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t was both an inspirational and encouraging time, as these past winners shared how they were just as nervous as everyone else in the room prior to their own Shark Tank-like presentations before a panel of judges. It was a pleasure bumping into the duo that created the small company Bagel Dots. Their smiles were wide and their eyes were bright with anticipation as they seemed to be enjoying the warm and electric atmosphere around them. See if you can sense their enthusiasm as they answered a few questions directed their way during a short interview that took place on the eve of the final two days’ of presentations. How did you create this product? What is your story? “I thought of this idea back in 2006,” said Aarti Garehgrat. “I was living in New

BER to MEMused York, eating bagels and I always HT LIGcenter SPO just wonder, ‘What happened toTthe of the bagel and why is there not a donuthole version of a bagel?’ I didn’t really do anything about it for almost 10 years.”

“She talked about it all the time, though,” her business partner, Purav Patel said. “I just decided to try it one day in 2014,” Garehgrat said. “Ever since then we’ve been getting orders. It’s just been amazing to see where it went! “We heard about this contest through a professor in Houston, so we just entered it. We never thought we’d be at this point.” “I was in my office doing paperwork,” Patel said, “and she was fiddling in the kitchen. Her friend had given her a cake pop machine. She decided, ‘This is perfect,’ and she tried that idea. She walked into the office 3

and said, ‘Hey, try this.’ I thought, ‘She did it! She went and made bagel dots.’ “Ever since then,” he continues, “it’s been developing and it’s a legitimate idea now.” “And that’s not how we make them anymore,” Garehgrat adds emphatically. Are you presenting tomorrow or Thursday and how are you feeling right now? “We’re presenting Thursday,” Patel said, “and we’re the last ones, so we have the most time to stress. I’m nervous right now and hopefully I can get my jitters under control by then.” “We’re very excited,” Garehgrat said, “but very nervous.”

said. “We didn’t really get the time of day from them. We were small and we didn’t have big purchase orders or anything. These guys, however, liked the product and they kind of helped us develop the process and now we can make bagel dots on a pretty large scale — much larger than we were before in our little commercial kitchen. It’s been incredible.” So, tell us. What happend to the hole in the center of the bagel? Why is it there? “Well, it has actually nothing to do with bagel dots,” Garehgrat said. “Bagel dots are just bite-sized bagels filled with cream cheese. It’s just meant to be a miniature version.”

Have you uncovered the mystery — how bagels are made and why there’s Tell us about the kind of equipment a big hole in the middle? you use now and where you’re making “Oh yeah,” she continues. “We have this at. What kind of outfit do you have learned a lot about bagels and how going on? they’re made.” “We started out just working with a local commercial bakery,” Garehgrat “They’re actually formed that way,” said, “and now we’re actually working Patel said. “They’re not cut out like with a contract manufacturer. He was donuts. The answer to why there isn’t a just a customer ordering bagel dots and donut hole version is because when they he actually loved it and decided that we make donuts, they actually cut them out should work together.” and they actually have that left over. Whereas bagels aren’t cut out that way. “We had previously reached out to a They’re actually rolled and put together. couple of large bakeries in Texas,” Patel We actually create them. We don’t pop



them out of the center.” Patel laughs. Anything else you want to add? “We’re super excited,” Garehgrat said. “H-E-B has been fantastic with this,” Patel adds. “We just have so much more love and respect for H-E-B. This competition is amazing.”

show, Shark Tank? “Since we haven’t done the presentation yet,” Garehgrat said, “I guess we’ll see about that, but we have been practicing as if it’s Shark Tank. We’ve had our family and friends asking us the tough questions and we practiced coming out super-high energy and presenting.”

“It seems like so far it’s more soft,” Patel “We really encourage people to participate,” adds. “They’re kind of helping you out. They want you to succeed. It doesn’t seem like Garehgrat adds. “When you start off small, there’s all this drama and theatrics, which I you just never really know where this is think maybe Shark Tank has. H-E-B has a going to go and what’s going to happen; but in applying for this contest, H-E-B really kind very positive culture and they’re not trying to make a negative impact on you. They want of holds your hand and guides you through you to succeed, even if you’re not ready yet. everything. They’re just so helpful and it’s They want to push you forward and help just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” you along; not call you out on where your “I think another cool thing is — regardless shortcomings are. They like to help you out.” of whether you place or are a finalist or This help and assistance is sure to grow any of it — just the process of applying and increase along with the Bagel Dots really forces you to look at your business and think through the questions. They force company, as their presentation soared with enthusiasm and their idea and products you to create a business plan. They force you to kind of think about your best sellers won over the panel of judges, who awarded them with a First Place title, a check for and a lot of things you may not do if you $20,000, future placement in H-E-B stores don’t apply for something like this. Just that process alone has been kind of helpful and all the marketing and energy that will come along with that. to identify, ‘Oh, we need to go figure this out!’ A question on the application might be an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment to go out there and Be sure to congratulate the young entrepreneurs and try out some of their say, ‘Let’s get the answer to this.’” delicious bite-sized bagels. Click here to How different or similar is this to the TV visit their website.



ANOTHER EXCITING YEAR FOR: H-E-B’S QUEST FOR TEXAS BEST IF YOU JUST READ OUR EXCLUSIVE STORY ON ONE OF TWO FIRST PLACE WINNERS, BAGEL DOTS, NOW YOU CAN READ A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE REST OF THE TOP WINNERS. It should be stated that the quality and innovation found in the 25 finalists were outstanding. As was mentioned in one of the speeches prior to the presentations of each,


all 25 of these Texas entrepreneurs were like Olympic champions. This made the contest hard to judge. It was so hard, in fact, that a tie was declared for first place. Therefore, a panel of expert judges narrowed a field of 25 finalists to an unprecedented five winners on August 11 at the Houston Food Bank. This increased the winnings total to $90,000. The winners received cash prizes and will get coveted space on H-E-B store shelves in 2017.

“The final presentations were phenomenal, showcasing a unique blend of creativity, resolve and purpose,” said James Harris, Director, Diversity & Inclusion and Supplier Diversity, H-E-B. “As we celebrate the third year of competition we have enjoyed the inventiveness that our fellow Texans continue to showcase.” The judges included Scott McClelland, President, H-E-B Houston; Winell

From left to right: Humble House Foods; The Culinary Cowgirls; Bagel Dots; Kitchun; Texas Pie Company.


Texas Pie Company.

Herron, H-E-B Group Vice-President of Public Affairs, Diversity and Environmental Affairs; Scott Pettit, H-E-B Director of Selling; Jeff Thomas, Senior Vice President and General Manager Central Texas Region, H-E-B; and Chef Michael Skibitcky, Dean of the H-E-B Culinary Academy and a tenured professor at the Culinary Institute of America. Criteria included product quality, marketability and readiness for production as well as the makers’ suitability as retail suppliers. The Quest for Texas Best competition drew entries from 101 towns across the state. Through two qualifying rounds, H-E-B Business Development Managers 10

judged submissions on taste and flavor, customer appeal, value, uniqueness, market potential and differentiation from current products at most H-E-B stores. Once again, GO TEXAN members placed at the top. Among the finalists were 10 entrepreneurs from the Houston area; two from the San Antonio and West Texas areas; four from the Dallas area; six from Austin and three from the Rio Grande Valley. Following is a list of the 2016 Quest for Texas Best award winners, including a small description of each business and their product.


Grand Prize ($25,000 and featured placement as a Texas Best Primo Pick): The Texas Pie Company Original Pie Dough Puck (Kyle) Chef Julie Albertson Since 1988, Chef Julie Albertson has been crafting handmade pies, learning from her grandmother to use organic ingredients including fresh fruits, dairy milk and eggs. Today, her pies are famous for their handmade quality and farm-fresh fillings. Using pecans from Texas growers and a homemade crust recipe, Texas Pie Company’s Pecan Pie has been the number one seller for over 25 years. They have been GO TEXAN members since 2014.

Co-First Place ($20,000): KITCHUN (Austin) Holy-Coco-Cacao! No-Grain-Ola Gloriana Koll and Keesha Waits Search no further for healthy snacks that will satisfy your cravings. KITCHUN is an unconventional brand of delicious foods made with chef sensibilities. The brand line includes their famous No-Grain-Ola and Batch, and Please! Cookie mixes, which contain no grains, gluten, soy, dairy or GMOs. They are just tasty, good-for­-you ingredients put together with an unexpected great taste.


The Culinary Cowgirls

Co-First Place ($20,000): Bagel Dots (Houston) Purav Patel and Aarti Garehgrat Have you ever wondered what happened to the center of the bagel? Aarti Garehgrat has the answer! Bagel Dots are a truly innovative, fresh, new solution to an age-old problem: eating bagels is messy. These bite-sized bagel balls filled with cream cheese and other ingredients of choice are delicious, fast and ready to go. This wholesome snack can be eaten at any time and any place. They joined GO TEXAN in 2015.


Second Place ($15,000): The Culinary Cowgirls (Austin) Lone Star Queso Alexandra Worthington Culinary Cowgirls’ quesos are made by Texas chefs loaded with all-natural ingredients to create spicy flavors like Lone Star Queso, Roasted Hatch Queso and Salsa Con Queso. Every batch is hand stirred and overseen by the cowgirls who invented the recipes. This is not your momma’s queso. So, saddle up and spice up your life with the Culinary Cowgirls.

Humble House Foods

Third Place ($10,000): Humble House Foods (San Antonio) Ancho & Morita-Smokey Tamarind Sauce Luis Morales Influenced by the heart and dedication of family-owned farmers and ranchers in San Antonio, Luis and Marsha Morales established Humble House Foods with an emphasis on real food, real flavor and real sustainability. Using multidimensional flavors from dried, aged and smoked chilies, as well as real fruits like mango, papaya and golden raisins, Humble House Foods creates pesto, hummus and hot sauces focusing on the brand’s motto: “Flavor First.”

One of the highlights for all 25 of the finalists was being able to meet some of the winners from 2014 and 2015, who shared their inspiring stories and the experience of winning this statewide contest. These Texas businesses were not only treated to an exciting contest experience, but equipped with real-time knowledge and wisdom to help their companies grow. H-E-B also revealed some of their upcoming television commercials, which will roll out soon, promoting Slaton Bakery, Vela Farms, Four Escobars, The Jank and Western Grillers (Armadillo Eggs).


SOWING IDEAS, REAPING SUCCESS – IN THE MIDDLE EAST November November 13-15 13 – 15, 2016 Dubai Dubai World WorldTrade TradeCenter Center click here for information








14 14



International Plants Expo Middle East

Mark Your Calendar Events & Opportunities for GO TEXAN members What: Antique Alley Texas When: Sept. 16-18 Where: Johnson-Ellis-Hill Counties Details: This unique shopping experience (a “Texas treasure-hunting adventure”) spans three counties, features local vendors selling food, crafts, antiques and more. GO TEXAN members can get a 10 percent discount on a booth. For information, contact Nita Redmon at (817) 240-4948. What: Fall der All When: Sept. 24 Where: Van Alstyne Details: This free family event takes place in downtown Van Alstyne. GO TEXAN members receive a $5 discount on booth space.You must mention GO TEXAN membership when applying. For a vendor applications or more information, email Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce or call (903) 482-6066. What: SIAL Paris When: Oct. 16-20 Where: Paris, France Details: Every two years, Paris takes center stage with the SIAL food and beverage trade show. SIAL is one of the largest food and beverage fairs in the world, where business and innovation meet. Don’t miss

this opportunity to present your products to over 150,000 trade visitors from more than 200 countries in the European Union, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America and Africa. Regardless of which international market your company is targeting, you can address key buyers here! Fee includes a furnished booth space and shipping of up to 100 lbs. (gross weight) of samples from a consolidation point in the U.S. to the show using SUSTA’s designated freight forwarder. Registration deadline is Sept. 5. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. What: Hogeye Festival When: Oct. 22 Where: Elgin Details: GO TEXAN members will receive a special $99 booth rate as an arts and crafts vendor. For an application, send an email. For more information, visit the event website. What: Brazil Inbound Trade Mission When: Nov. 13-15 Where: Chicago (11/13), Atlanta (11/15) Details: Suitable products include: gourmet products, condiments and sauces, grains and cereals, olive oils, snacks, health food products, fruit and


vegetable juices, frozen meals and more. One-on-one meetings at the Private Label Trade Show in Chicago and one-on-one meetings in Atlanta. Participation fee is $25. Deadline for registration is Oct. 31. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. What: IPM Dubai 2016 When: Nov. 13-15 Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Details: Exhibit in the SUSTA Pavilion at IPM Dubai. Products of interest include, but are not limited to: cut flowers, starter plants, flowering potted plants, shrubs, hydroponics, seeds, tree-nursery plants, and turf. Registration fee includes a 100 sq. ft. furnished booth and SUSTA will reimburse each company up to $1,500 in shipping costs with proper documentation. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. What: FIHOQ Horticulture Trade Show When: Nov. 16-18 Where: Drummondville, Quebec Details: The FIHOQ trade show is a three day Canadian horticulture trade show being hosted in Drummondville, Quebec in November 2016. Targeting ornamental horticulture, green space and landscaping professionals, the show attracts an average of 6500 visitors each year from across Canada and the U.S. Register now and be eligible for reimbursement of up to $500 in shipping to the show with proper


documentation. Registration deadline is Sept. 30. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. What: San Antonio Christmas Showcase When: Nov. 19-20 Where: Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio Details: A diverse selection of arts and crafts from Texas vendors with over 600 booths. GO TEXAN members get a $100 discount (off the normal rate of $425) for a 10’ x 10’ booth. For more information, contact Ashley at (210) 492-1437. What: McAllen Christmas Showcase When: Nov. 19-20 Where: McAllen Details: Central Texas’ largest Christmas show (Christmas Showcase San Antonio) is headed South. A diverse selection of arts and crafts from Texas vendors with more than 180 booths. GO TEXAN members get a $100 discount (off the normal rate of $425) for a 10’ x 10’ booth. For more information, contact Ashley at (210) 492-1437. What: SIAL Middle East When: Dec. 5-7 Where: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Details: The SIAL Middle East show is continuously growing. In 2014, there were 27 national pavilions, 926 exhibitors and over 15,000 visitors from 90 countries. 433 pre-qualified VIP hosted buyers and 680 participating chefs in La Cuisine attended

What: IPM Essen When: Jan. 24-27, 2017 Where: Essen, Germany Details: The International Trade Fair for Plants (IPM) is the world’s leading trade fair covering the plant industry in its entirety, ranging from production, technology, floristry, garden features and point of sale. For 6 days, this event will host over 50,000 visitors, with 40% of them coming from outside of Germany, as well as over 1,500 exhibitors from 49 countries. No other What: Canada Inbound Trade Mission trade event offers the opportunity to to the Tropical Plant Industry explore and showcase horticultural When: Jan. 18, 2017 products in a market that serves as an Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida entry into one of the most integrated Details: The Tropical Plant Industry regions in the world. European Union Exhibition showcases for three days member states share a customs union the latest trends in the horticultural (a single market in which goods industry. Register for this Canada can move freely), a common trade Inbound Trade Mission to TPIE to meet policy and a common agricultural one-on-one with qualified horticulture policy. Thus IPM Essen offers the buyers from Canada. This is a great opportunity for SUSTA companies to opportunity to explore the Canadian establish business relations with key market at a low cost participation buyers in Germany as well as other fee of $25. Fee Includes: One-on-one countries within the European Union. meetings with Canadian buyers at the Registration deadline is Oct. 14. For Tropical Plants Industry Exhibition. more information, contact Carlos Travel and accommodations are Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. the responsibility of the company. Registration deadline is Nov. 18. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507. the show. At least US $350 million worth of contracts were signed by exhibitors at the event. Exhibit with SUSTA and receive a furnished booth space at SIAL Middle East. Fee includes furnished booth space within the U.S. pavilion. Registration deadline was at midnight, Aug. 31, but we have been graned a short extension until Sept. 2. For more information, contact Carlos Guerrero at (512) 463-6507.

For a complete list of discounted international events please follow this link. 17

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24 Diner was featured on Influential Magazine., which highlighted the diner’s move to the Domain in Austin. (Photo courtesy of Domain Northside/Rock Rose)


Hops & Grain, Parkside and Tacodeli were all featured on Eater Austin.

Texas Legato was featured in a nice article on Texas Wine Lover. Peach Creek Vineyards was featured on Simple Most. Doesn’t that wine float look delicious? Ranger Creek was featured on Eater Austin for its Rimfire.

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Whole Fruit JPC San Antonio Wimberley Valley Gourmet Specialties Wimberley Zentner’s Daughter Steak House San Angelo

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The wonderful and giant, Texas-sized 3-D sign outside Texas Pie Company’s facility. Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize in H-E-B’s Quest for Texas Best! 26

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AN X E T O G e h t “Thanks to Houston, Omni in retail event p will start carrying o h s ft i g l e t o H .” our product el, b y n a p —Max Sta m o C t Mea e s u o H h c Ran 14) 0 2 e c n i s r (Membe

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