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Tips for Picking the Right Furniture Manufacturer Furniture buying often goes hand-in-hand with transitions and new beginnings, such as the purchase of a new home or the birth of a child. More often than not, these big changes were stressful long before it was time to go furniture shopping. Getting new furniture should be seen as a celebration of the way your life has changed, but it can often become a very confusing and hectic process. New homeowners and new moms-to-be have more than enough to deal with, so furniture buying becomes one more thing on their never ending to-do-list. Forget choosing what kind of crib your want or how you’re going to get the new kitchen table through the door, the first (and hardest step) is picking which furniture retailer you want to buy from! Every furniture manufacturer, maker and store in your area is determined to turn you into their customer. Each one has a unique sales point that they say makes them the best choice. But how do you really know? It is difficult to choose from all the various retailers that are advertising and competing for your hard earned money. Here are three simple tips for selecting the right furniture retailer: •

Many retailers will try to promote furniture sets by emphasizing that the set consists of many separate pieces. The more pieces in the set, the better value you are getting for your money!

For example, you might see an ad claiming that a local furniture store’s bedroom set has 12 pieces. This is a method used to trick a consumer to believe that they are getting more for their money. A traditional bedroom set usually has only 5 pieces; a bed, nightstand, chest dresser and mirror. How do these retailers get 12 pieces out of a set? Easy; they just break up each item into its components. They will count the bed as 5 pieces; headboard, footboard, 2 rails, and the mattress supports. That’s how they turn a 5 piece set into 12.

Ask about what type of warranties they offer, such as lifetime or limited. Do they charge for the warranty? What exactly does the warranty cover? Does the actual retailer back up the warranty or is it outsourced? If outsourced, many times the retailer won’t be able to properly service you if there is a problem with your furniture.

Ask if the items you are purchasing are actually in stock and ready to be delivered. Many retailers will sell you furniture that they do not physically have in their store. They will give you an estimated delivery date and then call you and tell you that your items are out of stock. They will have a no refund policy and you are stuck waiting for your furniture

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Tips for Picking the Right Furniture Manufacturer  

It is difficult to choose from all the various retailers that are advertising and competing for your hard earned money. Here are three simpl...

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