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Leisure Group Tour/Motorcoach Market Overview

tour development and inclusion. With ever evolving

Louisville is still on the rise as a group tour destination

demographics, current group tour trends show that

with a continuous trend of annual increases in motorcoach tours. Louisville hosted 2,630 overnight motorcoaches in 2018 which reflects an increase of

passengers are interested in seeing the iconic sights and experiencing the local flavor of a destination. Louisville is ready to meet this requirement with many

356 motorcoaches from 2017.

iconic attractions named ABA’s “Best of the Best”

With the American Bus Association’s 2019

Discover Before Everyone Else” by Where Traveler, and

marketplace held in Louisville at the new Kentucky

“Top 10 U.S. Destinations for 2018” (Bourbon Country)

International Convention Center over 3,500

by Lonely Planet. We can ensure that Louisville can

tour operators, suppliers and exhibitors had the

customize any tour to the particular needs and desires

opportunity to see and experience the new re-

of a shifting group tour market.

and recent accolades including “12 Foodie Cities to

ignited Louisville, offering first hand exposure to new hotel and attraction product primed for future

Leisure Group Travel’s 2018 Group Intentions survey-benchmarking the group travel industry in an effort to gain insight into trends that are shaping the market.

Who are your clients? 93%



Boomers Gen X Millenials Youth/Student


22% 20% 14% 20%





While seniors still dominate the customer base, passenger demographics are shifting. The percentage of baby boomer clients now stands at 66%, up from 53% in 2016 and 57% in 2017. Gen-X is also growing, now representing 22%, up from 16% last year.


Profile for Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau

2019-2020 Louisville Tourism Marketing Plan  

2019-2020 Louisville Tourism Marketing Plan