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Talent comes to canvas, if airbrush is present Taking air at first, then increasing the pressure by compressing the air and at the end releasing it at a higher pressure is the working procedure of an air compressor. In spite of commercial or industrial purposes, it is also used for house hold work in our day to day life. Spraying of fluid whether paint, ink and stain on the different canvass like t-shirt and metal is generally done by an airbrush which is basically an air operated instrument. Use of these on the media is known as atomization. Air brush takes a fluid inside it and converts it into airborne mist like spraying paint by using air brush compressor. It is also highly controlled. Air compressor can be sprayed completely after attaching air to the air source.

For artists, the most adequate tool still yet is airbrush. It is a gift for art lovers and the fortunate one can acquire this. But air compressor is necessary for air brush. Without this it can not work. By spraying paint or fluid, it has done its task. The original talent of an artist comes to forefront when air brush and compressor is used by artist simultaneously in painting. Compressor plays an essential role in airbrushing which is basically a compressed CO2 tank. Regulator that is of welding type and a screw on top of the tank is important for compressor. There is no longer requirement of a moisture trap or an oil filter. For custom painting purpose like t-shirt printing, motorcycle, helmet and canvass it is utilized. The nozzle is propelled through and out of the air brush tip, in the process of air brushing. By the compressed air in the compressor, it is done in a well controlled manner. The viscosity of the paint is the variant of pressure in air brush at some moments. To do the task immediately, viscosity of paint is required. The more is the viscosity, the greater will be the thrust. There is an always question comes into mind how to select a best air brush. There are lot of articles and books regarding selecting a good airbrush. One of the best ways of selecting good air brush is to purchase the affordable one. The easier way to become

acquainted with those is to practice painting with them. There is a beginner art brush set. Art supply stores will be happy to help you regarding selecting this kind of brush set. This kind of brush set will help the new comer and others will get an opportunity to chose the right one and become familiar with the brush set.

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