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Business Phone Systems – All You Need To Know About Business Phone Systems A lot of people, especially those setting up a new business and installing equipment for a business for the first time are baffled by the whole complicated world of business phone system. For them, it is important to understand what the business phone system is and what purposes it is expected to serve. There is no one type of business phone system in the first place. There can be many wide ranging systems, starting from small key systems and going on the very massive scaled branch exchanges built exclusively for the business. The scale and complexity of the business phone system depend almost entirely on the size of the business and its needs. The business phone system started off as a key exchange system in which keys were initially switched to connect the phone to the concerned user. Over time, as with all technology, small business phone systems have come to be more and more complex. At the present time, there is hardly any distinction between key systems and EPABX systems. The present day key systems use all of the SIP, ISON as well as the BX features. The phones support both analog and digital signals. A very important feature of modern business phone systems is the Voice over Internet telephony. For a business phone model to be successful, it must have Voice over IP protocols. Another must have features for modern phone systems for business are conference calling, programmable caller ID and call forwarding. Also, there are many value added features such as call waiting, auto dialing, call pick-up, call transfer, speed dialing, do not disturb, interactive voice response, music on hold, voicemail and welcome message, among others. For a business phone model to be successful, it must have all the features that international companies need for people who need to interact from various parts of the globe at the same time. Telecom companies have realized this need and are rapidly developing more and more user friendly models for global business to use. If you need to set up a business phone system for your new or expanding business, you will have to first identify the needs of your enterprise. You need to find how many people will need to be talking with each other and the nature of conference calls in your workplace.

You can even have a consultant from a telecom company or a telephone service provider, visit you to ascertain your needs and help you to come to a conclusion about the kind of business phone system you require. If possible, you can even have your employees test out the phone system on a trial basis before you finally pay up. The important thing to remember is that the business phone systems must answer your needs and make your business communication easier rather than set up a complex system that you have no need for and that only confuses your employees. The phone system must always work for you. Bill Harvey, the author is the founder of Go Systems has a lot of experience on business it support, phone systems, and so on. visit here to contact him, or follow him on Google+

All You Need To Know About Business Phone Systems