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The Big Move It was a summer afternoon .I was taking a nap and then all of the sudden I heard a car door slam. I looked out my window. It was two men and one had a funny looking tie. He was sort of mysterious with his really dark glasses. I ran downstairs to see what was going on. All of the sudden my mom collapsed and started to cry. They were outside the front door. Papa ran over to them and told them to leave. I was curious so I went downstairs and Papa told me to go back upstairs. At that moment I knew something was wrong. Momma didn’t talk for the rest of the night. She was packing early the next morning. I asked her why she was packing she said, “We have to go to Grandma’s for a while.” I asked her why she said, “I will explain on the way.” As we were packing my little brother Sammy was getting all worried. II had to calm him down. He did, but he kept asking me what was happening. I kept telling him nothing was happening and then mom explained. She said, “The government took our house and then the stock market dropped so everybody lost their jobs”. I was pretty mad, but then I got over it, I had to change schools and try and make new friends. Momma and papa went to look all over the country. I made a new friend. His name was Theodore Williams. He was not a colored boy I was surprised he even stepped within a foot of me. He was a good friend except for when his dad came. He had to act like he hated me because his dad would beat him if he found out he was talking to a colored. At the time we lived in Savannah, Georgia. Momma and Papa went up state to look for job. They were gone for nearly a week and it turned out they found a job in Albany, New York. It took a while for Momma and Papa to fine jobs. They found one up

state and they said it was a very long interview. They found jobs as shipment workers for this company... They were paid well, but they were treated harshly. They started to look for a new house and a better environment for my little brother and I. They also wanted to find a better education for us also. I kind of liked it up there in New York and I was on a basketball team. We were having a pretty good life up there and the weather was just right better than down south. I made a lot of new friends and I became more talkative and more friendly. When I get older I am going to try and stop this Great Depression. BY GEORGE GOTAY

Author’s Note The Big Move occurred during the Great Depression in the mid 1920’s. In October 1929 the New York Stock Exchange’s house of cards collapsed in the greatest market crash in history. The states that were mostly affected during this time were Michigan, California, and Pennsylvania. Many adults lost their jobs and to leave their homes and find new ones. Mostly the fathers have jobs and the mothers stayed home and took care of the kids. An important person during this time period is President Herbert Hoover and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. President Hoover resisted calls for government intervention on behalf of individuals. President FDR overpowered Hoover in the presidential election in 1932. Roosevelt remained vague on the campaign trail, promising only that under his presidency government would act decisively to end the Depression. Important dates during this time are 1933 through 1935 because that is when “The New Deal.” The New Deal went toward a continued of "trickle down" policies, albeit better-funded and executed more creatively. Even in the early first New Deal, exceptional programs pointed toward the "second" New Deal's tendency toward "Keynesian" economic policies of revitalizing a mass-consumption based economy by revitalizing the masses ability to consume. The Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA), passed in 1933, accepted the long-held premise that low. The government sought to stimulate increased farm prices by paying farmers to produce less farm prices resulted from overproduction. In conclusion the purpose of me writing this story was so people would see how big of a deal the Great Depression was. This time period is worth remembering because it was when the stock market crashed. It also made almost all men and some women lose their jobs. It was important because it was when everyone came together and helped each other. George Gotay

Historical Fiction story  

This is my historical fiction project.

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