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Fine Australian  Art  Books  

GOTCHA BY  THE  BOOKS   Catalogue  No  1,  Summer  2013-­‐14  

Gotcha By  The  Books  was  founded  in  2001,  and  proprietor  Sean  Phillips  has  been  selling  books  in   Brisbane  since  1985.  This  is  our  first  catalogue.   Payment  methods:  Visa,  Mastercard,  EFT,  Cheque,    or  Paypal     Gotcha  By  The  Books   15  Moss  Road   Camira   Qld  4300   Australia   0408  725  404   (07)  3288  4352  


1. Littoral    

Springer, Elizabeth;  Robertson,  Margaret;  Adams,  Tate;  McBurnie,  Ron;  Silver,  Anneke;  Smith,  Bronwyn;  Kinlyside,  Sheree;  Langtree,   Christine  (ed)  

Townsville, Lyre  Bird  Press,  2000  

Signed limited  edition.    Paperback,  tall  12mo,  b&w  linocuts,  unpaginated.  Very   Good.       No.  18  of  an  edition  of  200  copies,  designed  by  Tate  Adams  and  Ron  McBurnie  at   Lyre  Bird  Press,  Townsville;  being  5  poems  by  Elizabeth  Springer,  accompanied  by   lino  Cuts  by  Margaret  Robertson,  Tate  Adams,  Ron  McBurnie,  Anneke  Silver,   Bronwyn  Smith,  and  Sheree  Kinlyside;  signed  to  reverse  of  half-­‐title  page  by  the   poet  and  all  the  artists;  very  occasional  light  foxing,  covers  very  lightly  rubbed,  o.w.   Very  Good.    


DAVIDA ALLEN     2.  What  is  a  Portrait  the  images  of  Vicki  Myers     Allen,  Davida   Sydney  New  Endeavour  Press  1991  

Signed 1st  edition.  Colour  plates,  hardbound,  landscape  8vo,  no  dustwrapper.  Unpaginated.   Being  the  visual  companion  to  Davida  Allen's  novel  'The  Autobiography  of  Vicki  Myers:  Close  to  the   Bone';  here  we  see  Vicki's  picture-­‐book,  depicting  her  ongoing  development  as  a  woman  and  an  artist;   numerous  colour  plates  with  Vicki's  comments  on  facing  page;  flat-­‐signed  by  Davida  Allen  to  title  page;   it  appears  this  is  a  signed  copy  of  the  first  paperback,  bound  into  black  buckram  boards  with  no  titling;   very  occasional  light  foxing,  minor  spotting  to  boards,  o.w.  Very  Good.  


3. Davida  Allen  survey  exhibition  24th  October  -­‐  5th  December  1987     Hughes,  Annette   Brisbane  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art  1987  

1st Edition.  Profusely  illustrated,  paperback,  4to,  74pp.  Very  Good.       Exhibition  catalogue  for  the  major  Davida  Allen  survey  at  Brisbane's  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art  in   1987;  the  exhibition  documented  the  development  of  Allen's  work  from  her  very  first  show,  and  up  to   work  not  yet  shown  at  the  time;  catalogue  essay  by  Atherton  Nye,  edited  by  Annette  Hughes;  includes   b&w  photos  from  the  artist's  life,  plus  dozens  of  colour  plates  of  her  paintings;  Very  Good  and  clean   throughout,  covers  lightly  rubbed,  with  one  or  two  minor  scuff  marks.  



4. The  Solitary  Watcher  Rick  Amor  and  his  Art   Catalano,  Gary  

Melbourne Miegunyah  Press/Melbourne  University  Press  2001   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  dustwrapper,  199pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Full-­‐length  study  of  the  work  of  Rick  Amor,  limited  to  1500  copies;  32  colour  plates,  numerous  b&w   illustrations;  being  number  thirty-­‐eight  in  the  second  numbered  series  of  the  Miegunyah  Volumes.  



HOWARD ARKLEY   5.  Spray  the  Work  of  Howard  Arkley  updated  and  revised  edition     Crawford,  Ashley;  Edgar,  Ray  

Sydney Craftsman  House  2001                                                                                                                                       Hardbound,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  dustwrapper,  152pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.     Updated  and  revised  edition  of  this  definitive  study  of  the  work  of  Howard  Arkley,  first  published  in   1997,  here  revised  after  the  artist's  death  in  1999;  colour  and  b&w  illustrations  throughout,   illustrated  endpapers;  includes  an  Arkley  Curriculum  Vitae,  including  solo  exhibitions,  select  group   exhibitions,  awards,  select  biliography,  internet,  and  filmography.      


6.  Howard  Arkley  The  Home  Show  Australian  Pavilion  48th  Venice  Biennale  of  Art  1999     Hannaford,  John  (ed)  

Australia Council  1999   1st  Edition.  Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  44pp.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  Howard  Arkley's  work,  representing  Australia  at  the  Venice  Biennale  1999;   text  is  bi-­‐lingual  (English/Italian);  contributions  by  Ron  Radford,  Marco  Livingstone,  Tim  Morrell;  colour   plates  throughout;  minor  scuff  marks  to  wraps,  o.w.  Very  Good  clean  copy.    


7.  Carnival  in  Suburbia  the  Art  of  Howard  Arkley     Gregory,  John  

Cambridge, Cambridge  University  Press  2006   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  214pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Study  of  the  work  of  Howard  Arkley,  by  John  Gregory,  art  historian  and  brother-­‐in-­‐law  of  the  artist;   focusses  on  Arkley's  vision  of  Australian  suburbia,  containing  all  of  Arkley's  major  paintings  and   drawings,  and  with  images  from  Arkley's  notebooks  and  photographs;  illustrated  laminated  boards,   illustrated  endpapers,  colour  and  b&w  illustrations  throughout;  original  clear  acrylic  dustwrapper   with  yellow  title  band      



8.  George  Baldessin  Sculpture  and  Etchings  a  memorial  exhibition     Baldessin,  George;  Lindsay,  Robert;  Holloway,  Memory  Jockisch;  Ryan,  Judith(ed)    

Melbourne National  Gallery  of  Victoria  1983    

1st Edition.  Paperback,  profusely  illustrated,  4to,  152pp.  Very  Good.       Scarce  catalogue  for  the  George  Baldessin  memorial  exhibition,  NGV  1983;  preface  by  Patrick   McCaughey,  texts  by  Robert  Lindsay  and  Memory  Jockisch  Holloway,  edited  by  Judith  Ryan;  includes   detailed  biographical  notes  with  b&w  photo  illustrations  from  Baldessin's  life,  and  132  b&w  images  of   Baldessin's  etchings  and  sculpture;  nice  reflective  silver  wraps  with  Baldessin  etching  to  front;  covers   lightly  rubbed,  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout.  



9. George  Baldessin  Six  Etchings  with  text  by  Jenny  Zimmer   Zimmer,  Jenny  

Townsville, Lyre  Bird  Press,  2000.   Numbered  limited  edition.  Arche  rag  paper  in  clamshell  box,  folio  (460  x   370mm),  one  colour  and  5  b&w  etchings,    24pp.  Very  Good  and  clean  in   Very  Good  clamshell  box.       Very  scarce  Lyre  Bird  Press  publication,  being  No.  9  of  only  25  copies   (plus  6  hors  commerce);  6  George  Baldessin  etchings  including  one   double  page  in  colour,  printed  from  the  artist's  original  plates,  on   arches  velin  cuve  and  BFK  rives  paper;  text  by  Jenny  Zimmer;  a  beautiful   book,  being  in  the  form  of  6  unbound  folios  enclosed  in  a  white  paper   cover  with  artist's  name  and  pear  motif  to  front,  all  in  a  handsome  black   clamshell  box  with  silkscreen  figure  on  cover,  handmade  by  master   binder  Fred  Pohlmann;  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout,  with   occasional  very  light  foxing  and  occasional  light  offset  from  plates;   clamshell  box  lightly  rubbed,  with  one  or  two  minor  scratches,  and  with   wear  at  corners.  



10. Richard  Bell  UZ  VS.  Them   Reilly,  Maura;  Mundine,  Djon  

New York/London,  American  Federation  of  Arts  in   association  with  D  Giles  Limited  London,  2011   Signed  1st  edition.    Hardbound,  landscape  8vo,  dustwrapper,   profusely  illustrated,  80pp.  Very  good  tight  and  clean  in  Very   Good  dustwrapper.   Catalogue  for  the  travelling  exhibition  of  works  by  Richard  Bell,   organized  by  the  American  Federation  of  Arts  New  York;  over  40   colour  illustrations;  includes  an  interview  with  the  artist  by   Maura  Reilly,  a  manifesto  by  Bell,  essay  by  Djon  Mundine,   timeline,  and  bibliography;  signed/dated,  and  with  short  note   "Hope  you  enjoy",  by  Richard  Bell  to  front  endpaper.      





11. Three  Colours  

Melbourne, Heide  Museum  of  Modern  Art  2004   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  2  volumes,  4to  in  slipcase,  profusely  illustrated,  63pp.  Fine.      

Catalogue for  the  exhibition  of  works  by  Gordon  Bennett  and  Peter  Robinson,  Heide   Museum  of  Modern  Art,  and  touring  2004-­‐2006;  texts  by  various  writers,  colour   illustrations  throughout;  2  volumes  4to  in  opaque  plastic  slipcase  with  Heide  Museum  of   Modern  Art  logo  to  front;  edition  of  1000  copies.    



12.  Out  of  Print  Gordon  Bennett  a  survey  of  prints  to  printouts  1984  to  2004   Brisbane,  Queensland  College  of  Art,  2004.  

Signed 1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  large  8vo,  dustwrapper,  colour   and  b&w  illustrations,  80pp.    Very  Good+  tight  and  clean  in  Very   Good  dustwrapper.       Signed  by  Gordon  Bennett;  Very  scarce  signed  (flat-­‐signed  to   title  page)  catalogue  for  the  Gordon  Bennett  exhibition  at   Griffith  University  Qld  College  of  Art,  curated  (and  text  by)   Simon  Wright;  colour  and  b&w  illustrations  of  Bennett's  work   throughout;  inlcudes  loose-­‐leaf  promo  material  for  the   exhibition  (one  page  text  printed  both  sides,  and  one  illustrated   card  invitation  (recipient's  name  crossed  out  in  black  texta);   VG+  tight  and  clean  throughout;  one  very  short  closed  tear  top   edge  of  front  panel  of  dustwrapper,  o.w.  Very  Good.    


13.  The  Art  of  Gordon  Bennett   McLean,  Ian  

Sydney, G+B  Arts/Craftsman  House  1996.   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,       140pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.     Illustrated  study  of  the  work  of  Gordon  Bennett  up  to  the  mid-­‐ 1990's,  with  essays  by  Ian  McLean,  and  a  text  (The  Manifest   Toe)  by  Gordon  Bennett;  colour  and  b&w  illustrations   throughout.  



14.  Alice's  Adventures  in  Wonderland  Illustrated  by  Charles  Blackman   Carroll,  Lewis;  Blackman,  Charles;  edited  by  Nadine  Amadio.   Sydney,  Reed  1982  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  sm  4to,  dustwrapper,  colour  and  b&w  illustrations,     128pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Alice's  Adventures  in  Wonderland  illustrated  by  Charles  Blackman;  35  colour   and  numerous  b&w  illustrations  selected  by  Nadine  Amadio,  illustrated   endpapers;  believed  to  be  the  first  full-­‐colour  illustrated  edition  of  Alice  by  a   major  artist;  orange  cloth  boards  with  white  titling  to  spine,  orange   dustwrapper  with  two  Blackman  illustrations,  one  each  to  front  and  rear   panel;  this  copy  with  foxing  to  endpapers  and  prelims,  o.w.  Very  Good  and   clean  throughout;  dustwrapper  lightly  sunned  to  spine,  o.w.  Very  Good.    



15. Apparition  signed  limited  edition   Alvarez,  A.;  Blackman,  Charles  

Brisbane University  of  Queensland  Press  1971   Signed  Limited  Edition  21/100.  Hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates,  illustrated  calf,  4to,   slipcase,  52pp.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout  in  G-­‐VG  slipcase.       Scarce  signed  limited  edition  of  this  collaboration  between  A.  Alvarez  and  Charles   Blackman,  being  No.  21  of  100  copies,  signed  by  both  Alvarez  and  Blackman;  bound   in  full  calf  with  gilt  inlay  Blackman  drawing  to  front  board  and  gilt  titling  to  spine,   orange  endpapers,  and  with  7  full-­‐page  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates  of  Blackman's   Gouaches  illustrating  the  Alvarez  poems,  some  of  which  are  given  in  facsimile;   brown  cloth  slipcase  with  illustrated  orange  paper  sides  and  spine  (front  showing   same  illustration  as  gilt  inlay  to  front  board);  colour  separated,  plates  processed,   printed  and  bound  by  Watson  Ferguson  &  Co.,  Brisbane;  Very  Good  and  clean   throughout,  with  only  the  most  minor  creasing  to  the  inner  edges  of  some  colour   plates;  one  or  two  very  minor  marks  to  leather,  o.w.  Very  Good,  with  gilt  inlay  and   titling  clean  and  bright;  slipcase  a  little  rubbed,  with  some  foxing  and  minor  stains,   and  with  some  light  scratch  marks  to  rear.          



16. The  Art  of  Charles  Blackman   Shapcott,  Thomas   London,  Andre  Deutsch,  1989  

Signed 1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  266pp.  Very  Good  in  Very   Good  dustwrapper.       Thomas  Shapcott's  study  of  the  work  of  Charles  Blackman,  signed  by  Blackman  to  half-­‐title  page;   includes  200  b&w  and  colour  illustrations  -­‐  images  selected  and  documented  by  Robin  Burridge;     includes  select  bibliography  and  selected  exhibitions;  blue  cloth  boards  with  gilt-­‐titling  to  front  board   and  spine;  Very  Good  tight  clean  copy  in  like  dustwrapper.    



17. Charles  Blackman  The  Lost  Domains   Amadio,  Nadine   Sydney,  Reed,  1980.  

Numbered limited  edition.    Leather,  folio,  colour  and  b&w  illustrations,   144pp.  Very  Good.     Deluxe  edition  of  this  selection  of  works  by  Blackman,  being  No.  54  of   150  copies,  and  including  a  loose  bound  Blackman  etching  (please  note   this  copy  NOT  signed  by  Blackman,  etching  not  signed);  full  blue  leather   with  Blackman  illustration  in  gilt  to  front  board  and  facsimile  Blackman   autograph  and  titling;  maroon  title  label  and  gilt  titling  to  spine;  top  and   lower  edges  gilt;  text  by  Nadine  Amadio;  copiously  illustrated  with   (mostly)  colour  and  b&w  reproductions  of  Blackman's  works,  with   chapters  on  Schoolgirls,  Alice  in  Wonderland,  Girls  and  Flowers,  Faces   of  Love,  Children  Playing,  Gardens,  The  Sea,  Nudes,  NIghtmares,   Identities;  decorative  endpapers;  this  copy  with  foxing  to  endpapers,   prelims  and  text  block,  minor  worn  spots  to  edges  of  boards,  o.w.  Very   Good  throughout.            


18. A  Line  Around  a  Dream  Charles  Blackman  an  exhibition  of  drawings   Granek,  Walter;  Diggins,  Lauraine  (ed)   Melbourne,  Lauraine  Diggins  Fine  Art,  1994.  

1st Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  b&w  and  colour  illustrations,  36pp.  Very  Good.       Scarce  catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  drawings  by  Charles  Blackman,  Lauraine  Diggins  Fine  Art  23  March  -­‐   27  April  1994,  and  touring  to  Ballarat  and  Shepparton;  text  by  Walter  Granek;  mostly  b&w,  and  with  some   colour  illustrations;  wraps  lightly  rubbed,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout.  


19. Charles  Blackman  Alice  in  Wonderland  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  2006   Smith,  Geoffrey;  St  John  Moore,  Felicity       Melbourne,  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  Ian  Potter  Centre,  2006.  

1st paperback.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  142pp.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  Charles  Blackman  exhibition  held  at  the  Ian  Potter  Centre  August  -­‐  October  2006,   marking  the  fiftieth  anniversary  of  Blackman's  Alice  in  Wonderland  series,  with  essays  on  the  history  and   significance  of  the  series  by  Geoffrey  Smith  and  Felicity  St  John  Moore,  and  including  46  full-­‐page  colour   plates  accompanied  by  descriptive  text.    


20. Charles  Blackman  Schoolgirls  and  Angels  a  retrospective  exhibition  of  paintings  and  drawings   St.  John  Moore,  Felicity     Melbourne,  National  Gallery  of  Victoria,  1993.  

1st Edition.    Stiff  card  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  142pp.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  Charles  Blackman  retrospective,  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  1993;  foreword  by   Director  James  Mollison,  text  by  Felicity  St  John  Moore;  colour  plates  and  b&w  illustrations   accompanied  by  descriptive/analytical  text  and  details  of  medium,  dimensions,  and  collection;   includes  Blackman  chronology,  exhibitions  and  select  reviews,  and  bibliography;  stiff  card  wraps  with   french  flaps,  front  cover  showing  a  detail  from  'The  Anteroom'.  


ARTHUR BOYD     21.  Arthur  Boyd  c1940  -­‐  1960  Symbols  of  Transformation   Sydney,  BMG  Fine  Art,  1989.  

Numbered limited  edition.    Paperback,  large  8vo,  colour  plates,  unpaginated.  Very  Good  (title  page  clipped   lower  rh  corner).       Scarce  Arthur  Boyd  catalogue,  BMG  Fine  Art  Sydney  May  4  -­‐  May  27  1989,  limited  to  500  numbered   copies,  of  which  this  is  no.183;  being  a  series  of  20  paintings  (covering  a  period  of  roughly  20  years),  the   earliest  of  which  was  painted  by  Boyd  at  22  years  of  age;  the  works  had  remained  in  the  possession  of  the   artist  for  some  time,  and  had  not  been  exhibited,  until  they  finally  came  up  for  sale  in  1989;  introduction   by  Richard  Haese,  photography  by  Jill  Crossley;  20  full-­‐page  colour  plates  of  the  paintings,  and  also   including  biographical  notes  and  list  of  one-­‐man  exhibitions;  lower  corner  of  the  title  page  is  clipped,  o.w.   Very  Good  


22. Nebuchadnezzar  34  paintings  and  18  drawings  by  Arthur  Boyd   Boase,  T.S.R.   London,  Thames  and  Hudson,  1972.  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  colour  plates/b&w   illustrations.       Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Arthur  Boyd's  series  of  paintings,  etchings,  lithographs,  and   drawings  on  the  Old  Testament  story  of  the  fall  of  the   Babylonian  king  Nebuchadnezzar,  with  text  by  TSR  Boase;   illustrated  with  34  hand-­‐tipped,  full-­‐page  colour  plates,  plus   b&w  illustrations,  illustrated  endpapers  and  dustwrapper;  Very   Good  clean  copy  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper  (price  clipped).    



    DAVID  BOYD    

23. David  Boyd  Survey  Retrospective  Exhibition  (1957-­‐1992)  27  May  -­‐  10  June  1992   Boyd,  David;  Wagner,  Shirley  J.     Melbourne,  Andrew  Ivanyi  Galleries,  1992.  

1st Edition.    Paperback,  large  8vo,  profusely  illustrated,  28pp.  Very  Good  clean  copy.   Catalogue  for  the  David  Boyd  retrospective  presented  by  Andrew  Ivanyi  Galleries  at  Caulfield  Arts   Complex  27  May-­‐10  June  1992;  includes  a  number  of  short  prose  passages  by  various  writers  and  art   critics  on  aspects  of  Boyd's  work,  annotated  biography  of  Boyd,  selected  bibliography,  list  of  principle   catalogues,  periodicals  and  newspapers;  35  colour  plates  of  Boyd's  work;  tiny  crease  to  top  rh  corner  of   catalogue,  o.w.  VG+  clean  and  bright.  



24. Guy  Boyd  

Von Bertouch,  Anne;  Hutchings,  Patrick    

Melbourne, Lansdowne  Press,  1976  

Signed limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  slipcase,  profusely  illustrated,   136pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  slipcase.     Signed  limited  edition  of  this  study  of  the  sculpture  of  Guy  Boyd,  being   No.  75  of  1000  copies,  signed  by  Guy  Boyd  to  hand-­‐tipped  edition  plate;   numerous  b&w  photo  illustrations  of  Boyd's  sculptures  throughout;   texts  by  Anne  Von  Bertouch  (The  Sculptor)  and  Patrick  Hutchings  (The   Sculpture);  brown  cloth  boards  with  large  image  of  Boyd  sculpture  laid-­‐ in  to  front  board,  gilt  titling  to  front  board  and  spine;  one  page  (127)   with  crease  and  edgewear,  o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout;   minor  loss  to  original  glassine  dustwrapper,  and  rear  flap  folded;  minor   marks  to  spine  of  slipcase,  o.w.  Very  Good.    






25. John  Brack  Nudes  fifteen  original  lithographs  text  by  Margaret  Plant  introduction  by  Gordon   Thomson   Plant,  Margaret;  Thomson,  Gordon   Melbourne,  Lyre  Bird  Press  1982.  

Signed limited  edition.    Leather/linen  in  clamshell  box,  full-­‐page   lithographs,  large  folio,  unpaginated  (40pp).  Near  Fine  in  Very   Good  clamshell  box.       Beautiful  early  publication  from  the  Melbourne  manifestation  of   Lyre  Bird  Press,  being  Copy  No.  35,  signed  by  John  Brack  to   colophon  ;  15  lithographs  by  John  Brack,  the  illustrations  being   printed  directly  from  zinc  lithographic  plates  made  by  Brack  in   September  1981,  thus  every  print  in  the  edition  is  an  artist's   original  print;  plates  hand-­‐printed  by  John  Robinson,  Druckma   Press,  Melbourne,  text  printed  under  the  supervision  of  Ern   Scammell  at  Wm.  Caulfield  &  Sons  printers;  large  folio  465  x   340mm,  half  leather  with  linen  sides,  with  Brack  motif  to  front   board,  gilt  titling  to  spine,  hand  bound  by  Ralf  Engel  in  matching   linen-­‐lined  clamshell  box;  printed  on  Arche  Satine  100%  rag   paper  made  in  France  by  Arjomari-­‐Erioux;  text  by  Margaret   Plant,  introduction  by  Gordon  Thomson;  frontispiece  and  14   plates  throughout,  including  2  double-­‐page;  also  includes  the   original  loose  folio,  reproducing  the  frontispiece  plate  and  title   page,  and  with  book  specifications  to  rear  page  -­‐  this  folio  states   Ralf  Engel  as  the  binder,  but  N.  Doslov  is  mentioned  elsewhere   as  having  bound  some  copies  of  this  edition;  the  original  edition   was  intended  to  be  200  copies  (plus  50  hors  commerce),  but   this  was  never  fulfilled,  approximately  50  copies  being  made  in   all;  a  scarce  and  superior  publication  in  every  respect;   occasional  light  foxing,  o.w.  Near  Fine  copy;  some  scuff  marks  to   clamshell  box,  o.w.  Very  Good.  




26. The  Art  of  John  Brack  Volume  I  Volume  II  Catalogue  Raisonne  Signed  by  John  Brack   Grishin,  Sasha     Melbourne,  Oxford  University  Press  Australia,  1990.  

Signed 1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  2  volumes,  4to  in  slipcase,     profusely  illustrated,  236;262pp.  Both  Volumes  Very  Good  in   Very  Good  slipcase.       Very  scarce  Signed  1st  edition  of  this  two  volume  John  Brack,   with  text  by  Sasha  Grishin;  volume  I  being  Grishin's  in-­‐depth   study  of  the  life  and  work  of  Brack,  with  colour  illustrations   throughout  of  Brack's  work;  appendices  include  exhibitions  and   reviews,  and  chronological  list  of  John  Brack's  published  and   unpublished  statements  on  art;  also  inlcudes  bibliography;   volume  ii  being  a  Catalogue  Raisonne,  listing  oil  paintings,  works   on  paper,  and  prints  (each  listing  with  details  of  medium,   exhibitions,  provenance,  dimensions,  etc),  followed  with   hundreds  of  b&w  illustrations;  volume  1  Signed  and  with  short   gift-­‐inscription  (the  recipient's  name)  by  John  Brack;  blue  cloth   boards  with  gilt  titling  to  spines,  in  blue  cloth  slipcase  with  gilt   titling  (including  facsimile  Brack  autograph)  to  spine;  this  edition   was  withdrawn  by  Oxford  University  Press  due  to  concerns  with   the  gilt  titling,  and  so  is  exceedingly  rare,  signed  copies  being   even  more  scarce;  both  volumes  Very  Good  tight  bright  and   clean  throughout  in  Very  Good  slipcase;  gilt  titling  to  spines  of   both  volumes  very  lightly  rubbed  and  with  very  minor  loss,  but   generally  bright  and  not  showing  anywhere  near  the  rubbing  of   most  examples;  gilt  titling  to  slipcase  is  better,  bright  and  clean   with  no  loss.      


27. John  Brack  a  Retrospective  Exhibition   Lindsay,  Robert;  Hoff,  Ursula;  McCaughey,  Patrick   Melbourne,  National  Gallery  of  Victoria,  1987  

Signed 1st  edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  144pp.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  John  Brack  Retrospective,  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  1987,   flat-­‐signed  by  Brack  to  title  page;  text  by  Robert  Lindsay,  with  essays  by   Ursula  Hoff  and  Patrick  McCaughey;  numerous  colour  and  b&w  illustrations   throughout;  includes  biographical  and  exhibition  notes,  and  bibliography;   Very  Good  and  clean  throughout.  




28.  The  Art  of  Rupert  Bunny   Turnbull,  Clive;  Buesst,  Tristan     Sydney,  Ure  Smith,  1948.  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates/b&w   plates/text  drawings,  75pp.  Very  Good  in  chipped  &  rubbed  dustwrapper.       Limited  to  1200  copies;  10  full-­‐page  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates,  32  b&w,  2  text   drawings  (one  pen,  one  pencil);  An  Appreciation  by  Clive  Turnbull,  and   Biographical  Sketch  by  Tristan  Buesst;  also  includes  a  list  of  Rupert  Bunny's   paintings  in  Australia  and  their  owners  as  of  1948;  ochre  cloth  boards  with  gilt   'RB'  motif  to  front  board  and  gilt-­‐titling  to  spine;  untrimmed  pages;  bookshop   label  to  front  pastedown,  former  owner's  name  to  front  endpaper,  very  minor   spotting  to  endpapers,  minor  offset  to  rear  pastedown,  o.w.  Very  Good   throughout;  dustwrapper  edgeworn  and  rubbed  with  3cm  loss  to  head  of  spine,   4x3  cm  loss  lower  edge  rear  panel,  worn  spots  to  front  panel.  




29. Rupert  Bunny  Artist  in  Paris   Edwards,  Deborah  

Sydney, Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales,  2009   1st  Edition.    Stiff  card  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  224pp.  Fine.       Scarce  catalogue  for  the  Rupert  Bunny  exhibition,  Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales  November  2009-­‐ February  2010;  covering  the  47  years  that  Bunny  spent  in  France  and  Paris,  during  which  time  he   produced  all  his  major  works;  text  by  Deborah  Edwards  (with  contributions  by  Denise  Mimmocchi,   Anne  Gerard,  and  David  Thomas);  includes  a  note  on  the  materials  that  Bunny  used  to  produce  his   paintings  by  Simon  Ives  and  Andrea  Nottage;  list  of  works,  and  select  bibliography;  illustrated   throughout  in  colour  and  b&w.  




30. Ian  Burn  The  Second  Hand   Milani,  Josh  (ed)    

Brisbane, Bellas  Milani  Gallery,  2006   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  landscape  8vo,  profusely  illustrated,  unpaginated.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  works  by  Ian  Burn,  Bellas  Milani  Gallery  Brisbane  March  1-­‐24  2006;  the   exhibition  was  curated  by  Ann  Stephen  to  coincide  with  the  release  of  her  book  On  Looking  at  Looking   The  art  and  Politics  of  Ian  Burn;  some  minor  rubbing/scuffing  to  covers,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout.    


31.  The  Woodblock  Painting  of  Cressida  Campbell  signed  by  Cressida  Campbell   Crayford,  Peter  (ed).     Sydney,  Public  Pictures  Pty  Ltd,  2008  

Signed 1st  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely   illustrated,  360pp.  Fine.       Signed  1st  Edition  of  this  profusely  illustrated,  comprehensive   survey  of  the  woodblock  painting  of  Cressida  Campbell;   foreword  by  Edmund  Capon,  introduction  by  John  McDonald;   colour  illustrations  throughout  including  some  gate-­‐fold;   includes  nearly  300  illustrations  on  fine  paper;  handsome  cloth   boards  with  facsimile  autograph  of  Cressida  Campbell   embossed  to  front  board,  blue  titling  to  spine.    Included  with   this  copy  are  two  Philip  Bacon  Galleries  catalogues  for  Cressida   Campbell  exhibitions  of  November  2005,  and  October  2008,  an   illustrated  card  gate-­‐fold  invitation  for  the  exhibition  of   November  2000,  price  lists  for  all  three  exhibitions,  two   illustrated  card  invitations  (for  '05  and  '08  shows),  and  original   illustrated  card  promo  for  The  Woodblock  Painting  of  Cressida   Campbell  (2008);  a  Fine  copy  of  a  scarce  and  desirable  book.  





32. City  People  an  exhibition  by  Robert  Dickerson   a  collection  of  42  charcoal  drawings  done  in  Sydney  and  Brisbane  

Brisbane, Neskerdick  Nominess/Philip  Bacon,  no  date  (mid-­‐1970's)   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  b&w  illustrations,  unpaginated.Very  Good  throughout  in  lightly  rubbed   covers.       Catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  drawings  by  Robert  Dickerson,  Philip  Bacon  Galleries;  no  date  given,  but   appears  to  be  c1975;  27  full-­‐page  b&w  plates,  also  includes  biographical  note,  list  of  awards,   bibliography.    Very  Good  and  clean  throughout,  covers  lightly  rubbed,  minor  crease  lower  rh  corner   front  cover.        


33.  Robert  Dickerson  The  Complete  Graphics   Powell,  Louisa   Sydney,  Queen  Street  Fine  Art,  2002  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  132pp.  Very  Good  tight  and  clean  in   Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Comprehensive  overview  of  the  graphic  work  of  Robert  Dickerson;  16  b&w  and  colour  plates,  and  with   b&w  illustrations  throughout;  includes  a  catalogue  with  small  image  of  each  print,  and  providing   information  of  medium,  dimensions,  edition,  paper,  publisher,  printer,  collection;  VG  tight  and  clean  in   like  dustwrapper.        



34. Fairweather  a  retrospective  exhibition   Brisbane,  Queensland  Art  Gallery,  1965  

1st Edition.    Paperback,  square  8vo,  colour  and  b&w  illustrations,  unpaginated.  Very  Good  (minor  wear   to  front  cover).     Scarce  catalogue  for  the  Fairweather  retrospective  at  the  Queensland  Art  Gallery  (and  touring)  in   1965-­‐1966;  foreword  by  Laurie  Thomas,  introduction  by  Robert  Smith;  8  colour  and  b&w  plates,  2  b&w   photos  of  Fairweather;  catalogue  lists  88  works  in  all,  including  24  from  the  collection  of  Mrs.  Lina   Bryans;  includes  Fairweather  Chronology  and  selected  references;  cover  illustration  of  the  painting   ‘Epiphany’;  former  owner's  name  to  title  page,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout;  covers  very  lightly  rubbed,   and  with  one  or  two  small  worn  patches  to  front.      


35. Fairweather  Queensland  Art  Gallery  1994   Bail,  Murray  (et  al)  

Brisbane, Art  and  Australia  Books/Queensland  Art  Gallery  1994   1st  paperback.    Paperback,  Sm  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  144pp.Very  Good  tight  clean  copy.       Catalogue  for  the  Fairweather  exhibition  at  Qld  Art  Gallery  Oct  -­‐  Nov  1994  (and  touring),  with  texts  by   Murray  Bail,  Pierre  Ryckmans,  Mary  Eagle,  Drusilla  Modjeska,  Martin  Armiger,  and  Joanna  Capon;  64  full-­‐ page  colour  plates,  and  some  b&w  illustrations;  includes  transcripts  of  two  (very)  short  interviews   between  Fairweather  and  Hazel  de  Berg,  select  bibliography,  and  list  of  plates;  illustrated  card  wraps  with   French  flaps;  VG+  clean  tight  copy.      


36. Ian  Fairweather  May  18  -­‐  June  14  1984  Philip  Bacon  Galleries   Bail,  Murray;  Daws,  Lawrence   Brisbane,  Philip  Bacon  Galleries,  1984  

Numbered Limited  Edition.    Paperback,  square  8vo,  colour  plates/b&w  illustrations,    36pp.Very  Good   clean  copy.       Catalogue  for  the  Ian  Fairweather  exhibition,  Philip  Bacon  Galleries,  Brisbane  May  18  -­‐  June  14  1984,   held  to  mark  the  tenth  anniversary  of  the  artist's  death;  being  NO.  838  of  an  edition  of  1000  copies;   foreword  by  Lawrence  Daws,  catalogue  by  Murray  Bail;  catalogue  lists  details  of  80  works   (medium/date/collection,  etc),  and  including  select  bibliograpy;  b&w  frontispiece  photo  of  Fairweather,   numerous  b&w  illustrations,  and  11  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates;  this  copy  Very  Good  tight  and  clean   throughout;  covers  very  lightly  rubbed;  overall  a  very  nice  copy  of  this  scarce  Fairweather  catalogue.      


FLUXUS   37.  Fluxus  and  after  Queensland  Art  Gallery  1993   Kirker,  Anne;  Grant,  Kirsty;  Henson,  Barbara  (ed)     Brisbane,  Queensland  Art  Gallery,  1993  

1st Edition.    Paperback,  8vo,  self-­‐wraps,  profusely  illustrated,  47pp.  Very   Good  tight  clean  copy.       Scarce,  attractive  catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  Fluxus  works,  Qld  Art   Gallery  Dec  1993  -­‐  Feb  1994;  Alison  Knowles,  Robert  MacPherson,  Dick   Higgins,  Something  Else  Press,  Henri  Chopin,  and  more;  illustrated   throughout;  paperback  bound  in  black  stiff  card  wrap-­‐around  with  lime-­‐ green  embossed  tribal  head  with  tongue  sticking  out,  the  tongue  acting  as   a  binding  lock;  Very  Good  clean  tight  copy.      



E  PHILLIPS  FOX     38.  E.  Phillips  Fox  His  Life  and  Art   Zubans,  Ruth   Melbourne,  Miegunyah  Press,  1995  

Limited edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  243pp.  Very  Good  in  Very   Good  dustwrapper.       Full-­‐scale  study  of  the  life  and  work  of  Emanuel  Phillips  Fox,  limited  to  1000  copies,  published  by   Miegunyah  Press  (being  number  five  in  the  second  Miegunyah  Press  series);  contains  over  70   colour  plates,  and  250  monochrome  illustrations,  including  selections  from  his  previously   unpublished  sketchbooks;    chronology,  selected  letters,  exhibitions,  bibliography,  and  24  page   catalogue;  light  toning  to  edges  of  some  pages,  o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout;  very  light   edgewear  to  dustwrapper,  o.w.  Very  Good.        




39. So  Far  the  Art  of  Dale  Frank  2005-­‐1980   Signed  by  Dale  Frank   Melbourne,  Schwartz  Publishing,  2007  

Signed 1st  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  slipcase,  profusely  illustrated,  425pp.   Fine.       Signed  1st  Edition  of  this  sumptuous  monograph  on  the  work  of  Dale  Frank,   covering  a  25  year  period,  from  1980-­‐2005;  signed/dated  (2008)  in  black   texta  by  Dale  Frank  to  half-­‐title  page;  white  boards  with  black  titling  to   spine,  yellow  text  block  and  endpapers;  front  board  shows  a  multi-­‐layered   die-­‐cut  Frank  motif  with  vivid  yellow  centre;  over  200  colour  illustrations   throughout;  housed  in  white  slipcase  with  black  titling  and  yellow  lining;   includes  the  original  book  launch  invitation  from  the  Queensland  Art   Gallery;  signed  copies  of  this  publication  are  very  scarce;  a  fine  copy  in  fine   slipcase  (one  or  two  minor  marks  to  slipcase).          




40. Graham  Fransella  Figures  and  Landscapes  paintings  and  prints  1984-­‐2002   Zimmer,  Jenny  (ed)   Melbourne,  Macmillan,  2002  

Signed 1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  128pp.  Very   Good  tight  and  clean  in  like  dustwrapper.     Illustrated  study  of  the  art  of  Graham  Fransella,  signed  by  the  artist  to  half-­‐title  page;   introduction  by  Edmund  Capon,  texts  by  Peter  Timms  and  Susan  McCulloch  Uehlin;   colour  plates  and  b&w  illustrations  throughout;  very  minor  toning  to  edges  of  some   pages,  o.w.  Very  Good+  tight  and  clean  in  like  dustwrapper.        



41. An  Alphabet  of  Owls  et  cetera  with  a  text  suitable  for  all  children,  grown-­‐ups,  non-­‐readers,   ornamental  hermits,  et  alia   Donald  Friend   Melbourne,  Gryphon  Books,  1981  

Signed limited  edition.    Hardbound,  folio,  b&w  illustrations,  unpaginated   (32pp).  Very  Good.       Signed  limited  edition  of  this  illustrated  alphabet  with  illustrations  and  text   by  Donald  Friend,  being  No.  12  of  150  copies  signed  and  numbered  to   colophon  by  the  artist;  black  buckram  with  maroon  leather  title  label  with   gilt  illustration  to  front  board,  gilt  titling  to  spine;  printed  on  hand-­‐made   paper  by  Jim  Walker  at  The  Croft  Press  on  a  Furnival  stop  cylinder  machine;   occasional  light  foxing,  o.w.  Very  Good.        


42. Birds  from  the  Magic  Mountain  with  text  and  illustrations  by  Donald  Friend   Donald  Friend   Bali  P.T.  BAP  1977  

Signed limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  colour  and  b&w  illustrations,  48pp.  Very  Good.       Colour  and  b&w  drawings  throughout,  and  prose  in  facsimile  of  the  artist's  hand,  being  Donald   Friend's  celebration  of  the  birds  of  Bali;  Signed  limited  edition,  No.  337  of  400  copies,  signed  to   prelims  by  Donald  Friend;  published  in  Bali  in  1977;  illustrated  cloth  boards  lightly  rubbed,  Very   Good  and  clean  throughout.          



43. Art  in  a  Classless  Society  &  vice  versa  a  study  of  cultural  eccentricities  operating  within  the   confines  of  Antipodean  normalcy.    Copiously  illustrated  with  the  masterpieces  of  avant  gard,   centre  gard  and  derrier  gard  artists,  along  with  a  text  that  is  not  only  astonishingly  profound,  but   also  surprisingly  readable,  from  the  hand  of  the  celebrated  author  Donald  Friend   Donald  Friend   Deluxe  Edition,  Signed  and  numbered  No.  33/50  and  including  a  loose  bound  hand-­‐coloured  Donald  Friend  print  

Sydney, Richard  Griffin,  1985  

Signed limited  edition.    Leather,  4to,  dustwrapper,  colour  illustrations,  unpaginated.   Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Scarce  deluxe  edition  of  Donald  Friend's  'Art  in  a  Classless  Society',  being  No.  33  of  50  signed   copies  and  also  including  a  loose-­‐bound  signed  numbered  print,  each  one  individually  hand-­‐ coloured  by  Friend  so  that  no  two  are  alike;  bound  in  full  maroon  leather  with  gilt  titling  and   Donald  Friend  motif  to  front  board  and  gilt  titling  to  spine;  illustrated  dustwrapper;  light   foxing  to  endpapers  and  prelims,  o.w.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper  (price  clipped).          




44. Donald  Friend  in  Bali   Donald  Friend  

London and  Sydney,  Collins,  1972   Signed  1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  large  8vo,  dustwrapper,   profusely  illustrated,  107pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Donald  Friend's  impressions  of  Bali  in  words  and  images,   signed  and  dated  (23/11/72)  by  Friend  to  half-­‐title  page;   colour  plates  and  b&w  illustrations  throughout;  Very  Good   tight  and  clean  throughout;  dustwrapper  clipped,  o.w.  Very   Good.            



45. Remarks  on  Board  His  Majesty's  ship  Tamar  in  a  voyage  from  England  to  Port  Praia  Cape  of   Good  Hope  New  South  Wales  and  from  thence  along  the  coast  of  Australia  to  Port  Essington  in  the  Cobourg  Peninsula  

and thence  to  Bathurst  and  Melville  Islands  Apsley's  Straits  between  27th  February  and  the  13th  of  November  1824  and  continued   in  the  ship  Countess  of  Harcourt  to  the  Isle  of  France  to  7th  February  1825  illustrated  by  Donald  Friend  No.  125  of  160  copies   Ennis,  Henry;  Friend,  Donald  

Melbourne, Richard  Griffin,  1983  

Limited edition.    Leather/cloth,  large  8vo,     dustwrapper,  b&w  illustrations,  34pp.  Fine.       Designed  and  edited  by  Richard  Griffin  and  with   frontispiece  and  title  page  illustrations  by  Donald   Friend,  No.  125  of  160  copies  of  this  edition  of  The   Voyage  of  The  Tamar;  half  leather  with  cloth  sides   with  gilt  titling  to  spine  and  Tamar  motif  to  front   board;  printed  on  handmade  paper  by  Gardner   Printing  Co.,  and  handbound  by  Peter  Marsh  at  The   Dove  Bindery;  Fine  copy  in  like  dustwrapper.      



46. Sundry  Notes  &  Papers;  being  the  recently  discovered  notes  and  documents  of  the  Natural  &   Instinctive  Bestiality  Research  Expedition  collected  and  collated  under  the  title  BUMBOOZIANA   wherein  is  set  down  the  illfated  Expedition's  numerous  adventures  and  the  results  of  their   investigations  into  the  private  habits  of  elephants,  camels,  zebras,  leopards,  etc  and  the  equally   strange  customs  of  men,  accurately  and  profusely  illustrated,  described  and  anatomised  by  an   artist  of  world  renown   And  including  the  Bumbooziana  Portfolio  in  matching  slipcase   Donald  Friend  

Melbourne, Gryphon  Books,  1979  

Signed limited  edition  (this  copy  out  of  series).    Half  leather   with  cloth  sides,  elephant  folio,  slipcase,  colour  and  b&w   illustrations,  125pp.  Very  Good.       First  edition  of  Donald  Friend's  Bumbooziana,  being  a   facsimile  of  the  original  manuscript;  the  edition  was  limited  to   150  copies  (plus  twenty  hors  commerce)  signed  by  Donald   Friend  to  colophon  -­‐  this  copy  stated  'out  of  series';  Elephant   Folio  (570  x  420mm),  half  green  leather  with  cloth  sides,  with   gilt  illustrations  and  titling,  in  matching  cloth  slipcase  with   green  leather  title  label/gilt  titling  to  spine;  lavishly  illustrated   in  full  colour  and  including  gold  decorations  with  tissue   guards;  a  superb  publication,  and  one  of  the  key  works  in  the   Donald  Friend  oeuvre;  comes  with  the  Bumbooziana  Portfolio,   containing  27  proofs  from  Bumbooziana  in  green  paper  folder   all  in  matching  slipcase  with  green  leather  title  label/gilt  titling   to  spine.        


47. Donald  Friend  "Day  Book"  Preliminary  Notes  and  Sketches  for  Projected  Illustrated  Books  by   Donald  Friend  including  1.  The  Farce  of  Sodom  2.  The  Life  and  Curious  Adventures  of  Blue-­‐Eyed   Patty  (Croft  Press  1979)  3.  Sketches  for  'Codex  Bumbooziaticus."  4.  Studies  for  Illustrations  of   "Coogan's  Gully"  (Gryphon  Books  1979)  5.  "The  Story  of  Jonah"  sketches  for  illustrations  etc.   1978-­‐79-­‐80   Donald  Friend   Original  Donald  Friend  Sketchbook,  profusely   illustrated,  1981  

Hardbound, 4to,  clamshell  box,  191pp.     Unique  item,  being  an  original  Donald  Friend  illustrated  'Day   Book';  includes  numerous  plans  and  preliminary  sketches  for   major  works  including  Bumbooziana  and  The  Farce  of  Sodom,   The  Life  and  Curious  Adventures  of  Blue-­‐Eyed  Patty,  Coogan's   Gully,  and  The  Story  of  Jonah;  mostly  holograph  text  with   some  sixty-­‐one  pencil,  pen,  ink  or  goauche  original   illustrations,  including  some  full-­‐page  and  double-­‐page;  full-­‐ page  frontispiece  self-­‐portrait;  some  material  or  illustrations   laid-­‐in,  including  exhibition  invitations  and  title  page  designs;   bound  in  half  maroon  cloth  with  cream  cloth  sides,  with  title   labels  pasted  onto  front  board  and  spine,  all  in  black  clamshell   box  with  self-­‐portrait  to  front.    This  item  has  been  previously   used  for  promotional  purposes  at  the  launch  in  Perth  by  Janet   Holmes  a  Court  of  'Songs  of  the  Vagabond  Scholars’  (Beagle   Press)  in  1982;  exhibited  at  The  Donald  Friend  Retrospective,   Sydney  -­‐  Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales  in  1990;  exhibited  at   Australian  Galleries,  Melbourne,  to  promote  Donald  Friend's   works.    Contains  much  material  relating  to  some  of  Friend's   best  known  books  and  works,  and  as  such  represents  an   indispensable  resource  for  Donald  Friend  studies.     Included  with  the  Day  Book  are  two  ring-­‐bound  folders  and   one  manila  folder  containing  a  variety  of  Donald  Friend   ephemera,  including  both  photocopied  and  original  drawings   (a  series  of  small  drawings  done  in  Bali),  printed  material   relating  to  Bumbooziana  and  The  Farce  of  Sodom  (including  a   Bumbooziana  prospectus),  two  copies  of  The  Bumbooziana   Portfolio  (a  string-­‐bound  4to  paperback  containing  notes  and   anecdotes  by  Richard  Griffin  on  the  publication  of   Bumbooziana  -­‐  one  being  No.  34,  the  other  a  reference  proof  -­‐   both  signed  by  Richard  Griffin  and  Donald  Friend),  newspaper   clippings,  various  authentications  of  material  related  to  the   Donald  Friend  Collection  of  Asian  Art,  1993  Crohill  Gallery   price  list  of  works  by  Friend,  a  three  page  handwritten  review   by  Friend  of  the  recent  acquisition  of  a  Chinese  wooden  figure   of  the  Soong  dynasty  by  the  Melbourne  Art  Gallery  (c1940's)   and  a  typed  version  of  the  same  review.    Ring  binders  and   manila  folder  all  signed  by  Friend.  






48. The  Farce  of  Sodom  by  The  Right  Honourable  Earl  of  Rochester  written  for  the  Royall   Company  of  Whoremasters  and  printed  a-­‐new  upon  the  three  hundredth  anniversary  of  the   untimely  demise  of  our  noble  author  in  the  thirty-­‐third  year  of  his  life  with  sets  and  costumes   suitable  for  theatrical  performances  designed  by  Donald  Friend   No.  39  of  250  signed  numbered  copies     Friend,  Donald;  John  Wilmot  Earl  of  Rochester  

Melbourne, Gryphon  Books,  1980  

Signed limited  edition.    Half  leather  with  cloth  sides,  folio,  slipcase,     hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates,  67pp.  Fine  in  Very  Good  slipcase.       Donald  Friend's  illustrated  edition  of  the  Restoration  closet  drama   The  Farce  of  Sodom,  attributed  to  John  Wilmot  2nd  Earl  of   Rochester,  being  No.  39  of  250  signed  and  numbered  copies    (of   which  240  were  for  sale);  three-­‐quarter  black  calf  with  purple  velvet   sides,  two  raised  bands  and  gilt  titling  to  spine,  in  black  cloth   slipcase;  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates  and  b&w  text  drawings   throughout,  illustrated  endpapers;  Fine  tight  clean  copy;  slipcase   with  one  or  two  very  minor  marks,  o.w.  Very  Good.                  



49. The  Farce  of  Sodom  by  The  Right  Honourable  Earl  of  Rochester  written  for  the  Royall   Company  of  Whoremasters  and  printed  a-­‐new  upon  the  three  hundredth  anniversary  of  the   untimely  demise  of  our  noble  author  in  the  thirty-­‐third  year  of  his  life  with  sets  and  costumes   suitable  for  theatrical  performances  designed  by  Donald  Friend   Being  copy  Number  ONE  of  only  ten  artist's  copies,  signed  by  Donald  Friend.   Friend,  Donald;  John  Wilmot  Earl  of  Rochester  

Melbourne, Gryphon  Books,  1980  

Signed limited  edition.    Full  leather,  folio,  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates,  67pp.   Fine.       Very  scarce,  being  Copy  Number  ONE  of  only  ten  artist's  copies  of  Donald   Friend's  illustrated  edition  of  The  Farce  of  Sodom,  reserved  from  the  limited   edition  of  250  signed/numbered  copies,  of  which  240  were  for  sale;  19  full-­‐ page  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates,  and  b&w  text  drawings  throughout,   endpapers  illustrated  in  full  colour;  a  unique  custom  binding  in  full  green   morocco  with  decorative  gilt  borders  to  front  and  rear,  five  raised  bands  to   spine  with  six  compartments  with  gilt  borders  and  devices,  gilt  titling,  a.e.g.,  a   distinctive  front  board  shows  an  oval  cut-­‐out  with  perspex  window  through   which  is  seen  the  bust  of  The  Learned  Flux,  Physician  to  the  King,  from  colour   plate  17;  Richard  Griffin  of  Gryphon  Books  was  known  to    produce  one-­‐off   elaborate  custom  bindings,  and  it  is  likely  (although  there  is  no  provenance)   that  this  is  such  an  example;  a  Fine  tight  clean  copy;  The  Farce  of  Sodom  is  a   Restoration  closet  drama,  attributed  to  John  Wilmot,  2nd  Earl  of  Rochester  -­‐   an  outrageous  comic/erotic  drama,  it  serves  as  prime  material  for  a   treatment  by  Donald  Friend.                


50. Songs  of  the  Vagabond  Scholars  lyrics  by  anonymous  wanderers  who  sheltered  in  courts  and   monasteries  at  the  time  of  the  Black  Death  with  literal  translations  by  Randolph  Stow  and  an   introduction  by  John  A.  Scott  containing  14  original  lithographs  by  Donald  Friend   Friend,  Donald;  Stow,  Randolph   Sydney,  The  Beagle  Press,  1982  

Signed limited  edition.    Leather  bound,  tall  folio,  b&w  lithographs,     60pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  slipcase.       Beautiful  book  produced  by  Beagle  Press,  being  No.  36  of  100   copies,  signed  to  colophon  by  Donald  Friend;  bi-­‐lingual  text  in  Latin   and  English  translation,  of  anonymous  (apart  from  the  Confessio  by   the  poet  known  as  the  Archpoet)  lyrics  composed  by  wandering   scholars  during  the  time  of  the  Black  Death,  here  translated  by   Randolph  Stow,  and  with  an  introduction  by  John  A.  Scott;  465  x   340mm,  bound  in  mottled  light-­‐green  leather  by  J.A.  Martyn-­‐Reeve,   with  gilt  titling  to  front  and  spine,  set  in  Bodoni  Book  by  Smith  and   Miles,  and  printed  on  250gsm  Arches  Velin  Blanc  by  Frank  Daniels   Pty  Ltd;  14  full-­‐page  original  lithographs  by  Donald  Friend  with   (unbound)  tissue-­‐guards,  lithographs  hand-­‐printed  by  Fred  Genis;   book  devised  and  edited  by  Lou  Klepac  and  designed  by  Neil  Sellick;   dark-­‐green  cloth  slipcase;  some  very  minor  foxed  spots  to  boards,   Very  Good  clean  and  bright  throughout  in  Very  Good  slipcase.      


51. The  Surprising  Adventures  of  Blue-­‐Eyed  Patty  the  valiant  female  soldier  reprinted  from  the   pamphlet  originally  published  by  J.  Hately  of  Wolverhapton  circa  1805  and  further  embellished  with   illustrations  by  Donald  Friend  hand-­‐printed  at  the  Croft  Press  Melbourne  MCMLXXIX.   Hately,  J.  

Melbourne, The  Croft  Press,  1979  

Signed limited  edition.    Paperback,  8vo,  self-­‐wraps,  b&w  illustrations,  unpaginated.   Very  Good.       No.  183  of  250  copies,  signed  to  colophon  by  Donald  friend;  being  an  illustrated   edition  of  the  chapbook  first  published  in  1805  describing  the  (fictional)  adventures   of  the  cross-­‐dressing  female  soldier  Patty  Freelove,  from  England  to  Rio  to  Port   Jackson,  and  eventually  back  to  England;  unpaginated  (20pp),  stiff  card,  with   illustrated  self-­‐wraps,  b&w  Donald  Friend  illustrations  throughout;  hand-­‐set  and   printed  by  Jim  Walker  at  The  Croft  Press,  bound  by  Richard  Griffin;  minor  creases  to   some  pages,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout.      



52. Tides  of  Sensuality  working  drawings  and  studies  for  a  major  work  to  be  titled  Bumbooziana   Friend,  Donald   Melbourne,  Gryphon  Books,  1978  

Signed 1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  sm  4to,  no  dustwrapper,  b&w  drawings,  2  hand-­‐tipped  colour   plates,  unpaginated.  Very  Good  clean  tight  copy.       No.  148  of  350  copies,  signed  by  Donald  Friend  to  colophon,  being  a  series  of  working  drawings,   studies,  and  preliminary  sketches  for  'Bumbooziana',  Friend's  lavishly  illustrated  erotic  parody  of   19th-­‐Century  travelogues;  foreword  by  Elizabeth  Summons;  2  full-­‐page  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates,   full-­‐page  b&w  illustrations  throughout;  red  cloth  boards  with  Friend  illustration  in  gilt  to  front   board  and  gilt  titling  to  spine,  illustrated  endpapers.      






53. A  Tribute  to  Sam  Fullbrook   Queensland  Art  Gallery    

Brisbane, Queensland  Art  Gallery,  1976  

1st Edition.    Paperback,  landscape  8vo,  unpaginated.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  Sam  Fullbrook  exhibition  Queensland  Art  Gallery  August  1976;  stapled  wraps,  with   no  illustrations  but  for  a  Fullbrook  painting  (Old  Man  and  Possum)  in  colour  to  front  cover;  foreword   by  Sir  William  Dargie,  anonymous  essay;  includes  bibliography,  exhibitions,  major  art  prizes,  and  list   of  86  Fullbrook  works  giving  dimensions  and  medium;  Very  Good  throughout;  covers  rubbed,  with   one  or  two  vertical  creases.      


54. Sam  Fullbrook  Racing  Colours   St.  John  Moore,  Felicity  

Melbourne, National  Gallery  of  Victoria,  1995   Signed  1st  Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  74pp.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  major  exhibition  of  works  by  Sam  Fullbrook,  National  Gallery  of  Victoria   1995;  foreword  by  Timothy  Potts,  text  by  Felicity  St.  John  Moore;  includes  list  of  exhibitions   and  select  reviews,  and  Fullbrook  chronology;  63  colour  plates  of  the  painter's  work,  plus   b&w  photos  to  text;  this  copy  signed  with  inscription  "Lots  of  Luck  from  S.F."        




55.  From  the  Studio  of  Rosalie  Gascoigne   Eagle,  Mary  

Canberra, The  Australian  National  University  Drill  Hall  Gallery,  2000   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  63pp.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  Rosalie  Gascoigne  exhibition,  Drill  Hall  Gallery  5  September  -­‐  8  October  2000,  curated  by   Mary  Eagle;  texts  by  Eagle,  and  SCB  Gascoigne,  and  including  conversation  with  Peter  Vandermark  and   Marie  Hegarty,  and  extracts  from  Gascoigne's  letters  to  Martin  Gascoigne  1971-­‐1980;  colour  and  b&w   illustrations  throughout  of  Gascoigne's  life  and  work.        


56. Rosalie  Gascoigne   Macdonald,  Vici   Sydney,  Regaro,  1998  

1st Edition.  Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  115pp.  Very  Good  (pencil  annotations  to  bibliography).     Scarce  illustrated  overview  of  the  work  of  Rosalie  Gascoigne,  with  text  by  Vici  Macdonald,  and  with  an   introduction  by  John  McDonald;  edited  by  Steve  Bush;  profusely  illustrated  with  images  of  Gascoigne's  life   and  work;  one  pencil  annotation  to  bibliography,  and  one  annotation  partially  erased,  o.w.  Very  Good  and   clean  throughout.    


57. Rosalie  Gascoigne  Colin  McCahon  Sense  of  Place   Gascoigne,  Rosalie   Sydney  and  Melbourne,  Ivan  Dougherty  Gallery,  1990  

1st Edition.    Paperback,  square  8vo,  b&w  and  colour  illustrations,  63pp.  Very  Good  tight  clean  copy.       Scarce  catalogue  for  the  joint  exhibition  of  works  by  Rosalie  Gascoigne  and  Colin  McCahon,  Ivan   Dougherty  Gallery  Sydney,  Ian  Potter  Gallery  Melbourne  1990;  forewords  by  Rt.  Hon.  Geoffrey  Palmer   (then  PM  of  New  Zealand),  Professor  L.  Michael  Birt,  and  Gerry  Rowe;  exhibition  curator  Louise  Pether;   texts  by  Anne  Kirker,  Ian  Wedde,  Ewen  McDonald,  and  with  biographical  notes  on  both  artists;  VG+  clean   tight  copy.  


58. Rosalie  Gascoigne  Plain  Air   O'Brien,  Gregory  (ed)  

Wellington City  Gallery/Victoria  University  Press  2004   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  large  8vo,  profusely  illustrated,  88pp.  Very  Good+  tight  clean  copy.       Catalogue  for  the  Rosalie  Gascoigne  exhibition,  City  Gallery  Wellington  February  -­‐  May  2004;  edited  by   Gregory  O'Brien,  contributions  by  Paula  Savage,  Daniel  Thomas,  Barbara  Anderson;  colour  plates  and   b&w  illustrations  throughout;  includes  Gascoigne  Chronology  compiled  by  Courtney  Johnston.    


59. Rosalie  Gascoigne  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  19  December  2008  -­‐  15  March  2009   Gellatly,  Kelly;  Clark,  Deborah;  Gascoigne,  Martin   Melbourne,  National  Gallery  of  Victoria,  2008  

1st Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  136pp.  Very  Good+  tight  clean  copy.         Catalogue  for  the  Rosalie  Gascoigne  exhibition  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  19  December  2008  -­‐   15  March  2009;  text  by  Kelly  Gellatly,  and  with  contributions  by  Deborah  Clark  and  Martin   Gascoigne;  colour  plates  of  Gascoigne's  work  throughout;  also  includes  chronology  and   exhibition  history;  white  card  wraps  with  french  flaps,  with  'Rosalie  Gascoigne'  die-­‐cut  to  front   cover  and  with  illustrated  flap  folding  in  behind  the  titling.    


S.T. GILL    

60. The  Australian  Sketch-­‐Book  

Melbourne, Lansdowne  Press,  1974   Numbered  limited  edition.    Hardbound,  landscape  4to,  slipcase,  colour   plates,  unpaginated.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  slipcase.       No.  78  of  a  limited  edition  of  1000  copies;  full-­‐page  colour  lithograph   plates  of  the  work  of  ST  Gill,  reproduced  from  the  first  edition  (Hamel  &   Ferguson  1864);  25  colour  plates  in  all;  half  ochre  cloth  with  black  cloth   sides,  gilt  titling  to  front  board,  green  endpapers,  black  cloth  slipcase;   some  plates  show  some  foxing  to  lower  portion  of  pages  (one  or  two   pages  quite  prominent,  although  not  marking  the  illustration),  o.w.  Very   Good  throughout;  boards  lightly  rubbed,  and  with  some  minor  spotting;   slipcase  lightly  rubbed.    



61. James  Gleeson  beyond  the  screen  of  sight   Klepac,  Lou   Sydney,  The  Beagle  Press,  2004.      

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,    profusely  illustrated,  216pp.  Very   Good+  tight  and  clean  in  like  dustwrapper.     Published  on  the  occasion  of  the  exhibition  James  Gleeson:  Beyond  the  Screen  of   Sight,  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  October  2004-­‐February  2005  and  National  Gallery   of  Australia  March-­‐June  2005;  introduction  by  Lou  Klepac,  and  with  contributions   by  Geoffrey  Smith,  Ken  Wach,  Renee  Free  and  Bruce  James,  foreword  by  Gerard   Vaughan;  also  includes  some  of  Gleeson's  own  writings;  91  colour  plates,  numerous   b&w  illustrations;  catalogue  by  Geoffrey  Smith;  includes  exhibitions,  and  select   bibliography;  minor  foxing  to  text  block,  o.w.  Very  Good  tight  and  clean  in  like   dustwrapper.      



62. James  Gleeson  Landscape  out  of  Nature   Klepac,  Lou   Sydney,  The  Beagle  Press,  1987  

Signed limited  edition.    Leather  bound  in  slipcase,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,   112pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  slipcase  (dustwrapper  foxed).       Special  Collector's  Edition,  Signed  to  title  page  by  both  James  Gleeson  and  Lou  Klepac;   being  No.  49  of  100  copies,  bound  in  green  calf  with  plain  dustwrapper,  gilt  titling  to   front  board  and  spine,  and  in  matching  slipcase;  includes  a  loose  bound  lithograph   'Comet  I'  (signed  and  numbered  by  Gleeson)  -­‐  being  No.  49  of  an  edition  of  50  (Comet  II   included  with  book  Nos.  51-­‐100);  an  illustrated  study  of  the  late  work  of  James  Gleeson,   edited  and  with  an  introduction  by  Lou  Klepac;  full-­‐page  colour  plates  and  also  incuding   b&w  illustrations  of  charcoal  studies  for  the  paintings;  prelims  and  title  page  foxed,  o.w.   Very  Good  throughout  in  Very  Good  slipcase;  dustwrapper  foxed.        



63. James  Gleeson  Landscape  out  of  Nature   Klepac,  Lou   Sydney,  The  Beagle  Press,  1987  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  112pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Illustrated  study  of  the  late  work  of  James  Gleeson,  edited  and  with  an  introduction  by  Lou   Klepac;  full-­‐page  colour  plates  and  also  incuding  b&w  illustrations  of  charcoal  studies  for  the   paintings;  former  owner's  name  to  front  endpaper,  light  foxing  to  endpapers  and  prelims,  light   toning  to  edges  of  some  pages,  o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout;  dustwrapper  lightly   sunned  to  spine,  o.w.  Very  Good.    



64. Peregian  Codex  James  Gleeson   Klepac,  Lou   Sydney,  The  Beagle  Press,  2008.      

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  landscape,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  96pp.  Very   Good+  tight  and  clean  in  like  dustwrapper.     Collection  of  works  produced  by  James  Gleeson  during  a  summer  holiday  in  Peregian  Beach   between  December  1982  -­‐  January  1983,  a  pivotal  moment  for  Gleeson  as  an  artist  as  he  had   just  given  up  his  day  job  to  devote  himself  totally  to  painting;  introduction  by  Lou  Klepac;   includes  short  note  and  poem  by  the  artist,  an  interview  with  Gleeson,  selected  exhibitions,   selected  bibliography;  colour  and  b&w  plates  throughout;  dustwrapper  very  lightly  sunned  to   spine,  o.w.  VG+  tight  clean  copy.    


65. James  Gleeson  Images  from  the  Shadows   Free,  Renee   Sydney,  G+B  Arts/Craftsman  House,  1993  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  175pp.  Very  Good  in  G-­‐VG   dustwrapper.       Comprehensive  study  of  the  work  of  James  Gleeson,  including  short  essay  'Reflections  on   Surrealism'  by  Gleeson,  and  an  interview  with  Gleeson  and  Renee  Free;  48  colour  plates,   numerous  b&w  text  figures;  includes  chronology,  select  bibliography,  individual  and  group   exhibitions;  at  the  time  of  publication  this  was  the  first  detailed  study  of  Gleeson's  work;  light   foxing  to  text  block,  o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout;  dustwrapper  has  some  light  rippling   to  rear  panel,  o.w.  G-­‐VG.        



66. Elioth  Gruner  Twenty-­‐four  Reproductions  in  Colour  from  Original  Oil  Paintings   Lindsay,  Norman  (foreword)  

Sydney, The  Shepherd  Press,  1947  

Numbered limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  no  dustwrapper,  hand-­‐ tipped  colour  plates,  unpaginated.  Very  Good  in  lightly  rubbed  boards.       No.  1524  of  a  limited  edition  of  2000  copies;  24  hand-­‐tipped  colour   plate  reproductions  of  works  by  Elioth  Gruner  (including  frontispiece)  -­‐   each  plate  with  details  of  date,  dimensions,  and  collection;  foreword  by   Norman  Lindsay;  occasional  light  foxing,  light  offset  from  some  plates,   short  closed-­‐tears  to  edges  of  three  pages,  boards  lightly  rubbed.      




67.  Fiona  Hall   Ewington,  Julie  

Sydney, Piper  Press,  2005   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  192pp.  Very  Good  tight  and  clean  in   Very  Good  dustwrapper.       The  first  major  monograph  on  the  work  of  Fiona  Hall,  exploring  the  artist's  key  works  and  ideas,   lavishly  illustrated  with  230  colour  images,  illustrated  endpapers;  includes  biography  and  bibliography.        



68. Lux  et  Nox  

Melbourne, Thames  and  Hudson  Australia,  2008   2nd  Edition.    Hardbound,  landscape  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  175pp.  Very  Good  in   Very  Good  dustwrapper.       2nd  Edition  of  Bill  Henson's  classic  collection  of  photographs;  austere  format,  with  only  one  page   of  text  coming  after  the  photographs,  otherwise  just  Henson's  images  with  no  commentary.    


69. Mnemosyne  

Sydney/Zurich, Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales/Scalo,  2005   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  501pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       1st  Edition  of  this  collection  of  Bill  Henson's  photographs,  published  to  accompany  the  exhibition   at  the  Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales  Jan-­‐April  2005  and  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  April-­‐July   2005,  curated  by  Judy  Annear;  photos  from  1974-­‐2004;  texts  by  Edmund  Capon,  Judy  Annear,   David  Malouf,  Michael  Heyward,  Isobel  Crombie,  and  others,  and  including  an  interview  with   Henson  by  Sebastian  Smee;  includes  list  of  lenders,  select  exhibition  history,  collections;  minor   foxing  to  endpapers  and  prelims,  o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.      




70. Hermannsburg  Potters  Aranda  Artists  of  Central  Australia   Isaacs,  Jennifer  

Sydney, Craftsman  House/G+B  Arts  International,  2000   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  140pp.  Very  Good  +  tight  and  clean   in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Illustrated  study  of  the  ceramic  art  produced  by  Aranda  potters  at  Hermannsburg,  tracing  the  early   history  of  Hermannsburg  mission,  the  importance  of  communal  women's  work,  the  influence  of   Namatjira;  thirteen  potters  provide  accounts  of  their  work,  their  family  histories,  themes  and   influences;  132  colour  plates;  Aranda  interpretations  by  Clara  Ngala  Inkamala.    



71. Leave  no  Space  for  Yearning  The  Art  of  Joy  Hester   Melbourne,  Heide  Museum  of  Modern  Art,  2001  

1st Edition.    Paperback,  sm  4to,  profusely  illustrated,    64pp.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  Joy  Hester  exhibition,  Heide  Museum  of  Modern  Art  25  August  -­‐  11  November   2001;  catalogue  limited  to  2000  copies;  foreword  by  Warwick  Reeder,  text  and  curator  Kelly   Gellatly;  numerous  colour  plates  of  Hester's  work  throughout;  includes  an  illustrated  list  of   Hester's  work  held  in  the  collection  of  Heide.      



72. Lithographs  with  an  original  lithograph  by  Frank  Hinder  and  an  Introduction  by  John  Henshaw   comments  on  the  lithographs  and  an  illustrated  catalogue  and  notes  researched  and  edited  by  Lin   Bloomfield  No.  84  of  155  copies  signed  by  Frank  Hinder   Henshaw,  John;  Bloomfield,  Lin  (ed)   Sydney,  Odana  Editions,  1978     Signed  limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  slipcase,  profusely  illustrated,  156pp.   Very  Good  in  G-­‐VG  slipcase.       Signed  limited  edition.    No.  84  of  155  numbered  copies,  and  including  a  hand-­‐ tipped  frontispiece  illustration,  being  an  original  signed,  numbered  lithograph   'Aerial';  37  full-­‐page  b&w  plates,  9  full-­‐page  colour  plates,  plus  numerous  working   drawings,  and  an  illustrated  catalogue;  researched  and  edited  by  Lin  Bloomfield,   introduction  by  John  Henshaw;  includes  chronology;  red  cloth  boards  with  gilt   titling  to  spine  in  matching  slipcase;  Very  Good  tight  bright  and  clean  throughout;   boards  lightly  sunned  to  spine;  slipcase  a  little  rubbed  and  shelfworn.    




73. Robert  Hunter  Paintings  1966-­‐1988  Monash  University  Gallery  1989   Duncan,  Jenepher  and  Gates,  Merryn  (eds)  

Melbourne, Monash  University  Gallery,  1989   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  square  8vo,  profusely  illustrated,  60pp.  Very  Good.       Scarce  catalogue  for  the  Robert  Hunter  exhibition,  Monash  University  Gallery  1989,  curated  by   Jenepher  Duncan;  includes  short  Hunter  biography,  text  'Robert  Hunter  and  Minimal  Art'  by  Alan   Dodge,  list  of  individual  and  group  exhibitions,  publications,  selected  newspaper  articles;  b&w   illustrations  of  Hunter  and  his  work  throughout.    



74. Robert  Jacks  past  unfolded   McGregor,  Ken  

Sydney, Fine  Art  Publishing  Craftsman  House,  2001   Signed  1st  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,   168pp.   Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Signed/dated  (2003)  to  title  page  by  Robert  Jacks,  the  inscription  also   includes  a  motif  which  appears  to  say  "Be  Be"  with  the  Be's  back  to  back  as   though  reflected  in  a  mirror;  the  first  major  survey  of  the  life  and  work  of   Robert  Jacks,  featuring  over  100  colour  plates,  artist  biography,  select   bibliography;  foreword  by  David  Thomas;  included  is  a  single  8vo  card  folio   for  the  Robert  Jacks  show  at  Philip  Bacon  Galleries  September  -­‐  October   2003,  with  price  list.      




75. Louis  Kahan   Klepac,  Lou  

Sydney, The  Beagle  Press,  1990   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  128pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Illustrated  study  of  the  work  of  Louis  Kahan;  text  by  Lou  Klepac,  and  also  including  exhibitions,   bibliography,  quotations  from  the  artist;  109  colour  plates,  b&w  text  figures;  edges  of  pages   lightly  toned,  o.w.  Very  Good  tight  and  clean  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.    




76. Robert  Klippel   Gleeson,  James  

Sydney and  London,  Bay  Books,  1983  

Signed 1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  491pp.   Very  Good+  tight  and  clean  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.   Very  scarce  signed  1st  edition  (signed  by  both  Gleeson  and  Klippel)  of  James   Gleeson's  in-­‐depth  study  of  the  sculpture  and  drawing  of  Robert  Klippel,  covering   a  period  from  the  late  1940's  to  the  early  1980's;  copiously  illustrated  in  colour   and  b&w;  flat  signed  by  Robert  Klippel  and  James  Gleeson  to  half-­‐title  page;  Very   Good  tight  and  clean  throughout;  dustwrapper  lightly  sunned  to  spine,  o.w.  Very   Good.    




77. Six  Robert  Klippel  catalogues  and  one  gatefold  card  invitation   Robert  Klippel  

Klippel catalogues  from  the  1990's  -­‐  2000's,  from  Watters  Gallery,  Heide,  Niagara,   and  National  Gallery  of  Australia   All  with  colour  and/or  b&w  illustrations,  and  including  one  gatefold  card  invitation  (Philip  Bacon   Galleries  2004  including  price  list),  all  illustrated.    All  catalogues  Very  Good.      



78. Robert  Klippel  Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales  9  August  to  13  October  2002   Edwards,  Deborah  

Sydney, Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales,  2002   1st  Edition.  Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  267pp.  Very  Good+  clean  and  tight  in   like  dustwrapper.       Comprehensive,  profusely  illustrated  overview  of  the  life  and  work  of  Robert  Klippel,  published  to   accompany  the  exhibition  Robert  Klippel  Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales  9  August  to  13  October   2002;  foreword  by  Edmund  Capon;  features  over  380  illustrations  in  colour  and  b&w,  photography   by  Jenni  Carter;  includes  exhibitions  -­‐  solo  and  selected  group,  bibliography;  also  includes  CD-­‐ROM   containing  a  Klippel  Catalogue  Raissone  of  sculpture,  with  images  and  details  of  over  1200   sculptures.      



79. Klippel/Klippel  Opus  2008  

Lindsay, Frances;  Edwards,  Deborah;  Wagstaff,  Todd  

Melbourne, National  Gallery  of  Victoria,  Ian  Potter  Centre,  2008     1st  paperback.    Stiff  card,  tall  8vo,  profusely  illustrated,  113pp.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  works  by  Robert  Klippel,  Ian  Potter  Centre  NGV  7  August  -­‐  2  November   2008;  reflective  silver  stiff  card  wraps  with  subtly  embossed  titling  and  with  grey  band  embossed  with   Klippel  motifs;  colour  plates  throughout;  texts  by  Frances  Lindsay,  Deborah  Edwards,  Todd  Wagstaff;   includes  select  bibliography;  silver  wraps  a  little  rubbed  and  with  some  minor  scratches  and  creases,  o.w.   Very  Good  tight  and  clean  throughout.  




80. Bruno  Leti  Six  Memos  on  the  Art  of  Bruno  Leti   Grishin,  Sasha  

Sydney, The  Beagle  Press,  2002  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  184pp.  Very  Good+  tight  and  clean   in  like  dustwrapper.       Study  of  the  work  of  Bruno  Leti,  being  the  first  major  monograph  on  this  artist's  work;  the  sub-­‐title  is   adapted  from  Italo  Calvino,  and  represents  the  six  themes  with  which  the  author  approached  Leti's   work:  Lightness,  Quickness,  Exactitude,  Visibility,  Multiplicity,  and  Consistency;  foreword  by  Chris   Wallace-­‐Crabbe;  colour  plate  illustrations  throughout;  includes  selected  exhibitions,  collections,   catalogues,  select  bibliography,  and  list  of  Leti's  artists  books  giving  dates,  dimensions,  media,   edition,  etc.    




81. Billy  Bluegum  or  Back  to  the  Bush   Dyson,  Edward;  Lindsay,  Norman  

Sydney, The  Shepherd  Press,  1947  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  large  8vo,  dustwrapper,  b&w  illustrations,  66pp.  Very  Good  bright  and   clean  in  G-­‐Vg  dustwrapper.       1st  edition  in  book  form  of  this  Australian  classic,  illustrated  by  Norman  Lindsay,  including  69   line  drawings,  illustrated  boards  front  and  rear,  and  illustrated  dustwrapper;  former  owner's   name  to  front  pastedown,  and  some  offset  to  endpapers,  o.w.  VG  tight  bright  and  clean   throughout;  dustwrapper  lightly  sunned  to  front,  spine  and  rear,  minor  edgewear  at  head  and   foot  of  spine,  and  with  one  short  closed  tear  to  spine,  o.w.  G-­‐VG.    




82. Watercolours  nineteen  reproductions  in  colour  from  original  watercolours  with  an  appreciation   of  the  medium  by  Norman  Lindsay  and  a  survey  of  the  artist's  life  and  work  by  Godfrey  Blunden   Norman  Lindsay  

Sydney, Ure  Smith,  1969   Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  colour  plates,  35pp,  19  colour  plates.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.   19  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates  of  Norman  Lindsay  watercolours,  with  text  by  Godfrey  Blunden,  and   short  text  by  Lindsay  on  the  medium  of  watercolour;  foxing  to  endpapers  and  prelims,  offset  from   plate  2,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout;  foxing  to  reverse  side  of  dustwrapper,  price  clipped,  o.w.  Very   Good.      




83. Colin  McCahon  a  Question  of  Faith   Bloem,  Marja;  Browne,  Martin  

Amsterdam, Stedelijk  Museum  Amsterdam/Craig  Potton  Publishing,  2002   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  271pp.  Very  Good.       Published  to  accompany  the  Colin  McCahon  exhibition  held  at  the  Stedelijk  Museum  Amsterdam  in   2002,  and  travelling  to  New  Zealand  and  Australia  2002-­‐2004;  the  exhbition  was  the  largest   McCahon  retrospective  held  to  date,  and  was  mounted  due  to  the  conviction  that  McCahon  was  an   artist  of  international  importance,  but  at  the  time  was  still  not  widely  known  outside  the   Antipodes;  includes  chronology,  bibliography,  solo  exhibitions  and  selected  group  exhibitions.  



84. I  Will  Need  Words  Colin  McCahon's  word  and  number  paintings   Curnow,  Wystan  (text  and  curator)  

Wellington, National  Art  Gallery  New  Zealand,  1984   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  unpaginated.  

Catalogue for  the  Colin  McCahon  exhibition,  organized  by  the  National  Gallery  of  New  Zealand  for   the  1984  Sydney  Biennale;  essay  by  curator  Wystan  Curnow;  preface  by  Leon  Paroissien;  b&w  and   colour  plates  of  McCahon's  work;  former  owner's  name  to  half-­‐title  page,  o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean   throughout.    




85. Mayfair:  (Swamp  Rats)  Ninety-­‐seven  signs  for  C.P.,  J.P.,  B.W.,  G.W.  &  R.W.   Robert  MacPherson  

Brisbane, Queensland  Art  Gallery,  no  date.   Signed  limited  edition.    Brown  card  box,  17.5  x  12.5  x  6cm.  Fine  (one  minor  worn  patch  to  box).       Robert  MacPherson  artist's  multiple,  being  No.  134  of  an  edition  of  150,  signed  and  numbered   by  the  artist;  a  series  of  98  cards  replicating  MacPherson's  Mayfair  Swamp  Rats  work  in  the  Qld   Art  Gallery,  each  card  representing  one  of  the  97  panels  in  the  work,  plus  one  card  showing  the   work  in  total;  the  panels  show  various  stylized  versions  of  vernacular  signage;  this  set  is  in  Fine   condition,  with  one  small  worn  patch  to  front  of  box.    





86. Making  It  Modern  the  watercolours  of  Kenneth  Macqueen   Littley,  Samantha  

Brisbane, Queensland  Art  Gallery,  2007   1st  Edition.    Stiff  card  4to,  french  flaps,  profusely  illustrated,  160pp.  Very  Good  clean  copy.       Rare  catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  works  by  Kenneth  Macqueen,  Qld  Art  Gallery  Nov  2007-­‐ May  2008;  essays  by  Samantha  Littley,  Tim  Bonyhady,  Peter  Spearritt,  Anne  McDonald,   Stephen  Rainbird,  Francis  Parker,  Gleen  Cooke,  Susy  Macqueen,  and  including  a  note  on   technique  by  Kenneth  Macqueen;  over  140  illustrations  throughout,  incuding  numerous  full-­‐ page  colour  plates,  and  including  catalogue  of  works,  exhibitions  list,  select  bibliography;   worn  patch  to  half-­‐title  page,  very  minor  closed  tear  (strip  archival  tape-­‐repair)  to  foot  of   spine,  o.w.  Very  Good+  clean  and  tight  throughout.  





87. Adventure  in  Watercolour  an  artist's  story   Duhig,  J.V.;  Lahey,  Vida  

Written and  illustrated  by  Kenneth  Macqueen  with  a  letter  from  Professor  J.V.  Duhig  Biographical  Summary  by  Vida  Lahey  also  an   explanation  of  technique  by  the  artist  himself  being  No.  922  of  1100  signed  numbered  copies.  

Sydney, The  Legend  Press  The  Australian  Artist  Editions,  no  date  (1948)  

Numbered limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper.  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates,   unpaginated.     Very  Good  in  chipped  &  rubbed  dustwrapper.       No.  922  of  1100  signed  numbered  copies;  17  hand-­‐tipped  colour  plates  of  watercolours  by   Kenneth  Macqueen,  accompanied  by  the  artist's  prose  describing  his  thoughts  on  life  and   painting;  also  includes  a  hand-­‐tipped  b&w  photographic  portrait  of  the  artist;  short  text  by   Professor  J.V.  Duhig,  biographical  summary  by  Vida  Lahey,  and  an  explanation  of  technique  by   Macqueen;  title  page  vignette  of  a  farmer  ploughing  the  fields  is  repeated  to  front  board,  and  is   based  on  a  bookplate  designed  by  Adrian  Feint;  the  type  used  is  Pastonchi  and  Egmont,  printed   on  Georgian  paper  supplied  by  BJ  Ball;  pages  untrimmed;  occasional  light  offset  from  plates,  mild   shelfwear  to  boards,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout;  dustwrapper  edgeworn  and  rubbed,  and  with   some  scuff  marks,  short  closed  tears,  minor  loss  to  head  of  spine;  included  is  a  Philip  Bacon   Galleries  Kenneth  Macqueen  catalogue  from  1983  (paperback  8vo  8pp  -­‐  b&w  illustrations).  




88.  Roy  De  Maistre  the  Australian  Years  1894-­‐1930   Johnson,  Heather  

Sydney, Craftsman  House,  1988   Signed  limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  slipcase,  profusely  illustrated,  138pp.  Very   Good  tight  and  clean  in  Very  Good  slipcase.       Numbered  limited  edition,  being  No.  58  of  75  copies,  signed  by  Heather  Johnson  to   edition  plate  to  half-­‐title  page;  study  of  the  work  of  Roy  De  Maistre  between  the  years   1894-­‐1930,  before  the  artist  moved  permanently  to  England;  31  b&w  text  illustrations,   52  colour  plates;  includes  chronology,  list  of  exhibitions,  and  bibliography;  maroon   cloth  boards  with  silver  titling  to  spine;  gray  cloth  slipcase  with  silver  titling  and  De   Maistre  illustration  laid  in  to  front.  



89. Roy  De  Maistre  the  English  Years  1930-­‐1968   Johnson,  Heather  

Sydney, Craftsman  House,  1995   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  264pp.  Very  Good  in  Very   Good  dustwrapper.       1st  trade  edition  of  this  illustrated  study  of  Roy  De  Maistre  between  the  years  1930-­‐1968,   when  the  artist  moved  to  England  where  he  felt  his  modernist  style  would  be  more   appreciated;  chapters  on  Francis  Bacon,  Mitrinovic  and  Bloch,  Colour/Music,  Religious  Artist,   Stations  of  the  Cross,  and  more;  numerous  b&w  text  illustrations  and  colour  plates;  includes   chronology,  list  of  exhibitions,  and  bibliography;  this  copy  has  some  small  stains  to  endpapers,   prelims  and  text  block,  o.w.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  Dustwrapper.  




90. Daphne  Mayo  Sculptor  

University Art  Museum  University  of  Queensland  24  April  -­‐  24  May  1981.       McKay,  Judith  

Brisbane, University  of  Queensland  Art  Museum,  1981.  

1st Edition.  Paperback,  square  8vo,  b&w  illustrations,  39pp.  Very  Good  in  lightly  rubbed  covers.       Scarce  catalogue  for  the  Daphne  Mayo  exhibition,  24  April  -­‐  24  May  1981  University  Art  Museum   University  of  Queensland;  foreword  by  Nancy  Underhill,  Daphne  Mayo  tribute  by  Lloyd  Rees,   essay  by  curator  Judith  McKay,  biographical  notes,  exhibitions  list,  public  collections,  public   commissions,  bibliography;  11  b&w  illustrations  of  Mayo's  sculptures.    



91.  40  Drawings  by  Godfrey  Miller     Sydney,  Edwards  &  Shaw,  1962   Henshaw,  John    

1st Edition.  Hardbound,  4to,  no  dustwrapper,  b&w  illustrations,  unpaginated.   Very  Good.       40  full-­‐page  b&w  plates  of  drawings  by  Godfrey  Miller,  with  a  foreword  by  John   Henshaw;  the  drawings  are  presented  in  three  sections,  early  drawings,  middle   period,  and  late  drawings  (in  which  the  main  body  of  the  drawings  are  found);   occasional  light  foxing,  boards  lightly  rubbed,  o.w.  Very  Good.      



92. Godfrey  Miller  1893  –  1964   Edwards,  Deborah  

Sydney, Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales,  1996   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  128pp.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  major  Godfrey  Miller  retrospective  exhibition,  Art  Gallery  of  NSW  15  March  -­‐  5   May  1996;  foreword  by  Edmund  Capon;  texts  by  Deborah  Edwards  (Godfrey  Miller  The  Works),   John  Henshaw  (Godfrey  Miller  A  Life),    and  Ann  Wookey  (Godfrey  Miller  and  Mathematics);  colour   and  b&w  illustrations  throughout;  includes  chronology,  select  bibliography.      




93. Godfrey  Miller   Henshaw,  John  (ed)  

Sydney, Darlinghurst  Galleries,  1965  


1st Edition.  Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  unpaginated.  Very  Good  in  G-­‐VG   dustwrapper.       Selection  of  works  by  Godfrey  Miller,  published  shortly  after  Miller's  death  in  1964;  contains  16  colour   plates  and  110  illustrations  in  monochrome;  foreword  by  Peter  Bellew;  includes  an  abridged  chronology   and  an  article  and  writings  by  the  artist;  gift-­‐inscription  to  front  endpaper,  very  occasional  light  foxing,  o.w.   Very  Good  throughout;  dustwrapper  lightly  rubbed  and  with  some  wear  along  spine,  o.w.  G-­‐VG.        



94. Jon  Molvig  Expressionist  

Newcastle Region  Art  Gallery  Touring  Exhibition   Rumley,  Katrina  (curator)  

Newcastle, Newcastle  Region  Art  Gallery,  2002   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  tall  12mo,  profusely  illustrated,  30pp.  Very  Good.       Scarce  catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  Jon  Molvig's  figurative  expressionist  works  (1953-­‐66),  Newcastle  Region   Art  Gallery  August  -­‐  September  2002  and  touring  Brisbane,  Canberra,  and  Melbourne;  text  by  curator  Katrina   Rumley;  foreword  by  Nick  Mitzevich;  colour  and  b&w  illustrations  throughout  of  Molvig's  paintings  and   drawings;  the  dimensions  are  rather  extreme  -­‐  42cm  tall  x  15cm  wide.        



95. Men  of  Ireland  Etchings  and  colour  lithographs  by  Daniel  Moynihan  with  An  Immodest   Description  by  Peter  Mathers  Calligraphy  by  Olive  Bull  Copy  No.  3  of  35  signed  numbered  copies   Moynihan,  Daniel;  Mathers,  Peter;  Bull,  Olive  

Townsville, Lyre  Bird  Press,  2001  

Signed limited  edition.    Hardbound,  elephant  folio,  unpaginated,  full-­‐ page  colour  and  b&w  etchings  (36pp).  Very  Good.       Superb  Lyre  Bird  Press  production,  being  No.  3  of  35  numbered  and   signed  copies  (plus  5  hors  commerce),  signed  by  Daniel  Moynihan  to   colophon;  13  full-­‐page  etchings  (including  frontispiece)  with  6  including   lithographic  colour  by  Lancaster  Press  Melbourne,  illustrated   endpapers;  the  book  was  designed  by  Daniel  Moynihan,  who  also   printed  the  etchings  in  his  Melbourne  studio  on  270gsm  BFK  Rives   paper,  and  produced  by  Ron  McBurnie  and  Tate  Adams  in  the  workshop   of  the  Lyre  Bird  Press;  handbound  by  master  binder  Friedhelm   Pohlmann;  text  by  Peter  Mathers,  calligraphy  by  Olive  Bull;  555  x   410mm,  clay  cloth  boards  with  black  titling  (D  M  in  large  letters)  to   front  board;  untrimmed  pages;  Daniel  Moynihan  describes  the  book  as   tracing  'the  journey  of  a  visual  image  from  its  beginning  as  oral  history   from  my  Great  Grandmother  (Therese)  to  her  Grandson  (Charles)  my   father.    The  etchings  explore  the  metamorphosis  of  being  Celtic";  tiny   knock  to  rh  edge  of  front  board  (with  very  minor  wear  to  cloth),  minor   foxing  to  prelims,  o.w.  Very  Good  bright  and  clean  throughout.          




96. Anne  Noble  States  of  Grace  

Paton, Justin  (ed);  Kennedy,  Anne;  Wevers,  Lydia  

Dunedin/Wellington, Dunedin  Public  Art  Gallery/Victoria  University  Press,  2001   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  landscape  4to,  no  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  128pp.  Very  Good.     Published  to  accompany  the  exhibition  of  Anne  Noble's  photographs  at  Dunedin  Public  Art  Gallery;   edited  by  Justin  Paton,  and  with  contributions  by  Anne  Kennedy  and  Lydia  Wevers;  colour  and  b&w   photos  throughout.      




97. Art  and  Australia  Nolan  Issue  Volume  5  Number  2  September  1967   Horton,  Mervyn  (ed)  

Sydney, Ure  Smith,  1967.   1st  Edition.  Paperback,  large  8vo,  profusely  illustrated,  77pp.  Good-­‐Very  Good.       Art  and  Australia  Volume  5  Number  2,  being  the  special  Nolan  Issue  devoted  to  the  work  of  Sidney   Nolan,  with  contributions  by  John  Russell,  Maie  Casey,  Cynthia  Nolan,  John  Sinclair,  Max  Harris,  John   Reed,  Barrie  Reed,  James  Gleeson,  Geoffrey  Dutton,  Hal  Missingham,  George  Johnston,  and  RW  Upton;   b&w  and  colour  reproductions  of  Nolan's  work  throughout;  light-­‐medium  toning  the  edges  of  pages,   minor  knock  top  rh  corner  of  text  block,  wraps  very  lightly  rubbed,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout.      


98. Children's  Crusade  Kinderkreuzzug  Op.  82  a  ballad  for  children's  voices  and  orchestra  music  by   Benjamin  Britten,  words  by  Bertolt  Brecht,  illustrations  by  Sidney  Nolan,  a  limited  facsimile  edition  of  the   composer's  manuscript   Britten,  Benjamin;  Brecht,  Bertolt;  Nolan,  Sidney   London,  Faber  and  Faber,  1973   Limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  colour  plates,  unpaginated.  Very  Good.       Facsimile  of  Britten's  Children's  Crusade,  illustrated  with  full-­‐page  colour  plates   by  Sidney  Nolan;  the  manuscript  reproduced  represents  the  stage  where  the   music  was  complete  in  substance  and  outline  and  written  out  in  the  form  of  a   condensed  score,  the  work  being  written  for  the  members  of  Wandsworth   School  Boys'  Choir  to  perform  on  the  50th  Anniversary  of  The  Save  the  Children   Fund;  12  Nolan  paintings;  edition  limited  to  1000  copies  -­‐  this  copy  unsigned   (300  were  signed)  ;  half  cream  buckram  with  brown  paper  sides,  gilt  titling;   includes  original  plastic  dustwrapper  (somewhat  rubbed);  endpapers  foxed,   o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout.    



99. The  Darkening  Ecliptic  poems  by  Ern  Malley  Paintings  by  Sidney  Nolan  preface  by  Robert   Melville  introduction  by  Elwyn  Lynn   Malley,  Ern   London,  R.  Alistair  McAlpine,  1974  

Limited edition.  Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  colour  illustrations,     56pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Nice  edition  of  The  Darkening  Ecliptic,  limited  to  1000  copies,  with   colour  illustrations  by  Sidney  Nolan,  being  both  full-­‐page  and  text   illustrations,  and  with  front  and  rear  pastedowns  showing  Nolan's   portrait  of  Ern  Malley;  illustrated  boards  and  dustwrapper;  preface  by   Robert  Melville,  and  with  an  introduction  by  Elwyn  Lynn;  Very  Good   and  clean  throughout;  dustwrapper  very  lightly  edgeworn  and   rubbed,  o.w.  Very  Good.      





100. Justin  O'Brien  Image  and  Icon  Signed  Limited  Edition  No.  68  of  75  copies   France,  Christine  

Sydney, Craftsman  House,  1987   Numbered  limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  slipcase,  colour     plates/b&w  illustrations,  129pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   slipcase  (spine  lightly  sunned).       Deluxe  edition  of  Christine  France's  illustrated  study  of  the  life   and  work  of  Justin  O'Brien,  being  No.  68  of  75  copies,  signed  by   Justin  O'Brien  and  Christine  France  on  edition  label  to  half-­‐title   page;  32  full-­‐page  colour  plates,  21  b&w  figures;  includes   bibliography,  selected  exhibitions,  chronology;  red  cloth  boards   with  gilt  titling  to  spine,  in  cloth  slipcase  with  red  titling  and   inlaid  colour  plate;  spine  lightly  sunned,  o.w.  Very  Good  clean   and  tight  in  Very  Good  slipcase.              



101. The  Art  of  Justin  O'Brien   Bradley,  Anthony  

Sydney,  The  Craftsman's  Press,  1982  


Signed limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  slipcase,  full-­‐page  colour  plates,  b&w   frontispiece,  b&w  illustrations,  108pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  slipcase.       Illustrated  study  of  the  work  of  Justin  O'Brien,  being  No.  223  of  250  numbered  signed   copies,  signed  by  Justin  O'Brien  and  Anthony  Bradley;  b&w  frontispiece  from  a  photo   of  the  artist  beside  Edward  M.  Smith's  'St.  Francis  in  a  Landscape',  30  full  page  colour   plates,  30  b&w  figures,  red  decorative  endpapers;  text  by  Anthony  Bradley;   handsome  black  cloth  boards  with  gilt  titling  to  front  board  and  spine;  presented  in   red  cloth  slipcase  with  title  blind-­‐embossed  to  one  side;  very  scarce.        



102.  Margaret  Olley   France,  Christine  

Sydney ,  Craftsman  House,  1990   Signed  1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  180pp.   Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Flat-­‐signed  by  Margaret  Olley  to  title  page;  illustrated  study  of  the  work  of   Margaret  Olley,  from  the  late  1940's-­‐1980's;  36  full  page  colour  plates,  34  full   page  b&w  illustrations,  numerous  b&w  text  illustrations;  includes  chronology,   exhibitions,  bibliography;  light  foxing,  o.w.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.    



103. Margaret  Olley   France,  Christine  

Sydney, Fine  Art  Publishing/Craftsman  House,  2002  

Updated/revised edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  157pp.  Very  Good  in   Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Updated  and  revised  edition  of  Christine  France's  comprehensive  survey  of  the  life  and  art  of  Margaret   Olley,  covering  her  student  years,  her  first  solo  exhibition  in  1948,  and  the  general  development  of  her   painting  over  the  decades;  78  colour  plates;  includes  lists  of  prizes  and  awards,  selected  solo  and  group   exhibitions,  collections,  bibliography,  and  Clive  James's  poem  To  Margaret  Olley;  small  worn  patch  to   front  endpaper,  o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout  in  like  dustwrapper.    




104. John  Olsen  Journeys  into  the  'You  Beaut  Country   Zimmer,  Jenny;  McGregor,  Ken  

Melbourne, Macmillan,  2007   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  320pp.  Very  Good+  tight  and  clean  in  like   dustwrapper.       Overview  of  the  life  and  work  of  John  Olsen,  the  works  being  presented  in  a  combination  of  chronological  and   thematic  order;    text  by  Jenny  Zimmer  and  Ken  McGregor,  and  also  including  Olsen's  own  writings  throughout.      



105. John  Olsen  My  Complete  Graphics  1957-­‐1979   Klepac,  Lou  

Melbourne, Australian  Galleries/Gryphon  Books,  1980  

Signed limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,    248pp.   Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Signed  limited  edition,  being  No.  566  of  1000  copies,  of  Olsen's  graphics  between  the  years   1957-­‐1979;  mostly  b&w  plates  throughout,  with  Olsen's  commentary  on  the  images  on  facing   page;  8  full-­‐page  colour  plates,  illustrated  colour  endpapers;  maroon  cloth  boards  with  gilt   Olsen  image  to  front  board  and  gilt  titling  to  spine,  includes  index  of  prints;  introduction  by  Lou   Klepac;  Signed  and  dated  by  Olsen  to  edition  page;  minor  foxing  to  endpapers  and  prelims,   o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.    




106. John  Olsen   Hart,  Deborah  

Sydney, Craftsman  House,  1991   1st  Edition.  Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  228pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Comprehensive  study  of  the  work  of  John  Olsen,  published  to  coincide  with  the  Olsen  Retrospective  at  the   National  Gallery  of  Victoria;  at  the  time  of  publication  this  was  the  first  such  major  study  of  Olsen;  134   plates,  62  text  figures;  includes  bibliography  and  select  exhibitions;  minor  shelfwear  to  boards,  and  one   minor  mark  to  front  board,  light  foxing  to  endpapers  and  prelims,  o.w.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.    



107. Salute  to  Five  Bells  John  Olsen's  Opera  House  Journal   Sydney,    Angus  and  Robertson,    1973  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  unpaginated.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Facsimile  of  the  illustrated  journal  that  John  Olsen  kept  whilst  working  on  a  mural  for  the  newly-­‐built  Sydney   Opera  House;  Olsen  chose  a  wall  seventy  feet  wide  and  ten  feet  high  in  the  foyer  of  the  main  concert  hall,  and   for  his  theme  he  chose  Kenneth  Slessor's  poem  Five  Bells;  includes  a  colour  gatefold  illustration  showing  the   complete  mural;  foreword  by  Laurie  Thomas,  photograpy  by  Robert  Walker,  a  note  and  a  poem  on  Kenneth   Slessor  by  Douglas  Stewart,  and  including  the  text  of  Five  Bells;  minor  marks  to  endpapers,  minor  spotting  to   boards,  o.w.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.    




108. Bill  Peascod  1950-­‐1980  Wollongong  City  Gallery   Wollongong,  Wollongong  City  Gallery  1980  

1st Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  unpaginated.  Very  Good.       Catalogue  for  the  retrospective  exhibition  of  paintings  by  Bill  Peascod,  covering  the  years  1950-­‐1980,  Wollongong   City  Gallery  1980;  introduction  by  Anthony  Bond;  b&w  and  colour  illustrations  throughout;  includes  list  of   exhibitions,  awards  and  prizes,  bibliography;  Peascod  was  born  in  1920  near  the  Lake  District  in  England,  and  came   to  Australia  in  1952;  throughout  his  life  mountaineering  and  painting  were  twin  passions  -­‐  he  died  in  1985;  scarce;   edges  of  pages  lightly  toned,  covers  lightly  rubbed,  o.w.  Very  Good.    




109. Fifty  Years  of  Perceval  Drawings   McGregor,  Ken  (compiled  by)  

Sydney and  London,  Bay  Books,  1989   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  256pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Collection  of  over  230  of  Perceval's  best  drawings,  intended  to  represent  the  span  of  his  entire  career   to  date  of  publication;  drawings  compiled  by  Ken  McGregor,  introdution  by  Andrew  Sayers;  b&w  and   colour  plates  throughout;  light  foxing  to  prelims  and  text  block,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout  in  Very   Good  dustwrapper.      



110. John  Perceval  signed  limited  edition   Allen,  Traudi  

Melbourne, Melbourne  University  Press,  1992   Signed  limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  no  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  185pp.   Very  Good  tight  clean  copy.       No.  73  of  100  copies  Signed  and  dated  ('92)  by  John  Perceval;  being  an  illustrated   overview  of  John  Perceval's  life  and  career  up  to  the  early  1990's,  with  chapters  on   childhood,  Social  Realism  and  the  Night  Paintings,  Portraits,  Religious  and  Irreverent,   Landscapes,  Ceramics;  includes  Catalogue  Raisonne  1936-­‐1981,  principal  exhibitions,   bibliography;  blue  cloth  boards  with  gilt  titling  and  colour  plate  tipped  in  to  front   board,  gilt  titling  to  spine;  Very  Good  tight  and  clean  throughout;  no  dustwrapper  as   issued.      



111. John  Perceval   Allen,  Traudi  

Melbourne, Melbourne  University  Press,  1992   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  no  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  185pp.  Very  Good  tight  clean  copy.   Illustrated  overview  of  John  Olsen's  life  and  career  up  to  the  early  1990's,  with  chapters  on  childhood,   Social  Realism  and  the  Night  Paintings,  Portraits,  Religious  and  Irreverent,  Landscapes,  Ceramics;   includes  Catalogue  Raisonne  1936-­‐1981,  principal  exhibitions,  bibliography;  blue  cloth  boards  with  gilt   titling  and  colour  plate  tipped  in  to  front  board,  gilt  titling  to  spine;  Very  Good  tight  and  clean   throughout.    




112. The  Prints  of  Margaret  Preston  a  Catalogue  Raisonne   Butler,  Roger  

Canberra, Australian  National  Gallery,  1987   1st  paperback.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  337pp.  Very  Good  in  lightly  rubbed  covers.       Catalogue  Raisonne  of  Margaret  Preston's  prints,  compiled  by  Roger  Butler  with  assistance  from  Janie   Gillespie,  Judith  Thorne  and  Margaret  Vine;  includes  Preston  biography,  essays  on  Preston  and   Printmaking,  Prints  and  a  National  Art,  select  bibliography;  appendixes  include  Margaret  Preston  on  Print   Technique,  mounting  and  framing  Preston's  prints,  incorrect  attributions,  works  exhibited  by  Margaret   Preston;  colour  and  b&w  illustrations  throughout;  minor  foxing  to  prelims  and  text  block,  o.w.  Very  Good   throughout;  covers  lightly  rubbed,  with  minor  lifting  of  original  celoglaze  at  edges.    



113. The  Prints  of  Margaret  Preston  a  Catalogue  Raisonne  revised  and  enlarged  edition   Butler,  Roger  

Canberra, National  Gallery  of  Australia,  2005   Revised  and  enlarged  edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  373pp.  Very  Good.       Scarce  revised  and  enlarged  edition  of  Roger  Butler's  catalogue  raisonne  of  the  prints  of  Margaret   Preston,  being  expanded  from  the  1987  edition,  and  referencing  new  Preston  works  that  had  come   to  light  in  the  intervening  years;  hundreds  of  colour  and  b&w  illustrations  throughout;  includes   Preston  biography,  essays  on  Preston  and  Printmaking,  Prints  and  a  National  Art,  select  bibliography;   appendixes  include  Margaret  Preston  on  Print  Technique,  mounting  and  framing  Preston's  prints,   incorrect  attributions,  works  exhibited  by  Margaret  Preston;  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout;   included  is  an  illustrated  card  gate-­‐fold  for  the  Preston  Exhibition,  Australian  National  Gallery  (and   touring)  1989-­‐90.        



proppaNOW Collective      

114. proppaNOW  2004-­‐2008  

Ah Kee,  Vernon;  Albert,  Tony;  Beetson,  Bianca;  Bell,  Richard;  Fisher,  Andrea;  Herd,  Jennifer;  Hookey,  Gordon;  Nilsen,  Laurie;  Petelin,   George  (et  al)  

Signed by  all  the  artists.    Brisbane  proppaNOW  2009    

Signed 1st  edition.  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  wrappers,  80pp.  Fine.       Catalogue  for  the  exhibition  'proppaNOW  a  social  history  of  Queenslands   leading  Aboriginal  art  collective',  signed  to  front  and  rear  covers  in  black   texta  by  all  the  proppaNOW  artists  Vernon  Ah  Kee,  Tony  Albert,  Bianca   Beetson,  Richard  Bell,  Andrea  Fisher,  Jennifer  Herd,  Gordon  Hookey,  and   Laurie  Nilsen;  proppaNOW  was  set  up  in  Brisbane  in  2006  to  give  a  voice  to   urban-­‐based  Aboriginal  artists;  texts  by  George  Petelin,  Tim  Morrell,  Pat   Hoffie,  and  Ihor  Holubizky;  colour  and  b&w  illustrations  throughout;  white   card  wraps  with  french  flaps;  includes  a  loose-­‐leaf  double  sided  card  fold   out  with  Vernon  Ah  Kee  text  work  to  one  side  and  a  Gordon  Hookey  work   to  the  other.    





115. William  Robinson  paintings  1987-­‐2000  selected  and  edited  by  Lou  Klepac  with  notes  and   commentaries  by  William  Robinson   Klepac,  Lou   Sydney,  Beagle  Press,  2001  

Signed 1st  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,         203pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.         Study  of  the  work  of  William  Robinson  between  the  years  1987-­‐2000,   with  focus  on  the  landscapes  and  seascapes;  signed  and  with  short  gift-­‐ inscription  by  Robinson  to  title  page;  text  by  Lou  Klepac,  with  notes  and   commentaries  by  William  Robinson,  and  including  an  interview  with  the   artist;  numerous  full-­‐page  colour  plates.    




116. William  Robinson  paintings  1987-­‐2000  selected  and  edited  by  Lou  Klepac  with  notes  and   commentaries  by  William  Robinson   Klepac,  Lou   Sydney,  Beagle  Press,  2001  

Signed 1st  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,   203pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Signed  by  William  Robinson  and  Lou  Klepac  to  title  page;  comprehensive   illustrated  study  of  the  work  of  William  Robinson,  with  focus  on  the   landscapes  and  seascapes,  covering  the  period  in  which  Robinson   emerged  as  a  major  Australian  painter;  paintings  selected  and  edited  by   Lou  Klepac,  and  with  notes  and  commentaries  by  the  painter;  minor  wear   top  edge  of  boards,  o.w.  Very  Good  tight  clean  copy.    






117. Garry  Shead  and  the  Erotic  Muse   Grishin,  Sasha  

Sydney, Fine  Art  Publishing  Craftsman  House,  2001   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  203pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       The  first  detailed  monograph  study  of  the  complete  oeuvre  of  Garry  Shead,  tracing  the  erotic  impulse   that  runs  through  Shead's  work;  referencing  Shead's  painting,  experimental  films,  collages,  drawings,   prints  and  photographs;  includes  artist  biography,  exhibition  history,  bibliography.    


118. Garry  Shead  Encounters  with  Royalty   Grishin,  Sasha  

Sydney, Craftsman  House,  1998   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  sm  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  108pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Garry  Shead's  'Royal  Suite'  paintings,  showing  Queen  Elizabeth  in  a  variety  of  Australian  scenes;  the   artist  had  attended  the  Royal  Visit  of  1954  when  he  was  twelve  years  old,  and  the  sight  of  the  young   Queen  made  a  lasting  impression  on  him;  36  full-­‐page  colour  plates,  illustrated  introduction  by  Sasha   Grishin;  includes  the  original  triangular  red  warning  label  to  front  of  dustwrapper,  which  states  '!   Warning  this  book  may  offend  monarchists';  gold  boards  with  gilt  titling  to  spine,  gold  illustrated   dustwrapper.      


119. Garry  Shead  The  Apotheosis  of  Ern  Malley   Grishin,  Sasha  

Melbourne, Australian  Galleries,  2008  

Signed 2nd  Edition.    Hardbound,  sm  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  144pp.  Fine.       Signed  with  short  gift-­‐inscription  by  Garry  Shead;  Shead's  treatment  of  Ern  Malley's  poems  from  The   Darkening  Ecliptic,  and  more  broadly  the  enduring  figure  of  Ern  Malley  in  Australian  art  and  culture;  text   by  Sasha  Grishin,  detailing  the  story  of  the  creation  of  Ern  Malley  and  elaborating  on  Shead's   interpretations  of  the  theme;  paintings,  drawings,  ceramics;  includes  Shead  chronology,  select   bibliography,  selected  exhibitions;  gold  boards  with  gilt  titling  to  spine,  illustrated  gold  dustwrapper;  Fine   tight  clean  copy.      



120. News  

Krausmann, Rudi;  Shead,  Garry  

Melbourne, Macmillan  Art  Publishing  2006  


1st Edition.    Hardbound,  square  8vo,  no  dustwrapper,  b&w  illustrations,  121pp.  Very  Good+  clean  tight   copy.       Poems  by  Austrian/Australian  poet  Rudi  Krausmann  with  illustrations  by  Garry  Shead;  the  poems  are   short  lyrics  in  an  A-­‐Z  format,  being  Krausmann's  responses  to  poets,  writers,  and  artists,  both  Australian   and  international;  Shead's  drawings  are  full-­‐page  b&w,  mostly  erotic  in  content,  including  a  drawing  laid-­‐ in  to  front  board;  gray  cloth  boards,  black  endpapers;  book  edited  and  designed  by  Jenny  Zimmer;  scarce   title.      

$75.00   JEFFREY  SMART    

121. Jeffrey  Smart   Pearce,  Barry  

Sydney, Beagle  Press,  2005   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  256pp.  Very  Good+  tight  and   clean  in  like  dustwrapper.       Comprehensive,  profusely  illustrated  monograph  on  the  work  of  Jeffrey  Smart,  containing  over  160   colour  plates,  numerous  illustrations  and  photographs,  detailed  biographical  notes,  exhibition  lists   and  bibliography.    




122. Tim  Storrier  the  Art  of  the  Outsider  Signed  by  Tim  Storrier  and  including  signed  limited   edition  print   Lumby,  Catharine  

Sydney, Craftsman  House/G+B  Arts  International,  2000  



Signed limited  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  slipcase,  colour  and  b&w  illustrations,  216pp.   Very  Good  in  Very  Good  slipcase.       Deluxe  Edition  of  this  illustrated  study  of  the  work  of  Tim  Storrier,  being  No.  56  of  100   signed  numbered  copies,  and  with  an  unbound  signed  limited  edition  print  (No.  56/100);   signed/numbered  to  half-­‐title  page;  brown  cloth  boards  with  gilt  titling  to  spine  in   matching  slipcase  with  hand-­‐tipped  reproduction  of  Storrier  painting  to  front;  text  by   Catharine  Lumby,  foreword  by  Edmund  Capon,  and  with  note  on  Storrier  by  John  Olsen;   132  colour  plates,  and  with  numerous  b&w  text  illustrations.      


123. Tim  Storrier  the  Art  of  the  Outsider   Lumby,  Catharine  

Sydney, Craftsman  House/G+B  Arts  International,  2000   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  colour  and  b&w  illustrations,  216pp.  Fine.       1st  trade  edition  of  this  illustrated  study  of  the  work  of  Tim  Storrier,  text  by  Catharine  Lumby,   foreword  by  Edmund  Capon,  and  with  note  on  Storrier  by  John  Olsen;  152  colour  plates,  18  b&w  text   figures;  Fine  unread  copy.        



124. Albert  Tucker  1914-­‐1999   Fry,  Gavin  

Sydney, Beagle  Press,  2005   1st  Edition.  Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  252pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.     Comprehensive  illustrated  study  of  the  life  and  work  of  Albert  Tucker;  includes  bibliography  and   selected  exhibitions.    



125. Tony  Tuckson  

Legge, Geoffrey;  Free,  Renee;  Thomas,  Daniel;  Maloon,  Terence  

Melbourne, Watters  Gallery/Craftsman  House,  2006   New  revised  edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  204pp.  Very  Good  clean   tight  copy  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Profusely  illustrated  study  of  the  work  of  Tony  Tuckson,  with  texts  by  Geoffrey  Legge,  Renee  Free,   Daniel  Thomas,  Terence  Maloon;  173  colour  plates,  87  b&w  text  figures,  chronology,  exhibited   paintings;  boards  illustrated  to  front  and  rear  with  image  of  Tuckson's  painting  'Watery';  the   lightest  toning  top  edge  of  some  pages,  o.w.  VG  tight  and  clean  in  VG  dustwrapper.        


126. Four  Tony  Tuckson  Catalogues  from  2000-­‐2004,  from  Watters  Gallery  and  National  Gallery  of   Australia  

Paperback, all  catalogues  Very  Good.    Four  Tony  Tuckson  catalogues,  

Painting Forever  Tony  Tuckson  (National  Gallery  of  Australia  2000,  64pp  colour   illustrations  throughout),  and  three  Watters  Gallery  catalogues  -­‐  Tony  Tuckson   Breakthrough  into  Abstraction  (2001  -­‐  with  original  pricelist),  Abstracts   Gouache  Colour  (2004  -­‐  with  original  pricelist),  People  -­‐  Painting  on  Canvas;   all  catalogues  Very  Good  and  clean  (Watters  catalogues  with  lightly  rubbed  covers;  People   painting  on  canvas  foxed  to  covers).    


127. Tony  Tuckson  

Thomas, Daniel;    Free,  Renee;  Legge,  Geoffrey  

Sydney, Craftsman  House,  1989  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  188pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.   1st  Edition  of  this  definitive  study  of  the  work  of  Tony  Tuckson,  with  contributions  by  Geoffrey   Legge,  Renee  Free,  and  Daniel  Thomas;  160  colour  plates,  84  b&w  text  figures,  and  including   chronology,  and  list  of  exhibited  paintings;  light  foxing  to  endpapers  and  text  block,  o.w.  Very  Good   in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.      




128. The  Gates  of  Dawn  a  book  made  for  the  young   Christian  Waller  

Melbourne, Gryphon  Books,  1977   Limited  edition,  hardbound,  4to,  no  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,    unpaginated.  Very   Good.       Limited  edition  of  Christian  Waller's  illustrated  fairy  tale  'The  Gates  of  Dawn',  being  a  faithful   reproduction  of  the  1932  original;  Waller  founded  the  Golden  Arrow  Press,  the  first  publication   of  which  was  'The  Great  Breath';  The  Gates  of  Dawn  was  to  have  been  the  second  publication,   but  only  one  complete  copy  was  produced;  beautifully  written  and  illustrated  by  Waller,  with   text  and  drawings  in  red  and  black,  illustrated  endpapers  and  title  page;  bound  in  scarlet   buckram  with  gilt  titling  and  illustrations  to  front  board  and  spine  and  with  gilt  motif  to  rear   board;  colophon  signed  by  publisher  Klytie  Pate,  herself  a  notable  Australian  potter,  and  the   neice  of  Waller;  limited  to  1000  copies,  of  which  nos.  1-­‐15  were  leather  bound,  and  numbers   B16-­‐B200  in  the  buckram  -­‐  this  copy  being  No.  B99;  lacks  the  original  glassine  wraps;  Very   Good  and  clean  throughout,  boards  lightly  rubbed,  with  minor  loss  to  gilt  decorations.    


129. The  Great  Breath  a  book  of  seven  designs   Christian  Waller  

Melbourne, Gryphon  Books,  1978  

Numbered/limited edition.    Hardbound,  narrow  folio,  b&w  illustrations,   unpaginated.  Very  Good++  tight  bright  clean  copy.       Nice  copy  of  this  reproduction  of  Christian  Waller's  first  book  (originally  published   in  1932  in  an  edition  of  150  copies);  being  a  faithful  reproduction,  with  green   cloth  boards  with  screenprint  of  the  original  circular  gold  device  to  the  front   cover  -­‐  being  No.  96  of  600  copies,  signed  by  the  publisher  Klytie  Pate,  each  copy   bound  by  hand  and  tied  with  matching  green  cord;  this  copy  with  the  very  scarce   original  plastic  cover;  as  well  as  the  7  b&w  illustrations  in  the  book  there  are  two   loose  plates  (The  Spirit  of  Light,  and  The  Golden  Faun),  and  loose-­‐leaf  title  page   (of  a  plate  not  amongst  the  seven  in  the  book);  this  copy  Very  Good++  tight  bright   and  clean,  with  no  marks  or  flaws.    




130. Brett  Whiteley   McGrath,  Sandra  

Sydney, Bay  Books,  1979  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  232pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Classic  study  of  the  work  of  Brett  Whiteley  at  mid-­‐career;  colour  and  b&w  illustrations  throughout;   Very  Good;  dustwrapper  lightly  rubbed,  o.w.  Very  Good.      


131. Brett  Whiteley  The  Graphics  1961-­‐1992   Deutscher,  Chris  (ed)  

Sydney, Deutscher  Fine  Art,  1995   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  4to,  profusely  illustrated,  120pp.  Very  Good  clean  copy.       Scarce  catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  Brett  Whiteley's  prints  from  the  years  1961-­‐1992,  Deutscher   Fine  Art  25  November  -­‐  16  December  1995;  catalogue  and  foreword  by  Chris  Deutscher,  notes  on   printmaking  by  Whiteley;  the  prints  are  presented  in  three  sections:  Editioned  Prints,  Non-­‐ Editioned  Prints,  and  Posters;  152  illustrations,  mostly  in  b&w  but  including  some  colour  plates;   bookshop  label  to  reverse  side  of  front  cover;  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout.        



132. Brett  Whiteley  a  Sensual  Line  1957-­‐67   Sutherland,  Kathie  

Melbourne, Macmillan,  2010   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  no  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  342pp.  Very  Good+  tight  clean   copy.       A  study  of  the  early  work  of  Brett  Whiteley,  with  chapters  on  early  abstraction,  figuration,  Rome   and  London,  Sydney  and  London,  and  also  including  a  Whiteley  Catalogue  Raisonne  from  1958-­‐ 1968;  illustrated  matt  boards,  with  original  black  title  band.      


FRED  WILLIAMS     133.  Fred  Williams  Etchings   Brack,  John;  Mollison,  James  

Sydney, Rudy  Komon  Gallery,  1968.   1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  132pp.    Very  Good  in  Very  Good  dustwrapper.       Illustrated  study  of  the  etchings  of  Fred  Williams,  with  77  full-­‐page  plates  (including  duplicates  of   plates  1-­‐4,  which  are  repeated  as  preliminaries  to  the  text)  plus  a  catalogue  raisonne  by  James   Mollison  containing  273  text  illustrations  and  providing  details  of  edition,  proofs,  format,  dimensions,   paper,  etc;  introduction  by  John  Brack;  Very  Good  throughout;  dustwrapper  lightly  edgeworn,  o.w.   Very  Good.        


134. Fred  Williams  Music  Hall  Etchings  1954-­‐1956   Humphries,  Barry  

Townsville, Lyre  Bird  Press,  1997   Numbered  limited  edition.    Hardbound  in  clamshell  box,  4to   unpaginated  (45pp).  Very  Good  in  Very  Good  box.       Fred  Williams  Music  Hall  Etchings,  being  No.  17  of  40  numbered   copies  (plus  10  hors  commerce),  produced  by  Tate  Adams  and  Ron   McBurnie  at  Lyre  Bird  Press;  illustrated  papered  boards  (with  Williams   etching  reproduced  to  front  board),  bound  and  in  clam-­‐shell  box  by   master  binder  Fred  Pohlmann;  5  full-­‐page  original  Fred  Williams   etchings  with  tissue-­‐guards,  plus  catalogue  giving  a  complete  record   of  the  53  etchings  of  the  music  halls  made  by  Williams    in  London   between  1954-­‐1956  (reproductions  approximately  half  life-­‐size);   original  etchings  printed  on  Arches  Velin  100%  cotton  rag  paper  by   Rochelle  Knarston;  introduction  by  Barry  Humphries,  preface  by  Diana   Davis;  Fine  unmarked  copy;  one  or  two  very  small  marks  to  clamshell   box,  o.w.  Very  Good.  




135. Art  in  Australia  Third  Series  Number  Fifty-­‐Eight  February  1935     Sydney,  John  Fairfax  and  Sons,  1935.   Ure  Smith,  Sydney;  Gellert,  Leon  (eds)  

1st Edition.  Paperback,  8vo,  self-­‐wraps,  colour  plates/b&w  illustrations,  90pp.  Very  Good  in  Very   Good  wraps.       February  1935  edition  of  Art  In  Australia  Journal,  with  articles  on  Stained  Glass  work  in  Sydney,   Senator  R.D.  Elliot's  Collection,  CJ  Brennan,  Art  in  Perth,  The  Contemporary  Loan  Exhibition  of  British   Art  (by  Lionel  Lindsay),  and  more;  illustrated  with  b&w  plates,  and  including  6  hand-­‐tipped  colour   plates  mounted  on  card  (with  work  by  Augustus  John,  Blamire  Young,  Brangwyn,  and  Orpen),  and   some  nice  period  advertising  to  front  and  rear;  illustrated  mottled  wraps  over  card,  adhered  at  spine;   this  copy  has  some  foxing  to  endpapers  and  prelims,  and  some  offset  throughout  from  illustrations   and  colour  plates,  o.w.  Very  Good  and  tight  copy.      



136. Avalon  Art  and  Life  of  an  Apartment  Building   Felipe,  Ricardo  (ed)  

Brisbane, Museum  of  Brisbane/Vanity  Publishing  2005  

Signed 1st  Edition.    Hardbound,  8vo,  no  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,    286pp.   Very  Good  tight  clean  copy.       Signed  by  Ricardo  Felipe,  Sean  Phillips,  Leonard  Brown,  Lincoln  Austin,  and  Miles  Hall;   Documents  the  history  of  a  Brisbane  apartment  building  and  the  work  produced  by  artists  living   there  in  the  mid-­‐1990's-­‐2000's;  'Avalon'  is  a  landmark  apartment  building  in  inner-­‐city  New  Farm,   which  happened  to  house  a  number  of  artists  at  this  time  -­‐  Ricardo  Felipe  (also  a  tenant)   produced  this  record  of  a  period  in  this  building's  history;  documents  the  history  of  the  building   from  1929-­‐2005,  its  architecture,  the  lives  and  experiences  of  those  who  have  lived  there  over   the  years,  and  the  art  of  its  tenants;  the  artists  are  Leonard  Brown,  Lincoln  Austin,  Jun  Chen,  Jane   O'Neill,  Sandra  Selig,  Li  Juan  Chen,  Sean  Phillips,  Troy-­‐Anthony  Baylis,  Donna  Confetti,  Heather   Winter,  Miles  Hall,  Elmar  Verwer,  Melinda  Jane,  Luke  Roberts,  and  Skye  Raabe;  numerous   photographs  of  the  building  (including  a  sequence  by  Tom  Burless),  both  inside  and  outside,   prose  contributions  by  Leonard  Brown,  Luke  Roberts,  Skye  Raabe,  Ross  Gibson,  Robert  Riddel,   Timothy  Hill;  printed  straw-­‐board  sides  over  red  wraps,  no  dustwrapper  as  issued;  very  scarce,   this  being  a  unique  copy  signed  by  the  editor  and  four  of  the  artists.      



137. Australian  Printmaking  in  the  1990's  Artist  Printmakers  1990-­‐1995     Sydney,  G+B  Arts/Craftsman  House,  1997   Grishin,  Sasha  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  336pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Comprehensive  illustrated  survey  of  Australian  printmaking  from  1990-­‐1995,  referencing  the  work   of  157  leading  printmakers,  providing  an  overview  of  each  artist's  work  accompanied  by   reproductions  of  their  prints;  177  plates  in  colour  and  b&w;  minor  foxing,  o.w.  Very  Good  and   clean  throughout  in  like  dustwrapper.      


138. Australian  Sculptors  

Melbourne,  Thomas  Nelson,  1980.   Scarlett,  Ken  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  730pp.  Very  Good  in  Very  Good   dustwrapper.       Full-­‐scale  comprehensive  guide  to  Australian  sculptors,  including  a  reference  to  every  artist  who  had   been  the  subject  of  a  one-­‐person  exhibition  up  to  the  date  of  publication;  an  A-­‐Z  format,  copiously   illustrated;  remains  a  definitive  volume  on  Australian  Sculpture;  some  foxed  patches  to  prelims,  Very   Good  and  clean  throughout;  dustwrapper  lightly  rubbed,  and  with  some  minor  scratches  to  rear   panel,  o.w.  Very  Good.    


$150.00   139.  Contemporary  Australian  Printmaking  an  interpretative  history   Grishin,  Sasha  

Sydney,  Craftsman  House,  1994  

1st Edition.    Hardbound,  4to,  dustwrapper,  profusely  illustrated,  192pp.  Very  Good+  tight  and  clean   in  like  dustwrapper.       Fully  illustrated  account  of  Australian  printmaking  from  the  1960's-­‐1990's,  referencing  the  work  of   Baldessin,  Maddock,  Hanrahan,  Martin  Sharp,  Brett  Whiteley,  etc;  foreword  by  Ursula  Hoff,  and   including  bibliography,  technical  glossary;  170  colour  and  b&w  plates;  dustwrapper  shows  Jan   Senbergs's  'Fort'.      

$95.00     140.  Manuscripts  a  Miscellany  of  Art  and  Letters  No.  5     Geelong,  The  Book  Shop,  1933   Miller,  H.  Tatlock  (ed)  

Stiff card,  sm  4to,  self-­‐wraps,  b&w  illustrations,  71pp.  Very  Good  in  chipped/rubbed/stained  wraps.       No.  5  May  1933  issue  of  Australian  literature  and  art  periodical  Manuscripts  a  miscellany  of  art  and   letters;  this  issue  with  contributions  by  W.A.  Morrison,  Hector  Bolitho,  Robert  Dale,  and  including  an   essay  on  the  bookplates  of  Eric  Thake  by  H.  B.  Muir;  illustrations  by  Lionel  Lindsay,  H.  Neville  Barker,   Ellen  Gray,  Will  Mahony;  stiff  card  with  illustrated  blue  self-­‐wraps  with  yapp  edges;  scarce;  light  foxing  to   endpapers,  prelims  and  text  block,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout;  wraps  edgeworn  and  rubbed,  and  with   some  stains  to  front,  minor  loss  to  head  of  spine.    

$80.00       141.  Minimal  Art  in  Australia  A  Contemplative  Art  5th  September  -­‐  21st  October  1987  at  MOCA   Museum  of  Contemporary  Art  Brisbane  


Pollard, Bruce  

Brisbane, Museum  of  Contemporary  Art,  1987   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  sm  4to,  colour  plates,  45pp.  Very  Good  in  lightly  rubbed  covers.       Scarce  catalogue  for  the  exhibition  of  Australian  minimal  art,  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art  Brisbane   5th  September  -­‐  21st  October  1987;  artists  include  Peter  Booth,  Dale  Hickey,  Robert  Hunter,  Michael   Johnson,  Tony  McGillick,  Paul  Partos,  John  Peart,  Trevor  Vickers,  and  Dale  Watkins;  introduction  by   Bruce  Pollard,  and  including  Pollard's  notes  for  the  Minimalist  Exhibition  at  Ewing  Gallery  Melbourne   1973,  Jennifer  Phipps's  notes  for  Minimal  Art  Exhibition  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  1976,  extracts  from   texts  by  Doris  L.  Bell  and  Hal  Foster,  short  biographies  of  the  artists,  and  Bibliography;  limited  to  1000   copies;  minor  stains  to  front  cover,  o.w.  Very  Good  and  clean  throughout.      



142. Modern  Australian  Art  a  Melbourne  Collection  of  Paintings  and  Drawings  Publication  No.  1   of  the  Museum  of  Modern  Art  of  Australia   Reid,  Barrie  (ed)  

Melbourne, Museum  of  Modern  Art  of  Australia,  1958   1st  Edition.    Paperback,  square  8vo,  b&w  illustrations,  72pp.  Very  Good  in  rubbed  covers.       The  first  publication  of  the  Museum  of  Modern  Art  of  Australia,  Melbourne;  being  the  catalogue  for   the  exhibition  of  works  gifted  to  the  museum  by  Sunday  and  John  Reed,  shown  at  the  Museum  from   30th  September  -­‐  10  October  1958;  works  by  Atyeo,  Fairweather,  Nolan,  Tucker,  Boyd,  Perceval,   Hester,  Mary  Boyd,  Gleeson,  Counihan,  Vassilieff,  Hope,  Blackman,  Dickerson,  Molvig,  Brack,   Williams,  Mora,  and  more;  b&w  illustrations  throughout;  two  small  worn  patches  to  front  endpaper,   occasional  light  foxing,  o.w.  Very  Good  throughout;  former  owner's  name  to  front  cover,  covers   rubbed  and  with  some  minor  stains.    



GOTCHA BY  THE  BOOKS   15  Moss  Road  Camira  4300   0408  725  404     RARE  FINE  AND  OUT  OF  PRINT  BOOKS  SINCE  2001  

Fine Australian Art Books  

A catalogue of fine and rare Australian Art books. We are proud to offer a unique Donald Friend item not seen on the Australian market for...

Fine Australian Art Books  

A catalogue of fine and rare Australian Art books. We are proud to offer a unique Donald Friend item not seen on the Australian market for...