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GROUP TOUR OVERVIEW Louisville continues to gain momentum as a Group Travel destination. After having a very successful 2019 Marketplace for the American Bus

TARGET CITIES 1. Cleveland

Association, we plan to keep to the momentum

2. Cincinnati

moving forward. Louisville has more success

3. Chicago

in securing business when we can get clients in market to experience the destination for

4. St. Louis

themselves. This tactic will be a continued focus.

5. Columbus


6. Indianapolis

PRIMARY: Motor coach owners/operators

7. Dearborn, MI

These are typically the key decision maker(s)

8. Chattanooga

that include Louisville in their guided tour: large companies primarily but also includes small business owners, often husband and wife

9. Nashville 10. Philadelphia

businesses that skew towards the middle class income level of $50k-$75k.


*BOLD cities represent crossover markets (e.g. both leisure and convention)

Profile for Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau

2019-2020 Louisville Tourism Marketing Plan  

2019-2020 Louisville Tourism Marketing Plan