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Why Should You Buy Unfinished Wood Furniture? Buying unfinished furniture doesn’t mean you have to build it yourself, it just means that the final stain hasn’t been applied. Unfinished furniture (provided it’s made of real wood) is a great option for furniture shoppers on a budget or those that are looking to get a little creative with their furniture designs. Here are 3 reasons to consider buying unfinished wood furniture: You can create your own stain. Walk into any home improvement store and you’ll find dozens of furniture stain shadesfor you to choose from for your unfinished furniture. Staining unfinished is a great to integrate a new piece of furniture in with older pieces and match your existing décor without going over budget. This is especially useful when you’re trying to make furniture that came from several different sources (like your parent’s house, second hand stores, etc) look like they belong together. It’s easy to mix compatible wood stains or dyes to create the totally new shade you want, or simply reduce the darkness of a shade by mixing in a little more solvent. There is no limit to what stain shadesyou can create so you can get the exact look you want! You could even go really wild and use fun paint colors to create a totally different vibe for your unfinished furniture. Why not have bright green bed frames or a red bookcaseto show off your personality? You can also add stenciled designs if you’re feeling extra creative! Staining unfinished wood furniture can be a little time intensive, but the end result is well worth the effort! It’s usually less expensive than finished furniture. A piece of unfinished furniture is almost always less expensive than its finished counterpart which means buying unfinished furniture could make a big difference for your wallet in the end, especially if you are trying to furnish a whole room or apartment and need to make several big purchases.Keep in mind that the drop in cost doesn’t mean the unfinished furniture is of a lesser quality than the finished pieces for sale. You’re still getting the same great quality, just at a lower price becauseof the DIY factor. That’s one of the biggest benefits of unfinished furniture. Furniture manufacturers can’t hide the faults in unfinished wood furniture. With unfinished furniture, what you see is what you get. Furniture manufacturers can’t get away with using inferior wood and masking it under heavy layers of finish and paint. There is

no way a furniture manufacturer could hide any defects in the wood so you know exactly what kind of workmanship went into your furniture. Unfinished furniture will show you exactly where there are (if any) knots, discolorations or other defects that some finished furniture won’t show until its starts to wear. But what’s the greatest thing about buying unfinished furniture? When friends and family compliment it you get to say “I did it myself!” About the Author As one of the only furniture companies to provide a lifetime warranty, Gothic Cabinet Craft ( ) is a family operated businessthat manufacturers affordable real wood furniture for every room in your home. Started in 1969 by a Greek immigrant who was determined to make his own American dream a reality, Gothic is now the largest manufacturer of unfinished furniture on the East Coast and ships across the entire US. Our furniture is the ideal storage solution for urban homes with limited floor space. Our custom designed furniture relies on simple, clean lines to fit effortlessly into your home.

Why Should You Buy Unfinished Wood Furniture?  

Here are 3 reasons to consider buying unfinished wood furniture.

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