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FOR IMMEDIATE  RELEASE:     Writer/Director/Producer  seeks  Executive  Producers  at  Cannes  Marché       Bruce  B.  Gordon  (company:  Bruce  Gordon  Media)  is  a  director,  producer,  writer,   music  producer  and  songwriter  from  Los  Angeles,  California,  USA.    He  is  attending   the  2014  Cannes  Marché  du  Film  for  conferences  and  networking.    Gordon  will  be  in   meetings  to  secure  financing  and  distribution  for  his  multiple  feature  film  projects,   which  are  in  various  stages  of  development.     Bruce  Gordon  Media  is  specifically  interviewing  Executive  Producers  with  a  proven   track  record  of  working  with  A-­‐List  directors,  as  well  as  talent  such  as  Jennifer   Lawrence,  Robert  Di  Nero,  Al  Pacino,  Dustin  Hoffman,  Michael  Douglas  and  Jack   Nicholson  for  a  raucous  comedy  about  senior  citizen  buddies,  financially  screwed  by   the  system,  who  enlist  a  young  female  music  blogger  to  help  them  pull  a  caper   against  the  mob  and  screw  the  system  back.      The  screenplay  for  #OldDawgz  is   written  by  Jonathan  and  Tom  Fahn.    Gordon  will  collaborate  as  a  producer.         Executive  Producers  are  also  being  sought  for  Psyched  Up!  –  a  family  comedy  about  a   “by-­‐the-­‐books”  school  psychologist,  forced  to  provide  fake  mental  health  excuses  for   the  underachieving,  slacker  kid  of  a  Malibu  gangster.         Further,  the  company  is  very  keen  to  find  Executive  Producers  with  a  successful   track  record  of  working  with  first-­‐time  feature  directors,  as  Gordon  has  expanded   his  short  film,  Whole  ‘Nother  Level  into  a  millennium-­‐cast,  spy  thriller  script.    His   feature,  Whole  NEW  Level,  is  about  a  shy  young  man  with  cerebral  palsy  who’s   forced  to  operate  as  a  covert  agent  to  stop  a  worldwide  murderous  conspiracy.     Gordon  will  direct  his  feature  screenplay  and  collaborate  as  a  producer.     The  short  was  selected  for  the  2013  Festival  de  Cannes  Short  Film  Corner,  and  it  has   garnered  further  international  festival  selections  and  awards.           In  fact,  Whole  'Nother  Level  will  be  screening  and  in  competition  in  Cannes  at  the   2014  Festival  Entr'2  Marches,  a  disability-­‐themed  shorts  festival  which  takes   place  across  town  from  and  concurrently  with  the  2014  Festival  de  Cannes.         When:     Tuesday,  May  20,  2014  in  the  6  pm  -­‐  9  pm  block.     Where:       Salle  des  Mutilés             45,  Rue  de  Mimont           06400  Cannes     Cost:     Free  admission  to  the  public     Gordon  has  signed  three  distribution  deals  with  international  VOD  firms,  including   IndieFlix  for  this  film.    He  has  an  enduring  passion  for  telling  stories  of  healing  and   recovery  that  entertain  international  audiences,  win  critical  awards,  and  have   blockbuster  success  at  the  worldwide  box  office.      Gordon  designs  his  films  to  bring  

people together,  by  focusing  on  our  commonality  as  humans,  as  opposed  to  our   individual  differences.         Accompanying  him  at  the  2014  Cannes  Marché  is  Dr.  Gail  Gordon,  one  of  the   Executive  Producers  of  his  short  film,  “Whole  ‘Nother  Level.”      Besides  being  a  film   producer  and  writer,  she  is  an  educational  psychologist  from  Los  Angeles  who  is   developing  her  own  features,  documentaries,  multimedia  games  and  entertainment   apps.     The  couple  will  be  dividing  their  time  between  bases  at  the  Cannes  Marché,  the   American  Pavilion  and  the  International  Scriptwriters’  Pavilion  of  the  Maison  Des   Scénaristes.     They  will  be  in  Cannes  from  May  14  –  May  25,  2014  and  can  be  reached  at:  via  e-­‐mail.  

Bruce Gordon Media Press Release Cannes 2014  

Bruce Gordon Writer/Director/Producer seeks Executive Producers at Cannes Marché - Cloud 21 PR

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