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Week 8: The following takes place between 4/19/09 and 4/25/09 Lord of the Harvest Matthew 9:35-38 MONDAY: Matthew 9:35 

Jesus’ Mission: Jesus kept Himself busy doing the work of the Father. There wasn’t much “down time” for Christ. He knew He had limited time on the earth and He made the most of it. We see in this one verse that Jesus went to people… He didn’t settle into a synagogue and expect people to come to Him. He moved beyond the walls of the church and met people where they were. He taught and preached and healed. He made the most of every opportunity. You might think that Jesus had an advantage that we do not – He is God – and that make Him capable of staying focused and energized and able to do these things. But God has given us His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in our daily lives. He gives us words to speak and boldness to be salt and light. Jesus lived every moment serving His Father. What an example to us all.

Today’s Assignment: Ask God to help you see your opportunities around you clearly. Ask for confidence and boldness to share His love with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family.

TUESDAY: Matthew 9:36 

Jesus’ Heart: When Jesus saw people, His heart was broken with compassion. He had a clear vision of their struggles in life – sin. Sin has a hold on people in this world that makes them harassed and helpless. Jesus is called the Great Shepherd. It is He that leads us as sheep. He cares for us and leads us day by day. It is our Great Shepherd that helps us get untangled from sin. When we are harassed and attacked in life, it is He that delivers us. Christ’s compassion ran so deep that He gave His own life for us. That is the model He left for us. He served faithfully day by day. And He cares for us.

Today’s Assignment: Ask God to give you a vision of others as Christ has for us. Ask Him to help you see others, not as a nuisance or insignificant or a problem, but ask Him to give you a heart of compassion. Ask Him to filter all your thoughts and reactions in life though His vision of others.

WEDNESDAY: Matthew 9:37 

The Harvest: What does Jesus see when He looks at the crowd? He sees seeds that were planted years ago… seeds that became people. These people were created in God’s own image. They are dear to His heart. He loves them. He wants to have a relationship with them. He wants them to know Him so He can help them through this life and fellowship with them for eternity. He sees a harvest of souls. And He sees a shortage of workers to bring in the harvest. Jesus gives us an identity as salt and light. He also calls us as workers in the field. The field is where you work… where you play… where you live… where you eat… where you vacation… where you shop. Jesus says the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

Today’s Assignment: Ask God to show you if you are working or sitting on the sidelines waiting for another to do your share. Ask God to help you see your world as He does. Ask Him to give you a heart of compassion for those you see everyday. And share His love with them.

THURSDAY: Matthew 9:38 

Prayer: Jesus finished His thoughts on the harvest by commanding us to pray. Jesus Christ tells us to ask the Lord to send workers into the fields. We are to pray. And we are to join in the work as God gives us opportunity.

Today’s Assignment: Ask God to send workers into the fields. And ask God what your part is in the harvest. Trust Him as you serve.

FRIDAY: Matthew 9:35-38 

Today’s Assignment: Our Father is the Lord of the Harvest. It is He that has planted the seeds of souls all around us. We find them in our waiter at the restaurant, in the clerk at the store, in line in front of us, in the car behind us. We work with them and play golf with them and hunt with them. We shop with them and eat with them. Some we see for a lifetime and some we see for a moment. Our Father is the God of Providence. He has you where He wants you to serve Him. Ask Him to help live a life of faith with boldness and confidence.

Memorize Scripture: Galatians 5:9-10

24: Transformed - Week 8  
24: Transformed - Week 8  

The following takes place between 4/19/09 and 4/25/09