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Driver’s Phone No: 0949-869-9844 Angelica’s Office Phone No: 0909-351-9564

Pierhouse Lodging Transport Prices 2012-10-09 Destination Pierhouse - Airport per trip one way Airport - Pierhouse per trip one way Pierhouse - Airport - Coron - Pierhouse Pier House - Caluit - Pier House Pier House - Coron - Pier House This trip is based on the van staying in Coron until the guests return. If the van drops off guests at the airport first and then continues into Coron, both the airport guests and Coron guests need to pay. If guests need to be collected from the airport the same applies. E.g. guests taken to Coron dropped off – van proceeds to airport to pick up guests and drops off at PH then returns to Coron to pick up guests who went to Coron for diving in Barracuda lake, etc. Pierhouse – Waterfall - Pierhouse

Code B B Q C D1


Conception/Pier House – PDS- Pierhouse


Pierhouse – Dipuyai - Pierhouse


Pierhouse – El Rio - Pierhouse Any other trip to be based on


Price Peso 2800 Peso 2800 Peso 3180 Peso 3650 Peso 2950

Peso 340 This is a low priority trip. Peso 340 This is a low priority trip. Peso 650 This is a low priority trip. Peso 3650 Peso 30/Km

Prices are for the van irrespective how many guests carried. Airport guests take preference over other trips. All cancelled trips will be charged at Peso 1100.


Pier House Transport Prices