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Ben Butler & Mousepad

Source Tags and Mixtapes Before Joe Howe (aka Ben Butler & Mousepad) left Glasgow for Berlin to collaborate on the Joemus project with “electronic vaudevillian” Momus, he was recording and performing with one of the best twisted pop duo OF ALL TIME: Gay Against You. Since then he has taken on a number of projects, including a series of recordings at WORM studios in Amsterdam and, most recently, a score for an opera about synth pioneer Wendy Carlos. A prolific artist, Joe is working on a number of synth centric projects - including his own brand of skweee available on LOAF Recordings, Dødpop and Musique Large. If record collections could talk then Source Tags & Mixtapes could tell you one helluva story. Taking you on a different lilting journey through their cultivated crate each time, Source Tags will leave you feeling dewy-eyed with the experimental sounds of M83, Mogwai and Asobi Seksu.

12pm, DJ, John McIntrye Building

Gareth K Vile

1pm, Talk, John McIntrye Building The performance editor of the Skinny, a free arts and cultural paper based in Scotland discusses the culture of performance, theatre and dance in Glasgow. Gareth plots the nefarious activities of the the various groups, troupes and collectives that have found a home in the city, and, in his usual rambunctious style, enthuses for improvisation and drama (both on and off stage).

Winning Sperm Party presents...

Mr. Peppermint

1:30pm, Performance, John McIntrye Building Music collective Winning Sperm Party are an open, inclusive bunch of punk rockers who release records and put on shows around the city in venues and in disused spaces - making anywhere in the city a potential venue. The roster of bands is always expanding, with new projects, side projects and “supergroups” putting together free EPs and LPs all available on their website. They’re presenting three bands, the first is masked duo Mr. Peppermint, expect some loud bratty slo-rock.

12pm, DJ, Qudos

RADIO Glasgow is a musical overachiever, for such a small city it punches above its weight in terms of what is has to offer. The labels, bands and clubs based in the city rival any other place in Europe. This culture of creativity and progressive thought is the reason Subcity Radio exists. So we thought we would curate a tent to show you some of this, we’ve invited our contributors and some other non-profit, independent people and organisations to show you their part of the city. You are here after all.

Freeform radio from Glasgow est.1995

Hunks: Live!

mon 3pm + tue 1:30pm, Performance, John McIntrye Building + Qudos Are you tired of being a dum dum? Do want to be a turkey or an eagle? Have you got stuck in traffic on the highway to success?

2:30pm, Performance, John McIntrye Building Hailing from France, this duo make raw electronic thrash music. Guttural screams, mutilated guitar and heavily distorted electronic percussion.

Gummy Stumps

3:30pm, Performance, John McIntrye Building By simplifying a ubiquitous instrument, guitarist Rob Churm has created a different set of parameters to work in, proving that imposing limits can be more beneficial than a ten year subscription to Total Guitar. His three string guitar-work, combined with the spoken-word delivery of co-songwriter Colin Stewart and the clattering percussion of Rob Alexandar, create one of the most rocking bands in Glasgow.


12:30pm, Performance, Qudos Promoters Cry Parrot have put on shows with the same fundamental DIY/ non-profit ethics for some time now, but “ethics” in the context of the music promotion business seems like asking China to halt its production and reinvent money. So, let’s ignore the politics and come and listen to a performance from John Petrie, who describes his new solo project as ‘world hypnogogic pop’.

Deadly Rhythm 1pm, DJ, Qudos

The 100 pound question is “do you want to be success?” Are you a proud eagle sailing over the atlantic ocean on your 200 pound yacht? Or are you a boring old turkey, who doesn’t even have 100 pounds? Don’t worry, Hunks will be providing the shortcuts on the highway to success! - Joe Crogan Most club nights call themselves a crew. However, not every club night has a crew in London, Brighton and most recently Glasgow. These guys specialise in having a good time and making sure they’re bringing you who they think are the newest, most progressive and dynamic producers from all over the world. The number of DJs involved indicate the broad range of club music you can expect from them, with garage, house, 2 step, techno, and dubstep all effortlessly mixed together in their sets.

All Caps

Hushpuppy: Bhaji on the Beat

mon 4pm + tue 2:30pm. DJ, John McIntrye Building + Qudos

Blue Sabbath Black Fiji

Cry Parrot presents... There’s not much that All Caps aren’t doing right now. As if bringing in guests such as Jackmaster and Koreless to their weekly Subcity slot wasn’t enough, they’ve recently set up a record label specialising in the 120-140bpm side of electronic music. The first couple of releases by Alex Coulton and Omar have been getting all sorts of internet praise (the best kind btw) and have been played out on Gilles Peterson’s Radio 1 show. However, expect more than just radio from these boys.


All day, John McIntrye Building An outlet located in The Lighthouse, Glasgow’s Centre for Architecture and Design offers a kaleidoscope of niche publications focusing on art, fashion, design, film, music, lifestyle and current affairs. The specially selected magazines, books and bespoke materials steer sharply away from those available in high-street chain stores. If you’re looking for a “A Dolphin Taught My Son to See” Take a Break story, look elsewhere.

2pm, Talk, Qudos An annotated guide to the relationship between Eastern and Western music, tracing its chronology via 60s jazz recordings, 70s funk and disco and examining the interaction between Hollywood and Bollywood via cassettee tapes, video and vinyl. To a evaluation of now - where there is no inside or outside and there are no peripherals.

GFT: Glasgow Film Theatre All day, Qudos Far, far away from the multiplex and the war-cries involving being knee-deep in clunge, the Glasgow Film Theatre offers a rich and consistent alternative programming of art cinema, world cinema, independent imports and a range of special events. Whether it’s film quizzes, horror and cult film discussion groups or late-night showings of classic favourites, the GFT offers a wealth of ways for the film-lover to get involved with the medium.

Freeform radio from Glasgow est.1995

NIght Vision

Subcity Radio: You Are Here  

Programme 2011

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