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Ala n a Be a ll

All a na C la r k e

D o n na F e ld m a n La s k y

Cla i r e G i r o d i e

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Jud i t h Pe c k

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The Silber ART Gallery Goucher College Athenaeum

“I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

Goucher College is presenting the new art exhibit Femme, in which nine female artists— Alana Beall, Allana Clarke, Donna Feldman Lasky, Claire Girodie, Marilyn Gomez, Lauren Kalman, Judith Peck, Maggie Schneider, and Sandylee Triolo—explore various aspects of womanhood. The diverse works in this exhibition portray much more than the female form; they delve into the psyche, the personal, and the political. Through video, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, and performance, these artists give viewers a glimpse from their perspective of what it means to be female within the current social climate.

Alana Beall

Alana Beall’s photographic series The Darlings is a reinvention of past myths told through portraits of 12 little girls. The series explores a diverse cast of heroines, inspirational women, and powerful female figures. The portraits combine the stories of two powerful, bloodthirsty women from the Tudor era: Mary Tudor, Queen of England who executed religious dissenters, and Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess believed to have been a serial killer. Through the use of cryptic sets and costumes, Beall brings these stories to life.


Lily White, 2012 photograph 12” x 16”

Allana Clarke

Performing Histories: Sugar, 2013 video still

Born of Caribbean descent but living and absorbing American cultural identities, Allana Clarke creates work that explores her transcultural experiences. Using a multitude of media, ranging from performance, video, installation, and photography, Clarke uses her body as an object of manipulation. Engaging with materials and ideologies that resonate with colonial referents and American sensibilities, her practice and the work created from it exist between fixed identifications, opening up a cultural hybridity that entertains difference without an imposed hierarchy.


Donna Feldman Lasky

Donna Feldman Lasky is passionate about her work shooting artistic nudes and enjoys working with those who take it just as seriously. Her fascination with the perfection of the female figure pushes her to better herself with each project. Photography is her full-time job, and every shoot allows the opportunity to take the simplicity of the female form and put it out there the way she sees it. She feels incredibly lucky to have found her life’s passion and to have the luxury of dedicating herself to it. Feldman Lasky lives outside Baltimore with her children, who are her other passion. She expresses immense gratitude to have the support of her three kids, parents, three sisters, three brothers, and even her “wusband.”


See Red, 2013 photograph 36” x 24”

Claire Girodie

Blue, 2011 oil on canvas and book pages 48” x 60”

Claire Girodie explores the unspoken and aims to let it transpire intimately through both figurative and abstract works. In her figurative works, with quiet poses, expressive physical marks, and discretely incorporated texts, she reveals a secretly kept reality—feelings hidden in today’s socially correct environment. With paper, linen, ink, or thread, Girodie’s drawings evoke landscapes, figures, and calligraphies, occasionally escaping their two-dimensional forms to become sculptures and installations.


Marilyn Gomez

Marilyn Gomez is a performance, installation, sculpture, and video artist. She works with a variety of media, often using her own body and the participation of others to create visual pieces. Her work centers around the themes of gender, psychology, and multiculturalism, and as a Hispanic female with bipolar disorder, Gomez tries to share her experience with others through her art. She spent many years involved in clinical psychology research, an interest that continues to influence her artwork. Merging psychology and art is one of her favorite and most rewarding pursuits.


Feminine Landscapes Series 2, 2013 frames, waxing strips 12� x 12�

Lauren Kalman

Certainly Red, 2012 video still

Lauren Kalman combines grotesque or undesirable aspects of the body and objects associated with beauty. Her art investigates how the pursuit of human beauty has left its mark on the body and how the pursuit of individual beauty becomes a social obligation. Transformational objects such as clothing, makeup, and jewelry signify that an individual is striving for perfection. Kalman points to the ideal feminine form by referencing consumer objects and cosmetics. In Certainly Red, the application of red lipstick, a marker of constructed feminine beauty, is repeatedly applied to the lips until the entire tube is emptied, caking beyond the lips and coating the teeth.


Judith Peck Portraying women with psychological depth, the people in Judith Peck’s paintings have overcome being broken and coming from a broken world. Resilient and unaffected, these individuals are proof that it is possible to remain unbowed by summoning great strength and selfdistinction. She hopes that the sense of shared humanity will move the viewer out of complacency.

Vision, 2013 oil and plaster on board 18” x 24”


Maggie Schneider

Maggie Schneider, a Baltimore-based artist, investigates trigger responses to body- and performance-based work. Schneider’s work explores ideas about sexual identity, spatial intervention, and the viewer as voyeur. Narcissus. Self.Portrait is both an installation and a live performance. During the opening reception and once a week thereafter, Schneider will stand in front of a mirror gazing at her reflection for hours at a time. By allowing others to watch this very personal and intimate act, she invites viewers to investigate their own personal relationship with what they see when they look in the mirror. Performances will occur 2-4 p.m., Saturday, February 15; Friday, February 21; Saturday, March 1; and Friday, March 7.

Narcissus. Self. Portrait, 2013 installation/ performance


Sandylee Triolo

Sandylee Triolo’s video installation W.F.E.M begs many questions: What does bombardment by a lifetime of broadcast images feel like? What are the messages these images embed in our minds and consciousness? And, how do these images affect us as women, as people? Her video is a time capsule of sorts, a collection of visual messages about and sometimes for women, some meant to manipulate them, some to liberate them, but all of them meant to affect them. W.F.E.M is an exploration of broadcast television and media, spanning several decades. It is driven by the artist’s personal experience of growing up female with these images and messages.


W.F.E.M, 2013 video/installation

Femme Alana Beall

Lauren Kalman

Allana Clarke

Judith Peck

Donna Feldman Lasky

Maggie Schneider

Claire Girodie

Sandylee Triolo

Marilyn Gomez

February 4 – March 9, 2014 artis ts’ Re ce pt ion

Thursday, February 6, 2014, 6-9 p.m.

The Silber Gallery

Goucher College Athenaeum Directions

Baltimore Beltway, I-695, to exit 27A. Make first left onto campus.

Gallery Hours 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday – Sunday 410-337-6477

The Silber Gallery program is funded with the assistance of grants from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency funded by the state of Maryland and the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Baltimore County Commission on the Arts and Sciences.

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The exhibit is free and open to the public.


Silber Gallery exhibition: Femme Nine female artists-Alana Beall, Allana Clarke, Donna Feldman Lasky, Claire Girodie, Marilyn Gomez, Lauren...