in one of Foundations of Math 11, Pre-calculus 11, Foundations of Math 12, or Pre-Calculus 12

Professional Computer Proficiency Certificate

C+ in English 12; C in one of Foundations of Math 11, Pre-calculus 11, Foundations of Math 12, or one of Principles of Math 12, Foundations of Math 12, or Pre-Calculus 12. CPT score of 48 or better , or evidence of any accepted test score or course grade listed under the English Language Proficiency Standards published in the Academic Calendar.

Computer Information Systems Diploma

C+ in English 12 ; C in one of Foundations of Math 11, Pre-calculus 11, Foundations of Math 12, or Pre-Calculus 12

English 11; any Math 11 course; one of Biology 11, Chemistry 11, Earth Sciences 11, Physics 11, or C in Agriculture 11 and 12

Arts Certificates Indigenous Studies, Diaspora Studies, Early Modern Studies, Geographic Information Systems, Journalism, India-Canada Studies, Mennonite Studies, Media Literacy, Portfolio Essentials, Professional Communication Essentials, Language Proficiency (French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Halq’eméylem)

See the academic calendar for specific requirements

Criminal Justice diploma (including BCIT Forensics transfer option)

C+ average in English 12 and two other approved Grade 12 subjects. BCIT forensics transfer students will complete two years of coursework at UFV and two years at BCIT

General Studies diploma

No entry from high school. Consult with an educational advisor.

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree

C+ in English 12 ; C in one of Foundations of Math 11, Pre-calculus 11, Foundations of Math 12, or Pre-Calculus 12

Liberal Arts diploma

No direct entry from high school; apply to Bachelor of Arts, Associate of Arts, or the Arts Studies program path

Animation Arts certificate

Apply to Arts Studies program path

Theatre Arts diploma

BC high school graduation or 19 years of age

Fashion Design diploma

BC high school graduation or 19 years of age; orientation; interview; portfolio of art work/garments; written statement; math skills test

Associate of Arts degree

C+ average in English 12 and one other approved Grade 12 subject

Graphic Design diploma

BC high school graduation or 19 years of age; C+ in English 12; portfolio; orientation

Bachelor of Arts degree

B average in English 12 and two other approved Grade 12 subjects Visual Arts diploma

Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice) degree

B average in English 12 and two other approved Grade 12 subjects

BC high school graduation or 19 years of age, portfolio and orientation, GPA of 2.0 or better in post-secondary studies

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Development Studies

B average in English 12 and two other approved Grade 12 subjects

BC high school graduation, B in English 12, portfolio and orientation, GPA of 2.0 or better in post-secondary studies

Certified Dental Assistant certificate

C+ in English 12, Biology 11, Biology 12, and Chemistry 11; interview; medical certificate; immunizations; dental oral health certificate; dental office observation; references; security clearance

Health Care Assistant certificate

Completion of Grade 11 with English 11 or 19 yrs of age with English 11 or equivalent, or 6 credits from post-secondary studies; first aid certificate; medical certificate; interview; references; 30 hrs experience in long-term care setting; security clearance; full driver’s license without restrictions; reliable transportation; immunizations

Practical Nursing diploma

C+ in English 12 ; C+ in Biology 12 in past five years; C in Principals of Math 11, Foundations of Math 11 or Pre-Calculus 11; C or better in a Practical Nursing Human Anatomy and Physiology course in past five years; Standard First Aid; Basic Rescuer level C; ID documents; security clearance; health assessment; interview; driver’s license; immunizations

Bachelor of Kinesiology degree *meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to this program

B in English 12; C+ in Principals of Math 12, Foundations of Math 12 or Pre-Calculus 12; C+ in two of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics 12; B in Phys Ed 11 or 12 or participation in senior varsity or other competitive sport

Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (3 or 4 year options) *meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to this program

B in English 12 or C in ENGL 105; C+ in Biology 12 and Chemistry 11 in the past five years; C+ in Foundations of Math 11 or Pre-Calculus 11; 30 hrs experience in a health care setting; Standard First Aid; Basic Rescuer level C; ID documents; security clearance check; health assessment; interview; driver’s license; immunizations

Aviation Diploma (one-year or two-year options)

C+ in English 12; C+ in Physics 11; C+ in Foundations of Math 11 or Pre-calculus 11, or a C in one of Principles of Math 11, Foundations of Math 12 or Pre-calculus 12 (Math 12 preffered); completion of the private pilot flight test within past six months or within past year with min. 10 hours flying time within six months before classes; current Transport Canada Category I medical certification; interview; qualifying exam; references; Physics 12 recommended

Bachelor of Business Administration (Aviation) degree

C+ in English 12; C+ in Foundations of Math 12 or Pre-Calculus 12; C+ in Physics 11; current Transport Canada Category 1 medical certificate; interview; qualifying exam; references; Physics 12, Accounting and other language recommended

Health Sciences

Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution with a GPA of 3.0, work or volunteer experience in related field; interview; orientation; resume; statement of interest; letters of reference; writing sample.

Fine Arts


Master of Arts (Criminal Justice) degree

Computer Information Systems

Agriculture Certificates Horticulture Crop Production & Protection, Livestock Production, Berry Production, Field Vegetable Production, Current Agriculture Practices, Integrated Pest Management, Milker Technician

Bachelor of General Studies degree No entry from high school. Consult with an educational advisor.




Agriculture Technology Diploma

For more information, visit Early Childhood Education diploma (Special Needs or Infancy)

No entry from high school. Completion of ECE certificate and provincial license to practice (UFV ECE grads exempt)

Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth No entry from high school; see academic calendar for requirements. Care degree (Child Welfare or Many students begin with the ECE certificate. Child Life Professional) Library & Information Technology diploma

BC high school graduation or equivalent; prerequisite for ENGL 105; interview; assessment

Library Technician post-diploma certificate

Completion of Library & Information Technology diploma

Teacher Education program No entry from high school. Completion of a recognized bachelor’s (Elementary or Secondary Option) degree with specific course requirements; see academic calendar for full requirements Graduate certificate in Teacher Leadership and Mentorship

No entry from high school. Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0; teaching certificate or other recognized professional licensed teaching credential; letter of intent, three letters of reference

Community Support Worker certificate

BC high school graduation; demonstrated suitability for working with people with disabilities; criminal record check; prerequisite to CMNS 155; two reference letters; personal statement; must be 19 years of age by November 2014

Aboriginal Culture and Language Support diploma

BC high school graduation or 19 years of age; completion of two of: HSER 120, HSER 200, ENGL 105, ENGL 170, HIST 103, MATH 105 or lab science; completion of prerequisites for MATH 105 and ENGL 105; criminal record check; suitability for working with aboriginal youth; strong ties to an aboriginal community; group interview; must be 19 years of age by October 2014

Social Services diploma and Social Services diploma First Nations Option

BC high school graduation or 19 years of age; completion of three university-level credits applicable to program; criminal record check; C+ in English 12; two reference letters; personal statement

Bachelor of Social Work degree

No entry from high school; see academic calendar for requirements. Many students begin with Social Services diploma.

Master of Social Work degree

Adult Basic Education Program (ABE)

19 years of age before the first day of classes; or 17 years of age and out of school for one year, or BC high school graduation

Program Paths Arts Studies; Adult Education Studies; Business Studies; CIS Studies; Criminal Justice Studies; CYC Studies; General Studies; Kinesiology Studies; Library and Information Technology Studies; Nursing Studies; Science Studies; Social Services Studies

An open admission category that allows a student to take courses toward an educational goal. It is an option when entrance to a specific program is not available, or a student has not yet met the program entrance requirements.

Workplace TASK

History of a disability; interview; two references

Continuing Studies

C+ in English 12; 19 years of age; reliable transportation to field sites; interview; questionnaire

Upgrading, University Preparation, ESL

Professional Studies

Early Childhood Education certificate

Applied Business Technology BC high school graduation; departmental assessment; type 20 (optional 8-week specialty in Word wpm; mature applicants (23 years of age) may be admitted without Processing or Bookkeeping) high school graduation on basis of assessment

English as a Second Language (ESL) BC high school graduation or 19 years of age before the first day of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced classes; written and oral assessment

Bookkeeping for Small Business certificate

No prerequisites

Computer Assisted Drafting certificate

An introductory computer course with Windows or equivalent experience; keyboarding proficiency

Dental Office Reception certificate BC high school graduation; strong oral and written English; CPT of 48; type 30 wpm; interview; security check; written statement

Sciences Applied and Technical Studies

Family Child Care certificate

Read and write at a post-secondary level; good physical and mental health; keen commitment to working with young children

Floral Design certificate

BC high school graduation or 19 years of age and out of school one year; interview

Legal Administrative Assistant certificate

BC high school graduation; type 50 wpm; introductory computer course or equivalent experience; proficient in Word; Business English score min. 55%; interview; security check; written statement; one full year secretarial experience (within past 3 yrs) or successful completion (within past 2 yrs) of a business office training program at the post-secondary level

Bachelor of Social Work with a B average; two years (3,600 hours) employment in closely related field; interview; letter of intent/ interest; three letters of reference

Medical Office Assistant certificate

BC high school graduation; strong oral and written English; CPT of 48; type 30 wpm; introductory computer course or equivalent experience; interview; security check

Engineering Physics diploma (Mechatronics)

No entry from high school. B in Physics 112; B- in Math 112; must meet prerequisites for English 105; GPA of 2.0 or better.

Nursing Unit Clerk certificate

Bachelor of Science degree

C+ in one of Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Geography 12 or Physics 12 B in Principles of Math 12 or Pre-calculus 12

BC high school graduation; strong oral and written English; CPT of 48; type 30 wpm; introductory computer course or equivalent experience; interview; security check; written statement; willingness to obtain inoculations

Associate of Science degree

No entry from high school; apply to Bachelor of Science or Science Studies program path; see an educational advisor for info on university-level courses required to graduate with this credential

Paralegal diploma

Engineering Transfer to UBC/UVic

B in Pre-calculus 12 Physics 11 (Physics 12 recommended); Chemistry 11 and 12; interview

BC high school graduation; pre-requisites for CMNS 125; completion of a Legal Administrative Assistant certificate program that includes a practicum, or two years’ legal secretarial experience and current employment in a law firm; type 60 wpm; security check; written statement; interview. mature applicants (23 years of age) may be admitted without high school graduation on basis of assessment

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate

BC high school graduation, or 19 years of age

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate

Bachelor’s degree at a recognized university, or completion of 60 university-level credits with a GPA of 2.67

Veterinary Administrative Assistant certificate

No prerequisites

BC high school graduation; math and reading entrance exam Trades Credentials Aircraft Structures, Automotive Collision Repair & UFV offers apprenticeship training in Automotive Service Refinishing, Technician, Carpentry, Cook and Electrical Work Automotive Service, Carpentry, Culinary Arts, Electrical Work, Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport, Hospitality Event Planning, Joinery, Plumbing & Piping, Welding Architectural Drafting certificate

BC high school graduation or 19 years of age; C+ in one of Principles of Math 11, Foundations of Math 11, Pre-Calculus 11, or Math 085; satisfy English proficiency requirements

Electronics Technician – Common Core certificate

BC high school graduation; Math 11

Hospitality and Event Management Post-Degree Certificate

No entry from high school. Completion of bachelor’s degree.

1. U  nless otherwise stated in the academic calendar (, academic programs require BC high school graduation or equivalent 2. In most cases, a certificate takes less than one year, a diploma takes two years, and a degree takes 4 years. Please see the academic calendar for details on each program 3. Co-operative education option available in Arts, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Kinesiology and Physical Education, Library and Information Technology, and Science 4. Entrance requirements as shown here are minimums; some UFV programs have a competitive admissions model where meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee entrance to the program 5. For a list of approved Grade 12 courses visit 6. In case of discrepancy between the viewbook and the academic calendar, the academic calendar shall be taken as correct



CAREER SERVICES It’s payback time. At Career Services you can meet with a career coach to discover how to gain relevant experience through paid volunteer work, develop a professional resume, improve interview skills, and connect you with employers at career fairs and events. Career Services can also help with: • exploring career options • ordering student business cards • being a tutor • working abroad • accessing resources in our Career Lab

WORK-STUDY Land an on-campus, part-time job related to your program of study. These positions are flexible around your class schedule and give you the opportunity to work with faculty and staff in various departments within the university while gaining work experience, contacts, and references for other employment or graduate school. Many of these positions work on specific research projects with faculty or professional projects within service areas of the university.

CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION Take your academic learning to the next level by engaging in professional, discipline-specific, career-related, paid employment opportunities with employers from all sectors. Through full-time, paid work semesters in Co-op Education, you can explore career options in your field, build a resume that will help you quickly secure a professional position after graduation, and help pay your tuition at the same time. Through Co-op Education you will: • be able to ‘test out’ career options and employers • build contacts with large corporations, government agencies, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations to assist in future job searches • engage in productive work that relates to your field of study and interests • gain experience with professional employment applications, interviews and workplace etiquette • earn money to help offset the cost of tuition and living expenses The Co-operative Education option is available in the following programs: Arts, Science, Business, Computer Information Systems, Kinesiology and Physical Education, and Library Information and Technology. Find out more at



To start at UFV, students must apply to a program of study. UFV offers 100+ programs and many have specific application dates and entrance requirements. Be sure to check these in advance so you are ready to apply when the time comes! Early application is advised, as qualified applicants are often accepted on a first-qualified, first-admitted basis. Note the dates below.

Semester (starting) Apply Fall (September)

Oct 1, 2014–Jan 31, 2015

Winter (January)

May 1, 2015–Aug 31, 2015

Summer (May)

Oct 1, 2015–Dec 31, 2015

Some programs offer continuous application. This means you can apply at any time during the year to be considered for the next available space. Examples are: Program Studies Pathways, Trades, Agriculture, Applied Business Technology, and Continuing Studies certificates. The Bachelor of Science 58

in Nursing, Practical Nursing certificate, Certified Dental Assistant certificate, and several Early Childhood and Human Services certificates also accept continuous application.


Canadian citizens and permanent residents (landed immigrants) are eligible for admission as domestic students. International students can find details about their specific admission requirements at

QUALIFICATIONS Post-secondary programs at UFV generally require BC high school graduation or equivalent for admission. We also offer upgrading to get you there. For many programs additional entrance requirements must be met in order to ensure students have a reasonable chance of success. Please find your program on page 55 or in the UFV calendar at for entrance requirements. Some programs accept mature students (age 19 or older on the first day of classes) without high school graduation.

Questions about applying? Email

ADMISSIONS INFO Programs may admit students in one of two ways: 1. Qualified applicants are admitted on a first-qualified, first-admitted basis in order of their date of application (recorded when the application is complete), or 2. Applicants are admitted on a competitive basis, according to criteria the program has established to determine best-prepared students. Students must complete the application process by the application deadlines in order to be considered. Early application is recommended. ADMISSION FROM OTHER PROVINCES Students who have graduated from the secondary school system (Grade 12) in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland are considered to have satisfied BC Grade 12 equivalent. Students from Quebec who have completed one full academic year at CEGEP and students from Ontario who have graduated on the new curriculum (2003 or later) are also considered to have equivalent to BC graduation. Ontario graduates from previous years are required to have six OAC courses or Grade 13.

CONCURRENT STUDIES Secondary school students may take a course at UFV while still working toward secondary school graduation. Ask about programming for trades students. Check out the details at ENGLISH LANGUAGE ENTRANCE PROFICIENCY POLICY English is the language of instruction at UFV. Applicants are expected to be able to demonstrate language proficiency. UFV will verify that applicants meet language proficiency requirements prior to admission. Applicants unable to meet entrance proficiency levels will be given the opportunity to upgrade their language skills through UFV’s Upgrading & University Preparation, English as a Second language, and/or the University Foundation certificate programs.


EQUIVALENTS TO BC GRADUATION Students who have completed the International Baccalaureate diploma program, the ABE Provincial diploma, the BC Adult Graduation diploma Adult Basic Education completion, or the General Education diploma (GED) may be considered to have the equivalent of BC secondary school graduation for admission purposes.

1) Choose a program of study

CONDITIONAL ADMISSION Some programs may accept students prior to completion of all entrance requirements.

Check out your program requirements in the academic calendar or speak with an advisor

SPECIAL ADMISSION Students who don’t meet stated admission requirements may request special consideration. Special admission request forms are available at or at the Office of the Registrar on campus. 2) Apply to the program at and click ‘apply now’ 3) Choose your courses

4) Plan your course schedule 5) Register for courses on myUFV 59 @chooseUFV @goUFV Save a tree! Pass this along to a friend or recycle it when you’re finished.

Campus contact information Call 604-504-7441 or toll-free in Canada: 1-888-504-7441 General inquiries: Office of the Resistrar:

ABBOTSFORD ABBOTSFORD CAMPUS 33844 King Rd, Abbotsford, BC CLEARBROOK CENTRE at Clearbrook Library 32355 Veterans Way, Abbotsford, BC UFV AEROSPACE CENTRE Abbotsford Airport, 30645 Firecat Ave, Abbotsford, BC



CHILLIWACK CAMPUS at Canada Education Park Building A: 45190 Caen Ave, Chilliwack, BC AGRICULTURE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE 45288 Petawawa Rd, Chilliwack, BC

1250 7th Ave, Hope, BC

TRADES AND TECHNOLOGY CENTRE 5579 Tyson Rd, Chilliwack, BC CHILLIWACK CAMPUS UFV Performance Theatre 45635 Yale Rd, Chilliwack, BC FIVE CORNERS 46115 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC

MISSION MISSION CAMPUS at Heritage Park Centre 33700 Prentis Ave, Mission, BC

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Campus tours Call 1-888-504-7441 (4557)

International students Abbotsford: +1-604-854-4544 Toll free in Canada: 1-888-504-7441 local 4544

Student services Abbotsford: 604-854-4528 Chilliwack: 604-795-2808

• Aboriginal Access Services • Counselling Services • Disability Resource Centre • Educational Advising • Financial Aid • Student Life • UFV Residence

Profile for University of the Fraser Valley

UFV viewbook 2015  

The University of the Fraser Valley viewbook profiles programs and services available to future students at this Canadian institution.

UFV viewbook 2015  

The University of the Fraser Valley viewbook profiles programs and services available to future students at this Canadian institution.

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