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WELCOME TO THE JULY EDITION OF THE GO TEXAN ROUND-UP INFOLETTER. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to promote the excellence and entrepreneurial spirit of our GO TEXAN members. From the finest in Texas food, wine and restaurants to communities and products, each issue of this electronic magazine is geared towards keeping you up-to-date with helpful information regarding news, events and opportunities that might assist your company.

opportunities for you to take advantage of to promote and expand your business.

This month, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on Spec’s — a major retail chain in Texas, proud GO TEXAN members and avid promoters of Texas beers, wines and spirits.

I hope you enjoy this issue of GO TEXAN Round-Up infoletter. Remember friends, Texas agriculture matters!

If there are any other ways we can serve you with our GO TEXAN program, please don’t hesitate to contact our great staff. We’re all in this together, and we want nothing more than to promote the products, culture and communities that call Texas home.

Please take a look at all the other information on events and

Sid Miller is an eighth generation farmer and rancher and the 12th Commissioner of Agriculture for the great state of Texas. Commissioner Miller has devoted his life to the agriculture industry, and supporting Texas producers and the communities they call home. He is a businessman, rancher, community leader, former ag teacher and former school board member. Commissioner Miller is a rodeo cowboy and holds nine world championship titles. He is an honors graduate of Tarleton State University in Stephenville, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Agriculture Education. He can be reached at Sid.Miller@TexasAgriculture.gov or (512) 463-1408. 3



SPEC’S: GROWING BIG IN TEXAS Caroll “Spec” Jackson and his wife, Carolynn, opened the first Spec’s liquor store in 1962. “Spec” Jackson’s goal with his store was to be able to work for himself and make enough money so that his wife wouldn’t have to work. It turns out that’s just what he was able to accomplish when he opened his first store for a whopping $7,000. The store’s name originated from Caroll’s given nickname PICTURED AT LEFT: Lindy, John and Lisa Rydman.

that referred to his spectacles; ultimately, the name “Spec’s” was born. In the beginning, Spec’s stores were not as large as they are now. The large warehouse concept began in 1972. After running the store for several years, Jackson’s daughter, Lindy, and her husband, John Rydman, joined the business after they graduated from college. Soon, 5

Lindy and John learned the business from the ground up. Together, the Jacksons and Rydmans put Spec’s in the spotlight. With the introduction of wines in 1974, John created more excitement about Spec’s because of an unmatched diversity and competitive pricing for wine in the Houston area. It kept on growing over the years and, in 2011, Spec’s expand to Austin and opened in El Paso, Killeen and Elgin. Spec’s then opened in Dallas, Fort Worth and Lubbock in 2012. Ever noticed the Spec’s bunny mascot? The store’s mascot was created by “Spec” Jackson himself. He thought the company needed a mascot and noticed a magazine advertisement for an insurance


agency that showed a bunny standing with an umbrella in his hand. Lisa Rydman, Spec’s marketing correspondent and third generation family member, said that her grandfather loved the idea of the bunny so it became the company’s symbol. As GO TEXAN members, Spec’s has customers from all over the nation visit their stores who are on the hunt for Texan products. With such a vast array of Texas wines, liquors and food products, it’s a convenient onestop shop for anyone seeking out Texan goods. “The comradery between organizations like GO TEXAN and our company is a prime example of all aspects of enterprises coming together in Texas,” Lisa said. “From

working directly with local Texas producers and marketing directly to consumers and retailers, GO TEXAN is excellent at educating consumers about all that Texas has to offer.”

“We are constantly striving to improve our customer service and bring back that friendly neighborhood store feeling, which has been forgotten in so much of the retail world,” Lisa said.

Lisa said that Spec’s is constantly Want to find a Spec’s near you? striving to get better at what they Check out their website here. do in order to create a better selection for their customers. Sandy and Kris Maloney with Jody Hall, H-E-B Director of Sourcing, at the Quest for Texas Best Finale.


Mark Your Calendar Events & Opportunities for GO TEXAN members What: Nursery Landscape Expo When: Aug. 10-12 Where: Dallas Details: Discover the latest green industry products and gain a new perspective as you meet face-to-face with thousands of industry experts. Share new ideas by participating in over 32 education breakout sessions and two notable keynote presentations. This is where unique products are found, great ideas are born and creativity and innovation unite. For more information, click here. What: Chili Outbound Trade Mission When: Sept. 11-13 Where: Santiago, Chile Details: Chile is one of the leading economies in South America thanks to its agricultural exports (fresh fish and fruits) and plentiful natural resources (processed copper and forestry products). Similarly, it is one of the most stable countries in the region and its food business environment is easily navigable. In 2004, the US-Chile Free Trade Agreement came into force but it was not until January, 2015 when tariffs for U.S. exports to Chile were eliminated. During the last five years Chileans have become increasingly receptive to imported food products. This trade mission will take place in Santiago, the 88

most populated city in Chile and its capital city, where 40 percent of the population lives. In addition, Santiago holds the largest concentration of supermarkets in the country. Registration closes on July 14th. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. What: Canadian Outbound Trade Mission When: Sept. 6-7 Where: Toronto, Canada Details: This outbound trade mission will take place in Toronto; a province home to approximately 44 percent of Canada’s population. There is a great degree of ethnic diversity in this city, expanding the spectrum of consumer tastes and consumption habits and creating niche markets – especially for ethnic foods. Toronto is the main center for business and finance in Canada, therefore Toronto’s food market is a very attractive option for U.S. suppliers. The deadline to register is July 7. SUSTA registered companies will have the chance to meet with select Canadian buyers through one-on-one meetings. Suitable products include, but are not limited to: frozen fruits and vegetables, snack foods, soft drinks, rice and grains, breakfast foods, condiments, jams, jellies and preserves. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507.

What: 9th Annual Food, Wine & Brew Fest When: Sept. 9, 2-10 p.m. Where: Harker Heights Details: This popular event has vendor opportunities for food, beer, wine, spirits and art. Ask about a special discount for GO TEXAN members! With 5,000 in attendance last year, this promises to be another great event with live music, culinary chefs, food, artists, craft beer, Texas wine and wine classes. For more information, contact Gina Pence at (254) 699-4999. What: The Ultimate Women’s Expo When: Sept. 9-10 and Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 Where: Dallas, San Antonio Details: This Expo provides the perfect venue to sell, market and promote to tens of thousands of active and enthusiastic women who are all searching for great resources designed to transform their home environment. Standard inline booths are $950 in San Antonio and $1,150 in Dallas. Premier corner locations offering access on two sides are $1,250 in San Antonio and $1,450 in Dallas. When you sign up for two shows, you will receive a $150 discount off your booth package. For more information, contact Tina Matteri at (866) 618-3434 ext. 416. What: Americas Food and Beverage Show When: Sept. 25-26 Where: Miami, Florida Details: This event is the largest Americas focused food and beverage trade show in the Western Hemisphere. The show’s goal is to assist companies in growing their market share and increasing two-way

trade within the U.S. and throughout the Americas. It provides exhibiting companies and visitors unparalleled opportunities to discover new markets, creative new products, ideas and innovations. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. What: South Africa Inbound Trade Mission When: Sept. 26 Where: Miami, Florida Details: South Africa is one of the most advanced economies in the African continent. The country is experiencing a series of changes that make it an attractive market not only within the African region but for SUSTA region companies as well. For example, its vast urban population (33 million or two-thirds of the total population), has increasing levels of disposable income. This and the youthful population (approximately half of the population is under the age of 25) make the “Rainbow nation” an interesting prospect. Furthermore, the market for consumer-oriented agricultural products is also changing. South Africans are becoming increasingly interested in western food products such as snack foods that combine convenience with nutrition. South Africa is also an attractive business destination because it serves as a gateway to Sub-Saharan Africa. Registering for this inbound trade mission offers the opportunity to delve into the South African market in a less costly fashion. Registration deadline is July 21. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. 9

What: Tap Into Downtown Odessa When: Sept. 30 Where: Odessa Details: This 2nd annual craft beer and wine festival will feature live jazz and acoustic music, food trucks and more. To sign-up as a winery, fill out the winery participation form here. For more information, contact Haley Howey at (432) 335-4683. What: E.U. Inbound to PMA Fresh Summit When: Oct. 19 Where: New Orleans, Louisiana Details: The PMA Fresh Summit is a one-of-a kind event for fresh and floral produce. This three day event invites SUSTA region companies to connect with more than 18,500 attendees from various sectors of the food industry. In addition, SUSTA registered companies will have the possibility of meeting European buyers. Within the context of produce and organic food products, U.S.-European trading relations have seen an improvement since 2012 when the U.S.-E.U. equivalency program was passed. For example, since 2011 sales of US fresh vegetables have increased by 55 percent in the E.U. Moreover, this partnership has simplified the export process of organic products. Register for this event with SUSTA and take advantage of this opportunity to connect with buyers from Europe. Registration deadline is July 28. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507.

What: Hong Kong Wine and Spirits When: Nov. 9-11 Where: Hong Kong, China Details: Ever since China eliminated its tariff on wine in 2008, wine imports have been on the rise and rapidly growing. Hong Kong’s tourism and hospitality industries are the main consumers of wine and spirits. In addition, nearby neighbors such as Macau also offer an excellent opportunity, considering that Hong Kong is a major transshipping center. In 2015, the fair invited 20,394 buyers from 75 countries. Suitable products include, but are not limited to: wine and distilled spirits (for example, still red and white wines, whiskey, brandy and cognac). The deadline to register is September 1. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. What: Brazil Inbound Trade Mission When: Nov. 11-13 Where: Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia Details: Brazil is one of the leading economies in Latin America and the seventh largest in the world. Brazilians are changing their tastes and consumption habits for new products, making the Brazilian food market an interesting option for U.S. exporters. The Brazilian market for consumer-oriented food products is very promising and fortunately it has been less affected than other sectors of the Brazilian economy. This trade mission offers SUSTA companies the opportunity to meet one-on-one with key buyers from Brazil in either Chicago (11/11) or Atlanta (11/13). Suitable products include gourmet

For a complete list of discounted international events, please follow this link. 10

products, condiments and sauces, grains and cereals, olive oils, snack foods, health food products, fruit and vegetable juices, frozen meals, confectionary products and pet foods. The deadline to register is September 15. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. What: PLMA Show When: Nov. 12-14 Where: Chicago, Illinois Details: This event organized by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) has linked retailers and suppliers for over 30 years. This market segment has great sales potential for SUSTA region companies. Best prospects include but are not limited to: gluten-free, GMO-free, beverages, ethnic foods, snack foods, nuts, condiments, seasonings and sauces, organic products, specialty meats and dairy products. The deadline to register is August 18. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507.

tastes by consuming more western food products. In 2016, 53,295 visitors attended Food and Hotel China from both China and overseas. Most of the visitors are decision makers within their respective industries, with 42 percent retailers, 23 percent importers and distributors and 18 percent belong to the hospitality sector. Registration ends August 11th. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507.

What: SIAL Middle East When: Dec. 12-14 Where: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Details: Countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council-4 (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Oman) have some of the highest GDPs per capita in the world, ranging from $28,800 in Oman to over $100,000 in Qatar. At the same time, these countries rely on imports to meet their food needs; these countries import about 90 percent of their food products. The UAE is the largest market for U.S. food products. Dubai What: Food and Hotel China and Abu Dhabi (the capital city) host When: Nov. 14-16 millions of tourists each year and both of Where: Shanghai, China these are home to various multinational Details: This is a great opportunity for corporations. This tradeshow is one of SUSTA registered companies to exhibit the fastest growing food, beverage and their products in the appealing and hospitality events in the region with close dynamic Chinese specialty food market. to 1,000 exhibitors from more than 30 The following metrics demonstrate China’s countries and over 15,000 visitors. This potential: China urbanizes more than tradeshow is a truly unique business 20 million residents per year currently opportunity to engage with buyers and accounting for 750 million urban dwellers; increase sales in a very appealing market. its middle class is expected to double from Registration closes September 15th. For 33 million to 62 million by 2020. At the more information, contact Carlos Guerrero same time, Chinese consumers are seeking at (512) 463-6507. to broaden their culinary experiences and 11

PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT AT THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS The 2017 State Fair of Texas is just around the corner. We hope you’ll plan to head to Dallas Sept. 29 through Oct. 22 for the State Fair, and join us as we promote the best in Texas through GO TEXAN. The one-of-a-kind GO TEXAN General Store boasts the largest collection of Texas-made food and gifts on the fairgrounds. Promoting your company in the GO TEXAN General Store and sampling your product is a great opportunity to shine in an all-Texas product setting. We are currently accepting applications for the GO TEXAN General Store in the GO TEXAN Pavilion, as well as for the Product Showcase, Exhibiting and the Community Spotlight. There are only a few spots available, so sign up today! Visit GOTEXAN.org or email TXStateFair@TexasAgriculture.gov for more information. 12 12

13 13


SPONSOR YOUR BRAND WITH GO TEXAN MEMBER, AM RACING Ever dreamed of sponsoring a sports team with a nationwide viewing audience? Are you ready to increase your exposure to the Lone Star State and beyond? GO TEXAN member AM Racing is willing to talk to you about a discounted sponsorship opportunity. For more information on Austin Wayne Self or exploring this opportunity of national exposure, contact Meredith Murray of AM Racing at (979) 476-0560. 15

New/Renewed Members Acton Local Market Granbury

Black’s Barbecue Lockhart

Chorizo De San Manuel Edinburg

Alamo Pecan and Coffee Company San Saba

Blue Bonnet Kitchens Weatherford

Clarendon Christmas Bazaar Clarendon

Andalusia Whiskey Co. Blanco

Bob Tallmans Texas Style Seasonings Houston

Angelo’s Bar B Que Fort Worth

Bonnie’s Greenhouse Lorena

Aqua One Amarillo B Henderson Packaging McAllen Back to Nature Slaton BCCA Tynan Bear Creek Smokehouse Marshall Bella Stella Vineyard Farm Winnsboro Ben E Keith Co. Fort Worth Benchmark Hospitality International Westlake Bent Oak Winery Cedar Park Big State Produce San Antonio

Brady Chamber Brady Brazos Citrus Nursery West Columbia Brown Distributing Austin Cajun Lee’s Seasoning Bulverde Cantwell Mattress Co. San Antonio Carne Seca Dona Blanca Laredo

Claude’s Sauces El Paso Clavel Corporation Abilene Clear Creek Vineyard Kemah Cocina 54 Austin Cook Portable Warehouses Bastrop Corazon Cattle Tyler

Corky’s Tejas Grill San Antonio Creekside Nursery Hempstead

Caudalie Crest Winery Celina

Cypress Ace Hardware and Feed Houston

Chata’s Kitchen Cottonwood Shores

Cypress Creek Reserve Rum Distillery Wimberley

Cheesemakers Cleveland

Bingham Family Vineyards Meadow

Chip Berry Produce Co. Flint

Bishop Vineyards Childress

Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef Co-op Dallas

Black Hole Cold Brew Houston


Bosque Farmers Market Meridian

Clarendon Tourism and Economic Development Clarendon

Chisholm Trail Winery at Spring Creek Vineyards Fredericksburg

Dallas Kosher Dallas Dallas Soap Company Garland Depot Liquor Brownwood D’Gusto Foods Houston

Doguet Turf Farms Beaumont Double AJ Chicken Ranch Crystal City Downtown Farmers Market Victoria Eileen’s Pralines Dallas The Enchanted Florist Austin Esperanza Vineyard Spring Branch FiestaJAM Marble Falls Five Senses Foods San Antonio Four Escobars Waxahachie Freetail Brewing San Antonio Funky Art Cafe Brenham Future Focus Farms Corpus Christi General Shelters of Texas Center Genuine Texas Beef Wichita Goldrush Mustard Dallas Goodheart Brand Specialty Meats San Antonio Green Grocer Dallas

Heart of Texas Landscape and Irrigation Co. Belton Hill Country Homestyle Canning Fredericksburg Hilltop Place Ranch Leakey Holy Cow Beef Lubbock Houston Dairymaids Houston Idle Vine Brewery Round Rock Indigo Farm Pipe Creek Irion Pecan Co. Richardson

Meyers Sausage Elgin Miillers Smokehouse Llano Mike Krenek Fayette

Modern Way Food Store Haskell Montero Enterprises Austin Mother Shucker’s Tamales Burleson Nacogdoches Farmers Market Nacogdoches Night Hawk Frozen Foods Buda

Oasis Outback Johnson’s Backyard Garden Uvalde Garfield Old Mill BBQ and Burritos Juicy Lucy Farm Pecos Lubbock Onion Creek Kitchen Corp. Kitchen 205 Dripping Springs Sugarland The Onion House Larken Farms Weslaco Waxahachie Paleo Powder Seasonings Lazy 8 Ranch Giddings Driftwood Pappadeaux Lick Honest Ice Creams Seafood Kitchen Austin Houston Longhorn Paper Converting Grand Prairie Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Lubbock

Green Hen Farm Goldthwaite

Maverick Marketing Enterprises Abilene

Green’s Produce and Plants Arlington

McPherson Cellars Lubbock

GT Landscape Services Fort Worth

Mercado de Familia Nederland

Hard Eight BBQ Stephenville

Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse Elgin

Patriot Pecans Fabens Plainview Area Farmers Market Association Fieldton Potter Country Store Schulenburg QT Dog Dallas Raider Red Meats Lubbock Ready Ritas Dallas Recherche Furnishings Commerce 17

New/Renewed Members Riley Fuzzel Farm Spring

Spirit of Texas Winery Early

Tin Star Foods Austin

Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers Santa Rosa

Sustainable Harvesters Hockley

Tootie’s Handcrafted Pies of Texas Boerne

Rockdale Baking Company Rockdale Rockin JR Ranch Buffalo Rudy’s Honey Livingston Salado Winery Salado Salinas Salsa Works Katy Salsa Holics Wills Point Sandknop Tree Farm Heath Scott’s Gourmet Salsa Lubbock Seasonal Selections New Braunfels SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown Austin SFC Farmers’ Market Sunset Valley Austin SFC Farmers’ Market at the Triangle Austin Shamrock Chamber of Commerce Shamrock Shear Bliss Alpacas Sinton South Plains Association of Governments Lubbock South Tex Organics Mission 18

Swift River Pecans Martindale Terry Black’s Barbecue Austin Texafrance Austin Texan Tree Depot Katy Texas Addiction Spring Texas Agri Women Uvalde Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame Fort Worth Texas Crystal Water Co. Austin

Total Wine and More Bethesda Tribal Dallas Twang Partners San Antonio Uncle Bob’s Country Seasonings Austin United Ag El Campo Van Horn Cattle Company Van Horn Verdant Tree Farms Yuma

Texas Earth Idalou

Vintage House at Messina Hof Winery Bryan

Texas Flame and Smoke Bryan

Violet Crown Spirits Bastrop

Texas Fruit Growers Association San Marcos Texas Natural Feeds Waco Texas Nursery and Landscape Association Austin

Wade Pennington and Sons Grapeland Welcome Home RGV McAllen Weston Gardens in Bloom Fort Worth Wiggins Wholesale Snook

Texas Plant and Soil Lab Edinburg

Williamson Tree Farm Plantersville

Texas Pure Products Plano

Wunderbar Products Seguin

Texas Tito’s New Braunfels

Yoakum Packing Company Yoakum

Tex-Mex Sales Weslaco

Yutumi Houston

GO TEXAN STORY TELLERS: TELL US YOUR STORY! We are so proud of you — our GO TEXAN members. Your determination and grit are inspiring, and we want to continue to share and reflect the greatness that you embody. Each one of you has a unique story, and we’ve created a short little survey that asks you some questions, simply prompting you to tell your story in your own words. We’ll also ask for a photo or two. Most of our stories are in a written article format, but we also welcome video interviews. Click here to get the story started! 19

Members in the News

Buc-ees was featured on Thrillist.

Community Beer and Karbach Brewing Co. were both included on Thrillist as a “Must-Visit Brewery.” H-E-B topped the “National MostTrusted Companies” list, according to the Houston Chronicle.


Congrats to Iron Root Republic, who just won a World Whiskies Awards for both “Best American Corn Whisky” and “World’s Best Corn Whisky” in London.

Lick Honest Ice Creams and Teo were featured on the Austin American-Statesman list, “Guide to the Best Ice Cream Shops in Austin.”

21 21

The GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community of Seguin was highlighted in the Seguin Gazette. The State Fair of Texas was included on Thrillist as one of the “Texas Institutions You Must Visit to Call Yourself a Texan.” Pappas Bros. Steakhouse was highlighted in Wine Spectator.

Rock Lake Ranch was featured on KBTX-TV.



Your free classified ad section to advertise your service/product to other members. In search of a service or product that a GO TEXAN member already provides? Find it by networking here. If you have something to list here, email the info (50 words or less) to us, and we’ll include it here in the next infoletter.

Post #2 TRA Marketplace: The GO TEXAN Pavilion has long since filled up, but if you would just like to attend this massive trade show in Dallas, register with this code for free admission: GoTx7. Admission price is $65 onsite. For more information, visit the website.

Post #1 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA): America’s farmers and ranchers will soon have the opportunity to strongly represent agriculture in their communities and industry by taking part in the 2017 Census of Agriculture. Conducted every five years by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the census, to be mailed at the end of this year, is a complete count of all U.S. farms, ranches, and those who operate them. So, when you get the census in the mail, please fill it out and send it in! Your fellow farmers depend on it.

Post #3 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA): Attention all GO TEXAN producers: USDA is seeking comments on a proposal for a new industry-funded research and promotion program. Click here to learn more. Post #4 AM Racing: If you’d like to become a NASCAR sponser for fellow GO TEXAN member Austin Wayne Self or just explore the opportunity of national exposure, contact Meredith Murray. at AM Racing.

23 23

SPOT THE GO TEXAN MARK CHALLENGE Want a fun way to share the best of Texas with the world? It’s easy! GO TEXAN uses social media tools like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to post GO TEXAN events, share member news and increase awareness of the wide variety of products grown and made right here in the Lone Star State.


Challenge: If you spot the GO TEXAN mark, let us know. Send us a picture of the mark on a product, sign or printed materials, and tell us where you saw it. Be sure to use the GO TEXAN hashtag (#GOTEXAN) when you post, so we can easily share your message, or send us an email.

MEET YOUR FIELD REPRESENTATIVES Trade and Business Development Regions

Trade and Business Development Regions

1. Rob Barthen 7. Jami McCool 1. Rob Barthen 7. Jami McCool 2. Matt Williams 8. Nelda Barrera 2. Matt Williams Barrera 3. David Kercheval 8. Nelda Eggemeyer 9. Chandra 3. David Kercheval Chandra Eggemeyer 9. 4. Darrell Dean Bobo 10. Michelle 5. Manuel Martinez 10. Michelle Faulkenberry 11. CarolBobo 4. Darrell Dean Kristin Lambrecht11. Carol Faulkenberry 5. Manuel 6. Martinez [Russ Robertson – Director] 6. Kristin Lambrecht

Mouse over their photos to see which region each Field Representative serves, and click on their photo to send them an email.


R E B M E M Y N O M I T TES cally o l t n i r p o t e able b o t d e l l i r h X AN E “I am t T O G e h t rt of ark) m ( l a e s and be a pa N TEX A O G e en Th h . w l u f p l e h program and is h t g n e r t s g unch B e l p is gainin p A e uct. Th d o r p y m e State g h t n t a l selli l e w e as don h s eral e i n r e e s G s k N A X Boo GO TE e Th . s a x ducts, e o r p g n i z Fair of T a of am l l u f d e k e to be c v a o l I . s d w o Store is p g the cr n i r b s p l exans.” e T h g n i k r o w and this r hard e h t o h t i w d shing i l b u associate P e i P pple A , x o B e n 13) a 0 2 e c —Di n i s r membe N A X E T (GO

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GO TEXAN Round-Up July Infoletter  

The latest news, events and opportunities - exclusively for GO TEXAN members.

GO TEXAN Round-Up July Infoletter  

The latest news, events and opportunities - exclusively for GO TEXAN members.

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