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Synopsis Olivia is a wine bar waitress and a secret waltz dance. It’s a secret because she is also very, very awkward with strangers. So when Patrick, a handsome customer, catches her dancing discreetly, he immediately asks her if she can teach him some basic waltz moves! Of course Olivia nearly dies. A few times over. But then she realizes (with a little help from her friends): will this be another one of her “social fails” or will she muster the courage to make a new friend and get on the dance floor?


Javier Badillo

WRITER/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER Javier Badillo is a Venezuelan-Canadian film director, producer, writer, animator and musician. He specializes in satire, dark comedies, crime thrillers, awkward romantic comedies, and outsider dramas. His films and characters portray worldly lives, bittersweet nostalgia, sharp wit, a longing for a better future, and a place to call home. His films have played in international film festivals, American TV, and the Web. In 2012, Javier coproduced two micro budget feature films: The Cover-Up (Comedy) and Afterparty (Drama) through his production company, Spitshine Flicks Inc. Javier is the regional director for the international filmmakers society Raindance and is the programming director of the Vancouver Short Film Festival. He sings and plays the drums with his Latin punk rock band Caracas and folk reggae group Warless.

Liberty Kee

WRITER/PRODUCER/LEAD ACTRESS Liberty Kee is a Canadian actress and producer of Filipino origin. She writes, produces and acts in stage theater in Vancouver and Calgary. Her production, Five Women Wearing The Same Dress (Alan Ball’s award winning stage play) was a sold-out hit for five weeks in Vancouver. She was the host of the online show 2010 Things To Do for the Vancouver Olympics. She performs with the popular comedy troupe “Cocktails and Holy Water” doing live sketch comedy in numerous venues is town. Liberty has also played roles in TV series such as the sci-fi drama V, the crime thriller Traveler and the TV movie Dragon Boys, a hard hitting drama about Asian triads in Vancouver. Liberty starred in Javier Badillo’s short sci-fi romcom Future Tense (2007). Afternoon at Gudrun is their second collaboration.


Portrayed by Liberty Kee A young woman working at Gudrun, a wine and cheese bar. When she’s invited to share her dancing skills with a young customer, she is forced to step outside of her comfort zone!


Portrayed by Steven Holmes A bold young customer who asks Olivia for some waltz dancing tips. Little does he know she is incredibly shy!


Portrayed by Teagan Vincze Patrick’s sister and a bubbly future bride. She hopes Olivia teaches her brother how to dance the waltz, so he can dance with her at her wedding!


Portrayed by Dwayne Bryshun Olivia’s good friend and Gudun manager. He does everything he can to encourage Olivia to teach Patrick a couple moves!

Crew Story by Directed by Screenplay by Produced by Director of Photography Editor 1st Assistant Director Production Designer 1st Assistant Camera 2nd Assistant Camera Music Composition Executive Producers

Associate Producers

Liberty Kee Javier Badillo Liberty Kee Javier Badillo Liberty Kee Javier Badillo Gabriel Medina Jason Hujber Michelle Gwendolyn Kee Renee Fulsom Camille Durin Jennifer Tremblay Tim Runzer Brian Chan David Mills Ben Lu David Weinkauf Raquel Weinkauf Gabriel Medina Andres Santana Liberty Kee Javier Badillo Karen Downing Rohit Chokhani Ryan Skeete Francesca Eleuteri Massimo Cimarelli

2nd AC Jennifer Tremblay (left) changing lenses with 1st AC Camille Durin (right) Â

Cinematographer Gabriel Medina (right) discussing composition with director Javier Badillo (left) Â

Director Javier Badillo talks with actress Teagan Vincze as Steven Holmes looks on. Dwayne Bryshun in the far plane. Â

Lead actress Liberty Kee Â

Director Javier Badillo Â

Co-lead Steven Holmes Â

1st AC Camille Durin checking the BL4 mechanism before loading film Â

Sound designer/recordist Andres Santana (left) and production coordinator Karen Downing (right) Â

1st AC Camille Durin (left) and production manager Rohit Chokhani (right) Â

Gaffer Lorne Seifred (left) and cinematographer Gabriel Medina (right) Â

Film Loader Pavel Garcia Â

Afternoon at Gudrun

a film by Javier Badillo & Liberty Kee Canada w 2012 w 8 MIN


Javier Badillo 1-778-869-9651

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Afternoon at Gudrun-Short Film Corner - Cannes Film Festival 2013 - Press Kit  

A shy wine bar waitress is challenged to step out of her shell when a bold customer asks her to teach him to dance the waltz. A film by Javi...

Afternoon at Gudrun-Short Film Corner - Cannes Film Festival 2013 - Press Kit  

A shy wine bar waitress is challenged to step out of her shell when a bold customer asks her to teach him to dance the waltz. A film by Javi...