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Day of The Dead Story

By:Christian Price Ryan Herpin

The Little Chihuahua In the early morning as the sun rises, the smell of pan de muerto drowns the air. The early morning preparations for the big celebration, Day of the dead is here.

But at night gifts are given to spirits and they awaken to the smells of food and marigolds. Spirits are believed to visit their family and return to their graves but for one little dog named chihuahua the sweet smells never came not even any marigolds to show the way to his owner

Frightened the dog busted to tears as he cried "Nunca voy a llegar a casa" " I'll never find my way home". Then a sudden noise came, not from humans nor the wind flowing through the trees it was another spirit creeping up to chihuahua as if it was going to comfort chihuahua"¿Por qué lloras perro?" Why are you crying dog." the shadowy spirit asked. "No me importa a mi dueño"" I'm not loved by my owner" answered the dog.

“Well come with me I'll find you a home" said the figure and the dog stood up to face the shadow and saw not a human soul but a cat, a cat had come to help a dog how could it be? " Come and we will dance like the hob bling skeletons". "Weeeee" screamed the chiwawa but the excitement over quickly for the family of the cat had arrived."adiós, adiós" cried the cat "nos vemos el año próximo me gustaría quedarme, pero tengo cosas más importantes que hacer" See you next year I'd love to stay but I have more important things to do today" "



"Es que nadie me quiere" "does

"Es que nadie me quiere" "does no one love me" cried the dog Suddenly a light shined into Chihuahua’s eyes look to see if his owner had finally arrived " Could it be my owner"? " Someone does love me�. The person stop to place a bone on the ground to be eaten by the ghost dog" Thank you, thank you said the little dog and ae his knew bone. But also in the other hand of the man was a basket of pedals showing the way back to the house he once called home.

Ryan Herpin and Chris's Story  

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