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#03 / December 2018

Christmas 2018 n o i t i d E l a i c e p S


CHRISTMAS PAMPER EVENING AT OSPREY SPA Come along to our Christmas Pamper Evening in the brand new Osprey Spa on Monday 26th November between 4pm and 9pm.

Snuggle up in a robe and slippers for the afternoon with complimentary mulled wine and nibbles. INDULGE IN A 55-MINUTE TREATMENT

GUEST VIP - Gail Murphy from Gail’s Rails

KO Customer appreciation night at KO Spa Kilkenny Ormonde

KO spa invites you to our customer appreciation event in collaboration with VOYA skincare. VOYA facial and body demos on the night (call to secure places) Canapé and bubbly reception Special guest VOYA specialist Eva Miller Prizes to be won on the night Christmas gift offers and savings Discounts on future booking 2

Who doesn’t like the festive spirit? But I do wonder if it drags on a little too long these days? Christmas decorations are in the shops after the kids summer holidays, then it’s crimbo tunes in the shops the minute Halloween is over! There’s no let up for weeks and weeks yet still even with the constant reminder that Santa is on his way, there is still last minute panic to finish the Christmas shopping. No sooner is it over; we are seeing Valentine’s cards and Easter eggs in the shops……. But one of the great things about Christmas is receiving a spa gift voucher. What a wonderful gift to receive a day in the spa. My friend was telling me yesterday that many people club together to get one big gift that someone actually wants rather than receiving 10 boxes of Roses chocolates!

HEIDI GRIMWOOD Editor & Spa Consultant

I don’t think I am alone with saying this year has been a tough one. For my own business of setting up International spa training modules and launching my online training and development for spa professionals it’s been a tough slog getting the word out there. I see it a lot with people in their work, the stress and worry gets the better of them and their health starts to suffer. I am extremely lucky to work in the spa and wellness industry as therapists are always looking to heal and treat so the minute they see me with dark circles or an unusually deep frown I am whisked into a treatment room to rejuvenate my body. But it does remind me that part of my job is not just to teach spa professionals to mind their own wellness but also for us as wellness professionals to remind you, our customer that you need to look after yourself. If you put €10 in a pot at home each week did you know you could afford a spa treatment every 8 weeks! Think about the price of a cup of coffee these days….. I would rather put that money to better use and go to the spa every 8 weeks than drink a cup of coffee……. Just a thought. So whatever and wherever you will be for Christmas, have a wonderful time. Spend time with the people you love, enjoy some relaxation and then spend time treating yourself in the New Year with your spa Christmas gift vouchers.

A festive Namaste





BLACK FRIDAY SALE – s with a complete Exfoliation DINGLE Body PENINSULA he skin. A Swedish Full Body Massage d to ease tension, relieve stress and well-being. Unwind further with an Indian Head Massage and a luxurious Foot reat lasts 90 minutes but you will feel the benefits for a very long time after.



THEmore. SERENITY SPARKLE Or treat someone you think deserve it even available for all budgets. For product gift ideas, enquiries or to make a booking, 53 1 230 0244 or

g Positive, Remarkable Experiences in Dublin





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3 Tips

to mind your Wellbeing this Christmas from Joanne Morgan

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Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle if it is not your thing. Sit and focus and decide now what is important to you at Christmas time? Is it quality family time, rest or getting into the real spirit and meaning of Christmas?Then decide what you want to do, make a list and stick to it. Too often Christmas creates undo stress and disharmony within us. We tend to people please, and over commit to social gatherings etc. Decide on the Christmas you want and stick to it – for your well being! Consider a break from Social media over Christmas if you chose to relax, rest and unwind. Very often people can feel like they are at home “bored” while everyone else is out having a great time and partying. This can cause unnecessary stress. Spend time in nature to feel grounded. Simply relax and be present. We evolved in nature, and studies show that reconnecting with natural settings – the beach, the woods, hillwalking, sitting under a waterfall – are restorative and promote positive emotions. In nature, your mind, body, and soul, are happier!

Wishing you all a very peaceful Christmas with lots of self-care and love 7

RRP €25

Thalgomen Regenerating Cream, 15ml Anti-Fatigue Serum for Eyes, 10ml After-Shave Balm, 20ml Wake-up Shower Gel, 30ml

Christmas 2018

Polynesia Discovery Products

RRP €25

Skin Solutions

RRP €40

Polynesia Sacred Oil, 50ml Exotic Island Body Scrub, 70g 1 x Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles , 33g

Hydra-Marine 24H Cream, 15ml Hydra-Marine 24H Eye Fluid, 10ml * 24H Hydrating Body Milk, 30ml Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream, 20ml

Merveille Arctique Milky Moisturising Gel, 200ml Salt Flake Scrub, 270g

RRP €60


RRP €35

Hyaluronic Cream, 15ml Hyaluronic Mask, 15ml La Crème Corps (Body Cream) Prodige des Océans, 30ml

Radiance Discovery Products Hydra-Marine Gel Balm, 30ml Ultra Radiance Mask, 30ml Refreshing Exfoliator, 20ml 2018 BONUS The inclusion of the Hydra-Marine Gel Balm

Exclusive for Christmas

Source Marine

RRP €60

Hydra-Marine 24H Cream, 50ml Hydra-Marine Serum, 30ml Hydra-Marine 24H Eye Fluid, 10ml*


2018 BONUS The inclusion of the new Hydra-Marine 24H Eye Fluid

Polynesian brown algae + Tahiti monoï HYDRATES • RELAXES


RRP €25 8

Sesame, sunflower, apricot NOURISHES • PROTECTS

RRP €40

Nutri-Soothing Cream, 50ml SOS Soothing Mask, 50ml* Gentle Exfoliator, 30ml 2018 BONUS The inclusion of the new SOS Soothing Mask

RRP €65

Your experience begins with a complete Body Exfoliation to cleanse and refine the skin. A Swedish Full Body Massage follows; this is designed to ease tension, relieve stress and promotes a feeling of well-being. Unwind further with an Indian Head Massage and a luxurious Foot Massage. This special treat lasts 90 minutes but you will feel the benefits for a very long time after. Go on. Treat yourself. Or treat someone you think deserve it even more. We have gift vouchers available for all budgets. For product gift ideas, enquiries or to make a booking, please contact us at +353 1 230 0244 or

Creating Positive, Remarkable Experiences in Dublin


GO TO HANDS UP WHOS GETTING SPA VOUCHERS FOR CHRISTMAS Have you been dreaming of blissful relaxation and wonderful relaxing oils – it has New Year healthy me written all over it. But a spa is more than just massage and facials and it’s high time you tried something new. You’ll be surprised how much you will enjoy it. I have listed below my top 5 favourite spa treatments that many people are afraid to try but when they do they are hooked!


What is it? A hydro bath is a deep relaxing bath that incorporates high power massaging jets specifically placed to massage key tension areas on the back of the body. Your therapist will lead you into a private room where your hydro bath has been prepared, once you lay into the bath your therapist will turn on the jets and

leave you to relax for usually between 20-30 minutes. Why book a hydro bath? Not only is it deeply relaxing but also helps to improve circulation. Depending if the spa offers an additional product to add to the water you can also benefit from relaxing muscles, detoxing, and skin nourishing.

What treatments compliment the hydro bath? Any treatment is wonderful to add on to your hydrobath treatment especially a massage or facial. Sometimes adding a body wrap after having this stimulating bath can be a little too much as you are detoxing quite a bit.


What is it? The Rasul Mud Chamber is inspired by Arabian cleansing therapies; combining heat, steam and mud for a totally relaxing and skin nourishing experience. You enter the Rasul Chamber where your therapist will give you aromatic muds that you apply yourself to your body. You then sit and relax in the private steam room letting the muds work their magic. Why book the Rasul Mud Chamber? This treatment can be enjoyed alone but also for up to 4 people (depending on the spa). So if you are enjoying a spa day with family or friends it’s a great way to get started with your treatments and the mud leaves your skin feeling amazing. What compliments the Rasual Mud Chamber? Like the hydrobath it is a hot, stimulating experience so a massage or facial is ideal. 10


What is it? We are all very aware of the amazing benefits of seaweed these days. Natural seaweed is extremely detoxifying for the skin and very beneficial for stress. Real seaweed is placed in the bath either lose or in a netted bag and you immerse yourself in the seaweed. Why book a seaweed bath? A seaweed bath is a wonderful start to your spa day allowing you to sink deep into a bath filled with natural seaweed, close your eyes and relax letting this power nutrient work its magic on your skin. What compliments a seaweed bath? The great thing about this treatment is literally every spa treatment is amazing after starting with a seaweed bath, you are spoiled for choice!


HOT STONE MASSAGE What is it? The hot stone massage is a half or full body massage using hot smooth stones and aromatic oils. Why book a hot stone massage? Using heat when massaging give you a more relaxing experience as the therapist can work deeper into your muscles with the hot stones without causing deep pain in tense muscles. You as the client enjoy a more

relaxing treatment with much greater benefits from this treatment than a regular massage. What compliments the hot stone massage? Any treatment is a wonderful addition to the hot stone massage. My favourite is to enjoy a full body wrap with a scalp and foot massage, showered off and then enjoy a hot stone massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.

What is it? Each spa will offer different types of body wraps depending on the product lines they have. In most spas you will be able to choose from muscle relaxing wraps, skin nourishing wraps and detoxifying wraps. Your body is covered in the bespoke mud, oil or lotion and then you are cocooned in a foil or plastic wrapping while your therapist gives you a scalp or foot massage. After you shower off the product your therapist will apply a lotion, oil or cream. Why book a body wrap? A body wrap is very detoxifying as well as deeply relaxing. It’s a wonderful treatment especially if you are in colder climates. What compliments a body wrap? I love to have either a full body massage following my body wrap or a mini facial followed by a back massage!!

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Elemis Christmas Gift Sets from Druids Glen The Spa at Druids Glen, Wicklow has a selection of Elemis Gift Sets for both men and women. Start your Christmas shopping early, or simply treat yourself now. Gift sets include ‘The Signature Collection’ which includes three full size products, a cleansing balm, oil and a mask that will give your skin a beautiful boost and costs €119 (worth €234) and ‘Beauty Secrets’, which is available for all skin types for €51 (worth €85). All gift sets are available to purchase now.

Call The Spa 01-2870834 or visit The Spa at Druids Glen directly. hotel-spa/druids-glen-hotel-golf-resort-co-wicklow



Wellness Corner Once a very prosperous and family loving man went to a Zen Master... "O, Zen Master, I have everything a man could wish for. But I feel no satisfaction, even though everything I have is mine." The Zen monk smiled and asked: "what is yours"? The man replied " vehicles"... Monk says "once you go, these things go to others... So what is yours?" The man thought for a while... And said, "I have loving family" The monk said, "When you die even your loving family members call your physical form only " the body". They don't even take your name... So what is yours?" The man was perplexed... he replied, "AT LEAST THIS BODY IS MINE" The Zen Monk ..smiled and replied, "After you die, your so-called body is cremated... So what is yours?" The man was desperate. He cried, "What about my Soul? My soul belongs to me!" The Zen Monk again smiled and said: " Once you die, your soul is liberated... and merges with the Universe. Then what is yours?" The man bowed to the Zen master and asked: "Please enlighten me... what is mine"? Zen master looked into his eyes and replied: "THIS MOMENT. Only this moment belongs to you... nothing else exists or matters" 15

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