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Job Offers

You may receive several job offers during your search. Until you have accepted a job, you can continue to interview and pursue other offers. If you are still undecided by the employer’s decision deadline, ask for an extension. Some employers may agree to a brief extension, but others may insist on a decision so they can pursue other candidates if you decline their offer. Once you have accepted a job offer, you should adhere to the following ethical standards: • Withdraw from the interviewing/recruiting process. • Notify other employers who were considering you so they can pursue other candidates. • Cancel any pending interviews so another student can possibly be selected for your interview slot. • Notify the Career and Professional Development Center of your accepted job offer so your résumé will not be referred to other employers. • Do not renege on an accepted job offer except in extremely extenuating circumstances (unexpected health problem, marriage, divorce, ill parent, etc.).

Students who renege on job offers can create unfavorable impressions of School of Mines students to employers, which may cause them to reconsider their decision to recruit on our campus in the future.

Advice from Alumni

• Networking is extremely important! Introduce yourself to coworkers. • Learn how to communicate effectively with different audiences and different generations. • Get involved in activities. Show up at the company picnic! • Broaden your skill sets continually. • Develop interpersonal relationships. • Keep a positive attitude. You won’t get promoted if you’re viewed as a whiner or having a negative outlook on everything. • Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out!” • Volunteer to help with projects or activities outside your regular work duties.


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