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Bunk Bed Safety for Parents and Kids To many children bunk beds were just made to be climbed! But can a regular bunk bed handle being treated like playground? How many kids can be on a bunk bed at a time? At what age is it safe for young children to sleep in a bunk bed? When looking into buying a bunk bed there are several safety features parents should definitely check out while shopping. The guardrail is supposed to help keep your child in bed! Bunk bed guardrails should always be screwed or bolted to the bed for extra security. This will keep the guardrail from popping off should a child learn too heavily on it. It’s also important to make sure the spacing between the bed frame and bottom of the guardrail is no greater than 3-1/2 inches so you don’t have to worry about a small child slipping under the guardrail (either while they’re sleeping or playing!) Also make sure the guardrails extend at least a good 5 inches above the mattress surface to prevent children from rolling off, especially if your child rolls around a lot in the night. Always use two side guardrails on the upper bunk. Even with guardrails accidents can happen, especially if a lot of kids are playing on the top bunk at the same time so it’s important to teach children that rough play is unsafe on bunk beds. Just like the guardrails, make sure the ladder is secured to the bed frame and will not slip when a child climbs on it. You don’t want to worry about the ladder coming detached from the bunk bed while your children are climbing up and down, especially at night. Detachable ladders might seem more convenient but they aren’t nearly as safe as permanently attached ones. Parents should emphasize to their children to only use the ladder, and not chairs or other pieces of wood furniture, to climb into or out of the top bunk. Parents should also consider using a night-light so that your children will be able to see the ladder if they get up during the night. About the Author As one of the only furniture companies to provide a lifetime warranty, Gothic Cabinet Craft (1877-446-8442) is a family operated businessthat manufacturers affordable real wood furniture for every room in your home. Started in 1969 by a Greek immigrant who was determined to make his own American dream a reality, Gothic is now the largest manufacturer of unfinished furniture on the East Coast and ships across the entire US. Our furniture is the ideal storage solution for urban homes with limited floor space. Our custom designed furniture relies on simple, clean lines to fit effortlessly into your home.

Bunk Bed Safety for Parents and Kids  

When looking into buying a bunk bed there are several safety features parents should definitely check out while shopping.