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he State Fair of Texas brings visitors from all over the world to sample the sights, sounds and unusual fried foods of Texas. This year’s fair runs from Sept. 30 to Oct. 23, and you won’t want to miss out on the Texassized fun. “The State Fair, much like our GO TEXAN program, embodies the many wonderful reasons we all love Texas and are proud to be from the Lone Star State,” Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said. Each year, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) sets up shop inside the GO TEXAN Pavilion presented by Southwest Dairy Farmers at the State Fair. Inside the GO TEXAN Pavilion, visitors learn how agriculture impacts their daily lives. Also within the 25,000 square foot Pavilion is the GO TEXAN Pioneer Brand General Store — the largest collection of Texas products under one roof at the State Fair. Visit TDA at the State Fair to sample a wide variety of GO TEXAN food products, as well



as shop for great gift items made right here in the Lone Star State. Hungry fairgoers will enjoy free yogurt from Southwest Dairy Farmers each day throughout the Fair. There’s also live music, exhibits and demonstrations taking place in the GO TEXAN Pavilion daily.

balls, quail breast, edible colas and many more innovative treats.

The State Fair Wine Garden presented by TDA is another outstanding State Fair destination where you can taste some of the best craft beers and wine the Lone Star State has to offer. The wine garden is located just outside the One of the most talked-about features of GO TEXAN Pavilion, so it makes for an ideal place to catch your breath and the State Fair every year is the variety of creative food and beverages available. The rest after shopping in the GO TEXAN Pioneer Brand General Store and before finalists for the Big Tex Choice Awards this year sound as interesting as ever. The you head off to experience more fair attractions. Catch live music in the award-winning deep fried concoctions include: smoked salmon, pineapple, a Wine Garden on Fridays, Saturdays and cookies and cream sundae, guacamole Sundays throughout the fair. 4




his year’s H-E-B Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best contest was so hard to judge that a tie was declared for first place, and the creators of these innovative products are relishing the sweet taste of victory. Due to the incredible competition and unique flavors of Texas, a panel of expert judges narrowed a field of 25 finalists to an unprecedented five winners in August at the Houston Food Bank. The winners received cash prizes and coveted space on H-E-B store shelves in 2017. “The final presentations were phenomenal, showcasing a varied blend


of creativity, resolve and purpose,” said James Harris, director of diversity and inclusion and supplier diversity for H-E-B. “As we celebrate the third year of competition, we have enjoyed the inventiveness that our fellow Texans continue to showcase.” The Quest for Texas Best competition drew entries from 101 towns across the state. Through two qualifying rounds, H-E-B business development managers judged submissions on taste and flavor, customer appeal, value, uniqueness, market potential and differentiation from current products at H-E-B stores.

MAKING GO TEXAN PROUD Once again, GO TEXAN members made Grand Prize Winner ($25,000 and featured placement as a Texas Best Primo Pick): their way to the top of the competition, including as the grand prize winner. Texas Pie Company from Kyle Original Pie Dough Puck Among the 25 finalists, more than half Chef Julie Albertson are GO TEXAN members: Zen Monkey, GO TEXAN members since 2014 Since 1988, Chef Julie Albertson has Blank and Sons, Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard, Texas Pie Company, Trentino been crafting handmade pies, learning from her grandmother to use organic Gelato, MuffinElse, Erva Yerba Mate, Briggs TRUE Texas, Southern Blends, ingredients including fresh fruits, milk Lauren’s Garden, Sabrosos Salsas, Bagel and eggs. Today, her pies are famous Dots and Patti’s Place. for their homemade quality and farmfresh fillings. Using pecans from Texas Following is a list of the 2016 Quest for growers and a homemade crust recipe, Texas Pie Company’s Pecan Pie has Texas Best award winners. been the company’s number one seller for more than 25 years.

Texas Pie Company 7

Bagel Dots

First Place Winner ($20,000): Bagel Dots from Houston Purav Patel and Aarti Garehgrat GO TEXAN members since 2015 Have you ever wondered what happened to the center of the bagel? Aarti Garehgrat has the answer! Bagel dots are a truly innovative, fresh, new solution to the age-old problem that eating bagels is messy. These bite-sized bagel balls are filled with cream cheese and other ingredients of choice, and they are delicious, fast and ready-to-go. This wholesome snack can be eaten at any time and any place.



First Place Winner ($20,000): KITCHUN from Austin Holy-Coco-Cacao! No-Grain-Ola Gloriana Koll and Keesha Waits Search no further for healthy snacks that will satisfy your cravings. KITCHUN is an unconventional brand of delicious foods made with chef sensibilities, including their famous No-Grain-Ola and Batch, and Please! cookie mixes, which contain no grains, gluten, soy, dairy or GMOs. These tasty, good-for­you ingredients are put together in an unexpected way that tastes great.

The Culinary Cowgirls

Second Place Winner ($15,000): Culinary Cowgirls from Austin Lone Star Queso Alexandra Worthington Culinary Cowgirls’ quesos are made by Texas chefs and loaded with allnatural ingredients to create spicy flavors like Lone Star Queso, Roasted Hatch Queso and Salsa Con Queso. Based in Austin, every batch is handstirred and overseen by the cowgirls who invented the recipes. This is not your momma’s queso, so saddle up and spice up your life with the Culinary Cowgirls.

Humble House Foods

Third Place Winner ($10,000): Humble House Foods from San Antonio Ancho and Morita-Smokey Tamarind Sauce Luis Morales Influenced by the heart and dedication of family-owned farmers and ranchers in San Antonio, Luis and Marsha Morales established Humble House Foods with an emphasis on real food, real flavor and real sustainability. Using multidimensional flavors from dried, aged and smoked chilies, as well as real fruits like mango, papaya and golden raisins, Humble House Foods creates pesto, hummus and hot sauces focusing on the brand’s motto of Flavor First.





armers have had a love affair with pickup trucks since their inception, and many Texans love their Toyota trucks. That’s why Gulf States Toyota has grown from a single distributor of Toyota vehicles to the nation’s leader in sales, and they’ve been named the No. 1 privately held company in Houston by the Houston Chronicle several years in a row. It’s their involvement in Texas agriculture that makes them a proud GO TEXAN member. “It’s no secret that Texas is ‘truck country,’ and we’re proud that Tundra and Tacoma are both manufactured in Texas,” Katie Scallan, senior manager with Gulf States Toyota, said. “Since 2006, more than 1.5 million Tundra and Tacoma trucks have been produced in San Antonio, while employing 6,100 dedicated team members and on-site suppliers and supporting an additional 16,400 indirect jobs.”

Every Toyota Tundra is now assembled in San Antonio with U.S. and globally sourced parts. There is a Texas Edition, of course, as well as a 1794 Edition, which takes its name from the year the ranch on which the Toyota plant now sits was founded. Farmers and ranchers are glad to see Toyota’s long-term commitment to building the most capable fullsize pickup truck available, because most farmers and ranchers use their pickup trucks for work, and they expect them to hold up to years of rigorous and rugged use on the farm. “‘Built here, lives here’ is what we like to say,” Scallan said. Ever wondered how many pickup trucks are purchased and used right here in Texas? “In 2014, 5.9 million pickups were registered in the state of Texas,” Scallan said. “That same year, 322,000 pickups were sold 11

in the Lone Star State, which equates to 15 percent of the total 2.1 million trucks sold in the U.S.” Not every pickup in Texas is a Toyota Tundra, of course, but this growing company has made a sizable impact upon the Lone Star State. “Toyota has always made a strong commitment to the communities in which our team members work and live,” Scallan said. “Toyota has established partnerships with nearly 40 local parts and materials suppliers, and has invested nearly $4 billion into the Texas economy.” Toyota’s Texas roots will soon expand and strengthen, as the company is constructing its North American Headquarters in Plano, which is scheduled to be completed in spring 2017. The new campus will stretch across nearly 100-acres of land with 2.1 million square feet of office space for 4,000 Toyota employees to call home. This will only further boost the state’s largest Toyota retailer. To learn more about Gulf States Toyota, visit their website. 12




ear Creek Smokehouse began as a family business in Hick and Nellie Shoults’ backyard. The Shoults were on the hunt for a more profitable crop than the cotton and corn they were farming at the time. Hick decided to get into the turkey business, since they were easier to “fatten up” than other livestock. In their first year, the Shoults raised 640 turkeys on their farm in Bear Bottom,


Texas. Each year, they increased the number of turkeys produced, and the family built their first processing plant, Shoults Famous Turkeys, in 1943. Now, 73 years later, the Shoults family still operates as Bear Creek Smokehouse and continues to sell a variety of smoked meat items. Stacia Shoults married into the family business and works as the marketing coordinator, that’s in addition to running

the office and assisting with, as she said, “a million other things.” She and her husband, Hunter, are raising the fifth generation of workers for Bear Creek Smokehouse. Their entire family takes pride in their work, and they enjoy working with the ones they love the most — their family. “On any given day, you can walk into the plant and there are four generations of Shoults men working,” Mrs. Shoults said. Shoults proudly admits that being a Texas business owner has truly been a blessing.

“Being able to be in a network with other GO TEXAN members that we can reach out to when we need ingredients or guidance is comforting, and it’s a wonderful thing that GO TEXAN has made possible for us.” In the future, Bear Creek Smokehouse will release a family cookbook with more than 200 pages of family recipes. The company is also wrapping up the finishing touches on their new Signature Series Pork Tenderloin that Food Network’s Sunny Anderson has helped create.

“This tenderloin will be sold nationwide with our name on it, along with Sunny’s “The only thing bigger than Texas is a name and the GO TEXAN logo,” Shoults Texan’s ego about Texas,” Shoults said. “I said. “We have a wonderful personal myself would have to agree. Everything is and working relationship with Sunny, bigger and better here, and we truly take who is originally from San Antonio, and that to heart. Our smoked meats are bigger we are so proud to be able to produce on flavor and even better on the taste.” something here in East Texas for such a big-named celebrity chef.” Being a GO TEXAN member has been extremely beneficial to this Lone Star Fun fact: Robbie Shoults, the third business also. generation family member working at Bear Creek Smokehouse, was asked to be a guest “It makes us proud to be able to put the judge on Beat Bobby Flay for two episodes, GO TEXAN logo on our boxes, because and he is also a regular on the local news we know that when customers see that where he demonstrates how to cook with logo, they trust that what we offer is a Bear Creek Smokehouse products using quality product that supports other Texas various recipes. businesses,” Shoults said. To shop with Bear Creek Smokehouse, That’s not the only benefit the company click here. sees in the GO TEXAN program. 15



ommunity Beer Co. is not your average brewery, and this Dallas-based company is giving a whole new meaning to the word community. “Whenever old and new friends, family and acquaintances get together, beer is often involved,� founder Kevin Carr said. Carr wanted to create a brewery that maintained a strong sense of community-building. The brainchild of Kevin Carr, Community Beer Co. began as an effort to bring true local craft

beer to the North Texas scene. As an avid homebrewer for nearly 15 years, Carr began seeking out national craft beer brands to enjoy at home in the mid-1990s. He would figure out the ingredients of his favorite craft beers from all over the world. His travels to Colorado, Oregon, California and also parts of the Northeast made him wish there were similar local offerings in his hometown of Dallas. Eventually, driven part by passion and part by business opportunity, Community Beer Co. opened its doors in January 2013. 17


Community Beer Co. was considered an early entrant into the industry and immediately began winning prestigious awards for its beers, including gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup. Carr’s favorite thing about being a business owner, especially in Texas, is that Texas provides a wonderful climate for a wide variety of businesses and patrons that are yearning to go local. “There is a significant consumer shift happening in Texas where more folks are seeking out local offerings and are willing to pay more for the higher quality that local usually provides,” Carr said. “Not only is buying local a great way to help your fellow brethren in the state, but it also boosts our economy.” Prior to this year, Community Beer Co. beer was only available in North Texas, but now Community Beer Co. beverages are available in and around Austin and San Antonio, with more locations to follow. “We have lots of fun beer releases on the horizon, all the while planning some pretty big events to celebrate craft beer in Texas communities,” Carr said. The beer that celebrates the Lone Star State and best captures the Texas spirit is the brew, Texas Helles. “We are so proud of our fastest-selling beer, Texas Helles, which is an easy-drinking, refreshing, light German-style lager clocking in at only 5.0 percent ABV, which stands for alcohol by volume,” Carr said. For a list of places to get Community Beer Co. beer, click here.


GREEN SPACES IS THE PLACE FOR ME! The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA) and the Texas Water Smart Coalition have teamed up to create a program called Greenspaces that is beneficial to both the community and the environment. These greenspaces are dedicated to retirees in GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Communities (CRC). They provide a lovely setting where guests can appreciate, unwind and learn all about Texas water smart plants and techniques. Nacogdoches was the first GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community to develop a greenspace for seniors. Located near a farmers market, this green space is a wonderful display of what happens when a community works together to create a sustainable display of a garden. 20

“The partnership with the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association and the Texas Water Smart Coalition provides our GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Communities with an opportunity to improve their amenities for retirees and residents alike,” Richard De Los Santos, GO TEXAN marketing coordinator, said. “This space also offers the public a chance to learn about water smart plants and provides our local nurseries a chance to increase business.” Six more communities will be receiving greenspaces soon, including Chandler, Seguin, Pottsboro, Rusk, Kaufman and Longview. Currently, there are approximately 50 certified GO TEXAN retirement communities. For a list of these communities and more information, click here.

21 21

RECIPE: DIJON AND WHISKEY BEEF STEW Serves: four to six. Cook time: three hours total. Ingredients: ¼ lb. 1 3 4 tbsp. 2 lb. 2 tbsp. To taste ½ cup 2 cups ½ cup 4 tbsp. 4 ½ lb.

Bacon, diced Large onion, finely diced Shallots, chopped Butter, as needed Beef chuck, cut into 1-inch cubes Flour Salt and freshly ground black pepper Balcones Distilling whiskey Low sodium beef stock Smooth Dijon mustard Coarse Dijon mustard Medium carrots, peeled and cut into half-moon slices Monterey mushrooms, stemmed, cleaned and quartered

Directions: 1. Place bacon in a Dutch oven or a large heavy kettle over low heat, and cook until fat is rendered. Remove bacon. Raise heat to medium-low, and add onion and shallots. Cook until softened but not browned, about 10 to 15 minutes. Use a slotted spoon to transfer to a large bowl. 2. If necessary, add 2 tablespoons butter to the pan to augment fat. Dust beef cubes with flour, and season lightly with salt and more generously with 22

pepper. Shake off excess flour, and place half the cubes in the pan. Cook over medium-high heat until well browned, almost crusty, on all sides, then transfer to a bowl with onions. Repeat with remaining beef. 3. Add whiskey to the empty pan, and cook, stirring until the bottom is deglazed and any crusted-on bits come loose. Add stock, smooth Dijon mustard and 1 tablespoon coarse mustard. Whisk to blend, then return meat and onion mixture to 23

pan. Lower heat, partially cover pan, and simmer gently until meat is very tender, or about 1Âź hours. 4. Add carrots and continue simmering for 40 minutes, or until slices are tender. As they cook, heat 2 tablespoons butter in medium skillet over medium-high heat. SautĂŠ mushrooms until browned and tender. Stir mushrooms into stew along with remaining mustard and red wine. Simmer 5 minutes, then taste and adjust seasoning. Serve hot. 23


The Texas Farm Fresh Jump with Jill Live Tour is teaching young Texans about good nutrition and Texas agriculture using music and physical activity. The tour will visit 20 schools and 20 child care centers throughout the Rio Grande Valley during September and October, and it will make its way to the State Fair of Texas on October 7. “TDA has teamed up with Jump with Jill to help Texas children realize that eating nutritious foods and exercising every day make them 24

part of a very cool — and healthy — crowd,” said Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. “As part of our innovative Farm Fresh Initiative, this live event provides valuable lessons about good nutrition and Texas agriculture in a way that children will connect with and remember for years to come.” Click here for a list of schools and child care centers that will be treated to the Jump with Jill Live Tour in the coming weeks.


GO TEXAN PARTNERS WITH AVOCADOS FROM MEXICO GO TEXAN is partnering with Avocados from Mexico to promote Texas Gulf shrimp, squash and avocados in H-E-B stores across the state. Chefs will be serving up delicious samples of these items in local H-E-B stores on September

17 and 18. Visit your local store to see if there is a demonstration near you this weekend. Below, try this delicious recipe using fresh avocados, Texas-grown squash and Texas Gulf shrimp.

INGREDIENTS Texas Gulf shrimp, peeled and deveined Sour cream 1/4 cup Texas cilantro, chopped 3 Tbsp Lime juice 2 Tbsp Texas sweet onion, minced 2 Tbsp Jalapeño, seeded and finely chopped 1/2 tsp Salt 1/4 tsp Pepper 2 Avocados From Mexico, halved, pitted, peeled and diced 1 cup Texas Tomatoes (about 2), chopped 1 Texas green squash, sliced (for serving) 1 Texas yellow squash, sliced (for serving) 1 lb

1/2 cup

DIRECTIONS 1. In bowl, combine Texas Gulf shrimp, sour cream, cilantro, lime juice, onion, jalapeño, salt and pepper. 2. Spoon into avocado shells or a serving bowl. Garnish with sliced avocado and tomatoes; serve with

sliced Texas-grown green or yellow squash.


For information about Texas Gulf shrimp, visit gotexan.org. Tex as Depa rT m enT oF aGr iculT ur e H com missioner siD miller



Take the Challenge and WIN PRIZES! 28

Grab your mobile devices and cameras and send us pictures of the GO TEXAN mark — on products on the shelf or in your hands, on signs, vehicles or printed materials. Get creative!

Prizes include GO TEXAN t-shirts, glasses and hats.

To enter, tell us where you saw the product and GO TEXAN mark, and post your photo (be sure to use the We will judge your social media post #GOTEXAN hashtag) on Facebook, or emailed photo based on originality, Instagram or Twitter. We will share creativity, composition, the “fun factor” your posts and select winners once and, occasionally, we’ll randomly pick per month. You may also enter by winners! If you win, we will notify you emailing us your photo. that we’re about to send you some stylish GO TEXAN swag. Have fun ... and happy hunting!


Howdy, neighbors!

I want to encourage you to visit the GO TEXAN website and check out the Experience GO TEXAN/Texas Events section. When you experience GO TEXAN, you’ll have so many choices and opportunities to explore the many treasures of rural Texas. We have all the information you need to plan your perfect road trip. Fall is the time for numerous county fairs and festivals across the state. Attend one of these events and cheer on the FFA and 4H members as they compete in everything from showing livestock to public speaking. It is also a time for the Heart O’ Texas Fair and Rodeo in Waco and the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. We certainly can’t forget Friday night football. Follow your team to an out of town game, 30

and while you are visiting, check out the local restaurants and shops. Have you ever gone to a pumpkin patch in rural Texas and picked a pumpkin or worked your way through a corn maze? When you do, you will have created wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, and perhaps a few tall tales to share with your friends. As it gets closer to Christmas, plan a trip to harvest your own fresh tree from a Texas grower. Remember, all of these opportunities can be found just by some simple searches on the internet. Now go enjoy rural Texas!

UPCOMING TEXAS EVENTS Sept. 16-18: Antique Alley Texas, Johnson County Sept. 23: Texas Reds Festival, Bryan Sept. 24: Fall der All, Van Alstyne Sept. 24: Texas Craft Brewers Festival, Austin Sept. 30 - Oct. 2: 36th Annual Oktoberfest, Fredericksburg Sept. 30 - Oct. 23: State Fair of Texas, Dallas Oct. 6-15: Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo, Waco Oct. 8: Uncorked Wine Festival, Mount Pleasant Oct. 22: Hogeye Festival, Elgin Oct. 22: Texas Mushroom Festival, Madisonville View more Texas events here. 31


Launched in 1999 by the Texas Department of Agriculture, GO TEXAN, with its signature mark in the shape of Texas, celebrates, promotes and supports the business savvy and plainspoken grit Texas agriculture is known for throughout the world. Whether it’s grown, sewn or served up on a plate, nearly 27 million Texans shop, travel and dine out in support of Texas businesses, agriculture and communities, looking for the GO TEXAN mark to light the way. To learn more about the GO TEXAN program, call (877) 99-GOTEX or visit the GO TEXAN website. Tell others about GO TEXAN! One great and easy way is to forward them this publication. All your friends have to do to is click here to subscribe, and they’ll start receiving the Go Local. GO TEXAN. free monthly e-zine.

About the Texas Department of Agriculture

TDA’s mission is to partner with all Texans to make Texas the nation’s leader in agriculture, fortify our economy, empower rural communities, promote healthy lifestyles, and cultivate winning strategies for rural, suburban and urban Texas through exceptional service and the common threads of agriculture in our daily lives. 32

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Go Local. GO TEXAN. September 2016 e-zine  

The latest information on Texas food, wine, restaurants, recipes, gardening, style and more.

Go Local. GO TEXAN. September 2016 e-zine  

The latest information on Texas food, wine, restaurants, recipes, gardening, style and more.

Profile for gotexan