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Shopping Tips for Kid Friendly Furniture While most parents design a nursery to reflect their own aesthetics and design style, at a certain age kids start to get opinions of their own of exactly what they want their bedroom to look like. Maybe you aren’t ready to invest in a racecar bed just yet (because last week they wanted dinosaur sheets), but shopping for kids furniture (and kid friendly furniture) can be a lot of fun for the whole family! Here are a few shopping tips when looking for kid friendly furniture: 1. Look for durable material: Make sure the furniture for your kid’s bedroom or kid friendly living room is made of materials that can withstand child’s play. Kids are going to track in dirt, spill finger paint, built forts out of couch cushions and much more. You want your furniture materials to be able to take it. For instance, choosing leather over fabric for your couch means cleaning is easiest and you won’t have to worry as much about stains, but leather can take a beating and start to crack if not taken care of. Take care to avoid breakable materials such as glass in any common spaces where your kids might be rough housing as well. 2. Find furniture with lots of storage options: With kids come craft supplies, stuffed animals, board games, sports equipment, books and puzzles and a hodgepodge of other toys. Even the most organized of us will succumb to the growing collection of toys and games. Make it easy on yourself and your kids and invest in furniture that has adequate storage options. For instance, entertainment centers and armoires can be used for storing anything including video games, CDs and toys. Once the doors are closed the mess is out of sight until next time. Benches that double as toy chests are a great piece of double-duty furniture and maximize both storage and seating in a small apartment or house. 3. Buy things that are versatile: With growing children your needs keep changing all the time. Consider furniture that can be put to another use later on as needs change. For instance, a lofted bed with a workstation is a great way to create a space for your child to do their homework and keep your kitchen table open. A closet storage system can easily be added to and enhanced for extra storage as needed. About the Author As one of the only furniture companies to provide a lifetime warranty, Gothic Cabinet Craft (1877-446-8442) is a family operated business that manufacturers affordable real wood furniture for every room in your home. Started in 1969 by a Greek immigrant who was determined to

make his own American dream a reality, Gothic is now the largest manufacturer of unfinished furniture on the East Coast and ships across the entire US. Our furniture is the ideal storage solution for urban homes with limited floor space. Our custom designed furniture relies on simple, clean lines to fit effortlessly into your home.

Shopping Tips for Kid Friendly Furniture  

Here are a few shopping tips when looking for kid friendly furniture.

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