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Timothy McSweeney The job of a graphic designer is to organize information, communicate, and problem solve. With that being said, this book is the culmination of 1,254 days of being a student, 60 classes, three internships, three books, two brands, nine posters, 12 baseball cards, 20,479 words, 111 film photographs, 1,371 digital photographs, 48 illustrations, 12 notebooks and an absurd amount of kerning and tracking. This is the graphic design portfolio of Timothy McSweeney.



UMBRELLA MAGAZINE The world we live in is full of social issues, and Umbrella Magazine addresses a new social topic in each of it’s quarterly issues. From the photography and typography to the content and subject matter, every aspect was designed to draw people in, open their minds and collapse their proverbial umbrellas. This was done in hopes of helping everyone understand our society and all its idiosyncrasies. Even if it’s just a little bit.

�atellite�! Do you know how many satellites are in space? As a matter of fact, I do. I spent three months with my head up in the clouds and came back with this set of six hand-printed serigraphs. Their origins, history and even an analysis of four specific satellites are all presented in poster form, each ranging from one to six colors, all together totaling an area of 3'× 5'. As of this printing, there are currently 918 satellites orbiting the Earth. See? It’s been a learning experience for us all.

The Craft Slow down and dig in. The Craft’s brand was designed to reflect Chef Joy Starr Turk’s unique rustic preparations and belief that food is best when savored with friends and family—at an anchor’s pace.

THI� I� NOT FOOD An orange is 100% food and Sunny D® is 5%. Which would you rather eat for breakfast? This publication dives into the wondrous world of food and what is actually edible and what really shouldn’t be. There are colorful photographs, detailed recipes and humorous prose spread throughout the pages of this publication, making it even easier to digest what you are so diligently reading (and therefore, eating).

ART’� ARMY Hey, Battah Battah! If good design can unify a brand with many moving parts, then what can it do for a hodgepodge group of old softball players? Turns out it brought them all together, made them feel like a team and went on to help them win the Summer League Champion​ship. Yes, all thanks to good design. First came the hats and jerseys, then came a commemorative pack of individual trading cards in a clas­sic 1940’s Japanese aesthetic.

Petaluma Whi�kerino Gentlemen, start your follicles. The Petaluma Whiskerino is an annual and historic facial hair contest. These comm­ emorative, hand-printed serigraphs were created to give those hairy individuals (and women who love them) a collectible way to remember this fine-follicled day.

NYLON MAGAZINE Nothing even compares to the working world. During the hot summer of 2009, I interned at NYLON Magazine in New York City and worked on all aspects of the magazine—from page layout to rendering illustrations, even assisting on various photo shoots. The skills I learned in school sharpened exponentially, all by applying them to the ins and outs of an award winning publication and working hands-on with the folks that produce it.

LAN-MART GARDEN� It was once the “The World’s Egg Basket.” Petaluma’s chicken coops, pastures and farms stretched far as the eye could see, but now, the coops are rotten and the farms are shrinking to the point of not being discernible from the tract homes or schools. In an effort to preserve a little of our past in the present, I researched, wrote and designed the Lan-Mart Gardens proposal. Through research, I found that a mere $3650.18 usd could transform this vacant lot from a barren landscape of weeds into a beautiful community garden where we can teach the young (and help the old remember) the beauty of growing your own fruits and vegetables.

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