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Teen Tracking with GPS … Keeping Track of Your Teen

Why Track Your Teen? • First and foremost, the answer is, because you care about them. • When your child is on a road trip, you can easily keep track of them even if you can’t talk with them. • If your teen has been making poor decisions, a GPS tracking device can be a good incentive to make better ones.

Is it Spying? • Times are not the same as when you were a kid. There are more dangers and temptations. • Accidents can happen. Would your child know what to do in an emergency? • Knowing where your child is at is not spying. It is being a responsible parent.

No Software • One of the great benefits of our auto tracker is that it requires no software installation. • The software resides on the internet and can be accessed via a web-browser or smart phone. A username and password is all that is required. • This means that you can keep track of your teen from wherever you are.

Easy to Install • Ease of installation is another obvious benefit of a good teen GPS system. • You simply plug the device into the OBD-II port of the car. • This means that the GPS system can be used in whichever car your teen is in at the time.

Detailed Reports and Alerts • Another great benefit is that you can receive real-time alerts about the movement of your vehicles. • The software also comes with a powerful reporting engine that serves detailed reports. • The system also keeps track of when/if the device is unplugged. This lets you know if you’re being tricked.

GoTrack “Y” Cable • It is of course possible that your teen may enter a car that doesn’t have proper leg room for the car tracking device. • The “Y” cable is designed as an extension cable for such a situation. • By simply extending the OBD-II port, your teen’s device can be put anywhere in the cab.

Go Track 3 Wire • Some people have a need to make sure that the device cannot be removed. The 3 wire is for this. • It is manually installed into the vehicle and uses a 3 wire hook up system. • Because of the added surety of such a setup, some insurance companies will actually give a discount on premiums if you have it installed this way.

Monthly Data Plans • Monthly Data Plans come packaged in 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, 1 year, and 2 year bundles. • Each subscription includes a private password for anytime tracking of your vehicle. • Email reports on your vehicles location history, movement, and current speed are part of the service.

It’s Freedom for Everyone • Using an auto tracker to monitor your teens movement doesn’t need to be a negative thing. • By keeping track of your teens movements, you can be better equipped to assist them if troubles arise. • Accountability is an important lesson in a child’s life. This helps them to consider “good” choices.

Teen tracking with gps  

Because life has become faster paced, it is often difficult to keep track of your child’s movements. By using a vehicle tracking device you...