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Tips for Making a Studio Apartment Feel Bigger Living in a studio apartment comes with certain design and functionality challenges. Limited floor spaceand minimal storage options (usually coupled with a limited budget) means decorating a studio apartment so it has a real point of view (and not just a hodgepodge of whatever you could fit!) is no easy feat. In order to decorate your studio apartment without sacrificing functionality, it’s important to remember the following tips: Pick and choose your design ideas carefully. Too many ideas can make a small spacefeel even smaller and more cluttered. While there is nothing wrong with mixing prints, patterns and colors, you don’t want to go overboard. While you may have a lot of great design ideas, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) try to work them all into your studio apartment. You also want to think carefully about what the focal point of your studio apartment is going to be and build you studio apartment around that. Purchase multi- function furniture Multi-purpose furniture like a Captains Bed is a great way to maximize your limited floor space by consolidating bulkier pieces of furniture. For instance, a secretary desk with drawers gives you plenty of space to work, plus it’s easy to close up and hide any messwhen guests come over! You could also get a bookcasethat pulls double duty as a headboard or turn a radiator cover into a small shelf. Establish individual spaces You can use dividers (easy to move as needed), bookcasesor dressers to physically separate the living/sleeping areas from the dining area, or just arrange your furniture so you have a space for sleeping, a spacefor cooking and space for relaxing. While this doesn’t actually make the space bigger, it creates clear “homes” for certain pieces of furniture and activities. Invest in great light. If you’re living studio apartment that isn’t blessedwith a lot of natural light, invest in some great (and fun looking!) light fixtures to brighten up the space. You can also position mirrors across from windows or other light sources to help reflect the light and make the room feel bigger. Just becauseyou live in small spacethat doesn’t mean you can’t love the way your apartment looks and feels! Small spacesmay be harder to decorate, but with a little planning and creativity you can have a fabulous studio apartment that will make all your 2 bedroom friends jealous!

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Tips for Making a Studio Apartment Feel Bigger  
Tips for Making a Studio Apartment Feel Bigger  

In order to decorate your studio apartment without sacrificing functionality, it’s important to remember the following tips.