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JESSICA CHAVIRA 2019 Portfolio

About Me

Hello! I’m Jessica Joy but, you can call me Jess. I’m a graphic designer and magazine editor. I have a zeal for film photography, fashion, writing, painting, and music. I have a flair for bold uses of color, grid structure, and typography. As a designer I focus on purpose and what my intentions are. I use my eclectic range of interests and varied skill set together across desired platforms for my clients. When I’m not designing you can find me at a concert or a thrift store.

CONTENTS 05 Disorder Typography

07 Skate Ads

Following Brand Guidelines

09 Bandersnatch 3D Design and Typography

11 Atmo

App Design and Pattern Design


Collaborating with Companies and Logo Design

17 Beyond the Commons Designing for a Magazine

23 Breakup Shoes

Band Logo and Merch Designs

25 Cowtown

Following Brand Guidelines and Merch Designs

29 Thank You



SKATE ADS Each of these ads are based off of exsisting popular skate brands. All four ads feature different style types from bright to grunge. These ads are easily recognizable and consistent with already established branding guidelines.


BANDERSNATCH Based off of the Netflix Original pick and choose movie Bandersnatch, these promotonials feature 3D typography and graphics with a vintage twist.


ATMO The challenge of Atmo is to create a whether app that features more than just the average daily report. The solution is daily music implementations according to the whether.


GCU DINING As a graphic designer for GCU Dining no day is ever the same. Each day there is always a new company to design for, whether that be for Einstein’s new promotional items or designing a new logo for a GCU convenience store, or running a whole campaign for student feedback. There are over 20+ dining locations on campus each have their own brand guidelines that must be followed.



BEYOND THE COMMONS While designing for Beyond the Commons I’m also establishing our brand guidelines. Each issue features a new topic and submissions from our readers. Each issue is kept with organized layouts and engaging content.




Maria Pamela Vergara Maria Pamela Vergara is a young filmmaker, writer, graphic designer, and all-in-one creative. Vergara is a first-generation immigrant who graduated the University of Southern California in 2015, in which she studied cinema. She speaks multiple languages and is talented in multiple ways - she creates films in her free time, and works in marketing for an art museum in the Bay Area. BTC: You’re a recent alum from USC for film, which is one of the best schools in the world for cinema. Where did your love for film come from?

really supportive. It’s very fulfilling to be able to share that love with other people who have the same passion for the same thing.

PV: Initially, I started with a love for writing in high school. I thought that that’s what I was going to be, and that’s what I wanted to do; upon graduating and not having a clear direction, I went to community college and didn’t have a focus until I took a film class there. It wasn’t until I realized that film has directed my entire life in some way. I can remember specific moments in my life where and when a film was important to me. Taking an intro to film class, I didn’t start loving film, but instead it made me realize that I’ve always loved film. The class was just introductory, and I was learning about basic concepts like lighting and narrative and plot, it made me really appreciate film.

BTC: Coming to L.A. and learning film in the central hub of where film began, how did that inspire you or discourage you?

BTC: Being peers and friends with classmates from USC, how did having that environment benefit your experience learning film, especially because of the community at USC for film is it’s own group? PV: It was so beneficial, because when you grow up in your town and graduate from your high school, you have your friends but they’re not necessarily interested in the same stuff as you. Getting to go to USC and be with people who not only are studying what I’m studying but are also transfer students, they go through the same process as me. With the community at USC, we built a collaborative close knit group of friend; we were all required to take this production class even if you’re just a film studies student, and all of us took that class together and helped with each other’s thesis films and other assignments. If a classmate needed someone to do their sound, then we would just meet up each other; it was

PV: It was overwhelming because this is the center of where it all is with Hollywood being here, and is where all the classic films are made. I almost got the sense of, “I’m at this school, and I can’t fail because it would be such a missed opportunity.” It’s both inspiring and discouraging at the same time. The ways that it’s inspiring is because I was surrounded by people who also have the same goals and ambitions as me. Because I was constantly surrounded by film everywhere I turned, it became a driving force. The discouraging part is that if someone doesn’t have the ambition and the drive, which a lot of people here have, it would lead to the fall to the wayside. It really is a lot of pressure. For example, if I went to a different film school not in LA or necessarily known for its film program, the pressure and discouragement wouldn’t be as tough because of the reputation and location that USC has. It’s a catch all, but you really have to not get in your head about it. It’s both [inspiring and discouraging] because being surrounded by it, it reminds you of why you’re doing it, but at the same time you can’t escape it. BTC: You have several short films on your website, what sparked you to create films outside of your everyday working life? PV: Those specifically, I called them my “Coping Mechanisms” for certain issues that I had going on, so I 20

Breakup Shoes The goal was to create a brand for the band. The band doesn’t have much of a fluid aestheic. With each design the band is recognizable and memorizable.


COWTOWN Revamped Cowtown’s products was not allowed to redesign their logo. i designed a zine to allow for more engagement between the company and their customers



I spent many hours designing my portfolio while listening to the band Her’s. Rest in Peace Stephen, Auden, and their manager Trevor. March 27,2019

A Tribute to Her’s


Thank You

Profile for Jessica


Hello! I'm Jess. I'm a designer and photographer. I recently just graduated college. Here's my spring 2019 portfolio. Thank you!


Hello! I'm Jess. I'm a designer and photographer. I recently just graduated college. Here's my spring 2019 portfolio. Thank you!