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Brand spirit Creating a new image of women, strong but addict.


using print, leather, materials to create a future look.


Customer Age: 25~35 Personality: women who want unique, loving avant-garde look. like fashion editor, designer, artist.

Brand model custom made 20% ready-to-wear 60% accessories 20%

Rrady- to- wear Top: 30% Coat and jacket: 15% Leather: 15% Blazer: 10% Bottom: 10% Dress and gown: 20%

Haute Couture Suit: 30% Dress: 20% Gown: 30% Coat and jacket: 20%

Price Top: 10000~ 30000 Coat and jacket: 50000~ 80000 Leather: 70000~ 140000 Blazer: 40000~ 80000 Bottom: 15000~ 35000 Dress and gown: 40000~ 120000 accessories: 8000~ 60000 custom-made: 200000up

Marketing plan Internet Vedio

Marketing plan Runway show

Marketing plan Magazine

Marketing plan Vision design

Distribution Channel Xinyi shopping district , real store.

Crystal Maria Her fantasy dream

A r t i f i c i a l Intelligence Chromosome Clamworm Crystal Mirror Men Unisex Women


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