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Recognizing UFV Student & Alumni Leaders 2011

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) recognizes Coast Capital Savings for supporting the Student Life Leadership Institute. Your generous contribution of $150,000 over the past three years supports leadership development and provides numerous opportunities for UFV students.

We’re not just good corporate citizens. We’re good citizens too. At Coast Capital Savings, helping the community isn’t merely a clever PR move or a feel-good footnote in an Annual Report. It’s a huge part of who we are. That’s why we’re out there every day: donating time, money, and resources to worthwhile causes. And while our generosity is selfless, it’s also selfish—we don’t just work in the community. We live here too. Investing in University of the Fraser Valley students through the Student Life Leadership Institute fits in perfectly with Coast Capital Savings’ goal of helping families achieve economic success and a better quality of life. To learn more about our support for youth leadership programs or about a host of other good reasons to become a Coast Capital Savings’ member, visit


UFV Student Life Team

University is a life experience that extends far beyond the classroom, lab or workshop. Working with and for UFV students, the Student Life department aims to build a vibrant campus with cocurricular programming that actively engages students in the UFV community and provides opportunities for them to develop relationships with others, a healthy lifestyle, leadership skills, active citizenship and a lifelong commitment to intellectual and spiritual growth. Student Life has been successful in reaching our goals over 2010/2011 by orienting over 1,280 students through New Student Orientation, welcoming back 2,000 students at Welcome Back events, assisting over 60 active student clubs & associations each term, providing leadership training and conferences to over 100 students through our Leadership Institute, recognizing over 50 student volunteers and leaders, offering Campus Recreation and Intramural programs to over 280 students, organizing and supporting over 120 campus events, arranging Food Hamper services and the Angel Tree program to UFV students in need and hosting thousands of students in our student lounge, kitchen, and student meeting space. The Standout — UFV’s Leadership magazine, highlights unique individuals and groups who have taken the time to get involved at UFV and whose contributions have been recognized by others. We congratulate all individuals who are a part of this year’s publication. As you will read, there are numerous opportunities for each individual and we encourage you to take action and get involved by getting connected and making a difference!

Susan Francis Manager

Whitney Fordham Programmer

Martin Kelly Programmer

Providing leadership and coordination of Student Life’s co-curricular programming, which enhances the student experience, builds community and creates a vibrant campus.

Helping new students and their families transition into UFV. Growing peer mentors through the Orientation Leader program. Providing recreational programming such as intramurals, fitness classes and outdoor recreation.

Assisting student organizations in creating a vibrant campus life. Providing innovative ideas for students to stay engaged on campus.

Sheila McKay Program Assistant

Sidrah Ahmad Leadership Studies Assistant

Michelle Johnson Leadership Magazine Assistant

Providing the opportunity for academic and social connections in the friendly environment of University House while engaging UFV students in on-campus activities.

Organizing opportunities for students to recognize and enhance leadership skills. Offering a variety of programs including conferences, retreats and workshops. Encouraging networking opportunities amongst student leaders.

Assisting in the editing and layout of this edition of The Standout magazine, which recognizes UFV student and alumni leaders.

Contributors UF V Student life would like to acknowledge the following for their contributions in producing the standout UF V Leadership Maga zine 2011:

Coast Capital Savings UFV Marketing & Communications UFV Development Office James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner of The Leadership Challenge® Student Editors: Michelle Johnson & Sidrah Ahmad A special thank you to all students and nominators; you are the foundation of this magazine.

University of the Fraser Valley 33844 King Road Abbotsford, BC, V2S 7M8 T: 604.504.7441 Student Life Leadership Institute University House Building F (Abbotsford), Building G (Chilliwack) T: 604.504.7441 ext. 6338 Chilliwack ext. 2509 or

Comments from the President & Vice-Chancellor

Comments from the Provost & Vice-President, Academic

Comments from the Vice-President, Students

Comments from the UFV Alumni Association Board Chair

M a rk Ev ered

Eri c Dav is

K a ren Eva n s

To n y Luc k

As President of the University of the Fraser Valley, I work with a wonderful team of leaders. That includes the leadership that put this publication together, and the many fine people who are featured here.

There’s no better time to find out and to develop the necessary skills to be a leader than while one is at university. Being a student leader is not only a great learning experience and an opportunity to discover aspects of yourself that you might not be aware of. Student leaders are essential to building community and fostering vibrant campus culture. Moreover, the skills you develop as a student leader are the same skills that employers told us they’re looking for in an employee—skills they say are all too rare. And they are skills which are crucially important for more than career success. They also prepare you to play a full role as a citizen in your society—someone who can contribute not just to your private success, but to public life.

Student leadership programs provide an opportunity for students to critically assess their leadership identity, ability and willingness to lead. Successful leadership programs prepare students for their role as responsible and active citizens who make decisions with integrity, ethical standards, an understanding of the interests of all people, and a focus on the present and future. Effective student leadership can be measured by the degree of action a student takes to address themes and issues that, directly or indirectly, affect self, the organization, as well as local and global communities.

It’s exciting to see you taking the time to develop the skills you will require to become the leaders of tomorrow. I believe it will be extremely important for you to enhance and develop leadership skills to meet future business and social challenges.

This is our opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many contributions made by our students and alumni to the governance, life and future of our University and to the many communities we serve. Our lives are greatly enriched by this work. To our students past and present: Please know how proud I am of your achievements, how grateful I am for your contributions, and how optimistic I am about a future in which you will continue to play leadership roles. With deep gratitude and best wishes to you all,

Mark. D. Evered, PhD President and Vice-Chancellor

The student leaders of today are the community leaders of the future.

Eric Davis, PhD Provost & Vice-President, Academic

I feel privileged to be part of a university that takes the ideals of student engagement and success into its core mission and then operationalizes upon these ideals through action. This publication showcases how our students make a tremendous contribution to our university and the larger community. We have much to be thankful for, given these remarkable individuals and their stories.

Some people have suggested that leaders are born and not made. I don’t believe that. I believe that with the right training, the type you will get here at the university, you can develop the skills necessary to create visions and lead people in an ever changing world. John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Never stop learning, and with practice you can increase your success in leadership! Good luck and have fun as you learn and develop new skills.

Tony Luck, BBA ’96, BA ’07 Financial Consultant, Alumni Association Board Chair Karen Evans, EdD Vice-President, Students

Contents UFV Clubs & Associations

UFV Student & Alumni Leaders table of contents

Alycia Bradley . . . . . . . . . . 1 Aman K. Dhami . . . . . . . 2 Amara Vanderveen . . . . . . 3 Amarjit Ghatore . . . . . . . . 4 Ashley Aune . . . . . . . . . . 5

Baker House Residence Assoc . . . . 21

Caleb Kruger . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Christian Doyle . . . . . . . . . 7 Desmond Devnich . . . . . . 8 Devina Putri . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Oxfam UFV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Hargun Dhutt . . . . . . . . . 10

Kyle Graves . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Laura Rickard . . . . . . . . . .12 South Asian Peer Networking . . . 25

Mei Lau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Melissa Kendzierski . . . . 14 Natalie Barratt . . . . . . . . 15

Universitythere Christian 27 Students, is lifeMinistries . . . after graduation!

Prashant Wadhwani . . . . 16 Scott Varga . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Sean Webber . . . . . . . . . . 18 Tajinder Sandhu . . . . . . . 19 Win Nguyen . . . . . . . . . . 20

UFV Alumni . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 The Alumni Association supports UFV students and alumni. We actively engage our alumni as mentors for student networking events and the funds we raise through a number of exciting initiatives go toward Alumni Association Student Leadership awards.




Alycia bradley Student, Bachelor of Science, Biology & Kinesiology Third year

“She is definitely an inspiration for students by providing a standard of discipline, organization, socialization, and fun that we all can learn from.” Nominated by: Tanya Probert “She has been a ready volunteer for any and all school panels I need to organize.” Nominated by: Pamela Jones, Regional Student Transition Coordinator, Vice President, Students

“Always strive to find ways to get out of your comfort zone, no matter how small. You will find out so much more about yourself and how you can change other people’s lives”.

I have learned that leadership is not about being in the centre, it is about helping others around you to meet their goals and succeed. The best part is, when those people become motivated, they too will go on to spark someone else. Furthermore, by encouraging others, it ignites a feeling that you never want to stop; this is why leaders get involved in so many different types of organizations! In the end, everyone moves toward a common vision that will benefit so many—it’s a ripple effect. Within UFV, I have been involved with the Pre-med Student Association (PMSA) as their vice-president. The best part of the PMSA is that there are so many like-minded students that want to give back to the community. One program is a bimonthly adopt-a-trail event where we collect litter for almost 9km of Discovery Trail. It makes you fully understand why our planet needs people to be more conscious about what they do with their garbage. We have also recently started a community outreach program where our members can come once a month to a featured cause. Events include keeping the elderly company at a retirement home, packaging food for less fortunate countries, and sponsoring children of UFV students at Christmas time. It feels so good to know you may have helped a student that you pass every day in the hall. I have also helped the UFV transition coordinator, along with other students, visit local high schools. This is by far the most rewarding experience. We sit as a panel, to give our experiences and mistakes throughout our university career thus far. The most significant portion of this presentation is when it is the

students’ turn to ask any questions that have been on their minds. I just hope that during that one-hour period, we are able to change one student’s future and affect how they will choose what they wish to accomplish when they leave high school. Lastly, I am involved with the Vancouver Sun Run. As mentioned before, a good leader motivates others, and those others then go out and do the same for more people; this is what happened to lead me to where I am now. I never thought that I could run, but after my aunt inspired me, I did it. Now, I encourage others during a 13-week training program towards a 10km run each year. It is so rewarding to see how the participants push themselves, beyond what they believed they could do. Always strive to find ways to get out of your comfort zone, no matter how small. You will find out so much more about yourself and how you can change other people’s lives.

“There is nothing like teaching, to learn a lesson yourself.” Hobbies jogging outside in nature, away from roads and cars Role Model Dr. Christiane Northrup C areer goals/dreams to get into UBC’s medical school program

leadership commitment My leadership commitment involves sustaining the Pre-med Student Association so future UFV students will have support during their preparatory years for medical school.




“University is the place where one can learn many new things. UFV Students have a lot of hidden talents and each student should participate in events to make new friends, to show their talents, and to learn more from each other.”

students, I also learned many new things about myself. During my first semester at UFV, I joined South Asian Peer Networking Association. By getting involved in this association, I made many good friends and gained confidence.

I am Aman Dhami, a fourth-year student of business administration. I came from UFV India to Canada in 2009 after completing two years of my degree at UFV India in Chandigarh. I have enjoyed the challenges and changes of the past few years. I have led teams in different areas, but the one area I love most is leading the UFV Bhangra team. Bhangra is a Punjabi dance, and because it is a dance I love, I have always dreamed of leading a Bhangra dance team. When I got a chance to lead the UFV Bhangra team, I accepted the challenge knowing that leadership comes with a great responsibility. Students with any background are welcome to join this club to learn Bhangra and Giddha, another dance form. We perform at community events, competitions and at events on campus. Having a caring personality is important; you can’t be a good leader unless you genuinely care about people. I love helping new students because I am able to imagine how they feel when they are new to university. Being an orientation leader, I not only helped other

Working as a research intern at CICS and as a public relation manager of SAPNA, I have been able to meet many great people in the community. We hold chai-time discussions under this association where we discuss and shed some light on daily life issues. I have also had the opportunity to attend various big events such as Diaspora Punjab and Disorienting Bhangra 2010, VIBC 2010, and the Mehfil Gala 2011. All students should take part actively in oncampus activities. University is the place where one can learn many new things. UFV students have a lot of hidden talents and each student should participate in events to make new friends, to show their talents, and to learn more from each other. By taking part in many events, one thing I discovered about myself is that I am a good speaker. After graduation I would like to continue to participate in the Bhangra Club and will volunteer with SAPNA and CICS. Currently I am working on a few research areas for the Centennial Gurdwara project at CICS as 2011 is the centennial year of the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple in Abbotsford British Columbia. I will continue my research on Sikh pioneers as it will be connected to various other research areas.

“Don’t let your limitations overshadow your talent.” leadership commitment I am graduating in April but I will actively take part in Bhangra, SAPNA, UFV student life and CICS events as I am learning so much, getting the chance to meet new people every time in addition to increasing my knowledge.

Hobbies painting, dancing, surfing the internet Role Model Satwinder Bains C areer goals/dreams to pursue a career in marketing and graphic design

Aman k. Dhami Student,Bachelor of Business Administration Fourth Year

“...she has not only provided a continual source of vibrant and positive energy, her work ethic is also incredible.” Nominated by: Sharanjit Sandhra, Coordinator, Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies and Research



AMARA VANDERVEEN Student, Bachelor of Arts, Geography & History Fifth Year

“A hard-working advocate for all students, Amara has shown great leadership...” Nominated by: Curtis Penner, UFV Alumni

“University, in my opinion, can not be seen as a well rounded experience unless you commit yourself to something outside of the classroom and become involved in the community that is your home for a portion of your life.” In my first year of school at UFV I participated in the Chilliwack Arts Cohort (CHARTS) and became involved with the Student Union Society as a work-study position on the Chilliwack campus. Throughout my years here I have progressed from being a work-study employee at SUS and Student Life to running for and receiving the position of Vice President East on the Student Union Society Board. Two of my favourite initiatives to volunteer for have been reoccurring: one as an Orientation Leader and another as an elf for the Angel Tree project held annually through Student Life. All of these experiences have challenged me to work on issues and initiatives that I may not have considered otherwise with people I may not otherwise have met to achieve a common goal that will benefit others. Most importantly, I have learned diplomacy, the sacrifice of selflessness, and compromise through my position on the Student Union. My position has challenged me, in a short time, to handle responsibilities and it has been something that I have grown into and is still a work in progress today. I aspire to work in the teaching field or international development when I graduate and I hope that many of the skills I have gained through all of my extracurricular work will assist me in this. I’m definitely not the shy, uncertain person I was when I arrived at university. I am now not scared to take on a challenge, be innovative, or pick a project to help my peers accomplish. The most important lesson I have learned through these experiences is: never think that you have to do anything on your own; you should always be willing to accept help.

I never would have had the courage to do what I have done without the encouragement or support of people around me that believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. University, in my opinion, cannot be seen as a well rounded experience unless you commit yourself to something outside of the classroom and become involved in the community that is your home for a portion of your life. If there was anything I would consider doing differently it would be to get involved sooner and balance my classes more effectively. This experience has simply been one of the most challenging yet rewarding of my life.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Gandhi Hobbies cross stitching and hiking Role Model Cookie Monster C areer goals/dreams to work in a developing country

Leadership commitment I would like to give to students and back to my community through my work with the Student Union Society in the future.




“As I continue my journey into the real world I will take with me the valuable leadership skills that UFV has taught me all these years. Leadership is an ongoing part of life and I hope to take on leadership roles to help advance my profession.”

Leadership is an ongoing part of life and I hope to take on leadership roles to help advance my profession.

Leadership skills will greatly affect the career you choose to aspire and university is a great place to develop those necessary skills and discover your qualities. Through my time at UFV, I have been blessed with the opportunity of being in the presence of exceptional and effective leaders which has motivated me even further to engage in leadership roles. Being a student at UFV presented me with some of the greatest opportunities I have come across in my life. I got the opportunity to volunteer for student union and student life. I have served as student representative on UFV Senate, the president of UFV dental hygiene association and class representative of UFV dental hygiene graduating class of 2010. This year I was fortunate to be elected as student representative for board of governors. I also had the opportunity to serve on strategic planning committee, vice president search committee and board nominating committee. In addition I try to engage myself in matters that are helpful to the university’s society. Don’t hesitate to participate. You will not regret it. As I continue my journey into the real world I will take with me the valuable leadership skills that UFV has taught me all these years.

This being my last year at UFV, I would like to thank this university for making me what I am today. I have been granted with various opportunities at this university which has enhanced my education and leadership. There are so many opportunities to get involved at various levels. One thing I have noticed during my time at UFV was lack of student involvement in student union, and student representation for senate and board of governors. I would encourage everyone to get involved to have the full university experience and help create positive change for yourself and the university. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I am very glad I decided to become a part of. It is very easy to get involved and you will get full support from the university. It’s been such an amazing experience to have served on both Board and Senate. I have learned so much about the policies and decision-making processes that guide a large organization like UFV. This is a great opportunity to learn leadership skills and to network with student leaders, faculty, and staff and also our community leaders. Leadership skills will greatly affect the career you choose to aspire and University is a great place to grow on many levels. I believe that leadership is an important aspect of an individual because most career opportunities look for those with experience who have taken initiative.

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.” Leadership commitment I hope to take on leadership roles in my profession. I would like to get involved with dental hygiene association and give back to the community as well by raising oral health awareness.

Hobbies watching movies Role Model I always looked up to my dad as a kid, he was a true leader C areer goals/dreams The saying goes what is LIFE without a BIG dream! I like to dream big as well. You will just have to wait to find out what the big dream is.

Amarjit ghatore Alumni, UFV Dental Hygiene Graduated June 2010 Student, Sciences

“...she graduated from the UFV Dental Hygiene program and volunteers her time in promoting oral health.” Nominated by: Simran Banipal, UFV Student



Ashly aune Student, International Development Studies Third Year

“...with her ambition, determination and organizational skills, she has been able to make the [Oxfam] club very successful.” Nominated by: Laura Rickard, Student

“I often look at the opportunities that are present in my life and I want them to be accessible worldwide. As a Canadian citizen I am privileged to have a voice, and I feel it is my duty to use it to the best of my ability.”

My love and passion for development studies began in high school and has since been a catalyst for the driving force that feeds my soul. I often look at the opportunities that are present in my life and I want them to be accessible worldwide. As a Canadian citizen I am privileged to have a voice, and I feel it is my duty to use it to the best of my ability. In 2008, I was fortunate enough to take place on a seven-month volunteer youth exchange with Canada World Youth. The exchange took place in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and Netishyn, Ukraine, and focused on community development and environmental sustainability. This experience taught me a great deal about who I am and what makes me come alive, and more importantly it took me out of my comfort zone and placed me head on with my fears. I thrive on challenges, and I believe hardships make us stronger After my involvement in Canada World Youth I became actively involved with Oxfam Canada. Since 2008, I have been a member of the BC/Yukon Regional Advocacy and Outreach Committee, and I have helped in numerous public information sessions, workshops, public stunts and community outreach initiatives. Last year, I was fortunate to obtain a twoyear seat on the BC/Yukon Regional Steering Committee, and with this committee I have had the opportunity to assist with Oxfam’s governing policies on a national level. In the summer of 2009, a fellow student and I were selected to attend the Oxfam’s week long National CHANGE conference held in Toronto with 28 other students from across the country. During this week I was equipped with the

tools and resources to project change and mobilization on a local level. In the fall of 2009, we put our resources to use and established the Oxfam UFV campus club, and since then I have shared the role as co-chair of the campus club. As a campus club we have received strong support from both faculty and students and the momentum only seems to be increasing. For the last three years I have worked for a non-profit environmental organization called Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS). Within this organization, I coordinate a water conservation program for my municipality and assist in programming within the school district. This is an extremely rewarding job and has furthered my passion for education and environmental issues. In the future I would like to pursue a career which will combine my passion for water relations, environment and international development. Each of these opportunities have awakened my soul, and reaffirmed my value for unity, determination, passion and the remarkable beauty that passionate individuals play in this world.

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” —Dalai Lama Hobbies outdoor activities: camping, backpacking, snowboarding and kayaking Role Model my Mom C areer goals/dreams to teach the importance of love and compassion for all forms of life

Leadership commitment I plan to expand the UFV Oxfam Campus Club, pursue an internship in Latin America and empower student body to stand up and get active.




“In this age of technological advancement, it is easy to overlook the people that are behind an organization; however, in the case of all organizations, and specifically in BASA, the human capital is the most important part of an increasingly complex puzzle.”

Being BASA president has taught me how valuable and crucial human capital to the functioning of an organization. In this age of technological advancement, it is easy to overlook the people that are behind an organization, however in the case of all organizations, and specifically in BASA, the human capital is the most important part of an increasingly complex puzzle.

Last year the opportunity arose for me to get involved with the Business Administration Student Association (BASA). There was a solid group of business students that wanted to make more of their education and they were eager to apply what they had been learning in class. I felt that working alongside these students could create opportunities for greatness. When I decided to run for president of BASA, it was not so that I could tell people what to do and they would have to listen, in fact, I do not enjoy telling people what to do at all. I saw the position of BASA president as a great opportunity to encourage others and, on occasion, to act as spokesperson for the business students who wanted to get more out of their experience at UFV than simply a parchment. The men and women involved in BASA are of the highest caliber and I consider it an honour to be included among them. Should BASA prosper while I am president it will be as a result of their hard work and dedication.

BASA has also begun to teach me some lessons about myself and which areas of my approach to business need improvement. I strive to keep learning and improving myself through the experience with my peers as teachers. I have attempted to apply a servant leadership approach as opposed to a more authoritarian role. Even though, through this approach I run the risk of appearing too passive, it encourages people, who may otherwise take a back seat, to be engaged in the workings of BASA. I believe this leadership style also helps to foster an environment that allows me to bring younger students alongside to try and learn by doing rather than watching. What I have learned most while being involved with BASA is that waking up, going to classes, and graduating is a waste of your time here. Failing to get involved in the opportunities on campus in your field can make the difference from educated and employed to educated and unemployed. Opportunities are knocking on all of our doors and few are the people that are benefiting from them.

“The things people are most worried about are usually the least important” leadership commitment I plan to continue encouraging others and acting as a spokesperson for the business students.

Hobbies soccer & reading Role Model my wife, Rachel C areer goals/dreams to be a successful training consultant

caleb kruger Student, Bachelor of Business Administration, Human Resources Third Year

“He steps up to take on important tasks that propel [BASA] forward into a bigger and brighter future.” Nominated by: Nathan Abrahams, UFV Student



“I am happy with what I have been able to do since gaining my position in SUS, and I look forward to continuing to help others as I carry on my education at UFV.”

Christian doyle Student, General Studies First Year

“Chris has demonstrated consistent willingness to help others and deserves special recognition as a budding leader...” Nominated by: Junelle Mah, Housing Assistant–Resident Life

After I learned about my nomination for Extraordinary Leadership, I asked Junelle Mah, the manager of Baker House, why she nominated me. Her first answer was my general awesomeness, and finally, after we stopped laughing, I asked her again and Junelle told me that I was nominated for my actions around Baker House and the high level of involvement I displayed in my first semester. My first day in Baker House was interesting. I moved in a day early so I could help other residents move in, and because of this, I suddenly had many new opportunities open up for me. On that day I met the staff in Baker House, and the two that have helped me time and time again in my endeavours, Junelle Mah and Kate Nickelchok. Because of my choice to move in early and volunteer, I got the chance to meet all the residents, new and old. This started a trend for me at residence; I try to always be the first to volunteer, and the first to get people behind a plan. I also try to contribute new ideas so that Baker House can be a fun and interesting experience for everyone. My latest accomplishment was to achieve a board membership in the Student Union Society. I achieved this goal in December of last year and since then I have been a representative at large for SUS and I hope a voice for the students. I discovered SUS through my experience trying to help my friend, who was being treated poorly by a teacher and was removed from her class. I spent days trying to find a way to help her, but only found dead ends with the means I had. That was when I found SUS. Unfortunately the issue with my friend had passed, and she had moved to a different

math class; but I now had the goal of helping other students with their problems. I am happy with what I have been able to do since gaining my position in SUS, and I look forward to continuing to help others as I carry on my education at UFV. I feel that all I have done at UFV in my first semester has helped me improve my leadership and social skills. In the time I have spent at university I have done things I`d have never seen myself doing in the past, but am happy to say I have done them now. After learning so much in my first semester at university, my only advice is for all students to become involved as best they can while they are here. It was a rewarding experience from which I will be drawing knowledge from for years to come. I will always value my time here, among friends.

“Leadership is the act of standing up when a problem arises, the ability to stay calm when others panic and the strength to lend others when they need it.” Hobbies finding fun ways to spend time at Baker House Role Model Jon Stewart C areer goals/dreams to get into law school

leadership commitment I plan to continue being active on campus and my next goal is to become a Resident Assistant for Baker House.




“I believe a great leader is not a dictator, but a team player; someone who sees the talent of others, supports its development.” desmond Devnich organizing committees including the Parade of Lights & Sound, Party in the Park, 10K for Travis, student council from 2003-2008, and the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life. I have also been working with the Downtown Business Improvement Association to create a more positive shopping atmosphere with my music. Performing outside Lolly’s Fashion Lounge and organizing my own benefit concert at Decades Coffee Club for youth programming at Chilliwack Community Services, is just a sampling of what I have been working on.

Honestly, I don’t see myself as a leader. I see myself as a Christian, a student, a vocalist, an event planner and a follower of great leaders, an average 20-year-old doing my best to make a difference in my community. If this qualifies me to be called a leader, then it is a title I will humbly accept. Every day is an audition. Some chances you take work out well, others do not, but all contribute to the career of a lifetime. As a performer, I strive to make a positive difference in my community by supporting various not-forprofit and non-profit organizations. Whether on stage behind a microphone or in the dining room, I love to entertain. It is my firm belief that those who have much are obliged to give much. Few people can give a great sum of money to charity, but every individual is rich with talent to be shared. I believe a great leader is not a dictator, but a team player; someone who sees the talent of others, supports its development. In past years, I have had the blessing of contributing to a number of event

Meryl Streep says to “take your heart to work.” As a shift supervisor at Starbucks in downtown Chilliwack, I specialized in partner and customer care, which gave me the opportunity to reach out to my community with the support of my store. I organized special events for families such as an Easter egg hunt, monthly amateur hours, adopting a family for Christmas through the Salvation Army, and partnering with the Chilliwack Learning Community Society to create an in-store book trading program for Starbucks’ customers. UFV is providing me with a number of skills that I would not otherwise have. For these skills, and for the patient instructors employed at UFV, I am very thankful. Upon completion of my Arts degree with a minor in professional communication I will be a more valuable employee to notfor-profit and non-profit organizations in Chilliwack, and I will be able to make a greater impact in the community. I believe the only reason to be well-known and successful is to have the ability to affect positive change in people’s lives.

“Integrate what you believe in every single area of your life. Take your heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody, too.”— Meryl Streep Leadership commitment I will live with faith, passion, and confidence as a benefit to my community— locally and globally—all in preparation for His soon return.

Hobbies reading biographies Role Model my best friend C areer goals/dreams to experience more awe-inspiring moments

Student, Arts & Communications Second Year

“...instead of pursuing a record deal, going on tour, and thinking about the money, [Desmond] chooses to use his voice for charity and to benefit local businesses and organizations.” Nominated by: Anne Russell, Coordinator, Media and Communication



“To me, leadership is about having the motivation to initiate the move to make a difference, no matter how tiny the difference is.” Devina Putri Student, Bachelor of Science, Biology Fourth Year

“Devina has shown a commitment to helping others and she will continue to make an impact in people’s lives wherever she goes and whatever she does.” Nominated by: Kara Bertram, Facilitator, International Student Programs

Fall 2006 was the first time I came to Canada. Back home, in Indonesia, volunteering is not a significant thing that people consider. Since it seems to be a big thing in Canada, I decided to try it. Volunteering for the First Annual Lantern Festival with Abbotsford Spirit of BC was my first leadership experience in Canada. I can still recall the smiles of appreciation on the children’s faces while helping them make some lanterns and simple crafts that day. That was the first time I discovered how fun volunteering could be and how much happiness I could give to myself just by sharing a little bit of my time. Since then, Abbotsford Spirit of BC has been a great resource for me to search out many more volunteer opportunities. Twice I was given the opportunity to carry my country’s flag and wear my traditional costume representing Indonesia on UN Day which was an absolute great experience. It not only makes me proud to be who I am and where I was born, but it also gave me a warm and welcoming feeling from Canada and made me feel so grateful to be where I am now.

the Pediatrics department, which motivated me to specialize my dream in becoming a pediatrician. In addition, what I like most about volunteering in the hospital is that it gives me a taste of working in the hospital setting as in “I am a doctor.” To me, leadership is about having the motivation to initiate the move to make a difference, no matter how tiny the difference is. The experience has given me confidence in working with and leading a large group of people. Through these experiences, including being a leader of international student leaders, I have learned that the key to being a successful leader is to understand the “language” of the others, giving them a sense of belonging and recognition. “I am certain that all of this experience is an invaluable asset that can lead me to become an individual with potential in society.”

After all, I have become more and more motivated to engage in a more committed type of volunteer job, this way I can make sure I have a consistent opportunity to help others. As a result, I started volunteering at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH). I started my shift in the Emergency department where I met at least one great person in every shift that made my evening. I also had an opportunity to volunteer in

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” — Mother Teresa Hobbies painting, drawing, running, and swimming Role Model my parents, and Bung Karno (the first president of Indonesia) C areer goals/dreams dedicating my knowledge and education for children in Indonesia and the community at large

leadership commitment I will pursue my dream of being a doctor while volunteering and giving back to the community. As a UFV student and alumni, I will remain active on campus and contribute to UFV.




“This was a great opportunity that I stumbled upon which allowed me to make many new friends and get to know more about many new cultures.” Hargun Dhutt than before. We were able to incorporate a dance finalé and a formal look for all countries represented. We were able to get help from the theatre department for costumes and the fashion department for the choreography. It was a great experience to have made contact with so many different departments in the university and to see everyone from various backgrounds, be it different countries or departments, come together to help put on a really great show.

Once while visiting Michelle Rickaby, Academic Advisor and Volunteer Coordinator, during my first semester in Canada, she told me that the student leaders who organized the annual Abbyfest Multicultural Fashion Show were graduating and that they needed to be replaced. Because I had taken part in and organized many cultural events during high school with a hope of meeting new people, I could not turn away from such a great opportunity. This was a great opportunity that I stumbled upon that allowed me to make many new friends and get to know more about many new cultures. It is just great to see everyone sharing their ideas and culture on such a great platform in the form of a glamorous fashion show. The fashion show was a well anticipated event of the festival and the success of my seniors added to the pressure to live up to their expectations. But the best way I thought to follow was to do things in new varied style that was different

For some legal purposes, and to gain access to many more facilities, we decided to make an official group called UFV-Multicultural group. As the semester progressed we were able to incorporate Dancequake—a Bollywood dance group under our wing. They had the great opportunity to dance at a Diwali function in Mission and on Diwali as celebrated in UFV, and gained lot of appreciation. They are still in full swing and are always looking for more participants. I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in psychology and I am keen to learn about human behavior which requires a lot of contact with people. Leading a large group of people under joyful and sometimes pressured situations has given me a great experience directed towards my career goals. I am in strong believer in delegating the work and working within deadlines. That’s how, with some great help, we were able to lead a total of 106 volunteers to make the event a success.

“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it” — Mahatma Gandhi leadership commitment The next multicultural fest is on its way. I plan to keep the dance group and start thinking about the upcoming events.

Hobbies music, reading and painting Role Model I don’t believe in role models so I don’t have one. C areer goals/dreams Living my life to the fullest .

Student, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Second Year.

“When Hargun began her studies at UFV she immediately jumped into volunteering and didn’t start small.” Nominated by: Michelle Rickaby, Program Coordinator, International Education




kyle graves Alumni, Bachelor of Arts, History & English Graduated 2008

“Kyle graduated from UFV and has played for our basketball program for five years. He is now an assistant coach with our program.” Nominated by: Barnaby Craddock, Coach — Basketball, UFV Athletics

“These two coaching opportunities, coupled with my teaching duties, allow me to interact and be a positive influence on hundreds of young people each and every day.”

My name is Kyle Graves and I graduated from UFV in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree (History/English) and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Education degree from UBC Okanagan in 2009. Since that time I have been lucky enough to start my career as a high school teacher working in the Chilliwack School District since January 2010. The career path I have chosen has allowed me to work in an environment where each day brings about new challenges and new rewards working with children inside the gymnasium teaching physical education and within the classroom teaching history and English. During this time I have also been fortunate enough to become the head coach of the Sardis Secondary Senior boys’ basketball team as well as the assistant coach of the UFV Cascades Men’s basketball team. These two coaching opportunities, coupled with my teaching duties, allow me to interact and be a positive influence on hundreds of young people each and every day. This desire to give back and be a positive leader would not have been possible without the knowledge and experience I gained being a team captain with the UFV Cascades basketball team during my five years playing for the university. I now know that I would not have had the confidence or desire to become a teacher and coach without playing for former Cascades coaches Pat Lee and Tom Antil, as well as playing alongside my former teammates who pushed me to complete my schooling and helped build my leadership abilities. These leadership abilities that I learned during my playing days are now the basis of what I strive to impart on my students and players, which is

respect, hard work and goal setting. These three characteristics helped me achieve a university degree when I didn’t think it was possible and helped me achieve success on the basketball court that was far beyond my wildest dreams. I now have the chance to give back at both of my former schools and there is no better feeling than imparting positive qualities on young student athletes and helping them achieve the goals and successes that I was once able to achieve. I would urge all current UFV students to give back to their former high school and once you are done at UFV, to give back to the university in any way possible because the reward of helping those who are now walking in the same shoes you once walked in is impossible to calculate.

``Now is the Law of the Jungle…as old and true as the sky;…the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.’’ Hobbies dancing to Usher Role Model Pat Lee /Paul Morris C areer goals/dreams to win a CIS national championship coaching the Cascades

leadership commitment I plan to continue to encourage young student athletes and help them to achieve their goals.




“Now, with my involvement in Oxfam, I really feel that I am a part of the movement. I know that I’m just one person, but as Margaret Mead said, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.’”

that was a week long in Toronto, and it really gave us the tools we needed to begin. Our club has been very effective and it is noted by Oxfam head office as being one of the most active new clubs across the nation. We have been able to pull off successful conferences and stunts, as well as connect with different groups at UFV and collaborate on issues that we all feel are at the core of our purpose.

To start out, I’d like to quote Ralph Nader by saying that “the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” I believe this to be wholly true and this is exactly what happened to me. I started volunteering with Oxfam Canada in the summer of 2008 and was instantly drawn to the organization; this was in part due to its amazing vision on development strategies, but it was also because of the amazing team of staff and volunteers. I immediately connected with many of them and was quickly encouraged to take on a leading role myself. I became a member of the Oxfam Vancouver Advocacy and Outreach Committee (AOC) and I really got to put my words into action. Less than a year into volunteering for the organization, a fellow colleague and I decided to start up a campus club at UFV. We attended Oxfam’s National CHANGE Initiative program

As for my future goals, my hope for the next year is to continue working toward my degree, further my involvement in social justice issues, as well as spend some time in the global south and learn from the amazing individuals there that are working so hard for their people and their nation. I know that within development, people always want to see results right away, but I know that’s not how it works. Development is complex and has many layers, and you need to understand each of those layers before you can create any positive, sustainable change. Before Oxfam, I had a desire to be involved in social justice issues, but I didn’t know where to begin. Being a political science major, I was constantly learning all about different local and global issues, but I wanted to do more than just learn about them­— I wanted to become part of the solution. Now, with my involvement in Oxfam, I really feel that I am a part of the movement. I know that I’m just one person, but as Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” That’s how I feel about our club­­— anything is possible!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” —Anatole France leadership commitment I will continue working toward my degree, further my involvement in social justice issues, as well as spend some time in the global south.

Hobbies spending time with my family and friends Role Model any person that measures their success through their happiness C areer goals/dreams to live a balanced life that brings me happiness

laura Rickard Student, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science & English Third Year

“She is very dedicated and passionate about Oxfam’s work and truly embodies the characteristics of a strong leader” Nominated by: Ashley Aune, Student




mei Lau Student, General Studies Third Year

“Mei is a delightful student leader full of positive energy and gives a lot of her time back to UFV.” Nominated by: Susan Francis, Manager, Student Life

“I have learned to accommodate multicommunication styles now that I understand that people are all unique. Now I realized that the power of reflection can turn an unfavourable remark into a meaningful learning experience.” I believe that student leaders have positive energy, passion, a clear mind, and have love for the community including those people that are easily left out. I have learned to examine my thoughts through mental exercises to evaluate myself. Sometimes, I have passed my shortcomings in communication from my family on to campus life. After I wrote up my draft, I felt relieved that I have learned to accept my shortcomings; otherwise, I could not accept the shortcomings of others. My teammates empower my leadership skills. I would like to send a big “thank you” to Melissa and Sidrah. I have learned to accommodate multi-communication styles now that I understand that people are all unique. Now I realized that the power of reflection can turn an unfavourable remark into a meaningful learning experience. I bear in mind that the repeated and similar mistakes that I have made could hinder my movement forward to the next level. I believe that trustworthy relationships and team spirit will develop when we acknowledge each other’s feelings and challenges. Open and honest communication is one of the most effective ways to build a stronger relationship among teammates. My teammates are not my competitors, and ultimately they can become my supporters and rescuers. In addition, I have learned to think in a wider perspective because we all come from unique families, traditions and cultures. I have learned to appreciate the efforts from Sidrah and Melissa. I have also learned to appreciate the diversity of the UFV community because it is like an open field for me to broaden and expand my learning experiences and to remove my blind spots and barriers.

I encourage students to get involved in our UFV community, not only for academic achievements but also for leadership skills. I enjoy my student rights and privileges but I need to exercise my obligations, my commitment to the UFV community, and I also need to multiply positive contact with other student leaders. Obviously, a lack of education can be a huge social concern which may affect many countries and communities. This is one of the main reasons and incentives to work with others to become strong leaders in an overall perspective such as family, workplaces, social circles and the UFV community. When we work together, we will multiply benefits to our community. In addition, strong leaders will inspire more people to stay focused on their goals and to search for a great meaning of life. Finally, one of my dreams as a student leader is to make more positive impacts to replace the negative behaviours, outcomes and consequences.

“My success is measured by helping others to reach their goals. At the same time, my success is also built upon your success!” Hobbies walking, eating, reading, travelling and meeting friends Role Model everybody has something to offer C areer goals/dreams Nobel Prize

leadership commitment I will pursue my dream of helping out needy people and also eliminating the imbalance of power or strength of the powerless in the community.




“My journey as a leader also taught me how important it is to take care of myself and allow time to reflect upon and refine my hopes and dreams.”

Being a leader also helped me in further defining my goals and future ambitions. The projects I undertook as a leader while at university helped me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses. My leadership experience provided me with the confidence and expertise I needed when entering the job market and through the leadership opportunities I undertook while in university, I felt well connected to the professionals that I would eventually do business with.

As a student, all I wanted was for my education to matter. I wasn’t interested in being able to sum up my time at UFV with credit hours. Instead, I wanted my education to make a difference and provide me with meaningful experiences that I could reflect back on and apply to the future ahead of me. This focus defined my educational career at UFV, and this focus has defined my journey as a leader. During my time at UFV, I took on a variety of projects that I felt would make a difference on campus and in the communities UFV serves. What I didn’t realize was how much these projects, in my role as a leader, would make a difference in my own life. In undertaking these projects I learned the value of organization and cooperation, the power of good communication and I experienced the reward that follows hard work and determination. Taking on leadership responsibilities helped to develop my character and helped me to develop a skill set that has proven to be invaluable.

Being a leader gave me a first-hand taste of “the real world”, or life after university. Deadlines had real-life consequences, and people were counting on me to deliver my work in both a timely and professional manner. Being a leader gave me the opportunity to live up to these expectations and hopefully supersede them. My journey as a leader also taught me how important it is to take care of myself and allow time to reflect upon and refine my hopes and dreams. A wise man once said, you can’t take that which you do not have. And I have learned as a leader, time and time again, how important it is to stop and reflect on what you’re working on and the direction you would like to move towards. Remember that in life after university or “the real world”, your major no longer defines who you are and your grades no longer reflect your failure or success. What matters in “the real world” is your character, your dreams, and your ambitions. Striving for excellence in these things will help guide and navigate you on this journey we call life.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” — Dr. Seuss leadership commitment I am committed to taking ownership of my future. Being a leader means that I am constantly striving towards creating a future that promises health and hope for people who follow after. A future that is a sustainable place!

Hobbies snowboarding Role Model Joan of Arc C areer goals/dreams I dream to see communities live more sustainably

melissa kendzierski Alumni, Bachelor of Arts, Geography Graduated 2010

“Melissa was inspiring to other students as well as to staff and faculty in her work, which culminated in a well attended daylong forum on UFV sustainability” Nominated by: Ian McAskill, Advisor to the Provost, Integrated Planning




“I love what I do because I have the benefit of knowing I have made a difference in someone’s life. I know it can be hard to start exercising so I am happy to guide people to include fitness in their lives.”

NATALIE BARRATT Student, Bachelor of Kinesiology Third Year

“Natalie Barratt’s life revolves around fitness... [she] loves to work out, earns part of her living by helping others keep fit, and has a long-term goal of promoting healthy living through a career in medicine or physiotherapy.” Nominated by: Anne Russell, Media & Communications Coordinator

I have always been a very active person. When I was growing up, I remember my parents always being involved in all sorts of activities such as skydiving, horseback riding, and martial arts. I thank them for teaching me at an early age, the value of a physically active lifestyle. I started weight training around age 14 and it has been a ritual in my life ever since. I have also dabbled in all sorts of sports and activities, but my favourite activities would have to include snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, dance, and martial arts. When I was in high school, I figured I either wanted to be a fashion designer or work in the health industry. In Grade 12 I took a few courses through BCRPA (British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association): Fitness Theory, Weight Training and Personal Training. I also applied to UCFV’s Fashion design diploma Program, to which I was accepted right out of high school. Fitness training took a bit of a back seat for me during the first year of the program. However, soon into my second year of the diploma I realized that fashion designing wasn’t exactly my forté. I found a job at the Chilliwack Leisure Centre and started training again. I graduated with my fashion diploma and the following September I started taking classes in Kinesiology.

XCEED Training in Chilliwack, where I train and instruct a boot camp class. Throughout, I have worked at various volunteer positions such as physiotherapy clinics, the YMCA, and currently, the Chilliwack General Hospital.

In my second year of Kinesiology I was certified with CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) as a personal trainer. I have also taken a 3rd Age certification, online boot camp instructor course, and my first aid/ CPR. I started my own training business called Profile Personal Training in which I provide personal training, fitness, and lifestyle consultations services. I also contract through

From my various experiences I feel as though I have gained valuable leadership and communication skills. I have learnt a lot about who I am, where I would like to see my future go and how to be assertive in order to make things happen for myself. I have also learnt that it takes a lot of work, time and dedication, but that it is all worth it in the long run.

I love what I do because I have the benefit of knowing I have made a difference in someone’s life. I know it can be hard to start exercising so I am happy to guide people to include fitness in their lives. It is so rewarding to see clients reach their goals and see positive changes.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”—Robert Collie Hobbies snowboarding, working out, and hiking Role Model my parents, who are hard working, career driven, strong willed and positive C areer goals/dreams medical or physiotherapy post graduate school through the Canadian military/to work as a military medical doctor or physiotherapist

leadership commitment I plan to further develop my leadership skills by participating in campus activities like the 2011 Student Leadership Challenge and staying active in the community!




“As we participate in events that come our way, it makes me love, appreciate and feel proud to be a student of this university. These experiences bring us together like a family...”

a result of my past experience as the head of the Sports Committee for my high school, I was used to working under pressure. I thought that it would also be a new experience for me so I decided to organize it. It was beautifully done and a big success. It has been four months since the event took place and today, the feeling of being thankful to the participants, volunteers, colleagues and my seniors is still fresh in my heart. It wouldn’t have been possible without their effort, faith, and support. It was my very first time organizing such a big event and representing the UFV in the Abbotsford Multicultural Festival and I feel extremely honoured to be given the opportunity to organize it. The spark that motivated me to organize the Cultural Garden 2010 was initiated when I volunteered during summer 2010 for the Abbotsford Rugby 7s Tournament at Rotary Stadium. It was a wonderful experience and it was also my first volunteering experience in Canada. It is a great feeling to meet new people, understand how these activities are organized, and learn how the system functions differently in another country. I am an aviation student, and as a result, I am not able to participate very often in extra-curricular activities that take place in the university; however, summer 2010 gave me an opportunity to participate in this event. Two months later, I was approached to organize the Cultural Garden on August 19, and I was told that I had exactly one month to do it. At first, I had second thoughts because I had never organized the Cultural Garden before and I didn’t know if I would have enough time but as

As we participate in events that come our way, it makes me love, appreciate and feel proud to be a student of this university. These experiences bring us together like a family, help us meet and bond with new people and ultimately we end up loving to participate in such events again and again. University is not just about studying; there is a lot more to it. Here we can communicate, socialize , learn, see and feel different things that take place around us which helps us become extroverts and independent so that our hidden talents are extracted and we get a clear picture of where we stand and what we are capable of. Such extra-curricular activities provide students with some time-off from studies and in the long run, we are able to perform much better academically so that university life becomes a combination of fun and studies.

“Where there is a will there is a way­— never give up on something you believe in.” leadership commitment I will improve my leadership skills through experience and the leadership study program—I really enjoy simply being a volunteer among my peers—I will continue giving to the community by helping those in need, as a volunteer, a friend and a leader.

Hobbies music & dance, sports, spending time with family & friends Role Model Lord Krishna & Naruto Uzumaki C areer goals/dreams to be a successful son, husband & father

prashant Wadhwani Student, Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Second Year

“Prashant was instrumental in organizing the structure and flow of the garden, as well as recruiting and managing the cultural garden student volunteers.” Nominated by: Michelle Rickaby, Program Coordinator, International Education




“My advice to students is to jump in and get involved in any type of volunteer activity. The results are unexpectedly amazing and the impact is exponential.” Scott Varga Student, Bachelor of Arts, Geography & Visual Art Fourth Year

“He is an exemplary student and committed to the UFV community and the community of Abbotsford.” Nominated by: Madeleine Hardin, Instructor and Faculty Contract Administrator, Faculty & Staff Association

I began my education at UFV in 2009 after studying at Dalhousie University. I was pleasantly surprised by the dedication that the UFV administrators, faculty and staff had towards the encouragement of student leadership and engagement. I knew that if there was that much collegial support for the volunteers I could rest assured. How could volunteering even be seen as a risk? After attending a conference called Imagine a Sustainable UFV as well as the Student Union Building (SUB) design charrette, I began to develop a heart towards the community of UFV and as a result, began to see how many opportunities there were to make positive changes on campus and within the community. Since then I have become a member of the Senate, Students for Sustainability (SFS), Geography Undergraduate Society (GUS), and Visual Arts Student Association (VASA). My community volunteering has led me to be a part of the Board of the Reach Gallery and Museum in Abbotsford. This opportunity has allowed me to share my passion for the arts with a broad community. I have gained knowledge of how publicly funded governance committees operate; I have experienced both the victories and the trials that come with the territory. The challenges that were faced by the Board of the Reach Gallery and Museum have taught me to think creatively and entrepreneurially when solving problems collectively. I have learned the value of discussion, deliberation and succinct decision making. Along with my passion for the arts is my enthusiasm for sustainable design and living. Through this I have become a part of

goBEYOND Campus Climate Action Initiative as UFV’s Volunteer Coordinator. This is a youth-led project which works to educate, inspire, engage and support peers in taking climate action at British Columbia’s colleges and universities. This opportunity has provided me with an amazing network of students around British Columbia who have a passion to see environmental changes around campus and the community. I have learned creative approaches in how to address environmental issues on campus and how to create lasting support for the projects. Through this volunteer opportunity I have been exposed to conferences, training, and other projects that could one day turn into a career. I know these experiences will resonate with me for the rest of my life and I hope the reverberations will challenge and inspire every person I meet. My advice to students is to jump in and get involved in any type of volunteer activity. The results are unexpectedly amazing and the impact is exponential.

“Build up instead of tearing down.” Hobbies photography, hockey, reading, road trips, music Role Model Søren Kierkegaard, Neil Young. C areer goals/dreams to become a professional architect (MArch, phD) who teaches, writes and builds world wide

leadership commitment I will continue to actively serve the community of Abbotsford through volunteerism and leadership in the arts and culture.




Making the decision to get on the move and do what I wanted to do was probably the most important thing I have learned from all of my leadership experience at UFV sean Webber I became the first multicultural programming assistant. My partner and I created tons of ideas in order to help international students out for their school life here. Another thing that I wanted to do was to organize a Japanese students club and provide students from around the world, including Canada, with culture of our country Japan. Taking the stereotypes away from Japanese people and students in the club as well has been going smoothly. Organizing and creating programs for students and helping them out is a hard job but it is also very enjoyable. I have made friends and used my knowledge.

Starting university in a different country than my origin was quite difficult for me. Living at the residence and getting used to the whole system was difficult. Asking questions when I did not know something seemed to me to be a difficult thing for me to do as well back then. I struggled and tried my best to ask as many questions as possible to get a grasp of what university in Canada is. After a semester of seeing many people struggle to get the same answers to things that they did not know. As I was looking at them, I had felt the same way that I did a semester ago. Especially for international students, things are rough on their first semester here. So, I thought “Why don’t I just help them out?”

Making the decision to get on the move and do what I wanted to do was probably the most important thing I have learned from all of my leadership experience at UFV. If I hadn’t asked questions or hadn’t applied for the job, I would still be confused Start asking questions. Stop being shy. People are here to help you. If you do not know what the answer is or if you do not feel confident with your idea, ask the question. People will likely enjoy providing you with the answer. When somebody asks you the same question that you once asked, you will know the answer and will be able to help other people by using the knowledge that you acquired by overcoming shyness.

When I looked for conclusions on how to find ways to support the international students, a job opportunity popped at the residence. I applied for that job as soon as it came up and

“God doesn’t give us more than what we can handle.” leadership commitment I will continue to be the first to support the international students and do what I can do best for people around and on campus.

Hobbies soccer, gym Role Model my Dad and Mom C areer goals/dreams getting an international job

Student, English as a Second Language First Year

“I’ve seen Sean breathe such amazing life and spirit into residence, especially with international students, who he has helped mentor and introduce to Canadian lifestyle.” Nominated by: Kate Nickelchok, Resident Assistant, Baker House




“The only advice that I would like to share is that volunteering increases your knowledge, enhances your skills and gets you involved in the community to makes friends and contacts.”

TAJINDER SANDHU Student, Bachelor of Business Administration Third Year

“Tajinder is a girl who gets things done. She takes initiative and she gets involved on campus and in the community.” Nominated by: Michelle Rickaby, Program Coordinator, International Education

Coming to Canada was a teenage dream about high lifestyle, freedom, and fun. This all did come true, but along with these things brought a great deal of responsibilities and spirit to stand for self. Not realizing the importance of life, and the value of time, I came to Canada a year and a half ago. Stepping into this beautiful valley brought joy to my heart and dream to my eyes. With a desire to stand out, I started volunteering as an International student leader, knowing more about different cultures, meeting more people from around the world and getting to know their values and beliefs. Volunteering has contributed to the development of my leadership skills, which I believe is an ongoing process. Then a great opportunity came my way: to organize Abbyfest Multicultural Garden in 2010, reuniting various nations, and standing for peace as a whole. Organizing the multicultural garden polished my leadership skills and gave me a platform in which to show my desire for world peace. It was a golden opportunity to meet wonderful people from different countries, learn about unique cultures and history, and to get to know the individuals on a personal level. It was a lifetime experience for me, which not only helped me realize my full potential, but also helped me mature as a person. The experience of organizing such a huge event underlines the importance of a confident personality and team work, which is important for every field. Being part of this event gave me a chance to show my talent and potential to lead a team. The only advice that I would like to share is that volunteering increases your knowledge,

enhances your skills and gets you involved in the community to makes friends and contacts. After coming to Canada, and volunteering as an international student leader, international student ambassador, and participating in the heritage fair I feel more independent and self confident. I am no longer afraid to step out of my comfort zone; I have become a better leader, and a friend. Being part of UFV, and volunteering in the community, has helped me learn about my abilities and skills, and has helped me develop my interpersonal skills. Everyone has the potential to do a little, but when everyone combines their efforts it makes a difference. I appreciate all my co-workers and the other volunteers for doing a wonderful job on that special day which has made a wonderful memory in my life. I thank UFV for providing me with these opportunities to stand out, and enhance my potential.

“All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”— Bhagat Kabir Ji Hobbies swimming, travelling, shopping, observing manners Role Model Oprah Winfrey (I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes) C areer goals/dreams being a better human being while dreaming to be a successful entrepreneur

leadership commitment I will continue volunteering as a student leader; it is the best way to give back to your university by creating bonds of trust, insight into what others may be feeling or thinking; it helps one understand how or why others are reacting to situations, it sharpens our “acumen” and enlightens our inner skills.




“...set a vision so high that the little voice in your head says you won’t be able to achieve it. When you are almost scared of your vision, you know you have hit it.” Win Nguyen I eventually took action and became a BASA International Representative. We had a meeting and when the executives went over the mission statement of the organization I remember Alex saying: “our vision is to become the best business student association in North America.” Four years have passed since then, and we have many versions of that vision statement, and yet, that is the one I remember most.

It has been an amazing journey. I never thought about being a leader before I met my first mentor, Alex McAulay, in 2007. He was looking for an international student to be involved in the UFV Business Administration Student Association (BASA). We set up a meeting, he told me what he was thinking for the position, and we didn’t speak about it for a while. I was shy and quiet so after the meeting with Alex, I didn’t take any action though I kept showing up to BASA meetings. He never mentioned anything about my progress in his thoughts. That’s what I remembered the most. His leadership was not about recruiting and pushing people to do things he wanted done. That is management. His leadership was about giving people the idea and letting people develop the courage and initiative. It is about expecting the best in people because “when you are frustrated at someone for not doing something, it’s because you haven’t given him/her enough time yet.”

Once the ball started rolling with BASA, I didn’t (or couldn’t) stop and became the vice treasurer, then treasurer, and then vice president through the years. Many people have influenced my personality and leadership: fellow students, UFV instructors, coworkers. But it was all due to that first step I took of joining BASA that got me involved with all other things. And thanks to Alex’s patience, I had the time to gather the courage for that first step. Looking back at my experiences, I wish I had done it earlier and accomplished more. Time doesn’t wait when we pause so I’d hustle and bustle even more. So here are the three steps to success. Step one: have a mentor who will take the time to help you develop as a person. Step two: set a vision so high that the little voice in your head says you won’t be able to achieve it. When you are almost scared of your vision, you know you have hit it. And step three; don’t worry too much about permission or approval. It’s almost always better (for you) to “beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” Above all, do something that matters.

“True leadership does not start with an action but an idea that inspires massive actions and lasting impact.” leadership commitment I will continue to provide support for business students and Vietnamese students on campus—inspire one person to do something they’re passionate about but are afraid/ prohibited by their parents to do.

Hobbies reading Role Mode Seth Godin C areer goals/dreams life missions: (1) be a source of happiness to other people (2) live the true life of a global citizen (3) become a successful entrepreneur for an idea that changes the world

Student, Bachelor of Business Administration Fourth Year

“Win is a rare breed that only comes along once in a while... he has grown so much as a person due, in large part, to his involvement at UFV and the community at large.” Nominated by: Kara Bertram, Facilitator, International Student Programs and Michelle Rickaby, Program Coordinator, International Education

Club & Associations



Baker House Residents Association (BHRA)

At a glance

Mission Statement To provide the residents of Baker House an effective method to voice their concerns and suggestions, as well as to organize activities to foster camaraderie and understanding among the residents.

Year Established

Vision and Values The Baker House Residents Association (BHRA) started to take shape early in April 2010 when our first election for the executive committee was held. At this point the BHRA was more of a concept than an actual body of people as it was not yet recognized as an active association on campus. October of 2010 is when we actually began to function as a group and received status as an active association. The original executive committee consisted of four residents of Baker House, but with the recent election this has expanded to ten in order to provide more effective representation of the students in residence. The need to effectively represent the students in Baker House was the core reason for the formation of the BHRA, and for our expansion. Part of our purpose is to provide an effective way for the residents of Baker House to voice their concerns and desires to the management because individuals are less likely to come forward with complaints or suggestions. The other part of our function is to organize events and activities to allow people to interact and enjoy the camaraderie of other students, who are often away from home for the first time and usually from overseas. In the past, we have hosted several barbeques and movie screenings with great success. Currently, we have several more barbeques planned and are working towards carrying out several larger scale activities such as zip-lining and a paint balling trip.

Current Membership

While benefiting the students that live on campus, being on the executive council of the BHRA is boon for those involved. This is a chance for those on the executive committee to learn what it is like to work on a committee similar to those in most businesses, and how to work in such a group. Along with providing experience working with committees, the BHRA executive committee allows students to step up and take the reins of leadership. Having the chance to effectively lead and represent a group can provide an individual with confidence, and a chance to show their potential. These experiences are also a great asset in getting into a meaningful job by demonstrating community involvement and a desire to improve and lead those around them.

September 2010

Approximately 150 Governance

Matt Boe, President

Zack Soderstrom, SUS Liaison

Melinda Epifano, Vice President

Rebeka Peterson, Assistant Events Coordinator

Mehtab Singh Rai, Third Floor Representative

Deniz Petekkaya, Events Coordinator

Chris Doyle, Second Floor Representative

Sandra Leke-Tambo, First Floor Representative

LEADERSHIP COMMITMENT To achieve sustainable operations and leadership, as well as increase active and effective representation of students in residence.

Nolan Markwat, Fourth Floor Representative

Contact Baker House Residence Association on Facebook Email:

Provide Standards Lead by Example Build a Foundation Create Paths Organize Guide Direct Supervise Advise Model the way ©

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Club & Associations



UFV Oxfam

At a glance

Mission Statement Oxfam Canada builds lasting solutions to global poverty and injustice. We work with allies in Canada and around the world to change the policies and practices that perpetuate human suffering. We support organizations in poor communities overseas in their struggle to secure basic rights. Oxfam’s advocacy and campaigns for just policies are rooted in the knowledge and experience gained in that struggle.

Year Established

Vision and Values Our Oxfam UFV club started out with just two members and it has grown to over fifteen in the past year. Originally, we wanted to bring Oxfam to UFV because its mission and values speak directly with the importance of development and how to go about it. The fact that Oxfam works directly with partner organizations that are on the ground allows us to know that the most knowledgeable and informed people are working to implement development strategies within each country. Our club has specifically been involved with many events on campus and has really been able to reach out to the student body. With our inspiring and dedicated team, we have been able to pull off successful conferences, flash mobs, information tables and more!

2009 Current Membership

15 Governance

Laura Rickard Co-Chair

Ashley Aune Co-Chair

The group really embodies the philosophy of egalitarianism and we always try to encourage our members to bring a part of themselves to the group and make it their own. Over this past semester, we’ve had members who started out not knowing what Oxfam was at all, to taking on a lead role within the club and really adding their unique perspectives and expertise. This has allowed the club to organically grow into a collective effort between passionate individuals, all which have a vision of a just world, where everyone is a global citizen and can live without poverty.

Tracy Morrison Secretary

Maria Gabor-Martinez Campaign Officer

We would love to see our group grow even further. Any individual who believes that there can be a world free of poverty and injustice, regardless of their career-focus, is more than welcome to join our team. We realize at Oxfam that this must be a collective effort—we cannot do this alone.

Kristianne Hendricks Treasurer

leadership commitment Oxfam UFV’s goals for the future include increasing the awareness about our club on campus, continuing with community outreach and educating students and faculty about Oxfam’s campaigns


With many members of our team looking for future involvement with international development, being a part of the Oxfam UFV team has really helped us all further our understanding of global issues and what we can do to be part of the solution.

Phoenix Braun Campaign Officer

Caroline Martin Campaign Officer Website:

Investigate Create Awareness Motivate Others Begin a Process Promote New Ideas Dream Share your Passion Be Enthusiastic Enlist Others INSPIRE A SHARED VISION©

© 2008, Kouzes & Posner

Club & Associations



South Asian Peer Networking Association (SAPNA)

At a glance

Mission Statement SAPNA promotes networking among students to build stronger cities. By working in unison with our peers, we raise awareness and address issues of social concern, while connecting individuals from various cultures and faiths.

Year Established

Vision and Values One of the biggest challenges we face in today’s society is adequate understanding and recognition of other people’s cultures. SAPNA is constantly trying to bring people together and initiate dialogues while celebrating different cultural events. SAPNA’s most unique feature is that it continuously seeks opportunities to discuss social issues while maintaining the fun aspect of celebrating events on campus. SAPNA is motivated by the people around campus and their desire to learn more about the South Asian culture, or the sub cultures within. We are a bunch that likes to teach, learn and entertain.

Current Membership

SAPNA has grown since it first started in 2008 and we continue to recruit more students at each event. Celebrations such as Diwali and Holi are now well attended by students and faculty, as well as members of our community. As a result of its increasing membership, students have branched off to form dance teams; we now have our very own Bhangra group and Giddha team. These dance groups meet regularly and have already been approached by Mission and Abbotsford organizations to perform. Moreover, we are now in the midst of organizing Chai Time discussions to initiate dialogue about cultural identity. These talks will include guest speakers who are specialized in this area, and the discussion will be facilitated by UFV faculty members. SAPNA is also hosting the Undergraduate Conference in collaboration with Centre for Indo Canadian Studies (CICS) which looks at Transnational Punjabis in the 21st Century. This conference and many of our upcoming events are a part of the Centennial celebrations which commemorate 100 years of Sikh history in North America. LEADERSHIP COMMITMENT SAPNA commits to enhancing the UFV campus with various events and opportunities which promote the South Asian culture and provide networking opportunities amongst all students. In addition, SAPNA will continue to work with building ties in the community by reaching out and making a difference.


100 Governance Raji Heer President

Sheetal Deo Executive Assistant

Aman Dhami Volunteer Coordinator

Sidrah Ahmad Communications Executive

Contact Website: Student_Advisory.htm

Ask Questions Experiment Explore New Approaches Endeavour Enquire Strive for New Heights Try Again Be Determined Problem Solve Challenge the Process©

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Club & Associations



University Christian Ministry (UCM)

At a glance

Mission statement Christ Centred, Pro-Church, Student-led

Year Established

Vision & Values Leadership and teaching are two items which I believe go hand in hand. How can one lead, if they cannot teach or how can one teach if they cannot lead? I believe most people in society learn by watching others. Therefore, my leading “style” is by example, and my teaching style is taking action. Effective leadership boils down to communication, commitment, organization, delegation and team work. Thus, UCM is a team-oriented club. We have a team of six students and three community leaders. We are committed to the same mission. I cannot take any of the credit for the success of UCM; all of us, Derrick, Lisa, Esther, Calvin, Jeremy, John, Erica, and Adam and I have contributed equally and effectively. Individual leadership is not the best way to accomplish big goals, support and talents from others is required. Thus, our club goals or mission statement is to be Christ Centred, Pro-Church, and Student-led. As well, we “fight the good fight” and build the Kingdom of Heaven on Campus. These goals are always in mind when planning our activities and events. Therefore, I would tell anyone in a leadership position to have a goal of what is needed for the campus and a plan on how to execute and follow up by reflection on the success or failure of the event.


Being in any realm of leadership or teaching role is always a valuable experience. Everyone involved gains new skills from being a part of a student lead club. Being part of an integral ministry on campus is tough, there is no doubt about that, it takes dedication, energy, and internal motivation. There have been challenges that we have faced, but we always go to the source (Jesus) for direction, and from there we discuss the best way to overcome the difficulty. Whether or not a “source” is part of one’s belief system, the point is to overcome the challenges and learn from mistakes. Problem-solving skills and working cooperatively with others are essential skills which employers look for in their employees. As a team we have learned about leading, organizing, persevering, communicating, and working together for an overall goal, while serving our community. LEADERSHIP COMMITMENT UCM is committed to continue to work hard to be visible and active on campus. This team is also committed to continue serving students in creative and effective ways. Through the involvement on campus the UCM team members will learn new and exciting leadership skills. This is an integral part of the growth and development of student life at UFV. Therefore, UCM is excited to be apart of student life at UFV.

Current Membership

Approximately 20, but the number varies Governance

Marjorie Njuguna President

Lisa Ottevanger Secretary/ communication

Derrick Uittenbosch Media

Ester Campbell Worship Coordinator

Calvin Tabert Worship Coordinator

Worship Coordinators & community Support

Adam Homefeld, John Engles, Jeremy Postal, and Erica Sukkau Past events

Confession Booth Elevate: worship service (weekly) Pancakes (weekly) Capture the flag Haiti fund-raiser participation Contact

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Students, there is life after graduation!

The Alumni Association supports UFV students and alumni. We actively engage our alumni as mentors for student networking events and the funds we raise through a number of exciting initiatives go toward Alumni Association Student Leadership awards.

Watch for us on campus and check us out at

Provide opportunities Encourage Entrust Inspire Instill Confidence Challenge Others Offer Suggestions Foster Collaboration Empower enable others to act

Š 2008, Kouzes & Posner

University of the Fraser Valley 33844 King Road Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M8 T: 1.604.504.7441 Student Life Leadership Institute University House Building F (Abbotsford), Building G (Chilliwack) T: 604.504.7441 ext. 6338 Chilliwack ext. 2509 or

University is one of the most unique and rewarding experiences. At Student Life, we are dedicated to providing UFV students and alumni with opportunities to engage with the UFV campus and community at large. Our goal is to connect students with one another, to develop a healthy lifestyle, to gain leadership skills and experiences and to become active citizens. The student lounge, equipped with foosball, air hockey, ping pong, and a kitchen is a great place to kick back between classes, meet with friends, and of course‌ study! There are numerous opportunities for each individual and we encourage you to take action and get involved by getting connected and making a difference! Contact for further information or visit our website at

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