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2 “For most of our e-book collections, we have been able to lease or purchase them at a very reasonable price, so that the library gains access to a large list of titles for the dollar spent.” —Patti Wilson, page 5

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The University of the Fraser Valley Library publishes Library Connections in pdf format on the library website, monthly, during fall and winter terms. This issue was produced by the library newsletter team: Mary-Anne MacDougall, Patti Wilson, Shawnna Pierce, Heather Compeau, Selena Karli and Lisa Morry. Contributors to this issue: Patti Wilson Kim Isaac Deborah Block Mary-Anne MacDougall Lisa Morry


Kim Isaac University Librarian

On the cover: University Librarian Kim Isaac in front of the new Chilliwack Education Park Campus Library. The windows on the lower level look into the new library, which is currently under construction.




Construction photos


E-books explained


Heritage grand opening photos


Librarian uncovers family history in Heritage collection


De-stress at the Chilliwack campus library


Reference questions librarians get:

“I need information on Donatello.’” (Not the ninja turtle)?!


Inside the new Canada Education Park     Library Advisory Committee

members put on hard hats for a much-anticipated tour of the new Canada Education Park campus. Where construction supplies now sit, shelving, computers and student study desks will be in place when the library relocates next summer. Instructional Media Services, the Writing Centre and the Math and Science Centre, Teaching and Learning and Information Technology Services offices will be the library’s partners in the new learning commons.

Librarian Patti Wilson in safety gear, getting ready to tour the new CEP campus library.

Peeking inside the construction zone


Looking from inside the library, near offices, toward the computer lab.

Librarians Colleen Bell, Brenda Philip, Hongfei Li, and Patti Wilson look down the hallway toward the library inside the new Chilliwack Education Park Campus building. A view from inside the library toward the river.

View including skylights in the hall outside the library.

A construction worker completes the glazing on the outside of the library. 


An e‐book by any other name...  We found the following question in our suggestion box: On behalf of the majority of students, the growing trend of E-books is troubling. It is very impractical for papers and for skim reading. It is also more painful to read. Please reconsider the emphasis of E-books over hard copy.

Our response: Thank you for your comments on the trend to include e-books in the library collection. There are definitely pros and cons to using e-books, and we understand the challenges of reading a book on a

computer screen. At the UFV Library, we have chosen to allocate a relatively small portion of our budget to acquiring e-books, and still spend the majority of our book collection budget on print materials.

Collections Librarian Patti Wilson

For most of our e-book collections, we have been able to lease or purchase them at a very continued on page 6...

Top E-Book titles for 2011 (from a selection of providers): Vendor



Debris‐flow Hazards and Related Phenomena 


Psychopharmacogene cs


Gene c Engineering in Livestock 


Managing Depression in Clinical Prac ce 


Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry 



Teaching Adults (4th Edi on) 


Environmental and Natural Resources Economics  Ci zen Hobo : How a Century of Homelessness Shaped America  Civiliza on of the Renaissance in Italy  Verbal Hygiene  Oedipus and the Devil: Witchcra , Sexuality and Religion in Early Modern Europe 

      Sage Reference  Online 


Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis in Social Work Prac ce  Medieval Idea of Marriage, The  Reforma on and the Culture of Persuasion  Chivalry and violence in medieval Europe 


Open University Press  M.E. Sharpe, Inc.  University of Chicago Press  Batoche Books  Routledge  Taylor & Francis  Oxford University Press, USA  Oxford University Press  Cambridge University Press  Oxford University Press 

The Mul media Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World 


Encyclopedia of Human Development 


Encyclopedia of Poli cs: The Le  and The Right 


Encyclopedia of Motherhood 


Encyclopedia of Gender and Society 


Encyclopedia of Ac vism and Social Jus ce 


21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook 



Recently collected e‐book  tles:  Highlighting the history of astronomy in the Asia-Pacific Region [electronic resource] : proceedings of the ICOA-6 Conference / Internatonal Conferences on Oriental Astronomy

Nursing informatics [electronic resource] : where technology and caring meet /Ball, Marion J.

Coordination, neural, behavioral and social dynamics [electronic resource] /Fuchs, Armin

Making healthy places [electronic resource] : designing and building for health, well-being, and sustainability/ Dannenberg, Andrew L.

E‐books broaden the collec on at cost‐effec ve savings  continued from page 5

reasonable price, so that the library gains access to a large list of titles for the dollar spent. The effect of adding thousands of e-book titles to the catalogue does cause a number of e-books to show up in a search result. We find that many students like the ability to use e-books from off campus, at any time of the day. They have also added greatly to the breadth of our collection, so that we are able to offer academic sources for a wide range of subject areas on which we previously had very little information. I completely support your sentiments that the library continue to purchase print books, and can assure you that the library will continue to do so.

A few more facts: In 2011/2012 the library allocated $324,000 to purchase primarily print books, including the Reference, Library General, Standing Orders, Government Publications, Degree and Non-degree department allocations. (Some departments also choose to order videos from their allocations.) The amount of $19,575 has been allocated for E-books and EReference books. The Springerlink e-book collection added in 2010/2011 provides us with perpetual access to 24,897 books, at a cost of $.84 each. Ebrary’s Academic Complete collection includes 65,103 titles. Over the life span of our subscription to this product, the average cost per book is $1.00.

Grand opening celebration for the new Heritage space in UFV Abbotsford Library


Provost and Vice President Academic Eric Davis looks over the collection during the opening ceremony for the Heritage collection relocation.

History Instructor Molly Ungar and History Department Head Robin Anderson view the collection in the new Heritage room.

Chilliwack library technician Betty Wierda shows off Heritage materials to UFV President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Mark Evered and Provost and Vice President Academic Eric Davis during the opening ceremony for the UFV Heritage collection relocation to the Abbotsford campus library.

UFV Library Heritage Collection celebration 8

Left: Librarian Colleen Bell looks at the bound copy of the 1948 “The Chilliwack Progress,” and right, Librarian Mary-Anne MacDougall shows library technician Heather LeGood a document from MacDougall’s own family history. Both photos were taken at the Heritage Event celebration November 15.

Word of the day: Omnitemporal Students take a break from studying in the student lounge just outside the Chilliwack campus library. The eight foot by eight foot Scrabble board is a popular diversion from preparing for finals.

Stress‐bus ng display at Chilliwack library 


Display down the hall from the Chilliwack campus library. The online display can be viewed here: stopbreathe.htm.

When the body says no : exploring the stress -disease connection

The anxiety & phobia workbook /Bourne, Edmund J.

/Maté, Gabor

Stress management and prevention : applications to everyday life

Under pressure and overwhelmed : coping with anxiety in college

/Kottler, Jeffrey A.

/Vye, Christopher

5: Library Connections, November-December 2011  

Inside the new Canada Education Park ~ An e-book by any other name... ~ Grand opening of the Hertical space in UFV Abbotsford library ~ Stre...